3/31/2017 - Steve Bannon was worth as much as $40 million when he started at the White House

3/31/2017 - 中国爆红新“男团”:我们其实是女孩,只不过走了中性风

3/31/2017 - 中國爆紅新「男團」:我們其實是女孩,只不過走了中性風

3/31/2017 - The Xi-Trump summit, TV fashion design, the future of cars

3/31/2017 - Twitter’s redesign raises the question: What came first, the troll or the egg?

3/31/2017 - One in five mobile phones sold across borders is a fake

3/31/2017 - Interactive: What makes us invest? Listen to stories from investors like you

3/31/2017 - Roads in America are getting deadlier, especially if you’re walking

3/31/2017 - Is the US ready for police drones outfitted with tasers, tear gas, and lethal weapons?

3/31/2017 - This open-source tech company’s IPO filing reads like an argument against building a business on open source

3/31/2017 - Trump’s “tough on China” trade report is much the same as Obama’s in 2016

3/31/2017 - Mar-a-Lago could be underwater in just 83 years

3/31/2017 - Scientists finally understand why deep breathing physically reduces stress

3/31/2017 - Apple’s main iPhone producer posted its first drop in sales in 26 years

3/31/2017 - Netflix’s April Fool’s stream of Will Arnett is a clever dig at the worst kind of live content

3/31/2017 - Putin went to the Arctic to strengthen Russia’s foothold in the region with his own two feet

3/31/2017 - This is free trade: Nearly every pacemaker used in the US is partly made in Mexico

3/31/2017 - Quartzy: the minimalist edition

3/31/2017 - General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt doesn’t think robots will kill jobs in the near future

3/31/2017 - Quartzy: the minimalist edition

3/31/2017 - Why it’s so difficult for McDonald’s to make burgers from fresh beef

3/31/2017 - People who talk to pets, plants, and cars are actually totally normal, according to science

3/31/2017 - A judge isn’t letting Uber silence the employee suing over changes to his stock options

3/31/2017 - Jacob Zuma’s move to fire the finance minister has thrown South Africa and the ANC into turmoil

3/31/2017 - Recylced rockets, Bitcoin’s civil war, Facebook is a copycat

3/31/2017 - Refugee children are self-harming after seeing adults in detention attempt suicide

3/31/2017 - “Get Out” shows that even the most intelligent films can fall prey to Asian-American stereotypes

3/31/2017 - Crayola “retires” dandelion yellow to make room for a new color

3/31/2017 - Millennial pink is exposing our culture’s worst anxieties about “girly stuff”

3/31/2017 - Africa is the biggest beneficiary of FIFA’s new 48-team World Cup format

3/31/2017 - US productivity growth is negative and economists aren’t sure why

3/31/2017 - Africa’s most valuable startup ecosystem is also the least lucrative for software engineers

3/31/2017 - The coach who turned tiny Gonzaga into a college basketball giant

3/31/2017 - Elon Musk has officially taken the new space race between SpaceX and Blue Origin into orbit

3/31/2017 - Why we need to bring back the art of communal bathing

3/31/2017 - Donald Trump’s latest attempt to punish fellow Republicans could backfire spectacularly

3/31/2017 - Are millennials more likely than their parents to think women’s place is in the home?

3/31/2017 - Your doctor might be Googling you

3/31/2017 - Watch: American fast food you can only find in China

3/31/2017 - The unbearable lightness of being Donald Trump’s UN ambassador

3/31/2017 - Autogolpe en Venezuela, líneas rojas del Brexit, éxito de SpaceX

3/31/2017 - Canada wants to be a leader in AI research while the US is poised to slash funding

3/31/2017 - The US can’t figure out how to measure the size of its Hispanic population

3/31/2017 - America’s unhealthy obsession with productivity is driving its biggest new reading trend

3/31/2017 - This French guy is sitting on eggs until they hatch. It’s art.

3/31/2017 - A self-flying drone can legally fly in Israel

3/31/2017 - Aerial photos show how China makes order from chaos

3/31/2017 - Democrats should be following Maxine Waters’ lead if they want to win the 2018 elections

3/31/2017 - A tiny aquarium fish gets its enemies high for self-defense

3/31/2017 - This obscure US discrimination watchdog has protected workers since the civil-rights era. Can it survive Trump?

3/31/2017 - A stylist’s five steps to make getting dressed easier

3/31/2017 - Huawei’s stagnating profit shows why Android smartphones make for terrible business

3/31/2017 - Trump’s trade orders, the EU’s opening gambit, shorting Chinese pigs

3/31/2017 - Watch: Mike Flynn said last year “when you’re given immunity…you’ve probably committed a crime”

3/31/2017 - The EU is paying fact-checkers to bring down Marine Le Pen

3/31/2017 - Nobody knows how dangerous online dating really is—and dating sites won’t talk about it

3/31/2017 - The grim everyday lives of black students on the outskirts of India’s big cities

3/31/2017 - I’m a 42-year-old banker in Mumbai and I am going to climb Mount Everest next month

3/31/2017 - The overcrowded prisons of Europe are breeding terrorists

3/31/2017 - An Indian feminist hated the gender stereotypes in nursery rhymes so she wrote her own

3/31/2017 - Park Geun-hye jailed, Zuma fires cabinet, bulldozer theme park

3/31/2017 - Park Geun-hye jailed, Zuma fires cabinet, bulldozer theme park

3/31/2017 - Ola has carelessly likened its rivalry with Uber to the Vietnam War

3/31/2017 - There are no dumb questions when it comes to India’s confusing, massive tax reform

3/31/2017 - You can soon short pigs in pork-loving China

3/30/2017 - A Warhol portrait of Mao is going up for auction on Chinese soil

3/30/2017 - Former South Korean president Park Geun-hye goes behind bars and awaits her fate

3/30/2017 - South Africa is on edge after the president fired his finance minister and uprooted 19 others

3/30/2017 - The inventor of the Oculus Rift VR headset is out at Facebook after just three years

3/30/2017 - Park Guen-hye warrant, Zuma fires cabinet, bulldozer theme park

3/30/2017 - The simple trick that exposed the FBI director’s secret Instagram account and could expose yours

3/30/2017 - The US government is ignoring its own scientists’ warning that a Dow pesticide causes brain damage in children

3/30/2017 - Ivanka Trump’s new job shows she is no role model for working women

3/30/2017 - Millennials are sick of the high cost of living in the Bay Area and say they’re ready to leave

3/30/2017 - Donnie Darko, a perfect reminder of the weirdness of Reagan’s America, returns

3/30/2017 - A US travel group just unveiled an incredibly xenophobic-sounding new slogan

3/30/2017 - The global race for the world’s strongest coffee has produced a monster that’s now for sale in the US

3/30/2017 - Algorithms are recruiting for companies desperate to hire a workforce that looks like their customers

3/30/2017 - Netflix says English won’t be its primary viewing language for much longer

3/30/2017 - The physics behind figure skating’s most difficult jump

3/30/2017 - An adult literacy program developed in Cuba is now being used in more than 30 countries

3/30/2017 - SpaceX will fly its first “flight-proven” rocket tonight to make space history

3/30/2017 - A Brooklyn ice cream brand increased sales by 50% after it redesigned its packaging

3/30/2017 - As American universities fight over free speech, the UK is seeking a law to end “safe spaces”

3/30/2017 - Uber’s CEO needs a coach more than a Sheryl Sandberg

3/30/2017 - Colleges have to foot the bill for student intolerance—and it’s not cheap

3/30/2017 - The HONEST Act for science transparency has a disingenuous budget

3/30/2017 - After cutting up his US green card, Wole Soyinka is moving to South Africa to “Africanize knowledge”

3/30/2017 - Lyft might be “woke” compared to Uber, but that’s a low bar

3/30/2017 - People are furious about spoilers in the new Spider-Man trailer—which proves it’s working

3/30/2017 - Bots are starting to sound more human-like than most humans

3/30/2017 - Baidu’s AI learned English by learning to find apples in a maze

3/30/2017 - China’s new tactic to suppress Muslim separatists: banning veils and “abnormal” beards

3/30/2017 - African countries still can’t raise enough capital to replace their bad roads

3/30/2017 - A “seven-armed” octopus has been caught eating jellyfish

3/30/2017 - We shouldn’t pretend that economics is a pure science

3/30/2017 - NASA just made a tiny new robot companion for the Mars rover: Meet PUFFER, the foldable explorer.

3/30/2017 - Britain isn’t buying Theresa May’s pleas to come together on Brexit

3/30/2017 - A new documentary shows how wrong China is about its African immigrants

3/30/2017 - El cohete reciclado de SpaceX, recortes en Brasil, robots inversores

3/30/2017 - Does it pay to get a double major?

3/30/2017 - The creator of “Cards Against Humanity” is threatening to buy and expose US Congress members’ browsing history

3/30/2017 - Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg can’t agree on what AI is, because nobody knows what the term really means

3/30/2017 - Samsung has the gadgets to lock you into a truly internet-connected home. Should you buy it?

3/30/2017 - European fascism was popular because, for those not persecuted, it was a welfare state

3/30/2017 - The story behind Plumpy’Nut, the “Nutella for the poor” used to fight famine and malnutrition

3/30/2017 - A new robot prints out Donald Trump’s tweets in real time, and sets them on fire

3/30/2017 - Young Kenyans are murdering elderly relatives they claim are witches, but it really has nothing to do with magical beliefs

3/30/2017 - The US can’t beat China’s robots—but it can win by building the machines that make them

3/30/2017 - SpaceX’s used-rocket launch, North Carolina’s bathroom bill vote, finger guns are weapons

3/30/2017 - Mapped: Where American income has grown the most over the past 25 years

3/30/2017 - China’s new TV show about how good it is at fighting corruption has been viewed 350 million times

3/30/2017 - China has an irrational fear of a “black invasion” bringing drugs, crime, and interracial marriage

3/30/2017 - Theresa May’s two-year Brexit to-do list

3/30/2017 - Save us from foreign rivals: Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal is at it again

3/30/2017 - The mysterious man who owns one solitary share in the unlisted Tata Sons

3/30/2017 - China’s hottest new boy band is actually made up of five androgynous girls

3/30/2017 - Lawmakers in India’s tech hub want women banned from night shifts so they can be better mothers

3/30/2017 - Bezos passes Buffett, used-rocket launch, finger gun legality

3/30/2017 - Bezos passes Buffett, used-rocket launch, finger gun legality

3/30/2017 - Arun Jaitley’s smug defence of Aadhaar’s many loopholes is plain wrong

3/30/2017 - India’s most expensive stock is of a company that started out making balloons and contraceptives

3/29/2017 - Internet use in India proves desktops are only for Westerners

3/29/2017 - Brexit clock starts, Anbang drops Kushner, finger gun legality

3/29/2017 - Melania Trump awarded 12 “Women of Courage” today. Her husband wants to keep some of them out of the US

3/29/2017 - Only 0.5 mm determines whether Samsung’s new phone flies with you or in the luggage hold

3/29/2017 - Set up a VPN in 10 minutes for free—and yes, Americans urgently need one, thanks to Congress

3/29/2017 - The transfixing music of “Legion” traps you in the chaos and beauty of a superhuman mind

3/29/2017 - One of the last great pieces of internet real estate is up for sale

3/29/2017 - More than ever, employees want a say in how their companies are run

3/29/2017 - Republicans have their plot for an indestructible House majority to blame for Trump’s healthcare defeat

3/29/2017 - How Big Coal infiltrated the Trump administration to put its stamp on climate policy

3/29/2017 - Netflix and Amazon are now so big that they’re changing the way global TV shows are financed

3/29/2017 - You can get kicked off a flight for smelling bad

3/29/2017 - After Brexit, one in three Brits want to bring back the death penalty and blue passports

3/29/2017 - Kim Jong Un’s transformation into his father is nearly complete

3/29/2017 - Mosquitoes are actually terrible at flying

3/29/2017 - The US lags the world in parental leave—but one in seven Americans thinks that dads don’t need it

3/29/2017 - Japanese companies have created 840,000 American jobs

3/29/2017 - Comic Sans was designed for a dog

3/29/2017 - Africa as you’ve probably never seen it before, courtesy of NASA

3/29/2017 - Five months after receiving the honor, Bob Dylan finally claimed his Nobel Prize

3/29/2017 - Italy’s paid menstrual-leave bill would come with a big cost to Italian women

3/29/2017 - How Japan is reaffirming its commitment to the US labor market

3/29/2017 - As the UK makes veiled threats about security, the EU says “we already miss you”

3/29/2017 - Rich people love tax havens—and under Trump, the problem will only get worse

3/29/2017 - Why are Paul Manafort’s real-estate transactions a corruption red flag?

3/29/2017 - Unauthorized workers in the US now earn almost as much as those who work legally

3/29/2017 - Samsung has raced ahead of Apple in getting rid of the smartphone home button

3/29/2017 - The secretive US funding behind the Got Milk? ads finally gets scrutiny

3/29/2017 - Thinx founder Miki Agrawal, inspired by Burning Man, forgot that offices need boundaries

3/29/2017 - Samsung is betting good looks and big screens will help consumers forget about its exploding phones

3/29/2017 - Our brainwaves can show whether a movie will hit or miss at the box office, neuroscientists say

3/29/2017 - Nothing says misogyny like defining feminism as equality for all

3/29/2017 - The one question to ask yourself the next time you’re facing a difficult problem

3/29/2017 - Trump takes credit for previously announced deals so often, there’s a new word for it

3/29/2017 - A shaky EU has Balkan countries plotting their own common market

3/29/2017 - The case for making painkillers like ibuprofen prescription-only

3/29/2017 - Friction builds fires, moves mountains, and makes babies—and may be the key to social progress

3/29/2017 - Chinese people mean something very different when they send you a smiley emoji

3/29/2017 - Overdoing it on caffeine is killing your productivity

3/29/2017 - The grandfather of marijuana research has never smoked a joint

3/29/2017 - A special prosecutor could be Trump’s best chance to put the Russia fiasco behind him

3/29/2017 - Apprenticeships can be the key to Trump’s promise to create millions of new American jobs

3/29/2017 - More than half the world’s population still doesn’t have a US ambassador

3/29/2017 - Reusable rockets could disrupt the space industry, and not always in a good way

3/29/2017 - The guy behind “Dumb Starbucks” is selling sportswear to remind people of the Holocaust  

3/29/2017 - Brexit begins, Westinghouse files for bankruptcy, rivers that are people

3/29/2017 - Domino’s has already outperformed every tech stock, now robots will deliver its pizzas

3/29/2017 - There’s a method to the madness of the wildly stylish clothes in ‘Legion’

3/29/2017 - The border won’t protect Canadians against American anti-vaxxers

3/29/2017 - Tech is overwhelmingly white and male, and white men are just fine with that

3/29/2017 - A federal judge scolded Uber and Waymo for redacting too many things in their lawsuit

3/29/2017 - A timeline of when self-driving cars will be on the road, according to the people making them

3/29/2017 - Charts show how South Africa’s rand falls every time the president battles his finance minister

3/29/2017 - The average Indian wine drinker can’t tell a Cabernet Sauvignon from a Sauvignon blanc

3/29/2017 - India’s prized Silicon Valley hires keep burning out

3/29/2017 - Article 50 day, Westinghouse bankruptcy, rivers that are people

3/29/2017 - Article 50 day, Westinghouse bankruptcy, rivers that are people

3/29/2017 - Feature phones made a comeback in Africa as smartphone growth slowed last year

3/29/2017 - Brexit begins: The UK now has two years to untangle itself from the European Union

3/29/2017 - Proof that India’s new maternity leave law could make it even harder for women to get a job

3/28/2017 - Australia’s Trump fizzled in the ’90s but she’s back—railing against Muslims instead of Asians

3/28/2017 - An Indian tech worker’s movie shows the anxiety of being an H-1B immigrant in Silicon Valley

3/28/2017 - A Chinese company will make killer drones for the Middle East at a factory in Saudi Arabia

3/28/2017 - Who the hell watched “Warcraft”? China is fueling the market for overdone Hollywood action movies

3/28/2017 - Amazon’s dream of grocery stores could well come to India

3/28/2017 - Tencent-Tesla tie-up, Article 50 day, rivers that are people

3/28/2017 - A NASA satellite captured a huge volcanic eruption in Russia, 650 years in the making

3/28/2017 - Chinese social network giant Tencent bought a 5% stake in Tesla

3/28/2017 - How the Senate “nuked” American bipartisanship

3/28/2017 - The hidden benefit of Twitter’s hate-speech controls: avoiding TV spoilers

3/28/2017 - The Trump administration has a Kafkaesque explanation for why we don’t need regulation to have a healthy environment

3/28/2017 - The economic rise of Brooklyn, in charts

3/28/2017 - Uber released diversity data and—surprise!—it’s very white and male

3/28/2017 - There’s a reason there are no Italian food versions of Chipotle

3/28/2017 - A meeting between the world’s two most powerful leaders was announced by a local police chief

3/28/2017 - For nearly every bookstore Barnes & Noble loses this year, Amazon will open a new one

3/28/2017 - The new true-crime podcast from the “Serial” creators is a Faulkner-esque Southern Gothic novel

3/28/2017 - Mexico’s Catholic church is at war against Donald Trump’s border wall

3/28/2017 - A corporate office in Kansas City, Missouri houses some of the greatest art in the world—from Picasso to Dali

3/28/2017 - As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, Scotland has begun extricating itself from the UK

3/28/2017 - Uber is getting out of Denmark

3/28/2017 - Nigerian students are being physically attacked in India

3/28/2017 - Astrophysicists created a virtual worldwide observatory to photograph black holes in space

3/28/2017 - Facebook is proof that you don’t need an original idea to be wildly successful

3/28/2017 - Trump’s rollback of the Clean Power Plan would lead to thousands of preventable American deaths

3/28/2017 - In the great robot job takeover, women are less likely to suffer than men

3/28/2017 - Running a marathon is as traumatic for your body as having heart surgery

3/28/2017 - Unless you’re a superstar, it’s better to keep your mouth shut in the workplace (even in football)

3/28/2017 - Murder in virtual reality should be illegal

3/28/2017 - The right music in a restaurant can make you linger for dessert. The wrong kind will make you leave

3/28/2017 - While Trump is preparing for Xi Jinping’s visit, his pick for ambassador to China is still governing Iowa

3/28/2017 - Science just gave mothers another reason to let go of their breastfeeding guilt

3/28/2017 - The future of the EU and Brexit comes down to five bullet points

3/28/2017 - There’s a simple thing parents can do to ensure their kids grow up to be musical

3/28/2017 - The best and worst cities to live in for tech workers, based on rent and commute

3/28/2017 - The US could learn a lot from London’s refusal to blame the Westminster attacks on immigrants

3/28/2017 - Sex helped build Snapchat, and then sullied its corporate image

3/28/2017 - The intense research that makes the 1980s style of “The Americans” look just right

3/28/2017 - An interview coach says there’s a right way to answer the dreaded salary history question

3/28/2017 - Nueva moneda británica, España investiga Siria, el rapero y Pablo Escobar

3/28/2017 - Companies are cutting their lifespans in half by ignoring one type of employee

3/28/2017 - China is desperately trying to save a dairy company that, turns out, is too big to fail

3/28/2017 - An Airbnb host was fined $1,000 for renting out an apartment in Trump Tower

3/28/2017 - Remote work doesn’t isolate people—it actually drives deeper human connection

3/28/2017 - Silicon Valley’s quest for self-improvement exposes everything that’s wrong with late-capitalist society

3/28/2017 - The US is facing a choice between the International Space Station and a new deep space rocket

3/28/2017 - One start-up totally upended the tech landscape on this 1983 map of Silicon Valley

3/28/2017 - Before you make an emotional decision, ask yourself these four questions

3/28/2017 - Reeling from an internet shutdown, startups in Cameroon have created an “internet refugee camp”

3/28/2017 - Compelling new evidence that robots are taking jobs and cutting wages

3/28/2017 - Trump’s climate regulations, Debbie does damage, soccer-inspired births

3/28/2017 - Yes, airline employees are arbiters of fashion and conduct—from gate to gate

3/28/2017 - If Trump wants to bring down US drug prices, he’ll borrow this tactic from the UK

3/28/2017 - Why Yale and Columbia are accepting students from a university that holds classes in a basement in Tehran

3/28/2017 - Starbucks is opening more than a store a day in China and only plans to get faster there

3/28/2017 - South Korea’s new president will have an astronomical level of household debt to deal with

3/28/2017 - The world’s largest biometric ID programme is a privacy nightmare waiting to happen

3/28/2017 - Everyone from Muji to Zara wants a piece of India but there aren’t enough shopping malls to hold them all

3/28/2017 - The world’s most secure coin debuts in the UK today

3/28/2017 - The unbearable cost of being a vegetarian in India

3/28/2017 - Cyclone Debbie, fraud-proof UK coin, Swedish stink attack

3/28/2017 - Cyclone Debbie, fraud-proof UK coin, Swedish stink attack

3/28/2017 - Mathematically speaking, the BJP in 2017 is a worthier winner than the SP in 2012

3/28/2017 - Indians writhe in discomfort as an actress walks nude on stage to create art about rape

3/27/2017 - Pittsburgh isn’t worried about the self-driving Uber that flipped over in Arizona

3/27/2017 - Elon Musk’s next company wants to put tiny electrodes in our brains so we can survive the age of AI

3/27/2017 - Cyclone Debbie landfall, Canada to legalize pot, caveman murder solved

3/27/2017 - Apple will not tolerate harassment at its developer conference this year

3/27/2017 - A lawsuit over Costco golf balls shows why we can’t have nice things for cheap

3/27/2017 - Chilling Cold War episodes of “Mr. Rogers” have emerged, as if to warn Donald Trump against an arms race

3/27/2017 - The long list of critical issues now in the hands of the US president’s 36-year-old son-in-law

3/27/2017 - Colombians are fuming after Wiz Khalifa paid tribute to Pablo Escobar at his grave

3/27/2017 - “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins is turning “The Underground Railroad” into an Amazon TV series

3/27/2017 - Apple brought the iPhone’s most eye-pleasing feature to the Mac

3/27/2017 - Sanctions, spies, and oligarchs: Putin’s pet bank and its meeting with Jared Kushner

3/27/2017 - Recreational marijuana will be legal across Canada by July 1, 2018, Justin Trudeau says

3/27/2017 - Thieves broke into Berlin’s Bode Museum and made off with a million-dollar gold coin

3/27/2017 - Tanzania is accelerating a mobile phone program to provide more newborns with birth certificates

3/27/2017 - Netflix’s most popular original films are awful Adam Sandler comedies

3/27/2017 - A New York City skyscraper proposal is trolling everyone’s obsession with size as status

3/27/2017 - Calling Donald Trump’s anti-NAFTA bluff, Mexico is looking to get its corn from elsewhere

3/27/2017 - Amazon’s “store of the future” is getting pushed a bit further into the future

3/27/2017 - Migrants are now drowning off the coast of Mexico, too

3/27/2017 - We all buy things to improve our self-image—but that doesn’t make us shallow

3/27/2017 - Industries dominated by men have the best maternity leave in the US

3/27/2017 - Republicans say they’re on to tax reform. It’s going to be much harder than health care

3/27/2017 - The trouble with fining families whose kids skip school for vacation

3/27/2017 - Google’s advertisers want discounts, not apologies, after their ads appeared alongside hate speech

3/27/2017 - We should design businesses like circles, not straight lines

3/27/2017 - The most useful language for English speakers to learn, according to an economist

3/27/2017 - China y la carne brasileña, la iglesia y el muro, chistes ofensivos

3/27/2017 - Being sleep deprived at work is as bad as being drunk

3/27/2017 - Users should be able to own the businesses they love instead of investors

3/27/2017 - Almost half of American women shoppers won’t even walk into a store unless there’s a sale

3/27/2017 - Cyclone Debbie, anti-Putin demonstrations, traffic lights for phone addicts

3/27/2017 - Supposedly sophisticated investors seem to be susceptible to flashy hedge fund names

3/27/2017 - One of China’s top bike-sharing startups is now paying users to ride its bikes

3/27/2017 - China’s central bank thinks digital currency can do one thing cash can’t

3/27/2017 - Ayn Rand’s “objectivist” philosophy is now required reading for British teens

3/27/2017 - Where faith, devotion, and management skills converge: Lord Balaji’s abode at Tirumala

3/27/2017 - China keeps finding millions of people who never officially existed

3/27/2017 - Raqqa dam threat, Cyclone Debbie, traffic lights for phone addicts

3/27/2017 - Raqqa dam threat, Cyclone Debbie, traffic lights for phone addicts

3/27/2017 - How Bollywood and its marketers lulled Indians into obsessing over talentless star-kids

3/27/2017 - Africa’s teeming unemployed youth are making risky bets on their future

3/27/2017 - Some of the world’s most unhappy countries are also the most optimistic

3/27/2017 - African countries are wasting money on an outdated method of infrastructure investment

3/27/2017 - Under Modi, India’s parliamentarians have asked 254 questions about the Ganga

3/27/2017 - The seven Indian startups that made it to Y Combinator’s demo-day event this March

3/26/2017 - India is making some of the most iconic costumes for movies and TV shows in the West

3/26/2017 - Russian teens chanted “You can’t arrest us all” at police trying to break up an anti-corruption rally in Moscow

3/26/2017 - Raqqa is reeling, fake Chinese food, traffic lights for phone addicts

3/26/2017 - In China, consumers have to be on guard not just against fake food, but also fake news about food

3/26/2017 - A Canadian man’s personalized license plate was pulled from the road after his last name was deemed misogynistic

3/26/2017 - More famous landmarks went dark during 2017’s Earth Hour than ever before to highlight the need for climate action

3/26/2017 - United Airlines refused to let a 10-year-old girl fly in leggings, then defended it with cold, robotic tweets

3/26/2017 - UK officials want to fight terrorism by forcing WhatsApp to release users’ messages

3/26/2017 - Uber has taken its self-driving cars off the road after one flipped over in Arizona

3/26/2017 - US Navy SEALs develop mental toughness by reinforcing one behavior

3/26/2017 - Here are 250 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

3/26/2017 - What happens to successful companies when their founders divorce

3/26/2017 - Facial-recognition technology will make life a perpetual police lineup for all

3/26/2017 - That 12-year-old screaming at you while playing “Call of Duty” might actually be gaming for school

3/26/2017 - We can now work next to our robot colleagues without getting mauled to death, thanks to an airbag

3/26/2017 - Humans selectively edit reality before accepting it, a review of decades of social and economic behavior shows

3/26/2017 - Cameroon’s tension, Somali’s pirates, the naira’s punchline

3/26/2017 - Hong Kong’s election results are in, and Beijing won

3/25/2017 - An airstrike that witnesses say killed 100 to 200 civilians in Mosul was launched by the US

3/25/2017 - People won’t stop staring at their phones, so a Dutch town put traffic lights on the ground

3/25/2017 - Amateur cloud-spotters lobbied to add this beautiful new cloud to the International Cloud Atlas

3/25/2017 - A US judge has granted a Singapore teen blogger political asylum, calling him a “young political dissident”

3/25/2017 - No, 14 black girls didn’t disappear from a US city in a day. But there’s still reason for outrage

3/25/2017 - There are now three rivers that are legally people

3/25/2017 - Why the Sydney Opera House, the Burj Khalifa, and Big Ben will go dark for an hour tonight

3/25/2017 - What the US and UK electronics bans mean for international business travelers

3/25/2017 - “Beauty and the Beast” is a pretty film disguising the ugly beast of misogyny

3/25/2017 - The pickiest of kids ate dozens of new foods after a two-week training devised by a psychologist

3/25/2017 - Nike’s multi-billion-dollar empire is built on air

3/25/2017 - In 2017, Germany reigns supreme: The most powerful passports in the world

3/25/2017 - The major US TV networks covered climate change for a grand total of 50 minutes last year—combined

3/25/2017 - Top crime experts around the US urge Trump to please just use some science

3/25/2017 - Americans love Haribo so much that it’s going to start making gummy bears in the US

3/25/2017 - Japan’s extreme recluses are coming together to create a newspaper for social outcasts

3/25/2017 - Weekend edition—Obamacare lives, IBM’s remote work shift, insect detectives

3/25/2017 - Psychology explains why this photo of a London woman in a hijab stirs up hidden biases

3/25/2017 - Facebook’s new design for comments shows they don’t understand what conversations are

3/25/2017 - Weekend edition—Obamacare lives, IBM’s remote work shift, insect detectives

3/25/2017 - Weekend edition—Obamacare lives, IBM’s remote work shift, insect detectives

3/24/2017 - Weekend edition—Obamacare lives, IBM’s remote work shift, insect detectives

3/24/2017 - Trump gets a hard lesson on Obamacare: It’s easier to criticize something than fix it

3/24/2017 - Health-care stocks are celebrating the death of Donald Trump’s health-care bill

3/24/2017 - Elon Musk has a curious new sales pitch for the Tesla Model 3

3/24/2017 - Donald Trump’s answer to Obamacare has failed spectacularly

3/24/2017 - Scientists just changed the way we build genomes to make them 270,000 times cheaper

3/24/2017 - A glamorous young Russian nationalist is leading her country’s love affair with Trump and Le Pen

3/24/2017 - Even sex workers earn more if they get a college degree

3/24/2017 - Indian engineers are so unemployable that a tech giant will train high-school graduates itself

3/24/2017 - A new bill on US copyright law would take power from the Library of Congress and give it to Trump

3/24/2017 - Trump’s landmark Keystone XL pipeline deal will create 35 long-term American jobs

3/24/2017 - Is there any way to combat the rise of low-tech terror?

3/24/2017 - The latest version of Trumpcare makes covering pregnancy, hospitalization, and drugs optional

3/24/2017 - When diverse groups interact, everybody ends up smarter and healthier

3/24/2017 - The Arctic is missing ice three times the size of California this year

3/24/2017 - All the versions of “Rogue One” we didn’t get to see

3/24/2017 - Now that the GOP’s proved it has no idea how to fix Obamacare, here’s what Congress should actually do

3/24/2017 - Donald Trump’s health-care debacle is ripped directly from “Arrested Development”

3/24/2017 - The four-day work week is being put to the test in an unexpected place—rural schools

3/24/2017 - Quartzy: the baggage edition

3/24/2017 - Quartzy: the baggage edition

3/24/2017 - Why American jobs have a higher risk of automation than jobs in Germany, the UK, and Japan

3/24/2017 - Trump’s treasury secretary says one of the top threats to US jobs is “not even on our radar screen”

3/24/2017 - Married people ruin everything, even a single person’s chance to get airline miles

3/24/2017 - When you’re the boss, don’t be shy about saying “I’m getting my hair done”

3/24/2017 - 3D-Printed rocket engines, testing private blockchain, will Modi move beyond Facebook?

3/24/2017 - A mattress company’s new toll-free hotline deliberately bores insomniacs to sleep

3/24/2017 - Donald Trump has failed his first big test as salesman-in-chief

3/24/2017 - Infeliz cumpleaños europeo, presión a Venezuela, la yuca mortífera

3/24/2017 - Millennials and baby boomers are taught to hate each other—but they need each other to survive

3/24/2017 - The hackers in your yogurt

3/24/2017 - Former Egyptian president and strongman Hosni Mubarak has been freed after six years

3/24/2017 - US internet service companies are getting the same rights to invade your privacy as tech giants

3/24/2017 - Bitcoin’s civil war threatens to blow up the cryptocurrency itself

3/24/2017 - Meet Ripple: A tentacle-shaped wearable device for flirting

3/24/2017 - Is the era of cheap Uber rides over?

3/24/2017 - Donald Trump is forcing us to confront the limits of political satire

3/24/2017 - Silicon Valley tech workers are talking about starting their first union in 2017 to resist Trump

3/24/2017 - The big mistake most people make when they receive negative feedback

3/24/2017 - More children in the West are being taught math using China’s fabled, slightly brutal “mastery” method

3/24/2017 - Keep talking to yourself—it’s doing wonders for your brain

3/24/2017 - Should a human-pig chimera be treated as a person?

3/24/2017 - Americans are over 3D movies, but Hollywood hasn’t got the memo

3/24/2017 - US healthcare vote redux, Britain’s Brexit bill, the hippest color for private jets

3/24/2017 - Cape Town only has about 100 days of water left

3/24/2017 - NASA didn’t catch an error in the International Space Station’s data until a kid pointed it out

3/24/2017 - North Korea is trying to lure investors and tourists aboard its casino cruise

3/24/2017 - Quiz: Can you tell which of these workplace phrases are American and which are British?

3/24/2017 - Thousands of unsuspecting travellers from India will be impacted by the US’s electronics ban on flights

3/24/2017 - Adityanath: Modi pulls a fast one on his “moderate” supporters and now they have nowhere to hide

3/24/2017 - Hong Kong “election,” premium Twitter, private-jet paint

3/24/2017 - Hong Kong “election,” premium Twitter, private-jet paint

3/24/2017 - The rise of forensic science in an unlikely world—Hindi pulp fiction blockbusters

3/24/2017 - CNN’s portrayal of a “cannibalistic” religious sect has exposed the hypocrisy of the Indian diaspora

3/23/2017 - If you think the US electoral college isn’t democratic, just consider Hong Kong’s indirect electors

3/23/2017 - Apple is convincing more Indians to buy iPhones but has yet to win over the government

3/23/2017 - In China, dairy companies are training chefs to bring on the butter, cheese, and cream

3/23/2017 - Trumpcare failure, UK attacker ID’d, private jet paint

3/23/2017 - Disney won’t let Bob Iger go: Media’s most successful CEO is staying on through 2019

3/23/2017 - White America is tops in the developed world when it comes to death by drugs, alcohol, and suicide

3/23/2017 - You’re about to help Facebook understand how your private messages make you feel

3/23/2017 - Royal Jordanian made a great joke about laptop restrictions—until you remember it’s not funny

3/23/2017 - Dozens of academic journals offered a “Dr. Fraud” a job on their editorial team

3/23/2017 - 12 more things to do on a 12-hour flight where laptops are banned

3/23/2017 - Life could be hitching rides on meteorites to travel between three Earth-like planets 39 million light years away

3/23/2017 - “We are poking a sore spot of the Kremlin”: A Putin critic’s words before he was murdered in Kyiv

3/23/2017 - This is how Russian hackers will attack the US next

3/23/2017 - Architects have been gearing up to build Trump’s border wall for years

3/23/2017 - Why Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are thriving while other US brands are tanking

3/23/2017 - Trump surrounds himself with Yes Men—but it’s a cocoon that good leaders try to escape

3/23/2017 - The Trump Organization wants to add 50 to 100 hotels in the US in the next three years

3/23/2017 - Movie studios think you’ll pay crazy amounts of money to watch movies still in cinemas at home

3/23/2017 - For private-jet owners, this color is the ultimate symbol of taste and sophistication

3/23/2017 - The unlikely movement that could finally kill the death penalty in the US

3/23/2017 - Canada’s housing market looks eerily similar to the US before the crash

3/23/2017 - Terrorist in Westminster attack is named as British-born Khalid Masood. Here’s what we know.

3/23/2017 - Howard University is opening a campus at Google to train black coders

3/23/2017 - Smartphones are making Kenya’s gambling problem even worse

3/23/2017 - There’s a better way to treat your tech addiction than hiding your phone and laptop

3/23/2017 - An economist warns that the next generation of feminists will feel even more frustrated

3/23/2017 - “Lincoln in the Bardo” is headed for Hollywood, thanks to Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman

3/23/2017 - Japan is courting FDI and multinationals are answering the call

3/23/2017 - Why businesses with global aspirations are looking to Japan

3/23/2017 - The average young American binge-watches TV for five hours straight

3/23/2017 - Hours after the Westminster attack, Donald Trump Jr. used false news to troll London’s mayor

3/23/2017 - How Trump’s health-care bill might pass its first big hurdle, even though everyone hates it

3/23/2017 - Satélite brasileño, luto en Londres, pizza muy rentable

3/23/2017 - Watch: The swift, stratospheric death of a weather balloon, as seen by a GoPro

3/23/2017 - The new (RED) iPhone shows how a simple act of charity isn’t so simple in China

3/23/2017 - What’s behind phantom cellphone buzzes in your pocket?

3/23/2017 - Trumpcare would force insurance companies to stop offering abortion coverage on their marketplace plans

3/23/2017 - Why women overload texts with emojis, as explained by one hilarious video

3/23/2017 - I’m an MIT professor who used math to help treat diabetes

3/23/2017 - Here’s what happens to the athletic wear industry when China starts going to the gym

3/23/2017 - A court in China wrote a poignant verdict on the killing of a reporter who covered domestic violence—by her husband

3/23/2017 - When reporters accidentally wrote science fiction: A true story about Mars

3/23/2017 - Trump’s healthcare bill vote, London attack arrests, freeze-dried tardigrades

3/23/2017 - An Indian comic braces for a wave of “inflated egos and fake accents” returning from Trump-hit US

3/23/2017 - Will the Modi government move beyond using social media as a public relations platform?

3/23/2017 - Japan scandal, advertisers leaving YouTube, freeze-dried tardigrades

3/23/2017 - Japan scandal, advertisers leaving YouTube, freeze-dried tardigrades

3/23/2017 - Does your child really need an iPad to get through a flight? These airlines don’t think so

3/23/2017 - Amid a saffron wave, data show that Mughal monuments still rule India

3/23/2017 - Homegrown technology is being used to help millions at risk from a devastating famine in Africa

3/23/2017 - As its freebie period ends, Ambani’s Jio unlikely to lose many subscribers: Study

3/23/2017 - The Philippine tourism chief wants coverage of the drug war toned down to make her job easier

3/22/2017 - India is going to come online using old-school feature phones

3/22/2017 - 페미니즘 진영과 한국사회 내 깊게 뿌리박힌 여성혐오 세력간의 극적인 전투가 시작됐다

3/22/2017 - Children in Fresno, California have three times the rate of lead poisoning as the children in Flint

3/22/2017 - The US State Department has no time for your pesky international institutions

3/22/2017 - The Supreme Court says the iconic American cheerleading uniform design is protected by copyright law

3/22/2017 - Meet the Russian oligarch who paid Trump’s former campaign manager to help Putin

3/22/2017 - Trump healthcare vote, Russia shenanigans, indestructible tardigrades

3/22/2017 - A father’s emotional plea shows how parents can help fight the isolation of autism

3/22/2017 - The NBA is powered by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

3/22/2017 - The disturbing reason Los Angeles Latinos are reporting 25% fewer sexual assaults

3/22/2017 - Race is the biggest indicator in the US of whether you live near toxic waste

3/22/2017 - A leading astronomer says the rise of the nerds will save us from political attacks on science

3/22/2017 - How to talk to your kids about terror attacks

3/22/2017 - Most American internet users have no idea how to protect their accounts

3/22/2017 - A startup says it can now produce enough for 4 million meatless burgers a month

3/22/2017 - The number of books you’ll read before you die, charted

3/22/2017 - How the UK police deal with a terrorist attack when most officers don’t carry guns

3/22/2017 - Inbox Zero is a waste of time. This is how a world-class behavioral economist tames his email

3/22/2017 - China’s consumers hate Airbnb’s new Chinese name so much that they are brainstorming a new one

3/22/2017 - Trump will deliver his first commencement address to an evangelical Christian university

3/22/2017 - Netflix divides its 93 million users around the world into 1,300 “taste communities”

3/22/2017 - Truckers do a lot of stuff besides driving that automated vehicles don’t

3/22/2017 - How to watch live video feeds from traffic cameras around Westminster

3/22/2017 - New revelations link Trump’s ex-campaign manager even more closely to Vladimir Putin

3/22/2017 - The rules of strategic golf to advance US interests

3/22/2017 - Four people are dead and 29 are injured in a terror incident outside Britain’s parliament

3/22/2017 - Why humans know Obama is not planning a coup but Google does not

3/22/2017 - Why does Swatch think it can take on Google and Apple?

3/22/2017 - The clearest signs that it’s time to leave your job

3/22/2017 - Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens only worked four hours a day—and you should too

3/22/2017 - A 19th-century poet’s trick for cultivating a creative mindset

3/22/2017 - Maestros contra Macri, las bolsas se desinflan, vírgenes japoneses

3/22/2017 - Watch: New virtual reality technology lets you see inside your eye

3/22/2017 - Domino’s stock has outperformed Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon this decade

3/22/2017 - You probably want to ask for a raise. Here’s what you should do instead

3/22/2017 - Don’t be relieved by the Dutch election—it’s done nothing to stop populism in Europe

3/22/2017 - Software used to predict crime can now be scoured for bias

3/22/2017 - You can buy condoms anywhere in the US today, thanks to a Supreme Court case that wasn’t really about condoms

3/22/2017 - The real reason we care so deeply about the Oxford comma

3/22/2017 - US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s reference to novelist David Foster Wallace proves he’s a SNOOT

3/22/2017 - A small but crucial detail could block Trump’s plan to drug-test people for unemployment benefits

3/22/2017 - Global companies get too much credit for their transparency

3/22/2017 - Want to avoid bad days? Manage someone else’s business, don’t start your own

3/22/2017 - Tillerson’s ISIL conference, ING’s criminal probe, snake on a plane

3/22/2017 - Beijing’s deadly air pollution has forced it to close all of its large coal-power plants

3/22/2017 - Xi Jinping is only halfway through his rule yet China’s already trumpeting his legacy

3/22/2017 - Charted: D-Mart’s is the best stock market debut India has seen in five years

3/22/2017 - Left-wing politicians in Europe are co-opting “populism”—and there could be a price

3/22/2017 - The idea of monogamy as a relationship ideal is based on flawed science

3/22/2017 - Lagos wants to be a modern mega city so it’s forcing thousands of slum dwellers from their homes

3/22/2017 - Hong Kong women are too busy to breastfeed, and not even the government can change that

3/22/2017 - Baidu’s artificial-intelligence wizard, Andrew Ng, has resigned from China’s search giant

3/22/2017 - Japan’s surging exports, Trump boom fizzles, weaponized GIFs

3/22/2017 - Japan’s surging exports, Trump boom fizzles, weaponized GIFs

3/22/2017 - Rising affluence and urbanisation will turn India into a whole new world of possibilities by 2025

3/22/2017 - Airbnb and Marriott are turning to sumo wrestling and violins in battle for guests

3/22/2017 - Pollution and instability: The real cost of living in some of the world’s cheapest cities

3/22/2017 - India’s Silicon Valley offers the cheapest engineers, but the quality of their talent is another story

3/21/2017 - If the West wants to end the global slave trade, it must first get over its savior complex

3/21/2017 - Dead dictators are attracting puzzled selfie-takers at Hong Kong’s Art Basel

3/21/2017 - China’s extreme income inequality finally appears to be falling

3/21/2017 - Uber had four female leaders reassure people that it has everything under control

3/21/2017 - Google mea culpa, Trump boom fizzles, weaponized GIFs

3/21/2017 - The top 50 global banks allegedly involved in a $21 billion Russian money-laundering scheme

3/21/2017 - Gorsuch’s Roe v. Wade defense shouldn’t distract from his support of discriminatory “religious freedom” laws

3/21/2017 - American hospitals with fewer unnecessary C-sections have one thing in common: better design

3/21/2017 - Silicon Valley’s solution to the satellite launch bottleneck is a cheap rocket with 3D printed engines

3/21/2017 - Women paleontologists are donning fake beards because of sexism

3/21/2017 - The UK is also banning in-flight laptops on some flights from the Middle East

3/21/2017 - Map: All the air routes the UK just banned electronic devices on

3/21/2017 - France’s presidential debate ignored the one question everyone wants answered

3/21/2017 - Want blinding fast internet? Let Google dig a tiny trench outside your house

3/21/2017 - India’s sacred rivers now have human rights

3/21/2017 - Gorsuch’s nomination hearing is the powder keg that could finally blow the US Senate apart

3/21/2017 - Who shares the story, not who reports the news, is what counts for casual readers

3/21/2017 - The internet’s favorite microscopic creature, the tardigrade, could one day save your life

3/21/2017 - Donald Trump’s dream budget is somehow pro-food poisoning

3/21/2017 - Spotify: You can listen to all the music for free—but you’re the real product

3/21/2017 - Thinx and its allegedly breast-groping, oversharing “she-EO” are the reasons HR departments exist

3/21/2017 - There’s one kind of employee who is vastly under-appreciated in most modern offices

3/21/2017 - George R.R. Martin keeps doing things that are not writing the next “Game of Thrones” book

3/21/2017 - Donald Trump lost $1 billion and dropped 220 places down the Forbes rich list

3/21/2017 - Films of these atomic explosions just got declassified

3/21/2017 - Kenya is launching the world’s first mobile-only government bond

3/21/2017 - Trump’s power depends on the myth of America as dystopia—but there’s still time to reject it

3/21/2017 - LinkedIn’s turbo-charged version for salespeople costs $1,600 a pop

3/21/2017 - The repeal of Obamacare has thrown transgender Americans into a fight for their lives

3/21/2017 - Google is stepping up damage control after putting ads next to hate speech

3/21/2017 - Apple quietly updated some of its most popular products today

3/21/2017 - Genetics has proven that you’re unique—just like everyone else

3/21/2017 - There’s an Italian word for making everything you do seem effortless

3/21/2017 - What the booming growth of the “Cowboy Church” can teach startups

3/21/2017 - As the 20th anniversary of the handover to China nears, Hong Kong artists meditate on space, memory

3/21/2017 - Stocks may be “hideously expensive,” but that doesn’t mean a crash is coming

3/21/2017 - China is sending forth patriotic tourists to bolster its South China Sea claims

3/21/2017 - Bolivia quiere mar, muere Martin McGuinness, Costa Rica feliz

3/21/2017 - From now on, British workers are all getting pay cuts

3/21/2017 - A Silicon Valley startup is paying new hires $10,000 to leave the Bay Area 

3/21/2017 - No one really knows what’s causing US political polarization, but it’s not the internet

3/21/2017 - GitHub now lets its workers keep the IP when they use company resources for personal projects

3/21/2017 - Trump is going to have to sue Americans in order to build his border wall

3/21/2017 - Elephants barely need sleep to form memories, proving we don’t really understand sleep at all

3/21/2017 - Life’s eternal questions, answered for schoolchildren without deferring to God

3/21/2017 - How millions set a festive table to celebrate the Persian New Year

3/21/2017 - Trump’s proposed hike to military spending is bigger than all but two countries’ entire budgets

3/21/2017 - What to listen for and what to ignore in Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing

3/21/2017 - Trump’s proposed cuts to the humanities strike at the heart of what actually makes America great

3/21/2017 - Trump and Bannon attack the 1% to disguise the fact that they are card-carrying members of it

3/21/2017 - The surprising ways neuroscience can help design smarter, more intuitive cities

3/21/2017 - IBM, remote-work pioneer, is calling thousands of employees back to the office

3/21/2017 - Laptops and tablets have been banned from being used on 56 routes to the US

3/21/2017 - Ivanka’s White House office, Macron’s debate victory, zebras vs. unicorns

3/21/2017 - Before Frida Kahlo became widely known as Frida Kahlo, she was a famous painter’s trailing spouse

3/21/2017 - China’s soccer spending spree was fueled by one political push—and will be foiled by another

3/21/2017 - The unexpected benefit of US political protests: a spike in poster board sales

3/21/2017 - Whether Australia likes it or not, more immigrants are calling it home

3/21/2017 - China’s outrageous offer to India for settling the border dispute: Give us all the territory

3/21/2017 - The planet’s most important economics chart shows some encouraging trends

3/21/2017 - Marine Le Pen wants France to cut ties with most of the world—except Africa

3/21/2017 - A Chinese park rolled out facial recognition to fight toilet-paper thieves after talking them out of it failed

3/21/2017 - Netflix has a big battle ahead to win subscribers in India

3/21/2017 - Nigeria’s naira has become the punchline to a bad joke thanks to its central bank governor

3/21/2017 - Jasmine, pepper, chai: The fragrances of India, bottled exclusively for you

3/21/2017 - Macron’s debate win, Ivanka’s White House office, zebras vs. unicorns

3/21/2017 - Macron’s debate win, Ivanka’s White House office, zebras vs. unicorns

3/21/2017 - The rationale behind the irrational salaries at Indian startups

3/21/2017 - Explained: The structure and functioning of India’s family-run Adani Group

3/20/2017 - Tillerson will skip the next NATO meeting but visit later with Putin

3/20/2017 - China’s money-burning bike startups have received a blessing from Tim Cook

3/20/2017 - That massive, viral chicken would have seemed totally normal to Americans before the age of factory farming

3/20/2017 - US consumers are still very disillusioned with Wells Fargo

3/20/2017 - A single ride in London could wind up costing Uber hundreds of millions of dollars

3/20/2017 - FBI probes Trump-Russia, Brazil poultry scandal, CPR playlist

3/20/2017 - The US is banning in-flight electronics on some Middle East routes for security reasons

3/20/2017 - Meet Julia, Sesame Street’s autistic puppet

3/20/2017 - All the reasons men prefer Eastern European women, according to Italy’s public broadcaster

3/20/2017 - The FBI could have said it was also probing Donald Trump when it announced its investigation into Hillary Clinton

3/20/2017 - David Rockefeller, the oil heir who made philanthropy the family business, has died at 101

3/20/2017 - Thanks to streaming, underground British rappers are benefiting from the success of Drake’s new album

3/20/2017 - The food robots are upon us—taking orders, flipping burgers, and posing questions

3/20/2017 - Despite a struggling economy and high unemployment, Italians are the world’s healthiest people

3/20/2017 - Nearly half of Canadians want asylum seekers fleeing the US deported

3/20/2017 - Hilton wants guests to pool their unused hotel points with 10 of their closest friends

3/20/2017 - A major New York hospital recommends Hanson, Missy Elliot, and Lynyrd Skynyrd for timing CPR

3/20/2017 - Behind its orderly facade, Britain’s leadership is a bumbling chaos right now

3/20/2017 - Morocco’s king fired and hired a prime minister in the same week but still has no government

3/20/2017 - This whole “wire tapping” scandal proves Trump doesn’t know how to use quotation marks properly

3/20/2017 - Four ways Uber can keep its best people from jumping ship

3/20/2017 - The words that give away a writer’s gender, in classic works of literature

3/20/2017 - Zebra companies offer an alternative to the unicorn fantasy

3/20/2017 - America helped create the racist myth of the violent Mexican that Trump is exploiting today

3/20/2017 - It only took a few centuries, but Denmark has finally repaid all its foreign debts

3/20/2017 - Behind Disney’s struggle to bring the teapot from “Beauty and the Beast” to life

3/20/2017 - A global report on happiness devoted an entire chapter to misery in America

3/20/2017 - The most common attitudes that lead to bad decisions—and how to prevent them

3/20/2017 - Fecha Brexit, Gates y Trump, el amante de Marie Curie

3/20/2017 - You don’t need a 10-year plan—you need to give yourself permission to experiment

3/20/2017 - There is only one way to undo decades of ingrained institutional sexism in the US military

3/20/2017 - Most of Warren Buffett’s paycheck goes toward his personal security

3/20/2017 - Why even a women’s underwear startup couldn’t create a good culture for women

3/20/2017 - Employee burnout is becoming a huge problem in the American workforce

3/20/2017 - Losing weight won’t make you happier—but eating a balanced diet will

3/20/2017 - The strengths that bring out an introvert’s full potential

3/20/2017 - Political tensions are growing in Cameroon’s troubled English-speaking regions

3/20/2017 - Space tourism companies are going to write their own safety rules because the US government can’t

3/20/2017 - Has lithium-battery genius John Goodenough done it again? Colleagues are skeptical

3/20/2017 - After years of hype, private blockchains face their first commercial tests

3/20/2017 - James Comey testifies, French presidential debates, renting grandkids

3/20/2017 - John Oliver uses Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” to explain why people will hate his budget

3/20/2017 - Rodrigo Duterte seems resigned to new Chinese building activity in the South China Sea

3/20/2017 - Companies benefit when their workers are cocky

3/20/2017 - The 2017 Spring Budget UK as a roadmap for your company

3/20/2017 - Every radio station in the UK has music lined up for when disaster strikes

3/20/2017 - Researchers are using Darwin’s theories to evolve AI, so only the strongest algorithms survive

3/20/2017 - Yogi Adityanath: The monk who owns a revolver, a rifle, and Rs72 lakh in assets

3/20/2017 - Google’s Alpha Go now has a serious game-playing rival from Tencent

3/20/2017 - United Spirits is getting IIT researchers to explore the best ways to give you a high

3/20/2017 - French presidential debates, Gates meets Trump, fake-news warnings

3/20/2017 - French presidential debates, Gates meets Trump, fake-news warnings

3/20/2017 - India’s seniors are so lonely they’re renting grand kids for company

3/20/2017 - With reduced patrols and illegal fishing, Somalia’s pirates could be making a comeback

3/20/2017 - Modi’s party is finally confident enough to reveal its most venomous religious agenda to India

3/19/2017 - A newly discovered fossil suggests plants are hundreds of millions of years older than we thought

3/19/2017 - Hong Kong’s leadership hopefuls want to win hearts and minds in an election where no one gets to vote

3/19/2017 - Uber president Jeff Jones quits after just six months

3/19/2017 - Gates meets Trump, Apple chats China, frogs glow green

3/19/2017 - This is now what happens when you try to post fake news on Facebook

3/19/2017 - These photos give the phrase “a boy can do anything a girl can do” a whole new meaning

3/19/2017 - Rex Tillerson’s tone on China got a lot friendlier once he actually got to China

3/19/2017 - Africa’s private-equity investors made big bets last year, but 2017 looks less certain

3/19/2017 - The US has officially turned its back on free trade

3/19/2017 - Chuck Berry is gone, but his music is still searching for a new audience—aliens

3/19/2017 - The Justin Trudeau of the Netherlands is schooling the left on how to tackle far-right populism

3/19/2017 - You can’t be socially progressive and economically conservative

3/19/2017 - Scientists genetically modified ants using CRISPR to show how their societies evolved

3/19/2017 - A 20-cent lifesaving tool that’s made with only paper, string, and PVC pipe

3/19/2017 - We’re wondering what exactly Bill Gates and Donald Trump will have to talk about tomorrow

3/19/2017 - “Had he made the first move, I probably would have started an affair with him.”

3/19/2017 - Orlando wants to turn its entire city into a theme park for self-driving cars

3/19/2017 - It took the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube a month to solve his own puzzle

3/19/2017 - The psychological trick that gave the Vikings an edge in battle

3/19/2017 - Yoga is philosophy in physical form, says a philosophy of mind professor

3/19/2017 - Nollywood is giving the world a taste of true African glamour

3/19/2017 - Uganda vs gambling, Cape Town vs Joburg, innovation vs trade

3/18/2017 - Trump’s proposed increase in US military spending is almost as big as Russia’s entire defense budget

3/18/2017 - Australia proves that cutting arts funding can unite the creative community, not destroy it

3/18/2017 - A 5-mile island built to save Lagos’s economy has a worrying design flaw

3/18/2017 - Artists are using a revolutionary process to construct the world’s largest stained glass window

3/18/2017 - Namibia doesn’t want “aid” to make up for Germany’s genocide—it wants $30 billion

3/18/2017 - US travelers: Go to Cuba while you can still get there

3/18/2017 - A retirement expert’s advice for how to be productive when a robot takes your job

3/18/2017 - A radical fringe group refuses to admit the German Reich is over, and it’s getting violent

3/18/2017 - Weekend edition—Britain’s disarray, Indian weddings, Foucault on power

3/18/2017 - Why is the US sending members of an alleged hate group to a UN conference on women?

3/18/2017 - Drake is releasing new music, and this time he’s sharing it with everyone

3/18/2017 - Trump has flip-flopped on his decision not to increase airport fees for passengers

3/18/2017 - Humans may have turned the Sahara from a thriving ecosystem into a barren desert

3/18/2017 - For US attorney general Jeff Sessions, the future of marijuana looks just like the past

3/18/2017 - Which anger leads us astray and which anger gets results, according to a Princeton philosopher

3/18/2017 - Weekend edition—Britain’s disarray, Indian weddings, Foucault on power

3/18/2017 - Weekend edition—Britain’s disarray, Indian weddings, Foucault on power

3/17/2017 - “One business-bear in the family is enough”: How a 1984 children’s book talked about working moms

3/17/2017 - Weekend edition—Britain’s disarray, Indian weddings, Foucault on power

3/17/2017 - A new budget airline from British Airways’ parent will fly from Barcelona to LAX for €99

3/17/2017 - Angela Merkel is the most powerful woman on earth, but Trump still can’t hear her

3/17/2017 - Monopoly’s new pieces prove what we knew all along: Entitled millennials love ducks and hate working

3/17/2017 - Singapore’s leading-edge technologies are taking Asia by storm

3/17/2017 - Asia’s most innovative economy is also a media incubator

3/17/2017 - Toys are more dangerous than cars and electrical appliances

3/17/2017 - Quartzy: the whole picture edition

3/17/2017 - Quartzy: the whole picture edition

3/17/2017 - Boycotting Mexican shrimp could be our last chance to save this tiny, endangered porpoise

3/17/2017 - Netflix is nixing its old star-rating system for one you might use

3/17/2017 - Normalization of US interest rates, Bitcoin turning into real currency, China’s taste for lobster

3/17/2017 - The world’s largest chocolate makers are finally working together to save trees

3/17/2017 - IBM Watson understands, reasons, and learns to work with humans to power innovative solutions across industries

3/17/2017 - Trump’s St. Patrick’s Day “proverb” might not be Irish but wasn’t by a Nigerian poet either

3/17/2017 - These are the numbers you need to know on South Africa’s welfare corruption scandal

3/17/2017 - Look upon these charts of house prices, ye Londoners, and despair!

3/17/2017 - It looks like the Nintendo Switch might be as popular as the Wii

3/17/2017 - A Danish minister feted new anti-immigration laws with cake

3/17/2017 - The Democratic party doesn’t know who it is anymore

3/17/2017 - Social media’s effect on democracy is “Alexander Hamilton’s nightmare”

3/17/2017 - You could feed 5,967 homebound seniors for a year on what Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips cost so far

3/17/2017 - Mental-health issues can’t be solved by psychologists alone—city design can help, too

3/17/2017 - Foreign medical students learn today how much America wants them

3/17/2017 - What feminist therapy taught me about living with anxiety and depression

3/17/2017 - Brazil’s demographic nightmare is just beginning

3/17/2017 - The paranoid attempts to tie Trump to Russia are distracting US liberals from their real problems

3/17/2017 - A simple design rule makes you look more authoritative on video calls

3/17/2017 - The secret fears and insecurities of 15 CEOs

3/17/2017 - For a change, China’s censors have no problem with “gay moment” in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

3/17/2017 - A West Virginia teen taught himself how to build a rapping AI using Kanye West lyrics

3/17/2017 - Russia is recruiting the FBI’s most-wanted hackers

3/17/2017 - Like Donald Trump, you may be misattributing your favorite quotes or proverbs

3/17/2017 - The Trump tax: Human smugglers at the US-Mexico border are jacking up prices

3/17/2017 - Trump doesn’t realize that America’s greatest export is higher education

3/17/2017 - YouPorn’s viewers tanked during the Nintendo Switch launch

3/17/2017 - DeepMind’s access to UK health data shows how tech could outgun privacy laws

3/17/2017 - A Mexican cement giant well placed to profit from Trump’s border wall is refusing to work on it

3/17/2017 - A fashionable frog is the first fluorescent amphibian known to humanity

3/17/2017 - Merkel meets Trump, G20 finance meeting, missile vs. drone

3/17/2017 - “Is an Indian spacecraft planning to brew beer on the moon?”

3/17/2017 - It’s time to learn French if you’re a private equity investor in Africa

3/17/2017 - Indian TV viewers and sponsors bet big on sports in 2016—and it wasn’t just cricket and men

3/17/2017 - In Pakistani pulp fiction, the scariest villian is always the Hindu

3/17/2017 - Women are less likely to “choke” under extreme pressure than men, a new study has shown

3/17/2017 - Demonetisation be damned! The Indian rupee is on a tear

3/17/2017 - Merkel meets Trump, G20 finance meeting, missile vs. drone

3/17/2017 - Merkel meets Trump, G20 finance meeting, missile vs. drone

3/17/2017 - As summer sets in, does India have enough water in store to make it through?

3/17/2017 - South Africa’s gaffe-ridden opposition party learns there’s never a good time to cheer colonialism

3/17/2017 - China is crushing India in the race to connect people online

3/17/2017 - Uber in India is fundamentally different from Uber in the West

3/16/2017 - To avoid the high cost of car ownership Singaporeans are gigging as Uber drivers with rented cars

3/16/2017 - Trump’s budget, IMF letter bomb, missile vs drone

3/16/2017 - A former Patagonia CEO has announced the largest ever private gift of land to a country

3/16/2017 - “I love my dad barefooted”: An expatriate’s moving tribute to his father’s values and sacrifice

3/16/2017 - How world’s best designers designed the world’s best office birthday party

3/16/2017 - Trump wants to decimate Amtrak—but he envisions supersonic flights zipping across the country

3/16/2017 - Are a third of Venmo transactions right now illegal gambling payments?

3/16/2017 - Mexicans won’t pay to build Trump’s wall—they’ll get paid

3/16/2017 - What it would take to impeach President Trump

3/16/2017 - A quarter of US beer drinkers have switched to marijuana or would if it was legal

3/16/2017 - China is pretending like it didn’t just raise interest rates

3/16/2017 - Trump’s budget “will cut science off at the knees,” and hurt American industry too

3/16/2017 - Even in countries with cheaper local competitors, Amazon and Netflix are succeeding

3/16/2017 - Someone thought it was a good idea to blow up a $300 drone with a Patriot missile

3/16/2017 - Alexa is coming to the iPhone

3/16/2017 - Refugees in Canada are embracing the country’s silliest sport

3/16/2017 - The German government and IMF were both targeted with letter bombs this week

3/16/2017 - Trump’s education budget boosts school choice and charter schools—and slashes everything else

3/16/2017 - A pharma giant is paying its new female CEO less than her male predecessor—but that’s not a scandal

3/16/2017 - A startup figured out how to grow chicken meat without chickens—just from using their cells

3/16/2017 - Visa wants to let you pay for stuff with your sunglasses

3/16/2017 - An intricate web ties the woman who paid $16 million for Trump’s condo to China’s power elite

3/16/2017 - Doing group work? Don’t be afraid to fight with your colleagues

3/16/2017 - One of Africa’s longest serving strongmen just got voted out of power

3/16/2017 - The McDonald’s Twitter account just mocked the “tiny hands” of its most loyal customer

3/16/2017 - The curious timing of US senator Marco Rubio’s South China Sea sanctions bill

3/16/2017 - Donald Trump wants to shut off an orbiting space camera that monitors climate change

3/16/2017 - My professional network was weaker because it lacked diversity. A simple change helped me fix it

3/16/2017 - The very young are trouncing every other generation on hours spent volunteering

3/16/2017 - When a game of tug of war goes wrong, it can rip your arms off

3/16/2017 - The simple design solutions that can make bathrooms better—for all genders

3/16/2017 - The Nile River Delta, once the bread basket of the world, may soon be uninhabitable

3/16/2017 - One image perfectly captures why populists didn’t win the Dutch election

3/16/2017 - Alivio en Holanda, China invierte en México, jugar a ser espía

3/16/2017 - Stressed out by politics? It could be making your body age faster, too

3/16/2017 - Who will lose if the US National Endowment for the Arts is eliminated?

3/16/2017 - If you blame others for your life, you’re missing the most important step to finding happiness

3/16/2017 - A linguist explains why Trump’s silence about big issues is a brilliant power move

3/16/2017 - To understand Steve Bannon, you need to watch three of his movies

3/16/2017 - The most normal thing about the US is its interest rates

3/16/2017 - Trump’s Deep State conspiracy is fake—but the threat from US intelligence services is real

3/16/2017 - Two business-school professors discovered how to make both red and blue Americans care about Trump’s drastic budget cuts

3/16/2017 - I’m taking a social media break for my sanity—and so should you

3/16/2017 - Our addiction to consumption might just be what saves the planet from destruction

3/16/2017 - Subtle clues in these photos sum up the difference between the Obama and Trump White Houses

3/16/2017 - Bruce Lee achieved all his life goals by his death at age 32 because of one personality trait

3/16/2017 - Uber is battling for its future in Kenya and South Africa

3/16/2017 - One nation is particularly crazy about cats

3/16/2017 - Today we’re worried about smart TVs, but in the 1980s Russian spies were hacking typewriters

3/16/2017 - Mass coral die-offs at the Great Barrier Reef are a sign of far worse things to come

3/16/2017 - Trump’s budget proposal, Dutch reject populism, CIA board games

3/16/2017 - India’s startup ecosystem is living through a nightmare this week—and it deserves it

3/16/2017 - Headlines that say H-1B visas drive down US tech wages don’t tell the full story

3/16/2017 - World Bank’s top economist says India’s controversial ID program should be a model for other nations

3/16/2017 - South African developers are moving to this city to make more money

3/16/2017 - Dutch relief, Tesla shares, government cannabis

3/16/2017 - Dutch relief, Tesla shares, government cannabis

3/16/2017 - Kenya’s phone companies are letting the government spy on ordinary citizens

3/16/2017 - Beijing’s scariest tack yet in the South China Sea: projecting an aura of calm

3/16/2017 - Salt-free, fat-free, sugar-free: The new mantra of food makers in a health-conscious India

3/16/2017 - The stories of the first men (and the first woman) to fly in India

3/16/2017 - The winners and losers in Donald Trump’s “America First” budget

3/15/2017 - Rather than talk to Taiwan, China sends in the spies

3/15/2017 - A US federal judge has temporarily frozen Trump’s travel ban—again

3/15/2017 - Fed market lurch, Russian cyberspies indicted, government cannabis

3/15/2017 - Tesla will ask investors for another $1.15 billion as it scales up manufacturing of the Model 3

3/15/2017 - Walmart-owned Jet is acquiring cool, quirky ModCloth to target millennial shoppers

3/15/2017 - GoPro is cutting staff yet again in its pursuit of a profit

3/15/2017 - Exit polls show voters in the Netherlands have rejected Geert Wilders, the Dutch Donald Trump

3/15/2017 - A robot actor debuted in London but he only works if there’s a human around

3/15/2017 - Zara will enter India’s e-commerce scene in 2017

3/15/2017 - Scripts from early in Kal Penn’s career are a reminder of how blatant Hollywood racism can be

3/15/2017 - The future of AI isn’t HAL—it’s intelligence augmentation

3/15/2017 - The top 2% of US 21-year-olds will benefit bigly from Trumpcare

3/15/2017 - Man and machine will unite to shape the future of AI

3/15/2017 - The Fed’s rate hike went off without a hitch—until investors read the fine print

3/15/2017 - The US Justice Department says Russian spies were behind the theft of 500 million Yahoo accounts

3/15/2017 - A statistician got curious about M&M colors and went on an endearingly geeky quest for answers

3/15/2017 - Artificial intelligence has a multitasking problem, and DeepMind might have a solution

3/15/2017 - Almost 50 years after Orson Welles began shooting, Netflix will release one of the unfinished holy grails of film

3/15/2017 - One airline will upgrade you for not being a jerk to them on the phone

3/15/2017 - Critics say these are the best books translated into English from foreign languages this year

3/15/2017 - Trump’s tax returns show the value of being transparent about salaries

3/15/2017 - Bridging the skills gap in finance is more than just a people problem

3/15/2017 - Soft skills and technology will shape the next generation of finance leaders

3/15/2017 - “The Matrix” reboot: It’s finally happened. Hollywood has run out of all the ideas

3/15/2017 - How to watch March Madness 2017—with or without cable

3/15/2017 - No one is more excited for Canada Goose’s IPO than its longtime critic PETA

3/15/2017 - The only journalist traveling to Asia with the US secretary of State works for the “BuzzFeed for conservatives”

3/15/2017 - Germany’s renewable energy push has forced $30 billion in losses on its biggest utilities

3/15/2017 - Canada’s immigration policies are just as warped as America’s—but in a whole different way

3/15/2017 - Google’s DeepMind has a plan for protecting private health data—from itself

3/15/2017 - The etiquette expert who’s teaching millennials how to be charming

3/15/2017 - Parenting may drive you crazy, but it will also make you live longer

3/15/2017 - Liberals need to stop obsessing over privilege or they’ll never accomplish anything

3/15/2017 - Elecciones en Holanda, impuestos de Trump, premio a la desobediencia

3/15/2017 - The blinding elegance of Ivanka Trump

3/15/2017 - Ireland is surprised by the number of British banks looking to relocate after Brexit

3/15/2017 - It could be months before we actually know who won the Dutch election

3/15/2017 - Robots won’t take your job—they’ll help make room for meaningful work instead

3/15/2017 - Researchers have replicated a notorious social experiment that claimed to explain the rise of fascism

3/15/2017 - A small town’s turnaround could teach Trump the right way to spend the US government’s money

3/15/2017 - Dogs may be man’s best friend—but new research shows they can also be deliberately sneaky

3/15/2017 - China has finally developed a taste for lobster—and it’s keeping Maine fishermen flush with cash

3/15/2017 - The science of why most emoji curses don’t work—and one definitely does

3/15/2017 - You may never have to see “out of stock” again

3/15/2017 - The end of “out of stock”: Retail buyers may know your next order before you do

3/15/2017 - In case opening an app was too strenuous, Alexa can now control your Roomba

3/15/2017 - Fed decision day, the Dutch go to the polls, MIT disobedience award

3/15/2017 - China is playing nice to the very media outlets Trump has antagonized

3/15/2017 - Over the last 60 years, automation has totally eliminated just one US occupation

3/15/2017 - For African countries, innovation must trump our focus on trade

3/15/2017 - A mother bought a billboard so her daughter could go grow up loving her Afro

3/15/2017 - India can’t become a Hindu Pakistan and a developed nation at the same time. Modi must choose

3/15/2017 - Charted: The cheapskates who don’t want to spend on the big, fat Indian wedding

3/15/2017 - India is facing its worst water crisis in generations

3/15/2017 - The impossible first task for South Korea’s next president: make both the US and China happy

3/15/2017 - Dutch elections, Fed decision day, disobedience award

3/15/2017 - Dutch elections, Fed decision day, disobedience award

3/15/2017 - TVF is writing the playbook on how to mishandle sexual harassment allegations

3/15/2017 - China’s “Korean” companies suddenly want consumers to know who they really are

3/15/2017 - India’s long history with sexual harassment at workplaces

3/14/2017 - The tax plan Donald Trump is pushing would have saved him $31 million in taxes in 2005

3/14/2017 - A new wave of atrocities is being committed against Muslims in Burma’s Rakhine state

3/14/2017 - Fed decision day, Nieman Marcus sale, maps for robots

3/14/2017 - Trump’s bill is the only chance to repeal Obamacare, the White House says

3/14/2017 - The end of “out of stock”: Retail buyers may know your next order before you do

3/14/2017 - You may never have to see “out of stock” again

3/14/2017 - Everything about this ridiculous “CNN Nutrition” ad is a lie

3/14/2017 - Watch: Senator Gillibrand tears into the marines over why no one’s been held responsible for the nude photo scandal

3/14/2017 - The sky can be a limit when using technology to predict the weather

3/14/2017 - Refugees made some of the nicest things we have

3/14/2017 - Apple really wants you to replace your laptop with an iPad

3/14/2017 - Heinz is running Don Draper’s ketchup ads, but there were much better ad concepts in “Mad Men”

3/14/2017 - An artist painted pi to 2,500 decimal places to make math more attractive

3/14/2017 - A hospital in Canada is using a dog to sniff out deadly infections

3/14/2017 - A Norwegian town found a way to fight the winter blues using giant mirrors

3/14/2017 - With people dying from eating cheese, the US raw-milk movement faces a serious setback

3/14/2017 - Audio transcription is finally being automated

3/14/2017 - Three US sitcom spinoffs that were hugely successful—and three that failed miserably

3/14/2017 - Facebook and Instagram will no longer allow their data to be used for surveillance

3/14/2017 - A court’s decision in a Maine labor dispute hinged on the absence of an Oxford comma

3/14/2017 - Soy milk, gin, and puzzles for adults are hot in the UK right now, statistically speaking

3/14/2017 - Ivanka Trump is making populist jewelry now

3/14/2017 - Women in finance are punished much more severely than men for violating the rules

3/14/2017 - OPEC and US shale drillers seem back at the brink of war

3/14/2017 - Use pi to make sense of life without doing any math

3/14/2017 - The Dutch right will now have Turkey to thank if it wins the election

3/14/2017 - The scramble for the .africa domain name has been long and brutal, and it isn’t over yet

3/14/2017 - China’s first successful home-grown boy band is incredibly wholesome

3/14/2017 - Great Britain was never truly post-colonial—and Brexit proves it

3/14/2017 - How you learned a second language influences the way your brain works

3/14/2017 - You’re probably searching for a better life—but what if you already have it?

3/14/2017 - Do you have to live in NYC to make it as a writer? Advice from three renowned authors

3/14/2017 - “Feel the rainbow”: the strategic, sparkly role of glitter in the fight for LGBTQ rights

3/14/2017 - The British parliament has finally won the battle to not give itself a say on Brexit

3/14/2017 - Crisis humanitaria en Venezuela, el velo en Europa, la bestia de Chlaniów

3/14/2017 - These charts show bitcoin may be turning into a real currency

3/14/2017 - Africans have more faith in religious leaders than in courts

3/14/2017 - The legacy Park Geun-hye leaves behind in Korea’s 30-year democracy is a more authoritarian state

3/14/2017 - A psychologist explains why losing a dog can be as painful as losing a relative

3/14/2017 - Europe has ruled that banning headscarves in the workplace is legal

3/14/2017 - Only one in five people take up this incredibly generous pension to retire at 40

3/14/2017 - How to make the perfect pie crust, according to science

3/14/2017 - Tunisia is celebrating a “martyr” of internet freedom with commemorative postage stamps

3/14/2017 - The UK government will teach eight-year-olds mindfulness to tackle spike in kids’ mental health problems

3/14/2017 - The spiritual leader China appointed for Tibetan Buddhism urged monks to love the Communist Party

3/14/2017 - EU’s Islamic headscarf ruling, Storm Stella lashes the US Northeast, dogs that lie

3/14/2017 - The bro culture at India’s startups leaves no room for gender equality

3/14/2017 - Tesla is getting some legitimate competition in the market for affordable electric cars

3/14/2017 - A photo project explores the personal stories of Kaurs, the Sikh women

3/14/2017 - With their ridiculously high salaries, unicorns may have ruined the job scene in the Indian tech sector

3/14/2017 - The highest share of women in the workforce globally are found in these African countries

3/14/2017 - Article 50 cleared, China’s surging home sales, crimes against mannequins

3/14/2017 - Article 50 cleared, China’s surging home sales, crimes against mannequins

3/14/2017 - In the age of Tinder, India’s matrimonial websites are trying to swipe right

3/13/2017 - 李麥子:女權運動在中國為何不進反退 ?

3/13/2017 - Thanks to China, Australia can expect more Vietnamese fishermen poaching in its waters

3/13/2017 - The Trump presidency is systematically destroying any global moral high ground the US had left

3/13/2017 - The craziest thing about the satirical “Man’s Right to Know” bill is it isn’t nearly as bad as the real Texas bill written for women

3/13/2017 - It will cost US taxpayers $77 million to cover the new babies if Congress cuts Planned Parenthood funding

3/13/2017 - A rogue robot is blamed for a human colleague’s gruesome death

3/13/2017 - Scottish independence bid, Intel’s robot car, crimes against mannequins

3/13/2017 - Trumpcare would raise premiums by 15% next year and leave 24 million Americans uninsured

3/13/2017 - It’s okay to be too busy

3/13/2017 - A DNA computer has a trillion siblings and replicates itself to make a decision

3/13/2017 - “This is India’s Uber”: Sexual harassment allegations rattle India’s top entertainment startup

3/13/2017 - That time when Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld ran a universal basic income experiment for Nixon

3/13/2017 - For Marissa Mayer, the final reward for failure at Yahoo amounts to $23 million

3/13/2017 - The key to life on Mars could be an institution dedicated to global potato research

3/13/2017 - Hermann Hesse’s simple trick to change your day for the better

3/13/2017 - Under Armour and Adidas are coming after the reigning king of March Madness sponsorships

3/13/2017 - Boaty McBoatface, formerly an internet joke, will set sail for Antarctica on a mission to save the planet

3/13/2017 - A long-lost satire by F. Scott Fitzgerald perfectly mocks the fake news of the 1920s

3/13/2017 - Fear of the markets will make millennials financially miserable when they’re old

3/13/2017 - Square has a full-time job listing for a manager of office seating

3/13/2017 - South Korea’s protest culture gets results, but its roots are nothing to envy

3/13/2017 - Intel’s $15 billion bet that its future lies in self-driving cars

3/13/2017 - US healthcare won’t be fixed until politicians stop treating it like an ordinary commodity

3/13/2017 - The influence of Uber ratings is about to be felt in the hallways of one of the world’s largest banks

3/13/2017 - Young Gambians are abandoning their risky Europe migration dreams now Jammeh is gone

3/13/2017 - Uber has produced 18 episodes of a podcast warning drivers about the dangers of joining a union

3/13/2017 - Scotland will seek a second referendum on independence from the UK

3/13/2017 - The future of social-justice activism and mass-incarceration reform is in VR

3/13/2017 - Our obsession with finding miracle cures for complicated problems is what gave us Trump

3/13/2017 - The century of American global domination of language is over, a linguist says

3/13/2017 - Escocia quiere otro referéndum, Turquía y Holanda, pedos en el quirófano

3/13/2017 - Here’s where to find the fastest mobile network internet connections in Africa

3/13/2017 - John Oliver explains how the Republican healthcare bill is the opposite of what Trump promised

3/13/2017 - The chart that shows China’s baby-making frenzy since it lifted its one-child policy

3/13/2017 - A massive garbage dump collapse in Ethiopia has killed at least 48 people

3/13/2017 - Most people are secretly threatened by creativity

3/13/2017 - There’s a very good reason to hire overqualified workers

3/13/2017 - Sleepy Monday is making you cranky, lazy and possibly dangerous

3/13/2017 - One of the US’s greatest gifts to the global economy is under threat from Trump

3/13/2017 - Trump deadline for wiretapping proof, Erdoğan lashes out, whale posses

3/13/2017 - A curious timeline of trademarks granted to Donald Trump by an increasingly helpful China

3/13/2017 - Activist Li Maizi on why feminism is “going backwards” in China

3/13/2017 - The dramatic way our view of Pluto has changed over the past 87 years

3/13/2017 - A brief history of Pluto’s 87-year planetary identity crisis

3/13/2017 - A psychology book that argues China is a “nation of infants” has been pulled from store shelves

3/13/2017 - A corny pop ballad explains in one verse why China is so mad about THAAD

3/13/2017 - We could stop tons of food losses by scaling these African-made low-tech cooling units

3/13/2017 - Article 50 timing, Berlin airport strike, whale posses

3/13/2017 - Article 50 timing, Berlin airport strike, whale posses

3/12/2017 - Jackal trial, Nazi remnants, whale posses

3/12/2017 - The inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee, outlines its three biggest threats

3/12/2017 - What your reaction to the BBC video bombing says about you

3/12/2017 - Uganda’s youth are addicted to gambling on English soccer, now the government wants to crack down

3/12/2017 - Learning to overcome FOMO can save you money and a lot of regret

3/12/2017 - African chairs, Ghana at 60, khat’s business women

3/12/2017 - Video: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on raising feminist boys—because sexism hurts them too

3/12/2017 - You don’t need to caramelize onions in the skillet—there’s a better way

3/12/2017 - Inch for inch, these airlines will give you the most legroom for your money

3/11/2017 - Manhattan federal prosecutor Preet Bharara is fired after refusing call for resignation

3/11/2017 - Margaret Atwood explains why “The Handmaid’s Tale” is so compelling today

3/11/2017 - This little-known designer has taken on one of fashion’s star-making positions for women

3/11/2017 - The Turkish president has just called the Netherlands “Nazi remnants” and “fascists”

3/11/2017 - The revolutionary message of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

3/11/2017 - Inside Marriott’s social-media command center where it (lovingly and thoughtfully) spies on guests

3/11/2017 - For the cost of YouTube’s new $35-a-month TV bundle, this is what you could get instead

3/11/2017 - The most striking thing about the WikiLeaks CIA data dump is how little most people cared

3/11/2017 - The CIA leak, khat economics, Assad’s Faustian bargain

3/11/2017 - Camel sculptures and Kazakh booze: A list of the best gifts US government employees couldn’t keep

3/11/2017 - Trump’s health care bill is the first true test of his powers as salesman-in-chief

3/11/2017 - The world’s longest recreational trail gives you 15,000 miles to find yourself

3/11/2017 - A new museum for language buffs wants to make America read again

3/11/2017 - In Uttar Pradesh, one big step for the BJP and a giant leap for Modi’s 2019 prospects

3/11/2017 - The CIA leak, khat economics, Assad’s Faustian bargain

3/11/2017 - The CIA leak, khat economics, Assad’s Faustian bargain

3/10/2017 - When the chairman of Tesco calls white males “an endangered species” on boards, it’s progress

3/10/2017 - The CIA leak, khat economics, Assad’s Faustian bargain

3/10/2017 - Humpback whales used to be loners but now they are hanging out in posses

3/10/2017 - A list of all the things to which Saturn’s saucer-shaped moon has been compared

3/10/2017 - Americans don’t understand the point of universities, according to nearly 90% of US university presidents

3/10/2017 - The US has one inspector for every 5,000 miles of pipeline—or twice the length of the country, each

3/10/2017 - If skyscrapers are a proxy for economic power, what happened to western Europe?

3/10/2017 - The real reason Republicans are ramming through a health care bill that no one wants

3/10/2017 - Zen masters say we’re all like Trump and should just accept it

3/10/2017 - That time surgeons farted into petri dishes for science

3/10/2017 - Apparently, the US’s top diplomat no longer receives visits from other top diplomats

3/10/2017 - Would Donald Trump be less likable as a woman? Researchers wanted to find out

3/10/2017 - Quartzy: the real talk edition

3/10/2017 - The empowering story behind this colorful photo of India’s rebel widows

3/10/2017 - Quartzy: the real talk edition

3/10/2017 - Kids still prefer paper books to screens

3/10/2017 - A small US supermarket chain is consistently ranked up there with Google as one of the best places to work

3/10/2017 - A live BBC television spot went totally haywire for a work-from-home dad when real life slipped in

3/10/2017 - Twenty years ago, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” created the blueprint for what we watch today

3/10/2017 - In more places, US restaurants are adding on “labor surcharges”—but you still have to tip, of course

3/10/2017 - Three ways to measure whether Trump is delivering on his boldest labor market promises

3/10/2017 - For an AI to understand “thirst,” you must first teach it about Drake

3/10/2017 - Nigeria’s president Buhari returns, carrying more questions than answers

3/10/2017 - On Scott Pruitt and CO2: What happens when science becomes a matter of belief?

3/10/2017 - Donald Trump’s zero-sum worldview is explained by a deep flaw in the industry he knows best

3/10/2017 - International buyers went on a record-smashing shopping spree of UK companies last year

3/10/2017 - For the first time ever, scientists have edited the genetic makeup of viable human embryos

3/10/2017 - France is showing Europe how to make enough babies to replenish its population

3/10/2017 - A Stanford psychologist just disproved the oldest love advice in the book

3/10/2017 - Democracy is dying around the world—and the West has only itself to blame

3/10/2017 - Huelga minera en Chile, ETF de Bitcoin, milmillonarias chinas

3/10/2017 - Donald Trump has more than 100 trademarks in China, including 35 granted pre-approval since he became US president

3/10/2017 - Spreadable coffee is now a thing that exists in Japan

3/10/2017 - The US has a lot of money, but it does not look like a developed country

3/10/2017 - Physicists have created an “impossible” state of matter that could power quantum computers

3/10/2017 - We’ll only run out of jobs if the world runs out of problems to solve

3/10/2017 - Is Siri lying to you? Knowing when a bot sounds trustworthy is the next step in digital security

3/10/2017 - How to fight Russian propaganda, from a Ukrainian who’s been battling the post-truth era for years

3/10/2017 - You probably should have majored in computer science

3/10/2017 - Airbnb is a case study in why tech startups still aren’t going public

3/10/2017 - Two colleagues traded identities for a day and uncovered a huge workplace hurdle for women

3/10/2017 - An insect-inspired design lets you smash your drone against a wall and fly away

3/10/2017 - South Korea ousts its president, Musk’s Australian wager, radioactive boars

3/10/2017 - South Sudan is battling a famine, but will jack up permit fees for foreign aid workers by 100-fold

3/10/2017 - These are the places where more women than men think a woman’s place is in the home

3/10/2017 - The world’s oldest population of humans is pushing back against unethical researchers

3/10/2017 - Taobao is banning merchants from selling foreign media in China—even media approved by censors

3/10/2017 - Manny Pacquiao is the Philippines’ staunchest advocate for reinstating the death penalty

3/10/2017 - Google will demote a site with a magic number of takedown requests, in a new UK deal

3/10/2017 - The Dutch far right’s election donors are almost exclusively American

3/10/2017 - In photos: A day in a child’s hellish life in Gujarat’s salt pans

3/10/2017 - India’s most famous defaulter is fishing for sympathy

3/10/2017 - Impeachment in South Korea, bitcoin ETF, Martian potatoes

3/10/2017 - Impeachment in South Korea, bitcoin ETF, Martian potatoes

3/10/2017 - A tragic life: Park Geun-hye’s descent from South Korea’s “first lady” to impeached president

3/10/2017 - An IIM-B graduate is bringing idly-dosa breakfasts to homesick Indian-Americans

3/10/2017 - Trump made 28 promises for his first 100 days. We graded how he’s doing half-way through

3/9/2017 - Indian mothers have just got the best career booster—or have they?

3/9/2017 - China hits at US human rights: “Gunshots lingering in people’s ears behind the Statue of Liberty”

3/9/2017 - Hundreds of radioactive wild boars are roaming through Japan

3/9/2017 - Asia’s disturbing embrace of “Nazi chic” is prompting a nonprofit to teach Holocaust history

3/9/2017 - Apple still won’t give India what it really wants

3/9/2017 - Harvard Law School no longer requires the LSAT for admission

3/9/2017 - The secret to Hillary Clinton’s resilience: “the discipline of gratitude”

3/9/2017 - One of New York’s most famous restaurants is so desperate it’s giving millennials 50% off

3/9/2017 - Stock market rally stumps economists, don’t call it a Bitcoin bubble, Facebook’s Snapchat clone

3/9/2017 - South Korea judgment day, Google’s next moneymaker, Martian potatoes

3/9/2017 - Nigeria’s president Buhari is finally set to return from medical leave

3/9/2017 - Instacart’s huge new funding round means Uber-for-X isn’t dead yet

3/9/2017 - For a moment of Zen right now, go to the heart of one of the busiest places in one of the world’s busiest cities

3/9/2017 - The CIA appears to have copied instructions from Reddit on how to hack Windows

3/9/2017 - Julian Assange says tech companies asked WikiLeaks for details on alleged CIA exploits

3/9/2017 - Listen to Facebook explain how it copied Snapchat, without mentioning Snapchat

3/9/2017 - Scientists complain that the marijuana they get from the US government for medical research is moldy and weak

3/9/2017 - Samuel L. Jackson argues that US movies about race should cast black American actors, not Brits

3/9/2017 - You can get to the heart of America by reading the observations made by immigrants on their first day in the country

3/9/2017 - One simple way to empower women making H&M clothes in Bangladesh: Stop paying them in cash

3/9/2017 - Happy birthday US bull market, you are 8 years old today!

3/9/2017 - Trump’s immigration crackdown might turn out to be nearly as good as building a wall

3/9/2017 - Airlines are dealing with unruly passengers by training flight attendants in martial arts

3/9/2017 - 3M’s CEO makes it his business to diversify leadership, even if it means bigfooting his own managers

3/9/2017 - Urban Outfitters’ CEO says the US retail bubble is bursting, just like housing in 2008

3/9/2017 - Is kernza the new quinoa? The maker of Cheerios is investing in the experimental and sustainable grain

3/9/2017 - Scientists now have proof that Neanderthals swapped spit

3/9/2017 - Humans can try to upgrade themselves to gods in these three ways

3/9/2017 - Google may have found its next big business, and it won’t be a moonshot

3/9/2017 - The brain surgeon’s memoir that Bill Gates says is worth crying over

3/9/2017 - The art of conversation, explained by the only artist to get eight US presidents to sit still

3/9/2017 - A British-Nigerian designer tells modern African parables with chairs you can’t sit on

3/9/2017 - The US restaurant industry’s top truffle dealer is a 24-year-old college dropout from Arkansas

3/9/2017 - The British government is finally ditching the word “Brexit”

3/9/2017 - East African khat leaf is traded and chewed mostly by men, but it’s a global business because of women

3/9/2017 - A philosopher explains why humans secretly like believing the end of the world is near

3/9/2017 - All smartphone users should take away these two lessons from the CIA Wikileaks files

3/9/2017 - Graduates with certain degrees are more likely to have bad credit scores

3/9/2017 - The couples having the most sex in America all have this in common

3/9/2017 - Google will always answer your questions, but you shouldn’t always let it

3/9/2017 - Don’t like the way you write? An artificial intelligence app promises to polish your prose

3/9/2017 - People who speak multiple languages make the best employees for one big reason

3/9/2017 - EEUU y Corea del Norte, tragedia en Guatemala, el Papa pop

3/9/2017 - The optimist’s guide to the robot apocalypse

3/9/2017 - A quarter of all children in the US have an immigrant parent

3/9/2017 - Building a road can set off rapid evolutionary changes in animals

3/9/2017 - ”Lest her rather exotic hairstyle result in its catching fire”: How a discoverer of nuclear fission almost lost a lab space

3/9/2017 - What electric car makers must learn from the fax machine industry in order to change the world

3/9/2017 - To get others to appreciate bugs, an entomologist puts them on her face

3/9/2017 - Lying gets easier on the brain the more you do it

3/9/2017 - The Nintendo Switch could be the most exciting console in a decade—but you shouldn’t buy one right now

3/9/2017 - More evidence of how badly austerity is strangling the Greek economy

3/9/2017 - It’s Draghi day, Uber stops “greyballing,” Tinder for the elite

3/9/2017 - Mice don’t scare elephants, but there’s another tiny animal that definitely does

3/9/2017 - IBM has figured out how to store data on a single atom

3/9/2017 - Even social media-savvy teens can’t spot a fake news story

3/9/2017 - A 1910 essay warning of a “Tide of Turbans” shows American anxiety over Indian immigration has a long, ugly history

3/9/2017 - The British government is future-proofing its budget by hiking taxes on the self-employed

3/9/2017 - As the skies above India rain money, Qatar Airways lines up a domestic airline

3/9/2017 - The Indian film industry is not Karan Johar’s inheritance: Kangana Ranaut

3/9/2017 - No country comes even close to China in self-made female billionaires

3/9/2017 - Why is Narendra Modi always ridiculing the world’s most prestigious university?

3/9/2017 - Samsung trial, Hawaii vs. Trump, elite-only Tinder

3/9/2017 - Samsung trial, Hawaii vs. Trump, elite-only Tinder

3/8/2017 - There’s never been a better time to be an Indian shopper

3/8/2017 - India’s elite IITs are on a quest to develop self-driving cars for the country’s crazy roads

3/8/2017 - Online video games are the latest casualty of China’s war against Korean businesses

3/8/2017 - The iconic Philippines jeepney could be in trouble

3/8/2017 - Who has it worse than H-1B workers in Trump’s America? Their spouses

3/8/2017 - Who needs “science” in an EPA Office of Science and Technology mission statement anyway?

3/8/2017 - One of TV’s most beloved natural characters just collapsed into the sea

3/8/2017 - The CIA’s declassified list of its best female spies

3/8/2017 - Just like all the cool kids, Soylent now has its own pointless AI assistant

3/8/2017 - Samsung trial, Softbank’s ARM shuffle, elite-only Tinder

3/8/2017 - Don’t ask for a receipt: A study suggests that taxi drivers often overcharge business travelers

3/8/2017 - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie explains why “pop feminism” is good for women

3/8/2017 - Science proves once again that human pheromones aren’t real

3/8/2017 - The latest movie theater gimmick brings the chaos of a playground to the cinema

3/8/2017 - Japan leads the world in paid paternity leave but fails on nearly every other measure of workplace gender equality

3/8/2017 - This decades-old parenting advice shows it’s not your phone killing your concentration—it’s your damn kids

3/8/2017 - The US government grants cannabis patents even though weed is illegal

3/8/2017 - Jimmy Buffett, granddaddy of lifestyle brands, is building a real-life Margaritaville for retirees

3/8/2017 - The largest association of US doctors says Trump’s health care plan will weaken our defense against disease outbreak

3/8/2017 - Update Twitter and free up a lot of space on your iPhone

3/8/2017 - These are the 158 key federal science data sets rogue programmers have duplicated so far

3/8/2017 - The CEO of America’s biggest processor of meat is betting on a meatless future

3/8/2017 - Adidas is gaining ground on Nike with a fast fashion strategy

3/8/2017 - Grammar is the first victim of the “World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017”

3/8/2017 - A big stock market rally also greeted the new American president 200 years ago

3/8/2017 - A new statue stares down Wall Street’s bull. How she got there speaks volumes about gender norms in the workplace

3/8/2017 - The poetic and comic spy tips of declassified CIA documents

3/8/2017 - The best advice for women entrepreneurs is to put down the playbook

3/8/2017 - Mexico, one of the world’s deadliest countries for journalists, is worried about US journalists

3/8/2017 - Turnout for today’s global Day Without a Woman protests is less important than you might think

3/8/2017 - How to make your office truly welcoming to transgender and gender non-conforming workers

3/8/2017 - Vladimir Putin’s increasingly folksy musings on International Women’s Day

3/8/2017 - Silicon Valley can’t fix its HR problem with ping-pong tables and free beer

3/8/2017 - The simple reason that women will never make up 50% of the US workforce

3/8/2017 - Photos of science that will change your perspective of the world

3/8/2017 - Despite a jailed leader and fallout from THAAD, Samsung shares are on a tear

3/8/2017 - For $600 in bitcoin, you can spam all the partners at Andreessen Horowitz

3/8/2017 - For a great to-do list, you don’t need an expensive notebook—you just need a spreadsheet

3/8/2017 - Having sex (at home) can make you happier at work, and a study says there’s proof

3/8/2017 - China avisa sobre Corea del Norte, WikiLeaks y la CIA, el hiyab de Nike

3/8/2017 - Economists don’t get what investors are so excited about

3/8/2017 - Feel more fun in French? Your personality can change depending on the language you speak

3/8/2017 - For domestic workers forced to sit out the women’s strike, existence is resistance

3/8/2017 - Dressing up as a superhero might actually give your kid grit

3/8/2017 - Leonardo DiCaprio wants people to eat more farmed fish

3/8/2017 - The amicus brief is the new press release

3/8/2017 - So many people are afraid of going to the dentist psychologists don’t know how to quantify it

3/8/2017 - Before there was Bic for Her, there was the Oscar Mayer ham can for women

3/8/2017 - Moore’s Law can’t last forever—but two small changes might mean your phone battery will

3/8/2017 - Marine Le Pen’s plan to lure French women to the far right is working

3/8/2017 - “Adulting school” can’t short-cut the hard, self-taught work of growing up

3/8/2017 - US president Donald Trump and Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta have finally spoken on the phone

3/8/2017 - Trump’s NATO rep, Adidas is pumped, real-life Margaritaville

3/8/2017 - The five most-searched female world leaders, according to Google

3/8/2017 - Scientists created a mesmerizing, self-folding origami that could one day be used in space or medicine

3/8/2017 - How Japan’s biggest cosmetics company keeps 100% of its new moms amid a childcare crisis

3/8/2017 - MTN is dealing with another executive shake-up as its South Africa CEO quits

3/8/2017 - As traders boycott Pepsi and Coke, Tamil Nadu rediscovers a childhood favourite: panneer soda

3/8/2017 - The world’s fastest-growing major economy is thirsty for more oil

3/8/2017 - Trump’s NATO rep, WikiLeaks’ CIA trove, the Nike hijab

3/8/2017 - Trump’s NATO rep, WikiLeaks’ CIA trove, the Nike hijab

3/8/2017 - The excellence of Indian woman fund managers isn’t enough to break glass ceilings

3/7/2017 - Bollywood & Sons, you think you can bully Kangana Ranaut out of the film industry?

3/7/2017 - International Women’s Day in China is a day to reward your inner “goddess” by shopping online

3/7/2017 - A stock market maverick is listing one of India’s most profitable retail chains

3/7/2017 - India has 11 fewer billionaires—and at least one new one—in the wake of demonetisation

3/7/2017 - Uber is looking for its Sheryl Sandberg

3/7/2017 - WikiLeaks’ CIA trove, China’s bill of rights, Nike’s sports hijab

3/7/2017 - The stranger-than-fiction story of the real Russian spies who inspired “The Americans”

3/7/2017 - What you need to know about WikiLeaks’ release of alleged CIA documents

3/7/2017 - The CIA has some truly bizarre codenames for its hacking tools

3/7/2017 - Trump’s new travel ban will keep an estimated 108,000 people out of the US

3/7/2017 - German fighter pilots in WW II shot down more enemies when they were jealous of their colleagues

3/7/2017 - One trading firm in Singapore is buying mind-boggling amounts of the world’s sugar supply

3/7/2017 - The five most-searched female CEOs, according to Google

3/7/2017 - Even the CIA hates flying United

3/7/2017 - This newspaper story is the perfect example of why people should read the news before reacting

3/7/2017 - In the US, more people now have access to Netflix than a DVR at home

3/7/2017 - IKEA is going to save your relationship with new furniture that simply snaps together

3/7/2017 - Nike is releasing its first performance hijab for female Muslim athletes

3/7/2017 - Jeff Bezos has revealed photos of the New Glenn rocket engine designed to help Blue Origin shuttle humans to the moon

3/7/2017 - Argentina is getting its first budget airline

3/7/2017 - An Elon Musk disciple is planning to build a battery gigafactory in Sweden

3/7/2017 - Stop eating gummy vitamins like they’re candy

3/7/2017 - The hottest new office perk is a quiet room in which to explore the depths of your own mind

3/7/2017 - A rapper just pulled off the impossible—dropping two #1 albums in a row—because music charts no longer make sense

3/7/2017 - Singapore may be small, but it is quickly becoming a massive global tech hub

3/7/2017 - If you’re an entrepreneur looking for fast Internet and a vibrant start-up scene, look no further than Singapore

3/7/2017 - Here’s how the GOP’s new health-care plan stacks up against Obamacare

3/7/2017 - How Singapore became Asia’s greenest city

3/7/2017 - This beautiful experiment with water and alcohol could improve how we clean up oil spills

3/7/2017 - Asia’s greenest city wants to help the world be more sustainable

3/7/2017 - Germany is no longer the world’s “best country”

3/7/2017 - It would take 74 iPhones to pay for a knee replacement—the math behind Jason Chaffetz’s heartless remark

3/7/2017 - “Logan” wouldn’t have been possible without the foul-mouthed path blazed by “Deadpool”

3/7/2017 - Watch out, SpaceX: Chanel’s crazy space-age runway show simulated a rocket launch

3/7/2017 - A woman’s pioneering exoskeleton technology could allow paralyzed people to move again

3/7/2017 - This Florida story perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to be a minority in America right now

3/7/2017 - Microsoft’s Outlook, Skype, and other major services are down around the world

3/7/2017 - Neuroscience has identified why some works of art become universal phenomenons

3/7/2017 - The foolishness of using a wall to stem US immigration, in one chart

3/7/2017 - The 19 US states where the biggest private employer is Walmart

3/7/2017 - Our obsession with personal branding reveals a dark truth about the future of work

3/7/2017 - The hidden dangers of a four-day workweek

3/7/2017 - Only 4.2% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women

3/7/2017 - Scientists invented a special camera so you can see the world through the eyes of a dolphin

3/7/2017 - A Republican lawmaker is trying to ban all books by Howard Zinn from Arkansas schools

3/7/2017 - Bezos al espacio, ExxonMobil en el Golfo de México, el chatbot abogado

3/7/2017 - Nigerians are getting caught up by the promise of “money doubling” ponzi schemes

3/7/2017 - The first known fiction out of North Korea is a dystopian thriller

3/7/2017 - 100 years ago, the US banned a long and bizarre list of foreigners in a sweeping immigration bill

3/7/2017 - Neanderthals live on in human genes—but we’re only beginning to understand how they shaped us

3/7/2017 - A new bottled coffee infused with cannabis is designed for a high-end high

3/7/2017 - Learning a new language makes you a more tolerant person

3/7/2017 - There’s a reason why smokers drink more coffee

3/7/2017 - Facebook is making life absurdly difficult in German court

3/7/2017 - One company has a novel solution for the 96 million women stuck on “career breaks”

3/7/2017 - “Alternative facts”: A psychiatrist explains why our brains resist reality

3/7/2017 - Korean intrigue, Bezos space plan, school for grandmothers

3/7/2017 - China’s foreign exchange reserves rose for the first time since June

3/7/2017 - Duterte’s spokesman threw shade at “Madam Secretary” for its portrayal of a Philippine president

3/7/2017 - The case against calling it a bitcoin bubble

3/7/2017 - Despite Modi’s anti-corruption drive, 70% of Indians must still pay bribes for basic services

3/7/2017 - China’s brightest journalists argue they’re not brainwashed, but maintaining an orderly society

3/7/2017 - In a matter of hours, the Korean peninsula fell into a state of geopolitical tumult

3/7/2017 - Carbon emissions in the UK have fallen to a 120-year low

3/7/2017 - Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s lessons for South African students fell on deaf ears

3/7/2017 - Africa’s top brands are losing out at home to international rivals as an economic downturn bites

3/7/2017 - Once India’s most sought-after grooms, H-1B workers face grim marriage prospects thanks to Trump

3/7/2017 - India doesn’t know what to do with all its young people

3/7/2017 - Bezos space plan, Korean intrigue, school for grandmothers

3/7/2017 - Bezos space plan, Korean intrigue, school for grandmothers

3/7/2017 - Why are African governments so worried by social media?

3/7/2017 - It’s the best time and the worst time to be an Indian techie with an H-1B visa

3/6/2017 - There are more Indian migrants living in Pakistan than the United States

3/6/2017 - Taiwanese universities may be self-censoring political discussion to attract Chinese students

3/6/2017 - A school for grandmothers in India is fighting an invisible illiteracy problem

3/6/2017 - A Chinese textbook is finally teaching proper sex ed, but some parents are having none of it

3/6/2017 - Trump’s housing secretary says slaves in the US were hard-working “immigrants” with dreams of a better life

3/6/2017 - The White House copied and pasted a paragraph from an ExxonMobil press release into a Trump statement

3/6/2017 - Snap is already trading below its IPO opening price

3/6/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg hardly needs to run for US president—he’s already a world leader

3/6/2017 - Bezos space plan, Trump travel ban 2.0, mind-reading robots

3/6/2017 - China is worried that “deglobalization” and protectionism will threaten its growth

3/6/2017 - Russia’s spear phishing tactics in the 2016 election are boring compared to its 2008 hack of the US military

3/6/2017 - Leaked document details plan to starve an already malnourished EPA budget

3/6/2017 - An almost impossible engineering project lets us time travel to the start of the universe

3/6/2017 - Neil Armstrong’s “One small step for man” might be a misquote

3/6/2017 - To be more productive, get scientific about your playlist selections

3/6/2017 - David Letterman explains how satire can “protect” America in the age of Trump

3/6/2017 - Who bought shares in millennial favorite Snap? Probably a lot of millennials

3/6/2017 - Lawrence Summers says Bill Gates’ idea for a robot tax is “profoundly misguided”

3/6/2017 - The donkeys Kenyan families need to survive are heading to China for medicine promising longer life

3/6/2017 - Mobile ordering at Starbucks doesn’t save time, it just creates another invisible queue

3/6/2017 - How much does your airline ticket really cost? Trump doesn’t want you to know

3/6/2017 - The US Supreme Court is sidestepping its first real encounter with transgender rights

3/6/2017 - Deutsche Bank is asking investors for an $8.5 billion do-over

3/6/2017 - Nominating Milo Yiannopoulos for a symbolic role as head of a university caused—you guessed it—outrage

3/6/2017 - Five ways Trump’s new travel order is different from the earlier “Muslim ban”

3/6/2017 - Nigeria is conflicted over whether its citizens should be traveling to the US

3/6/2017 - Trump’s braintrust just won an immigration battle with Silicon Valley they have been fighting for years

3/6/2017 - MIT’s new robot reads your thoughts and knows when it made a mistake

3/6/2017 - Far-right parties are exploiting a design flaw in coalition governments across Europe

3/6/2017 - Whether or not you’ll be successful in school comes down to one surprising factor

3/6/2017 - You can tell how happy employees are by looking at these subtle details of office design

3/6/2017 - If you want to publish a truly subversive novel, have a main character who’s fat

3/6/2017 - A top recruiter lists the red flags that ruin any interview

3/6/2017 - Cumbre europea en Versalles, misiles norcoreanos, sexo no tan débil

3/6/2017 - The “Day Without a Woman” strike is going to be mostly a day without privileged women

3/6/2017 - The US mass incarceration crisis can’t be fixed until we realize we’ve been looking at the problem all wrong

3/6/2017 - Nigeria’s government stopped British forces from trying to rescue its missing Chibok girls, a report says

3/6/2017 - America’s death rate from drugs has doubled in 15 years

3/6/2017 - Trump’s new travel order, GM exits Europe, hooliganism as a sport

3/6/2017 - Throughout history, the best ways to reduce inequality have been disease and destruction

3/6/2017 - After 60 years, it’s time for Ghana to modernize and find its role in the world

3/6/2017 - The Dalai Lama told John Oliver that China’s leaders are not “using the human brain properly”

3/6/2017 - Indians are finding themselves besieged in Donald Trump’s America

3/6/2017 - Mobile internet prices in Nigeria are dropping, so why are its user numbers falling too?

3/6/2017 - With Hyperloop, India eyes an unrealistic future

3/6/2017 - The Trump Organization’s Azerbaijan partner supports Iranian terrorists, says the New Yorker

3/6/2017 - Trump’s new travel order, Opel’s next owner, hooliganism as a sport

3/6/2017 - Trump’s new travel order, Opel’s next owner, hooliganism as a sport

3/6/2017 - Slowly and surely, the Trump government has begun dismantling the H-1B visa

3/6/2017 - US State Dept thinks Africa’s leading mobile money platform is vulnerable to money laundering

3/6/2017 - China is now letting the people judge its judges

3/6/2017 - IBM thinks it’s ready to turn quantum computing into an actual business

3/5/2017 - The world’s first carbon-neutral town could end up in the planet’s most polluted country

3/5/2017 - With funds, mentorship, and interns, a Silicon Valley incubator plays friend to Indian startups

3/5/2017 - Google Home, the search giant’s virtual assistant, is sharing fake news

3/5/2017 - Trump’s travel order, North Korean ambassador expelled, football brawls

3/5/2017 - The White House demands a Congressional inquiry into something Trump likely read on Breitbart

3/5/2017 - Amazon may release a new Alexa device later this year that connects you with other people

3/5/2017 - A San Francisco startup is 3D-printing entire houses in just one day

3/5/2017 - It’s not sex that makes you healthier and happier—it’s what you do before and after

3/5/2017 - The mother of French cinema says being a woman is no excuse for mediocrity

3/5/2017 - The world’s first AI driverless race cars will race in their own series

3/5/2017 - “I’m in my 40s, never married, and a virgin—but I’m happy”

3/5/2017 - What it really costs to turn a car into a self-driving vehicle

3/5/2017 - Trump’s “fake news” playbook is ripped straight from the pages of a 180-year-old media hoax

3/5/2017 - We asked Deepak Chopra, the guru of sayings that mean nothing, to fact-check his own tweets

3/5/2017 - Nigeria can’t decide what the naira is worth

3/5/2017 - Somalia’s young parliament, Kenyan credit scores, Africa’s startup funding

3/4/2017 - LinkedIn is no longer the future of recruiting, according to a former LinkedIn executive

3/4/2017 - The Trump administration is great for gun owners and terrible for gun manufacturers

3/4/2017 - In an early-morning tweetstorm, Trump accuses Obama of tapping his phones

3/4/2017 - Obama warned Trump that North Korea would be his biggest problem

3/4/2017 - The best way to help your kids succeed is steady feedback, not constant praise

3/4/2017 - Space tourists to the moon, Facebook can sway elections, “Trump trade” still on

3/4/2017 - It won’t be two-day shipping, but Jeff Bezos sets his sights on delivering to the moon

3/4/2017 - The ultimate guide to Donald Trump’s Russia connections

3/4/2017 - The QWERTY keyboard was invented by a 19th-century hustler

3/4/2017 - The future of the car is charging it overnight and buying it a data plan

3/4/2017 - Spotify has 50 million people paying for its music. Why is it still unprofitable?

3/4/2017 - After six years, Egypt’s ex-president Mubarak will walk free but Arab Spring protestors are still in jail

3/4/2017 - The simplest way to improve the world’s food systems requires no new science

3/4/2017 - Despite the Snap IPO’s huge success, it won’t encourage other companies to follow

3/4/2017 - What Snap’s IPO means, voter manipulation, dog leasing

3/4/2017 - Australia’s economy is on a 25-year winning streak, and China will determine how much longer it goes

3/4/2017 - Behold a picture of Hillary Clinton that perfectly illustrates the concept of double standard

3/4/2017 - The first American female war correspondent killed in action battled sexism through her life

3/4/2017 - Humans are born irrational, and that has made us better decision-makers

3/4/2017 - Even the staunchest grammarians are now accepting the singular, gender-neutral “they”

3/4/2017 - “Positive thinking” has turned happiness into a duty and a burden, says a Danish psychologist

3/4/2017 - America’s history is filled with failed utopian societies

3/4/2017 - What African elephants with Fitbits teach us about why and when we sleep

3/4/2017 - You can now learn two of Africa’s most widely spoken languages on an app

3/4/2017 - What Snap’s IPO means, voter manipulation, dog leasing

3/4/2017 - What Snap’s IPO means, voter manipulation, dog leasing

3/3/2017 - What Snap’s IPO means, voter manipulation, dog leasing

3/3/2017 - Uber just capped another disastrous week by losing its VP of product and growth

3/3/2017 - Trump—yes, Trump—may be the one to finally deliver on comprehensive immigration reform

3/3/2017 - If you thought it was creepy for Uber to track you at all times, it was actually much worse

3/3/2017 - Everything you need to know about the Switch, Nintendo’s unique new video game console

3/3/2017 - Want an app for teaching people your language? You just have to ask—and work for it

3/3/2017 - There’s a war over the definition of “milk” between dairy farmers and food startups—and Trump may settle it

3/3/2017 - Scientists have a new source for drugs to fight superbugs: Dragon’s blood

3/3/2017 - SXSW’s immigration clause is tone-deaf and unnecessary. But people are still wildly overreacting

3/3/2017 - These are the 53 US companies supporting a lawsuit by a transgender student to use the bathroom of his choice

3/3/2017 - The EU is threatening to slap visa requirements on US travelers

3/3/2017 - The world’s biggest advertising CEO fears Amazon

3/3/2017 - Volkswagen pumped enough illegal pollution into Europe’s air to cause 1,200 early deaths

3/3/2017 - Ikea’s new collection brings the best of African design talent under one roof, literally

3/3/2017 - Quartzy: the backlot edition

3/3/2017 - Amazon broke the internet because its system couldn’t handle a typo

3/3/2017 - Quartzy: the backlot edition

3/3/2017 - Take it from Khrushchev’s granddaughter: Melania Trump is the perfect autocrat’s wife

3/3/2017 - The FBI has arrested a lovelorn former reporter for bomb threats against Jewish centers

3/3/2017 - Africa’s biggest phone company can’t get past its Nigeria problem

3/3/2017 - So long, banana-condom demos: Sex and drug education could soon come from chatbots

3/3/2017 - Why super-smart people may be drawn to a life of crime

3/3/2017 - Kickstarter is teaching the tech world the meaning of gender equity and fair pay

3/3/2017 - Who’s going to pay for those “gleaming” new US airports Trump wants? Maybe you

3/3/2017 - People with dementia can tap into emotional memories by singing

3/3/2017 - How stepping out of my bubble and reading a lot of right-wing news made me a better progressive

3/3/2017 - If you literally never want to sit down on the job, here are the careers for you

3/3/2017 - In a world gone mad, here’s how I learned to keep sane through simple acts of gratitude

3/3/2017 - The Russian autocrat’s guide to silencing the free press—as updated by Donald Trump

3/3/2017 - A US Supreme Court discussion of free speech and social media got comically postmodern

3/3/2017 - Snap se disparó, Sessions se apartó, “yerbatazo” en Buenos Aires

3/3/2017 - An evolutionary psychologist explains why you will always be haunted by high school

3/3/2017 - One in five British people can’t name a single author of literature

3/3/2017 - Software engineers have figured out a way to turn charts into music for the blind

3/3/2017 - Facebook keeps a low profile at the world’s biggest telecom trade show

3/3/2017 - Facebook is laying fiber cable in Uganda to boost internet reach and speed

3/3/2017 - Wendy’s is responding to the rising minimum wage by replacing humans with robots

3/3/2017 - China is trying to punish South Korea by keeping its tourists away

3/3/2017 - If you’ve seen a movie in the last 30 years, you know this random Hawaiian mountain ridge

3/3/2017 - Yellen speech, Spotify’s milestone, bitter Nintendo cartridges

3/3/2017 - Startups raised more money in Africa than we thought during 2016

3/3/2017 - American Express is adding travel perks to Platinum—for a higher fee

3/3/2017 - In the name of Chinese nationalism, make these foreign companies suffer

3/3/2017 - China is rapidly making robots that will one day manufacture everything you buy

3/3/2017 - Would you want to see an ad when you unlocked your phone, if it cut your phone bill?

3/3/2017 - An Indian actress put the beauty of pregnancy on full display when she refused to cover up her body

3/3/2017 - There’s a plan to send a container train from Dhaka to Istanbul, via India, Pakistan and Iran

3/3/2017 - Snap’s IPO pop, Sessions’ recusal, bitter Nintendo cartridges

3/3/2017 - Snap’s IPO pop, Sessions’ recusal, bitter Nintendo cartridges

3/3/2017 - Affordable global fashion is hot in India, be it in hip Delhi or conservative Chennai: H&M

3/2/2017 - For decades, a little eatery in Mumbai has been serving up an authentic taste of Shanghai

3/2/2017 - McDonald’s is finally taking note that Indians have moved beyond the humble McAloo Tikki burger

3/2/2017 - Steve Bannon once tried to start a right-wing media outlet in India

3/2/2017 - Japan’s first color trademarks go to a humble pencil eraser and a convenience store chain

3/2/2017 - The maker of Choco Pies is facing a revolt in China from customers, partners, and hackers

3/2/2017 - Taiwan is weighing whether to evict former dictator Chiang Kai-shek from his own memorial

3/2/2017 - Read US attorney general Jeff Sessions’ statement recusing himself from investigations into the 2016 presidential campaigns

3/2/2017 - India has the best internet policy in the world, but actually getting online is another story

3/2/2017 - Snap’s IPO pop, Sessions’ recusal, Nintendo’s Switch launch

3/2/2017 - A Silicon Valley high school turned $15,000 into millions with a very smart Snap investment

3/2/2017 - How Snap fared on its first day as a public company

3/2/2017 - Trump’s new travel ban will likely provide everyone a few days’ notice before it starts

3/2/2017 - The BP oil spill led scientists to discover 60 new animal species living in the Gulf of Mexico

3/2/2017 - Someone paid $15,000 for a chunk of decades-old mold

3/2/2017 - The alchemy of the perfect pop song, according to the elusive songwriting genius behind hits by Britney Spears and Taylor Swift

3/2/2017 - A pro-Al Qaeda newspaper put Steve Bannon on the front page because they think he’s right

3/2/2017 - For the first time, the price of bitcoin is the same as the price of gold

3/2/2017 - Killing free trade will rob the world of a highly effective deterrent to war

3/2/2017 - David Fincher is returning to TV—and to “Zodiac” territory—with a Netflix serial-killer drama

3/2/2017 - Snap pops 40% to start trading at a crackling $33 billion valuation

3/2/2017 - There’s a petition to elect Barack Obama president of France

3/2/2017 - Netflix has built a DIY personal trainer that will make you earn your binge-watching

3/2/2017 - Oxford wants to recruit a new kind of disadvantaged minority: white working-class boys

3/2/2017 - Sweden, fearing Russian aggression, is bringing back the draft

3/2/2017 - Being shunned online is just as psychologically damaging as being excluded by a real-life clique

3/2/2017 - How rare is Snap’s IPO? Only 30 out of 14,300 VC-backed startups have been valued at more than $1 billion

3/2/2017 - There’s a good reason why Nordic people look so damn healthy

3/2/2017 - Betsy DeVos’ revisionism shows how quickly we’ve forgotten the racist history of US education

3/2/2017 - As pressure mounts, Trump reportedly hires the best US expert on Putin’s psyche

3/2/2017 - What you need to know about Jeff Sessions’ Russia talks and US perjury law

3/2/2017 - Your plastic bottle of water could soon be made from wood

3/2/2017 - This frequent flyer reviews airplane food for fun and knows how to get the best in-flight meals

3/2/2017 - Japan’s Bald Men Club has a motto: “To brighten the world with our shiny heads.”

3/2/2017 - Snap sale a bolsa, Sessions y los rusos, Spicer era un conejo

3/2/2017 - Harvard scientists shocked the world by turning hydrogen into a metal, but then lost the only sample

3/2/2017 - Trump’s rollback of a clean water rule hinges on a definition of “waters” Scalia found in a dictionary

3/2/2017 - Snap’s big day, Jeff Sessions under fire, mice ground planes

3/2/2017 - A Chinese period drama named its bad guys after today’s ruling elite—and the censors missed it

3/2/2017 - US immigration asked a Nigerian software engineer test questions even Quartz’s engineers couldn’t solve

3/2/2017 - How to make your kid good at anything, according to a world expert on peak performance

3/2/2017 - Could coffee dethrone tea as India’s unofficial national beverage?

3/2/2017 - The fate of fragile Somalia is now in the hands of a remarkably young, diverse parliament

3/2/2017 - Snap IPO, Sessions under fire, Nutella squirrel bait

3/2/2017 - Snap IPO, Sessions under fire, Nutella squirrel bait

3/2/2017 - How on earth did India come up with these GDP numbers?

3/2/2017 - The mistakes everyone makes negotiating, and what to do instead

3/2/2017 - One of China’s richest men presides over an army of 80,000 couriers and 30 planes

3/1/2017 - With the Jeff Sessions contact, Trump’s Russia problem is only getting worse

3/1/2017 - Where do India’s ultra-millionaires live?

3/1/2017 - To all of Gurmehar Kaur’s trolls, the Delhi high court has a pertinent reminder of the importance of free speech

3/1/2017 - Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s wife articulates the devastation of being an immigrant in the US after her husband’s murder

3/1/2017 - Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has asked for her bonus to be distributed to employees

3/1/2017 - Snap has to start proving what it means to be a camera company right… now

3/1/2017 - Snap IPO, Bridgewater bombshell, Nutella squirrel bait

3/1/2017 - Facebook says it can sway elections after all—for a price

3/1/2017 - Terrence Malick takes a break from making movies that look like perfume ads to make a perfume ad

3/1/2017 - Hidden Figures will become Lego figures to teach little girls everywhere that NASA would be nothing without women

3/1/2017 - Disney’s first “exclusively gay moment” sounds less progressive than literally all its other movies

3/1/2017 - After years of designing fatter birds, food companies are finally realizing chickens shouldn’t grow so fast

3/1/2017 - The winners of architecture’s prestigious Pritzker Prize prove that genius isn’t always solitary

3/1/2017 - Ford is looking to put a lot of people out of work with automated delivery trucks

3/1/2017 - Trump’s new chief economist is known for arguing that US inequality isn’t an issue

3/1/2017 - Narendra Modi takes on “great economists” from “Harvard, Oxford” who criticized demonetization

3/1/2017 - The oldest evidence of life on Earth could radically change how we search for life on Mars

3/1/2017 - Young Americans don’t trust any single news report on its own—and they think everything is biased

3/1/2017 - How to really reform a toxic company culture, at Uber or anywhere else

3/1/2017 - Should sex offenders be barred from social media? The US Supreme Court will decide

3/1/2017 - The Flemish phrase “panic football” perfectly describes the fashion industry—and many others

3/1/2017 - A technology loved by global protestors will soon be used for sending messages and music without the internet

3/1/2017 - An expert on populism reconsiders Trump after the big speech to Congress

3/1/2017 - Everything you need to know about the discovery of the oldest evidence of life on Earth

3/1/2017 - Trump played nice for a night—a technique straight out of the autocrat’s playbook

3/1/2017 - Reality check: Trump’s joint session speech was less popular than the last two presidents’

3/1/2017 - The markets have spoken, and the “Trump trade” is still on

3/1/2017 - One of the world’s best restaurants has made its backroom staff co-owners—including the immigrant dishwasher

3/1/2017 - The cartridges for Nintendo’s new console taste awful so kids won’t swallow them

3/1/2017 - The only way to save the US middle class is manufacturing, says Trump’s biggest fan in Congress

3/1/2017 - Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen are writing a “Really Tremendous Inside Story” about Donald Trump

3/1/2017 - Ruth Bader Ginsberg works out with a personal trainer two hours a week so she can do everything her own damn self

3/1/2017 - Scotland is tightly gripping its last card to play against Brexit

3/1/2017 - The myth of the transgender boogeyman is as ridiculous as it is heartbreaking

3/1/2017 - People are finally paying for online content—and music-streaming sites are leading the way

3/1/2017 - Here’s how mobile technology is saving Africans from humanitarian disasters

3/1/2017 - The next “Alien” movie features dystopian looks by London’s coolest young menswear designer

3/1/2017 - Trump’s acknowledgement of the Kansas attack is not the same as standing up for minorities

3/1/2017 - Watch: Just 60 miles from the fight against ISIL, young Iraqis have created a gentlemen’s fashion club

3/1/2017 - Europa no tiene plan, Fillon investigado, más plástico que peces

3/1/2017 - Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world

3/1/2017 - “Documents, please”—Why it’s alarming Americans to have their IDs checked after domestic flights

3/1/2017 - Trump’s tweet-jerk pronouncements are an admission of weakness

3/1/2017 - The hidden emotional consequences of de-friending ex-pals and former flames

3/1/2017 - A top economist says Americans are not nearly as ambitious or innovative as they think

3/1/2017 - A linguistic anthropologist explains why, um, “filler words” are OK to use

3/1/2017 - Microsoft’s AI is learning to write code by itself, not steal it

3/1/2017 - The erotic images taken by a Chinese photographer that provoked a sex-shy nation to censor him

3/1/2017 - Your BPA-free water bottle may contain another harmful chemical

3/1/2017 - Trump tones it down, Kalanick apologizes, Netflix for robots

3/1/2017 - There really won’t be that much to play on the Nintendo Switch when it launches

3/1/2017 - A Harvard physicist explains the problem with believing we live in a simulation

3/1/2017 - China isn’t displacing traditional aid donors in Africa

3/1/2017 - Coke and Pepsi might have to battle a boycott in a significant corner of India this summer

3/1/2017 - South Africa is starting to save rhinos from poaching by taking on international crime networks

3/1/2017 - Mr Gay India to Indian Super Queens: The changing face of beauty pageants in the country

3/1/2017 - Trump’s address to Congress, paths for the EU, Netflix for robots

3/1/2017 - Trump’s address to Congress, paths for the EU, Netflix for robots

3/1/2017 - A 100% tariff on a Harley? True.

3/1/2017 - This may have been Trump’s most presidential speech yet—but investors were looking for more

3/1/2017 - A linguistic clue hints at what was really going on with Trump’s change of tone in his speech to Congress

3/1/2017 - The simple reason why Uber and Ola can’t deter Indians from owning cars

3/1/2017 - An Indian community that sends the most workers and students to the US now fears America