1/31/2017 - The easiest way to rate Arun Jaitley’s budget: Just look for these five things

1/31/2017 - The Indian government has delivered a piercing criticism of rating firms like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s

1/31/2017 - In India, people are getting paid to use the toilet

1/31/2017 - Will the H-1B be worth it for Indian IT firms if the US overhauls its work-visa programs?

1/31/2017 - Trump’s US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is a lot like Scalia, with one key difference

1/31/2017 - Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch, a conservative in the mold of Scalia, to the US Supreme Court

1/31/2017 - Oprah Winfrey is returning to network television with a role on “60 Minutes”

1/31/2017 - The once-mocked iPhone Plus has proven to be Apple’s best bet in years

1/31/2017 - Apple’s first-quarter earnings were massive, and everyone loves the iPhone 7

1/31/2017 - Apple’s earnings surprise, Trump’s Supreme pick, Russia’s reindeer games

1/31/2017 - Walmart is countering Amazon Prime with its new, cheaper two-day shipping option

1/31/2017 - Trump’s immigration order doesn’t affect citizenship applications

1/31/2017 - There are three ways to revoke a US president’s executive orders, and they rarely succeed

1/31/2017 - Lego is starting a “safe” social network for children

1/31/2017 - Under Armour is learning the hard way that sportswear is as much about fashion as performance

1/31/2017 - The future of NOAA, the world’s largest repository of climate data, was put in the hands of a climate-change denier

1/31/2017 - The Trump administration is using a misleading statistic to defend its immigration order

1/31/2017 - Jeff Sessions is confirmed as US attorney general

1/31/2017 - After Donald Trump’s screening of “Finding Dory,” Ellen DeGeneres used the film to explain compassion to him

1/31/2017 - The company behind Mercedes is providing self-driving cars to Uber

1/31/2017 - Politics is foiling Monsanto’s quest to grow GMO corn in Mexico

1/31/2017 - Trump’s education secretary scrapes past the Senate committee—by 12 votes to 11

1/31/2017 - The elite hunting falcons of the Middle East can already fly—but they prefer business class

1/31/2017 - Scientists have achieved a 60-year-old dream to engineer life with an alien genetic code

1/31/2017 - A grocery store is testing squishy robot hands to pack its bags

1/31/2017 - Scientists have discovered why modern tomatoes taste like nothing

1/31/2017 - Trump’s immigrant order has turned a refugee dinner club into an act of resistance

1/31/2017 - Morocco has rejoined the African Union after a 33-year absence

1/31/2017 - Some good news: Trump will keep Obama’s workplace protections for gay and transgender people

1/31/2017 - Jeff Sessions once asked Sally Yates the exact ethical question that would get her fired

1/31/2017 - A magazine publisher’s solution to staying relevant at newsstands: print more breaking news

1/31/2017 - The alt-right’s love affair with Batman villain Bane foreshadows the movement’s downfall

1/31/2017 - Silicon Valley needs to stop being so scared of sex

1/31/2017 - British politicians on the left and right skewered Trump’s “Muslim ban” with scorn and literary allusions

1/31/2017 - Asian men shouldn’t need to meet Western masculinity standards to be considered “hot”

1/31/2017 - The sinister possible reason why Trump’s “Muslim ban” targeted seven particular countries

1/31/2017 - Desafío tecnológico a Trump, Odebrecht en Brasil, Scouts transgénero

1/31/2017 - Want to understand what Trump and Bannon are up to? Look to the Russian Revolution of 1917

1/31/2017 - The psychological benefits of giving up on cleaning and embracing the mess

1/31/2017 - Russia’s Defense Ministry is using reindeer photos to send a coded message to the world

1/31/2017 - Vegetarian diets are not going to save the planet from climate change

1/31/2017 - “European culture” is an invented tradition

1/31/2017 - China has stolen 3.4 million American jobs since 2001

1/31/2017 - The psychology of why 94 deaths from terrorism are scarier than 301,797 deaths from guns

1/31/2017 - Supreme Court justice pick, tech vs. Trump, Ikea’s naming strategy

1/31/2017 - India will remain the world’s fastest-growing major economy despite demonetisation, Brexit and Trump

1/31/2017 - Silicon Valley has been the most vocal about Trump’s immigration policy, but blue collar industries have more to lose

1/31/2017 - Immigrants to America are arriving a lot more highly educated than they used to

1/31/2017 - Six questions Snap’s IPO filings will hopefully answer

1/31/2017 - Seven years of data went into this mesmerizing video of planets orbiting a star 129 light years away

1/31/2017 - Three Russian cyber arrests, one suspicious death, and a new twist in the US election hack

1/31/2017 - France’s socialist presidential candidate is calling for a universal basic income, robot tax, and legal weed

1/31/2017 - Trump’s immigrant ban adds to the horrifying ordeals Somali refugees face

1/31/2017 - Watch out, Narendra Modi is about to pull another sleight of hand to legalise demonetisation

1/31/2017 - Brexit debate, tech vs. Trump, Ikea’s secret taxonomy

1/31/2017 - Brexit debate, tech vs. Trump, Ikea’s secret taxonomy

1/31/2017 - Arun Jaitley’s budget must support those worst hit by demonetisation: small businesses and the poor

1/30/2017 - The US’s top immigration official was abruptly removed from his job late on Monday night

1/30/2017 - Budget 2017: What’s Arun Jaitley going to do to my take-home salary?

1/30/2017 - UFOs, H-bombs, new religion: CIA cables reveal an era of intrigue and assassination plots in India

1/30/2017 - Donald Trump has fired the acting US attorney general who refused to defend his immigration ban

1/30/2017 - Graduates of this Indian B-school make more money than Harvard or Wharton MBAs

1/30/2017 - India plans to build over 1,000 digital villages

1/30/2017 - Google employees are protesting Trump’s immigration ban by walking out of offices worldwide

1/30/2017 - The acting US attorney general is refusing to defend Donald Trump’s immigration ban

1/30/2017 - Japanese women are being swaddled in cloth as a form of stress therapy

1/30/2017 - Six absurd things that came out of the White House today

1/30/2017 - The sole suspect in Quebec’s mosque shooting was “enthralled by a borderline racist nationalist movement”

1/30/2017 - Elon Musk believes we can live on Mars, but there’s “no possibility” Trump will retract immigration order

1/30/2017 - When airports become political battlegrounds

1/30/2017 - Trump rally fades, Tesla battery build-out, office cake culture

1/30/2017 - The forgotten victims of domestic abuse are the children like me who survived it

1/30/2017 - Trump’s anti-women and anti-science policies are pushing female scientists to action

1/30/2017 - Larry Summers: The “sugar high” of the Trump stock rally won’t last

1/30/2017 - Uber did nothing wrong, but that couldn’t stop the liberal outrage of #deleteUber

1/30/2017 - Warren Buffett credits his extraordinary life to two strokes of luck

1/30/2017 - An extraordinary social-media inspired couture dress took 250 eight-hour workdays to complete

1/30/2017 - In denouncing Trump’s travel ban, Goldman Sachs goes up against a White House filled with Goldman alumni

1/30/2017 - “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” was inspired by a World War II film, a Samurai flick, and a Cary Grant romance

1/30/2017 - What to expect from Apple’s first-quarter earnings

1/30/2017 - Standing between Trump and dictatorship: Congressional Republicans, the courts, and the Koch brothers

1/30/2017 - Sony is terrified of the “dramatic shifts” taking place in how we consume entertainment

1/30/2017 - Airtel isn’t leaving Africa just yet, but it is scaling back

1/30/2017 - Graduate schools will be hardest hit by Trump’s immigration ban

1/30/2017 - How to outsmart the hard workers at your job

1/30/2017 - Trump’s executive order to revoke two regulations for every new one made is “not a legitimate use of presidential authority,” according to a Columbia politics professor

1/30/2017 - Trump’s “Muslim ban” has clauses that will hurt African visitors beyond banned countries

1/30/2017 - Warren Buffett says he simply had the good luck of winning the “ovarian lottery” to be born American

1/30/2017 - The most powerful response to Trump at the SAG awards was Mahershala Ali’s story of converting to Islam

1/30/2017 - If nutrition labels looked like this, your attempts to quit sugar might actually work

1/30/2017 - Do you find it impossible to delete old photos and texts? You may be a digital hoarder

1/30/2017 - This poem is now the rallying call for refugees: “No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark”

1/30/2017 - State governments are preparing to sue over Trump’s immigration ban

1/30/2017 - Volkswagen finally achieved its dream of ousting Toyota as the world’s biggest carmaker

1/30/2017 - An algorithm designed a Hamburg concert hall’s interior, creating the “ideal acoustic experience”

1/30/2017 - I spent $1,200 on books in one day—and it was a totally worthwhile career investment

1/30/2017 - Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council is a Soviet-style political power play

1/30/2017 - The secret taxonomy behind IKEA’s product names, from Billy to Poäng

1/30/2017 - Olympic champion and British knight Mo Farah may be barred from his US home by Trump’s ban

1/30/2017 - To make shopping IRL as addictive as online shopping, retailers should use these digital sales tricks

1/30/2017 - There’s a key way to get kids to read more books—and enjoy it

1/30/2017 - The American Civil Liberties Union raised six times as much online this weekend as it normally gets in a year

1/30/2017 - Trump’s personal Twitter doesn’t follow any of his administration’s accounts, but it follows his hotels

1/30/2017 - Inflación en Venezuela, Trump y musulmanes, Canadá al rescate

1/30/2017 - A guide to the Asian selfie apps that make you look slimmer, fairer, and overall more beautiful

1/30/2017 - Quebec mosque attack, “Muslim ban” fallout, Note 7 rebels

1/30/2017 - The Exxon Tillerson left behind: hidebound, secretive, and wedded to tradition at a time of mind-boggling change

1/30/2017 - Vodafone and Idea have begun merger talks to create India’s largest telecom company

1/30/2017 - Post Brexit, Trump, and demonetisation, Indian tech firms desperate for relief in Arun Jaitley’s budget

1/30/2017 - More than a million people have signed the petition to block a Donald Trump state visit to Britain

1/30/2017 - Africa’s startups will build a stronger ecosystem with local funding

1/30/2017 - Starbucks responded to Trump’s immigration order by pledging to hire 10,000 refugees

1/30/2017 - “Muslim ban” fallout, New Year guilt, Note 7 rebels

1/30/2017 - “Muslim ban” fallout, New Year guilt, Note 7 rebels

1/30/2017 - A fading Taj and shabby museums: India spends less than 1% of its annual budget on culture and it shows

1/29/2017 - 11 charts you need to see before Arun Jaitley presents India’s annual budget

1/29/2017 - Beyond Hinduism, Yoga also has roots in Buddhist, Jain, and Sufi traditions

1/29/2017 - The A-to-Z guide to Silicon Valley’s backlash against Trump’s immigration ban

1/29/2017 - Track changes: How Trump’s executive order on immigration changed between the draft and final version

1/29/2017 - Seoul’s version of the High Line will have over 24,000 plants ordered alphabetically by name

1/29/2017 - ‘Muslim ban’ fall out, New Year guilt, ‘milking’ spiders.

1/29/2017 - Rudy Giuliani says Trump asked him how to make a “Muslim ban” legal

1/29/2017 - In apparent reversal, Trump administration says immigration ban will not affect green card holders

1/29/2017 - The short (but growing) list of Republican lawmakers who are publicly condemning Trump’s “Muslim ban”

1/29/2017 - Trump’s immigration order is utterly confusing, even for airlines

1/29/2017 - “The Origins of Totalitarianism,” Hannah Arendt’s definitive guide to how tyranny begins, has sold out on Amazon

1/29/2017 - The ancient Secret of the Golden Flower is a simple way to improve your whole life

1/29/2017 - Scientists want people to catch this terrifying, venomous spider and bring it in alive—to be milked

1/29/2017 - Mobile programming, Cameroon’s shutdown, South Africa’s literary icon

1/29/2017 - The books America was reading at inauguration time for every president since Eisenhower

1/29/2017 - In the time you spend on social media each year, you could read 200 books

1/29/2017 - The hit Netflix series “The Crown” exposes all our 21st-century anxieties about powerful women

1/29/2017 - Senegalese women are redefining the meaning of “natural hair”

1/29/2017 - A new study kills the notion that fake news swung the US election to Trump

1/29/2017 - A simple, step-by-step guide to finding a volunteer opportunity you’ll actually stick with

1/28/2017 - People stranded, educations interrupted, families split: The human toll of Trump’s immigration order

1/28/2017 - Airbnb is offering free housing to refugees and “anyone not allowed in the US”

1/28/2017 - Trump’s immigration order already has its first legal challenge

1/28/2017 - The twist ending of the sitcom “The Good Place” is worthy of M. Night Shyamalan

1/28/2017 - Trump’s immigration order will also bar dual-citizens

1/28/2017 - All the times Republicans expressed moral outrage at Donald Trump’s threats to bar Muslims from the US

1/28/2017 - George Washington promised that refugees would find “safe and agreeable asylum” in the United States

1/28/2017 - Trump’s order barring people from Muslim countries is unconstitutional, a legal scholar explains

1/28/2017 - “Trust the process”: How three years of losing on purpose turned a basketball team into winners

1/28/2017 - A brief history of a marketing masterpiece: branding the anti-abortion movement “pro-life”

1/28/2017 - To defeat Marine Le Pen, France’s center-left must put their nation ahead of party politics

1/28/2017 - As travelers are stopped at airports, companies are scrambling to respond to Trump’s immigration order

1/28/2017 - Okay, Silicon Valley can deliver on its promise to save the world now

1/28/2017 - On Holocaust Remembrance Day, president Donald Trump repeated one of the US’s most tragic errors

1/28/2017 - Take that, France: US chefs won the Olympics of cooking for the first time ever

1/28/2017 - There’s a wrong and a right way to talk to your dog, according to science

1/28/2017 - “Mr. President, don’t build this wall”: The Berlin mayor’s powerful message for Donald Trump

1/28/2017 - Carlos Slim gave Mexico a pep talk on going up against a “great negotiator” like Donald Trump

1/28/2017 - What it’s like to spend Lunar New Year with a Chinese family, in one incredibly judgmental song

1/28/2017 - “Transparent” creator Jill Soloway wants male filmmakers to stop making rape scenes

1/28/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s pushy style, billionaire survivalists, hacking your DNA

1/28/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s pushy style, billionaire survivalists, hacking your DNA

1/28/2017 - Our personal data is never going to be private again. We can work with that

1/28/2017 - America’s liberal cities are readying to battle Donald Trump on almost every front

1/28/2017 - In one sentence, Donald Trump perfectly encapsulated the appeal of populism in the West

1/28/2017 - A fashion designer breaks down why some clothes are worth spending more on

1/28/2017 - A robot’s analysis of Trump’s inauguration speech reveals what he was feeling while taking the oath of office

1/28/2017 - The Maasai want their brand back

1/28/2017 - Female lawmakers in Russia helped pushed through a bill that will decriminalize domestic violence

1/28/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s pushy style, billionaire survivalists, hacking your DNA

1/28/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s pushy style, billionaire survivalists, hacking your DNA

1/27/2017 - Trump just made it harder for tourists to visit the US

1/27/2017 - Weekend edition—Trump’s pushy style, billionaire survivalists, hacking your DNA

1/27/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg: The US “is a nation of immigrants, and we should be proud of that”

1/27/2017 - For both China’s rich and the poor, it wouldn’t be Lunar New Year without the long journeys

1/27/2017 - A cult director famed for his gory horror films is making the audience the star of his next work

1/27/2017 - Donald Trump told a strange, unnecessary lie about Brexit in his press conference with Theresa May

1/27/2017 - Girls start to believe gender stereotypes that could hold them back for life by the time they are six years old

1/27/2017 - Seven years after its launch, it’s still not entirely clear what an iPad is for

1/27/2017 - A massive AI partnership is tapping civil rights and economic experts to keep AI safe

1/27/2017 - Mike Pence and KellyAnne Conway declare a “new dawn” for the pro-life movement in America

1/27/2017 - MIT economists are combating groupthink with algorithms

1/27/2017 - Obama’s White House webmaster says we should cut Trump’s team some slack

1/27/2017 - This Holocaust remembrance project is tweeting the names of refugees who died because the US turned them away

1/27/2017 - Quartzy: the frenching edition

1/27/2017 - Quartzy: the frenching edition

1/27/2017 - The people behind “Moonlight” are making indie films that tap into the zeitgeist—and turn a profit

1/27/2017 - Everything you need to know about NAFTA as Trump prepares to take aim at it

1/27/2017 - Science now knows why acid trips last so long

1/27/2017 - Philosopher Slavoj Žižek settles the “Is it OK to punch a Nazi?” question once and for all

1/27/2017 - People have been trying to get rid of the National Endowment for the Arts for 36 years

1/27/2017 - Even “trolls” have a right to speak their mind, a US university president points out

1/27/2017 - What the CEOs of Uber and Airbnb learned about negotiating from having dinner with each other

1/27/2017 - One of South Africa’s literary giants still remains hidden by apartheid’s cultural bans

1/27/2017 - A Mexican import tax would only make cars “Made in the USA” more expensive

1/27/2017 - Britain’s “special relationship” with the US won’t help it get a good trade deal from Trump

1/27/2017 - New technology is forcing us to confront the ethics of bringing people back from the dead

1/27/2017 - Lyft’s efforts to take on Uber in 2017 are already coming at the expense of its drivers

1/27/2017 - The Dow 20,000 is meaningless, Google’s race to the moon, Facebook fights fake news

1/27/2017 - A history of women who have stood up to powerful men—and paid the price

1/27/2017 - The fiery partnership between two great psychologists can help explain why some relationships fall apart

1/27/2017 - Nestlé’s billion-dollar brand is cutting down on sugar for your kids to boost its own sales

1/27/2017 - If you want to change reality, consume more science fiction

1/27/2017 - The science behind why your search for a lifelong partner is bad for your health

1/27/2017 - May y Trump, guerra comercial contra México, cerdos humanoides

1/27/2017 - Forget Trump’s “First 100 Days”—think about the next generation

1/27/2017 - The CIA’s latest dump of declassified documents makes clear how far the US has come on torture

1/27/2017 - America’s white working class is nothing like the stereotypes we’ve been told. Trust me, I’m part of it

1/27/2017 - What the FDA doesn’t know about alternative medicine—thanks to politics—could kill you

1/27/2017 - May day at the White House, Tesco beefs up, the Year of the Rooster

1/27/2017 - America is torn apart by partisan politics—except when it comes to buying solar power 

1/27/2017 - Mozambique may have a way out of its billion dollar secret debt—but it probably won’t use it

1/27/2017 - Most unicorn founders in the world are graduates of Stanford, Harvard…and the IITs

1/27/2017 - India’s millennials are changing the way the gold-crazy country buys jewellery

1/27/2017 - US-Mexico stalemate, Australia’s wine exports, lying thermostats

1/27/2017 - US-Mexico stalemate, Australia’s wine exports, lying thermostats

1/27/2017 - Deadly attacks on hotels and restaurants in Somalia are robbing the country of its last safe spaces

1/27/2017 - A project in India is creating a safe space online for people to share their stories of sexual assault

1/26/2017 - An Indian state could use archaic laws to ban the best thing about Ola and Uber

1/26/2017 - Chinese investment aid to Sri Lanka has been a major success—for China

1/26/2017 - This is how US crime by foreign-born people compares to citizen crime

1/26/2017 - If Trump gets his 20% tax on Mexican imports, these are the US household staples that will be hardest hit

1/26/2017 - “The media is the opposition party”: Steve Bannon warns journalists it’s going to be a long four years

1/26/2017 - An economist explains why Trump’s idea for a 20% tax on Mexican imports would totally backfire

1/26/2017 - Alphabet had a massive quarter—but Wall Street is still not sold on its future

1/26/2017 - US-Mexico stalemate, Doomsday clock, Big Mac ATM

1/26/2017 - A script for answering your nosy relatives’ prying questions over Lunar New Year

1/26/2017 - It’s Generation X, not millennials, who are obsessed with Facebook and Instagram

1/26/2017 - For every person in Hong Kong, there are 48 pounds of electronic waste per year

1/26/2017 - Mexico’s president canceled his meeting with Trump after being baited on Twitter

1/26/2017 - As Trump settles into the presidency, will the Trump brand cash in?

1/26/2017 - Finland’s adorable and much-envied “baby boxes” are making a debut in the US

1/26/2017 - US president Donald Trump has signed seven executive orders so far. Read them here

1/26/2017 - Artist Christo abandoned a 20-year, $15 million project because he wants nothing to do with Trump

1/26/2017 - Modi’s success silencing the media in India sets a dangerous precedent for the free press in Trump’s America

1/26/2017 - Scientists invented metallic hydrogen by squashing it between man-made diamonds

1/26/2017 - A Trump-like president has bankrupted America and sold it to China, in a film produced by Michael Bay

1/26/2017 - Watch America’s first attempt to automate the cheeseburger

1/26/2017 - Trump’s pick for Navy Secretary, Philip Bilden, is a financier and friend of China

1/26/2017 - Gambia finally welcomes its first new president in two decades

1/26/2017 - There’s a German word that perfectly encapsulates the Trump presidency

1/26/2017 - Trump’s signature trade policy was debunked by Adam Smith more than 200 years ago

1/26/2017 - “Sanctuary restaurants” are popping up in the US to protect their immigrant workers from Trump

1/26/2017 - Universities are already feeling the effects of Trump and Brexit in their application numbers

1/26/2017 - Trump plans to block visas from seven Muslim-majority countries. The US is currently bombing five of them

1/26/2017 - Zimbabwe is offering government workers land instead of the money it owes them

1/26/2017 - The Facebook director searching for Trump’s top antitrust officials believes monopolies are good

1/26/2017 - A Jesuit priest explains why Trump’s executive actions are not what pro-life leadership should be

1/26/2017 - The Trump administration may get away with violating scientific integrity policy. But it’s not immune to whistleblowers

1/26/2017 - Single? Dating? Robots could one day make great wingmen

1/26/2017 - Bane—Batman villain and Trump’s speechwriter—was created by fans of the new US president

1/26/2017 - Far-right European politicians are talking about “making Europe great again”

1/26/2017 - Scientists think we’re closer to self-destruction than we have been since the 1950s

1/26/2017 - From roadside trading to hipster supermarkets, how we buy food reflects the state of the economy

1/26/2017 - Trump’s hypocritical immigration ban punishes Muslims from countries America has destroyed

1/26/2017 - Trump wants to turn the White House into reality TV. It’s up to you to change the channel

1/26/2017 - Betting on Facebook and Snapchat hasn’t paid off big for publishers, a study shows

1/26/2017 - Astronauts will soon wear these new lightweight spacesuits—Reebok boots included

1/26/2017 - Peña Nieto vacila, el muro avanza, el túnel de Elon Musk

1/26/2017 - The most tweetable trial in US history happened 300 years ago, and it’s just as relevant today

1/26/2017 - Why the Dow 20K milestone is meaningless: a visual guide

1/26/2017 - Theresa May’s Republican retreat, Mexico wall-bashing, Kiwi sheep suits

1/26/2017 - The first serious challenger to Angela Merkel is a pro-EU socialist who isn’t afraid of a fight

1/26/2017 - Australians are showing solidarity with indigenous people on Australia Day by calling it #InvasionDay

1/26/2017 - What to expect from Alphabet’s fourth-quarter earnings

1/26/2017 - Trump’s border wall is a negotiating tactic straight out of his book “The Art of the Deal”

1/26/2017 - A famous musician, a data wiz, and a media magnate offer expert advice about raising creative children

1/26/2017 - What the rest of Africa really thinks about South Africa

1/26/2017 - Trump’s no compromise presidency sets the stage for a new era of mass protest in America

1/26/2017 - China’s premier just extolled the virtues of openness on a news site blocked by China

1/26/2017 - Hugo Barra is leaving Xiaomi to lead Facebook’s virtual reality division

1/26/2017 - Kenya’s refusal to agree to the demands of striking doctors is making the country sick

1/26/2017 - Mexico’s wall-bashing, Harvard’s outsourcing, Kiwi sheep suits

1/26/2017 - Mexico’s wall-bashing, Harvard’s outsourcing, Kiwi sheep suits

1/26/2017 - Not even being hacked can get Americans to change their crappy passwords

1/25/2017 - The White House will publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants

1/25/2017 - Mary Tyler Moore blazed a trail for women in comedy—and women in pants

1/25/2017 - An anti-secrecy group is suing the CIA to reveal what it actually did about the Trump “golden showers” dossier

1/25/2017 - For the Cantonese, Lunar New Year means scouring the black market for an auspicious, delicious bacteria

1/25/2017 - Read US president Donald Trump’s executive order to build a wall along the US-Mexico border

1/25/2017 - There’s no such thing as a good modular smartphone and there never will be

1/25/2017 - The Facebook journalism project is nothing but a much-needed PR stunt

1/25/2017 - Donald Trump is building his wall on the Mexico border as undocumented crossing reaches a 40-year low

1/25/2017 - Your smartphone could soon be a powerful tool for detecting skin cancer

1/25/2017 - Scientists are organizing a march on Washington to oppose Trump’s proposed policies

1/25/2017 - A “sanctuary city” mayor dismisses Trump’s threats of funding cuts: “I’m keeping my policy as it is”

1/25/2017 - Mary Tyler Moore, the original feminist TV icon, has died

1/25/2017 - Trump’s wall order, Bolt’s medal stripped, Kiwi sheep suits

1/25/2017 - Facebook is taking a clear step to dismantle the Facebook echo chamber

1/25/2017 - Trump wants to send in the “Feds” to curb the “carnage” of gun violence in Chicago

1/25/2017 - Now that Trump is settled in, Mexico’s Jose Cuervo is going public

1/25/2017 - Donald Trump seems to still be using his unsecured Android phone—and that’s troubling

1/25/2017 - NASA released a series of climate change images just as Trump heats up his attacks on the EPA

1/25/2017 - How many people will Trump’s travel ban affect? The US government wants you to pay for that information

1/25/2017 - Here’s what happens when a government stops funding science

1/25/2017 - India is going to check if Mount Everest got a little bit shorter

1/25/2017 - Greenpeace photobombed the White House with a giant “Resist” banner

1/25/2017 - Billionaires like Peter Thiel get citizenship abroad so they can run from the problems they create

1/25/2017 - Gary Cohn got more than $130 million on his way from Goldman Sachs to the White House

1/25/2017 - The gender bias in peer reviewing reveals the sexism in academia

1/25/2017 - Scientists have discovered a process that could transform human organ transplants

1/25/2017 - Key concepts from George Orwell’s “1984” might explain why it’s Amazon’s best-selling book in the age of Trump

1/25/2017 - MBA students think business school has made them brilliant. Employers don’t agree

1/25/2017 - The findings of my study into whether any zombies voted in the election

1/25/2017 - It’s no surprise the National Park Service is defying Trump. It is deathly serious about climate change

1/25/2017 - The Dutch John Oliver has a hilarious response to Donald Trump’s “America first” message

1/25/2017 - Dow 20,000 is arbitrary and pointless—just like the Dow itself

1/25/2017 - A superhero-like soft exosuit created at Harvard gives people extra strength

1/25/2017 - These heroic guerrilla scientists and librarians are racing to save environmental data from Trump

1/25/2017 - South Africa’s ANC allegedly tried—but failed—to deploy fake news to win the 2016 election

1/25/2017 - How many refugees has the US taken in from Syria?

1/25/2017 - Making Wall Street Great Again: The Dow index has hit 20,000 for the first time

1/25/2017 - Donald Trump is obsessed with his enemies, but he should be worrying about his friends

1/25/2017 - A volcanic eruption in 1815 proved even small changes in climate have disastrous global results

1/25/2017 - Almost everyone in Trump’s cabinet has experience with public education—except the education secretary

1/25/2017 - Africa is home to only one fully fledged democracy

1/25/2017 - The US has been downgraded to a “flawed democracy,” but not just because of Trump

1/25/2017 - Elon Musk says he’s going to tunnel under his SpaceX factory soon

1/25/2017 - The Trump administration reportedly plans to literally deny the existence of climate-change science

1/25/2017 - “My family has disowned me”: Further proof performing at Trump’s inauguration just wasn’t worth it

1/25/2017 - Scientists are using images of the sun to understand the many phenomena that can disastrously impact Earth

1/25/2017 - A recruiter analyzed results from 3000 tech interviews to find the most successful candidate traits

1/25/2017 - Trump y el muro, Schulz contra Merkel, palmeras anti-rayos

1/25/2017 - American companies are bracing for a new kind of “natural disaster”: a mean tweet from Donald Trump

1/25/2017 - The World Economic Forum is treating fake news as an urgent matter of global human rights

1/25/2017 - This is the chemical scientists say makes burnt toast potentially cancerous

1/25/2017 - Lawyers are being replaced by machines that read

1/25/2017 - Labiaplasties are just another form of female genital mutilation

1/25/2017 - Melinda Gates is using her unique position to help women in tech

1/25/2017 - Trump’s national-security day, Merkel’s feisty rival, prehistoric otters

1/25/2017 - Stanford scientists are teaching a robot how not to be awkward in public

1/25/2017 - Designers are reinventing that stodgy standby, the men’s suit

1/25/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need to run for public office—he already holds one

1/25/2017 - Australia had its own “global gag rule” against foreign abortion funding until 2009

1/25/2017 - The French are hosting “intellectual rave parties” in 30 cities around the world

1/25/2017 - These cartoons capture the incompetence of Sudan’s government under president Omar al-Bashir

1/25/2017 - The Donald Trump-Narendra Modi bromance is on from the word go

1/25/2017 - ShowMax is stepping up its pan-African battle with Netflix by putting servers in Kenya

1/25/2017 - Pepsi is focusing on hydration drinks and Quaker oats to appeal to health-conscious urban Indians

1/25/2017 - To beat Netflix, Amazon has signed on almost every big-name stand-up comedian in India

1/25/2017 - Trump pumps pipelines, Cisco buys AppDynamics, prehistoric otters

1/25/2017 - Trump pumps pipelines, Cisco buys AppDynamics, prehistoric otters

1/24/2017 - The First Cameraman: The son of an Indian immigrant recounts his experience shadowing Barack Obama

1/24/2017 - An initiative to “clean up” China’s internet will make it even harder to jump the Great Firewall

1/24/2017 - As funds flow in, IIT-Bombay is finally turning into an innovation powerhouse

1/24/2017 - Trump will reportedly unveil a draconian US policy halting refugees and limiting Muslim immigrants

1/24/2017 - The reasons why it’s gotten so tough—and expensive—to hail a ride in China

1/24/2017 - Government agencies are tweeting facts in defiance of US president Trump (until they’re deleted)

1/24/2017 - Despite Modi’s “Make In India” initiative, most Indians have Chinese cellphones

1/24/2017 - Clean-energy evangelist Elon Musk is in former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s corner now

1/24/2017 - Trump pumps pipelines, Google’s literal moonshot, prehistoric otters

1/24/2017 - The White House placed the EPA under a gag order to keep it from communicating about taxpayer-funded science

1/24/2017 - There actually was one woman in the room when Trump reinstated abortion-funding restrictions

1/24/2017 - The Trump administration is doing a poor job of sharing its vision on its most important public platform

1/24/2017 - The five finalists in Google’s private-sector race to the moon have 341 days to launch…and counting

1/24/2017 - It’s about to get a lot harder to lose your AirPods

1/24/2017 - Trump’s federal hiring freeze may kill hundreds of well-paying jobs for nurses, scientists, and engineers

1/24/2017 - Now heading for Oscar glory, “La La Land” was almost never made

1/24/2017 - Despite all the talk of borders and walls, more people than ever traveled around the world in 2016

1/24/2017 - Thousands of people are using bots to track the Trump administration

1/24/2017 - Millions of years ago, otters were bigger than leopards

1/24/2017 - The death toll from Nigeria’s accidental bombing of a refugee camp is much worse than first reported

1/24/2017 - Hollywood’s slate of best pictures offers a lyrical portrait of America’s beauty and diversity

1/24/2017 - Woes aside, Jay Z has turned Tidal into a business worth $600 million—10 times its original value

1/24/2017 - To “compete with China and Bangladesh,” UK garment factories paid workers as little as £3 per hour

1/24/2017 - Trump’s 12-tweets-a-day habit makes him a “social pump,” spreading his influence far beyond his followers

1/24/2017 - What the emoluments lawsuit against Trump is all about

1/24/2017 - Scientists used underwater drone swarms to solve the mystery of plankton mating

1/24/2017 - An epidemiologist says Donald Trump is a virus that’s infected America—but we can contain it

1/24/2017 - Photos: The faces of inauguration

1/24/2017 - Trump has gagged the US Agriculture Department’s research arm from publicly sharing its work

1/24/2017 - How Cameroon pressured mobile operators to shut down the internet and stifle dissent

1/24/2017 - Trump will advance the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines by executive order

1/24/2017 - Donald Trump’s use of fascist language forebodes a dark American future

1/24/2017 - “La La Land” has tied the record for the most Oscar nominations ever

1/24/2017 - What “Sherlock’s” painful finale teaches us about the “Golden Age of TV”

1/24/2017 - Britain’s Supreme Court has made leaving the EU easier and keeping the UK together harder

1/24/2017 - Americans overwhelmingly support clean energy, even if their new president doesn’t

1/24/2017 - Charted: The American law schools most—and least—worth your money

1/24/2017 - The world’s fastest-growing population is also a massively untapped food and fashion market

1/24/2017 - The hardest lessons to learn before your start-up can succeed

1/24/2017 - Acuerdos comerciales cambiantes, Brexit al parlamento, FMI y Venezuela

1/24/2017 - If you liked athleisure, the newest casual clothing trend is wearing pajamas all day

1/24/2017 - “Pick the boss who will teach you the most”: Career advice from former Treasury secretary Henry Paulson

1/24/2017 - What parents wanted to teach their daughters by bringing them to the Women’s March

1/24/2017 - To capitalize on the momentum of the Women’s March, feminism must be much more inclusive than it was in the 2010s

1/24/2017 - Fashion models have become the unlikely challengers of antiquated gender norms

1/24/2017 - An elegy for Antarctica’s Larsen C, the 10,000-year-old ice shelf that’s about to break away

1/24/2017 - The US has more immigrant inventors than every other country combined

1/24/2017 - Meet the leader of a billionaires’ club determined to stop Trump from destroying the world

1/24/2017 - Brexit ruling, Samsung soars, sleeping on duty

1/24/2017 - A “psychological vaccine” could inoculate against the dangers of fake news, a new study found

1/24/2017 - Do cake designs count as intellectual property?

1/24/2017 - As cash-strapped Indians deferred their spending sprees after demonetisation, Hindustan Unilever took a hit

1/24/2017 - Here’s how you use mobile phones to learn programming when you don’t have a desktop

1/24/2017 - Online dating scams are robbing people of tens of millions a year in the UK

1/24/2017 - Timeline: Mass protests over an ancient sport turn one of India’s most developed states into a tinderbox

1/24/2017 - Up to three-quarters of Nigeria’s prison population is serving time without being sentenced

1/24/2017 - Startup investment is making a comeback in North Africa

1/24/2017 - Samsung soars, EU-Canada trade deal, helicopter traffic

1/24/2017 - Samsung soars, EU-Canada trade deal, helicopter traffic

1/24/2017 - Akhilesh, Mayawati or Modi: Can anybody actually fix Uttar Pradesh’s economy?

1/24/2017 - In Hong Kong, the Lunar New Year flower market takes the pulse of the city’s political climate

1/23/2017 - Despite exploding phones and corruption scandals, Samsung just had its best quarter in over three years

1/23/2017 - In photos: the quiet dignity of students at a school for the blind in Kolkata

1/23/2017 - You can tell an Indian firm is struggling by when it hosts its shareholder meeting

1/23/2017 - The perfect Lunar New Year dinner for good luck, according to the Cantonese

1/23/2017 - Update every Apple device you have as soon as possible

1/23/2017 - Trump’s White House cited a nonexistent reason for freezing federal hiring

1/23/2017 - Stop being so mean to US president Trump, his spokesman tells the media in his first real press conference

1/23/2017 - Samsung earnings, Trump withdraws from the TPP, helicopter traffic

1/23/2017 - One of Donald Trump’s first executive actions will limit reproductive services for women around the world

1/23/2017 - The director of “Suicide Squad” publicly admitted what he regrets about the widely hated movie

1/23/2017 - Who is “The Last Jedi”? Some theories on what the next Star Wars movie title means

1/23/2017 - Snapchat wants to make fake news on its platform disappear, too

1/23/2017 - A US town with a population of 105,000 is suing a drugmaker for ignoring illegal OxyContin sales

1/23/2017 - The global populist backlash didn’t ground the private helicopters flying into Davos

1/23/2017 - A lawsuit accusing Donald Trump of violating the constitution could force the release of his tax returns

1/23/2017 - That time I turned a routine traffic ticket into the constitutional trial of the century

1/23/2017 - Between Hyperloop and near-supersonic trains, the future of travel is getting much closer

1/23/2017 - The next Star Wars film will be titled “The Last Jedi”

1/23/2017 - To stay above water, Tidal is anchoring itself to Sprint—and its 45 million customers

1/23/2017 - Malia Obama will spend her gap year learning about the movie business

1/23/2017 - With Brexit looming, Ireland’s once-disputed border is again contentious

1/23/2017 - Some of Silicon Valley’s most successful people are preparing for the end of civilization

1/23/2017 - “Alternative facts”: 1 in 5 American newspapers ignored the Women’s March

1/23/2017 - Countless Egg McMuffins later, the all-day breakfast is no longer saving McDonald’s

1/23/2017 - Scientists have invented a tool that lets smartphones analyze DNA, and it could usher in a new era of healthcare

1/23/2017 - A book about street artist Basquiat just won one of the biggest US children’s book awards

1/23/2017 - If you want to get smarter, speed-reading is worse than not reading at all

1/23/2017 - Sportswear is carrying the global apparel industry

1/23/2017 - If you don’t trust your employees to work remotely, you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place

1/23/2017 - The most influential female economist says sexism in her discipline is very real

1/23/2017 - Don’t set goals for yourself—instead, create systems that make it easy for you to succeed

1/23/2017 - Overhauling one high-school subject is our best hope for the future of democracy

1/23/2017 - Filipinas y China, Trump y Jerusalén, misil nuclear desviado

1/23/2017 - Watson should have run for US president: How smart algorithms are better than dumb politicians

1/23/2017 - Inside the African-American history museum on the last day of Obama’s presidency

1/23/2017 - Cameroon has shut down the internet in its English-speaking regions

1/23/2017 - Only 20% of millennials have ever tried a Big Mac

1/23/2017 - Uber, Ola cabs go off Bengaluru roads as drivers protest dwindling earnings and long work hours

1/23/2017 - Trump’s first day, Galaxy Note 7 forensics, talking viruses

1/23/2017 - Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh emptied the state’s coffers on his way out

1/23/2017 - The ex-convict who will be a kingmaker in Nigeria’s ethnic political cauldron

1/23/2017 - Hugo Barra is leaving Xiaomi and going back to Silicon Valley

1/23/2017 - Once an intern at Citibank, Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor is now India’s newest banking billionaire

1/23/2017 - China’s president Xi Jinping now has a dozen titles, and counting

1/23/2017 - Samsung finally explained what caused the Galaxy Note 7 explosions

1/23/2017 - Trump’s first day, Galaxy Note 7 forensics, talking viruses

1/23/2017 - Trump’s first day, Galaxy Note 7 forensics, talking viruses

1/23/2017 - IIT students may give the Indian Navy its next big thing: an intelligent unmanned submarine

1/22/2017 - The cost of your sumptuous shrimp-and-calamari meal: the migrating Indian fishermen’s torturous lives

1/22/2017 - 142 years after taking roots under a banyan, Asia’s oldest stock exchange hits the capital market today

1/22/2017 - How to prepare for Lunar New Year, according to my 80-year-old Cantonese grandmother

1/22/2017 - America’s baby boomer women take to the streets for their rights, yet again

1/22/2017 - Trump protests, talking viruses, sky-high salmon prices

1/22/2017 - Don’t be afraid to create: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s life-changing advice on trusting your instincts

1/22/2017 - A British nuclear test last June accidentally sent an unarmed missile hurtling towards the US

1/22/2017 - Women for and against Trump discuss women’s rights in a post-Obama America

1/22/2017 - The joyous dance party outside “Daddy Pence’s” house celebrated the fierce resilience of queer bodies

1/22/2017 - Trump officially won’t release his tax returns, but most Americans still want to see them

1/22/2017 - “Alternative facts”: Trump’s first full day as president was spent fighting the free press

1/22/2017 - Now’s the time to bet on Africa’s supermarkets

1/22/2017 - Magic and dancing: Five ways to make your child a creative genius

1/22/2017 - Gambia’s longtime autocratic leader finally leaves the country to go into exile

1/22/2017 - The gross reason you’ll be paying a lot more for salmon this year

1/22/2017 - One out of every 100 Americans took to the street for the Women’s March, according to estimates

1/22/2017 - We asked a bunch of Trump supporters at a “DeploraBall” about what it means to be a deplorable

1/22/2017 - “You have to stand behind your man”—The women who voted for Donald Trump

1/22/2017 - Love-based marriage is not the best model for raising children

1/22/2017 - “She sat down with her husband and told him she was in love with another man.”

1/22/2017 - The world couldn’t afford engineering degrees without philosophy majors

1/22/2017 - This year’s Sundance Film Festival uses your body as the movie screen

1/22/2017 - Scientists have caught viruses talking to each other—and that could be the key to a new age of anti-viral drugs

1/22/2017 - Hi-tech pods that allow human beings to hibernate for long-distance space travel are about to become a reality

1/22/2017 - African passports, mobile collaboration, bad health habits

1/22/2017 - Donald Trump is finally in the White House, and Alec Baldwin is nowhere to be found on “SNL”

1/21/2017 - They’re with her: The men of the Women’s March on Washington, DC

1/21/2017 - The truth about the crowd at Trump’s inauguration in one photo

1/21/2017 - “Make racists afraid again”—The best signs at women’s marches in Washington, DC, New York and Los Angeles

1/21/2017 - Over 1 million protesters across the US marched for women’s rights in a rebuke to president Trump

1/21/2017 - Trump takes a ridiculously long time to sign his name

1/21/2017 - How the world welcomed president Donald Trump

1/21/2017 - Watch: Women of the world march in solidarity with America against Trump

1/21/2017 - A petition demanding Trump release his tax returns has garnered 100,000 signatures overnight

1/21/2017 - Women’s rights may get politicized, but their economic benefits are for everyone

1/21/2017 - Weekend edition—Women march on, triangles of instability, smarter hearing

1/21/2017 - Hooters has a clever new strategy to prevent sexual assault. (Yes, you read that right)

1/21/2017 - Weekend edition—Women march on, triangles of instability, smarter hearing

1/21/2017 - Nearly all the heads of state who led the world through the financial crisis are no longer in power

1/21/2017 - Hackers downloaded US government climate data and stored it on European servers as Trump was being inaugurated

1/21/2017 - The largest marches on Washington DC topped 1 million people

1/21/2017 - Scientists in the US are running for office to combat the science-denial descending on DC

1/21/2017 - Weekend edition—Women march on, triangles of instability, smarter hearing

1/20/2017 - Washington, DC is hosting a massive sleepover as thousands of women prepare to protest Trump

1/20/2017 - Trump’s inauguration was expensive, and US taxpayers paid for a big part of it

1/20/2017 - The full lineup of the many, many speakers and performers at the Women’s March on Washington

1/20/2017 - Weekend edition—Women march on, triangles of instability, smarter hearing

1/20/2017 - Apple is suing Qualcomm for $1 billion

1/20/2017 - The president of Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator is funding a Trump promise-tracker

1/20/2017 - Shocker: Brexit leader and Trump cheerleader Nigel Farage is joining Fox News

1/20/2017 - Donald Trump’s official White House biography, annotated

1/20/2017 - Angela Merkel took refuge in an art museum during Donald Trump’s inauguration

1/20/2017 - On his first day as president, Donald Trump charged millions of new homeowners an extra $500 a year

1/20/2017 - “It’s Victory Day!” How the alt-right and conservative media covered Trump’s inauguration

1/20/2017 - Trump’s “America First” foreign policy is now official. Here’s what it says

1/20/2017 - Vegemite is finally Australian again

1/20/2017 - The clergy at Trump’s inauguration belong to a church that believes poverty is a punishment for lack of faith

1/20/2017 - What US protestors can and cannot do, according to the ACLU

1/20/2017 - Donald Trump’s first mass email as president was an RNC cash-grab

1/20/2017 - How fitting that a 16-year-old singer and some unhappy Rockettes are kicking off Donald Trump’s presidency

1/20/2017 - Gambia’s defeated president Jammeh has finally agreed to step down and leave the country

1/20/2017 - Americans who searched for GIFs on Inauguration Day were either very excited, or very freaked out

1/20/2017 - When future Americans look back on this moment, let history show I did not consent to president Trump

1/20/2017 - Take a break from Inauguration Day to watch a giant, rampaging monster telepathically controlled by Anne Hathaway

1/20/2017 - A politically important group of women feels completely unwelcome at the Women’s March on Washington

1/20/2017 - Trump’s dark and threatening first speech as US president has put the world on notice

1/20/2017 - The most frequently used words in Donald Trump’s inauguration speech—and every previous one

1/20/2017 - Donald Trump’s first tweets as US president are here, and they are from his personal Twitter account

1/20/2017 - The one product Trump loves most is never made in America

1/20/2017 - Donald Trump has taken control of the US presidential Twitter account—and there’s already misinformation on it

1/20/2017 - The first post up on Trump’s new White House website vows to eliminate the Climate Action Plan

1/20/2017 - Henry Kissinger criticized Trump’s broadsides against Europe, and urged him to help build a new world order

1/20/2017 - Crowds at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony couldn’t fill the National Mall

1/20/2017 - Uber owes $20 million for greatly exaggerating how much its drivers really make

1/20/2017 - Quartzy: the we the people edition

1/20/2017 - Quartzy: the we the people edition

1/20/2017 - Tension builds in Washington as Trump supporters and protesters meet

1/20/2017 - How a president moves into the White House

1/20/2017 - Trump Inauguration: Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy in sky-blue, all-American Ralph Lauren

1/20/2017 - Hong Kong’s next chief executive, SpaceX Falcon 9 rides again, “Air taxi” service

1/20/2017 - Memo to the Obama staffers sticking around: How to deal with a new boss during an awkward transition of power

1/20/2017 - An unfortunate side effect of collective identity is collective trauma

1/20/2017 - There’s a psychological term for feeling like what you’re seeing isn’t real

1/20/2017 - Kellyanne Conway said her red, white, and blue Gucci coat was “Trump revolutionary wear”

1/20/2017 - Trump and Pence are receiving official inauguration gifts from “the American people”

1/20/2017 - Washington, Lincoln, JFK, Trump: The 45th US president takes his place in history

1/20/2017 - Don’t worry, every US presidential inauguration looks a little bit fascist

1/20/2017 - Obama has announced the opening of his presidential center with a call for grassroots activism

1/20/2017 - We’re liveblogging the inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump, the 45th US president

1/20/2017 - A thank you letter to president Barack Obama from a convicted felon

1/20/2017 - Trump inauguration: A guide to protests and rallies planned in Washington DC and around the world

1/20/2017 - The best thing you can do for democracy in Trump’s America is read

1/20/2017 - The full lineup of speakers and presenters at Trump’s 2017 inauguration ceremony

1/20/2017 - Childhood landscapes influence the way we lead—so what does Queens say about Trump?

1/20/2017 - In the final push for presidential pardons by Obama, some big names failed to make the cut

1/20/2017 - Rich Americans are really optimistic about president Trump

1/20/2017 - Doctors say repealing the Affordable Care Act would devastate the trans community

1/20/2017 - Why 2017 is the year of the bot

1/20/2017 - In Davos, the view is that we may have already reached Peak Trump

1/20/2017 - A linguist explains how to write protest signs that everyone will remember

1/20/2017 - As a diplomat, Rex Tillerson would face off with Beijing over gas projects he steered as a Big Oil CEO

1/20/2017 - Trump presidente, “El Chapo” a EEUU, primates en peligro

1/20/2017 - A theory from two Harvard professors explains why American voters prefer incompetence

1/20/2017 - Neuroscience shows that stress can actually make you better at your job

1/20/2017 - To deal with cash envelopes and other Lunar New Year spending, China is letting banks hold fewer reserves

1/20/2017 - Trump’s inauguration, El Chapo gets grilled, $1 trillion coin

1/20/2017 - Obama’s approval rating from his first day to his last, in charts

1/20/2017 - Ernest Hemingway has a cocktail recipe for days when you’ve had just enough of the world

1/20/2017 - We’ve done the math on the thousands of port-o-potties set up for Trump’s inauguration

1/20/2017 - Conservative Christian legislators really want to legalize weed in the US

1/20/2017 - Before you post that #protest selfie at the inauguration protests, remember that police can see your social media posts

1/20/2017 - West Africa’s leaders are in last-ditch talks with Jammeh to bring peaceful change in Gambia

1/20/2017 - The invisible cemeteries of Calcutta

1/20/2017 - East Africa’s biggest retailer has sold a 25% stake to an international investor

1/20/2017 - America’s “little Indias” are high-tech hubs, working-class neighborhoods, and everything in between

1/20/2017 - The bad habits that are making Africans sick

1/20/2017 - Trump’s inauguration, troops enter Gambia, $1 trillion coin

1/20/2017 - Trump’s inauguration, troops enter Gambia, $1 trillion coin

1/20/2017 - Driverless cars, Davos Woman, Donald in DC, and news from elsewhere

1/20/2017 - Tamil Nadu’s Jallikattu protest is just that: a rampaging bull on the loose in the delicate Indian landscape

1/19/2017 - China’s official 2016 GDP number is in, and the government promises it’s “authentic”

1/19/2017 - Mexico handed over El Chapo Guzman just in time for Donald Trump’s inauguration

1/19/2017 - America’s capital braces itself for the inauguration of a man it overwhelmingly voted against

1/19/2017 - From dictatorship to LGBT paradise: Taiwan’s road towards marriage equality

1/19/2017 - How to attend Trump’s inauguration if you don’t want to attend Trump’s inauguration

1/19/2017 - The US says Oracle is encouraging Indians to hire other Indians—and it’s killing diversity

1/19/2017 - Nintendo might have pirated its own game and sold it back to consumers

1/19/2017 - Trump’s inauguration, troops enter Gambia, Obama’s $1 trillion coin

1/19/2017 - By 2040, total miles traveled could increase by 25%

1/19/2017 - Four ways you can travel in the future

1/19/2017 - Canadians are discriminating against foreign wine, and the US isn’t going to take it anymore

1/19/2017 - Kristen Stewart (yes, that Kristen Stewart) just released a research paper on artificial intelligence

1/19/2017 - US safety investigators say Tesla’s Autopilot system wasn’t to blame for last year’s fatal crash

1/19/2017 - Skipping Saturday’s protests could be the most ethical choice Trump opponents can make

1/19/2017 - The EU is exploring legal personhood for robots

1/19/2017 - The most annoying habits of airline passengers, ranked

1/19/2017 - Disney mapped out all the Easter eggs that connect its most beloved Pixar movies

1/19/2017 - The enigmatic 1970s Nigerian musician who was a hipster favorite from London to Brooklyn

1/19/2017 - Kanye West won’t be performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration—because he wasn’t asked

1/19/2017 - Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain is looking pretty unhealthy

1/19/2017 - Donald Trump’s nominee for US Treasury secretary wants a bigger IRS

1/19/2017 - How to watch the inauguration of Donald Trump

1/19/2017 - Researchers studied the traits that make a successful boss and it basically comes down to being nice

1/19/2017 - Donald Trump might only have 360,000 active Twitter followers

1/19/2017 - Gambia’s new president has been sworn in at an embassy in Senegal because the old one won’t leave

1/19/2017 - American women are getting birth control that will outlast Donald Trump

1/19/2017 - Davos has inspired an idea for a new town in the Himalayas

1/19/2017 - Will it rain on Donald Trump’s inaugural parade?

1/19/2017 - Louis Vuitton once sued Supreme for stealing its logo. Now it’s borrowing the streetwear label’s logo

1/19/2017 - Another gift from Donald Trump to Mexico: a brewing case of stagflation

1/19/2017 - Doppler Labs wants to put two extra brains in your ears

1/19/2017 - US Republican leaders love Ayn Rand’s controversial philosophy—and are increasingly misinterpreting it

1/19/2017 - An Antarctic ecologist says humpback whales will be fine in 2017! Everything else, not so much

1/19/2017 - 10 habits all genuinely confident people share

1/19/2017 - Dear Michelle Obama: Please go fix Hollywood

1/19/2017 - Nigeria now has a bigger internal security threat than Boko Haram

1/19/2017 - NASA used a supercomputer to simulate how air flows around a drone

1/19/2017 - This AI translates its internal monologue for humans to understand—and plays Frogger

1/19/2017 - How do you make new friends as an adult? Be like the golden retriever

1/19/2017 - Interrogando a Volkswagen, avalancha en Italia, nueva televisión de Slim

1/19/2017 - US soldiers will be armed with machine translators to kill communication woes

1/19/2017 - The inspiring story that Michelle Obama told about American fashion, in nine outfits

1/19/2017 - A futuristic doctor’s office in San Francisco aims to create a new operating system for health care

1/19/2017 - Data show how and when the tide started turning against workers

1/19/2017 - Amazon and Netflix want to control the market for deep, edgy indie films, too

1/19/2017 - How JFK, Bush, and Obama’s inaugural speeches can be a template for Trump

1/19/2017 - A unified message to Trump from China’s bigwigs at Davos: avoid a trade war

1/19/2017 - Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma gave a politician-like performance at the World Economic Forum

1/19/2017 - Trump’s final cabinet pick, Italian avalanche, Japanese toilet clarity

1/19/2017 - Africa, and the world, are looking to Gambia today to see if democracy will prevail

1/19/2017 - Uber has quietly abandoned its sweeping January price cuts

1/19/2017 - A high school dropout from California is now the preeminent American master of Islamic calligraphy

1/19/2017 - Why is an ultra-hyped fashion brand paying tribute to rumpled man-of-the-people Bernie Sanders?

1/19/2017 - Patanjali is sponsoring wrestling events and Hindi news to bolster its “Made in India” credentials

1/19/2017 - Egypt just put one of its legendary soccer stars on a terror watch list

1/19/2017 - What’s so macho and brave about harassing and torturing a drunken bull, asks a Tamilian

1/19/2017 - These are the most powerful African passports to have

1/19/2017 - China is desperately trying to control what information the public can get about pollution

1/19/2017 - When Uber invests in an Indian startup, who really wins?

1/19/2017 - Even ordinary South Africans are obsessed with the country’s credit rating turning to junk

1/19/2017 - The one economic indicator from India that worries everyone from Urjit Patel to ratings agencies

1/19/2017 - Samsung heir walks, Trump’s final cabinet pick, Japan toilet clarity

1/19/2017 - Samsung heir walks, Trump’s final cabinet pick, Japan toilet clarity

1/19/2017 - One of India’s most developed states is breathing fire over a ban on its ancient bull-taming sport

1/19/2017 - What Brexit means, Jack Ma’s fighting talk, tortured metaphors, and news from elsewhere

1/18/2017 - With Samsung under investigation for corruption, Korea must decide between justice or the economy

1/18/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg is too busy saving the world to run his own Facebook account

1/18/2017 - Indian workers are the most likely to be replaced by robots—at least that’s what their bosses think

1/18/2017 - Netflix now has an audience of 94 million worldwide

1/18/2017 - Alibaba has joined forces with Louis Vuitton and others to fight the $461 billion counterfeiting business

1/18/2017 - “At my core, I think we’re going to be okay”: Barack Obama on why he’s still optimistic about America

1/18/2017 - A global alliance is investing $500 million to stop the spread of deadly outbreaks we are utterly unprepared for

1/18/2017 - Larry Summers: Using the lessons of economics to stop global pandemics before they start

1/18/2017 - Samsung heir walks, Earth-scorching temperatures, Japan toilet clarity

1/18/2017 - Warning to Canada: Do not dismiss reality TV star Kevin O’Leary’s political run as a joke

1/18/2017 - How Steve Jobs broke the carriers’ backs with Apple’s first iPhone

1/18/2017 - In 2011, Scott Pruitt got a letter from an oil company, put his letterhead on it, and sent it to the EPA

1/18/2017 - Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong has avoided arrest in South Korea’s bribery scandal

1/18/2017 - “Will and Grace” is coming back to NBC

1/18/2017 - China is America’s “vendor,” and needs to treat its biggest customer better, Trump’s commerce pick says

1/18/2017 - Bernie Sanders hammers Trump’s US health secretary choice for saying America is a “compassionate society”

1/18/2017 - “I want you to be with me”: Trump is inviting everyone to his inauguration ceremony

1/18/2017 - The “scientists” who support Trump’s choice to run the EPA are creationists with opaque funding sources

1/18/2017 - Art museums are offering refuge from Trump on Inauguration Day

1/18/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg’s first stop on his Middle America tour is Texas

1/18/2017 - The man who revolutionized Google’s hiring is joining a handyman startup

1/18/2017 - NASA’s new analysis of 2016 global temperatures is as alarming as you thought it would be

1/18/2017 - A top-requested Slack feature is finally arriving to make annoying side conversations a thing of the past

1/18/2017 - How can we make globalization work better for everyone?

1/18/2017 - American Airlines’ new “basic economy” fare: No access to overhead bins and last in line to board

1/18/2017 - Netflix is cornering the stand-up comedy market

1/18/2017 - Men don’t apply to job listings they see as “feminine,” and as a result are losing out on careers in the fastest-growing industries

1/18/2017 - The US doesn’t have an immigration problem—it has a refugee problem

1/18/2017 - All the vital questions Trump’s pick for education secretary couldn’t answer at her confirmation hearing

1/18/2017 - Gambia’s president has declared a state of emergency so he doesn’t have to hand over power

1/18/2017 - DoorDash and Postmates are going to start making deliveries with these adorable European robots

1/18/2017 - What its like to be really rich in America, as shown in the disclosures of one of Trump’s cabinet picks

1/18/2017 - The world’s second three-parent baby has been conceived using a controversial technique

1/18/2017 - Nigeria’s central bank is warning banks against using bitcoin

1/18/2017 - The twisted psychology of office cliques

1/18/2017 - Joe Biden used his final speech as vice president to get harsh on Russia

1/18/2017 - A linguist explains how the far-right hijacked political correctness

1/18/2017 - Scientists finally identify nine new species of bees that they could have discovered years ago if they had bothered to look

1/18/2017 - Volunteering from home will soon be as common as working from home

1/18/2017 - Steve Jobs saved Apple—and Nike—with the same piece of advice

1/18/2017 - Coretta Scott King said Jeff Sessions would “irreparably damage the work of my husband”

1/18/2017 - A Cambridge philosopher explains what we should do to resist Donald Trump

1/18/2017 - Cuba y EEUU, indultos a Manning y López Rivera, noticias falsas genocidas

1/18/2017 - The skills your kids should cultivate to be competitive in the age of automation

1/18/2017 - Quartz has acquired Intelligentsia.ai, an artificial intelligence research firm

1/18/2017 - US confirmation hearings, Gambia evacuations, vampire bats

1/18/2017 - Xi Jinping promised legal reform in China, but forget about judicial independence

1/18/2017 - There’s one really big problem with China’s plan to lead the new era of globalization

1/18/2017 - The story behind Shepard Fairey’s powerful posters for Donald Trump’s inauguration

1/18/2017 - Scott Pruitt’s plan for the EPA would shave years off the lives of thousands of Americans

1/18/2017 - Watch: Quartz talks with a prime minister, economist, and tech execs about making globalization work better

1/18/2017 - The Chinese government finally admitted that its economic data was made up

1/18/2017 - Not everyone shares the African Union’s dream of a borderless Africa

1/18/2017 - Finally, there’s a company with the courage to test driverless cars on Indian roads

1/18/2017 - South Africa’s next president might be a woman, but that isn’t the only change we need

1/18/2017 - As Snapdeal bled during 2016, it spent 200% more on salaries and bonuses

1/18/2017 - Hydrogen’s big backers, Samsung scandal, human-loving vampire bats

1/18/2017 - Hydrogen’s big backers, Samsung scandal, human-loving vampire bats

1/18/2017 - Joe Biden’s farewell, Xi’s star turn, basic income, and news from elsewhere

1/18/2017 - Mixologists at India’s hippest bars are reviving your grandmother’s favourite ingredients

1/17/2017 - Indian hospitals are profiteering from the country’s cardiovascular crisis

1/17/2017 - Bangalore tops a new list of the world’s fastest-changing cities

1/17/2017 - The elites who want to run Hong Kong are desperately trying to show they’re one of the people

1/17/2017 - The CEO of former 3D-printing darling MakerBot has resigned

1/17/2017 - Hong Kong space capsules let you live like a character in a JG Ballard sci-fi

1/17/2017 - Obama commuted the sentence of military leaker Chelsea Manning

1/17/2017 - Manning sentence commuted, Nigeria bombs refugees, bloodthirsty vampire bats

1/17/2017 - Abortion rates in the US are at levels not seen since Roe v. Wade

1/17/2017 - UN ambassador Samantha Power departs with a blistering attack on Russia

1/17/2017 - What makes Trump’s pick of Betsy DeVos as education secretary so controversial

1/17/2017 - An airstrike by Nigeria’s military has killed more than 50 refugees in a tragic error

1/17/2017 - The calamitous descent of Bernie Madoff gets the HBO treatment in “The Wizard of Lies,” starring Robert De Niro

1/17/2017 - Americans on food stamps are getting access to Amazon’s online grocery deliveries

1/17/2017 - More Android apps are downloaded in India than anywhere else in the world

1/17/2017 - Getting rid of Obamacare will cripple the department keeping bioterrorism and outbreaks at bay

1/17/2017 - Ten years ago, Netflix launched streaming video and changed the way we watch everything

1/17/2017 - Britain now has its clearest vision yet of what Brexit will look like

1/17/2017 - Donald Trump will be the third US president to be sworn in on the Lincoln bible

1/17/2017 - The gig economy has become a management strategy

1/17/2017 - Snap is the latest tech company to take investors’ money and tell them to shut up

1/17/2017 - Scientists shot footage of exploding citrus oils accelerating 1,000 times faster than a space rocket

1/17/2017 - Airbus is planning to test a self-flying “air taxi” by the end of the year

1/17/2017 - Here’s what could happen if Africa’s top mobile operators and start-ups work together

1/17/2017 - The industrialized world is turning against circumcision. It’s time for the US to consider doing the same

1/17/2017 - Three ways to make a company’s competitive advantage their employees, not their technology

1/17/2017 - Researchers have mapped the US by people’s fear of romantic intimacy

1/17/2017 - Wear a nanoscale archive of all the world’s languages on a necklace

1/17/2017 - “The snowflakes need to be shaken up a bit”: America’s colleges brace for the age of Trump

1/17/2017 - Brexit duro, sin pistas del MH370, chiles duraderos

1/17/2017 - The FBI’s rigorous ethics bar it from commenting on investigations into anyone not named Hillary Clinton

1/17/2017 - Isaac Asimov wrote almost 500 books in his lifetime—these are the six ways he did it

1/17/2017 - Xi Jinping rebuked Donald Trump, positioning himself as champion of globalization

1/17/2017 - May’s Brexit address, Xi’s Davos debut, transparent wine prices

1/17/2017 - Singapore has Asia’s most powerful passport

1/17/2017 - Here are answers to Donald Trump’s many dubious questions about Africa

1/17/2017 - Open borders and vintage Balkan hand grenades are being blamed for a crime wave in Sweden

1/17/2017 - In photos: A winter chill sweeps through northern India

1/17/2017 - Europe’s sterile secularism could do with a dose of India’s founding ideals

1/17/2017 - India’s space agency will use its satellites to watch over the depleting mangroves around Mumbai

1/17/2017 - Generous friend or reckless bully: Sushma Swaraj’s Twitter diplomacy is a dangerous tightrope walk

1/17/2017 - May’s Brexit address, Xi’s Davos debut, transparent wine prices

1/17/2017 - May’s Brexit address, Xi’s Davos debut, transparent wine prices

1/17/2017 - Chinese leadership, Trump’s envoy, star-studded parties, and news from elsewhere

1/17/2017 - Interactive graphic: Compare how nations are meeting the challenge of responsible and inclusive growth

1/17/2017 - Interactive graphic: See how your country ranks across seven competitiveness and responsible growth measures

1/16/2017 - An Indian company is taking to the skies with its wanderlust-inspiring luxury leather goods

1/16/2017 - Geopolitical forecast: 2017 will bring a triangle of instability and an uprising of Luddites

1/16/2017 - A guide to the top contenders vying to be Hong Kong’s next chief executive

1/16/2017 - Welcome to an emerging Asia: India and China stop feigning friendship while Russia plays all sides

1/16/2017 - The last man to walk on the moon has died

1/16/2017 - May’s Brexit address, Xi’s Davos debut, Germany’s Trump zinger

1/16/2017 - Martin Luther King Jr. was decades ahead of his time in advocating for a universal basic income

1/16/2017 - Donald Trump is likely on the payroll of a Filipino government official thanks to his new Manila skyscraper

1/16/2017 - These countries sell the world’s cheapest iPhones

1/16/2017 - Obama’s recommended reading list for his daughter includes feminist classics

1/16/2017 - Global markets are still shocked—shocked!—that Britain is really leaving the EU

1/16/2017 - An analysis of 10,000 scientific studies on marijuana concretely supports only three medical benefits

1/16/2017 - Dads are now facing a conflict between kids and career that women have had for decades

1/16/2017 - Remember what Trump’s fellow Republican, Abraham Lincoln, had to say about nativists

1/16/2017 - Crisis en Irlanda del Norte, decapitaciones en Brasil, ermitaño a tiempo parcial

1/16/2017 - Women finally represent more than a fifth of the delegates at Davos

1/16/2017 - A guide to Trump’s inaugural galas, including the “completely sold out” DeploraBall

1/16/2017 - Uber is on the verge of getting kneecapped in East Asia

1/16/2017 - Trump inauguration boycotters, SpaceX lift-off, hermit vacancies

1/16/2017 - At Davos, expect Chinese president Xi Jinping to get philosophical

1/16/2017 - A powerful guide to “going high” from a 1963 civil rights letter signed by Martin Luther King, Jr.

1/16/2017 - Europe’s far-right parties are holding their first-ever “counter-summit” in Germany

1/16/2017 - The university that defied Boko Haram’s reign of terror for years has been bombed

1/16/2017 - South Korean prosecutors want to arrest Samsung’s head for its role in the president’s corruption scandal

1/16/2017 - A review of McDonald’s masala dosa burger in India: “definitely among the worst breakfasts”

1/16/2017 - “Don’t shame India”: Indians think the government is embarrassing itself over Amazon listings

1/16/2017 - Kenya’s national electrification campaign is taking less than half the time it took America

1/16/2017 - It begins: How responsive is your leadership?

1/16/2017 - Samsung bribery probe, SpaceX’s return, cowbell complaints

1/16/2017 - Samsung bribery probe, SpaceX’s return, cowbell complaints

1/16/2017 - Indian soldiers venting on Facebook: Are they failing the army, or has the army failed them?

1/16/2017 - A video of a Canadian mayor wearing a turban and learning Bhangra dance moves is going viral

1/16/2017 - The results are in: Nobody trusts anyone anymore

1/15/2017 - Silently, India’s supreme court has set off a chain of events that could torpedo Modi’s demonetisation move

1/15/2017 - Beijing wants to crush youth activists in Taiwan and Hong Kong trying to band together

1/15/2017 - The world’s strongmen are eroding the autonomy of central banks. Exhibit A: India

1/15/2017 - This might be the best alternative yet to GDP as a way to measure a country’s growth

1/15/2017 - One China policy, Chicago Cubs visit, Swiss cowbells

1/15/2017 - If Peter Thiel gets his way, California won’t be a state by 2020

1/15/2017 - Six years ago, Domino’s admitted it made terrible pizza. Now its stock returns have outpaced Google’s

1/15/2017 - The Ringling Brothers circus is closing down after 146 years

1/15/2017 - The number of Congress members who won’t attend Donald Trump’s inauguration has surpassed 40

1/15/2017 - With no plan to replace Obamacare, the GOP is creating anxiety for millions of sick Americans

1/15/2017 - Africa’s 2017 will be tough, but a Trump presidency could have a silver lining

1/15/2017 - Democracy 3.0: A science-fiction story about what comes next in America

1/15/2017 - This startup is taking the mystery out of wine pricing—and making the good stuff cheaper

1/15/2017 - Yahoo Japan is considering cutting the work week down to four days

1/15/2017 - At the center of the Philippines’ battle with fake news is a pop star with a legion of Duterte fans

1/15/2017 - A next-generation Mars rover controlled from Germany tours Utah

1/15/2017 - The case for letting people have sex in public parks

1/15/2017 - The last “Saturday Night Live” before Trump’s inauguration of course had Alec Baldwin in the cold open

1/15/2017 - Canada’s top refugee, Congo’s swamp gases, cheaper coastal internet

1/14/2017 - SpaceX is back to inventing the future after a successful rocket launch

1/14/2017 - Watch SpaceX attempt to return to flight by launching 10 Iridium satellites

1/14/2017 - “I will die”: Americans plead with Republican politicians not to repeal Obamacare

1/14/2017 - Carrie Fisher isn’t coming back to Star Wars as a computer-generated Leia

1/14/2017 - Donald Trump’s historic levels of unpopularity, charted

1/14/2017 - Donald Trump’s inauguration lineup has added new performers that somehow make it worse

1/14/2017 - The first driverless bus on America’s public roads travels only 1000 feet

1/14/2017 - “I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.” An Obama campaigner reflects on America’s first black president leaving office

1/14/2017 - A leading historian on why liberalism failed—and what we can do to start rescuing it

1/14/2017 - Don’t worry, only around one out of every 1,300 pilots is trying to fly drunk

1/14/2017 - Weekend edition—The Davos question, CO2 capture, fair video games

1/14/2017 - CVS has a far cheaper competitor to the $600 EpiPen, but there’s a trick to getting it

1/14/2017 - Davos is more relevant than ever this year, precisely because it was so wrong about last year

1/14/2017 - George Lucas is building a $1 billion museum in L.A. to house art that critics say is garbage

1/14/2017 - This lovely seadragon has never been seen alive, until now

1/14/2017 - Bernie Madoff manipulated the market for hot cocoa mix at his prison

1/14/2017 - To combat Trump, Silicon Valley is helping its immigrants become citizens

1/14/2017 - Women are making a powerful point about sexual violence by displaying the clothes they were assaulted in

1/14/2017 - More Nigerian women are being sucked into Italy’s dangerous world of sex trafficking

1/14/2017 - Weekend edition—The Davos question, CO2 capture, fair video games

1/14/2017 - Weekend edition—The Davos question, CO2 capture, fair video games

1/13/2017 - Weekend edition—The Davos question, CO2 capture, fair video games

1/13/2017 - The CEO of Sony is stepping down to become the chairman of Snap

1/13/2017 - Weekend edition—The Davos question, CO2 capture, fair video games

1/13/2017 - In a new memo, the US’s ethics chief reminds “everyone” in the executive branch what ethics are

1/13/2017 - “It was a conspiracy”: A leading member of US Congress is calling Trump’s election illegitimate

1/13/2017 - The Guardian slammed WhatsApp for a “security backdoor”— it’s actually just standards encryption

1/13/2017 - Charging a Tesla goes from free to dirt cheap now that there’s a Supercharger station fee

1/13/2017 - African Union will stop recognizing Yahya Jammeh as Gambian president from Jan. 19

1/13/2017 - People keep crashing drones into Seattle’s Space Needle

1/13/2017 - Consumer Reports changed its mind about Apple’s new laptops

1/13/2017 - All car companies are probably cheating on their emissions standards by now, or they should be

1/13/2017 - The “Points Guy” made a career of gaming credit-card rewards to get luxury travel

1/13/2017 - Facebook Journalism Project, Tweaking your 401k, United to end 747 service

1/13/2017 - Can you identify an animal from a scientist’s description of its fart?

1/13/2017 - The internet wanted to know which animals fart, so scientists happily obliged

1/13/2017 - This tiny, wonky US government agency you’ve never heard of is battling Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest

1/13/2017 - AirPods are Apple’s most Apple-like product in years

1/13/2017 - Quartzy: the ground support edition

1/13/2017 - Quartzy: the ground support edition

1/13/2017 - Palm oil products are being pulled from some stores in Italy after a report linking it to cancer

1/13/2017 - SpaceX’s leaked finances show Elon Musk is betting big on satellite internet

1/13/2017 - Russia has tried to manipulate US elections since the Cold War—so how did they just now succeed?

1/13/2017 - Trump’s plan for the H-1B visa rules would keep the poor out of America

1/13/2017 - A South African bank may have to pay back its corrupt apartheid-era bailout

1/13/2017 - Pandora is looking more and more like the Nokia of music streaming

1/13/2017 - A psychosomatic diagnosis is a doctor’s way of saying, “I don’t have a clue”

1/13/2017 - Women don’t need men to be powerful—and the Women’s March doesn’t need men to make a statement

1/13/2017 - Food porn objectifies “women’s work” instead of women’s bodies

1/13/2017 - An unfortunate German fox has become a naturally occurring Damien Hirst sculpture

1/13/2017 - In the name of animal rights, PETA bought a stake in luxury leather brand Louis Vuitton

1/13/2017 - A warning to the American media from a Russian journalist who covers Putin

1/13/2017 - For these Microsoft workers charged with verifying images of child porn, the strain is too much

1/13/2017 - Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

1/13/2017 - Xi Jinping en Suiza, inmigrantes cubanos, orcas matriarcas longevas

1/13/2017 - Britain is the first country to recognize parkour as an official sport

1/13/2017 - Ben Carson doesn’t seem to understand America’s 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage. Do you?

1/13/2017 - Data show the “American Dream” is a fallacy and Americans still don’t realize it

1/13/2017 - Henry David Thoreau was the original hipster minimalist

1/13/2017 - China posted weak exports in 2016 and says it’s a “victim” of Trump’s anti-globalization rhetoric

1/13/2017 - Xi’s Swiss tour, Nintendo’s pricey Switch, naming Indonesian islands

1/13/2017 - We’ll never get definitive scientific proof one way or another about yoga’s health benefits

1/13/2017 - The Uber of home-cleaning proposed a law that would retroactively solve its legal issues

1/13/2017 - Japan already had the world’s best toilets, but they just got a major new upgrade

1/13/2017 - A strange new theory may finally solve the mystery of an “alien megastructure” that has confounded scientists for months

1/13/2017 - Nintendo finally shared more details on its long-awaited hybrid console and investors said “meh”

1/13/2017 - If you want affordable internet in Africa, move to a country on the coast

1/13/2017 - Indonesia will let you name an island after yourself (or whatever you want)

1/13/2017 - India’s most conflict-ridden state becomes the first in the country to commit to a universal basic income

1/13/2017 - China says bad film reviews, not bad films, are killing its box office

1/13/2017 - Flipkart and Snapdeal aren’t enough. Indian shoppers are spending millions on Chinese and American websites

1/13/2017 - Nintendo’s Switch, US bank earnings, orca grandmas

1/13/2017 - Nintendo’s Switch, US bank earnings, orca grandmas

1/13/2017 - Facials on credit, Paytm-illiterate patrons: Beauty parlours struggle to find the beauty in demonetisation

1/13/2017 - Farmer, intern, aide to CEO, and group chairman: Marathoner Chandrasekaran has seen it all

1/12/2017 - Obama just ended the controversial policy that gave Cuban immigrants a free pass into the US

1/12/2017 - Joe Biden’s Medal of Freedom moment perfectly captures the sense of achievement we’re all working for

1/12/2017 - Your job won’t be completely replaced by robots—just a third of it

1/12/2017 - Apple Music will get original TV and movies—at the expense of a massive opportunity for innovation

1/12/2017 - A suicide streamed live exposes Facebook’s thin line between violence and public service

1/12/2017 - The most interesting piece of the CIA director nomination hearing was the part we didn’t see

1/12/2017 - FX’s “Legion” is a superhero show about living with a mental illness

1/12/2017 - Nintendo’s Switch reveal, Tata’s outsider boss, orca grandmas

1/12/2017 - Farewell to the “queen of the skies”: United is to stop flying 747s at the end of this year

1/12/2017 - The world’s third-worst airline has come up with a bizarre assigned seating plan to make women feel safer

1/12/2017 - “Do you want it now, or do you want it good?”: FX CEO John Landgraf explains why your favorite show isn’t airing this year

1/12/2017 - Netflix is even more popular than porn in hotel rooms

1/12/2017 - Amazon is creating 100,000 new US jobs—for humans

1/12/2017 - Volkswagen and Wells Fargo show why it’s so hard to train executives in ethics

1/12/2017 - A new book shows the true financial cost of leading a creative life

1/12/2017 - The US has accused Fiat Chrysler of the same emissions cheating that cost Volkswagen billions

1/12/2017 - Elizabeth Warren stumped Ben Carson with this trick question about Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest

1/12/2017 - Scientists have a new theory about why female orcas live so long after they stop having babies

1/12/2017 - A Congo swamp could release the equivalent of 20 years of US greenhouse gas emissions into the air

1/12/2017 - Consenting to cookies is driving Europeans nuts—a new law might kill the pop-ups

1/12/2017 - Donald Trump endorses L.L. Bean, which wants nothing to do with him

1/12/2017 - An Economist article convinced a Dartmouth MBA to invest in cannabis. His edibles company sold $3 million in goods last year

1/12/2017 - We’re terrible at measuring other people’s pain—but researchers think there is a better way to treat it

1/12/2017 - The GOP would rather live in dangerous ignorance than get the truth about Russian hacking

1/12/2017 - Gambian president Yahya Jammeh is trying to extend his stay in office by four months

1/12/2017 - A South African soap opera is one of Bill Gates’ favorite things about Africa

1/12/2017 - The GOP will never find a plan it likes more than Obamacare—and Republicans can never admit it

1/12/2017 - There are only 7,100 wild cheetah left in the world

1/12/2017 - Globalization needs to be all or nothing

1/12/2017 - Psychology shows that in dark political times, there’s an essential thing we must do to cultivate hope

1/12/2017 - Tata Group has a new chairman, and it’s another family outsider

1/12/2017 - If “golden showers” is the worst Russia has on Trump, America has nothing to worry about

1/12/2017 - An obituary for fake news

1/12/2017 - Don’t want a robot to steal your job? Be creative

1/12/2017 - Fifteen hours of testimony didn’t get Americans any closer to figuring out whether Jeff Sessions is a bastion of integrity or a racist

1/12/2017 - Forget what you’ve heard: Turmeric seems to have zero medicinal properties

1/12/2017 - After getting a $40 billion pledge from China, Nigeria ordered Taiwan’s unofficial embassy to move out

1/12/2017 - Abe y Duterte, Trump hará el muro, vacas contaminantes

1/12/2017 - New research confirms the “sexuality pay gap” is real

1/12/2017 - Map: Obama established more national monuments than any other president

1/12/2017 - To hide the dismal reality of flying, airlines are trying virtual reality on passengers

1/12/2017 - You can volunteer for a shift at Barack Obama’s dream retirement business in Hawaii

1/12/2017 - The consumer drone market is starting to look a lot like the early smartphone market

1/12/2017 - Pharma firms’ Trump jitters, Germany’s powerful GDP, dung dilemma

1/12/2017 - Fund managers who come from poor backgrounds are better investors than rich ones

1/12/2017 - Fifty years frozen: The world’s first cryonically preserved human’s disturbing journey to immortality

1/12/2017 - Some of the world’s least progressive countries recognize transgender citizens. The US does not

1/12/2017 - Efforts to keep foreigners out of Europe are working: Germany saw a 69% drop in migrants last year

1/12/2017 - A single city in China built more skyscrapers last year than the US and Australia combined

1/12/2017 - In India’s biggest wildlife haul, 6,000 turtles were seized en route to southeast Asia

1/12/2017 - Instagram’s shameless Snapchat knockoff is doing marvelously well

1/12/2017 - Trump’s no-sale, Tillerson’s grilling, dung dilemma

1/12/2017 - Trump’s no-sale, Tillerson’s grilling, dung dilemma

1/12/2017 - Rex Tillerson’s stance on the South China Sea could play into Beijing’s hands

1/12/2017 - The Indian cities you should move to if you don’t want to live with deadly air pollution

1/11/2017 - The curious case of 4.5 million Jan Dhan accounts that were closed during the demonetisation chaos

1/11/2017 - Delhi’s historic commercial centre has become the hottest spot for a pub-crawl, and everyone’s invited

1/11/2017 - An Indian YouTube prankster is just now learning that kissing women without consent isn’t a joke

1/11/2017 - The World Cup is expanding in 2026, but China’s soccer fans still think their team has no chance

1/11/2017 - Donald Trump says it’s impossible for the president to have a conflict of interest

1/11/2017 - Vladimir Putin was the 800-pound gorilla in Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing

1/11/2017 - Trump’s no-sale, Tillerson’s grilling, plight of the bumblebees

1/11/2017 - Taco Bell is about to go national with chalupa shells made out of fried chicken

1/11/2017 - A minimalist photo taken from space reveals the incredible isolation of Antarctic researchers on Earth

1/11/2017 - Facebook has all but admitted it’s a media company

1/11/2017 - US civil rights icon John Lewis makes the case against Jeff Sessions by sharing his life history

1/11/2017 - Obama put bumblebees on the endangered species list—and Trump’s EPA is likely to let them keep dying

1/11/2017 - Apple has already cornered over 40% of the wireless headphone market

1/11/2017 - American Apparel is now Canadian

1/11/2017 - When it comes to air pollution, Poland is the China of Europe

1/11/2017 - It’s up to Marco Rubio whether Rex Tillerson becomes secretary of State, and he clearly hates the fact

1/11/2017 - A U2 song that’s followed Barack Obama for a decade brings his political journey full circle

1/11/2017 - The British stock market has set a new record high every day since Christmas

1/11/2017 - Why were you crying after Obama’s farewell address?

1/11/2017 - Less than half of US doctors are happy at work

1/11/2017 - A product design expert explains why injecting personality in technology makes people angry

1/11/2017 - The Coen brothers are the next auteur filmmakers to defect to the small screen

1/11/2017 - India’s foreign minister threatened to deny Amazon executives visas for selling doormats featuring Indian flags

1/11/2017 - An avocado-only restaurant in Amsterdam is a sign we may have reached peak avocado

1/11/2017 - Squawking, flapping, and leaving a mess, Donald Trump is the epitome of a “seagull manager”

1/11/2017 - One desert data company is showing the tech sector how to help save the climate

1/11/2017 - Why your next Uber driver might be deaf

1/11/2017 - Trump won, but feminism survives. Here’s what we must do next

1/11/2017 - The world is now more likely to be ravaged by environmental, not economic, catastrophes

1/11/2017 - One of the largest train companies in Europe now runs entirely on wind power

1/11/2017 - A famous scorecard taught at Harvard Business School can help you improve your life and relationships

1/11/2017 - We’re liveblogging the Trump cabinet confirmation hearings and a news conference from the US president-elect

1/11/2017 - Why you will (eventually) marry the right person

1/11/2017 - Angola’s ailing health system has a new illness to deal with—the Zika virus

1/11/2017 - Your mother was right: The 10 best-paying jobs in the US are all in medicine

1/11/2017 - Sports drinks could be having the opposite effect on your body than you’d hoped

1/11/2017 - Comparece Trump, trenes ecológicos holandeses, gas costoso argentino

1/11/2017 - A poet says even she can’t answer the questions about her poems on a US standardized test for middle schoolers

1/11/2017 - Did media literacy backfire?

1/11/2017 - 500,000 Dutch dairy cows are staring down death because of the amount of dung they produce

1/11/2017 - Trump’s press conference, Obama’s tearful farewell, Star Wars gibbons

1/11/2017 - Ethiopia’s “Spice Girls” are the first victims of a tabloid campaign for the UK to cut foreign aid

1/11/2017 - Trump’s Homeland Security pick doesn’t think a wall is enough to protect the US-Mexico border

1/11/2017 - The EU is totally fine with with publishers blocking ad blockers

1/11/2017 - To-do list for Mark Zuckerberg’s 2020 presidential run

1/11/2017 - The humble ballpoint pen has become a new symbol of China’s innovation economy

1/11/2017 - A controversial Russian Ponzi scheme is betting on Bitcoin to relaunch in Nigeria

1/11/2017 - Canada has appointed a former Somali refugee to lead its immigration and citizenship ministry

1/11/2017 - A Muslim country has banned the import, production and sale of burqas

1/11/2017 - The politically unstable past of Africa’s fastest-growing economy is threatening its future

1/11/2017 - McDonald’s unveils the mother of all localisation: the masala dosa burger

1/11/2017 - Self-driving trucks will soon haul cargo between shipping terminals in Singapore

1/11/2017 - The Bengali woman who challenged lions, tigers, and Hindu revivalists

1/11/2017 - Advice from Credit Suisse: Don’t underestimate the Indian rupee despite demonetisation

1/11/2017 - China is scrubbing outspoken Taiwan and Hong Kong celebrities from its streaming services

1/11/2017 - Trump cabinet hearings, VW nears settlement, Obama job offer

1/11/2017 - Trump cabinet hearings, VW nears settlement, Obama job offer

1/11/2017 - A perfectly ordinary Silicon Valley tradition is rattling the core of India’s Silicon Valley

1/11/2017 - Obama name-checked democracy 20 times in his farewell speech, more than the last 15 presidents combined

1/10/2017 - After the demonetisation deadline, Indians are still finding stacks of old notes in the most surprising places

1/10/2017 - The “great sorting”: In his farewell address, Barack Obama names the danger in our social media filters

1/10/2017 - Sugar, mutual funds, and telecom: The bright spots amid Narendra Modi’s demonetisation gloom

1/10/2017 - What you need to know about the Donald Trump “golden showers” intelligence report

1/10/2017 - China is rewriting textbooks so its “eight-year war of resistance” against Japan is now six years longer

1/10/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg just hired the guys who helped win three of the last four US presidential elections

1/10/2017 - Watch US senators try to make sense of FBI director James Comey’s secretiveness on Trump and the Kremlin

1/10/2017 - Trump’s choice for a commission on vaccine safety is an anti-vaxxer and a Kennedy

1/10/2017 - Trump cabinet hearings, Volkswagen nears settlement, Obama job offer

1/10/2017 - A book by Donald Trump’s pick to lead national security communications is being pulled for plagiarism

1/10/2017 - Restaurants run by Trump’s pick for US labor secretary regularly serve up female objectification

1/10/2017 - The Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing: What he said about immigration, race, pot, and Hillary Clinton

1/10/2017 - New research suggests the appendix has a purpose after all

1/10/2017 - The reporter who discovered WWII thanks to a freak gust of wind has died

1/10/2017 - “Society labels that a control freak”: Beyoncé and Solange discuss their strategy for success

1/10/2017 - Almost all the doctors who treat hormone conditions know nothing about one of today’s important hormone-related issues

1/10/2017 - Greenpeace says binge-watching all those TV shows is bad for the environment

1/10/2017 - Barack Obama is giving his farewell speech tonight—here’s how to watch

1/10/2017 - The evolution of startups, told through an analysis of thousands of company bios

1/10/2017 - Jeff Sessions promises to “respect” Roe vs. Wade as attorney general—Americans should not believe him

1/10/2017 - A new study linking profanity to honesty shows people who curse are more authentic

1/10/2017 - Fake KKK members with “#1” stadium fingers cheered on Jeff Session’s hearing today

1/10/2017 - Ivanka Trump is resigning from her fashion brand

1/10/2017 - Obama has been a prolific contributor to peer-reviewed science journals during his presidency

1/10/2017 - The list of Davos attendees for 2017

1/10/2017 - Your intuition is more powerful than your intellect, and just as easily expanded

1/10/2017 - Data show that the world’s poor have still not recovered from the 2008 financial crisis

1/10/2017 - Spotify offered Barack Obama a job as “president of playlists”

1/10/2017 - English speakers in Cameroon deserted their cities to protest the encroachment of French

1/10/2017 - An automated pizza company models how robot workers can create jobs for humans

1/10/2017 - An iceberg the size of Delaware is about to break away from Antarctica

1/10/2017 - If you want to arrive on time, take these airlines (and avoid El-Al)

1/10/2017 - The biggest divide between African Muslims and Christians isn’t their religion

1/10/2017 - Snap is bucking tech trends again, by expanding in London over Dublin

1/10/2017 - Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech was a textbook lesson in how to use one’s privilege for good

1/10/2017 - FIFA has voted to change the format of the world’s biggest soccer competition

1/10/2017 - It’s time to get over yourself and start reading books on your iPhone

1/10/2017 - I finally stepped out of my progressive bubble—and now I understand why people hate “the liberal elite”

1/10/2017 - A stark illustration of the generational divide in income growth

1/10/2017 - A guide to nine confirmation hearings, one Trump news conference, and Obama’s farewell

1/10/2017 - Obama se despide, gripe aviar en Chile, osos polares en peligro

1/10/2017 - What Medium needs to do to survive

1/10/2017 - Seven presidents are better than one: Why the Oval Office needs a round table

1/10/2017 - This joyful, defiant poem can teach us how to survive under Donald Trump

1/10/2017 - Donald Trump’s global supply chain problem, in one chart

1/10/2017 - Macs are actually still pretty awesome

1/10/2017 - Organ transplants in the US are on the rise, but the reason why means it’s not exactly a public health triumph

1/10/2017 - The EPA already knows what happens when you have a boss that wants to dismantle government

1/10/2017 - Trump cabinet hearings, L’Oréal went shopping, Prince’s gold-bar stash

1/10/2017 - Why you need a midday martini and the psychology of cocktails

1/10/2017 - At Yahoo, Marissa Mayer could only preserve the status quo

1/10/2017 - Syphilis is making a big comeback in Japan and the government is enlisting Sailor Moon’s help to fight it

1/10/2017 - Viruses like HIV have been adapting to immune systems for half a billion years

1/10/2017 - For seven years, a global community of writers has been using a hashtag to complain about writing

1/10/2017 - Buy and hodl, just don’t get #rekt: The slang that gets you taken seriously as a bitcoin trader

1/10/2017 - WeChat is morphing so Chinese smartphone owners will never have to download an app again

1/10/2017 - More Nigerians are embracing electronic payments

1/10/2017 - Rahul Yadav thinks it’s the end of the road for Housing.com after it merges with PropTiger

1/10/2017 - The Swiss central bank turned a record-setting loss into a massive profit

1/10/2017 - Air India aside, Jet and IndiGo dispel the myth that India’s airlines are never on time

1/10/2017 - “Altaba” is the perfect name for what has become of Yahoo

1/10/2017 - Trump cabinet hearings, Iran nuclear deal, team-building plane crashes

1/10/2017 - Trump cabinet hearings, Iran nuclear deal, team-building plane crashes

1/10/2017 - Flipkart’s CEO shuffling marks a critical moment in the history of Indian startups

1/9/2017 - The irresistible urge Indians have to watch other Indians having sex

1/9/2017 - Trump’s war with Meryl Streep is distracting from his dangerously sloppy Cabinet nomination process

1/9/2017 - “Americans deserve better”: Khizr Khan’s powerful letter about Jeff Sessions

1/9/2017 - The same bird flu that wiped out millions of US egg laying hens is back

1/9/2017 - Trump cabinet hearings, VW exec arrest, robo-monkey mourning

1/9/2017 - Chasing elusive growth in China, McDonald’s cedes power to franchisees

1/9/2017 - One of Asia’s largest slums is luring shoppers with the Internet of Things

1/9/2017 - If you’ve been stuck in an airport because of delays recently, you already know how bad a highly automated society will be

1/9/2017 - China’s central bank is behind bitcoin’s falling price

1/9/2017 - Hollywood’s latest obsession broke a 40-year Golden Globe record

1/9/2017 - Moths are driving miniature cars to help scientists build odor-tracking robots

1/9/2017 - A global survey shows women are more satisfied with their lives than men are

1/9/2017 - Trump says one of China’s most notorious thieves of American IP is a “great, great entrepreneur”

1/9/2017 - Cramming your week’s workouts into a day or two may be just as good for you as exercising regularly

1/9/2017 - Guidelines for building a great team, from the recruiter who hired 4,300 people for Hillary Clinton in 18 months

1/9/2017 - To compete online in India, businesses will soon have to work in 122 languages

1/9/2017 - “Hidden Fences” doesn’t exist—but “Hidden Figures” is number one at the US box office

1/9/2017 - To become the best, college football’s greatest coach embraced being miserable

1/9/2017 - What you were taught about how the moon formed may be completely wrong

1/9/2017 - Read the adorably confused ways people struggled to describe the first iPhone in 2007

1/9/2017 - For the first time in 26 years, HBO was shut out of a major awards show

1/9/2017 - A French company is looking to install pizza ATMs across the US

1/9/2017 - Hoping Donald Trump’s authoritarianism will lead to better art is the worst kind of wishful thinking

1/9/2017 - Flipkart has named its first non-founder CEO: former Tiger Global executive Kalyan Krishnamurthy

1/9/2017 - It takes until age 34 to earn back the cost of a US university degree

1/9/2017 - For $1,500 a month, Cadillac is offering a luxury-car subscription service

1/9/2017 - Watch the moment Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone a decade ago

1/9/2017 - The problem with Zimbabwe’s plan to pay off its decades old debt to China with elephants

1/9/2017 - To put their grandkids through college, Americans over 60 now have $67 billion in student debt

1/9/2017 - Instagram made me feel bad about myself—until I hacked its algorithms to improve my body image

1/9/2017 - Why do people take the public, social-media spectacle of celebrity death so personally?

1/9/2017 - To survive in an increasingly unpredictable world, we need to train our brains to embrace uncertainty

1/9/2017 - Uber is finally giving the public a glimpse of its stunning trove of transit data

1/9/2017 - Reunificación chipriota, Trump y Fiat, rezar a Elrond

1/9/2017 - The future of wireless charging is here, but it’s going to be messy and confusing

1/9/2017 - Cyprus peace talks, Trump tension in Detroit, smog poetry

1/9/2017 - The before-and-after photos of Beijing’s toxic smog and blue skies

1/9/2017 - The US dollar is the strongest it’s been since 1986

1/9/2017 - The world’s most popular museum is at the heart of a political storm between China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

1/9/2017 - In less than a month, India will present its annual budget based on unreliable GDP numbers

1/9/2017 - US senator Ted Cruz met with Taiwan’s president, and he doesn’t care what China thinks

1/9/2017 - All over India, life slows down when it’s time to sip that customary cup of chai

1/9/2017 - For Indian comedians, making it big starts with convincing humourless parents

1/9/2017 - Cyprus reunification talks, Golden Globes, smog poetry

1/9/2017 - Cyprus reunification talks, Golden Globes, smog poetry

1/8/2017 - At the 2017 Golden Globes, Meryl Streep gave a scathing review of Trump’s “performance”

1/8/2017 - After a bland new year, Bhutan is reversing an import ban on India’s toxic chillies

1/8/2017 - Two Indian engineers have solved one of the biggest hurdles in the fight to make lower carbon-emissions targets a reality

1/8/2017 - Here are all the winners of the 2017 Golden Globe Awards

1/8/2017 - All the signs that Beijing is panicking about its weakening currency

1/8/2017 - A doctor’s poem is going viral in China and raising awareness that smog (surprise!) is a cause of cancer

1/8/2017 - Watch Ryan Gosling remind us how hard it is to be a woman—even if you’re married to Ryan Gosling

1/8/2017 - At the Golden Globes, women in suits show red carpet dresses “aren’t a requirement”

1/8/2017 - Golden Globes, iPhone turns 10, Thai funeral pole dancers

1/8/2017 - Obama says he didn’t underestimate Vladimir Putin

1/8/2017 - “I am heartbroken:” The announcer for inaugural parades since Eisenhower will be replaced for Trump’s

1/8/2017 - The fences built across Europe to stop refugees are threatening the continent’s wildlife

1/8/2017 - The Fort Lauderdale airport shooting suspect could face the death penalty

1/8/2017 - This genius cooking system will help you plan ahead to eat well all week long

1/8/2017 - The last time East-West diplomacy saw such a big breach by the Russians, someone got poisoned with radioactive material

1/8/2017 - How to watch the Golden Globes 2017 online or on TV

1/8/2017 - How many people in the US identify as transgender?

1/8/2017 - “It felt so shameful to tell anyone that my sister had died of an overdose”

1/8/2017 - The hottest funeral of the year featured 50 pole dancers and giant puppets

1/8/2017 - A few tweaks to your 401(k) can make it better than a pension

1/8/2017 - Lost luggage, endless delays and a broken runway: the perils of Nigerian air travel

1/8/2017 - Hacking internet shutdowns, hacking malaria, hacking public education

1/8/2017 - China’s neighbors are getting a whiff of its terrible pollution

1/7/2017 - Amazon’s Alexa heard her name and tried to order up a ton of dollhouses

1/7/2017 - Two years ago today, gunmen stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people

1/7/2017 - The American Dialect Society’s word of the year is “dumpster fire”

1/7/2017 - Seeing black people enjoying South Africa’s beaches still isn’t a normal sight. It should be

1/7/2017 - The product that stole the show at CES 2017 didn’t even have a booth

1/7/2017 - Germany is being sued over its forgotten genocide

1/7/2017 - Feeling tired for no reason? Time to reset your circadian clock

1/7/2017 - A French woman turned her address book of Paris’s best insider spots into a multimillion-dollar startup

1/7/2017 - Bitcoin might just be a plausible response to the “war on cash” declared by governments around the world

1/7/2017 - A rivalry is heating up between Jet.com and Amazon for the internet’s highest-selling products

1/7/2017 - Weekend edition—The war on cash, TVs and globalization, doulas

1/7/2017 - Ethiopia’s political troubles are going to test its beneficial China relationship

1/7/2017 - There’s one big problem with satellite imagery, and a space startup has found a solution for it

1/7/2017 - Theranos had no backup plan, and may soon have no employees

1/7/2017 - Japan is pulling its diplomats out of South Korea over a statue

1/7/2017 - Nigeria’s ex-oil minister will have to give up $153 million in stolen cash

1/7/2017 - The creators of Hello Kitty are bringing you an overworked, booze-slugging red panda who hates her boss

1/7/2017 - Weekend edition—The war on cash, TVs and globalization, doulas

1/7/2017 - Weekend edition—The war on cash, TVs and globalization, doulas

1/6/2017 - A fatal flaw of US airport security: You can pack a gun in your checked luggage

1/6/2017 - Weekend edition—The war on cash, TVs and globalization, doulas

1/6/2017 - Company culture is rooted in principles and actions

1/6/2017 - Growing your company culture without chaos

1/6/2017 - NASA astronauts take a 6.5-hour spacewalk to swap out batteries

1/6/2017 - Facebook has hired a top TV journalist who thinks “hunger for ratings” created Donald Trump

1/6/2017 - Five priorities for leaders at Davos 2017

1/6/2017 - Michelle Obama brought herself and everyone around her to tears with her final speech as First Lady

1/6/2017 - A gunman shot and killed multiple people at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale Airport

1/6/2017 - The US is finally getting serious about security on the Internet of Things with this lawsuit

1/6/2017 - Tilikum, the infamous SeaWorld killer whale from “Blackfish,” has died

1/6/2017 - A lawyer rewrote Instagram’s privacy policy so kids and parents can have a meaningful talk about privacy

1/6/2017 - Trump is now trashing his own TV show and his “Celebrity Apprentice” successor Arnold Schwarzenegger

1/6/2017 - Quartzy: the feel the flow edition

1/6/2017 - Quartzy: the feel the flow edition

1/6/2017 - Infographic: That trip to the ER for bronchitis might cost $800 more than it needs to

1/6/2017 - Bluetooth-enabled vibrating hotpants are the dumbest smart things at CES 2017

1/6/2017 - The flop of the latest iPhone cost Apple CEO Tim Cook $1.5 million in pay

1/6/2017 - Our brains adapt to learn more faces as we grow up

1/6/2017 - Obama’s final party at the White House tonight boasts the guest list of the Trump inauguration’s dreams

1/6/2017 - Researchers are giving religious leaders psychedelic drugs in the interest of science

1/6/2017 - SpaceX ready to fly again, “new normal” for luxury brands, guide to CES 2017

1/6/2017 - Toast to Donald Trump’s populist revolution with $29 cocktails at his hotel in Washington

1/6/2017 - Michael Lewis’ The Undoing Project: How do ER surgeons avoid dumb, deadly mistakes? Ask their doctor.

1/6/2017 - Streaming is officially crowned king of the music business. Shame it doesn’t make much money

1/6/2017 - We’re live-charting the tolerable US jobs report for December 2016

1/6/2017 - The three best laptops of CES 2017

1/6/2017 - SpaceX vuelve, carbón cubano a EEUU, Uruguay sin Reyes Magos

1/6/2017 - Wind just generated more power than coal in the UK, for the first year ever

1/6/2017 - Let’s call “office cake” what it is: A memory-eroding social crutch that should be banned forever

1/6/2017 - A robotics expert predicts that kids born in 2017 will never drive a car

1/6/2017 - A slip of the tongue really cracked up US Republican leaders

1/6/2017 - Disney, please don’t turn Carrie Fisher into a full-fledged CGI character in “Star Wars: Episode IX”

1/6/2017 - The African economies to watch in 2017

1/6/2017 - A NASA photo of hundreds of supermassive black holes reveals the sky as we’ve never seen it before

1/6/2017 - US jobs data, Samsung’s big hurrah, Australia’s cat infestation

1/6/2017 - Xiaomi is ringing in 2017 with a cryptic message about a “daring search”

1/6/2017 - A guide to staying online if the internet or social media gets blocked in your country

1/6/2017 - Working overtime is a fact of life for US designers

1/6/2017 - New “camouflage” seeks to make you unrecognizable to facial-recognition technology

1/6/2017 - A Silicon Valley scientist and entrepreneur who invented a drug to explode double chins is now working on a cure for aging

1/6/2017 - Mercedes made a crazy van with built-in drones and robot arms to deliver the packages of tomorrow

1/6/2017 - There’s a part of China where the air quality index registered an astronomical 999

1/6/2017 - SpiceJet is celebrating its remarkable turnaround with a $10.1-billion order of new jets

1/6/2017 - The rise of the “illiberal elite” in India and America

1/6/2017 - “Let others succeed”: Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s simple but effective leadership style

1/6/2017 - US jobs data, India GDP, Australian cat infestation

1/6/2017 - US jobs data, India GDP, Australian cat infestation

1/6/2017 - Instead of talking to your smart-home hub, Samsung wants you to talk to everything

1/6/2017 - MGNREGA’s easy jobs may have harmed India’s manufacturing sector by luring away skilled factory workers

1/5/2017 - Sundar Pichai at IIT-Kharagpur: When a shy Indian engineer returned to his alma mater as Google’s CEO

1/5/2017 - The Coco Chanel of cannabis is designing handbags for the modern woman looking to conceal her pot

1/5/2017 - Amazon is making moves to crack India’s burgeoning secondhand goods market

1/5/2017 - Tesla’s cheaper, more powerful battery cell is the perfect embodiment of its factory model

1/5/2017 - Your cheat sheet to Asia’s big elections (sometimes “selections”) in 2017

1/5/2017 - An ex-employee’s lawsuit against Snapchat reads like a dramatic romance novel

1/5/2017 - US jobs, India GDP, Australian cat infestation

1/5/2017 - A behavior expert explains why making fun weekend plans can actually ruin your weekend

1/5/2017 - Bitcoin lost $3 billion in market value in 40 minutes

1/5/2017 - Intelligence officials argue that Trump’s disparagement is hurting staff morale

1/5/2017 - A Japanese sushi chain owner just bought a $600,000 tuna for good luck

1/5/2017 - A German research institute is investigating its Nazi past

1/5/2017 - Obama returns to the Harvard Law Review to chronicle his criminal justice legacy

1/5/2017 - If the US unemployment rate included everyone who says they want a job, it would be nearly double

1/5/2017 - The rate at which US companies cite regulations as an obstacle has quadrupled over the last 20 years

1/5/2017 - A $10 billion overhaul of New York’s main airport isn’t going to fix its biggest problem

1/5/2017 - McDonald’s is close to losing its market cap throne to a coffee company

1/5/2017 - One of NASA’s newest missions to asteroids is being led by a female astrophysicist

1/5/2017 - The curved and 3D TV revolution is already dead

1/5/2017 - Beijing is playing down its pollution problem

1/5/2017 - The US government is suing Google over its diversity data

1/5/2017 - It’s time for employers to start letting parents bring kids to work

1/5/2017 - The world’s highest paid CEOs have already earned more than most people will this year

1/5/2017 - Companies have no idea how many contractors they have, and it’s a huge security risk

1/5/2017 - Successful people use these techniques to speak up for themselves—and stay likable

1/5/2017 - A new malaria vaccine just passed a critical milestone using GM parasites

1/5/2017 - What happens when politicians get tired of talking, in photos

1/5/2017 - It’s clear why Trump wants Exxon’s ex-CEO, but not why the ex-CEO wants him

1/5/2017 - Electronics are about to reach their limit in processing power—but there’s a solution

1/5/2017 - You can up your points game, even if you miss the Chase Sapphire Reserve rewards bonanza

1/5/2017 - A NASA photo shot straight into the sun reveals how tiny we really are

1/5/2017 - Obama y el ciberataque ruso, detenciones gasolinazo, Zuckerberg al mundo real

1/5/2017 - Africa has too few universities for its fast growing population

1/5/2017 - As Republicans get ready to dismantle the ACA, insurers are likely to bolt

1/5/2017 - Technology killed manufacturing jobs; trade is what will bring their replacement

1/5/2017 - A botched Twitter campaign shows the crisis in Nelson Mandela’s once-great party

1/5/2017 - Paris is blaming Airbnb for population declines in the heart of the city

1/5/2017 - Protests in India, Trump’s spy-agency overhaul, becoming “transhuman”

1/5/2017 - Every year, China builds an entire city of ice

1/5/2017 - If you’re looking for work in a growth industry, marijuana is booming

1/5/2017 - The complete guide to noise-canceling in open offices and other hectic spaces

1/5/2017 - Didi and Uber are still competing—only now the turf war is in Latin America, not China

1/5/2017 - The UK knew China was planning a massacre at Tiananmen Square two weeks before it happened

1/5/2017 - Less bling, more mass ceremonies: A county in China is banning extravagant weddings

1/5/2017 - With its Uber cabs and hipster coffee shops, Bengaluru was a cosmopolitan ideal for Indian women. Until it wasn’t

1/5/2017 - Paying a tip—or not—may now be the most embarrassing act at an Indian restaurant

1/5/2017 - Protests in India, Tesla gigafactory, dolphins with a porpoise

1/5/2017 - Protests in India, Tesla gigafactory, dolphins with a porpoise

1/5/2017 - For expats, the smell of money beats the pollution and chaos in India

1/4/2017 - Apple has removed the New York Times from its app store in China

1/4/2017 - The world’s best Go player says he still has “one last move” to defeat Google’s AlphaGo AI

1/4/2017 - For India’s new central banker, demonetisation has been baptism by fire

1/4/2017 - In Beijing, you don’t need Instagram filters because the smog is adding dreamy effects to your photos

1/4/2017 - The American dream is losing its charm among graduates of India’s elite IIT Bombay

1/4/2017 - NGOs are under threat in China’s latest crackdown against “foreign forces”

1/4/2017 - Gannett welcomed its employees back from the holidays in the worst way possible

1/4/2017 - Here’s a list of all the Macy’s store closings in the US

1/4/2017 - Tillerson’s Exxon payout, Tesla’s factory start-up, dolphin rescue mission

1/4/2017 - There’s a vital organ in your gut you didn’t know you had

1/4/2017 - Astronomers tracked down fast radio bursts to a galaxy 2.5 billion light years away

1/4/2017 - Coca-Cola is being sued for misleading people over the healthfulness of its sodas

1/4/2017 - Looking at the Mexican peso you’d think Trump was already building a wall

1/4/2017 - QZ.com is now delivered over HTTPS

1/4/2017 - Alibaba will sell you anything, including a spot on a container ship

1/4/2017 - Stand your ground in job negotiations with this polite but firm “No” email generator

1/4/2017 - A librarian in Florida went rogue to save 2,361 books from an algorithm

1/4/2017 - The Czech government wants to change the constitution to let its citizens use guns against terrorists

1/4/2017 - The movies are dead, according to two distinguished moviemakers

1/4/2017 - Amazon may have accidentally given away its next big business move

1/4/2017 - A reading list to help billionaires understand average Americans

1/4/2017 - The maestro behind the music for “Inception” and “Interstellar” is playing Coachella

1/4/2017 - Trump’s pick for SEC chair would be the first Wall Street lawyer in 15 years to police the securities business

1/4/2017 - Netflix hasn’t forgotten about its 4.3 million DVD subscribers

1/4/2017 - The leading scholar of income inequality died the same week Exxon awarded Rex Tillerson $180 million

1/4/2017 - California is arming itself to lead the liberal fight against Trump

1/4/2017 - President Obama must pardon Edward Snowden to show Donald Trump that freedom requires transparency

1/4/2017 - The overwhelming whiteness of US environmentalism is hobbling the fight against climate change

1/4/2017 - Dry January is popular in the US because Americans have never learned how to drink responsibly

1/4/2017 - Nigeria is raising tariffs on yachts and sports cars, but also anti-malarial drugs

1/4/2017 - The French are burning more cars again

1/4/2017 - A Stanford University behavior scientist’s elegant three-step method for creating new habits

1/4/2017 - Looking to hire an empathetic employee? Consider these interview questions

1/4/2017 - Three unconventional interview questions

1/4/2017 - The No. 2 app in America would be nothing without the No. 1 app in America

1/4/2017 - Objection! Thousands of professors from 176 US law schools oppose Trump’s attorney-general pick

1/4/2017 - Ten easy encryption tips for warding off hackers, the US government—and Russia

1/4/2017 - The most critically acclaimed TV shows of 2016 weren’t on HBO

1/4/2017 - A psychology professor on the most effective method for turning failure into success

1/4/2017 - Watch NASA’s amazing visualization of global CO2

1/4/2017 - Want to earn more money? This data says don’t quit your job yet

1/4/2017 - Ford y México, dos tuits de Trump, Scroogenomics

1/4/2017 - Five years in, Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project is hardly any closer to being a real city

1/4/2017 - The US navy is retraining its mine-hunting dolphins to help save an elusive, endangered species

1/4/2017 - CES opens its doors, Trump chides US intelligence, “Fat Cat Wednesday”

1/4/2017 - Trump’s tweets suggest he’ll make the familiar, false assumption that China can keep North Korea in check

1/4/2017 - In 2017’s “new normal,” luxury brands will have to work a lot harder to sell their pricey goods

1/4/2017 - The Unfuck Your Habitat 20/10 system teaches tidiness in easy steps

1/4/2017 - This is the first home robot you might actually want

1/4/2017 - Finland is starting a national experiment to try and prove a basic income doesn’t make people lazy

1/4/2017 - Google’s AlphaGo AI secretively won more than 50 straight games against the world’s top Go players

1/4/2017 - India’s demonetization is tightening the payment startup race, but the winner could well be the Indian government

1/4/2017 - South Korea is tired of China picking on it

1/4/2017 - China’s anti-corruption agency just released a TV series about corruption in the agency

1/4/2017 - No wonder Flipkart is bleeding. Just look at these ridiculous salaries

1/4/2017 - Ford cancels Mexico plant, GOP ethics retreat, salt shake-up

1/4/2017 - Ford cancels Mexico plant, GOP ethics retreat, salt shake-up

1/4/2017 - “An entirely new species”: The car of the future has little to show for itself but fancy words

1/4/2017 - Besides Lakme and Kiehl’s, India’s beauty bloggers are also testing out Patanjali’s ayurvedic products

1/3/2017 - Deendayal Upadhyaya: The forgotten right-wing hero whose legacy Narendra Modi is trying to revive

1/3/2017 - The death of a young man in police custody is rattling the trust of China’s middle class

1/3/2017 - Ford’s canceled plant in Mexico isn’t a vote for protectionism but a testament to global trade

1/3/2017 - How this Hyderabad resident built an illegal marijuana plantation in his three-bedroom apartment

1/3/2017 - At Christmas mass, a 12-year-old girl becomes collateral damage in Duterte’s war on drugs

1/3/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg’s 2017 resolution is to meet people in real life

1/3/2017 - The Quartz guide to CES 2017

1/3/2017 - Everything you need to know about CES 2017 in less than two minutes

1/3/2017 - Tiny solar panels under your skin are almost ready to power the next generation of medical devices

1/3/2017 - Ford cancels Mexico plant, GOP ethics retreat, more China smog

1/3/2017 - Joe Biden divulges after-office plans on a hot mic

1/3/2017 - Fox News offered Megyn Kelly $20 million a year. Instead, she chose NBC’s promise of work-life balance

1/3/2017 - Don’t forget the corruption that inspired the US Office of Congressional Ethics in the first place

1/3/2017 - If you make one health resolution this year, it should be to stop cleaning your ears

1/3/2017 - #NotAllMen is not an appropriate response to a mob molesting scores of women in India’s Silicon Valley

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1/3/2017 - New US Congress, North Korea’s nuke threat, propaganda for millennials

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1/3/2017 - New US Congress, North Korea’s nuke threat, propaganda for millennials

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1/2/2017 - The new US Congress, North Korea’s nuke threat, propaganda for millennials

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