7/31/2015 - Charts: The Clintons made $140.8 million over the last eight years

7/31/2015 - Weekend edition: Cecil the lion, cocaine prices, giant fighting robots

7/31/2015 - Weekend edition: Cecil the lion, cocaine prices, giant fighting robots

7/31/2015 - Uber got to a $50 billion valuation a year faster than Facebook

7/31/2015 - NASA is working on drones that can fly in space

7/31/2015 - Walmart is planning to open retail outlets in Nigeria

7/31/2015 - This is HillaryClinton.com’s adorable error page

7/31/2015 - The American disease that’s wreaking havoc on South Africa’s honeybee population

7/31/2015 - Could presidential politics screw up America’s engagement with Cuba?

7/31/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan announce they’re expecting a baby girl, and open up about their struggles with miscarriages

7/31/2015 - A French architect has a vision for a sustainable floating city that looks like a manta ray

7/31/2015 - Today is a blue moon: What does that really mean, anyway?

7/31/2015 - Self-piloted drones are setting the stage for a deluge of oil and gas startups

7/31/2015 - The end of China’s ban on video game consoles won’t change anything

7/31/2015 - Media coverage of Obama’s Africa visit spoke to different sides of the US-Africa-China triangle

7/31/2015 - Ai Weiwei has suddenly been granted the British visa that was denied to him

7/31/2015 - Warren Buffett’s quiet, incredibly effective crusade to help women get IUDs

7/31/2015 - Africa’s fourth largest airline is in danger of collapsing

7/31/2015 - This is how executives diagnose and treat their biggest weaknesses

7/31/2015 - Should you run for president as a Republican?

7/31/2015 - All the ways the new AP US history standards gloss over the country’s racist past

7/31/2015 - A new “game-changing” Ebola vaccine is confirmed as 100% effective if taken early

7/31/2015 - Entrepreneurs: Instead of focusing on one business, try starting two at the same time

7/31/2015 - Apple and Samsung are losing share in the tablet market to LG, Lenovo, and Huawei

7/31/2015 - HBO’s “Game of Thrones” will go at least eight seasons and could even get a prequel

7/31/2015 - The world’s best whiskey is being sent into space for the sake of science

7/31/2015 - Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, will be open to the public

7/31/2015 - Photos: Alarmed reactions in China to this week’s escalator tragedy

7/31/2015 - Apple could be changing its mind on the stylus

7/31/2015 - Three common mistakes most new managers make

7/31/2015 - This robot doing rhythmic gymnastics will make you feel weirdly uncomfortable

7/31/2015 - China’s stock market just had its worst month in six years

7/31/2015 - Zimbabwe is calling for the extradition of Cecil the lion’s killer

7/31/2015 - US wages just saw their lowest quarterly increase on record

7/31/2015 - Germany met 78% of its daily energy needs with renewables

7/31/2015 - Happy Friday from Yanis Varoufakis’s glorious shirt!

7/31/2015 - Lexus is taking its honest-to-god, working hoverboard public

7/31/2015 - It’s now cool to use ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on the US Senate floor

7/31/2015 - Our obsession with staying cool is warming up the planet

7/31/2015 - How American drivers lost their right to privacy

7/31/2015 - Despite a lack of snow, water, or winter sports, Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics

7/31/2015 - A startup from Israel has accidentally created “WhatsApp for the deaf”

7/31/2015 - Burger King is going all out to attract vegetarians in India

7/31/2015 - A former Google exec on how to make tough decisions quickly

7/31/2015 - Why the great robot panic makes no sense

7/31/2015 - Photos: The Swiss toot their own horns at an annual mountaintop festival

7/31/2015 - The Swiss central bank suffered a record loss from the strong franc and weak gold

7/31/2015 - Philae has found the building blocks of life on a comet. Is this how life on Earth began?

7/31/2015 - Learn these “non-words” to communicate everywhere in the world

7/31/2015 - Study: Girls do better in school when taught by women

7/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Libya kidnapping, Chinese stocks horror, UAE dergulates gas, robot baseball umpires

7/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Libya kidnapping, Chinese stocks horror, UAE dergulates gas, robot baseball umpires

7/31/2015 - Surrogacy has been labeled “reproductive tourism” by a Swiss court

7/31/2015 - Watch out Ola. Uber is spending $1 billion on its India operations

7/31/2015 - Low oil prices are lasting a lot longer than petro-rulers thought they would

7/31/2015 - Four Indians have been reportedly captured by the Islamic State in Libya

7/31/2015 - Balls and strikes were called by a computer, not an umpire, at a professional baseball game this week

7/31/2015 - Can a politically strong middle class finally decide India’s future?

7/31/2015 - This tiny Himalayan kingdom is teaching the world how to save the tigers

7/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—LinkedIn disappoints, Coke’s European maneuvers, Spotify’s resilience, frightening sweaters

7/31/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—LinkedIn disappoints, Coke’s European maneuvers, Spotify’s resilience, frightening sweaters

7/31/2015 - A Turkish MP quickly broke his campaign promise to “not sleep in parliament”

7/30/2015 - British banks have an outsized exposure to a China downturn

7/30/2015 - SoulCycle vs. Shake Shack: Burning calories is a better business than burgers

7/30/2015 - Build one hell of a midcentury bar cart from actual “Mad Men” props

7/30/2015 - The biggest threat to African lions isn’t foreign hunters—it’s African people

7/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Cheap oil earnings, Facebook’s internet drone, Jerusalem pride attack, ugly sweater emergencies

7/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Cheap oil earnings, Facebook’s internet drone, Jerusalem pride attack, ugly sweater emergencies

7/30/2015 - This Instagram celebrity’s filter-free life is refreshingly authentic

7/30/2015 - SoulCycle IPO: A spin-class cult favorite is going public

7/30/2015 - Walter Palmer’s “apology” for killing Cecil the lion is about power and excuses, not accountability

7/30/2015 - 3D printing is not the miracle we were promised

7/30/2015 - The US Fish & Wildlife Service is investigating Cecil the lion’s death

7/30/2015 - Facebook’s internet-beaming drone is ready for testing

7/30/2015 - Watch: Gorgeous time-lapse of flowers that bloom and die in a day

7/30/2015 - Green tech is helping restore Florida’s $40 billion economic catalyst: the Everglades

7/30/2015 - Tanzania’s ex-PM is running for president with the party that once called him corrupt

7/30/2015 - Germans are unironically nostalgic for the golden days of 1950s debt forgiveness

7/30/2015 - Scientists have built a robot that can jump on water

7/30/2015 - America’s least cool sneaker company is absolutely killing it

7/30/2015 - An ultra-Orthodox attacker stabbed six people at the Jerusalem gay pride parade

7/30/2015 - Black lives matter, lion lives matter, and they’re both in jeopardy for the same brutal reason

7/30/2015 - The US should start treating all criminals more like white-collar criminals

7/30/2015 - Photos: New York and Los Angeles as seen from the sky

7/30/2015 - Watch: German comedian hilariously misinterprets English phrases

7/30/2015 - This is what it’s like to be a color blind designer

7/30/2015 - Maybe the euro isn’t totally doomed: Ireland and Spain are growing fast

7/30/2015 - A month later, Apple Music hasn’t killed Spotify

7/30/2015 - Five endangered elephants were killed while everyone was freaking out about Cecil the lion

7/30/2015 - Anti-abortion advocates are using Cecil the lion to further their cause

7/30/2015 - Angry Birds has dominated the App Store rankings longer than any other paid app

7/30/2015 - Killing lions like Cecil might actually be good for conservation

7/30/2015 - A man turned a London women’s history museum into a museum about woman-killer Jack the Ripper

7/30/2015 - Child mortality rates across sub-Saharan Africa have fallen by over 45% in the last two decades—and they’re still improving

7/30/2015 - A quarter of the world’s population will live in Africa by 2050

7/30/2015 - The US economy: GDP is growing, but not going gangbusters

7/30/2015 - Jeremy Clarkson and the “Top Gear” team are heading to Amazon

7/30/2015 - The US Taco Bell that’s selling alcohol will also feature a bouncer at the door

7/30/2015 - Uber’s security chief talks passenger safety, driver background checks, and California critics

7/30/2015 - Dr. Seuss’s newly discovered book is as relevant today as it was in the 1950s

7/30/2015 - These female Kurdish soldiers wear their femininity with pride

7/30/2015 - Retirement needs to be redefined

7/30/2015 - A visit to the “New Jungle” migrant camp in Calais reveals the humanitarian crisis in the heart of Europe

7/30/2015 - I wrote a novel about Putin’s Russia and now I think my pen name is keeping me alive

7/30/2015 - Uber customer complaints from the US are increasingly handled in the Philippines

7/30/2015 - Hong Kong women protest jail time for a “breast assault” with photos of their weapons

7/30/2015 - Scientists are developing an x-ray pill you can swallow

7/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—US GDP due, earnings galore, possible MH370 discovery, Cecil and political beliefs

7/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US GDP due, earnings galore, possible MH370 discovery, Cecil and political beliefs

7/30/2015 - Ai Weiwei has been denied a British visa to his own show because of a criminal conviction he doesn’t have

7/30/2015 - Deutsche Bank tripled its profit, and the new boss isn’t happy

7/30/2015 - In China, Michael Jordan does not hold the rights to his own name

7/30/2015 - The incredible rise of Gurgaon’s commercial real estate

7/30/2015 - APJ Abdul Kalam’s die-hard devotees must stop confronting his critics

7/30/2015 - Maps and video: How ocean currents may have carried MH370 debris to La Réunion

7/30/2015 - What direct flights to the US would—and would not—do for Kenya

7/30/2015 - Why do IITians make for the most successful tech entrepreneurs in India?

7/30/2015 - Microsoft’s CEO celebrated the worldwide launch of Windows 10 in… Nairobi

7/30/2015 - Photos: Italian sport teams know how to suit up—except for one

7/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Facebook’s spending, Nintendo’s profits, Samsung’s miss, bacon lasers

7/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Facebook’s spending, Nintendo’s profits, Samsung’s miss, bacon lasers

7/30/2015 - Walter Palmer is an “elite hunter” with a “purist’s reputation”—the New York Times, circa 2009

7/29/2015 - Ditch the tie and reduce the AC—Japan’s Cool Biz gets summer hell just about right

7/29/2015 - George Washington University’s new test-free policy isn’t as diversity-friendly as it seems

7/29/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg explains why VR is going to be a huge deal for Facebook

7/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Facebook’s pricey expansion, Fed’s rosy view, white rhino RIP, pig fat lasers

7/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Facebook’s pricey expansion, Fed’s rosy view, white rhino RIP, pig fat lasers

7/29/2015 - Disneyland Paris is charging hundreds of euros more to non-French speakers

7/29/2015 - Facebook is about to pass 1 billion daily active users

7/29/2015 - One of literature’s biggest, Canuck-friendliest prizes has shut out the Great White North

7/29/2015 - Yelp is having a really tough time competing for salespeople

7/29/2015 - Dylann Roof’s public defender is a longtime critic of injustice against African Americans

7/29/2015 - A police officer in Cincinnati has been charged with murder for shooting a man during a traffic stop

7/29/2015 - Jane Goodall on Cecil the lion’s death: “I have no words to express my repugnance.”

7/29/2015 - How brand-new words are spreading across America

7/29/2015 - Tom Brady has officially been dethroned as the NFL’s golden boy

7/29/2015 - What do software engineers who earn $500,000 a year do?

7/29/2015 - The killers of Cecil the beloved Zimbabwean lion could face up to 15 years in jail

7/29/2015 - The fences put up to prevent poaching on some of Africa’s parks haven’t kept its animals safe

7/29/2015 - An aircraft wing, potentially from missing flight MH370, is found on a remote island

7/29/2015 - Video: What if we idolized teachers the same way we do superstar athletes?

7/29/2015 - Michel Platini, Sepp Blatter’s former right-hand man, thinks he can give FIFA a fresh start

7/29/2015 - The US Labor Department laid out how badly America needs #BlackWomenEqualPay

7/29/2015 - Angry Romans are sharing pictures of New York trash on Facebook

7/29/2015 - Scientists are using origami to build nanobots

7/29/2015 - Watch Twitter’s stock nosedive after Jack Dorsey starts talking

7/29/2015 - The next wave of fitness wearables will send data directly to doctors

7/29/2015 - Can wearable devices keep us healthy and fit?

7/29/2015 - For the third time in three months, Rome’s airport is threatened by fire

7/29/2015 - How technology will help India meet increasing demand for healthcare access

7/29/2015 - It’s been a summer of influential African hashtags

7/29/2015 - Barcelona residents are fending off a barrage of drunken, obnoxious tourists

7/29/2015 - What ancient Roman soldiers have to do with nurturing deep, enduring friendships

7/29/2015 - Jane Birkin presses Hermès to use ethically-raised crocodiles for her namesake bag

7/29/2015 - Millennials: Coming of age

7/29/2015 - Google’s high-altitude internet balloons will soon connect all of Sri Lanka

7/29/2015 - One of the world’s five remaining white rhinos has died, “a symbol of senseless human greed”

7/29/2015 - A majority of Americans are poor at some point between the ages of 25 and 60

7/29/2015 - This long-ignored fossil may reveal how snakes lost their legs

7/29/2015 - Congrats, Canada: In Didier Drogba, you’re getting the best African soccer player ever

7/29/2015 - There’s one thing a bitterly divided Cyprus can agree on—halloumi cheese is special

7/29/2015 - This Swedish startup makes it easy to become your own lifestyle store

7/29/2015 - The five common traps that every entrepreneur needs to steer clear of

7/29/2015 - China yanks the string on the stock exchange yo-yo by going after “illegal” sales

7/29/2015 - Tesco takes aim against Capri Sun and other sugary drinks for kids

7/29/2015 - Watch Jimmy Kimmel get all emotional about Cecil the lion

7/29/2015 - How to find your Uber passenger rating

7/29/2015 - The bookies think the Iran deal is very likely to get US approval

7/29/2015 - Photos: Kids in war-torn Afghanistan still know how to play

7/29/2015 - Frontier Airlines will attempt to reinvent the middle seat

7/29/2015 - What illegal drugs cost on the dark web

7/29/2015 - Mice put on a shift-worker’s sleep schedule suffer from a greater risk of breast cancer

7/29/2015 - To engineer more useful technologies, science students need to think outside the laboratory

7/29/2015 - Scientists think they’ve found the reason you’re overeating

7/29/2015 - Cecil the lion didn’t have to die: Trophy hunting hurts Africa’s ecosystems and economies

7/29/2015 - Harvard scientists have turned fat cells into lasers

7/29/2015 - There’s no end in sight to the chaos at the Channel Tunnel

7/29/2015 - The fastest-growing mobile phone markets barely use apps

7/29/2015 - Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban, has apparently been dead for at least two years

7/29/2015 - Why Africa is a perfect market for Airbnb

7/29/2015 - Tesla might soon face a Chinese competitor inspired by “Knight Rider”

7/29/2015 - Yeah, right: New research says sarcasm makes workers more creative

7/29/2015 - Is India’s central bank doomed to be powerless?

7/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Facebook reports, Windows 10 launches, Barclays earnings, Japanese moss viewing

7/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Facebook reports, Windows 10 launches, Barclays earnings, Japanese moss viewing

7/29/2015 - What bothers me about APJ Abdul Kalam—and the way he is being mourned

7/29/2015 - Why are Chinese surgeons so keen on grafting hands onto legs?

7/29/2015 - The doctor who detected India’s first HIV case has died

7/29/2015 - Chart: Western companies still dominate overseas deal-making

7/29/2015 - Didi Kuaidi, Uber’s China rival, now offers designated drivers for drunk car owners

7/29/2015 - How two Americans zoomed into India’s car rental market

7/29/2015 - Charts and maps: How Japan’s companies are beating China’s in overseas M&A

7/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Facebook earnings, Cameron in Vietnam, Fed expectations, moss viewing

7/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Facebook earnings, Cameron in Vietnam, Fed expectations, moss viewing

7/29/2015 - China’s once high-flying internet money market funds are now barely better than traditional banks

7/28/2015 - What stock market slump? Louis Vuitton sales are thriving among Chinese shoppers

7/28/2015 - The staggering success of Gilead’s hepatitis drugs, in one chart

7/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Twitter earnings, Cameron in Vietnam, Israeli spy paroled, Japanese moss craze

7/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Twitter earnings, Cameron in Vietnam, Israeli spy paroled, Japanese moss craze

7/28/2015 - Procter & Gamble has an incredibly simple business problem

7/28/2015 - The entire world is enraged with Walter Palmer, the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion

7/28/2015 - Twitter is trying to make its user growth look better than it is

7/28/2015 - A sprinter’s landmark case rules in favor of gender fluidity in sports

7/28/2015 - The US will release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard after a 30-year prison stint

7/28/2015 - The US is investigating suspiciously high cancer rates at Guantanamo Bay

7/28/2015 - Amazon has a plan to integrate its drones into the US airspace right above our heads

7/28/2015 - A lawsuit over the world’s most popular song just took a surprise twist

7/28/2015 - There’s an app to listen to silent TVs in public places—and it might just help TV take on the web

7/28/2015 - America’s first female four-star general on why being a boy’s club is bad for business

7/28/2015 - You can now buy your favorite Kickstarter products on Amazon

7/28/2015 - Watch 433 hot air balloons set flight at once, breaking a world record

7/28/2015 - Nigerians say reliable electricity should be president Buhari’s top priority—not corruption

7/28/2015 - The NFL hires its first female coach in history—as an intern

7/28/2015 - Nike will pay $2.4 million to FuelBand buyers over claims it didn’t accurately count calories

7/28/2015 - The World Health Organization is expected to say red meat is linked to cancer

7/28/2015 - Fiscal waterboarding, bankruptocracy, and other Varoufakis metaphors

7/28/2015 - Beautiful new photos by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly make the Earth look strangely alien

7/28/2015 - 11 ways to give up your identity for the sake of getting—and keeping—a man

7/28/2015 - Cecil, Zimbabwe’s famous lion, was killed by an American dentist

7/28/2015 - A Turkish tech mogul handed out $27 million to his staff after selling the company

7/28/2015 - Barack Obama would win a third term if he ran again, says Barack Obama

7/28/2015 - An all-too-predictable human error led to Virgin Galactic’s deadly crash last year

7/28/2015 - This Italian company pioneered innovative startup culture—in the 1930s

7/28/2015 - The dramatic draining of Greek bank deposits continued in earnest last month

7/28/2015 - Photos: Artists turned an entire Mexican neighborhood into a colorful mural

7/28/2015 - Australia is pushing for a 24-hour cat curfew to protect endangered species

7/28/2015 - The FDA confirms that cilantro is disgusting

7/28/2015 - Oil baron Dick Bass, the first man to summit the highest peak on every continent, has died

7/28/2015 - A former sports agent created a LinkedIn for athletes

7/28/2015 - Study: The kinds of friendships you have in your 20s and 30s predicts your well-being later in life

7/28/2015 - Nine “corrections” of English that make smart people look silly

7/28/2015 - Why corporate annual reports are a designer’s dream project

7/28/2015 - The French have beaten Britain to become the first European champions of Quidditch

7/28/2015 - How to time your flights to get the cheapest fare from the US

7/28/2015 - Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son has been sentenced to death by firing squad

7/28/2015 - Nikkei’s acquisition of the Financial Times isn’t comparable to Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post

7/28/2015 - Americans may soon be seeing far fewer “Made in China” labels at the mall

7/28/2015 - How two orthodox Brahmins played a crucial role in APJ Abdul Kalam’s childhood

7/28/2015 - How to stay cool this summer without maxxing out the air conditioner

7/28/2015 - China’s government vows to continue with its damaging stock market support

7/28/2015 - Gucci’s sales are finally growing, but don’t call it a comeback just yet

7/28/2015 - Art collectors are still looking for African art that’s “African”

7/28/2015 - Meet the 72-year-old grandfather who scripted this year’s biggest blockbusters in India

7/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Erdogan in China, Twitter results, Volkswagen pips Toyota, half-beards

7/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Erdogan in China, Twitter results, Volkswagen pips Toyota, half-beards

7/28/2015 - The definitive reasons why summer is the worst time to fly in the US

7/28/2015 - Snake bites kill 45,000 Indians every year—and that number won’t come down anytime soon

7/28/2015 - Putin has started a new clash with the West, this time over the flow of oil through Georgia

7/28/2015 - In Ethiopia, Obama and the United States stand in China’s long shadow

7/28/2015 - KFC on the Indian Railways might kill the nostalgia, but it is a necessary step

7/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s stock rollercoaster, Twitter results, Puerto Rico’s cash flow, “half beards”

7/28/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China’s stock rollercoaster, Twitter results, Puerto Rico’s cash flow, “half beards”

7/28/2015 - A complete list of the Chinese government’s stock-market stimulus (that we know about)

7/27/2015 - Forget first class: Delta is going to start upgrading select customers to private jets

7/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—China’s rollercoaster, Twitter results, Syrian buffer zone, “half beards” trending

7/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China’s rollercoaster, Twitter results, Syrian buffer zone, “half beards” trending

7/27/2015 - Google has started extracting Google+ from itself

7/27/2015 - The annual US report card on human trafficking draws fire as Malaysia gets a passing grade

7/27/2015 - Boston falls out of the running to host the 2024 Olympics

7/27/2015 - LaGuardia Airport will be completely rebuilt in a $4 billion renovation

7/27/2015 - Software engineers need their own Hippocratic Oath

7/27/2015 - If you think Amazon is huge now, wait until it becomes America’s biggest fashion retailer

7/27/2015 - Affordable housing in New York is benefitting from this progress maker

7/27/2015 - Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and hundreds of scientists want to keep AI out of our weapons

7/27/2015 - Photos: Members of China’s largest Muslim minority make a new home in Turkey

7/27/2015 - “Daily fantasy sports” isn’t quite gambling—and it has some major league investors

7/27/2015 - India’s most famous rocket scientist—and former president—dies at 83

7/27/2015 - Teva’s deal with Allergan continues a massive year for pharma M&A

7/27/2015 - Attention hipsters: An Italian high-jumper is pioneering the “half beard” look

7/27/2015 - Oh dear: Now what has Yanis Varoufakis said?

7/27/2015 - Wary Chinese investors are ditching stocks for real estate

7/27/2015 - Africa’s biggest media group, Naspers, has finally apologized for its role during Apartheid

7/27/2015 - Chinese stocks haven’t had this many bad days since 2008

7/27/2015 - ESPN will be available outside the cable bundle some day, Disney’s CEO says

7/27/2015 - Hackers take down New York magazine’s website after its explosive Bill Cosby story

7/27/2015 - Why a Japanese company paid top dollar for the Financial Times

7/27/2015 - To master any skill, use the learning technique that scared Bruce Lee

7/27/2015 - Satanists threw a public sculpture unveiling in Detroit, chanting “Hail Satan”

7/27/2015 - Burger King is beating McDonald’s in sales growth thanks to chicken fries, pulled pork, and a fancier cheeseburger

7/27/2015 - If LinkedIn has never helped you land a job, you’re probably using it wrong

7/27/2015 - A single image from New York magazine is more powerful than all of Bill Cosby’s denials

7/27/2015 - This is exactly how time flies, in one fascinating interactive

7/27/2015 - China’s campaign of intimidation against human-rights lawyers has to be stopped

7/27/2015 - Amazon would have even been a good investment at the peak of the dot-com bubble

7/27/2015 - What IBM’s Watson thinks of your favorite authors’ personalities

7/27/2015 - A deadly gun battle with terrorists in India’s Punjab has ended after 12 hours

7/27/2015 - Your American dentist is less and less likely to be a white man

7/27/2015 - Emirates has re-engineered dining at 30,000 ft so that airplane food tastes good

7/27/2015 - How to avoid getting duped by overblown health claims

7/27/2015 - The cities with the most potholed and treacherous roads in America, charted

7/27/2015 - Bombed to hell: a story of Indian bravery in Africa in the Second World War

7/27/2015 - Index funds may be conspiring against the very same investors who fund them

7/27/2015 - Why Nigeria’s plans for a dream Eldorado city in Lagos are not radical enough

7/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama in Ethiopia, China’s stock rout, pharma deals, pee-repelling paint

7/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama in Ethiopia, China’s stock rout, pharma deals, pee-repelling paint

7/27/2015 - The battle between Africa’s mobile phone companies and banks is a boon for financial inclusion

7/27/2015 - The Chinese government’s massive stock market stimulus is having the opposite effect

7/27/2015 - Dissolving the Export-Import Bank will hurt US-Africa relations

7/27/2015 - Coffee snobs are good for the local economy

7/27/2015 - Punjab has lost nearly 12,000 civilians to terrorist attacks since 1981

7/27/2015 - Everything you need to know about Gurdaspur—the epicentre of today’s terrorist attacks

7/27/2015 - China’s Warcraft III champion has made a mouse to monitor gamers like traditional athletes

7/27/2015 - A terror attack is currently unfolding in India’s Punjab

7/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama in Ethiopia, Baidu’s mobile puzzle, Economist sale, pee-repelling paint

7/27/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama in Ethiopia, Baidu’s mobile puzzle, Turkey shatters truce, pee-repelling paint

7/27/2015 - China’s “new normal” is shifting the country’s economic center of gravity

7/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Obama in Ethiopia, Baidu’s mobile puzzle, Turkey shatters truce, pee-repelling paint

7/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama in Ethiopia, Baidu’s mobile puzzle, Turkey shatters truce, pee-repelling paint

7/26/2015 - The guys behind MegaBots say their giant fighting robot will pioneer an entirely new, worldwide sport

7/26/2015 - Here’s how the Greek financial crisis looks from behind the bar

7/26/2015 - Donald Trump takes the lead in New Hampshire and surges to second place in Iowa

7/26/2015 - San Francisco tests special paint that splashes back pee onto public urinators

7/26/2015 - When American psychologists use their skills for torture

7/26/2015 - Al-Shabab attacks a major hotel in Mogadishu and reduces it to rubble

7/26/2015 - Obama tells Kenya that some traditions are bad traditions

7/26/2015 - Your love of the Sex Pistols or Norah Jones says more about your personality than you think

7/26/2015 - Why Africa loves Obama—and it’s not why you might think

7/26/2015 - Humans are endangering the most abundant animal on the planet

7/26/2015 - There’s a biology to lasting happiness, and there may be way to train yourself for it

7/26/2015 - Override: A story about the future of work

7/26/2015 - You’re probably richer than you think—here’s how to find out

7/26/2015 - The unsung heroes of the Ebola fight need our help

7/26/2015 - Watch: What our solar system would look like when traveling at the speed of light

7/25/2015 - Obama tells Kenya gay rights are not a “non-issue”

7/25/2015 - Apple reportedly met with BMW for help with its secret car project

7/25/2015 - China uses “stadium diplomacy” to compete with Obama for Kenya’s affections

7/25/2015 - Pearson wants to sell The Economist too, but has to deal with its baroque ownership structure

7/25/2015 - Britain’s Chris Froome has won his second Tour de France

7/25/2015 - President Obama in Kenya: ‘This is personal for me’

7/25/2015 - An interview with Gawker’s top executives hours before their site blew itself up

7/25/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Japan and the FT, CrossFit economics, postcapitalism, ISIL’s mysteries

7/25/2015 - Fashion bloggers and photographers on how to take perfect Instagram pictures, every time

7/25/2015 - I grew up as an Indian expat in Iran, before the revolution

7/25/2015 - Bison: Just because they eat grass doesn’t mean they won’t kill you

7/25/2015 - After buying the Financial Times, is Nikkei ready to speak truth to Japan’s corporate power?

7/25/2015 - When your self-driving car crashes, you could still be the one who gets sued

7/25/2015 - Photos: These hardworking women will make you rethink the American farmer

7/25/2015 - The UK’s opposition parties are moving left, and it could lose them the next election

7/25/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Japan and the FT, CrossFit economics, postcapitalism, ISIL’s mysteries

7/24/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Japan and the FT, CrossFit economics, postcapitalism, ISIL’s mysteries

7/24/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Japan and the FT, CrossFit economics, postcapitalism, ISIL’s mysteries

7/24/2015 - Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film “Southpaw” was financed entirely by a Chinese company

7/24/2015 - Mobile payment startup Square reportedly files to go public

7/24/2015 - American Airlines just reported the biggest quarterly profit in industry history—and its stock is still down

7/24/2015 - These charts explain Uber’s controversial racial politics

7/24/2015 - Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza easily wins a third term in an election boycotted by the opposition

7/24/2015 - Chrysler recalls 1.4 million vehicles at risk of being hacked over the Internet

7/24/2015 - Five US airlines are being investigated for price gouging after a tragic train derailment

7/24/2015 - Kenyans have turned Obama’s most inspirational speeches into ringtones

7/24/2015 - Video: We put Donald Trump into Google’s DeepDream AI, with terrifying results

7/24/2015 - The US is sanctioning Tanzania’s largest commercial bank over suspected ties to money laundering

7/24/2015 - Yes, you’re hearing more ads on Pandora these days

7/24/2015 - 62,000 employees are suing Abercrombie & Fitch over its notorious “look policy”

7/24/2015 - Let’s brainstorm ideas for the 2018 “Jurassic World” sequel

7/24/2015 - “Southpaw” is a macho boxing movie about the problems with masculinity

7/24/2015 - What the hell is going on with China’s stock market, charted

7/24/2015 - Photos: Fields of flowers look like modern art from above

7/24/2015 - Brazilians have noticed their economy is falling apart

7/24/2015 - Study: The link between sugary drinks and type 2 diabetes is really, really strong

7/24/2015 - Mapped: The US states with the most gun owners—and most gun deaths

7/24/2015 - Police identify the Louisiana movie theater shooter as John Russel Houser

7/24/2015 - Take this test before you introduce a colleague as your “friend”

7/24/2015 - The Guardian’s bizarrely xenophobic message to readers

7/24/2015 - India’s DNA profiling bill may become one of the world’s most intrusive laws

7/24/2015 - In prison, shaving was a luxury I couldn’t stand to lose

7/24/2015 - The first malaria vaccine will not eradicate the disease yet—but will save millions of lives

7/24/2015 - China is building a massive solar plant in the Gobi desert

7/24/2015 - Japanese companies have swallowed up at least one foreign company a day, on average, for the last decade

7/24/2015 - Anthem is buying Cigna for $48 billion as US health insurers begin devouring each other

7/24/2015 - You have to sue your parents to legally change your gender in Poland, but that may soon change

7/24/2015 - The one, key difference between American “patriots” and Sandra Bland

7/24/2015 - The Netherlands passed a law to protect every citizen from climate change

7/24/2015 - Lessons from starting a business during an economic downturn

7/24/2015 - Four of the five musicians with the biggest vocabularies are rappers—and the fifth is Bob Dylan

7/24/2015 - Photos: Obama’s trip to East Africa is prime time for Obamabilia sales

7/24/2015 - A group of Harvard scientists have built a 3D printer that’s actually useful

7/24/2015 - Nairobi has turned into a ghost town ahead of Obama’s visit

7/24/2015 - All 204 mass shootings so far this year in America, mapped

7/24/2015 - Nigeria needs more military reforms to take on Boko Haram—not more weapons

7/24/2015 - How the rest of the world learns about the American Revolution in school

7/24/2015 - Confused by the Greek debt crisis? Imagine having to teach it to schoolchildren

7/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Obama in Kenya, Puma catching up, FT’s pink explained, Finnish parsnips

7/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama in Kenya, Puma catching up, FT’s pink explained, Finnish parsnips

7/24/2015 - A malaria vaccine nearly 30 years in the making just got a green light from EU regulators

7/24/2015 - How that cheap prawn sandwich of yours is ruining Sri Lanka’s coasts

7/24/2015 - The Jawaharlal Nehru today’s India does not know

7/24/2015 - The unhealthy modern Indian

7/24/2015 - The FT got five times the price of the Washington Post on the sales block because it kept spending on quality

7/24/2015 - How the man behind Modi’s popular slogan resurrected SpiceJet

7/24/2015 - The Financial Times deal is part of a more global stance for Nikkei—and for Japan

7/24/2015 - A movie theater shooting that left three dead is Louisiana’s eighth mass shooting this year

7/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obama in Kenya, Amazon beats Walmart, Starbucks earnings, treehouse masterpiece

7/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Obama in Kenya, Amazon beats Walmart, Starbucks earnings, treehouse masterpiece

7/24/2015 - Should Japan ban its Rising Sun flag?

7/23/2015 - Zombies and cannibals: The horrors of China’s financial system, charted

7/23/2015 - FIFA’s big sponsors are demanding real reforms

7/23/2015 - Ferrari is set to go public early next year

7/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Nikkei buys FT, Amazon tops Walmart, Earth’s closest cousin, treehouse architects

7/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Nikkei buys FT, Amazon tops Walmart, Earth’s closest cousin, treehouse architects

7/23/2015 - Converse just revealed the Chuck Taylor All Star’s first redesign in almost a century

7/23/2015 - Amazon Web Services is now a $6 billion-a-year cloud-computing monster

7/23/2015 - Amazon is now bigger than Walmart

7/23/2015 - Mexico City is offering free subway rides in exchange for doing squats

7/23/2015 - McDonald’s is going to line the German Autobahn with more than 100 new restaurants

7/23/2015 - Steve Wozniak played in this year’s Segway polo world championships

7/23/2015 - Finland’s president discreetly called in to a radio nature show to ask about parsnips

7/23/2015 - The most exciting roster of sponsored athletes isn’t Nike’s, it’s Under Armour’s

7/23/2015 - Yahoo’s headcount is back to where it was at the end of 2006

7/23/2015 - Kenyans ridicule CNN for calling the country a “hotbed of terror”

7/23/2015 - Activists are repurposing London’s “anti-homeless” spikes into cozy bedrooms

7/23/2015 - Silvio Berlusconi claims he received an offer from Putin to become Russia’s economy minister

7/23/2015 - How the pink lawn flamingo became an American national treasure

7/23/2015 - LeBron James’ new deal with Warner Bros. is fueling rumors of a “Space Jam” reboot

7/23/2015 - A Silicon Valley mogul wants to create a new country to house the world’s refugees

7/23/2015 - Why America’s biggest health insurers are suddenly devouring each other

7/23/2015 - Fitting rhinos with high-tech body cams could save them from poachers

7/23/2015 - NASA has found a “close cousin” to Earth

7/23/2015 - A $1.5 million painting once sold to pay for Mandela’s legal fees was found in a London flat

7/23/2015 - Students in North Carolina can get credit for online gym class this fall

7/23/2015 - Why the Financial Times is pink

7/23/2015 - By Bill Gates: Countries with booming economies still need foreign aid

7/23/2015 - Desis rejoice: There’s a robot that can make you roti at home

7/23/2015 - The Financial Times was just sold to Japan’s Nikkei

7/23/2015 - Standing desks make children better students

7/23/2015 - The man behind butter-filled Bulletproof Coffee wants to take over the world

7/23/2015 - WHO: Risk of certain cancers is higher in transgender communities

7/23/2015 - Rebellious kids grow up to out-earn rule-followers

7/23/2015 - US border agents have pulled out of Trump’s Texas campaign event

7/23/2015 - This New York City park will be built on top of an active rail yard

7/23/2015 - Your rude coworker is decreasing your creativity—and making you meaner

7/23/2015 - This visor attaches to a bicycle helmet and protects your face from potentially harmful rays

7/23/2015 - Uber should savor its New York win—because it may be paying for the subway before long

7/23/2015 - A leprosy outbreak in Florida has been attributed to spitting armadillos

7/23/2015 - Credit Suisse’s new boss is off to the best possible start

7/23/2015 - Here’s what your stolen identity goes for on the internet’s black market

7/23/2015 - This luxury banana is packaged with a second peel

7/23/2015 - How to design an enduring logo: Lessons from IBM and Paul Rand

7/23/2015 - Backdoor bailouts saved French banks from sinking with Greece

7/23/2015 - Black South Africans are slowly moving into management positions—but white males still call the shots

7/23/2015 - A record number of startups scored $1-billion-plus valuations in the second quarter

7/23/2015 - From sandy beaches to busy stock markets—people read the Quran in unusual places

7/23/2015 - Topless foreign men are China’s new favorite sales force

7/23/2015 - The story of Apple right now is the iPhone in China

7/23/2015 - Here are the 25 Iranian oil tankers waiting to ship out somewhere in the world

7/23/2015 - This is what the American road trip looks like if you’re an obsessive book nerd

7/23/2015 - A judge has ruled that women from Northern Ireland can’t access free abortions in England

7/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Trump’s border visit, Credit Suisse’s profits, more Greek austerity, leprosy hits Florida

7/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Trump’s border visit, Credit Suisse’s profits, more Greek austerity, leprosy hits Florida

7/23/2015 - Women aren’t safe even in Delhi’s most prestigious educational institutions

7/23/2015 - Cockroaches are getting respect and admiration at a Japanese zoo

7/23/2015 - After alienating the media and raising prices, Huawei is selling more phones than ever

7/23/2015 - What does the discovery of the world’s oldest Quran tell us?

7/23/2015 - Video: A Chinese military drill simulates an attack on Taiwan’s presidential office

7/23/2015 - Desperate migrants and militant unions are threatening to choke traffic in the Channel Tunnel

7/23/2015 - Amer International might gobble up Fanya Metal Exchange for $5 billion—and placate some angry investors

7/23/2015 - How Indian families took over the Antwerp diamond trade from orthodox Jews

7/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Apple cuts spending, Greece passes austerity, Uber beats NYC, emoji movie

7/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Apple cuts spending, Greece passes austerity, Uber beats NYC, emoji movie

7/22/2015 - A list of everything Donald Trump runs that has his name on it

7/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—GM talks China, Amazon’s cloud clout, Uber defeats de Blasio, butt-dial liability

7/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—GM talks China, Amazon’s cloud clout, Uber defeats de Blasio, butt-dial liability

7/22/2015 - Becky Hammon becomes the first female coach to win an NBA summer league championship

7/22/2015 - Uber wins its fight against New York City mayor Bill de Blasio—at least for now

7/22/2015 - Here are all the ways a hacker can take control of your car

7/22/2015 - Coloring books now account for over 17% of all Brazilian book sales

7/22/2015 - The new search for aliens will start in one of the quietest, most uneventful places in America

7/22/2015 - Bill Cosby is going after one of the women who accused him of sexual assault

7/22/2015 - Barack Obama has big plans for Nigeria and Africa—you just can’t see them yet

7/22/2015 - Fakes are costing Europe’s fashion industry 10% of its sales and thousands of jobs

7/22/2015 - CrossFit’s extremely lucrative business plan is also deceptively simple

7/22/2015 - Over 16 million American kids now live in poverty—and that’s 3 million more than when the Great Recession hit

7/22/2015 - The hidden danger of China’s stock market bubble

7/22/2015 - America has lost EL Doctorow, the novelist who best understood it

7/22/2015 - Pope Francis has taken a big hit to his popularity with Americans

7/22/2015 - Bill Simmons will host a weekly show on HBO starting in 2016

7/22/2015 - India’s massive untapped natural gas reserves could help free up $306 million a day on imported oil

7/22/2015 - India’s massive untapped natural gas reserves could help free up $306 million a day on imported oil

7/22/2015 - A police video of Sandra Bland’s arrest fuels suspicions about her death

7/22/2015 - Accenture is freeing 300,000-plus employees from performance reviews

7/22/2015 - The world’s poorest countries could finally wipe out polio—as long as the richest ones don’t bring it back

7/22/2015 - Moscow is screening outdoor movies for the homeless

7/22/2015 - Creepy, dystopian genetic identification already exists—we’re just not using it yet

7/22/2015 - Target dumped Canada and people are still pretty darn upset about it

7/22/2015 - It’s all for show: A bankrupt 50 Cent insists he’s not as rich as you think he is

7/22/2015 - Don’t laugh, the US housing market is the best story in the global economy right now

7/22/2015 - A new trove of Dr. Seuss’s drawings—and a soon-to-be-published book—were found in a forgotten box

7/22/2015 - A competitor is trying to force SpaceX to reveal its secret satellite internet plans

7/22/2015 - How the world’s greatest artists broke through their creative block

7/22/2015 - German carmakers have reportedly outbid Silicon Valley to buy Nokia’s mapping unit

7/22/2015 - NASA is training astronauts for space in an underwater station—and you can watch them live

7/22/2015 - Peru will attempt to make contact with an isolated Amazonian tribe

7/22/2015 - Diet Coke is dying

7/22/2015 - Nigeria’s president was asked about gay marriage in the US. His reply: “sodomy” is “abhorrent”

7/22/2015 - This designer wants to power cars with cow stomachs

7/22/2015 - Japan has just won the World Cup—of robot soccer

7/22/2015 - Men, it’s time to stop treating workaholism like a badge of honor

7/22/2015 - The person who copied this Qur’an may have personally known the Prophet Muhammad

7/22/2015 - Bangkok is sinking, and may be underwater in 15 years

7/22/2015 - Attention celiac sufferers! Scientists are working on a pill that will let you eat bread and pasta

7/22/2015 - The number of organ donors in the UK fell for the first time in 10 years

7/22/2015 - Study: Drinking coffee fends off diabetes

7/22/2015 - Even 2°C of warming could be catastrophic for the planet

7/22/2015 - Minions are all male because they’re ‘stupid and dumb,’ says their creator

7/22/2015 - In America, mass incarceration has caused more crime than it’s prevented

7/22/2015 - Bin Roye is Pakistan’s answer to Bollywood

7/22/2015 - China needs to get its people to spend—and that’s a lot harder than it sounds

7/22/2015 - Forget forgetting: Google wants to index your real-world experiences and make them searchable

7/22/2015 - High-pitched music makes chocolate taste sweeter, and other sonic seasonings

7/22/2015 - The University of Michigan opened an ultra-realistic testing site for futuristic cars

7/22/2015 - How bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies keep humans healthy

7/22/2015 - Easyjet has shaken off strikes, fire, and strife—but Ryanair is still flying higher

7/22/2015 - Yahoo wants to return to its roots as a search engine

7/22/2015 - These gargantuan North Korean statues can be found all over Africa

7/22/2015 - China’s looming stock market disaster is part 1929 America, part 1989 Japan

7/22/2015 - With “1989” merchandise, Taylor Swift unknowingly becomes a critic of the Chinese government

7/22/2015 - George Clooney wants to expose people who finance Africa’s conflicts—but it won’t be easy

7/22/2015 - Four years after his arrest, artist Ai Weiwei has his passport back

7/22/2015 - Everything Tim Cook said—and didn’t say—about Apple Watch sales

7/22/2015 - Violence in Burundi is not stopping Pierre Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term

7/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—NYC airport strike, Malaysia scandal widens, Japanese inflation, MIT teaches poker

7/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—NYC airport strike, Malaysia scandal widens, Japanese inflation, MIT teaches poker

7/22/2015 - Study: Fewer than half the world’s cultures engage in romantic kissing

7/22/2015 - How a blue whale named Isabella helped scientists discover secret whale-migration patterns

7/22/2015 - Videos: No one pokes fun at Germany’s tough policies better than the Germans

7/22/2015 - Alibaba is swooping in to fix China’s serious sperm shortage

7/22/2015 - One of these beautiful, bicycle-friendly designs will be the inspiration for the next bridge over the Thames

7/22/2015 - A new residential complex in Japan is built into the side of a mountain

7/22/2015 - After years of commuter agony and crores of rupees, Delhi’s infamous BRTS is being scrapped

7/22/2015 - Bengaluru’s favourite pub is going public—and many more could follow

7/22/2015 - I am a gay Indian-American man and I want an arranged marriage

7/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Apple disappoints, Microsoft’s major loss, NYC airport strike, “dad bod” science

7/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Apple disappoints, Microsoft’s major loss, NYC airport strike, “dad bod” science

7/22/2015 - China’s major music streamers are suing the hell out of each other—and that’s a good thing

7/22/2015 - Striking factory workers are using Uniqlo’s viral sex tape to highlight their low pay and severance

7/22/2015 - You’re not alone: Binge watching is a solo activity for most people

7/21/2015 - One person is displaced by a natural disaster every second—and Asia bears the brunt of the destruction

7/21/2015 - Chipotle’s prices are starting to vary even more based on where you live

7/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—iPhone sales disappoint, Burundi’s violent election, New York airport strike, “dad bod” science

7/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—iPhone sales disappoint, Burundi’s violent election, New York airport strike, “dad bod” science

7/21/2015 - How one CFO transformed his company by turning to cloud technologies

7/21/2015 - Congratulations, Greece! You’re now almost as creditworthy as Pakistan

7/21/2015 - Apple just lost $62 billion in value in three minutes

7/21/2015 - The latest XPrize winners figured out a cheap way to measure the ocean’s rising acidity

7/21/2015 - Watch the highlights from the first US drone racing championships

7/21/2015 - Study confirms that yes, women know best when it comes to their own reproductive health

7/21/2015 - Charts showing president Jakaya Kikwete’s economic legacy in Tanzania

7/21/2015 - Levi’s just made it incredibly simple for Americans to recycle their old clothes

7/21/2015 - There’s a huge gap in US professor salaries based on major

7/21/2015 - Why I don’t mind looking like a failure at my Ivy League class reunion

7/21/2015 - We’re live-charting Apple’s third-quarter earnings

7/21/2015 - Pork, pricing, and pizza: Here’s what to look for in Chipotle’s earnings

7/21/2015 - Facebook’s stock surge has made it one of the most valuable companies on earth

7/21/2015 - Without a falling-rate tailwind, investors will need to choose the right risks

7/21/2015 - Science proves that the dad bod is real

7/21/2015 - Elephants in Angola have learned to navigate minefields on their own

7/21/2015 - Comedians posing as customer service are telling off whiny consumers on Facebook

7/21/2015 - Photos: Chinese beachgoers dive into waves of mysterious algae

7/21/2015 - Apple’s incredible growth run will end next year, Wall Street predicts

7/21/2015 - Study: Tiny plankton play a big role in keeping the earth cool

7/21/2015 - Recruiters use these signals to determine when someone is ready to switch jobs

7/21/2015 - Italy has a $21.6 million plan to sell Americans more clothes

7/21/2015 - A Major League Baseball team has signed a Chinese player for the first time in a hundred years

7/21/2015 - These hidden indicators suggest the US housing rebound has room to run

7/21/2015 - Airbnb compared itself to Ellis Island, obviously really needs a history lesson

7/21/2015 - A Lufthansa plane narrowly missed a drone as it landed in Warsaw

7/21/2015 - How to write, according to the woman who wrote some of Pink Floyd’s biggest hits

7/21/2015 - The myth of the “bad” prisoner: Why we’re thinking about US prison reform all wrong

7/21/2015 - This US presidential candidate doesn’t want to be president—he wants to live forever

7/21/2015 - Bluefish mercury levels are declining off the US coastline

7/21/2015 - A non-French speaker just won the French Scrabble championship

7/21/2015 - China’s state-rigged stock market is getting a state-mandated cooling-off period

7/21/2015 - Astronauts are reading bedtime stories and videotaping science experiments from space

7/21/2015 - Write 40+ books in your lifetime using Anthony Trollope’s 15-minute daily routine

7/21/2015 - In Brooklyn, stroke patients learn to speak again–in two languages

7/21/2015 - We now have an economic theory that explains the reckless rock ‘n roll lifestyle

7/21/2015 - Why did Elon Musk pass up a chance to boast about a scientific coup?

7/21/2015 - Fake-tan creams and a naked supermodel are shielding a soap company from the world’s economic turmoil

7/21/2015 - New Zealand has refused a man’s claim to become the first official refugee from climate change

7/21/2015 - India should heed John Oliver’s message and stop wasting insane amounts of food

7/21/2015 - This is the world’s best kindergarten

7/21/2015 - Here’s where to find Apple’s first Watch sales numbers

7/21/2015 - South Africa’s new visa rules are turning visitors away

7/21/2015 - The ingredient that makes each global cuisine taste authentic

7/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Apple Watch insights, Toshiba resignations, elections in Burundi, Queen Elizabeth’s driving

7/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Apple Watch insights, Toshiba resignations, elections in Burundi, Queen Elizabeth’s driving

7/21/2015 - Vishal Sikka is a great CEO for Infosys—the proof is in the numbers

7/21/2015 - A new group of burned Chinese investors could be about to get a government bailout

7/21/2015 - If this Chinese company’s stock drops, the CEO will reimburse employees

7/21/2015 - 12 tips for young Greeks—from a successful Greek entrepreneur

7/21/2015 - Bajrangi Bhaijaan proves Salman Khan is Bollywood’s most lucrative star—despite the courtroom drama

7/21/2015 - Brits have nominated Alfred Hitchcock, Beatrix Potter, and Charlie Chaplin for the new face of the £20 note

7/21/2015 - Spain’s unused, billion-euro Don Quixote airport is about to be sold to a Chinese investor for just $11,000

7/21/2015 - From potato farming to a $23 billion Chinese takeover target: Micron Technology and the history of tech in America

7/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Toshiba resignations, IBM’s results, Amazon’s new competition, Queen Elizabeth’s driving

7/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Toshiba resignations, IBM’s results, Amazon’s new competition, Queen Elizabeth’s driving

7/20/2015 - Donald Trump has widened his lead over his Republican rivals

7/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Toshiba resignations, competition for Amazon, Turkey suicide bomber, robot dinosaur hotel

7/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Toshiba resignations, competition for Amazon, Turkey suicide bomber, robot dinosaur hotel

7/20/2015 - Grooveshark co-founder Josh Greenberg, 28, has been found dead of unknown causes

7/20/2015 - Behold: NASA’s first image of the whole Earth in decades

7/20/2015 - PayPal once worried no one would buy stuff online

7/20/2015 - Elon Musk says SpaceX’s latest rocket exploded after a single strut snapped

7/20/2015 - Facebook is now bigger than General Electric

7/20/2015 - Reducing India’s dependence on foreign oil and gas

7/20/2015 - The record-breaking heat of June 2015 means this could be Earth’s warmest year in history

7/20/2015 - Nigeria’s president Buhari won’t appoint a cabinet until September

7/20/2015 - There’s reportedly a big, secret spreadsheet where Google employees share their salaries

7/20/2015 - The technology behind bitcoin could replace lawyers, too

7/20/2015 - How bitcoin technology could relieve the cost and lag time of corporate legal work

7/20/2015 - The first successful drone delivery in the US has taken place

7/20/2015 - Photos: This ‘street barber’ helps homeless people transform their look

7/20/2015 - The science of “hangry”—why some people get grumpy when they’re hungry

7/20/2015 - A study has found that an ingredient in marijuana helps mend broken bones in rats

7/20/2015 - Greek banks have reopened, but you still can’t do much actual banking in them

7/20/2015 - Study: Five-year-olds who play well with others are more likely to be successful adults

7/20/2015 - The world’s first figure-eight ferris wheel is floating and inspired by Gotham City

7/20/2015 - The “tampon tax” in Greece just got a lot steeper

7/20/2015 - User-friendly smart homes are coming to an Apple Store near you

7/20/2015 - American teens won the International Mathematical Olympiad for the first time in two decades

7/20/2015 - South Africa has to fix its tax system to meet rising social benefit demand

7/20/2015 - Stockholm is banning cars to promote green energy in Sweden

7/20/2015 - Over 40% of today’s new Marine officers wouldn’t have made the cut in World War II

7/20/2015 - Building a sustainable solution for India’s food problem

7/20/2015 - Deadbeat no more: Greece has repaid its IMF debts… with more borrowed money

7/20/2015 - You’re probably doing email introductions wrong

7/20/2015 - What women of color need in the workplace, charted

7/20/2015 - In Sweden, big data servers cool themselves with arctic air

7/20/2015 - Videos: FIFA president Sepp Blatter gets showered with money at a press conference

7/20/2015 - Worse than annoying: Drones make it harder for California to fight a giant wildfire

7/20/2015 - Quartz Africa Weekly Brief: Kinshasa’s robocops; Starbucks in South Africa; currencies struggle

7/20/2015 - Video: This is the Queen of England doing the Nazi salute as a child

7/20/2015 - Your gold is worth less and less lately—here’s why

7/20/2015 - Drones are becoming the oil industry’s guardian angel

7/20/2015 - Watch: John Oliver thinks Americans waste way, way too much food each year

7/20/2015 - A suspected suicide bomber killed at least 30 people near Turkey’s border with Syria

7/20/2015 - Former Apple engineers have designed an oven that will do the thinking for you

7/20/2015 - The overlooked gender gap: financial credit

7/20/2015 - A Russian tech billionaire is spending $100 million to find aliens, with help from Stephen Hawking

7/20/2015 - The best leaders don’t demand your respect, they deserve it

7/20/2015 - White people, please stop blaming people of color for your mediocre grades

7/20/2015 - Asian-American students benefit from holistic college admissions processes, too

7/20/2015 - Bringing women on to tech company boards could be as simple as making a list

7/20/2015 - A killer speech by Mhairi Black, the UK’s 20-year-old MP, has had 10 million views so far

7/20/2015 - The moon landing inspired me to become an astronaut

7/20/2015 - Learn to code like it’s the ’90s with Berkshire Hathaway’s normcore website

7/20/2015 - Mugabe is asking back the white farmers he chased away

7/20/2015 - Sadly for gold investors, all news is currently good news

7/20/2015 - Ashley Madison, the totally “discreet” site for extramarital affairs, has been hacked

7/20/2015 - People keep shining laser pointers at planes, and it needs to stop

7/20/2015 - Where Indians are committing suicide—and why

7/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Cuban diplomacy, Greek banks reopen, Barclays staff cuts, paying in blood

7/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Cuban diplomacy, Greek banks reopen, Barclays staff cuts, paying in blood

7/20/2015 - Some of India’s crazy combo drugs can kill—but the regulators don’t care

7/20/2015 - China’s war on rumors isn’t just about dissent—it’s about actual baseless rumors

7/20/2015 - Lessons Nigeria’s Buhari can learn from Obama about managing a tough economy

7/20/2015 - Photos: When the US last had diplomatic relations with Cuba

7/20/2015 - Homegrown monsters and magic pancakes boosted China’s box office to a new record

7/20/2015 - Gay literature is firmly out of the closet in India

7/20/2015 - “Star Wars” lands in 17th-century Japan with ukiyo-e woodblock prints

7/20/2015 - Silicon Valley-size deals are still a pipe dream for India’s IT sector

7/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greek banks reopen, Barclays staff cuts, Trump offends Republicans, Transylvania blood payments

7/20/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greek banks reopen, Barclays staff cuts, Trump offends Republicans, Transylvania blood payments

7/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greece reopens its banks, Bill Cosby’s deposition, a surfer fights off a shark

7/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greece reopens its banks, Bill Cosby’s deposition, a surfer fights off a shark

7/19/2015 - An amazing photo shows a black police officer helping a white supremacist amid a racial clash

7/19/2015 - In Dar es Salaam, biryani, chapati, and flowing dishdasha robes mark a cross-cultural Eid

7/19/2015 - That viral Uniqlo sex tape has led to the arrests of five people

7/19/2015 - Can sleep explain why black Americans die younger than white Americans?

7/19/2015 - To save the environment, let’s put humans on birth control

7/19/2015 - Donald Trump says John McCain is not a war hero—and finally alienates the Republican base

7/19/2015 - America’s funniest women are getting raunchier while its funniest men are getting soft

7/19/2015 - Caitlyn Jenner’s stunning dress at the ESPY Awards had its own story to tell

7/19/2015 - The verdict on New York Fashion Week for men: Meh

7/19/2015 - Polar bears are in more trouble than we thought

7/19/2015 - The Baconpocalypse has finally come to a close

7/19/2015 - Ten years after breaking my engagement, I made good on the ring I never returned

7/18/2015 - Bitcoin and space travel are two of the fastest-growing areas of venture-capital funding

7/18/2015 - The first US national drone-racing competition was won by an Australian

7/18/2015 - Kenyan consumers win this round against Al Shabaab as Westgate Mall reopens

7/18/2015 - Eggs are now more expensive than chicken in the US

7/18/2015 - Deceased Formula One driver Jules Bianchi discussed his remarkable career in this interview

7/18/2015 - A Los Angeles wildfire turned a freeway into a Hollywood apocalypse scene

7/18/2015 - Japan has scrapped Zaha Hadid’s ostentatious design for its new national stadium

7/18/2015 - Why US savers shouldn’t get too excited about higher interest rates

7/18/2015 - This museum’s website gets “hacked” every day at sunrise and sunset

7/18/2015 - Barack Obama’s lame-duck period could be one of the least lame ever

7/18/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Lame-duck Obama, the US and Cuba, Mumbai’s dragon-makers, the GMO wars

7/18/2015 - Watch how drones keep elephants away from danger in Tanzania

7/18/2015 - Studying human psychology turned me into a political liberal

7/18/2015 - Climate change is making your flights slightly longer, and creating more climate change

7/18/2015 - 5 bizarre and sometimes NSFW fossil discoveries that have excited scientists

7/18/2015 - Islamic extremists are recruiting new members with poetry

7/18/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Lame-duck Obama, the US and Cuba, Mumbai’s dragon-makers, the GMO wars

7/18/2015 - Malaysia’s irresistible street food gets even better during Ramadan

7/17/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Lame-duck Obama, the US and Cuba, Mumbai’s dragon-makers, the GMO wars

7/17/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Lame-duck Obama, the US and Cuba, Mumbai’s dragon-makers, the GMO wars

7/17/2015 - Google just had one of the best days in Wall Street history

7/17/2015 - A frenzy of 50 sharks has been spotted off the coast of England

7/17/2015 - Don’t worry, Americans: “Old” Cuba isn’t going anywhere just yet

7/17/2015 - Convicted terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has been accepted to Oslo University

7/17/2015 - The first big policy win for gay rights in the US after same-sex marriage

7/17/2015 - This case will turn your iPhone into a Super 8 camera on steroids

7/17/2015 - US egg prices more than doubled over the past two months thanks to avian flu

7/17/2015 - Caitlyn Jenner proves there’s more than one way to be an American hero

7/17/2015 - Tesla announces a “ludicrous mode” upgrade that will make the Model S “faster than falling”

7/17/2015 - From Gates to Musk: 9 must-have habits from the world’s top CEOs

7/17/2015 - Mobile isn’t ruining Google’s search business after all

7/17/2015 - Setting your own schedule actually makes you work more

7/17/2015 - Watch the moment when a really cute robot becomes self-aware

7/17/2015 - Japan’s elderly people are committing more crimes than its teenagers

7/17/2015 - 6 ways to boost your creativity, starting tomorrow

7/17/2015 - New regions in Canada are growing peaches thanks to global warming

7/17/2015 - Greeks might lose their life savings—so they’re going shopping

7/17/2015 - Sit-down restaurant food is just as unhealthy as fast food

7/17/2015 - A Muslim nonprofit’s fundraiser to rebuild black churches is tantalizingly close to its goal

7/17/2015 - A brutal murder exposes the close ties between China’s elite and their qigong mystics

7/17/2015 - The Prozac in America’s wastewater is making birds fat and shrimp reckless

7/17/2015 - In search of what exactly defines the “gay voice”

7/17/2015 - Wood-based computer chips could be the answer to the electronic waste crisis

7/17/2015 - A font that automatically censors NSA “spook” words as they are written

7/17/2015 - The complicated relationship between Asian Americans and affirmative action

7/17/2015 - Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk—they come from families with money

7/17/2015 - How libraries can compete with Google and Amazon

7/17/2015 - The pressure to become the face of US soccer ruined Freddy Adu’s career

7/17/2015 - Campaign donations show the US financial sector lining up behind Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush

7/17/2015 - Messenger is being downloaded more than Facebook’s flagship app

7/17/2015 - The first national drone racing championship is underway in California

7/17/2015 - It’s Chris Paul vs. Luol Deng in the NBA’s first-ever game in Africa

7/17/2015 - This income calculator will tell you if you are in the global middle class

7/17/2015 - A man named Daniel Balls has tried for years to use his real name on Facebook

7/17/2015 - Half the world already gets more power from renewables than from nuclear

7/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Germany’s Greek vote, Eid begins, Samsung’s merger, stoner driving

7/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Germany’s Greek vote, Eid begins, Samsung’s merger, stoner driving

7/17/2015 - Why the approach economists have taken to growth in Africa has failed chronically

7/17/2015 - The father of the American shopping mall hated what he created

7/17/2015 - A video appears to show Russian-backed rebels ransacking the luggage of dead passengers from flight MH17

7/17/2015 - In the world’s largest Muslim nation, Hindu epics survive and thrive

7/17/2015 - Foreign chains want a bite of India’s burger market—but beating the Big Mac is not easy

7/17/2015 - Here’s why what happens in Athens matters to Australia

7/17/2015 - Cricket’s Indian Premier League is in trouble, but popularity will see it through

7/17/2015 - How India nearly killed the condom industry—and how I adapted

7/17/2015 - A Chinese coal mine in New South Wales threatens local koalas with death or chlamydia

7/17/2015 - Old Monk is dying—and so is India’s love for rum

7/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Google’s earnings, US gun attack, MH17 memorial, prehistoric dentists

7/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Google’s earnings, US gun attack, MH17 memorial, prehistoric dentists

7/16/2015 - A sex tape apparently shot in a Uniqlo fitting room has Chinese authorities in a tizzy

7/16/2015 - A new “feathered Velociraptor” was unearthed in China

7/16/2015 - Maternity leave isn’t enough, now IBM will ship breast milk for free

7/16/2015 - Viewing time on YouTube grew 60% last quarter

7/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Google earnings click, Greece cashes in, Obama goes to prison, prehistoric dentists

7/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Google earnings click, Greece cashes in, Obama goes to prison, prehistoric dentists

7/16/2015 - Starbucks plans to fight inequality by selling poor people Starbucks coffee

7/16/2015 - Interactive: Explore sub-Saharan Africa’s progress towards reducing maternal and child mortality

7/16/2015 - Hiring at Google is slowing down

7/16/2015 - Goldman Sachs is hiring—in Utah and Bangalore

7/16/2015 - NASA’s New Horizons scientists have more superstitious habits than a pro sports team

7/16/2015 - Did the Italian PM wear a bullet-proof vest while meeting Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta?

7/16/2015 - When it comes to food in the US, “local” is the new “organic”

7/16/2015 - A Georgia artist wants to add Outkast to the Confederate version of Mount Rushmore

7/16/2015 - Spotify’s musical map shows which songs are most popular in 1,000 cities

7/16/2015 - Uber is simulating #deblasiosnewyork to protest a cap on new for-hire cars

7/16/2015 - A black woman is found hanged to death in her jail cell after being pulled over by Texas police

7/16/2015 - Super cheap airline fares lure in lots of fliers, but most shell out to upgrade

7/16/2015 - Siri’s message to users who call Caitlyn Jenner by her old name is spot-on

7/16/2015 - The BBC, beloved by the rest of the world, is facing a tough fight against its own government

7/16/2015 - The case for duration diversification

7/16/2015 - The Greeks are back in their paymasters’ good graces (for now)

7/16/2015 - Photos: This is life on a sinking island

7/16/2015 - Ebay’s about to split with PayPal and has no real plan for growth

7/16/2015 - Read: Yanis Varoufakis’s caustic annotations to Greece’s new austerity agreement

7/16/2015 - Photos: The world’s most impressive outdoor mazes and labyrinths

7/16/2015 - These charts show why Namibia doesn’t want to be called an upper middle income country

7/16/2015 - 2015 Emmy nominations: HBO and “Game of Thrones” lead the pack

7/16/2015 - Scientists have discovered what makes a scream so chilling

7/16/2015 - A billionaire buys $47 million worth of Australian cattle ranches to feed China’s hunger for beef

7/16/2015 - A Canadian company called Cannabix is working on a cannabis-detecting breathalyzer machine

7/16/2015 - The discovery of “buckyballs” in space solves a 100-year-old mystery

7/16/2015 - The Netherlands could become the first country with streets made of recycled plastic

7/16/2015 - Bamboozled Chinese investors may have lost billions on a mysterious metals-trading scheme

7/16/2015 - Yanis Varoufakis is literally a rebel without a cause

7/16/2015 - Forget kale—scientists have discovered a super-nutritious seaweed that tastes exactly like bacon

7/16/2015 - Mugabe has made over 25 foreign trips this year—and has little fear of a coup bid when he’s away

7/16/2015 - UFC fighter Ronda Rousey wins an ESPY and slams Floyd Mayweather: He got “beat by a woman for once”

7/16/2015 - Could surging Siberian nationalism break up Russia?

7/16/2015 - Obama is met with Confederate flag-waving protesters in Oklahoma

7/16/2015 - The work we did on Earth to get New Horizons to Pluto: a NASA scientist tells all

7/16/2015 - These 9 common office policies actually limit productivity

7/16/2015 - There’s a new industrial revolution underway

7/16/2015 - How a bunch of government space geeks at NASA won the internet

7/16/2015 - When you visit Cuba, don’t go for the cigars and classic cars—go for the art

7/16/2015 - Private homeless shelters are exactly as awful as you’d think

7/16/2015 - Indian companies are spending billions and boosting jobs in these US states

7/16/2015 - Inside Japan’s first “robot hotel”

7/16/2015 - AirBnB is just the latest company to make a terrible self-important commercial

7/16/2015 - Qualcomm is now the latest US tech company under European antitrust investigation

7/16/2015 - Swatch shows there’s plenty of time left for non-smart watches

7/16/2015 - Bosses who want to get the most of out of their workers should lie to them

7/16/2015 - A huge ball pit for grown-ups has taken over the National Building Museum in DC

7/16/2015 - It is simply too early to call the Apple Watch a flop

7/16/2015 - Ex-Mozilla employees are teaming up with the Chinese government to kill Android

7/16/2015 - This little-known Hyderabadi studio made Baahubali a visual spectacle

7/16/2015 - Safaricom and Airtel Kenya are taking their latest mobile-money spat to court

7/16/2015 - To save the American middle class, Hillary Clinton has to think globally

7/16/2015 - This startup is making a safer bike helmet, complete with automatic brake lights

7/16/2015 - China’s citizens mourn Wan Li, an early reformer who preached democracy

7/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—ECB and Greece, China’s record debt, Japan’s military boost, cheerleader salaries

7/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—ECB and Greece, China’s record debt, Japan’s military boost, cheerleader salaries

7/16/2015 - Snapchats from Mecca provide a beautiful showcase for Islam

7/16/2015 - India’s private universities now offer heated pools, beauty salons and shopping malls

7/16/2015 - China may have spent billions to send lead-contaminated drinking water to Beijing

7/16/2015 - Why you should question the cult of the charismatic CEO

7/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greece’s new austerity, China’s record debt, Netflix’s growth, cheerleader salaries

7/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greece’s new austerity, China’s record debt, Netflix’s growth, cheerleader salaries

7/16/2015 - Rich countries rejected an international plan to let the UN help fight tax evasion

7/15/2015 - California regulators have threatened to suspend Uber’s license

7/15/2015 - Greek lawmakers have approved the stringent terms of a $94 billion bailout

7/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Greece’s riotous vote, Pluto’s icy mountains, Netflix’s growth, seaweed bacon

7/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greece’s riotous vote, Pluto’s icy mountains, Netflix’s growth, seaweed bacon

7/15/2015 - Reed Hastings wore an awesome ‘BoJack Horseman’ sweater on Netflix’s earnings call

7/15/2015 - Samsung’s fight against a hedge fund turns ugly with antisemitic remarks

7/15/2015 - Anti-austerity demonstrations in Athens turned violent

7/15/2015 - Spectacular photos from New Horizons showcase Pluto’s 11,000-foot “ice mountains”

7/15/2015 - Obama on Bill Cosby: Drugging someone for sex is rape

7/15/2015 - Watch: M.I.A.’s new video features awesome female martial artists

7/15/2015 - To explain totalitarianism, this teacher told students to denounce their neighbors

7/15/2015 - Coal wasn’t the main source of American electricity for one month this year, for the first time ever

7/15/2015 - The interesting reason Princeton is teaching ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to literature students

7/15/2015 - These photos of exuberant Iranians celebrating a nuclear deal will make you smile, too

7/15/2015 - This time it’s Dov Charney being sued as American Apparel’s legal battles continue

7/15/2015 - A fifth of Bank of America branches are gone and more closures are coming

7/15/2015 - Uber settles a lawsuit over an accident in San Francisco that killed a little girl

7/15/2015 - Photos: How a female entrepreneur helped Kinshasa’s traffic problem, one robocop at a time

7/15/2015 - Here are the best Pluto memes on the internet

7/15/2015 - Official map of Pluto

7/15/2015 - The solar-powered plane trying to fly around the world has been grounded until 2016

7/15/2015 - Netflix, the best-performing US stock, also might be the riskiest

7/15/2015 - Study: Emotionally aware children are also more focused and pay better attention

7/15/2015 - Who needs Harvard? The job market for even low-ranked business schools is heating up

7/15/2015 - How to survive the insane first three weeks of freelancer life

7/15/2015 - Photos: Clean energy innovations are lighting up Africa

7/15/2015 - Chart: Africans think climate change is a bigger threat than economic instability

7/15/2015 - Funeral directors could be at a greater risk of dying from ALS

7/15/2015 - International investors are on the hook for billions after Hanergy Thin Film is barred from trading

7/15/2015 - The science of empathy—and why some people have it less than others

7/15/2015 - Organic farming is actually worse for climate change than conventional farming

7/15/2015 - Atticus Finch is now racist. So what?

7/15/2015 - Video: Watch the moment when “El Chapo” dropped into his prison escape hatch

7/15/2015 - Consumers are complaining that granola bars are hard to bite

7/15/2015 - Why a 762-year-old Japanese temple was the perfect setting for a hackathon

7/15/2015 - Online ad-blockers can reduce data consumption by up to 40%

7/15/2015 - How Cuba is using capitalism to save socialism

7/15/2015 - Timeline: The two decades Yakub Memon spent in jail before he was hanged

7/15/2015 - The Brooklynization of Detroit is going to be terrible for Detroiters

7/15/2015 - Watch comedian Samantha Bee take hilarious jabs at the plight of male models

7/15/2015 - Can Europe fudge its way out of Greece’s financial mess? Don’t bet against it

7/15/2015 - Google wants to make your cell phone’s screen disappear

7/15/2015 - No-nonsense advice for young people: success is a zero-sum game

7/15/2015 - The real reason behind Amazon Prime day

7/15/2015 - Walmart is losing the executives that were supposed to save its business in China

7/15/2015 - Impact investing needs a better way to measure impact

7/15/2015 - Why getting a referral is so powerful in a job search

7/15/2015 - What Greece can learn from Africa about the effects of bitter austerity and debilitating debt

7/15/2015 - A former Auschwitz guard has been convicted of 300,000 counts of accessory to murder 

7/15/2015 - Don’t forget about the other black gold coming out of Iran

7/15/2015 - Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have discovered an exotic new state of matter

7/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China’s dodgy GDP, Yellen testifies, another biotech buyout, pools for elephants

7/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China’s dodgy GDP, Yellen testifies, another biotech buyout, pools for elephants

7/15/2015 - Japan’s first lady is establishing a honeybee colony, taking a cue from Michelle Obama

7/15/2015 - China accused 10 South Africans of terrorism while hosting a South African state visit

7/15/2015 - Charts: The shifting trade relationship between the US and China

7/15/2015 - A Chinese official went berserk after his poetry was criticized online

7/15/2015 - “Prove 1=2” and other bizarre questions asked during entrance interviews at India’s elite colleges

7/15/2015 - This Chinese fishing village was supposed to be the world’s tallest skyscraper

7/15/2015 - Africa’s major currencies have been taking a beating this year

7/15/2015 - Baahubali is breaking every possible record in the history of Indian cinema

7/15/2015 - China is using televised confessions to shame detained lawyers, journalists, and activists

7/15/2015 - India’s startup scene is one of the worst in the world for women

7/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s GDP, KFC’s woes, IMF warns Europe, elephant swimming pools

7/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China’s GDP, KFC’s woes, IMF warns Europe, elephant swimming pools

7/15/2015 - China’s nationwide crackdown on human rights lawyers has netted 159 people so far

7/14/2015 - China’s official GDP charade is in—and, surprise! It’s 7%

7/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Chinese GDP, dating site M&A, burger manifestos, and elephant swimming pools

7/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Chinese GDP, dating site M&A, burger manifestos, and elephant swimming pools

7/14/2015 - US government is going after car dealers for charging minorities more than whites

7/14/2015 - When New Horizons left, Pluto was still a planet—the story of the most controversial body in the solar system

7/14/2015 - Iran deal: Here’s how sanctions paved the way

7/14/2015 - Online food delivery ordering is about to overtake phone ordering in the US

7/14/2015 - American country music is about a lot more than pick-up trucks and Confederate flags

7/14/2015 - Many European kids learn two foreign languages by age 9. Most Americans? Zero

7/14/2015 - Online dating giant Match scoops up Canada’s PlentyOfFish for $575 million

7/14/2015 - Rwanda’s parliament moves to allow its president a third term

7/14/2015 - Mhairi Black, Britain’s youngest MP, delivered a killer first speech in parliament today

7/14/2015 - Kuwait passed a law requiring mandatory DNA tests for its residents

7/14/2015 - Jamie Dimon thinks we’re all blowing Greece and China way out of proportion

7/14/2015 - Go ahead and take that Greek vacation—just don’t expect it to be cheap

7/14/2015 - See where ‘Go Set a Watchman’ overlaps with ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ word-for-word

7/14/2015 - Twitter isn’t being sold, despite what this well-crafted, fake Bloomberg webpage says

7/14/2015 - Nike’s newest sneaker is inspired by a teen with cerebral palsy who just wanted to tie his own shoes

7/14/2015 - The day my daughter discovered that I’m white

7/14/2015 - This article has been perfectly formatted for maximum reading comprehension

7/14/2015 - What happens when two Russian men hold hands in public

7/14/2015 - A migrant group says dozens of bodies are washing up on the Libyan shore

7/14/2015 - Photos: People around the world flood pools to escape epic heatwaves

7/14/2015 - After five years off-and-on, a bicoastal promise led to lasting love

7/14/2015 - What the Iran nuclear deal means for crude oil prices and the currency markets

7/14/2015 - Alternative lenders swoop into booming coding school market

7/14/2015 - Ugh, another virtual assistant with a female name

7/14/2015 - The complete guide to impressing your boss—and getting promoted

7/14/2015 - This year, men are getting their very own New York Fashion Week

7/14/2015 - The UK will try to close the gender salary gap by having big companies disclose their pay discrepancies

7/14/2015 - The winners, losers, and inbetweeners after Iran’s nuclear deal

7/14/2015 - Where are all the aliens?

7/14/2015 - The Dutch military is trying out a new secret weapon: introverts

7/14/2015 - NASA took the best photo ever taken of Pluto and put it on Instagram

7/14/2015 - Elon Musk should build his Hyperloop train on Mars

7/14/2015 - Starbucks will open its first coffee shop in Sub Saharan Africa next year

7/14/2015 - Without even lifting its embargo, the US is already driving a real-estate boom in socialist Cuba

7/14/2015 - The evidence is in: A soda tax works

7/14/2015 - The world eats cheap bacon at the expense of North Carolina’s rural poor

7/14/2015 - Becoming a doctor or lawyer is still worth it

7/14/2015 - Iranian and American citizens were the real power behind today’s historic nuclear deal

7/14/2015 - Reddit’s rebellion reveals the incredible negotiating power of unpaid workers

7/14/2015 - This is why news sites are fatter and slower than ever before

7/14/2015 - India and China will help drive the lagging green bond market

7/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s economic plan: good for businesses, risky for workers

7/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Iran nuclear deal agreed, Greek revolt, Apple Pay goes global, Pluto pics

7/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Iran nuclear deal agreed, Greek revolt, Apple Pay goes global, Pluto pics

7/14/2015 - Nigeria’s Buhari fires his military chiefs as he resets for battle against Boko Haram

7/14/2015 - A proposed purchase of Micron shows China wants to either co-opt or buy foreign chipmakers

7/14/2015 - Archie and his friends get a (darker) makeover to connect with today’s readers

7/14/2015 - After years of talks, an Iran nuclear deal has been signed

7/14/2015 - This one chart shows business sentiment in India is at its lowest in almost 6 years

7/14/2015 - Some of the weirder conditions of Greece’s bailout address milk labels, Sunday shopping, and the size of a bread roll

7/14/2015 - This Indian company made Khaleesi’s dragons in Game of Thrones

7/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Tsipras risks revolt, China eyes Micron, Singapore’s GDP miss, Pluto pics

7/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Tsipras risks revolt, China eyes Micron, Singapore’s GDP miss, Pluto pics

7/13/2015 - Before shopping was shopping: Storefront photos from behind the Iron Curtain

7/13/2015 - A cyber attack struck messaging app Telegram just as China was cracking down on human rights lawyers

7/13/2015 - Arms businesses eying Iran are both a hindrance and, potentially, a help for any nuclear deal

7/13/2015 - This is not a drill: Carnitas will return to all Chipotle locations

7/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Pluto’s close-up, Greece’s big deal, Obama’s clemency, volcano sharks

7/13/2015 - The investors who passed on Airbnb’s seed funding had their reasons

7/13/2015 - Chart: Home runs in Major League Baseball keep falling since the crackdown on steroids

7/13/2015 - $593 million in marketing drives “Minions” to a huge weekend at the box office

7/13/2015 - Leaders for Boy Scouts of America voted to end the scouts’ gay ban

7/13/2015 - Marijuana may be helping to overcome painkiller abuse in America

7/13/2015 - Warning from a global team of scientists: Climate change is as threatening as nuclear war

7/13/2015 - Colorado police track down a pair of fugitives using Spotify and Netflix

7/13/2015 - Obama grants clemency to 46 non-violent drug offenders

7/13/2015 - The rejection letters of early-round investors who passed on Airbnb

7/13/2015 - Is Harry Potter to blame for this “Go Set a Watchman” weirdness?

7/13/2015 - Netflix stock just hit an all-time high as it approaches 65 million streaming subscribers

7/13/2015 - Africa’s smartphone market is on the rise as affordable handsets spur growth

7/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton takes aim at Jeb Bush, and at America’s falling rate of participation in the workforce

7/13/2015 - Video: Venus Williams’s father schools a white journalist on how to interview a 14-year-old black girl

7/13/2015 - Bamboo is what makes pandas so dopey

7/13/2015 - This is space history: Nine years and 3 billion miles later, New Horizons is soon to zoom past Pluto

7/13/2015 - The bizarre sex tape feud that drove 50 Cent into bankruptcy

7/13/2015 - Escaped drug kingpin “El Chapo” is revered as a folk hero—but one who has ordered thousands of murders

7/13/2015 - Malala Yousafzai’s 18th birthday wish was to open a school for Syrian girls

7/13/2015 - McDonald’s announces that it’s switching to free-range eggs in New Zealand

7/13/2015 - Photos: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s sophisticated escape route from a high-security prison

7/13/2015 - Firstborns really are the favorites and most successful, but they’re also the most unhealthy

7/13/2015 - Thomas Piketty explains the meaning of economic models, and why we can’t rely on them

7/13/2015 - Sharks can live inside active volcanoes

7/13/2015 - Comcast embraces cord cutters, offering a streaming TV service of its own

7/13/2015 - A Shanghai company worships Steve Jobs with a golden bust in his image

7/13/2015 - To remain a superpower, the US must become inclusive and generous

7/13/2015 - A deal is signed (sort of) on a new bailout (probably) to end Greece’s economic misery (not a chance)

7/13/2015 - What’s keeping black students from studying abroad?

7/13/2015 - China’s rush to blame “hostile foreign forces” for everything is backfiring

7/13/2015 - The euro has lost its innocence

7/13/2015 - More than half of Africa’s top research universities are in South Africa

7/13/2015 - Time management is only making our busy lives worse

7/13/2015 - The easy guide to explaining truly scary geopolitical events to your kids without freaking them out

7/13/2015 - Study: Fixing a single gene turns colorectal cancer cells into normal cells

7/13/2015 - Kenyans remain in love with Obama as they prepare to welcome him “home”

7/13/2015 - This is what it’s like to be an Indian-American woman in India

7/13/2015 - A whole new set of deadly diseases could hit Africa as it gets richer

7/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greece gives in, Nintendo’s CEO dies, “Bloom County” comeback, Denmark’s mystery gold

7/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greece gives in, Nintendo’s CEO dies, “Bloom County” comeback, Denmark’s mystery gold

7/13/2015 - The US wants to sell oil from its emergency reserve to develop new drugs faster

7/13/2015 - A ticket examiner captures the beauty of India’s railways in these colourful paintings

7/13/2015 - What being a father has taught me about running a company

7/13/2015 - “Bloom County” is returning after 25 years—and we may have Donald Trump to thank

7/13/2015 - Fans mourn Satoru Iwata by sharing their favorite Nintendo characters

7/13/2015 - Modi’s approach to the environment is “grow now, pay later”

7/13/2015 - Quora is full of curious questions about Indian entrepreneurs

7/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—More Greek austerity, Nintendo’s CEO dies, China’s rollercoaster market, mysterious Danish gold

7/13/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—More Greek austerity, Nintendo’s CEO dies, China’s rollercoaster market, mysterious Danish gold

7/13/2015 - China’s terrible air pollution may be causing deadly floods, too

7/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Greece’s never-ending story, an escaped drug lord, Djokovic wins Wimbledon, taste bud troubles

7/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greece’s never-ending story, an escaped drug lord, Djokovic wins Wimbledon, taste bud troubles

7/12/2015 - What doctors know about death that the rest of us don’t

7/12/2015 - Watch how Batman’s beef with Superman begins, in the new Batman v. Superman trailer

7/12/2015 - The disturbing pipeline to prison for thousands of girls in the US starts with sexual abuse

7/12/2015 - Top Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” has escaped prison for the second time

7/12/2015 - The latest security law illustrates the Chinese government’s love-hate relationship with the internet

7/12/2015 - Tanzania’s ruling party nominates John Magufuli as presidential candidate

7/12/2015 - What are hiccups, and how exactly can you get rid of them?

7/12/2015 - What’s missing from celebrity activism in Africa? The people

7/12/2015 - We’ve been thinking about our taste buds all wrong

7/12/2015 - Global warming probably made 2014 Europe’s hottest year ever recorded

7/12/2015 - US Navy SEALs conquer fear using four simple steps

7/12/2015 - Berlin Fashion Week was so Berlin: sensibly wild, and yet wildly sensible

7/12/2015 - Expect a nuclear deal with Iran soon—and another year of cheap oil

7/11/2015 - Serena Williams clinched an awe-inspiring sixth Wimbledon title today

7/11/2015 - Egyptians have toppled a hideous Nefertiti sculpture with Twitter scorn

7/11/2015 - The Islamic State says it bombed Italy’s consulate in Egypt

7/11/2015 - Meet Grexit, the year’s worst-named software startup

7/11/2015 - Models in Berlin revolted against high heels on the runway, and the crowd cheered

7/11/2015 - A giant ‘Nicolas Cage in a Cage’ is about to descend on Australia

7/11/2015 - Before you read Harper Lee’s new novel, remember Amy Winehouse

7/11/2015 - Why you can’t just eat one french fry (or donut or slice of pizza)

7/11/2015 - These guys protested the Confederate flag 20 years ago and all they got was this defunct t-shirt company

7/11/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—China’s crash, the rise of Lyme, revolting cheeses, climate angst

7/11/2015 - The value of unplugging, in the age of ultimate distraction

7/11/2015 - How mobile technology helps reduce maternal mortality during childbirth in West Africa

7/11/2015 - These are the most common life mistakes that young people make

7/11/2015 - On the runways of Paris and Berlin, 3D printing is starting to look like real fashion

7/11/2015 - What it looks like when you edit out all the white people from big Hollywood hits

7/11/2015 - I’m a black, gay rapper from Baltimore, and the Grateful Dead’s last show made me weep

7/11/2015 - An all-electric BMW 18-wheeler truck is on the road in Germany

7/11/2015 - Last minute change of plans? This one trick will get you your deposit back every time

7/11/2015 - This map of the world’s scientific research is disturbingly unequal

7/11/2015 - For real maker culture, try a global gathering of radio hobbyists

7/11/2015 - The baffling Chinese stock market bailout raises some unsettling questions

7/11/2015 - 20 years after 8,000 Bosniaks were killed in Srebrenica, the UN still can’t call it a genocide

7/11/2015 - History is made in Tanzania with two women among the five potential candidates to be president

7/11/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—China’s crash, the rise of Lyme, revolting cheeses, climate angst

7/10/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—China’s crash, the rise of Lyme, revolting cheeses, climate angst

7/10/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—China’s crash, the rise of Lyme, revolting cheeses, climate angst

7/10/2015 - Ellen Pao has resigned as the CEO of Reddit and will be replaced by co-founder Steve Huffman

7/10/2015 - Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for a deadly attack near Somalia’s presidential palace

7/10/2015 - Shane Dawson: The most popular, successful, comedian you’ve never heard of

7/10/2015 - Watch: Civil rights leader John Lewis implores the US government to ban the Confederate flag on federal grounds

7/10/2015 - Adorable children say awesome things about women’s soccer at the World Cup parade

7/10/2015 - Scientists just discovered the Wendiceratops, the Triceratops’ cooler cousin

7/10/2015 - Apple’s Mac is now the only major PC brand that’s growing

7/10/2015 - What Srebrenica means to a Muslim in America

7/10/2015 - Denmark’s wind farms generated 140% of the country’s electricity needs yesterday

7/10/2015 - So much hot air—A year of Greek summitry, charted

7/10/2015 - Study: Smartphones are distracting us even when we aren’t looking at them

7/10/2015 - America: Eat a fruit or vegetable—right now

7/10/2015 - This is the most comically hellish design for airplane seating yet

7/10/2015 - Scientists have 3D-printed a robot that can jump six times its height

7/10/2015 - Good samaritans and government efforts have helped stem the death toll for migrants on the Mediterranean

7/10/2015 - Why is the US sugarcoating Malaysia’s awful human rights record?

7/10/2015 - Study: Living near trees is really good for you

7/10/2015 - Apple Watch tassels have arrived at Berlin Fashion Week

7/10/2015 - Rates, crates, and Greek misery: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

7/10/2015 - Marijuana farms are drying out California’s rivers, to the distress of spawning salmon

7/10/2015 - Hey millennial women—let’s get past the idea that career and family is either-or

7/10/2015 - Airfare in the US is about to dip to its lowest average in at least four years

7/10/2015 - Why are all these Iowa county fair chickens looking so stylish?

7/10/2015 - The delights of encountering the original manuscript for “Alice in Wonderland”

7/10/2015 - Watch: South Carolina takes down the Confederate flag. Forever.

7/10/2015 - The CIA tweeted a bananas, true story about Julia Child and the invention of “shark repellent”

7/10/2015 - Pope Francis: Unfettered capitalism is “the dung of the devil”

7/10/2015 - How 2°C of warming could reshape the US

7/10/2015 - CDC to Americans: Don’t cuddle poultry unless you want salmonella

7/10/2015 - Westgate Mall, the site of one of Kenya’s worst terror attacks, is set to reopen

7/10/2015 - Check out the suggestive signature of Greece’s new finance minister

7/10/2015 - The best thing white people can do for black people in America? See race, even (especially) your own

7/10/2015 - Americans love blowing up fireworks, but can they handle them?

7/10/2015 - The Scottish accent is dying out

7/10/2015 - This fashion show made me totally bored, and I kind of liked it

7/10/2015 - Hispanics now outnumber white people in California

7/10/2015 - The on-demand economy doesn’t have to imitate Uber to win

7/10/2015 - Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh believes rave culture holds a key to business strategy

7/10/2015 - Uber is slowing down New York City, but slowing down Uber won’t fix the problem

7/10/2015 - Women make better leaders—so why aren’t there more of us?

7/10/2015 - What’s it like to be a teen working in Silicon Valley?

7/10/2015 - Uganda will send its college graduates to Saudi Arabia to work as maids

7/10/2015 - In the Middle East, gender roles are messing with e-commerce shipping

7/10/2015 - It’s time to stop differentiating between entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders

7/10/2015 - Can capitalism keep people out of prisons?

7/10/2015 - The world’s super-rich are seeking second citizenship in these eight countries

7/10/2015 - Japan is covering Mount Fuji with free Wi-Fi

7/10/2015 - We know what Trump thinks of Mexicans. Here’s what they think of him

7/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China’s rally, Greece’s compromise, Facebook’s music videos, foul-mouthed minions

7/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China’s rally, Greece’s compromise, Facebook’s music videos, foul-mouthed minions

7/10/2015 - We now have a cheap and effective cholera vaccine

7/10/2015 - Nairobi’s potholed streets are getting a touch of “Obamacare” ahead of the US president’s visit

7/10/2015 - Despite rising taxes, cigarettes in India have become more affordable

7/10/2015 - The many men of Sonagachi—India’s largest red light district

7/10/2015 - Now, it is time to get rich off of China’s stock market crash

7/10/2015 - Be as creative and daring in helping others as you are in business

7/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China’s stock rebound, Greek deadline met, US data hack, foul-mouthed minions

7/9/2015 - China stabilized its markets by forcing companies and their employees to buy shares

7/9/2015 - Japanese prefab tiny homes could change the way we think about disaster housing

7/9/2015 - You do not want to text at a Patti LuPone show unless you want the ultimate manners lesson

7/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—China’s stock rebound, Tunisian terror warning, Germany’s Greek concession, foul-mouthed McDonald’s toys

7/9/2015 - WTF is this Minions toy from McDonald’s saying?

7/9/2015 - Britain’s foreign office tells all British tourists to leave Tunisia

7/9/2015 - This hi-tech friendship bracelet wants to get girls coding

7/9/2015 - Uber cashes in on the London Tube strike by tripling fares

7/9/2015 - John Galliano dressed men up in ladies’ couture and it was beautiful

7/9/2015 - Syrian refugees now number more than 4 million—bigger than the population of Los Angeles

7/9/2015 - Jeb Bush doesn’t understand productivity—and neither does anybody else

7/9/2015 - It’s too hot for bumblebees in the south—and they’re not moving north

7/9/2015 - Study: Using reusable totes at the market leads to buying more junk food

7/9/2015 - An Exxon scientist says the company knew about climate change in 1981—and still funded deniers

7/9/2015 - The value of gamification in the workplace

7/9/2015 - Vladimir Putin is staking out a big Russian payday in any Iran nuclear deal

7/9/2015 - Russia designed a ‘straight’ flag to counter the rainbow flag

7/9/2015 - Serena Williams is way better than Maria Sharapova—why do we keep calling them rivals?

7/9/2015 - Watching Sesame Street as a kid probably made you a better student

7/9/2015 - Study: Black women face racism and sexism in the mortgage market

7/9/2015 - Women tired of Instagram’s double standards are superimposing men’s nipples onto their own

7/9/2015 - Shanghai’s environmentally questionable “firefly park” fails to get off the ground

7/9/2015 - Africa’s economic growth still isn’t creating enough of a middle class

7/9/2015 - The Greece I know is better off without Europe

7/9/2015 - Scientists in China and South Korea are using genetic engineering to create super muscular pigs

7/9/2015 - T-Mobile US customers can now call anywhere in North America for the same price

7/9/2015 - Obamacare is cutting the cost of birth control—and cheaper birth control means fewer unwanted pregnancies

7/9/2015 - The truth about Greece—told by real people in line for the ATM

7/9/2015 - Greece’s misery streaks, charted

7/9/2015 - Fed-up Greeks are fleeing to the UK, US, and yes, Germany, for jobs

7/9/2015 - The mayor of Venice has banned these wonderful children’s books from kindergartens

7/9/2015 - A Saudi prince, a Miami DJ, and male burkas shared a runway at Berlin Fashion Week

7/9/2015 - English cops rarely draw their guns, but they’re pretty trigger-happy with tasers

7/9/2015 - The Apple Watch and the rise of the personal cloud

7/9/2015 - Apple now supports the Taiwan flag emoji, risking a backlash from China

7/9/2015 - South Carolina lawmakers clear the last hurdle to getting rid of the Confederate flag

7/9/2015 - In a new #LikeAGirl ad, girls talk about what society tells them they can’t do

7/9/2015 - The legend of DeAndre Jordan: How the craziest day in NBA history unfolded, in tweets

7/9/2015 - Hey Jeb Bush: Americans already work longer hours than anyone in the developed world (except South Koreans)

7/9/2015 - Chart: The backlash against Reddit CEO Ellen Pao

7/9/2015 - Russia vetoed a UN resolution that would have called Srebrenica massacre a genocide

7/9/2015 - Victoria Azarenka at Wimbledon: Focusing on my grunt instead of my game is sexist

7/9/2015 - Instead of following your passion, find a career that changes people’s lives

7/9/2015 - Five delicious kinds of fish that American consumers should be eating more of

7/9/2015 - This startup got 80% of its employees to disclose their salaries

7/9/2015 - It’s true: Parents really are biased toward firstborns

7/9/2015 - 500 million people are watching videos of video games

7/9/2015 - Men are both dumber and smarter than women

7/9/2015 - What should people do in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s?

7/9/2015 - Lyme disease is spreading faster than ever and humans are partly to blame

7/9/2015 - No, the Tube strike does not cost London £50 million per day

7/9/2015 - Seven charts that show how global progress is bypassing women

7/9/2015 - Nigeria’s kidnapped schoolgirls may be exchanged for Boko Haram leaders

7/9/2015 - Data show how manageable Europe’s refugee crisis could be

7/9/2015 - The global middle class is smaller and poorer than we thought

7/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Another Greek deadline, London’s Tube strike, South Sudan’s coins, hacking in 1903

7/9/2015 - With India Inc. behind the BJP, Congress is running out of cash

7/9/2015 - The first drone delivery system might not come from Amazon, but the Swiss government

7/9/2015 - Despite the happy photos and handshakes, the BRICS are frenemies in trade

7/9/2015 - In Tanzania’s ruling party contest, it seems like everyone is running for president

7/9/2015 - The slow and dangerous death of Pakistan’s Indus river delta

7/9/2015 - Is Greece doomed? It depends on who you ask

7/9/2015 - The delicious truth: India is one of the fastest growing chocolate markets in the world

7/9/2015 - While China’s stock market melts down, investors ask, “Where are our leaders?”

7/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greece extends closures, London’s tube strike, China’s stocks, celebrities on Tinder

7/9/2015 - IBM has built the most powerful computer chips in the world

7/8/2015 - “It’s like a stampede.” Chinese investors despair as the markets continue to drop

7/8/2015 - The two charts that explain why Yahoo is pushing deeper into fantasy sports

7/8/2015 - Ethiopia frees more imprisoned journalists on the eve of Obama’s historic visit

7/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—NYSE shutdown, Microsoft layoffs, London tube strike, celebrities on Tinder

7/8/2015 - These companies have burned tens of billions of dollars trying to chase the iPhone

7/8/2015 - This is no joke: Jimmy Kimmel wants you to invest with him because he’s famous

7/8/2015 - In Ireland, it’s news to many that having an abortion in most cases is punishable with 14 years in jail

7/8/2015 - Plankton are eating plastic, and that means we’re all probably eating plastic

7/8/2015 - The essential activities for running an effective function

7/8/2015 - Time Warner Cable owes a woman $230,000 for torturing her with robo-calls

7/8/2015 - New Zealand has outlawed internet trolling

7/8/2015 - Before asking the West to give up “old habits,” Iran’s regime should give up one of its own

7/8/2015 - Americans need to treat giving birth like a natural process, not a medical emergency

7/8/2015 - Microsoft—Time to bring back Clippy??

7/8/2015 - CNN is accused of misleading viewers about Sanjay Gupta’s brain surgery on a Nepal earthquake victim

7/8/2015 - Obama’s dream of free community college is headed to Congress

7/8/2015 - You can now be rejected by bona fide celebrities on Tinder

7/8/2015 - Albertsons files to go public as America’s 2nd largest grocer after dwindling to almost nothing

7/8/2015 - Photos: Which of these humanlike robots can you stand to look at?

7/8/2015 - London’s worst Tube strike in more than a decade is about to begin

7/8/2015 - US law firms are combining and acquiring at a record pace

7/8/2015 - Tesla hits another rough patch with Wall Street

7/8/2015 - Four years in, the world’s newest country, South Sudan, introduces its first coins

7/8/2015 - Cruise liner Carnival is wheedling its way into Cuba with “social impact” cruises

7/8/2015 - These charts show all the ways US housing is making its comeback

7/8/2015 - 11 actors who are Harrison Ford-y enough to pull off a young Han Solo

7/8/2015 - The New York Stock Exchange has halted trading, blaming a “technical issue”

7/8/2015 - Is Google’s new Project Fi wireless service right for you?

7/8/2015 - A tiny design change on Facebook shows a woman’s perspective makes a big difference

7/8/2015 - Volvo redesigns a whole car around a better baby seat

7/8/2015 - My 8-year-old taught himself how to code Java. Here’s how yours can, too

7/8/2015 - Another giant company is cutting its ties with Donald Trump

7/8/2015 - In Norway, one in three new cars is electric. In the US, it’s one in 100

7/8/2015 - Europe in one chart: What countries really think of their neighbors

7/8/2015 - UNESCO has granted the champagne industry world-heritage status

7/8/2015 - Listen: Nigerian writer Teju Cole has curated a soundtrack for a night out in Lagos

7/8/2015 - Another system-wide computer glitch grounded United Airlines this morning

7/8/2015 - Barclays dumped its boss for not cutting costs far or fast enough

7/8/2015 - Microsoft announces 7,800 layoffs and will write down $7.6 billion from Nokia

7/8/2015 - Inside Jim Beam’s “Liquid Arts Studio,” where food science meets bourbon mythology

7/8/2015 - The NBA’s Matt Bonner thinks his elbow injury was caused by the iPhone 6

7/8/2015 - Google is launching a ridesharing app, skirting the legal minefields of Uber

7/8/2015 - Can cozy recliners save America’s movie theaters?

7/8/2015 - By neglecting spatial intelligence, how many Elon Musks have we missed?

7/8/2015 - Researchers have figured out the 18 characteristics shared by (almost) all music

7/8/2015 - Photos: A muralist paints over Israel’s war-torn border with Gaza

7/8/2015 - The science behind the fine art of sledging in cricket

7/8/2015 - Teach kids money-management, not just abstract math

7/8/2015 - Ethiopia has been voted the world’s best tourism destination for 2015

7/8/2015 - A tale of two Bollywood weddings

7/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Britain’s budget, Barclays CEO ousted, Myanmar’s historic election, Han Solo

7/8/2015 - Uber’s biggest Chinese competitor has closed a huge round of funding

7/8/2015 - Pamela Anderson has written a letter to Vladimir Putin

7/8/2015 - Beyoncé has dubiously inspired a curvy skyscraper in Australia

7/8/2015 - The US has a new Iran strategy—put your feet up and stay awhile

7/8/2015 - The global fallout from China’s stock market crash may be coming your way

7/8/2015 - Chinese firms trying to leave US markets are now stuck in limbo

7/8/2015 - India has a public masturbation problem—and no real solutions

7/8/2015 - Goldman Sachs is still bullish on China’s stock markets

7/8/2015 - China’s plunging stock markets have virtually shut down

7/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Britain’s budget day, Novartis drug approved, Alibaba’s Asian expansion, safer selfies

7/7/2015 - China’s stock collapse still has a ways to go

7/7/2015 - Oreo Thins are easy to criticize, but even easier to love

7/7/2015 - A consumer group wants Google to give Americans ‘the right to be forgotten’

7/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—London tube strike, Subway’s PR crisis, Europe’s democracy crisis, safer Russian selfies

7/7/2015 - Heroin’s deadly rise in the US, charted

7/7/2015 - Google wants you to use your fingers to take photos on the next Google Glass

7/7/2015 - This harrowing video about domestic violence is going viral because it looks familiar for too many

7/7/2015 - Dear fashion world: “It’s time you people get your shit right” when it comes to black skin

7/7/2015 - Paula Deen tweeted a photo of her son in brownface

7/7/2015 - The last “Cosby Show” re-runs are pulled as evidence mounts against Bill Cosby

7/7/2015 - Working remotely no longer means being distant

7/7/2015 - American Apparel couldn’t live with Dov Charney—but can it live without him?

7/7/2015 - Showtime’s online-only streaming rival to HBO Now has launched

7/7/2015 - V for Varoufakis: The sound and fury from five months as Greece’s finance minister

7/7/2015 - What are Quaaludes, where did Bill Cosby get them, and why aren’t they legal anymore?

7/7/2015 - How to shut down a heckler in parliament: “I am texting the Greek prime minister”

7/7/2015 - The BBC is getting back into the computer business

7/7/2015 - Russian police are begging citizens to practice safe selfie-taking

7/7/2015 - The great oil drilling bust continues

7/7/2015 - An F-16 and a Cessna plane crash-landed off a South Carolina highway

7/7/2015 - An economist to Pope Francis: Don’t blame capitalism for global warming

7/7/2015 - Why the US Chamber of Commerce is swooning over Vietnam’s top communist

7/7/2015 - Climate change is making Australian lizards change sex

7/7/2015 - Shake Shack takes aim at McDonald’s with a new chicken sandwich

7/7/2015 - South Africa could update its taxi rules so Uber stops tripping up local laws

7/7/2015 - A game of one-upmanship between a graffiti artist and the city of London, in photos

7/7/2015 - Muslim non-profits are raising money to rebuild black churches because “all houses of worship are sanctuaries”

7/7/2015 - Google’s AI had an acid trip dream about “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”

7/7/2015 - Singapore is using robot swans to monitor water quality

7/7/2015 - A hotel sign for negotiators about late check-out signals that Iran talks are far from over

7/7/2015 - HSBC fires UK employees for staging a mock ISIL-style execution

7/7/2015 - Photos: This cliff-face house overlooking the Aegean is a lair fit for a supervillain

7/7/2015 - At least 14 are dead after a terror attack in northern Kenya

7/7/2015 - Apple’s App Store could take a lesson from Apple Music on the human touch

7/7/2015 - What can we learn from the swift rise, and even swifter fall, of Yanis Varoufakis

7/7/2015 - Subway cuts ties with spokesman Jared Fogle after the FBI raids his home in a child pornography investigation

7/7/2015 - Just a friendly Shark Week reminder: humans are the monsters, not sharks

7/7/2015 - The Greeks got to vote. Now the rest of the euro zone will get its turn

7/7/2015 - 6 charts to show anyone who thinks women’s soccer is treated equally to men’s

7/7/2015 - Samsung finally made a phone people wanted—but it didn’t make enough

7/7/2015 - It’s time for athletic brands to close the gap on endorsement deals for female athletes

7/7/2015 - The true story of the Soviet engineer who became a CIA spy and saved the US $1 billion

7/7/2015 - Jorge Luis Borges’s infinite ‘Library of Babel’ has been digitized

7/7/2015 - 10 reasons why more Indian women should ride a motorcycle

7/7/2015 - Wan Qing comes out—why one woman’s graduation ceremony has China talking

7/7/2015 - If you want happy workers, stop treating them like children

7/7/2015 - Namwali Serpell becomes the first Zambian to win the Caine Prize for African Writing

7/7/2015 - The EU wants to pay off a brutal dictatorship to help it solve its African refugee problem

7/7/2015 - Greece’s next big problem: medicine shortages

7/7/2015 - The peerless Andrea Pirlo: An introduction to Italy’s New York-bound soccer master

7/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Beijing’s stock gamble, Sun Valley begins, Samsung’s profit drop, digital luggage

7/7/2015 - Those rupee notes in your hand are dirty—and deadly

7/7/2015 - Iranians are revealing their eagerness for a deal—and it all comes down to business

7/7/2015 - Minimum wage for members of the US’s women’s soccer team is just $6,800 a year

7/7/2015 - At last, Uber has found a friend in India

7/7/2015 - The next emergency in Europe is south of Rome

7/7/2015 - In the age of overexposure, Austrian designer Lena Hoschek’s modest alpine styles look fresh

7/7/2015 - China’s market rout is so bad, one in four companies have stopped trading

7/7/2015 - The cost of getting a (decent) education in India is skyrocketing

7/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Beijing’s stock gamble, Samsung’s profit drop, Mayweather’s title stripped, digital luggage

7/7/2015 - Europe doesn’t have a debt crisis—it has a democracy crisis

7/7/2015 - China is neglecting the internet and tech startups that are supposed to fuel the economy

7/7/2015 - Sheryl Sandberg has joined the board of SurveyMonkey, her late husband’s company

7/6/2015 - How GE is generating energy for India through innovation

7/6/2015 - Here’s how India’s least windy places are generating wind energy

7/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Greek drama redux, German media merger, Beijing’s markets gamble, US-Japan robot duel

7/6/2015 - For all the girls who watched the World Cup—You need to remember this moment

7/6/2015 - Why 80% of executives are concerned about liability related to activist investing

7/6/2015 - Starbucks is raising America’s drink prices for the third summer in a row

7/6/2015 - Is Tsipras a reckless revolutionary, bold leader, or calculating gambler? Yes

7/6/2015 - Mobile provider MTN’s top executive in South Africa is leaving after just 10 months in the role

7/6/2015 - Burt Shavitz, the hippie co-founder of Burt’s Bees, has died at the age of 80

7/6/2015 - Yes, Greece’s pension system is bloated, but pensioners are still broke

7/6/2015 - What’s going on in Greece? Let Quartz explain…

7/6/2015 - The women’s World Cup final drew more US network TV viewers than the men’s final

7/6/2015 - Computer programmer’s triumph over Goldman Sachs highlights America’s outdated legal system

7/6/2015 - GoPro just made it a bit easier to create crazy action videos

7/6/2015 - Quartz Africa Weekly Brief: Facebook arrives, so does Lupita; wind energy’s impact

7/6/2015 - The turbine designed for India’s low-wind environment

7/6/2015 - Exactly what you need to know if you’re vacationing in Greece anytime soon

7/6/2015 - Feisty finance minister Yanis Varoufakis was right about Greece’s debt—and people hated him for it

7/6/2015 - No more Megalodon: Discovery Channel promises a more scientific “Shark Week” this year

7/6/2015 - Groundbreaking ballet star Misty Copeland is heading to Broadway

7/6/2015 - Here’s where you can watch the best women soccer players now that the World Cup is over

7/6/2015 - Scientists say many worker ants are actually super lazy

7/6/2015 - The origins of Shanghai’s weird slur against outsiders

7/6/2015 - US students might soon be able to use federal aid to attend coding bootcamps

7/6/2015 - To save its stock markets, China is putting its whole financial system at risk

7/6/2015 - Why I voted “Yes” in Greece’s referendum

7/6/2015 - The most useful foreign languages an English speaker can learn, and why

7/6/2015 - Nine people are killed in Chicago’s violent holiday weekend, including a 7-year-old boy

7/6/2015 - An Iraqi fighter jet accidentally drops a bomb on Baghdad, killing up to 12 people

7/6/2015 - Markets are taking Greece’s “no” vote surprisingly well

7/6/2015 - The Chinese government’s stock market stimulus is mostly helping the Chinese government

7/6/2015 - A photo of a young, gay American went viral this weekend. Here are the best responses—including Hillary Clinton’s

7/6/2015 - Japan has accepted the US’s giant robot fighting challenge

7/6/2015 - Discrimination against Haitians in the Dominican Republic is a borderless issue

7/6/2015 - The blood-soaked trail of India’s massive Vyapam scam

7/6/2015 - Microsoft finally has some focus. Will that be enough?

7/6/2015 - Botswana’s hearing aid pioneers are betting on solar power to go global

7/6/2015 - Mexico is growing fast, but unevenly

7/6/2015 - Americans really do have to work harder to stay middle class

7/6/2015 - Factoring race into college admissions is crucial to campus diversity

7/6/2015 - Thomas Piketty has wise words on German hypocrisy and how to solve the Greek debt crisis

7/6/2015 - Japan is building solar energy plants on abandoned golf courses—and the idea is spreading

7/6/2015 - Kenya’s Safaricom might have to spin off M-Pesa, the world’s largest mobile money business

7/6/2015 - Doctors and patients alike believe in the power of a white coat

7/6/2015 - The trick to overcoming stress could be embracing it

7/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greece votes “no,” tentative Iran agreement, Rolls-Royce’s troubles, robot weddings

7/6/2015 - Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s combative finance minister, has called it quits

7/6/2015 - Some Indian CEOs make more than 400 times what their employees are paid

7/6/2015 - These IIT graduates have built an electric scooter that charges faster than your phone

7/6/2015 - India’s soldiers still have to fight with clunky, outdated and unreliable rifles

7/6/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greece votes “no,” China’s stock swings, Nigerian violence, robot weddings

7/6/2015 - A memorable US World Cup victory was capped by Abby Wambach’s groundbreaking kiss

7/5/2015 - Greece votes “no”—absolutely no one knows what comes next

7/5/2015 - Forget vacation—Summer is the perfect time to put your kids to work

7/5/2015 - Letter to my daughter: This is how you find a mentor

7/5/2015 - The US Supreme Court decides less than half as many cases as it did 40 years ago—and that’s just fine

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7/5/2015 - The world’s most brutal game of soccer is played in 16th century costume

7/5/2015 - Dear America: Some advice from a country where gay marriage has been legal for a decade

7/4/2015 - Less than half of young people in the US are extremely proud to be American

7/4/2015 - Your heartburn medication could be just as harmful as that hot dog

7/4/2015 - Greece’s referendum shows you can have too much democracy

7/4/2015 - Insects may be able to feel fear, anger and empathy, after all

7/4/2015 - One in three Americans would consider moving abroad

7/4/2015 - Greek startups are struggling to access the cloud

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7/3/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Greece’s referendum, China’s student traders, women’s bodysuits, and life in prison

7/3/2015 - An economist explains why the key to a free world lies with China

7/3/2015 - The US Navy is tripling its paid maternity leave to 18 weeks

7/3/2015 - Wild horses can’t be an endangered species, says the US Fish and Wildlife Service

7/3/2015 - Kenya is building Africa’s biggest wind energy farm to generate a fifth of its power

7/3/2015 - Uniqlo has launched a “modest wear collection” with hijabs

7/3/2015 - Nigeria’s electricity problem is burning a $100 million hole in the pockets of phone companies

7/3/2015 - Michelin-starred restaurant Per Se owes servers $500,000 after allegations of withheld tips

7/3/2015 - Greece has been operating on other countries’ time for too long

7/3/2015 - Reddit is in flames as its moderators revolt over the unexplained firing of an employee

7/3/2015 - The IMF has made an obvious point about Greece’s huge debt. Here’s why it still matters

7/3/2015 - I’m spending $4,768 dollars to see the Grateful Dead this weekend

7/3/2015 - MasterCard wants to let you shop online with your selfie

7/3/2015 - Recipe for the perfect Fourth of July blockbuster, serves 100 million

7/3/2015 - The Washington Redskins’ offensive name may thwart the team’s plan for a new stadium

7/3/2015 - A group of Nobel Laureates have signed a declaration calling for urgent action on climate change

7/3/2015 - What if Mexicans celebrated the Fourth of July like Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

7/3/2015 - Malaysia’s prime minister is accused of pocketing nearly $700 million from a government investment fund

7/3/2015 - Charted: South Africans haven’t been this reluctant to spend since the start of this millennium

7/3/2015 - The Chinese government is investing Grandma’s pension fund in internet banking

7/3/2015 - The secret life of magnets

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7/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greece’s crucial referendum, Aetna buys Humana, China’s stock turmoil, bubble wrap

7/3/2015 - Religious intolerance is threatening India’s academic and creative freedom

7/3/2015 - A centuries-old Delhi sweet shop, beloved by emperors and commoners, has shut down

7/3/2015 - In India, where sons are prized, we had a daughter and chose to stop there

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7/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greece votes, IMF unloads, Whole Foods apologizes, bubble wrap pops

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7/2/2015 - China’s college students embrace stock trading, thanks to money from mom and dad

7/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Greece votes, IMF unloads, BP settles, bubble wrap pops

7/2/2015 - White House announces plan to revamp GMO regulations

7/2/2015 - Yes, bubble wrap is going popless, but the good stuff will still be around

7/2/2015 - Boko Haram reportedly guns down dozens of praying Muslims in Nigeria

7/2/2015 - BP will pay a record-breaking $18.7 billion settlement for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

7/2/2015 - PayPal no longer works in Greece—and why that matters

7/2/2015 - US veterans with PTSD ask for courteous July 4 fireworks

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7/2/2015 - Study: Fears about everyday substances causing cancer are likely overblown

7/2/2015 - Facebook wants to use lasers to beam the internet from drones in the sky

7/2/2015 - What the hell has happened to the price of ground beef?

7/2/2015 - Lupita Nyong’o is using her international stardom to save elephants in Kenya

7/2/2015 - It’s now possible to get a great-looking outfit made completely from garbage

7/2/2015 - A microchip that mimics live human organs wins Design of the Year

7/2/2015 - As a CUNY adjunct I’ll make less over my career than my coworker Paul Krugman does in a year

7/2/2015 - The 10 most important economic charts of the week from the US, its trading partners, and their trading partners

7/2/2015 - More US executives could see their bonuses clawed back for accounting errors

7/2/2015 - The White House’s biggest crackdown on for-profit college debt takes effect

7/2/2015 - I’m now convinced that Donald Trump will change the game for Republicans

7/2/2015 - I was dumped and fired. Then I wound up living my dream life

7/2/2015 - The art world has entered a new era of corporate patronage

7/2/2015 - Stephen Colbert interviewed Eminem on public access TV, which is so Stephen Colbert

7/2/2015 - This astronaut is sacrificing his body to go to space for 1,000 days

7/2/2015 - Whole Foods apologizes for ripping off customers: “Straight up, we made some mistakes”

7/2/2015 - SoBe Lifewater freaks everyone out with a bottle-cap joke about slave labor

7/2/2015 - Plants prepare to defend themselves when they “hear” threatening sounds

7/2/2015 - A Saudi prince is donating his $32 billion fortune to charity

7/2/2015 - Think Greece is better off ditching the euro? Read this first

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7/2/2015 - Greece should be inspired by its golden age of economic growth—1000 BC

7/2/2015 - An American giant robot just challenged a Japanese giant robot to a duel

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7/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US jobs, Xiaomi’s sales boost, Sweden’s surprise cut, junk food evaluated

7/2/2015 - What Rahul Yadav’s friends from IIT Bombay have to say about him

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7/2/2015 - Maggi apparently is unsafe for Indians, but perfectly fine for Singaporeans and the British

7/2/2015 - India isn’t just another BRIC in the wall

7/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greek banks reopen, Xaomi’s sales boost, Facebook eyes YouTube, junk food ratings

7/1/2015 - Liberia fears a new Ebola epidemic after second case is discovered

7/1/2015 - PayPal’s acquisition of Xoom shows it’s single and ready to mingle

7/1/2015 - Guess where Mexico-bashing Donald Trump makes his suits

7/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—America’s jobs tally, Greek bank reopenings, the US-Cuba rapprochement, guacamole rage

7/1/2015 - Mars and Venus have already lost their oceans–Earth could be next

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7/1/2015 - Inflation outlook: Approaching target

7/1/2015 - This one eye color is associated with higher rates of alcohol dependence

7/1/2015 - This is Facebook’s brand-new, totally redesigned logo

7/1/2015 - It’s taken only 70 years for humans to drastically change the planet

7/1/2015 - The United States is investigating airfare price collusion

7/1/2015 - The US and Cuba restore diplomatic ties after 54 years

7/1/2015 - The odd new employee benefits coming to American workplaces

7/1/2015 - Chinese and Indian companies are pricing local African firms out of World Bank-backed construction projects

7/1/2015 - Black churches are burning while the US declares victory over a flag

7/1/2015 - Vegan and vegetarian diets are the best for losing weight, new study finds

7/1/2015 - Sir Nicholas Winton, “Britain’s Schindler,” has died at 106

7/1/2015 - Why China won’t listen to Western scientists about genetically modifying the human embryo

7/1/2015 - Africans are crowd-sourcing beautiful images of their lives to fight media stereotypes

7/1/2015 - Greece: Now what happens?

7/1/2015 - Old man pants are cool now

7/1/2015 - Photos: The real-life Patch Adams proves laughter is the best medicine in Armenia

7/1/2015 - Europe’s migrant crisis hits a new record, as 137,000 people cross the Mediterranean

7/1/2015 - South Korea just posted its biggest-ever trade surplus, and that’s not a good sign

7/1/2015 - In South Africa it’s now easier to play with drones than it is to make money with them

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7/1/2015 - Chris Christie is not running for Prom King

7/1/2015 - What can be done to make sure that wind energy and Africa’s vultures co-exist

7/1/2015 - London’s Heathrow airport may get a third runway, despite protest by local residents and the mayor

7/1/2015 - Brazil’s guidelines for healthy eating are startlingly frank and nutritionally sound

7/1/2015 - The Girl Scouts turned down $100,000 to fight for transgender rights—and then raised $250,000 from supporters

7/1/2015 - Toyota’s first senior female executive resigns after being arrested for allegedly smuggling painkillers into Japan

7/1/2015 - Tricks you can play on your brain to beat procrastination

7/1/2015 - All US college professors deserve academic freedom, not just the privileged few with tenure

7/1/2015 - Yes, Greece has a serious tax evasion problem

7/1/2015 - Cuba is the first country to officially eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission

7/1/2015 - Study: Threaten a man’s masculinity and he’ll shop less

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7/1/2015 - The first flight on Mars might be made by a giant NASA boomerang

7/1/2015 - Hong Kong marked its handover to China today with gun demonstrations and umbrellas

7/1/2015 - Now what? The state of play in Greece’s bewildering bailout drama

7/1/2015 - Customer satisfaction surveys should be abolished

7/1/2015 - It’s not okay for CrossFit’s CEO to joke about diabetes

7/1/2015 - Residents queued for hours to eat at Myanmar’s first KFC outlet

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7/1/2015 - Your tea addiction may actually be strengthening your bones

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7/1/2015 - Analysts: HBO Now already has about a million subscribers

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7/1/2015 - China now has more stock traders than Communist Party members

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7/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greece defaults, China’s tightening grip, smartphone tipping points, deadly asteroids