12/31/2016 - Gunmen opened fire on New Year’s Eve celebrations in an Istanbul nightclub

12/31/2016 - A Syrian refugee in Canada: “2016 was the year my life changed forever”

12/31/2016 - Africa in 2016, digital CFA, Kenya’s homemade car

12/31/2016 - Malware created by the Russian government was discovered on a computer within a Vermont electric company

12/31/2016 - The weirdest contraband the TSA confiscated in 2016

12/31/2016 - “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies”: Trump’s New Year’s Eve message compared to those of past US presidents

12/31/2016 - China’s plans to lead the global economy are being foiled by… China

12/31/2016 - 2016 looked magical from space

12/31/2016 - 2016 is ending on a great note for many of Africa’s endangered animals

12/31/2016 - Why it’s a bad idea to serve champagne in a flute

12/31/2016 - Narendra Modi ends 2016 with a spirited defence of demonetisation (and some new schemes)

12/31/2016 - It’s up to us whether 2016 is remembered as the beginning of the darkness, or the darkness before the dawn

12/31/2016 - Women, we need to throw off the sexist shackles of salad

12/31/2016 - New Year’s edition—Good riddance 2016, finding aliens, idiot savant economists

12/31/2016 - Champagne versus prosecco or sparkling wine: Choosing a good bottle is all in the bubbles

12/31/2016 - Decades of research show that the most powerful strategy to fight racism requires white people

12/31/2016 - Quartz’s geopolitical forecasts for 2016 predicted the big theme, and missed the big call

12/31/2016 - Bitcoin’s bull run faces one gigantic question mark heading into 2017

12/31/2016 - Bill and Melinda Gates are now backing a tiny implantable drug pump designed to prevent HIV infection

12/31/2016 - The 2017 design theme for the ball that drops on New Year’s Eve in Times Square: kindness

12/31/2016 - More African governments blocked the internet to silence dissent in 2016

12/31/2016 - New Year’s edition—Good riddance 2016, finding aliens, idiot savant economists

12/31/2016 - New Year’s edition—Good riddance 2016, finding aliens, idiot savant economists

12/31/2016 - The books, words and music that inspired these African innovators in 2016

12/30/2016 - New Year’s edition—Good riddance 2016, finding aliens, idiot savant economists

12/30/2016 - Quartz’s most Ideas-y Ideas articles of 2016

12/30/2016 - The inside story behind the strange US government ethics tweets singing Donald Trump’s praises

12/30/2016 - The compelling stories behind the most revealing photos of 2016

12/30/2016 - The Polish government just got an amazing deal on priceless art it didn’t need to buy

12/30/2016 - New psychology research identifies exactly where most people fail when setting big personal goals

12/30/2016 - The offense that revolutionized football was invented 25 years ago in a small town in Iowa

12/30/2016 - Scientists love president Obama so much they’ve named nine different animals after him

12/30/2016 - A new hit Chinese dating show has parents picking partners for their kids, and it strikes close to home

12/30/2016 - The hilarious horror show of a trailer for “2016: The Movie”

12/30/2016 - Russia’s election hack confirms we need to rethink URL shorteners

12/30/2016 - Secret papers reveal Margaret Thatcher feared Germany’s power and looked to Russia as an ally

12/30/2016 - China’s insatiable thirst for pangolin scales is fed by an international black market

12/30/2016 - Volkswagen is changing its official language from German to English

12/30/2016 - This is Serena Williams’ Reddit engagement announcement

12/30/2016 - Quartzy: the drowned in moonlight edition

12/30/2016 - Quartzy: the drowned in moonlight edition

12/30/2016 - White lawmakers want to pull funding from a college teaching “The Problem of Whiteness”

12/30/2016 - The classic philosophical theory that nails why 2016 sucked so much

12/30/2016 - The ruthless economics of why the airline industry won’t ever stop overbooking flights

12/30/2016 - The warning signs of fascism that Americans should be watching for under president Donald Trump

12/30/2016 - The Democratic Republic of Congo’s bloody December in one graphic

12/30/2016 - A chemical imbalance in the brain could be causing people to exercise less

12/30/2016 - Almost 70% of Goldman Sachs’ employees are under the age of 35

12/30/2016 - In Japan, a lot of the country stays home on New Year’s Eve and watches TV

12/30/2016 - The brilliant way feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir outsmarted imposter syndrome

12/30/2016 - Fin de año antiterrorista, guerra fría cibernética, drones desde las nubes

12/30/2016 - The $10,500 robot arm that can build its coworkers

12/30/2016 - Indian rupee scramble, oil’s great year, discounted da Vinci

12/30/2016 - A made-in-Kenya vehicle is targeting mass production for Africa’s rough terrain

12/30/2016 - A 13-foot-tall, Avatar-like manned robot took its first steps

12/30/2016 - A calendar of the world’s best design events in 2017, from Minneapolis to Bratislava

12/30/2016 - We already have a Muslim registry. It’s called Facebook

12/30/2016 - This year, you won’t wake up to a shocking Uber fare on New Year’s Day

12/30/2016 - The English language’s domination of the globe may be skewing scientific research

12/30/2016 - Trevor Noah went from selling ripped CDs to hosting “The Daily Show” in just over 10 years

12/30/2016 - Chinese spending on soccer stars went gangbusters in 2016

12/30/2016 - Tanzania’s cybercrime law is beginning to bite on social media

12/30/2016 - Health workers can be wildly successful at saving lives when they have a profit motive

12/30/2016 - Russian intelligence group aliases sound like bad WiFi network names

12/30/2016 - Prohibition to demonetisation: How India’s liquor companies lost the buzz in 2016

12/30/2016 - What 2016’s most popular social media memes tell us about how young Africa sees itself

12/30/2016 - Obama takes on Russia, a ceasefire in Syria, Netflix tricks kids

12/30/2016 - Obama takes on Russia, a ceasefire in Syria, Netflix tricks kids

12/30/2016 - Indian football’s 2016 match report: The good, the bad and the ugly

12/29/2016 - Dear Apple, here’s what you need to do to succeed in India in 2017

12/29/2016 - Everything you need to know about the diplomatic fallout between the US and Russia

12/29/2016 - Obama takes on Russia, Syria plans a ceasefire, Netflix tricks kids

12/29/2016 - Allow Russia’s embassy in London to tell you how it feels about the US expelling 35 Russian diplomats

12/29/2016 - The phenomenon of “unethical amnesia” explains why we behave a lot more badly than we remember

12/29/2016 - North Carolina, after governorship fight and transgender bill, isn’t a full democracy, professor says

12/29/2016 - “They said banning me from Twitter would finish me off”: Alt-right hero Milo Yiannopoulos has a $250,000 book deal

12/29/2016 - Carrie Fisher watching Debbie Reynolds onstage is every child watching their mom at work

12/29/2016 - Other books from Milo Yiannopoulos’s new publisher, Threshold Editions

12/29/2016 - All the astronauts on the International Space Station did the mannequin challenge

12/29/2016 - The most popular books at US public libraries this year, mapped by city

12/29/2016 - Uber asked a lot of Pittsburgh for its self-driving cars, and offered back very little

12/29/2016 - The 30 movies and TV shows to get excited about in 2017

12/29/2016 - Amazon patented a hovering airship warehouse that shoots out delivery drones

12/29/2016 - Mexico is catching up to US states on marijuana legalization

12/29/2016 - The inventor of the ubiquitous red Solo cup is dead

12/29/2016 - Self-driving, 416-ton trucks are hauling raw materials around Australia

12/29/2016 - Formula One’s new owner is giving the elite motorsport a Super Bowl-style makeover

12/29/2016 - You’ll never guess what country had the best performing currency and stock market in 2016

12/29/2016 - Psychologists studying paintings by de Kooning found patterns revealing future Alzheimer’s

12/29/2016 - 2016 was the year of genreless TV

12/29/2016 - The bad habits you should give up if you want to be successful

12/29/2016 - Can you die of a broken heart?

12/29/2016 - The last of New York’s commodity trading pits are closing for good on Dec. 30

12/29/2016 - The world has finally called Israel’s bluff on its non-existent Palestinian peace process

12/29/2016 - Playing kickball as an adult taught me that the best teams are the ones that know how to lose

12/29/2016 - Rebels and soldiers who don’t qualify for Colombia’s amnesty could pay their debt to society by clearing land mines

12/29/2016 - South Africa’s bestselling books are mostly about South Africa’s political dysfunction

12/29/2016 - From Elon’s love of “Hitchhiker’s” to Zuckerberg’s Greek epics: How literature has inspired technology

12/29/2016 - Hollywood won’t solve its diversity issues until the audience treats progressive films like blockbusters

12/29/2016 - Returned gifts are creating an environmental disaster

12/29/2016 - The White House picked its 10 favorite videos of the Obama years

12/29/2016 - The best way to honor Carrie Fisher’s legacy is to stop posting pictures of Princess Leia’s slave bikini

12/29/2016 - A Chinese designer is dealing with dangerous smog levels by wearing $700 sneakers on his face

12/29/2016 - The most worrying world conflicts in 2017, ranked by foreign-policy experts

12/29/2016 - Amazon has a plan to defend drones from hackers and bow-and-arrow-wielding troublemakers

12/29/2016 - The scary, unimpeachable evidence that climate change is already here

12/29/2016 - Game in-app purchases are warping kids’ understanding of basic economic ideas

12/29/2016 - 2016 in pop music, in one chart

12/29/2016 - Sanciones a Rusia, ley de amnistía en Colombia, el gallo Trump chino

12/29/2016 - Storytellers make the most influential scientific researchers

12/29/2016 - New research suggests maternity leave is more important for mothers than it is for their kids

12/29/2016 - Russia sanctions, Canadian caution, disease breathalyzers

12/29/2016 - How Adobe Flash, once the face of the web, fell to the brink of obscurity—and why it’s worth saving

12/29/2016 - MIT’s self-folding origami technology could change how we design everything from airbags to wearables

12/29/2016 - “She belonged to everybody”: Listen to Carrie Fisher narrate the biography of her mother Debbie Reynolds

12/29/2016 - British farmers built a DIY broadband network with tractors and 2000 miles of fiber optic cable

12/29/2016 - Hindustan Unilever brings out the roots, herbs and shrubs to battle Ramdev’s Patanjali

12/29/2016 - Russia sanctions, Kerry talks tough on Israel, China’s Trump-rooster statue

12/29/2016 - Russia sanctions, Kerry talks tough on Israel, China’s Trump-rooster statue

12/29/2016 - In Pakistan, secret Facebook groups are changing female friendship

12/29/2016 - Independent fashion labels have invented a whole new way of dressing well in India

12/29/2016 - A mall in China is ringing in the Year of the Rooster with a Trump-like rooster statue

12/29/2016 - A new documentary about the complex relationship between Carrie Fisher and her mother airs in March

12/28/2016 - The 50 best things that happened in India in 2016, from assertive brides to the world’s largest beach cleanup

12/28/2016 - “She wanted to be with Carrie”: Actress Debbie Reynolds, mother of Carrie Fisher, is dead at 84

12/28/2016 - To fight air pollution, Paris is giving residents free parking for one day

12/28/2016 - Russia sanctions, Kerry’s tough love, KFC for Christmas

12/28/2016 - The lessons a young developer learned from a $10,000 mistake that almost cost him his job

12/28/2016 - After decades of decline, no-car households are becoming more common in the US

12/28/2016 - Dictionaries’ 2016 words of the year show how anxious we’ve all become

12/28/2016 - The underpinnings of bitcoin’s bull run look way more solid this time

12/28/2016 - Carrie Fisher’s most feminist act was her frankness about being bipolar in a world where women are called “crazy”

12/28/2016 - Leap seconds: Half the globe will have to endure 2016 for an extra moment. See if you will, too

12/28/2016 - Police want to know what an alleged murderer’s Amazon Echo heard, on the night of the crime

12/28/2016 - Bernie Sanders is leading the Democrats into battle against Donald Trump on Jan. 15

12/28/2016 - “The 45-minute country” and other terrible tourism slogans from countries around the world

12/28/2016 - Why you’re still hearing Christmas music in stores and restaurants after Christmas

12/28/2016 - Junk food commercials are disproportionately aimed at black youth

12/28/2016 - You can now stream hard-to-find Disney classics like “Mulan” and Pocahontas”

12/28/2016 - Don’t be fooled by the simple supply-and-demand argument of anti-immigration politicians

12/28/2016 - A Bollywood actor explains why he agreed to play an Indian buffoon in an American sitcom on Netflix

12/28/2016 - Engineers built a tiny robot that can jump four times its height and spring off walls

12/28/2016 - In Japan, death-by-overwork is so common it has its own word

12/28/2016 - Russian sports officials have admitted to a gigantic “institutional conspiracy” to dope Olympians

12/28/2016 - A US law meant to safeguard religious minorities abroad now covers atheists, too

12/28/2016 - A “quiet” African American billionaire is offering Nigeria’s rescued Chibok girls a new lease of life

12/28/2016 - The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen offers an effective, manageable way to achieve long-term goals

12/28/2016 - Kenya’s M-Pesa platform is so successful regulators worry it could disrupt the economy

12/28/2016 - Practicing mindfulness does a lot more than simply calm you down

12/28/2016 - Always running 10 minutes late? There’s a really good reason for that

12/28/2016 - Scientists have developed a breathalyzer to diagnose 17 diseases with one breath from a patient

12/28/2016 - The best epically long books to binge-read on winter nights

12/28/2016 - Toxic phrases smart people never say at work

12/28/2016 - Kerry e Israel, murió la Princesa Leia, murciélagos parlanchines

12/28/2016 - America’s underpaid-teacher problem, in one chart

12/28/2016 - Democrats can beat Trump by standing up for the values of liberal democracy

12/28/2016 - Kerry’s Israel proposal, Toshiba’s nuclear headache, the secret fights of fruit bats

12/28/2016 - What the data says was the best-selling fashion of 2016

12/28/2016 - A rare glimpse into Antarctica’s colorful underwater world

12/28/2016 - A cannabis-business park covering 1 million square feet is coming to Massachusetts

12/28/2016 - Despite demonetisation, foreign travellers came to India in hordes

12/28/2016 - Chinese state media is blaming its apocalyptic smog problem on kitchen fumes

12/28/2016 - Kerry’s Israel proposal, Chinese hacker-traders, the secret fights of fruit bats

12/28/2016 - Kerry’s Israel proposal, Chinese hacker-traders, the secret fights of fruit bats

12/28/2016 - The force is strong: How ISRO nailed it in 2016

12/28/2016 - 2016 claims more lives: Another train accident caps a terrible year for railway safety in India

12/27/2016 - Carrie Fisher’s final protest was against China’s dog meat festival, with her beloved pet Gary at her side

12/27/2016 - An Indian state wants to build a modern city that looks like an ancient kingdom from a Telugu blockbuster

12/27/2016 - A single fake news story on Facebook turned a legitimate safety alert in Bangkok into a bomb scare

12/27/2016 - Trump isn’t meeting the president of Congo Brazzaville after all, report says

12/27/2016 - Watch: Tesla’s radar predicts a collision and starts braking before it even happens

12/27/2016 - Congressional Republicans want to punish members who livestream video or post photos from the House floor

12/27/2016 - Apple’s first research paper tries to solve a problem facing every company working on AI

12/27/2016 - China’s cybersecurity plan, Toshiba flags writedown, the secret fights of fruit bats

12/27/2016 - A high school principal in Taiwan resigned after his students threw a swastika-spangled Nazi parade

12/27/2016 - Before asking for that promotion, make sure you’ve done these three things

12/27/2016 - Carrie Fisher’s most memorable quotes, on screen and off

12/27/2016 - How Vera Rubin overcame sexism and invented a whole field of scientific study

12/27/2016 - Watch Carrie Fisher hilariously turn the tables on a surprised interviewer

12/27/2016 - Carrie Fisher, the novelist and memoirist, also was an unsung genius script doctor

12/27/2016 - The obituary she wanted: “Carrie Fisher drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra”

12/27/2016 - “Devise your own paths”: The enduring wisdom of Vera Rubin, groundbreaking astronomer and working mother

12/27/2016 - Barack Obama says he was “wildly pretentious” in his college years and women found him “too intense”

12/27/2016 - American Airlines flight attendants say their new wool uniforms are giving them hives and headaches

12/27/2016 - Carrie Fisher’s life in photos

12/27/2016 - A typical online shopper in India is a man aged 25-34 buying electronics through his mobile phone

12/27/2016 - Carrie Fisher’s last advice column for the Guardian was about living with bipolar disorder

12/27/2016 - More than Star Wars: The wide-ranging filmography of Carrie Fisher

12/27/2016 - How to stream Carrie Fisher movies online

12/27/2016 - Your old laptop can live again for the cost of a USB drive

12/27/2016 - How Netflix (NFLX) determines what to pay for shows and films

12/27/2016 - Carrie Fisher, best known as Star Wars’ Princess Leia, has died

12/27/2016 - The US spends a disproportionate amount of health care dollars on five illnesses

12/27/2016 - Airbnb’s CEO asked for advice on what the firm should do next and got 1,000 new ideas. These are some of the best

12/27/2016 - A Philippine governor offered free roasted pork to lure typhoon evacuees away from dangerous areas

12/27/2016 - West Africa now has its own digital currency

12/27/2016 - Europe has launched a new satellite navigation system that will be precise down to a few centimeters

12/27/2016 - Hallmark has spent years quietly amassing a massive art collection—including works by Picasso, Dalì, and Hopper

12/27/2016 - The good news and bad news about homelessness in America in 2016

12/27/2016 - Afghanistan’s first female air force pilot is seeking asylum in the US

12/27/2016 - The most moving, striking images from a year of terrible news

12/27/2016 - Dubai wants to boost its visitor numbers by attracting Africa’s growing middle-class

12/27/2016 - The most effective weapon on the modern battlefield is concrete

12/27/2016 - Finnish authorities think kids are paying a steep price for their parents’ internet addiction

12/27/2016 - Real success in Silicon Valley comes from rejecting almost everything shiny you hear about it

12/27/2016 - It took years of diplomacy for Abe and Obama to stand together at Pearl Harbor

12/27/2016 - Abe en Pearl Harbor, accidentes de avión, Marte 2020

12/27/2016 - Startup founders are embracing ‘radical self-inquiry’ to keep their emotions from ruining their companies

12/27/2016 - A Brown professor compiled 30 essential tips for succeeding in graduate school

12/27/2016 - The 99 best things that happened in 2016, from Ebola’s eradication in West Africa to saving the manatees

12/27/2016 - After 2016, all we know about music is that we have no idea what’s next

12/27/2016 - The failure of hotel loyalty programs to defend against Airbnb, quantified

12/27/2016 - Shinzo Abe at Pearl Harbor, George Michael’s last ballad, Korean Santa protests

12/27/2016 - Leading historians on how 2016 wasn’t a unique election year, but the winner was

12/27/2016 - Donald Trump’s first meeting with an African president will be with a “repugnant” strongman

12/27/2016 - “Nature is not good to human beings”: The chairman of the world’s biggest food company makes the case for a new kind of diet

12/27/2016 - China’s tech giants are borrowing from Pokémon Go to upgrade a New Year’s tradition of cash giving

12/27/2016 - For all their stellar sales figures, India’s e-commerce firms are also struggling with mounting losses

12/27/2016 - From Jet Airways to Spicejet, it is turning out to be a harrowing morning for Indian flyers today

12/27/2016 - Volkswagen is debuting a ride-sharing service in Rwanda next year

12/27/2016 - A British scholar has uncovered thousands of letters written by Indian Muslim soldiers during the First World War

12/27/2016 - Japan’s Abe at Pearl Harbor, George Michael’s last ballad, Korean Santa protests

12/27/2016 - Uber has started mapping South Africa’s ‘most congested’ city

12/27/2016 - Japan’s Abe at Pearl Harbor, George Michael’s last ballad, Korean Santa protests

12/26/2016 - Nearly 100 million tribals are at risk of being crushed by Modi’s demonetisation

12/26/2016 - China’s decades-long acquisition spree in the US could soon come to an end

12/26/2016 - Japan’s Abe at Pearl Harbor, George Michael’s last ballad, Ebola vaccine

12/26/2016 - It takes 66 days to break a bad habit. Here’s how to get started

12/26/2016 - 2016: The year in heists and capers

12/26/2016 - “Talent must not be wasted”: Frank Sinatra’s pep talk to George Michael when he wanted to pack it all in

12/26/2016 - All the moments George Michael was a fashion icon

12/26/2016 - Scientists created the thinnest wires yet made of atoms coated in diamonds

12/26/2016 - Palestinians in Gaza are bypassing a decade-old blockade by creating digital startups and telecommuting

12/26/2016 - New research supports the growing concern that smartphones are destroying our romantic relationships

12/26/2016 - 2016 was the year solar panels finally became cheaper than fossil fuels. Just wait for 2017

12/26/2016 - “Keep your woman like a good Muslim”: An Indian cricketer is being trolled over his wife’s dress

12/26/2016 - Fooled by fake news, Pakistan defence minister reminds Israel of Islamabad’s nuclear weapons

12/26/2016 - Wham! in Beijing: In 1985, George Michael played the first Western pop concert in China

12/26/2016 - Women’s labour in India is often not recorded as work, says founder of one of the world’s largest trade unions

12/26/2016 - George Michael, like David Bowie and Prince, embodied a masculinity with no boundaries

12/25/2016 - Fear and hyper-nationalism controlled Bollywood in 2016

12/25/2016 - George Michael’s “Last Christmas” has never sounded so poignant

12/25/2016 - From “Faith” to “Freedom”: George Michael’s most loved tracks

12/25/2016 - Pop star George Michael is dead at 53

12/25/2016 - Netanyahu lashes out at Obama: “Friends don’t take friends to the Security Council”

12/25/2016 - As Thailand cleared forests for opium fields, a man decided instead to start an organic coffee farm

12/25/2016 - The most defining moments in America, as ranked by each generation

12/25/2016 - Is feminism ruining romance?

12/25/2016 - Now you can take your most outlandish gift idea and 3D print it into existence

12/25/2016 - Comedian Jerry Seinfeld on the best joke he ever came up with for “Seinfeld”

12/25/2016 - How watching Netflix’s “The Crown” can prepare you for the Trump presidency

12/25/2016 - “I couldn’t bring myself to call you ‘dad.'”

12/25/2016 - The US is the only country that hasn’t signed on to a key international agreement to save the planet

12/25/2016 - How the largest online retailer turned South Africans into Christmas Grinches

12/24/2016 - Donald Trump says he’s shutting down his charity foundation

12/24/2016 - The magic and solidarity of celebrating Christmas in a 95%-Muslim country

12/24/2016 - China dominates the world’s trade of Christmas stuff

12/24/2016 - Geico accidentally courted racist Twitter trolls to sell insurance

12/24/2016 - Yes, your stomach really can explode from eating too much

12/24/2016 - Grandparents have the best sex, scientists say

12/24/2016 - Why isn’t Santa black?

12/24/2016 - A Harvard psychiatrist wrote to Obama to demand a psychiatric evaluation of Trump

12/24/2016 - New data estimate the Arctic lost enough ice this week to cover the UK

12/24/2016 - The two fundamental story plots that teach kids to build resilience

12/24/2016 - The philosopher known as “Putin’s brain” is a big fan of Trump

12/24/2016 - There’s a very deep reason why you can’t kick that bad habit

12/24/2016 - The economics of being Santa

12/24/2016 - Experts predict human-robot marriage will be legal by 2050

12/24/2016 - These simple tricks can help you avoid binge eating without relying on your willpower

12/24/2016 - Clacker balls: the exploding toy from the 1970s that is responsible for a generation of helicopter parents

12/24/2016 - Weekend edition—Nuclear poker, Chinese memes, lab mouse genes

12/24/2016 - The SEC accused a software developer of fraud for behaving like a software developer

12/24/2016 - Malia and Sasha Obama through the years

12/24/2016 - Massive diamonds show the Earth’s mantle contains globs of liquid metals

12/24/2016 - Vladimir Putin is trying to play nuclear poker; the problem is Donald Trump doesn’t know the rules

12/24/2016 - Ghana’s Ponzi bet, M-Pesa’s disruptor, Nigeria’s e-payments

12/24/2016 - “Sonic seasoning” is the growing scientific field that uses sound to make food taste better

12/24/2016 - Only the British could make a hardcore porn podcast that’s this hilariously unsexy

12/24/2016 - Oak, time, recycled barrels: What makes a Scotch worth $25,000 may surprise you

12/24/2016 - Scientists say your “mind” isn’t confined to your brain, or even your body

12/24/2016 - To really know what the market thinks of climate change, look at how much companies will pay for carbon

12/24/2016 - A lawsuit accuses Google of encouraging employees to spy on each other

12/24/2016 - Even in the nonprofit world, average Americans are getting squeezed out by the 1%

12/24/2016 - The 10 most mispronounced words of 2016 and what they say about the state of the world

12/24/2016 - Weekend edition—Nuclear poker, Chinese memes, lab mouse genes

12/24/2016 - Weekend edition—Nuclear poker, Chinese memes, lab mouse genes

12/23/2016 - Japan’s buzzwords of the year include a term for when you sign off to take a bath

12/23/2016 - Weekend edition—Nuclear poker, Chinese memes, lab mouse genes

12/23/2016 - The UN Security Council passed a resolution to end Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories

12/23/2016 - KFC and Baidu are applying facial recognition and pseudoscience to predict food orders

12/23/2016 - Trump and Putin: The worst case scenario

12/23/2016 - In a year full of loathsome characters, we have a late contender for the worst of 2016

12/23/2016 - India’s holy men can now name gurus instead of parents in their passport applications

12/23/2016 - A legendary husband-and-wife design team fought to get her equal credit for 40 years

12/23/2016 - The new MacBook Pros are the first ones Consumer Reports isn’t recommending

12/23/2016 - The power of observation technique that Yale medical students practice on Victorian paintings

12/23/2016 - The US is now asking foreign visitors to provide their social media accounts for inspection

12/23/2016 - Nintendo left a lot of money on the table by making Super Mario Run too expensive

12/23/2016 - A French grocery store is fighting Amazon Go with a secret weapon: human intelligence

12/23/2016 - The NBA is stepping up its ambitions to grow its African player pool

12/23/2016 - Scientists have discovered a new state of matter for water

12/23/2016 - The incredible journey of a champagne bubble, from fermentation to your glass

12/23/2016 - Protesting Radio City Rockettes are being told they must dance at Trump’s inauguration, like it or not

12/23/2016 - How the humble greeting card continues to thrive in the digital age

12/23/2016 - Quartzy: the pa rum pum pum pum edition

12/23/2016 - Quartzy: the pa rum pum pum pum edition

12/23/2016 - This haunting photo of Vladimir Putin at ambassador Karlov’s funeral holds a political message

12/23/2016 - Best drone photos of 2016, the case for private Social Security, Alibaba fake reviewers

12/23/2016 - Would you serve your family lab-grown meat? PETA would

12/23/2016 - The West underestimated Bashar al-Assad for six years, and the Syrian people are paying a brutal price

12/23/2016 - Online surveillance will give Trump a lot of information on us. Here’s what you can do to resist

12/23/2016 - “Assassin’s Creed” the movie fails because Hollywood dismisses the storytelling power of video games

12/23/2016 - The world’s first solar panel-paved road has opened in France

12/23/2016 - How countries around the world celebrate the end of the year

12/23/2016 - If you think it’s great now, science suggests sex gets even better in older age

12/23/2016 - A new WHO-backed Ebola vaccine is showing a 100% success rate

12/23/2016 - Super Mario Run’s sales are starting to crash a week after its launch

12/23/2016 - Secuestro avión libio, matan al terrorista de Berlín, Trump nuclear

12/23/2016 - Video: Happiness doesn’t just happen on its own. Here’s how to use data to build a more joyful life

12/23/2016 - In the race to build the best AI, there’s already one clear winner

12/23/2016 - Data shows that using science in an argument just makes people more partisan

12/23/2016 - The first voice transmission from space was Eisenhower wishing peace on Earth from a nuclear missile

12/23/2016 - Putin’s big Q&A, Deutsche and Credit Suisse pay up, murderous cowbirds

12/23/2016 - In 2016, Adidas was the coolest brand in fashion

12/23/2016 - The complete guide to exercising in winter

12/23/2016 - US police shoot dogs so often that a Justice Department expert calls it an “epidemic”

12/23/2016 - Two highly unexpected ways to save your relationship this holiday season

12/23/2016 - Trump’s cabinet picks will have stark consequences for Africa’s environment

12/23/2016 - India is about to spend a ridiculous $500 million on a statue in the middle of the Arabian sea

12/23/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte wants to remove the safeguards meant to prevent another dictator like Ferdinand Marcos

12/23/2016 - Putin answers questions, two thwarted terror attacks, murderous cowbirds

12/23/2016 - Putin answers questions, two thwarted terror attacks, murderous cowbirds

12/22/2016 - Paytm is paying a price for its sudden stardom

12/22/2016 - Sharing data could help African governments reduce the cost of cancer treatment

12/22/2016 - A startup is hacking into India’s central bank for a good cause

12/22/2016 - A video of Caroline Kennedy dressed as Santa doing the “Koi dance” in Japan is taking over the internet

12/22/2016 - The hysteria over Bollywood’s baby Taimur shows that critics just don’t understand India’s medieval history

12/22/2016 - Italy is bailing out the world’s oldest bank—for the third time

12/22/2016 - Google built a tool to help Indians find nearby toilets

12/22/2016 - Rebuffed in California, Uber is taking its self-driving cars to Arizona (on self-driving trucks)

12/22/2016 - Harassing an incoming president’s family and other easy ways to get yourself kicked off a plane

12/22/2016 - Putin answers questions, Trump talks nukes, cowbirds are murderers

12/22/2016 - Snapdeal is now delivering cash to people in India so they can avoid ATM lines

12/22/2016 - Duterte threatened to burn down the United Nations building

12/22/2016 - New research argues legal marijuana is the answer to traffic fatalities in the US

12/22/2016 - Trump’s transition team is rounding up names of US State Department staffers working on gender-equality issues

12/22/2016 - Donald Trump is tweeting about nukes

12/22/2016 - The definitive guide to streaming all your favorite Christmas movies right now

12/22/2016 - Infographic: How HPE helps the DS Virgin Racing team maximize performance before, during, and after each race

12/22/2016 - There’s a simple way to safeguard your resume against class bias

12/22/2016 - Some say “Dune” is unfilmable, but “Arrival” director Denis Villeneuve is exactly the right person to try

12/22/2016 - The US pays a price for keeping immigrants underemployed

12/22/2016 - The US is accusing Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba of running a “notorious market” for counterfeits

12/22/2016 - Traditional American Christmas stories are very disturbing

12/22/2016 - Americans are finally meditating because corporations are telling them to

12/22/2016 - The most-edited Wikipedia posts of 2016

12/22/2016 - To watch the next batch of Disney shows, turn off the TV and open Snapchat

12/22/2016 - These five charts show that however you measure it, wealth inequality is a global issue

12/22/2016 - It looks like there’s going to be three iPhone models released in 2017

12/22/2016 - Trump’s inauguration balls feature an ’80s cover band called The Reagan Years. That’s as good as it gets

12/22/2016 - How Russia surpassed Germany to become the racist ideal for Trump-loving white supremacists

12/22/2016 - Two dirty words show how Donald Trump is changing the government’s role in the US economy

12/22/2016 - A picture of global household wealth in three charts

12/22/2016 - It’s time to think about moving that spare billion dollars you’ve got stashed in a Caribbean tax haven

12/22/2016 - Exposing corruption is about to become a lucrative gig in Nigeria

12/22/2016 - Rich people are very concerned about fake news

12/22/2016 - Somalis abroad are rebuilding their war-torn country through selfless giving

12/22/2016 - The best albums of 2016 you almost certainly won’t hear on your Spotify shuffle

12/22/2016 - A new lawsuit alleges that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are partially responsible for the Orlando nightclub massacre

12/22/2016 - The “overwhelming evidence” that US and UK weapons are being used for war crimes in Yemen

12/22/2016 - It really is impossible to keep up with all these great new TV shows

12/22/2016 - The devastation of Mexico City’s deadly fireworks explosion, from above

12/22/2016 - The best books of 2016 list you get when you combine 36 “Best Books of 2016” lists

12/22/2016 - Two big scientific discoveries of 2016 are proof we need to be a lot nicer to fish

12/22/2016 - “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is actually a secret metaphor for the 2016 election

12/22/2016 - The easiest way to save money online shopping is by using reverse psychology

12/22/2016 - How “premium” is premium economy? A guide to choosing that upgrade, airline by airline

12/22/2016 - Funeral en Moscú, multa histórica para Odebrecht, cazan al tiburón fantasma

12/22/2016 - An obscure federal requirement threatens to spoil Trump’s plans as America’s developer-in-chief

12/22/2016 - When it comes to bosses who don’t listen, every country is the same

12/22/2016 - Empathy is an overrated skill when dispensing medical care

12/22/2016 - The “drunken monkey” hypothesis might explain why humans enjoy alcohol

12/22/2016 - Study shows poor kids really get nothing—not even Santa

12/22/2016 - Apple didn’t have a great 2016, but 2017 is looking to be a big one

12/22/2016 - Risking death, one man is swimming the world’s coldest oceans to try and save them from humanity

12/22/2016 - UN on Israeli settlements, Uber stalls in SF, shark-spotting drones

12/22/2016 - Cowbirds have turned into devious criminals to avoid raising their own chicks

12/22/2016 - More US states are requiring kids to learn cursive penmanship in school again

12/22/2016 - Scientists are closer to finding alien life than they have ever been

12/22/2016 - You don’t need centuries of history to create Christmas traditions for your kids

12/22/2016 - Hell froze over in the Sahara Desert this week

12/22/2016 - Holiday cards you’d send your family if you could be honest about 2016

12/22/2016 - There were only two speakers of this language left in the world, and one was murdered

12/22/2016 - Bitcoin’s price is surging again, but there’s another measure that really shows its value

12/22/2016 - Asia’s largest ivory market now wants to ban the trade completely

12/22/2016 - A Chinese dissident cartoonist’s guide to Xi Jinping’s “winning” year in 2016

12/22/2016 - The warming relations between China and the Vatican seem to have gone cold

12/22/2016 - The globetrotting adventures of the Kohinoor, India’s most famous diamond

12/22/2016 - Universal basic income is the operating system of a post-industrial state

12/22/2016 - In numbers: The advertising blitz that followed Modi’s shock demonetisation decision

12/22/2016 - Trump appoints a China hawk, Nokia sues Apple, a pie goes to space

12/22/2016 - Trump appoints a China hawk, Nokia sues Apple, a pie goes to space

12/22/2016 - Three countries in three continents: After Modi’s India, demonetisation is spreading around the world

12/22/2016 - Beijing is finally breathing a sigh of relief after a week in hell

12/21/2016 - India’s unprofitable startups could learn a trick or two from the country’s funniest stand-up comedians

12/21/2016 - The memes that took over China’s internet in 2016 speak to the country’s power and fragility

12/21/2016 - Trump appoints China hawk, Nokia sues Apple, a pie goes to space

12/21/2016 - If Twitter’s leadership were American Idol, we’d be down to the final seven

12/21/2016 - The first step in giving a great gift is knowing what not to give

12/21/2016 - Oxford researchers say African girls need just two things to stay in school

12/21/2016 - New evidence says US sex-offender policies are actually causing more crime

12/21/2016 - There’s a new tool to visualize how fake news is spread on Twitter

12/21/2016 - A 1988 letter from George H.W. Bush to his family warned against conflicts of interest that the Trumps have embraced

12/21/2016 - Only one book has made the Amazon Top 10 every year for the past decade

12/21/2016 - This hysterical trailer for “The Mummy” missing its sound effects inspired a late entry for the best meme of 2016

12/21/2016 - In the US, 2016 saw the fewest death sentences in over 40 years

12/21/2016 - The best last-minute gifts are experiences, not things

12/21/2016 - Scientists fired lasers at antimatter in an experiment that probes the deepest human question: why are we here?

12/21/2016 - The epic migration of three tiny birds from Beijing to East Africa, tracked on Google Maps

12/21/2016 - Donald Trump’s budget honcho has a distressing tendency to threaten global financial collapse

12/21/2016 - The fastest route across the US once took two days and 10 layovers

12/21/2016 - Bill Gates recounts his most “incredible experiences” of 2016, a “year to remember”

12/21/2016 - Alec Baldwin only makes $1,400 each time he portrays Trump—but annoying the thin-skinned billionaire is priceless

12/21/2016 - How Arianna Huffington turned a simple sweater into the perfect holiday tradition

12/21/2016 - I’m a digital nomad—and my first order of business for 2017 is ditching mainstream banks

12/21/2016 - Poland is in the middle of an existential struggle over the shape of its democracy

12/21/2016 - A controversial American school chain and the battle to teach Africa’s children

12/21/2016 - Peter Thiel is pushing Donald Trump to use private space companies at NASA

12/21/2016 - Students of India’s most prestigious university went on a hunger strike over fees

12/21/2016 - British lawmakers asked these businesses if there was anything good about Brexit. Their answer? “No.”

12/21/2016 - A sober woman’s journey through the booze-fueled holiday season

12/21/2016 - Psychology tells us that when bad things happen, finding the silver lining can make you feel worse

12/21/2016 - Israel and Palestine won’t get a two-state solution under Donald Trump. But they may get something better

12/21/2016 - “Rogue One’s” special effects prove there’s such a thing as too much Star Wars nostalgia

12/21/2016 - Twitter is failing as a public company, but there are other ways to keep this bird aloft

12/21/2016 - WeWork is testing how much people will pay to live in its experimental co-living space on Wall Street

12/21/2016 - For the holidays this year, give yourself the gift of solitude

12/21/2016 - I’m on the Professor Watchlist—and it’s exposed a radical truth about the future of social justice

12/21/2016 - Obama’s move to stop arctic drilling forever could thwart Donald Trump’s oil ambitions

12/21/2016 - Zappos is struggling with Holacracy because humans aren’t designed to operate like software

12/21/2016 - Crímenes de guerra en Siria, explosión en México, nomofobia navideña

12/21/2016 - Illegal gold mining has supplanted cocaine trafficking as Latin America’s criminal endeavor of choice

12/21/2016 - The marijuana industry is dispatching high-end weed to the rich via mail subscription

12/21/2016 - There is a progressive case for privatizing Social Security in the US

12/21/2016 - The Gambia’s president isn’t backing down and plans to stay in office, despite global pressure

12/21/2016 - Drones are being used to keep Cape Town’s beachgoers safe from shark attacks

12/21/2016 - Aleppo evacuations, Coke bottles up Africa, Pat Nixon’s prediction

12/21/2016 - Your brain on PMS is like your brain on alcohol and depressants

12/21/2016 - How European broadcasters are avoiding the cord-cutting woes that have plagued their US rivals

12/21/2016 - Egypt’s Coptic Christians are stuck between ISIS and an indifferent government

12/21/2016 - Kenyan banks are closing in on what they think will be the perfect M-Pesa disruptor

12/21/2016 - James Taylor cancelled his concert in the Philippines to protest Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs

12/21/2016 - Deutsche Bank is giving new dads in India six months of childcare leave

12/21/2016 - Aleppo evacuations wrap up, Taiwan loses an ally to China, Nazis heart Jim Crow

12/21/2016 - Aleppo evacuations wrap up, Taiwan loses an ally to China, Nazis heart Jim Crow

12/21/2016 - “Like naming your kid Hitler”: A Bollywood couple is being ripped apart on Twitter over their baby’s name

12/21/2016 - And then there were 21: Taiwan says goodbye to tiny São Tomé and Príncipe

12/20/2016 - Indians are looking to nail down two skills to advance their careers

12/20/2016 - An Indian businessman built the world’s largest air-cooler company, giving shareholders 91,000% returns in a decade

12/20/2016 - Making sense of why Filipinos fear Duterte’s war on drugs but approve of him so highly

12/20/2016 - The massive explosion at a fireworks market in Mexico was caught on video as it happened

12/20/2016 - As India’s startup founders rally for protectionism, Uber ties up with country’s largest domestic phone maker

12/20/2016 - Black men in the US are nearly three times as likely to be killed in an encounter with the police as white men

12/20/2016 - The best place to buy an Amazon Echo this Christmas isn’t Amazon.com

12/20/2016 - Aleppo evacuations wrap up, ISIL claims Berlin attack, Nazis heart Jim Crow

12/20/2016 - A Dutch filmmaker made a thief who stole his iPhone into the unwitting star of his movie

12/20/2016 - New research tracks the way violence spreads “like a virus” among teens who don’t know each other

12/20/2016 - A baby name expert says Isis is one of the fastest-falling names of all time

12/20/2016 - “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” features a computer-generated character more controversial than Jar Jar Binks

12/20/2016 - We tried this new TV chatbot—for when your friends tire of talking about your favorite shows

12/20/2016 - A maverick hedge fund billionaire thinks Trump will ignite the US economy’s “animal spirits”

12/20/2016 - Some suggestions for Mark Zuckerberg’s new AI, Jarvis

12/20/2016 - Scientists have found yet another reason for you to get some sun this winter

12/20/2016 - A black teacher asked her students to defend the Ku Klux Klan—and was promptly suspended

12/20/2016 - “I had your job once”: Ryan Gosling meets Harrison Ford in the stunning trailer for “Blade Runner 2049”

12/20/2016 - Your sneakers are a case study in why Trump’s America-first trade policy is nonsense

12/20/2016 - The very best drone photography of 2016

12/20/2016 - The 1,800-year evolution of Santa Claus, from skinny medieval saint to WWII propaganda icon

12/20/2016 - At least 20 people are dead in DR Congo following protests as president Kabila refuses to step down

12/20/2016 - The EU is charging Facebook for misleading it over the WhatsApp deal

12/20/2016 - Climate scientists are launching an anonymous hotline for government workers to report Trump meddling

12/20/2016 - Cheap stuff is more important to Americans than good working conditions

12/20/2016 - A painless solution that tricks your brain into meeting your ideal budget

12/20/2016 - The most popular sport in the UK is barely on television, even during the holidays

12/20/2016 - General Motors’ sustainability chief says Trump can’t stop the green energy boom

12/20/2016 - Disney made more money in a single year than any other movie studio—ever

12/20/2016 - South Africans just can’t hide their racism on social media

12/20/2016 - The race to fix Nigeria’s payments problem just received a big boost

12/20/2016 - The life of a Christmas tree before it winds up in your house

12/20/2016 - The true love story behind SymmetryBreakfast, the wildly popular Instagram account about breakfast

12/20/2016 - Know your triggers, and other tips for dealing with family conflict

12/20/2016 - The White House predicts nearly all truck, taxi, and delivery driver jobs will be automated

12/20/2016 - A psychology professor settles once and for all whether it’s OK to lie to kids about Santa

12/20/2016 - Researchers are pushing the limits of machine learning by programming a robot to fold laundry

12/20/2016 - Jedi Knights fought the British government bureaucracy and lost

12/20/2016 - Fear and Loathing in the Playground: Welcome to classic literature for toddlers

12/20/2016 - Science explains how Donald Trump’s language can change our brains and make us susceptible to fake news

12/20/2016 - Researchers have found that using social media makes kids less happy in almost every way

12/20/2016 - We’ve been complaining about Christmas’s consumerist decay since the 1840s

12/20/2016 - The key to surviving boring holiday parties is to treat them like a game show you must win at all costs

12/20/2016 - Atentados en Europa, Rajoy en la ONU, Santa Bill Gates

12/20/2016 - Pay attention to this lawsuit if you care about immigration policy under Donald Trump

12/20/2016 - Companies are automating performance reviews so that millennials get the frequent feedback they crave

12/20/2016 - We don’t understand how AI make most decisions, so now algorithms are explaining themselves

12/20/2016 - At online therapy apps, employees may be reading your sessions

12/20/2016 - 10 charts for tracking whether Trump is delivering on his economic promises

12/20/2016 - The Nazis studied US race laws for inspiration when writing their own racial purity codes

12/20/2016 - Reading physical books to kids makes parents more affectionate

12/20/2016 - The “Tesla of bikes” is completely unnecessary but so much fun to ride

12/20/2016 - Fake reviewers are gaming Alibaba’s algorithms so badly, the tech giant is taking them to court

12/20/2016 - Venezuela is too poor to import food and medicine. So why is the government still paying off its debt?

12/20/2016 - After suspending operations in Nigeria, a controversial Russian Ponzi scheme has set up in Ghana

12/20/2016 - Berlin death toll rises, China returns the drone, airline goat slaughter

12/20/2016 - Hospital patients fare better in the hands of female doctors, a new study suggests

12/20/2016 - Trump’s promise to coal miners will hurt jobs in other Republican states

12/20/2016 - Stressful healthcare systems have left doctors suffering with depression and stress without help

12/20/2016 - Delayed wages, fan attacks and no contracts: why Africa’s young soccer stars keep leaving

12/20/2016 - Five easy things to do with your kids this holiday that do not involve the internet or TV

12/20/2016 - “Messy, mindless, illogical”: Chinese moviegoers review Matt Damon’s film “Great Wall’

12/20/2016 - China returned the US underwater drone it seized in the South China Sea

12/20/2016 - People in Beijing are trapped in hell as smog restrictions shut down highways and airports

12/20/2016 - Russia’s Turkey envoy assassinated, Berlin truck attack, Bill Gates’s Christmas gifts

12/20/2016 - Russia’s Turkey envoy assassinated, Berlin truck attack, Bill Gates’s Christmas gifts

12/20/2016 - A new terror group has emerged in Myanmar—and India should be worried

12/20/2016 - The science behind how India’s R Ashwin became the world’s best Test cricket bowler

12/19/2016 - Anyong! Indian startups, South Korean investors are knocking

12/19/2016 - Most Indian working women are married

12/19/2016 - Duterte saying he personally killed people is apparently just another thing you shouldn’t take “literally”

12/19/2016 - When it comes to China, Trump is stuck in the 1980s, thanks to the Cold War-era advisors surrounding him

12/19/2016 - The only thing standing in the way of Donald Trump becoming US president now could be Joe Biden

12/19/2016 - The fascinating history of when Rajasaurus and other dinosaurs roamed the Indian subcontinent

12/19/2016 - The assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, as caught on camera

12/19/2016 - I watched my parents tear each other apart over money because they never learned to talk about it

12/19/2016 - Russia’s Turkey envoy assassinated, Berlin truck attack, Bill Gates’ secret Santa

12/19/2016 - Las Vegas’s city government is now powered by 100% renewable energy, and more cities will follow

12/19/2016 - Twelve people are dead after a man drove a truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin

12/19/2016 - The countries with the fastest internet, charted

12/19/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg made his own version of Amazon’s Alexa to power his home

12/19/2016 - Highlights of Obama’s NPR interview: Russia, Trump, race, and where liberals went wrong

12/19/2016 - The Duterte administration is normalizing its horrific reputation abroad with cheesecake and sex jokes

12/19/2016 - Drug wholesalers shipped 9 million pain pills over two years to a single West Virginia pharmacy

12/19/2016 - Last-minute gifts: A procrastinator’s guide to holiday shopping

12/19/2016 - The gifts Bill Gates has given to Redditors as a secret Santa for the last four years

12/19/2016 - Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated in public at a photo exhibit in Ankara

12/19/2016 - Softbank’s Masayoshi Son is pouring $1 billion into satellite internet and the future of data convergence

12/19/2016 - A garment originally made for astronauts is saving the lives of new mothers in developing countries

12/19/2016 - The 10 jobs with the most generous annual bonuses, according to LinkedIn

12/19/2016 - Barclays is prepared to fire 7,000 low-volume trading clients

12/19/2016 - Blackberry is now a self-driving car company and plans to spend like one

12/19/2016 - Russia’s meddling to get Donald Trump elected president is straight out of the old KGB playbook

12/19/2016 - The authentic photo-greeting card is the perfect antidote to holiday fakery

12/19/2016 - Nintendo has had $3 billion wiped off its market cap since Super Mario Run came out

12/19/2016 - Why companies shouldn’t send presents over the holidays, and other tips from a professional gift giver

12/19/2016 - The perfect gift to give your relatives this Christmas is “Lord of the Flies”

12/19/2016 - IMF chief Christine Lagarde has been found guilty of negligence by a French court in a long-running trial

12/19/2016 - Cyrus Mistry resigns from six Tata companies. What’s next in India’s biggest boardroom drama?

12/19/2016 - Don’t panic, but a whipped-cream shortage is imminent

12/19/2016 - The true story of how Teen Vogue got mad, got woke, and began terrifying men like Donald Trump

12/19/2016 - Alphabet’s new self-driving minivans will be on public roads in 2017

12/19/2016 - Photos: The smog that’s choking Beijing as it faces the worst pollution of 2016

12/19/2016 - Can you tell if you’ll like someone based on their profile picture?

12/19/2016 - La ONU y Alepo, caos monetario en Venezuela, orgasmos femeninos

12/19/2016 - Robert Mugabe looks set to rule Zimbabwe until he’s 99 years old

12/19/2016 - Seven-year-old Syrian Twitter star Bana Alabed is among the thousands evacuated from Aleppo

12/19/2016 - What would happen to the electoral college if Congressional districts were apportioned evenly?

12/19/2016 - After a series of terror attacks and the US election, Merriam-Webster names “surreal” the word of the year

12/19/2016 - Electoral College votes, South Korea impeachment trial, whipped cream shortage

12/19/2016 - Kenya’s striking medical workers are using social media to challenge the government

12/19/2016 - Memory slipping? You might be eating too much sugar

12/19/2016 - Apple is about to launch the next stage of its tax battle with the EU

12/19/2016 - On Christmas, I’m ditching my family and hanging out with my friends instead

12/19/2016 - A viral video of Bhangra-dancing Sikhs shoveling snow is bringing holiday cheer to the internet

12/19/2016 - With little cash, India’s bread and butter companies see a long road to recovery

12/19/2016 - That underwater drone Donald Trump doesn’t want back? China says it might have “valuable information”

12/19/2016 - Demonetisation: If only the Modi government and the Indian parliament had looked back at 1978

12/19/2016 - NATO meets Russia, South Korea impeachment trial, whipped cream shortage

12/19/2016 - NATO meets Russia, South Korea impeachment trial, whipped cream shortage

12/19/2016 - British universities moulded great Indian minds like Gandhi and Ramanujan, but that tradition may end soon

12/19/2016 - Facing a transition of power, China’s Xi Jinping is more desperate than ever to control young minds

12/19/2016 - With an eye on China, India steams ahead in the battle for naval supremacy in the Indian Ocean

12/18/2016 - The charts that show how “Rogue One” dominated the box office on its opening weekend

12/18/2016 - 71-year-old Mahindra Group wants startups to flourish in its tractor garages

12/18/2016 - Americans have been scapegoating Chinese workers almost as long as the US has been a country

12/18/2016 - NATO meets Russia, South Korea impeachment trial, whipped cream shortage

12/18/2016 - The US Electoral College decides Trump’s fate Dec. 19—but we won’t officially know what it is until 2017

12/18/2016 - Here are the last dates you can order presents from major retailers for guaranteed Christmas delivery

12/18/2016 - A fitting end to Donald Trump’s “thank you” tour: hoop-skirted Southern belles and water cannons

12/18/2016 - Random shepherds, tortilla makers, and the devil: The surprising characters that appear in Mexico’s nativity scenes

12/18/2016 - Stephen Colbert, James Franco, and R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe bid a dark farewell to 2016, in song

12/18/2016 - It’s Christmas at Trump Tower, and “Saturday Night Live” has loads of gifts in its bag

12/18/2016 - Magufuli vs Dangote, Shoprite + Steinhoff, MMM freezes Nigeria

12/18/2016 - What is the point of a female orgasm?

12/18/2016 - The seven TV shows from 2016 most worth your time (and how to watch them online)

12/18/2016 - Former squatters are helping Amsterdam repurpose vacant buildings into cheap offices

12/18/2016 - Nike thinks it knows how to finally break the two-hour marathon

12/18/2016 - Anti-apartheid hero Steve Biko gets a Google Doodle on what would have been his 70th birthday

12/18/2016 - The long route to winning the first African gold at the Winter Olympics

12/18/2016 - The 40-year failure to fix Zimbabwe’s land reform and prevent rural hunger

12/17/2016 - The disturbingly accurate brain science that identifies potential criminals while they’re still toddlers

12/17/2016 - Silicon Valley tech workers are using an ancient philosophy designed for Greek slaves as a life hack

12/17/2016 - How to get Apple’s beautiful Apple TV screensavers on your Mac

12/17/2016 - How Trump could still “unpresident” himself

12/17/2016 - In a rare break from tradition, India appoints an army chief out-of-turn

12/17/2016 - France’s most popular Christmas cake lives on in the bakeries of Vietnam

12/17/2016 - Behind Donald Trump’s unholy obsession with French cherubs

12/17/2016 - Germany threatens to fine Facebook €500,000 for each fake news post

12/17/2016 - Experts around the world are debating what “normal” even means any more

12/17/2016 - Travelers are actually starting to hate US airports a little bit less

12/17/2016 - Weekend edition—The year of big hacks, sex-party startups, bad medicine

12/17/2016 - Watch how the world makes fun of Donald Trump in funny and sometimes weird satire

12/17/2016 - Will Donald Trump be forced to battle the bond vigilantes?

12/17/2016 - A simple guide to donating money impactfully and efficiently in international emergencies like Aleppo

12/17/2016 - Researchers have identified a very simple, universal solution to child labor’s vicious cycle of poverty

12/17/2016 - New York City plans to save the post-election “Subway Therapy” sticky notes forever

12/17/2016 - Conservatives can be convinced to fight climate change with a specific kind of language

12/17/2016 - 2016: The year hacking became serious business

12/17/2016 - From 3D cheese printers to multimillion-dollar number plates, these are 2016’s oddest oddities

12/17/2016 - Weekend edition—The year of big hacks, sex-party startups, bad medicine

12/17/2016 - Weekend edition—The year of big hacks, sex-party startups, bad medicine

12/16/2016 - Weekend edition—The year of big hacks, sex-party startups, bad medicine

12/16/2016 - Obama made a clear warning to Trump on Russia and Putin

12/16/2016 - The man who made Google fun now wants to find jobs for unemployed Clinton campaign workers

12/16/2016 - Russia, China, Trump: Highlights from the last scheduled news conference of Barack Obama’s presidency

12/16/2016 - Obama explains the risk of Trump’s messing with China on Taiwan

12/16/2016 - Facebook found yet another measurement error

12/16/2016 - Justin Trudeau art-directed the photo on Obama’s very unusual last presidential holiday card

12/16/2016 - Venezuela’s economic crisis is so bad that parents are giving away their children

12/16/2016 - Discover a fusion of innovation

12/16/2016 - Netflix just signed a deal with the biggest movie star in the world

12/16/2016 - A new law protects US shoppers’ sacrosanct right to leave angry reviews on Yelp and Amazon

12/16/2016 - Muslim leaders are asking Gambia’s Muslim president to respect democracy and step down

12/16/2016 - China seized a US drone submarine in the South China Sea

12/16/2016 - Hillary Clinton says Putin authorized DNC hacking because of a five-year grudge

12/16/2016 - Jay Z’s jet business, ditching the fiduciary rule, first Amazon drone delivery

12/16/2016 - Far from being selfless gestures, giving gifts creates a personal debt

12/16/2016 - A Polish government ad told women to screen their breasts for cancer because men “like to watch them bounce”

12/16/2016 - Quartzy: the I ❤️ NY edition

12/16/2016 - Quartzy: the I ❤️ NY edition

12/16/2016 - Bernie Sanders’ anti-political correctness rant proves the left is learning the wrong lessons from Trump

12/16/2016 - Trump’s America will be a nation of renters

12/16/2016 - Why are Americans with severe mental illness dying 25 years younger than their peers?

12/16/2016 - Before he was president, George Washington tried to drain an actual swamp

12/16/2016 - Sexism at Christmas is as American as Santa, sugar cookies, and caroling

12/16/2016 - When John McCain called Putin a “thug and a murderer,” this is what he was talking about

12/16/2016 - American cities are becoming more diverse—and more segregated

12/16/2016 - My strange, joyful year of sleeping on the floor instead of the bed

12/16/2016 - “We need to take action, and we will:” Barack Obama slammed Russia on election hacking

12/16/2016 - The experts agree: Donald Trump’s election makes the end of humanity slightly more likely

12/16/2016 - Will the man running a sex party like a startup be able to leave anyone satisfied?

12/16/2016 - Will Trump’s gestures to Taiwan ramp up military tensions with China? A defense analyst’s assessment

12/16/2016 - Facebook’s fake news tools are no match for the Facebook echo chamber

12/16/2016 - Amazon’s TV show about an America ruled by Nazis takes on new meaning in the era of the alt-right

12/16/2016 - Nintendo can’t outpace the market’s expectations for “Super Mario Run”

12/16/2016 - Nigeria’s government is losing its biggest champion of climate change awareness

12/16/2016 - An awkward video of Theresa May standing alone at the EU summit sums up Brexit in 10 seconds

12/16/2016 - A psychologist explains why it’s better to give one gift instead of multiple presents

12/16/2016 - Trump’s meeting with Silicon Valley’s elite was a naked power play, and they lost

12/16/2016 - Alepo espera, Obama y el hackeo ruso, ron por deuda

12/16/2016 - The first US offshore wind farm goes live as renewables race to underprice fossil fuels in age of Trump

12/16/2016 - The ultra-rich are spending thousands on accessories to adorn their accessories

12/16/2016 - The heart-wrenching image you shared from Aleppo might be a fake. Here’s what you can do

12/16/2016 - Obama slams Russia, Super Mario stumbles, beer saves lives

12/16/2016 - Donald Trump’s potential conflicts of interest in the Philippines center around one man

12/16/2016 - Is income inequality always a bad thing?

12/16/2016 - A startup in Kenya is launching “Uber for ambulances”

12/16/2016 - At his latest “victory rally” Donald Trump thanked African-Americans for not voting, to cheers

12/16/2016 - “Great Wall” premiere, Trump’s Israel ambassador, killer robots

12/16/2016 - “Great Wall” premiere, Trump’s Israel ambassador, killer robots

12/16/2016 - When China bullies its neighbors, India gets more muscular

12/16/2016 - Exotic holidays, gifts and the $380 million fraud that brought down a Kenyan bank

12/16/2016 - Patanjali’s incurable habit of using misleading and inaccurate ads is beginning to hurt it

12/15/2016 - Rich Indians are treating foreign dogs like Huskies and St. Bernards as use and throw furniture

12/15/2016 - Star Wars: “Rogue One” is a devastating, universal story about living under tyranny

12/15/2016 - DC Comics is making an all-women supervillain movie about Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy

12/15/2016 - From reputation to market value, this Indian bank has lost a lot post-demonetisation

12/15/2016 - The charts that show how Trump’s “One China” statements could jeopardize Taiwan’s economy

12/15/2016 - Super Mario Run marks a new phase for Apple and the App Store

12/15/2016 - Genetic scientists were able to reverse signs of aging in mice

12/15/2016 - For-profit giant DeVry University is shelling out $100 million for hoodwinking students

12/15/2016 - DR Congo plans to shut down social media ahead of next week’s political protests

12/15/2016 - Nintendo released its first mobile game—which you can’t play when many people are mobile

12/15/2016 - “Great Wall” premiere, Murdoch’s delayed gratification, AI Bach

12/15/2016 - PayPal has accused India’s biggest online payments startup of stealing its logo

12/15/2016 - “A poor person’s idea of a rich person”: Vanity Fair hits Donald Trump where it hurts

12/15/2016 - Black Twitter’s hilarious verification questions to prevent racist infiltration

12/15/2016 - A new law will try to save whales and dolphins by wielding America’s seafood purchasing power

12/15/2016 - Donald Trump’s daily intelligence briefing, adjusted for the subjects he cares about

12/15/2016 - Ticket sales for the last Star Wars movie exceeded the GDP of 27 countries

12/15/2016 - Researchers confirm that Americans who always say that they’re “busy” are actually seen as more important

12/15/2016 - After 50 years, there’s a reason why “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” remains an incredible film

12/15/2016 - ‘Tis the season to be tax efficient

12/15/2016 - I will apply for Indian citizenship if I have to, says Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

12/15/2016 - The practical guide to resisting Trump, by former Congressional staffers

12/15/2016 - Why Twitter didn’t get a seat at Trump’s table for Silicon Valley A-listers

12/15/2016 - After a four-year battle, thousands of Syrian civilians are being evacuated from rebel-held Aleppo

12/15/2016 - “Dunkirk” trailer: One of the best directors of our time tries his hand at the World War II epic

12/15/2016 - You probably can’t tell the difference between Bach and music written by AI in his style

12/15/2016 - Super Mario Run is out—here’s how to get it

12/15/2016 - A physicist has pinpointed the technology required to build a real-world Death Star

12/15/2016 - The most disturbing thing about Trump’s tech summit had nothing to do with Silicon Valley

12/15/2016 - The vast majority of workers just want a regular job, not flexibility

12/15/2016 - People are sick of waiting for Super Mario Run

12/15/2016 - Some viruses may go easy on women in order to spread to more people

12/15/2016 - What’s the argument for not shutting down Yahoo Mail immediately?

12/15/2016 - A House Republicans wish list includes trashing nutrition, Uber drivers, Tesla, and climate policies

12/15/2016 - Is this the end of the bond boom?

12/15/2016 - What it’s like to work at the US Department of Energy as Donald Trump takes over

12/15/2016 - Germany’s most hated soccer team is everything people don’t like about mixing business and sports

12/15/2016 - A philosophy professor says inequality between citizens and migrants is at a historical breaking point

12/15/2016 - According to Airbnb, these are the 17 trendiest city neighborhoods of the year

12/15/2016 - All the innovative things you can do with Christmas lights

12/15/2016 - The proposed merger that will create an African retail giant

12/15/2016 - Drinking beer is saving lives in Russia

12/15/2016 - A glimpse into the dystopian future of technology-centered parenting

12/15/2016 - I was addicted to my iPhone. These are the steps I took to get control of my life back

12/15/2016 - The single best question to ask anyone interviewing for a tech position is Einstein’s Riddle

12/15/2016 - 2016’s “Person of the Year” should have been Mitt Romney, the GOP leader who made Trump possible

12/15/2016 - Five toys that will get kids of all ages interested in technology

12/15/2016 - Scientists just made an important discovery about why male seahorses get pregnant

12/15/2016 - The great American word mapper

12/15/2016 - In the future, people will actually look forward to their daily commutes

12/15/2016 - Putin en Japón, Yahoo hackeado, muñecas estimulantes

12/15/2016 - For a career at IBM, you can skip the college education

12/15/2016 - The US book industry is hoping to befriend Trump by teaching him Copyright 101

12/15/2016 - The MacBook Pro launch is a perplexing misstep for Apple

12/15/2016 - The hype around medical genetics testing is a threat to public health

12/15/2016 - Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state has a slippery history with Africa’s oil

12/15/2016 - Photos: How a “fishermen’s shelter” on stilts became a Chinese military base in the South China Sea

12/15/2016 - Startups are now pitching mental wellness like a perk

12/15/2016 - Trump’s first 17 cabinet-level picks have more money than a third of American households combined

12/15/2016 - May reports to Brussels, Yahoo’s latest data breach, bug cutlery

12/15/2016 - Jeffrey Sachs: Economics is “horrendously misguided” and obsessed with “completely unimportant things”

12/15/2016 - Wanted: an emoji translator. Only humans need apply

12/15/2016 - The expert guide to creating a professional Instagram brand

12/15/2016 - The massive success of anime films is putting Japan’s live actors out of work

12/15/2016 - Infosys has invested in a drone startup that works with the Indian Army

12/15/2016 - Instagram celebrities insist this tiny hack has been making their photos go viral

12/15/2016 - Fed hike, Yahoo’s data breach, bug utensils

12/15/2016 - Fed hike, Yahoo’s data breach, bug utensils

12/15/2016 - Fed hike, Yahoo’s data breach, bug utensils

12/15/2016 - Americans think there are 17 times as many Muslims living in the US as there actually are

12/15/2016 - If ignorance is bliss, India is paradise

12/15/2016 - Indians pay more for Apple’s MacBooks and iPhones than most other Asians

12/14/2016 - Demonetisation: Cyclone Vardah shatters Narendra Modi’s cashless India mirage

12/14/2016 - A body language expert analyzes Donald Trump’s powershake with Peter Thiel

12/14/2016 - Letter: California’s DMV says Uber “must cease” operating its self-driving cars

12/14/2016 - California has already ordered Uber to halt its self-driving car service immediately

12/14/2016 - In Hong Kong, you can use virtual reality to shop for a funeral home without stepping foot in one

12/14/2016 - The US is treating Taiwan like its secret side piece

12/14/2016 - Stop crediting the West for “inspiring” classical Chinese art

12/14/2016 - Another huge hack at Yahoo compromised more than 1 billion accounts

12/14/2016 - Trump couldn’t say enough good things about Silicon Valley’s elite

12/14/2016 - Rooftop hydroponic systems in cities produce vegetables that are cheaper and healthier than rural farms

12/14/2016 - Fed hike, Amazon drone delivery, Super Mario Run day

12/14/2016 - How not to get hacked by Russians (or anyone else)—lessons from the DNC’s disastrous cyber strategy

12/14/2016 - The seating chart at Trump’s table of tech giants

12/14/2016 - The Federal Reserve is forecasting GDP growth of 2%—a far cry from Trump’s plans for 4%

12/14/2016 - After doing nothing for almost a decade, the US has ended up with the most normal interest rates of the G7

12/14/2016 - The BBC is launching its own streaming service for American audiences

12/14/2016 - Microsoft’s new plan is to flood your entire life with artificial intelligence

12/14/2016 - The Federal Reserve finally squeezed in one rate hike this year and hinted that three more are coming in 2017

12/14/2016 - Uber is launching self-driving cars in San Francisco the same way it does everything—without permission

12/14/2016 - In fashion, 2016 was a year for embracing the weird

12/14/2016 - The Chilean president is not amused that her economy minister was presented with a sex doll

12/14/2016 - For his inauguration, Donald Trump is struggling to find musicians who don’t hate him

12/14/2016 - All we know about one of the most Googled people in India is that she’s “disloyal”

12/14/2016 - A last hurrah for the Obama administration is a hail mary to save Planned Parenthood

12/14/2016 - The first Amazon PrimeAir drone delivery landed 13 minutes after the order was placed

12/14/2016 - Alaska Air just bought Virgin America, the most-loved US airline. Can it keep fliers happy?

12/14/2016 - The tools to connect the next billion people to the internet have been hiding in plain sight

12/14/2016 - Donald Trump will square off with Apple’s Tim Cook and Tesla’s Elon Musk today

12/14/2016 - A cheap, eco-friendly, crowdfunded, orange-colored, 1970s railway service is now running in Germany

12/14/2016 - The “Rogue One” reviews are in and they’re very positive, with some notable exceptions

12/14/2016 - Africa’s biggest hydropower plant may soon run out of water

12/14/2016 - Republicans like Paul Ryan want to stop regulatory agencies from writing rules or doing much of anything

12/14/2016 - Watch the beautiful, hidden world captured by microscopic photography

12/14/2016 - Arianna Huffington is working like crazy to sell you her rest and relaxation brand

12/14/2016 - Trump’s skepticism about climate change is turning scientists into activists

12/14/2016 - Syria’s young men face an impossible choice

12/14/2016 - A guide to Japanese gift giving

12/14/2016 - To stash their cash outside of China, middle-class Chinese are funding gentrification in Brooklyn

12/14/2016 - The cocktail-lover’s guide to 10 unforgettable, one-of-a-kind bars around the world

12/14/2016 - Psychology explains why so many leaders pass the buck—and who is really to blame

12/14/2016 - A visit by West African leaders to get Gambia’s defeated president to step down did not go as planned

12/14/2016 - The world’s weirdest vending machine shows how getting a gun is as easy as buying candy

12/14/2016 - How digital media upstart Mitú is bridging the gap with young Hispanics

12/14/2016 - Africa, home to a quarter of the world’s arable land, will soon have to import half of its grains

12/14/2016 - Trump tecnológico, Duterte asesino, babosas quijotescas

12/14/2016 - What Obama can do before he leaves office

12/14/2016 - Silicon Valley’s newest congressman wants tech giants like Apple to bring jobs to the Midwest

12/14/2016 - The Davos blues: Elites have to create a globalization that won’t leave the masses behind

12/14/2016 - Fed hike day, Actelion’s new suitor, Paris vs. rats

12/14/2016 - The future looks uncertain for 100,000 US workers employed by Chinese companies

12/14/2016 - Indians are obsessed with this Chinese selfie app that makes them look fair and lovely

12/14/2016 - Photos that show the bromance between Russian president Vladimir Putin and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson

12/14/2016 - Life after demonetisation: “Darling, the delivery boy has brought the cabbage, tomatoes… and your ATM”

12/14/2016 - After a clash with Dangote, investors won’t be so sure Magufuli’s Tanzania is a place to do business

12/14/2016 - Fed hike day, protests in Brazil, Paris vs. rats

12/14/2016 - Fed hike day, protests in Brazil, Paris vs. rats

12/14/2016 - Masturbation, penis size, rough sex: What Indians ask doctors online since no one will tell them at home

12/13/2016 - Outvoted: Cyrus Mistry’s one man-against-a-conglomerate battle seems unwinnable

12/13/2016 - Google has no intention of removing a Holocaust-denier from the top of its “Did the Holocaust happen?” search result

12/13/2016 - India’s demonetization dampened sales for the world’s biggest diamond producer

12/13/2016 - Jack Dorsey asked Edward Snowden how to fix Twitter. Here’s what he suggested

12/13/2016 - Silicon Valley workers commit to opposing potential Trump efforts to build a national Muslim registry

12/13/2016 - Fed hike day, Aleppo’s bloody end, Paris vs. rats

12/13/2016 - After speaking with Trump, Kanye West pushes back his presidential run to 2024

12/13/2016 - Social finance: where wealth and values meet

12/13/2016 - Five potential tax code changes under President Trump

12/13/2016 - Scientists are studying deer antlers to find new ways to treat human nerve damage

12/13/2016 - There are twice as many species of birds as we thought

12/13/2016 - The biggest names in tech are meeting with Donald Trump. They will have much to discuss

12/13/2016 - Google is spinning its self-driving car project out into its own company

12/13/2016 - The largest all-female expedition to Antarctica, aiming to combat sexism in the sciences, has set sail

12/13/2016 - West African leaders are trying to get Gambia’s president to step down

12/13/2016 - The simple thing Uber can do to reassure riders that it cares about their privacy

12/13/2016 - Try the salmon, then buy the recipe: Barnes & Noble hopes to save itself with pricey restaurants

12/13/2016 - A frustrated Barack Obama tells Trevor Noah the Russian hack “was not a secret” before the election

12/13/2016 - Donald Trump is picking people to run agencies they hate

12/13/2016 - Italy’s largest bank is firing 14,000 people and investors are cheering it on

12/13/2016 - There can be only one: Why having co-CEOs at a company almost never works

12/13/2016 - Apple’s release of the AirPods isn’t going very well

12/13/2016 - What the next two US presidents—Donald Trump and Kanye West—talked about in their private meeting

12/13/2016 - A $16 million drawing by Leonardo da Vinci has been found in France

12/13/2016 - The good, the bad, and the tax efficient

12/13/2016 - How Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn became Donald Trump’s top economic adviser

12/13/2016 - State security agents have been spying on journalists at South Africa’s public broadcaster

12/13/2016 - “Mindfulness” isn’t a life hack

12/13/2016 - Two teams of scientists have prototyped a medical device modeled on Star Trek’s “tricorder”

12/13/2016 - Young Gambians are risking their lives to chase a European dream they see on Facebook

12/13/2016 - Make coffee for your partner every day, and more relationship advice from power couples

12/13/2016 - The latest satellite imagery of the Arctic bodes very poorly for polar bears

12/13/2016 - What did a holiday meal look like 100 years ago?

12/13/2016 - Millions of Nigerians are on the brink of losing their money to a Russian Ponzi scheme

12/13/2016 - These modular plane pods designed by Airbus can be made into a coffee shop, spa, or play area

12/13/2016 - “Moonlight” is the best movie of 2016. But will white America watch it?

12/13/2016 - I married over 900 people in Japan who wanted a white guy to fake a Western wedding

12/13/2016 - Tillerson secretario de estado, Venezuela cierra frontera, echan a Wonder Woman

12/13/2016 - The slaughter of Aleppo is being recorded in real time on Twitter, by its own victims

12/13/2016 - I sent the first email between heads of state—but the real revolution of connectivity is still to come

12/13/2016 - The frustrating truth I learned about co-working spaces after I was sexually harassed in one

12/13/2016 - Huge booking sites are using chatbots and voice recognition software to perfect robot “travel agents”

12/13/2016 - Local-obssessed foodies love farming in theory moreso than practice

12/13/2016 - America’s social contract is broken—of course the people are reacting

12/13/2016 - Donald Trump has picked a big oil CEO with no government experience as his secretary of State

12/13/2016 - Bitcoin doesn’t care what Silicon Valley thinks—it’s trading at a 34-month high

12/13/2016 - Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans on the future of mobile: All the slides, plus highlights

12/13/2016 - Trump picks Tillerson, Asahi’s big beer deal, Mozart outsells Drake

12/13/2016 - NASA legend John Glenn had an inspiring answer for how to make America great again

12/13/2016 - New findings show most people have no idea what “alt-right” means

12/13/2016 - America’s most famous gun maker is re-branding to a generic-sounding outdoor goods company

12/13/2016 - Nothing matters except Harry Potter

12/13/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte skipped parts of the APEC summit just to avoid Barack Obama

12/13/2016 - Photos: Malaysia inaugurates its new king in a lavish ceremony

12/13/2016 - Painful demonetisation could lead to a cleaner and more accessible real estate sector

12/13/2016 - An old friend and corporate veteran has accused Ratan Tata of violating insider trading rules

12/13/2016 - DDoS attacks have gone from a minor nuisance to a possible new form of global warfare

12/13/2016 - US probes Russia hack, Venezuela shuts border, Mozart outsells Drake

12/13/2016 - US probes Russia hack, Venezuela shuts border, Mozart outsells Drake

12/13/2016 - Pissed off Parsis: The insults and allegations Cyrus Mistry and Tata Sons have hurled at each other

12/13/2016 - China’s richest man’s threat to Trump: 20,000 US jobs are at stake “should things be handled poorly”

12/12/2016 - The wrath of Cyclone Vardah, in numbers

12/12/2016 - Trump’s failure to exit his business gives the Electoral College a legitimate reason to vote him down

12/12/2016 - How Patanjali’s Ramdev took a page from Richard Branson’s playbook and out-Virgined Virgin

12/12/2016 - The world needs to wake up and call Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal war on drug addicts what it is: genocide

12/12/2016 - Eating alone is becoming popular now, but this ramen chain has been encouraging it since 1993

12/12/2016 - US probes Russia hack, Trump vs. Yellen, Mozart outsells Drake

12/12/2016 - Electors are asking for an intelligence briefing on Russia before the Electoral College votes

12/12/2016 - Scientists think they’ve found a planet with weather so hot, its clouds are vaporized jewels

12/12/2016 - What the entire internet looked like in September 1973

12/12/2016 - Amazon workers in Scotland are camping outside in the bitter cold to avoid travel costs

12/12/2016 - Venezuela is yanking its largest-denomination bill—worth just $0.02—from circulation

12/12/2016 - Facebook is seeking a head of news partnerships who remembers what life was like before Facebook

12/12/2016 - For all Netflix and Amazon have spent on TV, they’re not off to a great start in awards season

12/12/2016 - New research finds one behavior that predicts whether someone is more likely to commit sexual assault on a college campus

12/12/2016 - Happy holidays! The US government is taking a two-week break from evictions

12/12/2016 - If we develop Africa’s bioeconomy it will be as transformative for us as digital has been

12/12/2016 - What you need to know about Russia’s election hack and why US senators say it “should alarm every American”

12/12/2016 - The latest unicorn is a Jay Z-backed startup that wants to make private jets much less private

12/12/2016 - Where will you find an experienced, reliable Santa Claus? LinkedIn of course

12/12/2016 - Lockheed lost $3.5 billion in market value after Trump tweeted that the F-35 program is “out of control”

12/12/2016 - Mozart, the best new artist of 1782, outsold Drake and Beyoncé this year

12/12/2016 - The best way to stop normalizing hate crimes is to talk more about the people who act as allies

12/12/2016 - President Jacob Zuma’s controversial friend has become the wealthiest South African of color

12/12/2016 - Wracked with troubles, Chipotle has a new leader and a mission to prepare “better food”

12/12/2016 - What to do with your old Apple laptop—turn it into a desktop

12/12/2016 - Google’s owner is forcing charity upon all its employees by donating their holiday gifts

12/12/2016 - Here’s how much you would have made had you invested in Apple after its IPO

12/12/2016 - The 2017 Golden Globes nominations belong to HBO and the new film “La La Land”

12/12/2016 - These Buddhist principles can help you stop ruining your diet at work—and chill out, too

12/12/2016 - A return to big government is the best way to protect America’s working class from globalization

12/12/2016 - A war between Trump and Yellen is a-brewin’

12/12/2016 - Understanding the difference between guilt and shame can help us process feelings of failure

12/12/2016 - Baby Jesus is holding his own in the battle over who delivers Christmas presents

12/12/2016 - The happiest people in the world define what makes them that way

12/12/2016 - Men compete harder against women than other men, according to an unsettling study of speedboat racers

12/12/2016 - Moana is the first Disney princess to show that leaders don’t have to fight to be strong

12/12/2016 - A little history for Trump—using “one China” to bargain with Beijing has been a dismal failure

12/12/2016 - Inversión verde de Gates, terrorismo mundial, holograma de Chávez

12/12/2016 - The authoritarian leaders who are eagerly awaiting a Trump presidency

12/12/2016 - Russia’s alleged intervention in the US election is exposing the Republican Party’s fault lines

12/12/2016 - The joys and heartbreaks of nationalized healthcare, by a beloved British writer on his deathbed

12/12/2016 - $1 billion for clean energy, Trump provokes China, frisky old seabirds

12/12/2016 - A CEO’s playbook for surviving in the Age of Trump

12/12/2016 - America’s most common Christmas-related injuries, in charts

12/12/2016 - India’s outgunned Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s fourth-largest defence spender

12/12/2016 - India is probably the only country besides North Korea to not allow in-flight internet

12/12/2016 - The cinnamon in your holiday treats could actually be a deceptively similar, potentially toxic cousin

12/12/2016 - Toxic air is draining the Indian economy of trillions of rupees

12/12/2016 - If Trump abandons “One China,” Beijing could arm the US’s enemies and invade Taiwan, a state paper claims

12/12/2016 - Here a raid, there a raid, everywhere a raid: Indian taxmen after demonetisation

12/12/2016 - $1 billion for clean energy, Christine Lagarde on trial, frisky sexagenarian seabirds

12/12/2016 - $1 billion for clean energy, Christine Lagarde on trial, frisky sexagenarian seabirds

12/11/2016 - Chinese seniors in Shanghai are picking each other up at their local Ikea

12/11/2016 - A more prudent Pakistan Army is now led by a man who once served under a former Indian Army chief

12/11/2016 - Hipsters’ insatiable appetite for superfoods is starving India’s ancient indigenous people

12/11/2016 - This female Muslim politician is risking her freedom to fight Malaysia’s corruption

12/11/2016 - Behind the world’s best students is a soul-crushing, billion-dollar private education industry

12/11/2016 - What to know about managing “older” versus “younger” millennials

12/11/2016 - Bill Gates and investors worth $170 billion are launching a fund to fight climate change through energy innovation

12/11/2016 - Christine Lagarde on trial, Trump lacking in intelligence, frisky sexagenarian seabirds

12/11/2016 - “Each of us is a treasure”: Edward Snowden writes a letter to a girl living with albinism in Malawi

12/11/2016 - “I’m, like, a smart person”: Trump doesn’t even listen to facts from his secret intelligence briefings

12/11/2016 - All these new tourists are literally taking the food off the plates of Cubans

12/11/2016 - Ohio’s abortion bill is proof that even political moderates can be extremely anti-women

12/11/2016 - Inside the battle to convince America to eat meatless burgers

12/11/2016 - The lesson of Hanukah is actually an empowering management principle

12/11/2016 - Photos: Thousands in Taiwan call on their government to be the first in Asia to legalize gay marriage

12/11/2016 - Dutch authorities have seized a $120 million luxury yacht from this African president’s son

12/11/2016 - What really happens when Donald Trump goes on a Twitter rampage

12/11/2016 - Protest groups say they are being barred from Donald Trump’s inauguration

12/11/2016 - Teaching our children to cherish democracy will be all the more critical in Trump’s America

12/11/2016 - A rule tasking US financial advisers to act in their clients’ best interest could (thankfully) be repealed by Trump

12/11/2016 - Eight “classic” teenage experiences that don’t translate to readers outside the US

12/11/2016 - Watchdogs say that what your child tells a “smart” doll is being recorded and monitored

12/11/2016 - “I gave myself to my children completely—but I never thought they would hate me”

12/11/2016 - There’s an invisible cost to Nigeria’s oil spill disasters

12/11/2016 - African smartphones, Chinese-Ugandan brides, Apple in naira

12/10/2016 - “Are my songs literature?” Bob Dylan’s wry, gracious Nobel Prize acceptance speech

12/10/2016 - Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil’s CEO, is expected to be Donald Trump’s secretary of state

12/10/2016 - Barack Obama is racing against the clock to probe evidence of Russia corrupting the presidential election

12/10/2016 - The Gambian president’s call to reject poll results is drawing global criticism

12/10/2016 - Patti Smith sang “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall” in Bob Dylan’s place at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm

12/10/2016 - The gender pay gap in every job sector, charted

12/10/2016 - In 2016, voters in Minnesota turned out in droves and Hawaiians didn’t bother

12/10/2016 - Trump’s team took a swipe at the CIA after the agency said Russia helped him win the US election

12/10/2016 - Here is everything Donald Trump has disclosed about his finances, digitized for your perusal

12/10/2016 - From communism to capitalism: How Christmas gift-giving has changed in Poland

12/10/2016 - Ticket-scalping bots have gotten so bad, the US government has now stepped in

12/10/2016 - This goggles-wearing parrot just upended everything we know about how birds fly

12/10/2016 - This Cuban dance troupe proves that beautiful dancing does not depend on a dancer’s shape

12/10/2016 - The humble high school AP test is altering the course of millions of Americans’ lives

12/10/2016 - More people are being displaced from their homes by environmental change in Africa than we thought

12/10/2016 - Weekend edition—Job-stealing machines, Google’s middle age, solving poverty

12/10/2016 - “An insult to life itself”: Hayao Miyazaki critiques an animation made by artificial intelligence

12/10/2016 - Anthony Bourdain’s other obsession is showcased in his web show, “Raw Craft”

12/10/2016 - Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel says Trump won’t make cities go backwards on climate change

12/10/2016 - Donald Trump’s new labor secretary doesn’t even understand the industry he works in

12/10/2016 - A growing body of research suggests that the more arrogant the leader, the less powerful

12/10/2016 - The ridiculously invasive virtual testing process used by Amazon and more than 900 institutions

12/10/2016 - Michigan’s new self-driving car rules are the most permissive in the US

12/10/2016 - US government policies to increase renewable fuel production ended up killing the country’s bees

12/10/2016 - An elegant coding principle can be used to alphabetize your bookshelf with lightning speed

12/10/2016 - Philosophy explains why sexual desire is objectifying—and morally wrong

12/10/2016 - When will you be able to make a call on a plane?

12/10/2016 - SpaceX still hasn’t quite figured out what caused its Falcon 9 rocket to explode

12/10/2016 - Ivory Coast is changing all its addresses to three-word phrases

12/10/2016 - Parents want that special moment this holiday season–so they’re are buying more expensive toys

12/10/2016 - Weekend edition—Job-stealing machines, Google’s middle age, solving poverty

12/10/2016 - Giraffes, the safari animal long taken for granted, are close to extinction

12/9/2016 - The Gambia’s president has rejected the outcome of the election he conceded

12/9/2016 - Bitcoin is approaching new highs for the year because of India’s demonetization

12/9/2016 - Weekend edition—Job-stealing machines, Google’s middle age, solving poverty

12/9/2016 - Dylann Roof is the first person in modern US history to face both a federal and state death penalty

12/9/2016 - Can you navigate the path to broadband?

12/9/2016 - Take an illustrated journey through the many steps it takes for broadband to reach you

12/9/2016 - Ghana has elected Nana Akufo-Addo as its new president

12/9/2016 - Super Mario Run looks like it’s going to be a massive hit for Nintendo before it’s even out

12/9/2016 - How Fidel Castro became a hero and a villain in the Horn of Africa

12/9/2016 - Charted: A snapshot of Coca-Cola as its CEO steps down

12/9/2016 - Researchers used VR to put a woman on a beach during childbirth to help manage her pain without drugs

12/9/2016 - Fake news awakens in a galaxy far, far away

12/9/2016 - The Government Sachs takeover of the Trump administration is nearly complete

12/9/2016 - The first trailer for “Spider-Man: Homecoming” shows that 2017 will be a fun year for superheroes

12/9/2016 - Google’s Boston Dynamics is thinking about using its dog robots to deliver things to your doorstep

12/9/2016 - The Nintendo Switch will act differently at home and on the go

12/9/2016 - Uber tells passengers to quit using Uber Pool as a hook-up service

12/9/2016 - Infographic: Times when an urgent care clinic might be a better bet than the ER

12/9/2016 - The leader of the Dutch far-right is using a conviction for hate speech to boost his popularity

12/9/2016 - The professional world is full of copycats who are mimicking successful people

12/9/2016 - Instead of teaching students to be better at math, South Africa has dropped its passing mark

12/9/2016 - Alphabet drone swarms, Facebook can’t win in China, tech is shaping Europe’s big cities

12/9/2016 - Quartzy: the wish list edition

12/9/2016 - The second stage of mobile dominance is now beginning, says an Andreessen Horowitz partner

12/9/2016 - Quartzy: the wish list edition

12/9/2016 - An award-winning photo of a lonely Arctic bear tells a story we can’t ignore about the future of our planet

12/9/2016 - A Harvard study shows that optimistic women live longer

12/9/2016 - America risks losing the war on terror in Afghanistan unless it legalizes the opium trade

12/9/2016 - I tracked my happiness for a year to get data on how to build a more joyful life

12/9/2016 - China’s tech giants are blurring the lines between virtual and traditional gift giving

12/9/2016 - Quartz’s favorite books of 2016, reviewed in 25 words or less

12/9/2016 - The amateur porn industry can teach us a lot about online privacy

12/9/2016 - An amazing Reddit AMA revealed the ridiculous, heartbreaking reality of playing Goofy at Disney World

12/9/2016 - The future of storytelling will combine the virtual world with the real one

12/9/2016 - Premios Nobel, murió John Glenn, la piñata de Trump

12/9/2016 - In the era of fake news and broken politics, should we let computers decide how to rule the world?

12/9/2016 - The US Navy is trying to deal with its sexual assault problem by giving sailors a reporting app

12/9/2016 - Researchers have identified the types of intelligence that make aging workers valuable

12/9/2016 - Half of millennials make less than their parents did at their age

12/9/2016 - Ghana’s media is calling its close presidential race for the opposition

12/9/2016 - South Korea’s president impeached, Nintendo’s Mario boost, robot babies

12/9/2016 - Airbnb employees may have a case of the pre-IPO blues

12/9/2016 - A new study on fake memories can explain why people believe fake news

12/9/2016 - Scientists are predicting that c-sections will lead to bigger babies

12/9/2016 - Trump will still produce “The Celebrity Apprentice” while he’s in the White House

12/9/2016 - CY Leung, Hong Kong’s deeply unpopular leader, won’t seek another term

12/9/2016 - We’re all about to discover what fresh milk actually tastes like

12/9/2016 - A Korean ferry tragedy two years ago helped lead to a vote to impeach president Park Geun-hye today

12/9/2016 - First Rahul Gandhi, now Vijay Mallya: A group of hackers is going after high-profile Indians on Twitter

12/9/2016 - An $8 million refugee fund scandal shows Buhari’s anti-corruption drive in Nigeria is not going to plan

12/9/2016 - Unicef calls the Philippines the “global epicenter” of live-streamed child pornography

12/9/2016 - Ghana’s tight election, casinos take a hit, Japanese robot babies

12/9/2016 - Ghana’s tight election, casinos take a hit, Japanese robot babies

12/9/2016 - India’s former prime minister calls demonetisation a “mammoth tragedy”

12/9/2016 - There’s a simple but key difference between Hollywood musicals and Bollywood movies

12/9/2016 - Can the world’s second-most populous country really dream of a cash-free future?

12/8/2016 - Apple just invested in China’s largest wind-turbine maker to power its supply chain

12/8/2016 - John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, has died at age 95

12/8/2016 - If you want to save democracy, learn to think like a scientist

12/8/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg was coached through board negotiations like a character in “Cyrano de Bergerac”

12/8/2016 - Ghana’s tight election, ECB chaos, Japanese robot babies

12/8/2016 - The colors you see behind your eyes could hold clues for scientists about treating depression

12/8/2016 - A 99-million-year-old piece of amber definitively proves that dinosaurs had feathers

12/8/2016 - Barack Obama openly addressed the racism he’s faced as US president

12/8/2016 - Apple is reportedly in talks to offer online rentals of films that are still in theaters

12/8/2016 - Research shows investors value an entrepreneur’s willingness to learn more than business acumen

12/8/2016 - Trump’s labor secretary pick will hurt ordinary workers fighting for $15-an-hour pay

12/8/2016 - 50 million Georgians and Ukrainians can finally travel through Europe without a visa

12/8/2016 - What could possibly be taking so long in the US vote count?

12/8/2016 - The perfect gifts for the hi-tech, wanderlust traveler in your life

12/8/2016 - A Scottish politician’s incredibly articulate speech about being raped as a teen

12/8/2016 - Each GPA point dropped in high school cuts a student’s chances of graduating from college by 50%

12/8/2016 - Mario Draghi sends the euro on a wild ride with the most convoluted stimulus plan ever

12/8/2016 - The university that even Boko Haram couldn’t shut

12/8/2016 - Can Democrats use minimum wage hikes to rebuild their party? Let’s check the numbers

12/8/2016 - The first Canadian woman to grace the country’s banknote is a black civil rights hero

12/8/2016 - Would a universal basic income fix US economic inequality? One group is spending $10 million to find out

12/8/2016 - India’s startup billionaires are desperate to make the country like protectionist China

12/8/2016 - Rio may just charge tourists a robbery tax—you know, to pay them back for future muggings

12/8/2016 - Silicon Valley’s premier news source is halting all political debate—at least for a week

12/8/2016 - The “post-truth” world is nothing new: Americans have been lying about sex for decades

12/8/2016 - The scientific explanation for why humans are so convinced that aliens look like octopuses

12/8/2016 - A perfectly ordinary day in the life of Silicon Valley

12/8/2016 - Pantone hopes its color of the year will improve our gloomy mood

12/8/2016 - In Islam, the gift of feeding others is a spiritual act

12/8/2016 - The Japanese food giant that invented MSG is bringing more processed food to Africa

12/8/2016 - Do successful people make their beds? What I learned after a year investigating this trendy life hack

12/8/2016 - Everything we thought we knew about free trade is wrong

12/8/2016 - Gira europea de Santos, Walmart en México, extinción de jirafas

12/8/2016 - The future is a place where we won’t have to talk to or hear from anyone we don’t want to

12/8/2016 - The presidential race in Africa’s “beacon of democracy” is currently too tight to call

12/8/2016 - Information overload? Most Americans say it’s not a problem

12/8/2016 - Mario Draghi’s big day, New Zealand’s next leader, giraffe extinction

12/8/2016 - At Goldman Sachs, Trump’s new economics advisor Gary Cohn outsourced thousands of US jobs to India

12/8/2016 - Trump’s Carrier deal has nothing on what Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto just got from Wal-Mart

12/8/2016 - Wage growth in the UK hasn’t been this bad since the 1860s

12/8/2016 - The failed battle to stop Australia’s vast new mine shows why the world isn’t ready to move on from coal

12/8/2016 - So when is that elusive Apple store coming to India?

12/8/2016 - Why I am crying for Jayalalithaa even though I’ve disagreed with her all my life

12/8/2016 - China’s surging trade, New Zealand’s next PM, Philippine gift boxes

12/8/2016 - China’s surging trade, New Zealand’s next PM, Philippine gift boxes

12/8/2016 - Photos: The pockets of the old Hong Kong that still exist within the modern, glitzy city

12/8/2016 - Michael Jordan finally won the rights to his own name in China

12/7/2016 - Here’s why one in four Indians are worried about losing their homes

12/7/2016 - India’s diamond industry is already weak, and demonetisation could push it into critical care

12/7/2016 - Japan is hoping robot babies will encourage people to have real babies

12/7/2016 - Rodrigo Duterte’s next war is a growing HIV epidemic in the Philippines

12/7/2016 - The RBI got grilled on demonetisation. Here’s what Urjit Patel & Co had to say

12/7/2016 - The woman who could take down Rodrigo Duterte: his soft-spoken, even-tempered vice president

12/7/2016 - Newt Gringrich celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack by congratulating Japan

12/7/2016 - The last five US presidential election winners have been named Time’s person of the year

12/7/2016 - The best way to give feedback? Personalize it

12/7/2016 - Four steps for giving better feedback

12/7/2016 - The Japanese submarine that never made it to Pearl Harbor

12/7/2016 - The Oakland warehouse fire is what happens when cities ignore that artists can’t afford high rent

12/7/2016 - Trump’s Beijing ambassador, Pope vs fake news, Philippine gift boxes

12/7/2016 - The band of US veterans who stood with protesters at Standing Rock have announced their next stop

12/7/2016 - Burning Man just moved one step closer to becoming a religion

12/7/2016 - Don’t believe your own hype: How Pebble went from being worth $740 million to less than $40 million

12/7/2016 - Let’s not freak out about the “next major job killer” just yet

12/7/2016 - HBO’s best show is coming back in 2017, and it isn’t “Westworld” or “Game of Thrones”

12/7/2016 - Fashion labels refused to dress a plus-size model for the cover of Vogue

12/7/2016 - Trump appoints a “long-time friend” of Xi Jinping’s to be the US ambassador to China

12/7/2016 - A new wave of mobile payment tech is creating a cashless South Africa

12/7/2016 - Pandora Premium is the latest music streaming service you won’t buy

12/7/2016 - IKEA is going to offer paid parental leave to the workers who need it most

12/7/2016 - The rise of Poland’s far right has important lessons for Americans who hope Donald Trump is just a one-term president

12/7/2016 - The pope says spreading fake news is like a fetish for 💩

12/7/2016 - The sharpest drops in abortion rates in America have been under Democratic presidents

12/7/2016 - Fitbit is acquiring Kickstarter darling Pebble to keep afloat

12/7/2016 - Trump isn’t even president yet and China is already moving in on Mexico

12/7/2016 - Cheerleading could soon be an Olympic sport

12/7/2016 - The US Supreme Court’s ruling in the Apple-Samsung case is a win for makers of knockoffs

12/7/2016 - A professor in Tokyo created a powerful interactive map of first-person accounts from Pearl Harbor

12/7/2016 - Why the Radioactive Space Monster Is Time’s Person of the Year for 2019

12/7/2016 - Uganda is worried about the number of Chinese men marrying their women

12/7/2016 - There’s one of Donald Trump’s walls that won’t be built

12/7/2016 - The Japanese love it when their first lady criticizes her husband’s policies

12/7/2016 - An algorithm rejected an Asian man’s passport photo for having “closed eyes”

12/7/2016 - The new war on identity politics is actually a very old way of repressing marginalized Americans

12/7/2016 - African countries are finally rejecting cheap substandard fuel from Europe

12/7/2016 - It’s good that Trump sold his stock holdings but they were a fraction of the problem

12/7/2016 - A high-speed train line in France could spell the end of Chanel No. 5

12/7/2016 - Pop-star-turned-preacher Junaid Jamshed was on the Islamabad-bound plane that crashed, carrying more than 40

12/7/2016 - 2016 proved that history is better than polls at predicting winners of presidential elections

12/7/2016 - Inside the secret meeting where Apple revealed the state of its AI research

12/7/2016 - African journalists have tips for their US counterparts on dealing with a president that hates the press

12/7/2016 - All the books Donald Trump has said he’s read and liked

12/7/2016 - After complaining that Time magazine would never make him Person of the Year, Trump finally got what he wanted

12/7/2016 - Why even slam dunk video evidence couldn’t win a conviction in the Walter Scott mistrial

12/7/2016 - The Gambia’s brutal autocrat of 22 years will face prosecution within a year

12/7/2016 - Government spies can see everything you’re doing with your phone on a plane

12/7/2016 - Three theories about Trump’s controversial call with Taiwan

12/7/2016 - South Sudan has deported a journalist who reported on ethnic violence in the world’s youngest country

12/7/2016 - A dating app proves that Trump’s senior advisor doesn’t understand Silicon Valley

12/7/2016 - The ultimate 100-lb. gift box Filipinos send their relatives every Christmas

12/7/2016 - Definitive data on what poor people buy when they’re just given cash

12/7/2016 - Crisis política en Brasil, terremoto en Indonesia, noticias en quechua

12/7/2016 - The hottest amenity in Trump Tower: The Secret Service

12/7/2016 - The newest high-tech prediction from the Google executive who foresaw the rise of mobile and the cloud

12/7/2016 - Truckers think automation won’t take their jobs for 40 years. Silicon Valley strongly disagrees.

12/7/2016 - Barring a massive change in how we fish, there won’t be any sushi left by 2048

12/7/2016 - “I am an American”: The chilling story of a Dorothea Lange photo taken after Pearl Harbor

12/7/2016 - The protestors who are refusing to leave Standing Rock

12/7/2016 - Data scientist Cathy O’Neil on the cold destructiveness of big data

12/7/2016 - Foxconn’s US expansion, Ikea’s bumper profit, airport therapy pigs

12/7/2016 - JPMorgan is taking a $200 million hit after its new credit card went overboard with the rewards

12/7/2016 - Meet the robot security guard of the world’s largest physics experiment

12/7/2016 - RBI delivers a shocker: key rate remains unchanged even as India struggles to find cash

12/7/2016 - China says Apple has an exploding iPhone problem

12/7/2016 - A Johannesburg company will build Africa’s first homegrown smartphones

12/7/2016 - Brace yourself: the most disruptive phase of globalization is just beginning

12/7/2016 - Researchers found the UK could save £70 million if asylum seekers were allowed to work

12/7/2016 - Samsung gets a win, Trump hugs SoftBank, airport therapy pig

12/7/2016 - Samsung gets a win, Trump hugs SoftBank, airport therapy pig

12/7/2016 - Why India’s plan to go cashless remains a distant dream

12/6/2016 - Facebook is asking users to identify “misleading language” in posts to curb fake news and clickbait

12/6/2016 - Finally, Indians can use credit cards online without painful OTPs—but only for purchases under Rs2,000

12/6/2016 - Trump celebrates a $50 billion investment from a fund aimed at replacing doctors and lawyers with robots

12/6/2016 - The EU’s top antitrust cop proved Marc Benioff wrong about Microsoft and LinkedIn

12/6/2016 - You don’t have to pay your dues to be successful

12/6/2016 - Obama says that in America you “can criticize a president — without retribution”

12/6/2016 - Talking shop with your Wall Street relatives over the holidays might land you in prison

12/6/2016 - Magic Leap is getting ready to test its reportedly game-changing technology in the real world

12/6/2016 - Trump hugs Softbank and slaps Boeing; Merkel’s veil ban; airport therapy pig

12/6/2016 - Japan is worried that its emoji will confuse Westerners during the 2020 Olympics

12/6/2016 - India built the world’s largest solar plant in record time

12/6/2016 - Donald Trump attacks Boeing days after its CEO frets about losing access to global markets

12/6/2016 - iOS is still an amazing achievement that redefined the world of mobile computing

12/6/2016 - Standing Rock is a bittersweet victory for indigenous peoples fighting the same battle all over the world

12/6/2016 - “Knowing is good, but knowing everything is better”: Watch the first trailer for “The Circle”

12/6/2016 - Facebook’s walled wonderland is inherently incompatible with news

12/6/2016 - Texas’s state health department is disseminating lies about cancer to frighten women from getting abortions

12/6/2016 - Elon Musk’s Hyperloop could solve India’s railway problem

12/6/2016 - What happens when airport cleaning staff stop picking up after us, in horrifying photos

12/6/2016 - Netflix has found a way to make streaming video look better on your phone

12/6/2016 - For the first time, a streaming-only album could win a Grammy

12/6/2016 - Westworld’s next narrative won’t be ready until at least 2018

12/6/2016 - Paris is transforming a historic train station into the world’s biggest “startup campus”

12/6/2016 - Angela Merkel is proposing a burka ban in Germany

12/6/2016 - Portland will vote on taxing corporations where CEOs make 100 times more than employees

12/6/2016 - Nigeria’s president has accused the UN of exaggerating the scale of an imminent famine

12/6/2016 - American kids dream of doing science—but sadly, they’re not that good at it

12/6/2016 - The days of ever-increasing numbers of US high-school graduates are over

12/6/2016 - One upside of Nigeria’s dollar shortage, Apple, like Facebook, will now accept the naira

12/6/2016 - San Francisco airport’s new therapy pig totally shows up all those therapy dogs at other airports

12/6/2016 - In a Netflix world, it’s the second season of a TV show that matters most

12/6/2016 - Democrats could have won the US election if they’d learned from the struggle for equal opportunity

12/6/2016 - Evan McMullin’s 10-point guide to living under a potentially “authoritarian” Trump

12/6/2016 - Angola has named its newest highway after the late Fidel Castro

12/6/2016 - It’s tech, not finance, that’s now shaping Europe’s big cities

12/6/2016 - Discovering the magic of Three Kings Day, from Puerto Rico to the US

12/6/2016 - Apple is the only major manufacturer losing market share in wearables

12/6/2016 - Paris is hoping people will buy “love locks” for refugees at €10 a kilo

12/6/2016 - Francois Hollande’s demise proves the West’s center-left is in free fall

12/6/2016 - The simple (and cheap) holiday tradition that’s made me a happier person and better friend

12/6/2016 - There’s a simple step we can all take to stop the fake news spread on Facebook

12/6/2016 - Diálogo en Venezuela, Trump y Gore, café de cannabis

12/6/2016 - Liberal Americans should be celebrating Trump’s Taiwan call, not condemning it

12/6/2016 - Leaked Postmates presentation shows the delivery startup doesn’t expect a profit until 2018

12/6/2016 - You’re not alone: The biggest office complaint is about temperature

12/6/2016 - Amazon’s foray into supermarkets is a primer for grocery disruption

12/6/2016 - Coping with narcissistic personality disorder in the White House

12/6/2016 - We change our minds about “final” decisions because our brains have built in error correction

12/6/2016 - Facebook needs to hand over its algorithm if it really wants to end fake news

12/6/2016 - How America’s foreclosure crisis helped make Donald Trump president

12/6/2016 - NATO talks Trump, Jayalalithaa mourned, cannabis coffee

12/6/2016 - Global banks have $2.8 trillion-worth of power to stop deforestation, and only a handful are using it

12/6/2016 - In the world’s biggest education test, one small country has raced past all the others

12/6/2016 - The origin of Silicon Valley’s gender problem

12/6/2016 - Trees could make urban pollution even worse

12/6/2016 - Seven German words that English-speakers need to make sense of 2016 and prepare for 2017

12/6/2016 - Charted: The US companies, industries, and states that will suffer the most in a US-China trade war

12/6/2016 - It’s looking more likely everyone in the EU will get free wifi—except those in the UK, thanks to Brexit

12/6/2016 - Astronomers are relying on amateurs with telescopes to unlock the secrets of the cosmos

12/6/2016 - Everything you need to know about the way India’s economy has performed one month after demonetisation

12/6/2016 - US reassures Asia, Renzi’s ripple, cannabis coffee

12/6/2016 - US reassures Asia, Renzi’s ripple, cannabis coffee

12/6/2016 - Donald Trump will lead the US just like an African ‘strongman’—that’s bad for African democracy

12/6/2016 - A Human Rights Watch report details first-hand accounts of torture under China’s anti-corruption campaign

12/6/2016 - A London trader may have (momentarily) turned Trump’s lie about China’s falling currency into reality

12/6/2016 - Why women in patriarchal Tamil Nadu worshipped Jayalalithaa

12/5/2016 - After 20 years, Karan Johar finally admits the sexism in his iconic ’90s love story was “really stupid”

12/5/2016 - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft are teaming up against “online terrorist content“

12/5/2016 - As Trump calls out China for currency manipulation, Taiwan may be the real offender

12/5/2016 - Tamil Nadu’s most shameful political moment fueled Jayalalithaa’s ultimate rise

12/5/2016 - On the walls of Chennai, Jayalalithaa will live on for a long, long time

12/5/2016 - There’s only one clear winner if Facebook breaks into China—and it’s not Facebook

12/5/2016 - New York wants up to $35 million in federal funds to protect Trump

12/5/2016 - It took just one juror for the Walter Scott murder case to be declared a mistrial

12/5/2016 - A brilliant ad’s twist ending is a reminder not to be complacent about gun culture

12/5/2016 - Here’s how to stop that annoying handwriting feature when you tilt your iPhone

12/5/2016 - US reassures Asia, Amazon grab-and-go, cannabis coffee

12/5/2016 - “Pray for us”: Syria’s Anne Frank has tweeted that she’s on the run after her home was bombed

12/5/2016 - “Westworld” took us deep into the maze of consciousness in its ambitious, provocative finale

12/5/2016 - It looks like Apple hasn’t given up on a self-driving car

12/5/2016 - Trump’s cabinet and staff choices indicate a revival of the ‘clash of civilizations’ worldview

12/5/2016 - Trump’s housing secretary has only one opinion about housing: Desegregation is a bad idea

12/5/2016 - Jayalalithaa, the movie star who became one of India’s most controversial politicians, dies at 68

12/5/2016 - Uber’s new AI team is looking for the shortest route to self-driving cars

12/5/2016 - Under Armour is sponsoring Major League Baseball as it gains on sportswear giants Nike and Adidas

12/5/2016 - Almost all the US jobs created since 2005 are temporary

12/5/2016 - These are the best books Bill Gates read in 2016

12/5/2016 - A first-edition copy of one of the most important texts in physics is expected to sell for over $1 million

12/5/2016 - To predict a student’s future success, look at their grades, not their IQ or SAT score

12/5/2016 - If the Italian referendum was like Brexit, markets would be freaking out a lot more

12/5/2016 - Ivanka Trump is meeting with Al Gore to discuss climate change

12/5/2016 - “You are embarrassing yourself”: A Missouri woman’s tweetstorm rebukes Donald Trump for whining about an SNL skit

12/5/2016 - Air apartheid? On this airline, business travelers won’t ever be forced to mingle with the masses

12/5/2016 - Amazon is opening a grocery store with no cashiers and no checkout lines

12/5/2016 - Tech interns at Facebook and Snapchat make significantly more than almost all Americans

12/5/2016 - Even before “Rogue One,” Disney is having a record-breaking year at the US box office

12/5/2016 - A former student is suing Oxford for $1 million for failing to make him rich and successful

12/5/2016 - It’s way too simplistic to call Italy’s “no” vote a populist victory

12/5/2016 - Japan’s prime minister will visit Pearl Harbor with Barack Obama “to console the souls of the victims”

12/5/2016 - Would you fly in a plane that is radically different than the aircraft of today?

12/5/2016 - Xi Jinping will be the first Chinese president to schmooze with the global elite at Davos

12/5/2016 - Cannabis coffee pods are about to become compatible with millions of household Keurig machines

12/5/2016 - Texting is forcing us to confront some uncomfortable truths about our weird personalities

12/5/2016 - Facebook must stop pretending to be innocently neutral and start acting more like a media company

12/5/2016 - Gambia’s president-elect lays out his vision for a nation mired in fear and poverty

12/5/2016 - The lost art of gift wrapping

12/5/2016 - Google’s giving away digital Christmas crackers, in a marketing gimmick invented in China

12/5/2016 - Nurses are some of the most trusted workers across the world, while politicians still languish at the bottom

12/5/2016 - Africa’s strongmen rushed to congratulate Trump but not Gambia’s democratic ouster of its 22-year leader

12/5/2016 - Arrivederci a Renzi, China y Trump, embajada falsa

12/5/2016 - Orwellian euphemisms like “post-truth” and “alt-right” are perfect for whitewashing fascism

12/5/2016 - How China could react to Trump’s taunts, from the best- to the worst-case scenario

12/5/2016 - The world’s biggest forest destroyers don’t even know which forests they’re destroying

12/5/2016 - Renzi’s resignation, a final Brexit appeal, bee beards

12/5/2016 - Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan won’t work while he’s president

12/5/2016 - Airbnb is no longer the nice guy of the sharing economy

12/5/2016 - Trump is right, China has built a massive military complex in the South China Sea—and a soccer field

12/5/2016 - Alphabet DeepMind is inviting developers into the digital world where its AI learns to explore

12/5/2016 - Ivanka Trump was working out a deal with a Japanese government-backed company when she met Shinzo Abe

12/5/2016 - The unbearable sadness of being Taiwan, a liberal island other democracies refuse to talk to

12/5/2016 - Kashmir: Can Donald Trump solve one of the world’s most intractable conflicts?

12/5/2016 - The already unpredictable India-Pakistan ties have just received another unknown radical: Donald Trump

12/5/2016 - Renzi’s resignation, a final Brexit appeal, bee beards

12/5/2016 - Renzi’s resignation, a final Brexit appeal, bee beards

12/5/2016 - A new tool lets artificially intelligent algorithms control computers the way a human would

12/5/2016 - Southern secret: Why the national anthem is rarely played at public functions in Tamil Nadu

12/5/2016 - A genocide is about to happen in Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi isn’t doing a thing to stop it

12/5/2016 - The rise of Modi and Trump actually reflects the revolt of the elite, not the poor as claimed

12/4/2016 - The number of times Snapdeal has been bought out by Alibaba—and the damage it has caused

12/4/2016 - An Indian startup is trying to make scooter-riding delivery girls the new normal

12/4/2016 - Donald Trump is (still) wrong about how China’s currency works

12/4/2016 - Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi is quitting. What happens next?

12/4/2016 - Two giant Chinese companies are getting thousands of students into US schools—allegedly by committing fraud

12/4/2016 - Standing Rock protesters claim victory as US Army Corps halts pipeline route

12/4/2016 - A final Brexit appeal, Austria’s populists lose, bee beards

12/4/2016 - A philosophy professor explains why you’re not entitled to your opinion

12/4/2016 - Five times of crisis when “Saturday Night Live” was exactly what Americans needed

12/4/2016 - The EU may get a far-right president, but it won’t be Austria’s Norbert Hofer

12/4/2016 - Donald Trump’s poor grammar threatened a 35% tax on any US company that fires employees

12/4/2016 - Psychopaths actually do feel regret, new research finds—they just don’t change

12/4/2016 - A memo that reveals UK prime minister Theresa May is furious about internal leaks was leaked immediately

12/4/2016 - Gambia’s moment, Buhari’s awful year, Africa’s No.1 retailer

12/4/2016 - Canada is using art to build bridges with Syrian refugees, while the rest of the world builds walls to keep them out

12/4/2016 - Cognitive science backs up the ancient Indian philosophy that we’re conscious even in deep sleep

12/4/2016 - While temperatures heat up outside, it’s a winter wonderland inside South African malls

12/4/2016 - This doctor believes an experiment he tried in Liberia could bring health care to everyone in the world

12/4/2016 - Four of the world’s biggest cities are taking an unprecedented step to battle pollution

12/4/2016 - A tiny-armed robot could be the future of surgery

12/4/2016 - A scientist’s paintings reveal the incredible beauty of the living cell

12/4/2016 - Will a new kind of Australian milk help Americans drink it again?

12/4/2016 - Broadway won’t document its dramatic race problem, so a group of actors spent five years quietly gathering this data themselves

12/4/2016 - Help Syria’s refugee children by assigning them homework

12/4/2016 - Pro-tips for buying clothes that will last years, not weeks

12/4/2016 - “Alligator pears” are China’s newest superfruit

12/4/2016 - Farm-to-table marijuana is watching your buds become brownies

12/4/2016 - There’s been another fake news industry online for years: anti-abortion websites

12/4/2016 - Pulling an all-nighter could be a temporary fix for depression

12/4/2016 - “Saturday Night Live” once again nails the anxieties many feel about a Trump presidency

12/3/2016 - Jill Stein has dropped her case for a recount in Pennsylvania

12/3/2016 - Italians are dodging a ban on voter polls by disguising them as horse races and car reviews

12/3/2016 - The neuroscience argument that religion shaped the very structure of our brains

12/3/2016 - North Dakota promises it won’t let Standing Rock protesters freeze

12/3/2016 - A fake US embassy operating in Ghana for the past decade has been shut down

12/3/2016 - The updated chart of Africa’s longest-serving rulers if these two step down in 2017 as promised

12/3/2016 - A 70-year-old existential text captures the psychology behind the alt-right troll

12/3/2016 - In Australia, a private prison company gets a bonus for every freed inmate who does not come back

12/3/2016 - “Inconsistent, unfair, illogical”: Sarah Palin’s warning about Donald Trump’s Carrier deal

12/3/2016 - Socks are the only clothes you should give this holiday season

12/3/2016 - A cannabis marketing company is bringing pot parties to the elderly

12/3/2016 - Can you bring “Westworld” to life? Yes, but it won’t be easy

12/3/2016 - Can black and white South Africans really ever be friends?

12/3/2016 - With Amy Schumer, we may have found the perfect person to play a live-action Barbie

12/3/2016 - Alphabet is now allowed to fly a swarm of 20 drones at once over US skies

12/3/2016 - Weekend edition—How to report Trump, Duterte’s secret weapon, millennial marketing

12/3/2016 - “There is only one China”: Beijing makes an official complaint about Trump’s controversial call with Taiwan

12/3/2016 - ULA’s build-your-own-rocket-launch tool is mainly designed to beat Elon Musk’s SpaceX

12/3/2016 - Why the world is suddenly so obsessed with Italy’s constitution

12/3/2016 - American Airlines is already cutting service to Cuba

12/3/2016 - Small towns in the US are hoping nostalgic tourists will keep them from fading into the urban sprawl

12/3/2016 - A quiet education revolution worldwide is giving kids the skills to be 21st-century citizens

12/3/2016 - An Ethiopian photographer captures the hope and resolve inside the country’s oldest university

12/3/2016 - Donald Trump fell for a “little trick” performed by Taiwan, China says

12/3/2016 - Weekend edition—How to report Trump, Duterte’s secret weapon, millennial marketing

12/3/2016 - Weekend edition—How to report Trump, Duterte’s secret weapon, millennial marketing

12/2/2016 - Weekend edition—How to report Trump, Duterte’s secret weapon, millennial marketing

12/2/2016 - Donald Trump speaks with Taiwan’s president—a massive diplomatic reversal that will enrage China

12/2/2016 - The future of sports could be a televised league of giant fighting robots

12/2/2016 - After almost four decades in power, Angola’s dos Santos will step down in 2017

12/2/2016 - Facebook warned people that a popular fake news detector might be “unsafe”

12/2/2016 - US lawmakers doubled funding for a controversial panel investigating Planned Parenthood

12/2/2016 - A short history of the office

12/2/2016 - The party of Reagan is now rejecting free-market capitalism

12/2/2016 - How the Action Office of the 1960s became the cubicle of today

12/2/2016 - United just unveiled a plush new airport lounge. Now it wants to crack down on trespassers

12/2/2016 - Trump’s plan to cap the mortgage interest tax deduction is great news for rich people

12/2/2016 - These are the 16 CEOs who’ve agreed to serve on Trump’s new “Strategic and Policy Forum”

12/2/2016 - Donald Trump really shouldn’t have to use scotch tape to hold his red power tie together

12/2/2016 - Communists don’t want a Paris street named after Steve Jobs

12/2/2016 - The Chinese creator of that most ubiquitous of American dishes, General Tso’s Chicken, has died

12/2/2016 - The US is losing manufacturing jobs far faster than Trump can save them

12/2/2016 - Eric Trump asked a Muslim comedian to tell Dave Chappelle to “take it easy”

12/2/2016 - “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is coming to Broadway in 2018

12/2/2016 - Quartzy: the transition edition

12/2/2016 - Quartzy: the transition edition

12/2/2016 - President Obama is quietly expanding the war on terror in Africa while the world is distracted by Trump

12/2/2016 - Commercial flights to Cuba, Facebook lures gamers, LEGO opens first Chinese factory

12/2/2016 - Trump’s first major-post election speech contained two outright lies about America

12/2/2016 - History classes are our best hope for teaching Americans to question fake news and Donald Trump

12/2/2016 - Donald Trump is the first US president to star in a slew of video games

12/2/2016 - The US House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology doesn’t believe climate change is a problem

12/2/2016 - The best lifehacks to help you read more, eat more vegetables, and keep your sneakers like new

12/2/2016 - One of Africa’s longest-serving strongmen has conceded victory to his opponent live on state TV

12/2/2016 - Holiday gingerbread cookies have a dark and violent past

12/2/2016 - Trump’s plan to bring back jobs by isolating the US won’t work—but it will start a trade war

12/2/2016 - A practical guide for learning meditation through the art of gaming

12/2/2016 - Venezuela y Mercosur, au revoir Hollande, a descuartizar alces

12/2/2016 - Spain is getting rid of streets named after fascist leaders, dedicating them to women instead

12/2/2016 - Inside the world of Chinese science fiction, with “Three Body Problem” translator Ken Liu

12/2/2016 - If high-school kids in Australia can replicate a $750 drug for $2, why is it still so expensive to buy?

12/2/2016 - Designers have an 8-letter word for the despised hipster aesthetic colonizing the planet

12/2/2016 - The science behind this all-white rainbow

12/2/2016 - Trump’s victory tour, Twitter’s next product head, banknote beauty pageant

12/2/2016 - Africa’s first Nobel laureate for literature “threw away” his green card and won’t be part of Trump’s America

12/2/2016 - Psychedelic mushrooms can relieve anxiety in cancer patients for months at a time

12/2/2016 - “They go into another world and we can’t get them back”: A psychotherapist on why parents must talk to their kids about porn

12/2/2016 - When authorities failed, a South African newspaper built an app to support gender violence victims

12/2/2016 - A survivor of the Colombia plane crash says adopting the brace position saved his life

12/2/2016 - A new global ranking confirms that many of India’s biggest companies have the worst work culture

12/2/2016 - China’s second most powerful man warns of dissent and corruption in the Communist Party

12/2/2016 - No takers for entrepreneurship research in the world’s fastest-growing startup ecosystem

12/2/2016 - Hollande bows out, Trump’s defense secretary, kindergarten moose butchers

12/2/2016 - Hollande bows out, Trump’s defense secretary, kindergarten moose butchers

12/2/2016 - A century later, could silver beat gold to become India’s preferred investment option once again?

12/2/2016 - Thanks to Cyrus Mistry and Ratan Tata, it may be a quarrelsome Christmas at Tata Sons

12/1/2016 - Modi is no Mao, Marx or Mahatma. And demonetisation is no Cultural Revolution

12/1/2016 - Duterte and Marcos are a Tinder match “made in hell”: Scenes from the protests in the Philippines

12/1/2016 - Product Hunt was acquired and venture capital may never be the same again

12/1/2016 - US jobs Friday, Hollande bows out, kindergarten moose butchers

12/1/2016 - Trump University aside, for-profit education is still pretty triumphant

12/1/2016 - Howard Schultz is stepping down as CEO of Starbucks

12/1/2016 - After a spectacular public stumble, Colombia quietly finalizes its peace agreement

12/1/2016 - There’s a reason why it can be easier to work in a Starbucks than in an open office

12/1/2016 - There are now no obstacles that can stand in the way of the robot uprising

12/1/2016 - Scientists just observed chimpanzees doing something we’ve never seen them do: going fishing

12/1/2016 - The more we study chimps, the more we realize humans are not special snowflakes

12/1/2016 - Behold the finalists of the 2016 banknote beauty pageant

12/1/2016 - The American private prison industry has scored another big win with the US government

12/1/2016 - What Nike’s $720 self-lacing sneaker, releasing today, signals about Nike’s future

12/1/2016 - Trevor Noah’s exceedingly polite clash with right-wing star Tomi Lahren was his best “Daily Show” moment yet

12/1/2016 - Apple is using drones to make its maps better

12/1/2016 - Jon Stewart: The American media has become an “information-laundering scheme”

12/1/2016 - Facebook has the technological capability to fix fake news, according to its chief AI researcher

12/1/2016 - A top GE executive says organizations must prepare for the “Emergent Era”

12/1/2016 - The fashion designers who want to dress Melania Trump as first lady, and the ones who refuse to

12/1/2016 - Hotels are ditching nightstand bibles. The new religion is Wi-Fi

12/1/2016 - Cracking this joke could get you a better deal in salary negotiations

12/1/2016 - Glossier is building a multimillion-dollar millennial makeup empire with Slack, Instagram, and selfies

12/1/2016 - How South Koreans are organizing some of the largest and most peaceful protests in the world

12/1/2016 - To fund projects like the Cancer Moonshot, Congress had to strip away some of the FDA’s most important regulatory powers

12/1/2016 - Under Trump, US tech companies could face trouble importing talent from overseas

12/1/2016 - “A plank stuck to her stomach:” What the winner of the Bad Sex Awards can teach us about good writing

12/1/2016 - Wealthy white American women are especially likely to suffer career setbacks after maternity leave

12/1/2016 - The quaint, but practical, marbles-based voting Gambians use to pick a president

12/1/2016 - Nestlé has found a way to cut the sugar by 40% and keep chocolate just as sweet

12/1/2016 - American teens are getting hooked on fiction by text message

12/1/2016 - The obscure law Donald Trump will use to unwind Obama’s regulations

12/1/2016 - It takes a Coca-Cola to navigate the Israeli blockade in Gaza

12/1/2016 - An Indian team will launch the fourth private moon mission seeking the Google Lunar XPrize

12/1/2016 - Donald Trump’s deal for American jobs doesn’t look as good in the light of day

12/1/2016 - An election recount will only further divide a fractured America

12/1/2016 - Design is the best weapon we have in the fight against fake news

12/1/2016 - Good packaging makes food taste better: A design makeover master explains how

12/1/2016 - An app to boycott Donald Trump shows just how many conflicts of interests he has

12/1/2016 - What the Great Barrier Reef looks like after the biggest coral die-off ever recorded

12/1/2016 - Ethiopia has arrested a top opposition leader after he testified before the European parliament

12/1/2016 - Immigration to the UK from the European Union hit a record high in the run-up to the Brexit vote

12/1/2016 - Plan anticólera en Haití, el avión no tenía combustible, pañales espaciales

12/1/2016 - Donald Trump has Twitter. Why does he need to do press conferences?

12/1/2016 - Scientists have officially named the four newest elements of the periodic table

12/1/2016 - Gambia’s government has shut down the internet on the eve of elections

12/1/2016 - Oil prices on a roll, Fitbit eyes Pebble, space diapers

12/1/2016 - 50 million customers in three months: Ambani says Reliance Jio grew faster than Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype

12/1/2016 - Researchers programmed two robots to look out for each other

12/1/2016 - HIV infections in China are rising sharply among students, gay men, and men over 60

12/1/2016 - The grocery chain that became Africa’s biggest retailer by betting on its middle class

12/1/2016 - In today’s India, even the writer of its national anthem would be labeled a seditious anti-national

12/1/2016 - A constitutional law expert explains why the Modi government can’t stop Indians from accessing their money

12/1/2016 - Surging oil prices, Nintendo’s big hits, better space diapers

12/1/2016 - Surging oil prices, Nintendo’s big hits, better space diapers

12/1/2016 - Hackers are making a joke of India’s Congress party and its leaders by taking over their Twitter accounts

12/1/2016 - A Chinese father’s crowdfunding campaign for his cancer-stricken daughter was a little too successful

12/1/2016 - Malaysians worry Trump will drop a corruption investigation into his “favorite prime minister”