10/31/2018 - An analyst deflates Trump’s “maximum pressure” boast on North Korea

10/31/2018 - Nehru turned a Persian coat into a fashion statement. Now Modi wants to own it

10/31/2018 - Jeff Bezos can lose $20 billion and still be the richest person in the world

10/31/2018 - October was Amazon’s worst month on the stock market since the financial crisis

10/31/2018 - Spotify is trying to stay ahead of Amazon Music by giving away the Google Home Mini

10/31/2018 - GM revs, Saudi royal returns, iPhone helium allergy

10/31/2018 - One third of everyone on Earth uses a Facebook product every month

10/31/2018 - Behold the Halloween costume striking terror into the hearts of office workers

10/31/2018 - Citizens are fighting back against the tyranny of daylight savings

10/31/2018 - Apple pulls software update after it “bricks” users’ Apple Watches

10/31/2018 - An organ once deemed “useless” may play a role in Parkinson’s disease

10/31/2018 - Facebook shut down the Proud Boys’ recruiting tool: Facebook

10/31/2018 - NASA’s Parker Solar Probe just made the fastest and closest-ever sweep of the sun

10/31/2018 - The one thing to look out for in Apple’s earnings

10/31/2018 - Get ready to take your customized financial advice with a side of espresso and a virtual tour of your next home

10/31/2018 - A cheaper, innovative design structure could be the key to better roads in African countries

10/31/2018 - Astronomers are watching a nearby galaxy die in real time

10/31/2018 - Forget long lines and hold muzak. The new era of financial services is digital, nimble, and accessible

10/31/2018 - A study found that Death Metal fans feel joy and peace from violent music

10/31/2018 - Want to get more employees to use preventive care? Here’s where to start

10/31/2018 - Preventive care helps save lives. How can we get more employees to use it?

10/31/2018 - Mysticore

10/31/2018 - Hidden indicator? Execs aren’t saying “peak” on earnings calls as much as before

10/31/2018 - Mars once trademarked “fun” in a brutal legal battle over mini candy

10/31/2018 - Letters home reveal the true sorrow of being a North Korean defector

10/31/2018 - Coca-Cola found a way to convince millennials to drink Diet Coke

10/31/2018 - A cockroach’s karate kick is the trick to fend off killer zombie wasps

10/31/2018 - An Instagram influencer was sued for failing to wear Snap Spectacles in public

10/31/2018 - SpaceX shook up its satellite internet scheme by firing seven managers

10/31/2018 - This phone found a ridiculous way to avoid having a camera notch

10/31/2018 - Africa’s smaller economies are leading business reforms on the continent

10/31/2018 - A leader in Italian menswear now looks to China for fashion’s vanguard, not the US

10/31/2018 - A food scientist explains how the Red Delicious apple lost its deliciousness

10/31/2018 - The secret marriage proposal between two US Supreme Court justices

10/31/2018 - Photos: As much as 75% of Venice is submerged under floodwater

10/31/2018 - Cape Town’s burning trains expose how the city fails locals as it panders to foreign visitors

10/31/2018 - Surgeons are complaining students lack flexible fingers due to phones

10/31/2018 - Reactions to this Red Dead Redemption 2 rating show a dark side to game reviews

10/31/2018 - Satoshi Nakamoto

10/31/2018 - Satoshi Nakamoto

10/31/2018 - A digital funnel drives people to commit hate crimes in real life

10/31/2018 - Venezuela may have defaulted—but it’s still paying off one bond

10/31/2018 - A Russian engineer in Antarctica stabbed a colleague for spoiling his books

10/31/2018 - Jamal Khashoggi was strangled within moments of entering the Istanbul consulate

10/31/2018 - A new kind of tourism: co-working trips abroad

10/31/2018 - Ten unbelievable stories from the wild life of James “Whitey” Bulger

10/31/2018 - All the pop songs artists have asked Donald Trump not to use, in one playlist

10/31/2018 - The global systems which enable major scale corruption in Africa can’t be fixed in Africa

10/31/2018 - The newest way to fight malaria outbreaks may be four-legged and fluffy

10/31/2018 - It’s not an Airbnb, and it’s not a boutique hotel—this travel startup wants to be both

10/31/2018 - Soon there may be more economists at tech companies than in policy schools

10/31/2018 - A leading genetic expert tackles the nature vs. nurture debate

10/31/2018 - Thinking of your work self as separate from your home self could lead to unethical decisions

10/31/2018 - Another day, another set of cautionary economic numbers for China

10/31/2018 - Why Dutch and Danish retirees sleep well at night

10/31/2018 - Women in northern Nigeria are using WhatsApp for education, commerce and political activism

10/31/2018 - Ten years later, what has bitcoin achieved?

10/31/2018 - Esports vs. pro sports: Jeremy Lin is betting on both

10/31/2018 - The era of white male games for white male gamers is ending

10/31/2018 - The next generation of video games will use AI to personalize your experience

10/31/2018 - Video games remind us that not everything in life has a computable answer

10/31/2018 - Video games teach us systems literacy—the literacy of the future

10/31/2018 - Video games can’t save the world—yet

10/31/2018 - What seven experts from five decades thought the future of gaming would look like

10/31/2018 - The head of Minecraft on the role collaborative gaming will play in the future

10/31/2018 - Kenya Airways is revamping its brand—and bottom line—with new flights to New York

10/31/2018 - Mass shootings are Americans’ fastest rising fear

10/31/2018 - A libertarian think tank just gave up on libertarianism

10/31/2018 - Everything you need to know about 5G

10/31/2018 - Will there be a blue wave in the midterms? Here’s what the evidence says

10/31/2018 - The best-case scenario for the UK economy is still bleak

10/31/2018 - India may completely ban cryptocurrencies after all

10/31/2018 - Thailand wants to be the first Asian nation to legalize medical marijuana

10/31/2018 - The Modi government tries to justify its meddling with India’s central bank

10/31/2018 - A new women’s racing series hopes to smash Formula 1’s glass ceiling

10/31/2018 - GM evaluates, Alphabet exec out, paddleboarding witches

10/31/2018 - Why Facebook has the highest employee retention rate

10/31/2018 - Facebook’s open ceilings aren’t an accident—they influence culture

10/31/2018 - Sri Lanka’s constitutional crisis could spark a new wave of violence

10/31/2018 - Halloween costume ideas for the new global economy, 2018

10/31/2018 - What it’s like to travel the world as a Palestinian on an Israeli passport

10/31/2018 - Fake news on WhatsApp swayed Brazil’s election. India should be worried

10/31/2018 - The former dentist uprooting Korea’s fintech market wants to go global

10/31/2018 - Satoshi Nakamoto

10/31/2018 - Domino’s is ditching Coca-Cola for Pepsi in India

10/31/2018 - A sociologist decodes the sly ways Indians talk about caste

10/31/2018 - Apps for toddlers are full of manipulative, age-inappropriate ads

10/31/2018 - After the Lion Air crash, Indian aviation is taking stock of its Boeing 737s

10/31/2018 - An open letter to Satoshi Nakamoto

10/31/2018 - Alphabet exec out, world’s tallest statue, Hat Man

10/31/2018 - Alphabet exec out, world’s tallest statue, Hat Man

10/31/2018 - India now has the world’s tallest statue, burnished by China

10/31/2018 - Mumbai’s Uber-Ola strike is hurting commuters—but drivers are worse off

10/31/2018 - The next era of entertainment belongs to gaming

10/30/2018 - India is unveiling the world’s tallest statue after years of controversy

10/30/2018 - Why everyone around the world is having the same nightmare

10/30/2018 - White supremacy is proving so unpopular, Republicans have started denouncing Steve King

10/30/2018 - California gives Waymo the state’s first permit to test self-driving cars without humans

10/30/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg just outlined all the ways Facebook is behind its competitors

10/30/2018 - NASA’s Kepler telescope, identifier of distant Earth-like planets, is out of fuel and will retire

10/30/2018 - Facebook earnings, US birthright citizenship, cataphiles

10/30/2018 - A woman won a $1 million philosophy prize for the second year in a row

10/30/2018 - A gymnast’s “Cats”-inspired makeup led to a ban on theatrical makeup for all gymnasts

10/30/2018 - One in four countries around the world grant birthright citizenship

10/30/2018 - Google is at the center of a dispute up for review in the US Supreme Court

10/30/2018 - How the stranger-than-fiction story of Whitey Bulger has been told on screen

10/30/2018 - Women healers who were persecuted as witches left a rich legacy for modern medicine

10/30/2018 - Satoshi Nakamoto

10/30/2018 - Extreme crunch ASMR is all about veggie platters and ranch dip

10/30/2018 - Red Dead Redemption 2 just broke a ton of records

10/30/2018 - It’s not clear which MacBook laptop to buy anymore

10/30/2018 - It’s not clear how Lithium Werks’ €1.6 billion gigafactory will make any money

10/30/2018 - Tesla’s Elon Musk is raising an important question about job titles

10/30/2018 - The world’s largest-ever octopus gathering was just discovered in California

10/30/2018 - This clever Halloween tradition makes your clutter disappear

10/30/2018 - Lauren Groff is the latest literary star to write “cli-fi”

10/30/2018 - The FBI has been told of an alleged plot to discredit Robert Mueller

10/30/2018 - Most Americans disapprove of Donald Trump. So what?

10/30/2018 - Avatar’s new “breaking news” logo is actually two years old

10/30/2018 - The MacBook Air’s name no longer makes sense

10/30/2018 - Social media “likes” build communities online—but that goes for extremists, too

10/30/2018 - Even Matt Drudge is disgusted by Fox News now

10/30/2018 - Notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger was reportedly killed in a West Virginia prison

10/30/2018 - Like everything else, classical music is getting faster

10/30/2018 - Everything Apple announced at its Brooklyn event

10/30/2018 - The race to check Donald Trump in America’s conservative utopia

10/30/2018 - A low-cost airline is pioneering the flight of electric planes

10/30/2018 - GE is making one of the biggest dividend cuts in history—again

10/30/2018 - A coven of paddleboarding witches took over an Oregon river for Halloween

10/30/2018 - A single shelter for migrant children is costing the government over $500,000 a day

10/30/2018 - The new iPad Pro doesn’t have a headphone jack

10/30/2018 - What US citizenship actually gets you: the good and the bad

10/30/2018 - Google says it’s seeing very little hacking against the US midterms—but there’s a catch

10/30/2018 - The magical world of poorly-reviewed Harry Potter products

10/30/2018 - Apple just made the iPad its new entry-level computer

10/30/2018 - Cork

10/30/2018 - Cork

10/30/2018 - Apple has started its retreat from the Lightning port

10/30/2018 - Google’s addictive Halloween multiplayer game is a spooky way to procrastinate

10/30/2018 - Accepting toxic workplaces as normal is dangerous

10/30/2018 - Apple finally updated its cheapest laptop—and made it more expensive

10/30/2018 - Your email habits should be considerate, not just productive

10/30/2018 - Pharrell has issued Donald Trump a cease-and-desist for using “Happy” at a rally

10/30/2018 - China has lifted a 25-year ban on using rhino horns and tiger bones for medicine

10/30/2018 - The best-selling author of the Chinese-speaking world has died

10/30/2018 - Trump can’t end birthright citizenship without a reinterpretation of the US Constitution

10/30/2018 - How fake news about a science fiction became a persistent myth

10/30/2018 - How to know when to ditch your high profile career to go at it alone

10/30/2018 - How to watch Apple’s October event

10/30/2018 - The UK border’s latest rule change is pretty rude to the EU

10/30/2018 - The key to the effortless cool known as “sprezzatura” is hard work

10/30/2018 - How black feminism saved this Duke professor from himself

10/30/2018 - “Insecure” actor Jay Ellis says patriarchy paralyzes men from listening to women

10/30/2018 - Activist DeRay McKesson on men who misunderstand feminism: “We don’t lose anything when we are all free”

10/30/2018 - What a Silicon Valley CEO learned from his mother’s career as a surgeon

10/30/2018 - A Penn professor explains why America’s “ideal manhood” is insulting to high-minded men

10/30/2018 - Comedian Baratunde Thurston says patriarchy is a trap, and men keep falling for it

10/30/2018 - How VC Mark Suster handles the sting of criticism when he speaks up about sexism in Silicon Valley

10/30/2018 - A Nigerian CEO’s advice to men who fear being vocal about feminism will hurt their career

10/30/2018 - Why Nigeria’s most-prominent LGBTQ activist doesn’t identify as a feminist

10/30/2018 - “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris says American men will cause their own downfall

10/30/2018 - Trans actor Jake Graf recounts how Hollywood treats him differently since he transitioned

10/30/2018 - Australia’s favorite gay author on how to call out sexism without being confrontational

10/30/2018 - Why this VC, beloved by Rihanna and Muhammad Ali, views manhood as malfunctioning software

10/30/2018 - Wharton psychologist Adam Grant says men should learn to listen like they’re wrong

10/30/2018 - This Latino VC explains why female investors are the ultimate business advantage

10/30/2018 - Actor Justin Baldoni has crucial advice for men who’ve offended women, but still want to be feminists

10/30/2018 - This former NFL player turned gender activist is here to clarify what feminists really want from men

10/30/2018 - Men who don’t examine their feelings are damaging the world, says Gimlet Media CEO Alex Blumberg

10/30/2018 - The non-confrontational question that helps men become feminists

10/30/2018 - Alphabet X leader Astro Teller says sexism is humanity’s biggest, most fixable problem

10/30/2018 - One of Liberia’s fastest-rising CEOs is still learning to see his male privilege

10/30/2018 - #MeToo taught this black, male author that America encourages abuse and harm

10/30/2018 - Canadian gender activist Michael Kaufman thinks feminism is the greatest gift to men

10/30/2018 - Ford Foundation chief Darren Walker on the benefits for men who live with empathy

10/30/2018 - Ezra Klein on gender equality: “A commitment to a more equal future has to be a recognition of an unequal past”

10/30/2018 - Why activist Michael Skolnik won’t let his son listen to Donald Trump on TV

10/30/2018 - Activist Shaun King says toxic masculinity is at the root of gun violence, war, and terrorism

10/30/2018 - Phillip Picardi reveals how he responds when men (himself included) act sexist

10/30/2018 - A Silicon Valley VC explains why he’s more likely to meet with female founders

10/30/2018 - AOL co-founder Steve Case: ”I understand why men feel threatened, but turning back the clock is not the answer”

10/30/2018 - DNC chair Tom Perez suggests toxic masculinity is not a partisan issue

10/30/2018 - This CEO makes a strong case for how feminism liberates men

10/30/2018 - Darnell Moore, who was nearly burned alive by teenage boys, explains how patriarchy dehumanizes men

10/30/2018 - Being a male feminist—like being a white ally—isn’t about making yourself feel better

10/30/2018 - A New York Times reporter’s simple thought experiment for men who want to escape gender stereotypes

10/30/2018 - The CEO of Harry’s says the success of men’s brands depends on hiring women

10/30/2018 - “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig’s simple trick for fighting Hollywood sexism

10/30/2018 - Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian says men are unhealthy, insecure, and paralyzed by patriarchy

10/30/2018 - Once offended by feminists, this lawyer explains why no man “gets it right” on the first try

10/30/2018 - Comedian Travon Free: Men have had a really long run at the top and this is where it’s gotten us

10/30/2018 - Why Civil Rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson prefers working at female-dominated firms

10/30/2018 - Why “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown is anxious about his male privilege

10/30/2018 - The first transgender athlete on Team USA reveals how he combats sexism in sports

10/30/2018 - A powerful trans author says America socializes boys to fail

10/30/2018 - There’s a way to call your friends out for sexism without alienating them

10/30/2018 - The founder of men’s wellness brand hims says men’s worst enemy is their own self-judgment

10/30/2018 - GQ’s youngest-ever editor on his biggest anxiety about being a man

10/30/2018 - The inventor of the world’s best robot believes robots will make us better, happier people

10/30/2018 - Reid Hoffman explains why privileged Silicon Valley men must stand up against sexism

10/30/2018 - Bonobos founder Andy Dunn explains the biggest mistake men make about feminism

10/30/2018 - US senator Cory Booker on Me Too and why “we won’t legislate our way to full equality”

10/30/2018 - Why the Danes encourage their kids to swing axes, play with fire, and ride bikes in traffic

10/30/2018 - Free public transit is gaining popularity in European cities

10/30/2018 - Venture capitalists are discovering they don’t like where their money comes from

10/30/2018 - The planet produces more than enough food, just not the kind people need

10/30/2018 - 10-year anniversary of bitcoin white paper, Devcon dynamics, Japanese regulation

10/30/2018 - We are eating the world to death

10/30/2018 - Could good eating be the secret to successful business trips?

10/30/2018 - Why eating well could make you more productive on business trips

10/30/2018 - Gabon is facing uncertainty after its president suddenly falls ill in Saudi Arabia

10/30/2018 - Here’s why India’s central bank and government are sparring in the open

10/30/2018 - Facebook earnings, Saudi deal details, doggy credit scores

10/30/2018 - Fracking is causing earthquakes in England, again

10/30/2018 - Why Singapore is so good at English

10/30/2018 - This African billionaire wants us to talk openly about family planning to beat poverty

10/30/2018 - The story of the Indian diaspora in Australia and New Zealand is 250 years old

10/30/2018 - Cork

10/30/2018 - How Modi lost his mojo and Rahul roared to life on Twitter

10/30/2018 - China wants to strip Uyghurs of all loyalties except to the state—but the opposite is happening

10/30/2018 - The Indian couple who fell off a Yosemite cliff wrote about the dangers of #doitforthegram

10/30/2018 - Most Indian techies quit online reskilling courses midway

10/30/2018 - Facebook earnings, Apple gadgets, doggy credit scores

10/30/2018 - Facebook earnings, Apple gadgets, doggy credit scores

10/30/2018 - South Africa isn’t ready to make a major switch to renewable energy yet

10/30/2018 - A Chinese city is keeping tabs on bad dog owners with a credit score

10/30/2018 - Unocoin co-founder recounts his arrest after India shut down his cryptocurrency ATM

10/30/2018 - Delhi will now use Twitter and Facebook to fight air pollution

10/29/2018 - Merkel quits, wild market ride, doggy credit scores

10/29/2018 - What is posse comitatus and why are Americans afraid Trump could suspend it?

10/29/2018 - Gab, the social network used by the Pittsburgh shooting suspect, is down

10/29/2018 - Amazon is having a spooky bad October

10/29/2018 - Psychologists have developed a new 10-minute “intelligence” test

10/29/2018 - How the NFL is carving a path for international players

10/29/2018 - The best place to buy Google’s new Home Hub might be a cosmetics store

10/29/2018 - Yale scientists have new insight on how LSD works in the brain

10/29/2018 - Here’s how Thailand’s manufacturing industry is shaping the future of robotics and automation

10/29/2018 - Google is giving $25 million to people who want to use AI for good

10/29/2018 - Why some blood donations go to waste and how to make sure yours doesn’t

10/29/2018 - Researchers have debunked Goop’s “ancient Chinese” jade vaginal eggs

10/29/2018 - People have been making chocolate for even longer than we thought

10/29/2018 - Walmart-owned Sam’s Club is launching an Amazon Go competitor

10/29/2018 - The UK is going after Facebook and Google with a digital services tax

10/29/2018 - Cork

10/29/2018 - Halloween 2018: The best horror movies for every type of scary story

10/29/2018 - America, the brand, has fallen in world rankings

10/29/2018 - These college degrees get you jobs (that don’t need a degree)

10/29/2018 - For the uninitiated: Here’s how traditional businesses can embrace agile thinking

10/29/2018 - Interactive: Learn how to future-proof your business with strategic agility

10/29/2018 - How much does it cost to mail an absentee ballot?

10/29/2018 - The CDC has released guidelines for dressing up your pet chicken on Halloween

10/29/2018 - The Pittsburgh shooter may become the second American to face death for a federal hate crime

10/29/2018 - What to expect at Apple’s New York event

10/29/2018 - A Texas Democrat’s strategy to turn out voters includes speaking to them in Nigerian Igbo

10/29/2018 - The Monster Mash was banned for 11 years by the BBC for being “too morbid”

10/29/2018 - The top tech acquisitions of all time, charted

10/29/2018 - Markets are welcoming Brazil’s new president. Can he be trusted?

10/29/2018 - By sending US troops to the Mexico border, Trump repeats a costly Obama mistake

10/29/2018 - Google has a .new time-saving trick for starting docs, slides, sheets, and forms

10/29/2018 - The world’s best Scrabble player just broke yet another record

10/29/2018 - The internet is mocking the new Brexit commemorative coin

10/29/2018 - Istanbul’s new airport aims to be the largest in the world

10/29/2018 - The “Blexit” campaign, calling for a black exit from the US left, got design help from Kanye West

10/29/2018 - Japan’s princess Ayako is giving up her title for love

10/29/2018 - The two questions companies should ask to stay relevant

10/29/2018 - This picturesque corner of South Africa has the world’s deadliest air pollution

10/29/2018 - Twitter’s existential crisis has it reconsidering the “like” button

10/29/2018 - Foreign universities are unwittingly collaborating with Chinese military scientists

10/29/2018 - African phone companies are evolving into 21st century conglomerates out of necessity

10/29/2018 - Successful virtual teams share these qualities

10/29/2018 - How to tell if your company’s values actually matter

10/29/2018 - Angela Merkel begins her exit from the world stage

10/29/2018 - More than 1,000 people have died in Asian passenger airline crashes in the last five years

10/29/2018 - Brazil elected far-right populist Jair Bolsonaro, and the markets love it

10/29/2018 - Women in the UK are being refused IVF when they hit 34

10/29/2018 - The plane involved in the Lion Air crash is the darling of the aviation industry

10/29/2018 - Indonesia plane crash, Pittsburgh mourns, AI lie detectors

10/29/2018 - PepsiCo’s spending $5 million to bring innovation to Indian farms

10/29/2018 - The Lion Air crash is a throwback to Indonesia’s scary aviation record

10/29/2018 - Shashi Tharoor says Modi’s ego has left India bruised and Indians fearful

10/29/2018 - How technology can empower Indian women in the age of #MeToo

10/29/2018 - Lion Air crash, World Series, camel beauty

10/29/2018 - Lion Air crash, World Series, camel beauty

10/29/2018 - Co-living could be the future of housing for India’s millennial workforce

10/29/2018 - India is trying to ban porn again. Here’s why it will fail

10/29/2018 - Updated: What we know about the Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia

10/29/2018 - China’s first private orbital launch attempt fails

10/29/2018 - Brazil shows us, again, that deep misogyny is no bar to running a country

10/28/2018 - UK budget, Pittsburgh shooting, camel beauty

10/28/2018 - Halloween is for the 40-year-olds

10/28/2018 - Syria’s national museum has re-opened after six years

10/28/2018 - The huge new Pacific trade deal is about to kick off without the US

10/28/2018 - Police are using artificial intelligence to spot written lies

10/28/2018 - How to help the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

10/28/2018 - Leicester City supporters praying for another miracle after owner’s helicopter crash

10/28/2018 - The big new book on all your flaws and how to turn them around

10/28/2018 - In African cities, the “gig economy” is called the economy

10/28/2018 - Two star wrestlers may refuse to fight in Saudi Arabia

10/28/2018 - If you’re surprised by anti-Semitism, you’re not paying attention

10/28/2018 - The Chinese military command monitoring Taiwan and the South China Sea has been ordered war-ready

10/28/2018 - Sous Vide

10/28/2018 - Sous Vide

10/28/2018 - Loneliness costs the US almost $7 billion extra each year

10/28/2018 - Cesar Sayoc is a poster child for Twitter’s harassment problem

10/28/2018 - Why millennials will always love “Call Me Maybe,” according to psychology

10/28/2018 - Zimbabwe’s economy is collapsing and president Mnangagwa can’t stop it

10/28/2018 - The witchy beauty trend’s ancient, sexist roots

10/28/2018 - Novelist Haruki Murakami has good advice on what you can do when life looks dark

10/28/2018 - How to judge a camel beauty pageant: the four-point guide

10/28/2018 - Drinking vinegars, from shrubs to sekanjab, are the original energy drink

10/28/2018 - The best way to bring families together? Slay a dragon

10/28/2018 - Dungeons & Dragons created the blueprint nerd culture still follows today

10/28/2018 - Sous Vide

10/28/2018 - Ethiopian cafes in China, tough migrant journeys, Naspers’ African tech millions

10/27/2018 - The Pittsburgh shooting is the culmination of an increase in anti-Semitism in the US

10/27/2018 - Pittsburgh suspect Robert Bowers wrote anti-Semitic and racist posts on social media

10/27/2018 - The smallest unit of air pollution is a big problem for human health

10/27/2018 - London Tube passengers are fainting from temperatures deemed too high for cattle

10/27/2018 - Eleven people are dead after a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

10/27/2018 - This designer has made a career re-imagining products for outer space

10/27/2018 - Despite the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, most countries continue to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

10/27/2018 - The movement to replace America’s rowdy Halloween with a meditation on death

10/27/2018 - The “she shed” is redefining personal space for women

10/27/2018 - A viral typo from 2009 is the perfect word for this spooky, funny time of year

10/27/2018 - Exit polls show Ireland has voted to remove blasphemy laws from their constitution

10/27/2018 - The difficulty of voting in every US state, ranked

10/27/2018 - The reason why your favorite pop songs are getting shorter

10/27/2018 - Korean women are destroying their make-up to protest the unpaid labor of beauty

10/27/2018 - Your next UPS package could be delivered on an electric bike

10/27/2018 - Weekend edition—Banana wars, scary music, rickshaw revolution

10/27/2018 - The “five stages” of grief don’t tell the whole story of dealing with loss

10/27/2018 - The difference between fear and anxiety is part of what makes us human

10/27/2018 - Zimbabwe’s tourism industry isn’t cashing in on all the free publicity it gets

10/27/2018 - Weekend edition—Banana wars, scary music, rickshaw revolution

10/27/2018 - Weekend edition—Banana wars, scary music, rickshaw revolution

10/26/2018 - Donna Zuckerberg isn’t sure social media is a force for good

10/26/2018 - Weekend edition—Banana wars, scary music, rickshaw revolution

10/26/2018 - Alleged bomber Cesar Sayoc lost a home in the financial crisis

10/26/2018 - US energy secretary Rick Perry once tried to end a drought with prayer

10/26/2018 - Research suggests that vegans really are more judgmental than vegetarians

10/26/2018 - Even consultants want to be designers now

10/26/2018 - Fake profiles of Cesar Sayoc are popping up on Facebook and Instagram

10/26/2018 - Elon Musk’s big Falcon Heavy rocket might find a market after all

10/26/2018 - How US law enforcement tracked down Cesar Sayoc Jr. so quickly

10/26/2018 - The bewitching “Suspiria” caps off a bold, creative year of horror

10/26/2018 - Sous Vide

10/26/2018 - All the ways Netflix culture sounds like your worst work nightmare

10/26/2018 - A record-low percentage of US adults got a flu vaccine last year

10/26/2018 - Trump wants troops to defend US borders. His staff wants another solution.

10/26/2018 - The US Postal Service will email you photos of your mail before it’s delivered

10/26/2018 - This is what the US government demands from a cream of mushroom soup

10/26/2018 - Robert De Niro says voting is more powerful than bomb threats

10/26/2018 - The UN says Japan may be violating human rights by returning families to Fukushima

10/26/2018 - What you need to know about China’s first private orbital launch

10/26/2018 - How the US will transform its investment role in Africa with a new $60 billion agency

10/26/2018 - Anxiety is a sign of creativity. Here’s how artists cope

10/26/2018 - Trump blames Twitter for slowing his follower growth. It’s actually steadily climbing

10/26/2018 - How US serial bombers and mail attackers get caught

10/26/2018 - WhatsApp finally enters modern messaging with stickers that anyone can make

10/26/2018 - If voters care about GDP growth, Republicans are sitting pretty

10/26/2018 - What we know about the suspect in the US mail bombings

10/26/2018 - Alibaba has teamed up with the world’s biggest player in online luxury

10/26/2018 - Kenya is planning to launch its own locally-built mobile phone

10/26/2018 - Stochastic terror and the cycle of hate that pushes unstable Americans to violence

10/26/2018 - Orange juice sellers are dealing with a citrus shortage by duping US shoppers

10/26/2018 - Quartzy: the scaries edition

10/26/2018 - Quartzy: the scaries edition

10/26/2018 - Amazon’s own published books are quietly taking over the site

10/26/2018 - Feedback

10/26/2018 - Republican women are just fine, thank you, with being Republican

10/26/2018 - Feedback

10/26/2018 - The US imported more asbestos in August than it has in years

10/26/2018 - “Autumnwatch New England” on PBS is nuttier than a red squirrel’s dinner

10/26/2018 - Some daycares in Israel are abusing toddlers. A new law aims to make kids safer

10/26/2018 - Naspers is spending over $300 million seeking its first major African tech startup wins

10/26/2018 - Three helpful ways to support your trans and intersex coworkers

10/26/2018 - This classic formula can show you how to live more heroically

10/26/2018 - Opioids could be key to understanding America’s inflation risk

10/26/2018 - Algorand’s funding, Square’s cold storage, AMD’s tumble

10/26/2018 - Amazon’s most important businesses are all slowing down

10/26/2018 - Why Japan and China are trying to make nice

10/26/2018 - This self-help book is the publishing phenomenon of 2018

10/26/2018 - Facebook has tapped a BBC veteran to tackle India’s fake-news crisis

10/26/2018 - The perils of sharing a name with someone very, very famous

10/26/2018 - Brazil elections, Trump’s border intentions, dolphin shrieks

10/26/2018 - UberEats steps up its game in India with a tie-up with Café Coffee Day

10/26/2018 - We’ll always have Paris, and sometimes without cars

10/26/2018 - Europe’s grocery price wars are threatening Colombia’s banana market

10/26/2018 - Let’s make Halloween gross again

10/26/2018 - Recruited from Nigeria to be a computer technician—then forced into prostitution in Italy

10/26/2018 - Feedback

10/26/2018 - There’s a serious problem with how Indian startups are being funded

10/26/2018 - France has a compassionate plan to help young refugees make friends and get jobs

10/26/2018 - How an Indian woman travels the world—in spite of her passport

10/26/2018 - Jair Bolsonaro’s victory is likely to see Brazil slash its many Africa interests

10/26/2018 - What India’s love for a World War II-era motorbike says about its millennials

10/26/2018 - Why a law school in India is teaching a course on Harry Potter

10/26/2018 - How a Bollywood star with no godfathers made it big with fresh ideas

10/26/2018 - US economy, Brazil elections, dolphin shrieks

10/26/2018 - Uber and Ola are hurting India’s largest carmaker—but not the way you think

10/26/2018 - US economy, Brazil elections, dolphin shrieks

10/26/2018 - Why don’t Chinese women want more children? One word: fear

10/25/2018 - Brazil elections, tech earnings, dolphin shrieks

10/25/2018 - Tech stocks bounce back to give the Nasdaq index its best day in months

10/25/2018 - It would take 100 pees to make the world’s first human-urine brick

10/25/2018 - A merciful end for NBC’s misguided, disastrous Megyn Kelly experiment

10/25/2018 - A common weed unexpectedly produces a chemical almost identical to cannabis’ THC

10/25/2018 - Read Sundar Pichai’s response to sexual misconduct allegations against Google execs

10/25/2018 - All the things Megyn Kelly did that didn’t get her cancelled and the one thing that did

10/25/2018 - The best time to buy a 2018 World Series Ticket

10/25/2018 - Now’s your chance to drive trucks full of weed around for the US Border Patrol

10/25/2018 - So you think being called NIPS SUX? Here’s how organizations handle unfortunate acronyms.

10/25/2018 - Feedback

10/25/2018 - In the future, companies won’t hire remote employees. They’ll hire remote teams

10/25/2018 - Google reportedly paid the ‘father of Android’ $90 million to resign over sexual misconduct

10/25/2018 - The first US official to be arrested for leaking is a Trump supporter

10/25/2018 - Latinos are disillusioned—and more eager to vote

10/25/2018 - Someone just bought a piece of AI-generated art for $432,500

10/25/2018 - What the Northern and Southern lights look like from space

10/25/2018 - Family-owned companies can tell us everything we need to know about business success

10/25/2018 - Infographic: Family businesses are outperforming competition around the world. Here’s why…

10/25/2018 - Listen: Family businesses are outperforming competition around the world. Here’s why…

10/25/2018 - The US Marshals Service is auctioning off 660 confiscated bitcoins

10/25/2018 - Amazon is coming for Google’s and Facebook’s most profitable business

10/25/2018 - The US government is finally stepping in to help the babies of the opioid epidemic

10/25/2018 - Coffee shops around the world are starting to look the same

10/25/2018 - The US FDA approved a new flu drug just in time for flu season

10/25/2018 - Instagram’s “digital kidnappers” are stealing children’s photos and making up new lives

10/25/2018 - Can’t figure out your Ikea furniture? Call a crow

10/25/2018 - Dolphins are simplifying their calls to make themselves heard over noisy humans

10/25/2018 - Alphabet’s money-making machine is slowing down

10/25/2018 - 190 universities just launched 600 free online courses. Here’s the full list.

10/25/2018 - Waze CEO Noam Bardin wants you to think of the polar bears—and then carpool

10/25/2018 - Spooky music

10/25/2018 - Spooky music

10/25/2018 - My “work from home” job is studying how to keep other remote workers engaged

10/25/2018 - Latinos are also polarized over Trump

10/25/2018 - How I learned to love the open office (even after years with a private one)

10/25/2018 - Rolling blackouts in Africa are disproportionately impacting the poor more than the rich

10/25/2018 - Robert De Niro and Joe Biden are new targets as US terrorism threat grows

10/25/2018 - Google is about to have even more control over the images you find on the internet

10/25/2018 - Ethiopia has named its first female head of state

10/25/2018 - Everything you need to know about Ireland’s blasphemy vote

10/25/2018 - The lure of benefits that help employees pay their student loans

10/25/2018 - The UK’s first black female history professor says history has taught her kindness

10/25/2018 - Almost no one in Russia thinks Russians were behind the poisoning of an ex-spy in the UK

10/25/2018 - Trump’s defense jobs claims grow larger than the actual industry

10/25/2018 - Pokémon Go has become a surprisingly effective wellness and fitness app

10/25/2018 - Exactly what Gen Z wants, according to all of the surveys

10/25/2018 - The world needs to get excited about capturing carbon dioxide from the air—and stay that way

10/25/2018 - Please stop trying to use Facebook to call the police

10/25/2018 - These creepy newswire photos of mannequins will haunt your dreams

10/25/2018 - Electric scooters won’t be the future of transport as long as there are idiots like me

10/25/2018 - How modern history was invented in India and China

10/25/2018 - Who will spend $10,000 on an AI-generated portrait?

10/25/2018 - Trump’s proposed definition of sex ignores all the science

10/25/2018 - Red pill misogynists see themselves as heirs to Greek and Roman philosophy

10/25/2018 - The harrowing, step-by-step story of a migrant’s journey to Europe

10/25/2018 - First Man offers a helpful reminder that a lot of Americans didn’t want to go to the moon

10/25/2018 - Tech earnings day, stock market wipeout, rich falling stars

10/25/2018 - The toxic politics inside the Congress party’s social media team

10/25/2018 - The simple way that men can help close the wealth gap

10/25/2018 - Norwegian Air is somehow still making money from $150 long-haul flights

10/25/2018 - China’s unveiling an up-close look at the design of its future space station

10/25/2018 - These award winning photos capture incredible details of the sun and the Moon

10/25/2018 - Spooky music

10/25/2018 - India’s beloved Complan, Glucon-D, and Nycil brands now have a fully Indian owner

10/25/2018 - This Indian e-wallet player claims it will beat Paytm to profitability

10/25/2018 - Startups in India are trying to train AI to fight cancer

10/25/2018 - How the apartheid regime burnt books in their tens of thousands

10/25/2018 - China is eavesdropping on Trump’s unsecure iPhone calls

10/25/2018 - The US is warning pregnant women not to travel to Japan

10/25/2018 - Nasdaq correction, Abe in China, sleep in more

10/25/2018 - Nasdaq correction, Abe in China, sleep in more

10/25/2018 - Now, India’s largest airline joins the loss-makers’ club

10/24/2018 - Tesla surprise, Typhoon Yutu, falling stars

10/24/2018 - Vladimir Putin messed with pensioners. Now his approval rating is nearing record lows

10/24/2018 - Threats against political opponents are a fascist tactic. Trump has all but encouraged them

10/24/2018 - Are we close to a bear market?

10/24/2018 - This has been a terrible two months for AMD

10/24/2018 - What makes a suspicious package look suspicious?

10/24/2018 - It’s a terrible time to win $1.5 billion

10/24/2018 - What we know (and what we can learn) from pipe bomb packages

10/24/2018 - No, eating only organic food is not going to save you from cancer

10/24/2018 - Tesla’s latest earnings report comes in a profitable shade of black

10/24/2018 - 400 years later, #MeToo is giving a 17th century artist her due

10/24/2018 - Less than .1% of migrants intercepted in Mexico are “Middle Easterners”

10/24/2018 - Neil deGrasse Tyson says other worlds have as much to fear from us as we do from aliens

10/24/2018 - Spooky music

10/24/2018 - The winner of a US-China trade war isn’t going to be the US or China

10/24/2018 - The buffalo will soon be roaming the American plains once more

10/24/2018 - So, you’re a billionaire: What to do after winning the Mega Millions jackpot

10/24/2018 - The healthy eating and exercise hacks of women who work in wellness jobs

10/24/2018 - The US and China weren’t invited to the meeting to reinvent the World Trade Organization

10/24/2018 - Sandra Day O’Connor is the feminist icon we’ve failed to revere

10/24/2018 - A Hawaiian island critical to extremely cute seals just disappeared under the sea

10/24/2018 - US terror attacks are increasingly motivated by right-wing views

10/24/2018 - What we know about the suspicious packages sent around the US

10/24/2018 - What happens to your cryptocurrency after you die?

10/24/2018 - 1Password is offering free accounts to anyone running for political office

10/24/2018 - The origins of the job title “data scientist”

10/24/2018 - Mohammed bin Salman’s speech suggests Saudi Arabia and Turkey are a unified front

10/24/2018 - Disney wants to reboot the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise already

10/24/2018 - Update: Bombs sent to homes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN office

10/24/2018 - The Danes have the perfect word to describe how Americans are feeling right now

10/24/2018 - Outgoing Snap executive Imran Khan has at least two good reasons for leaving

10/24/2018 - You’re probably buying stores’ in-house brands, whether you know it or not

10/24/2018 - Google has lost its fight with locals to build a campus in Berlin

10/24/2018 - The advice I give women entrepreneurs about navigating the very male-dominated venture capital world

10/24/2018 - Deutsche Bank keeps talking about a turnaround that never comes

10/24/2018 - Make an effort to challenge your biases

10/24/2018 - Elon Musk is testing his tunneling dream beneath a suburban garage

10/24/2018 - Dr. Bronner’s

10/24/2018 - Dr. Bronner’s

10/24/2018 - Trump’s tax cuts aren’t paying for themselves

10/24/2018 - South Africa is investing in batteries to stop frustrating electricity blackouts

10/24/2018 - A “Friendship Bench” in Zimbabwe is changing the way we think—and talk—about depression

10/24/2018 - SoftBank and Singtel are leading a pre-IPO $1.25 billion investment in Africa’s No.2 mobile phone company

10/24/2018 - Real-estate investors are betting on Amazon’s HQ2 pick

10/24/2018 - Waking up early won’t change your life—but it’s awesome for capitalism

10/24/2018 - Silicon Valley is starting to work on a “Plan B” to fight climate change

10/24/2018 - The Wing is providing its members with quality childcare options because no one else does

10/24/2018 - Tech investors have found something even more addictive than social media

10/24/2018 - Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest importer of weapons right now

10/24/2018 - When should startups start to care about where they get their money?

10/24/2018 - One thing could make or break Dyson’s bid to build electric cars in Singapore

10/24/2018 - A genius little list of ideas to stop apologizing for your existence at work

10/24/2018 - Brexit hasn’t happened yet—and Britain is already poorer

10/24/2018 - New US data suggests Indian firms are backing away from the H-1B visa

10/24/2018 - #CBIvsCBI: India’s top investigative agency is imploding

10/24/2018 - Tesla reports earnings, Cook bashes Silicon Valley, Titanic do-over

10/24/2018 - An African American artist’s “remixing” of apartheid-era images is raising questions about appropriation

10/24/2018 - If you’re a woman, “safety work” is a part of your daily existence

10/24/2018 - Facebook takes down Indian political ads because they don’t list who paid for them

10/24/2018 - Dr. Bronner’s

10/24/2018 - A Japanese medical school lowered the test scores of 55 women to accept more men

10/24/2018 - China’s young and rich are flaunting their wealth in a “falling stars” meme

10/24/2018 - Indian police end the party for the country’s first cryptocurrency ATM

10/24/2018 - Indian kids are the most cyberbullied in the world

10/24/2018 - Fake banking apps are putting customers at risk in India

10/24/2018 - Shinzo Abe in China, US penalizes Saudi suspects, AR saints

10/24/2018 - Shinzo Abe in China, US penalizes Saudi suspects, AR saints

10/24/2018 - Billions of dollars have not helped Indian e-tailers figure out AI and big data

10/23/2018 - From a list of 100 novels, America chooses “To Kill a Mockingbird” as its favorite

10/23/2018 - John McCain forced Trump to get tough on Saudi Arabia, from beyond the grave

10/23/2018 - Amazon is “fueling” ICE deportations, a new report says

10/23/2018 - The real definitions of “globalist” and “nationalist”

10/23/2018 - Tesla short recants, US penalizes Saudi suspects, art prescriptions

10/23/2018 - Here’s what people really mean when they say 5G is coming

10/23/2018 - The next great tech leap is here: What you need to know about 5G

10/23/2018 - White House economists say the US is better than Sweden and Norway

10/23/2018 - Is Jamal Khashoggi’s death a tipping point? The record says no

10/23/2018 - Nobody knows how much the HTC “blockchain phone” will actually cost

10/23/2018 - Arby’s new duck sandwich is McRib-level marketing genius

10/23/2018 - Is this what rage looks like for Sheryl Sandberg?

10/23/2018 - Dr. Bronner’s

10/23/2018 - A Vatican-blessed app is Pokémon Go for saints

10/23/2018 - The future electric car could be one giant battery

10/23/2018 - Khashoggi’s son shakes hands with Saudi king Salman in a grim photo-op

10/23/2018 - Balenciaga is being sued for copying those tree-shaped air fresheners with its $275 key rings

10/23/2018 - Trump’s trade war is dragging down the market, despite strong earnings

10/23/2018 - New iPhone reviews are in, and the iPhone Xs isn’t worth the extra $250

10/23/2018 - The World Series will feature the most expensive matchup of rosters ever

10/23/2018 - Sandra Day O’Connor’s farewell letter is a plea for country before party

10/23/2018 - The way we study leadership has a huge flaw

10/23/2018 - The Khashoggi murder is the publicity coup Erdogan’s always dreamed of

10/23/2018 - Pictures of Sandra Day O’Connor’s Supreme Court tenure offer a visual timeline of gender inequality

10/23/2018 - MoviePass’s parent company is casting off the beleaguered subscription service

10/23/2018 - Doctors in Montreal will start prescribing visits to the art museum

10/23/2018 - The Hobby Lobby-funded Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fakes

10/23/2018 - An introvert’s guide to sales and fundraising

10/23/2018 - This is what costume parties looked like 100 years ago

10/23/2018 - The head of the UNGA says women are expected to “solve everything”

10/23/2018 - Which new iPhone is right for you? Our analysis reveals the winner

10/23/2018 - How to track trolls in your feed during the 2018 US midterms

10/23/2018 - Why are we still arguing for the business value of design?

10/23/2018 - Archaeologists discover a 2,400-year-old shipwreck, perfectly preserved

10/23/2018 - LeBron James is so obsessed with “Friday the 13th” that he’s rebooting the horror movie himself

10/23/2018 - Tesla’s cars may soon keep your pets safe, too

10/23/2018 - Collaborative spaces are having a positive impact on communities in India

10/23/2018 - Brexit is another setback in the long, bizarre saga of the Titanic II

10/23/2018 - A notorious Tesla short-seller has reversed his opinion and the market is thrilled

10/23/2018 - Wood-burning ovens produce delicious food and dangerous air pollution

10/23/2018 - Lithium-ion batteries

10/23/2018 - Lithium-ion batteries

10/23/2018 - New Alzheimer’s research suggests herpes as a cause, opening up new avenues for treatment

10/23/2018 - Harley-Davidson is losing America’s trade war—and America is losing Harley-Davidson

10/23/2018 - Nigeria has some of the world’s most polluted cities—and that isn’t about to change

10/23/2018 - South Africa’s second party is playing a populist immigration card

10/23/2018 - Three settings you can change on your phone right now to help you focus

10/23/2018 - Sustainability is actually not sustainable

10/23/2018 - Learning to wake up without an alarm is like having a bit of the weekend every day

10/23/2018 - A new study confirms that smelling lavender can relax you

10/23/2018 - Hilton’s newest hotel concept is inspired by hostels

10/23/2018 - Scientists used AI to explore the results of the Implicit Association Test

10/23/2018 - Why a Wall Street rebel left a $1.5 million job

10/23/2018 - Welcome to FWD: Thinking, a Quartz podcast about recreating your career

10/23/2018 - Why all lotteries are based on a lie

10/23/2018 - A new US lawsuit aims to block sales of wild horses for slaughter

10/23/2018 - All the most important details from Erdogan’s speech about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

10/23/2018 - Privacy coins, crypto remittances, taking a tumble

10/23/2018 - Melissa McCarthy’s morning routine is a revelation

10/23/2018 - See how passionate your congressional district is about net neutrality

10/23/2018 - China’s search for sand is destroying Mozambique’s pristine beaches

10/23/2018 - A prehistoric mammal relative looked like a weasel and had 38 babies at once

10/23/2018 - Saudi investor conference, what Turkey knew, fake Dead Sea scrolls

10/23/2018 - Get ready for a super slow World Series

10/23/2018 - The EU has spent nearly $500 million on technology to fight climate change—with little to show for it

10/23/2018 - Even a fake Louis Vuitton is a status symbol in India

10/23/2018 - A simple guide to working happily and effectively, even if you’re not in the office

10/23/2018 - Lithium-ion batteries

10/23/2018 - Is the fuel-price shock over in India?

10/23/2018 - Drones are the future in India—but only if the present policy is tweaked

10/23/2018 - India’s supreme court allows firecrackers for Diwali, but with riders

10/23/2018 - Indian women are now strong enough to say #MeToo—but the men haven’t grown up at all

10/23/2018 - Climate change may force 200,000 people in Bangladesh to migrate

10/23/2018 - Consolidation is the best way forward for India’s struggling aviation sector

10/23/2018 - Saudi conference, world’s longest sea bridge, rectangular icebergs

10/23/2018 - Saudi conference, world’s longest sea bridge, rectangular icebergs

10/22/2018 - China is opening the world’s longest sea bridge

10/22/2018 - New Netflix debt, weed vape unicorn, rectangular iceberg

10/22/2018 - Another co-founder of Oculus is leaving Facebook

10/22/2018 - The organizers of Davos want nothing to do with Saudi Arabia’s “Davos in the Desert”

10/22/2018 - You can now walk across the world’s first 3D-printed steel bridge

10/22/2018 - Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair is warping the price-value continuum

10/22/2018 - The Saudis used a Khashoggi body double to walk around in his clothes

10/22/2018 - Why the fiduciary standard has a huge impact on the way your money is managed

10/22/2018 - What you need to know about the fiduciary standard and planning for retirement

10/22/2018 - A new survey of American teens suggests the sneaker brand to watch is Vans

10/22/2018 - The scary part of Burger King’s black cherry slushy is what it does to your poop

10/22/2018 - A year for an elite soccer player compared to other sports

10/22/2018 - Lithium-ion batteries

10/22/2018 - The number of undernourished people in the world is rising again

10/22/2018 - Trans rights are under threat in the US, but Uruguay is massively expanding them

10/22/2018 - Americans teens love shopping on one website way more than anywhere else

10/22/2018 - Lessons on getting to gender pay parity, from a company that says it achieved it

10/22/2018 - Halloween’s killer opening weekend, charted

10/22/2018 - The oligarch behind Russia’s troll farm allegedly ordered beatings, poisonings, and a murder

10/22/2018 - Photos: The world’s longest sea-crossing bridge will connect Macau and Hong Kong

10/22/2018 - Why are black Netflix viewers seeing ads showing minor black characters from movies?

10/22/2018 - Brands’ love of adjectives is starting to obscure what they’re actually selling

10/22/2018 - For the first time in its history, hippie favorite Patagonia is endorsing political candidates

10/22/2018 - Paul Biya will rule Cameroon for another seven years—from wherever he chooses

10/22/2018 - “Davos in the Desert” website hack highlights Saudi terror links

10/22/2018 - These are the jobs expected to grow the most in the next five years

10/22/2018 - Henry David Thoreau’s 160-year-old notebook shows us just how fast global warming is coming

10/22/2018 - Investors should look at a new metric when buying luxury stocks: Instagram engagement

10/22/2018 - “Halloween” proves women-led horror can make a killing at the box office

10/22/2018 - This perfectly rectangular iceberg would like to object to your ideas of natural geometry

10/22/2018 - This Ethiopian homegrown coffee brand is opening 100 cafés in China

10/22/2018 - Apple wants you to work for a company that “reflects the whole wide world”—except Africa

10/22/2018 - The film debut of the Southern Ocean deep-sea swimming cucumber, dubbed the “headless chicken monster”

10/22/2018 - All the countries that believe the Saudi story of Khashoggi’s death

10/22/2018 - (Mostly) free tools to track (almost) every area of your life

10/22/2018 - Germany is freezing arms sales to Saudi Arabia until Riyadh tells the truth 

10/22/2018 - A new study says countries that ban corporal punishment have less youth violence

10/22/2018 - What Canadian employers are telling their staff about legal cannabis

10/22/2018 - When to cancel a presentation

10/22/2018 - The Ethiopian marathoner who protested for change at the Rio Olympics is back home

10/22/2018 - How Trump could stop future migrant caravans

10/22/2018 - Already struggling with staff strikes, Ryanair’s passengers are now revolting too

10/22/2018 - The most productive meetings don’t have slide decks

10/22/2018 - A new study of Seattle’s minimum wage hike shows who it helps, and who it hurts

10/22/2018 - The complicated legacy of modern Japan as it celebrates its 150th birthday

10/22/2018 - Companies are on the hook if their hiring algorithms are biased

10/22/2018 - Your next work assignment: Tune into this podcast

10/22/2018 - SoftBank is staying put as more names pull out of “Davos in the Desert”

10/22/2018 - Bolton in Russia, Saudi Arabia’s confession, world’s shortest flight

10/22/2018 - What visa woes? Indians are still hogging most H-1Bs

10/22/2018 - With no tap at home, Indian women are wasting their lives transporting water

10/22/2018 - We, the men of Bollywood, have been complicit in #MeToo for long enough

10/22/2018 - The Sabarimala controversy hides a much deeper problem: untouchability

10/22/2018 - Basketball and happy kids: The photos of Xinjiang’s detention camps Beijing wants the world to see

10/22/2018 - Indian IT industry is beginning to reap the benefits of up-skilling its coders

10/22/2018 - Prince William shows conservation still has a problem with “white saviors”

10/22/2018 - Brexit do-over, freed billionaire, world’s shortest flight

10/22/2018 - Brexit do-over, freed billionaire, world’s shortest flight

10/22/2018 - India’s central bank refuses to give up control of the payments ecosystem

10/21/2018 - How the world reacted to Trump’s proposed withdrawal from a nuclear arms treaty with Russia

10/21/2018 - Bolton in Russia, Italy’s budget, tractor boom

10/21/2018 - As the world fumes over Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, Trump praises the ruler many deem responsible

10/21/2018 - The spookiest music relies on a little ditty monks used to sing about the apocalypse

10/21/2018 - “Movement ecologists” are turning technology against the global trade in illegal seafood

10/21/2018 - Craving a steak? Status anxiety could be one reason why

10/21/2018 - A Zimbabwe program that enlists grandmas to combat depression sets an example for the world

10/21/2018 - The cost of electricity shortages in Africa is more than just a problem of access

10/21/2018 - This Halloween, don’t be sexy or funny. Embrace your inner scariness

10/21/2018 - Looking for the perfect job after graduation? Don’t, says Mark Cuban

10/21/2018 - This simple productivity tip nudges the easily distracted—ever so gently

10/21/2018 - Saying goodbye to Paul Allen and people too big to fit into headlines

10/21/2018 - A fan-owned film company wants to make original stories the next big movie craze

10/21/2018 - Are financial literacy programs a waste of time?

10/21/2018 - One city has created a blueprint for tackling the opioid epidemic

10/21/2018 - Wired has always embraced the future. At its 25th birthday party, it got complicated.

10/21/2018 - How to craft an adorable DIY Halloween costume for your child to look sad in

10/21/2018 - Make one of Noma’s secret flavor bombs in your own kitchen

10/21/2018 - Sociologists are using the Bachelorettes’ Instagram posts to study modern femininity

10/21/2018 - There are two types of creativity, and you can practice one of them every day

10/21/2018 - Francophone Africa growing, World Bank’s over-optimism, Kanye’s Uganda missteps

10/20/2018 - Elon Musk is too ambitious for Tesla’s own good

10/20/2018 - Africa’s youngest billionaire has been found after kidnapping ordeal

10/20/2018 - The US will withdraw from a Cold War-era nuclear treaty with Russia

10/20/2018 - Smartphones are endangering Iceland’s love of books

10/20/2018 - Hip-hop can’t quit smoking

10/20/2018 - Saudi Arabia’s reversal on Jamal Khashoggi raises even more questions

10/20/2018 - An addicted mother’s moving obituary went viral. Read this before you share it

10/20/2018 - Photos: Today’s Brexit protest could be one of the largest protests in UK history

10/20/2018 - Photos: BepiColombo is on its way to Mercury

10/20/2018 - The Apple Watch Series 4 is the best one yet

10/20/2018 - A 9-year-old Canadian girl figured out a brilliant way to sell all her Girl Scout cookies

10/20/2018 - Pareidolia

10/20/2018 - Pareidolia

10/20/2018 - The full timeline of Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance and the morphing Saudi response

10/20/2018 - The Trump administration is desperately trying to dismiss a children’s climate lawsuit

10/20/2018 - Tens of thousands gather in London to demand a new Brexit vote

10/20/2018 - Updated: The complete list of CEOs boycotting Saudi Arabia’s “Davos in the Desert” conference

10/20/2018 - The tool revolutionizing the tracing of guns in the US has a blindspot

10/20/2018 - Dark money is getting around Facebook’s election defenses

10/20/2018 - Art doesn’t have to be pleasing to serve its purpose

10/20/2018 - You could buy anything from the Sears catalog—even a house

10/20/2018 - Nigella Lawson wrote her first cookbook after hearing a dinner party host weeping in the kitchen

10/20/2018 - The complete guide to a Perfect Airplane Outfit

10/20/2018 - Weekend edition—Saudi shift, Instagram ballet, frontier tourism

10/20/2018 - The strange, true-life story of the literary scammer Lee Israel

10/20/2018 - Pareidolia

10/20/2018 - Why a Nigeria national airline will likely never get off the ground

10/20/2018 - Nobel winner Muhammad Yunus wants two financial systems—one for the rich and one for the poor

10/20/2018 - Weekend edition—Saudi shift, Instagram ballet, frontier tourism

10/20/2018 - Weekend edition—Saudi shift, Instagram ballet, frontier tourism

10/19/2018 - It’s probably time for these PlayStation usernames to go

10/19/2018 - Saudi Arabia admits that Khashoggi died inside its consulate

10/19/2018 - Praising people who beat reporters and killing a journalist are different expressions of the same thinking

10/19/2018 - Weekend edition—Saudi shift, Instagram ballet, frontier tourism

10/19/2018 - Russia’s troll farm doubled its budget in early 2018

10/19/2018 - Highlights from the latest criminal charge against Russian trolls

10/19/2018 - Apple isn’t the only company raking in billions from the new iPhones

10/19/2018 - Pareidolia

10/19/2018 - Photos: Spiders have blanketed another Greek beach with massive webs

10/19/2018 - The prayer book from Marilyn Monroe’s Jewish conversion is up for sale

10/19/2018 - Does freedom of religion protect Americans who have a religious duty to shelter migrants?

10/19/2018 - Tim Cook publicly denies Apple was hacked by China’s military

10/19/2018 - In the age of the high-fashion “dad sneaker,” Skechers wants credit as the originator

10/19/2018 - Middle America is doing a lot better than you think

10/19/2018 - A Catholic exorcist will battle witches trying to put a hex on Brett Kavanaugh

10/19/2018 - The founder of the Little Free Library has died

10/19/2018 - A bombshell report links WhatsApp fake news to Brazil’s presidential frontrunner

10/19/2018 - You can finally charge an Apple Watch from a MacBook

10/19/2018 - The world’s longest and shortest flights, compared

10/19/2018 - Our lineup for an alternate Super Bowl show Rihanna could headline

10/19/2018 - The list of Hollywood’s 50 most powerful showrunners is the most diverse ever

10/19/2018 - Toxic workplaces are feeding the impostor phenomenon

10/19/2018 - Quartzy: the going remote edition

10/19/2018 - Quartzy: the going remote edition

10/19/2018 - Tesla shrunk the battery to start selling its promised $35,000 Model 3 (kinda)

10/19/2018 - What does the US owe Jamal Khashoggi?

10/19/2018 - The way we portray “old people” is hurting them at work

10/19/2018 - Is freelancing a game you have to pay to play?

10/19/2018 - Millions of exposed tweets by Russian bots highlight how much trash is on Twitter

10/19/2018 - Africa’s economies are still too far off fulfilling the “Africa rising” narrative

10/19/2018 - Facebook hired former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg as head of policy and communications

10/19/2018 - Bagels

10/19/2018 - Bagels

10/19/2018 - Satirical art in the Trump era: Why it’s important to “shame the shameless”

10/19/2018 - Singapore is building daycare centers for all its youngest children

10/19/2018 - To beat Bloomberg, Symphony is letting banks’ bots talk with each other

10/19/2018 - You can now book travel by taking an Instagram screenshot

10/19/2018 - Don’t give your work files names like “asshat”

10/19/2018 - There may be penalties for cannabis users visiting the US from Canada

10/19/2018 - This article is proof that the Mega Millions plan worked

10/19/2018 - Y-Crypto-nator, XRP for rent, perilous prediction markets

10/19/2018 - A neuroscientist who lost her mind says it can happen to anyone

10/19/2018 - The best (and worst) conference swag

10/19/2018 - Nebraska’s tourism board masters the art of the underwhelming slogan

10/19/2018 - “Mid90s” shows that Jonah Hill has a bright future as a director

10/19/2018 - BP says oil at $80 a barrel is “unhealthy for the world”

10/19/2018 - The way we eat needs radical reform to ensure a sustainable future

10/19/2018 - The global food system is broken and needs radical reform

10/19/2018 - The US is about to redefine the occupations that qualify for H-1B visas

10/19/2018 - Pompeo in Mexico, China loses steam, mouse eyebrows

10/19/2018 - Bagels

10/19/2018 - When it comes to North Korean diplomacy, keep an eye on Mongolia

10/19/2018 - Women are getting very little of India’s rising wealth

10/19/2018 - Zimbabwe’s president has been wooing its white sports heroes with high-profile jobs

10/19/2018 - Deal or no deal? A visual guide to Theresa May’s Brexit nightmare

10/19/2018 - Kenyans have started paying more for internet, SMS and calls after a tax hike

10/19/2018 - Afghan elections, China GDP, artificial moon

10/19/2018 - Afghan elections, China GDP, artificial moon

10/19/2018 - China posted its slowest economic growth since the Great Recession

10/18/2018 - Why half a million people from Punjab enlisted to fight for Britain in World War I

10/18/2018 - From a zebra-drawn buggy to Chinatown, rare photos offer a new look at Kolkata

10/18/2018 - Rihanna declined to headline the Super Bowl to stand with Colin Kaepernick

10/18/2018 - Korean crypto exchanges have a new plan: get the hell out

10/18/2018 - Female guitar heroes have long played among us

10/18/2018 - A Chinese company plans to build an artificial moon, eight times brighter than the real one

10/18/2018 - Taliban assassinations, China’s GDP report, face cubicles

10/18/2018 - Aerial photos reveal the hypnotic geometry of farming

10/18/2018 - Adults ingest 2,000 pieces of plastic in table salt on average each year

10/18/2018 - The world’s biggest organism is facing its end

10/18/2018 - Bagels

10/18/2018 - Physicists discovered a new form of flight thanks to dandelion seeds

10/18/2018 - eBay is suing Amazon for allegedly stealing away its sellers

10/18/2018 - Behind the scenes of Banksy’s glorious-but-failed shredder stunt

10/18/2018 - Bill O’Reilly is still the undisputed king of US nonfiction

10/18/2018 - Rent the Runway and WeWork’s deal encourages you to wear rented clothes at your rented desk

10/18/2018 - Heidi Cruz says she has to work a 70-hour week to support her family

10/18/2018 - What happens if Trump closes the US-Mexico border?

10/18/2018 - The Trump Organization’s four-step recipe for misleading investors

10/18/2018 - Apple heads to Brooklyn for its first event there

10/18/2018 - The Myers-Briggs Company wants to bring personality tests to work

10/18/2018 - Peter Jackson’s new documentary film brings World War I to life as never before

10/18/2018 - A rare peek inside the FBI’s internal video-streaming service

10/18/2018 - French is now the fifth most spoken world language and growing—thanks to Africans

10/18/2018 - An ode to Bollywood’s most iconic unibrow

10/18/2018 - Google Maps will now navigate to your favorite electric car charging station

10/18/2018 - In an age of super-fast fashion, Mexico and Turkey may be the new China

10/18/2018 - The only reason Sears went bankrupt

10/18/2018 - Confused by typhoons, Japan’s cherry blossoms are blooming in autumn

10/18/2018 - Soon, we’ll all have a chance to drink rare wines

10/18/2018 - World Bank’s optimism about declining global poverty is missing a crucial point

10/18/2018 - A striking drone photo of seals captures nature’s precarious future

10/18/2018 - Tesla’s settlement with the SEC means a lot more supervision for Elon Musk

10/18/2018 - The must-read kids’ book for anyone who grew up with a name no one can pronounce

10/18/2018 - Spotify made a Halloween-themed ad too spooky for kids

10/18/2018 - The Sears catalog

10/18/2018 - The Sears catalog

10/18/2018 - A simple acronym sums up what’s wrong with social media

10/18/2018 - Somalia’s e-commerce businesses are rising against all odds

10/18/2018 - This is the best week of the year to book transatlantic holiday travel

10/18/2018 - Zambia is the latest African country to kick against cryptocurrencies

10/18/2018 - The man behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch speaks to the dualities inside us all

10/18/2018 - Panasonic has invented a cubicle for your face

10/18/2018 - Silicon Valley is awash with Saudi Arabian money. Here’s what they’re investing in.

10/18/2018 - A fasting expert’s tips for making it to your next meal

10/18/2018 - Taylor Swift is smart enough to not let her shows sell out

10/18/2018 - Facebook trolls are using disinformation to sell T-shirts

10/18/2018 - Khashoggi’s last column, Steve Penny arrested, Banksy’s shredder glitch

10/18/2018 - The Sears catalog

10/18/2018 - Heartbreaking photos that show how India is slowly killing its elephants

10/18/2018 - With a new €100 million clean-energy fund, Bill Gates is helping Europe be bolder

10/18/2018 - One of India’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges has moved to Malta

10/18/2018 - Foodpanda has bet on a dead startup to revive Ola’s food-delivery dream

10/18/2018 - Khashoggi’s last column, Banksy shredder malfunction, pet furniture

10/18/2018 - Khashoggi’s last column, Banksy shredder malfunction, pet furniture

10/17/2018 - No luck on Tinder? You’re probably living in the wrong pin code

10/17/2018 - Weed is now legal in Canada but promoting it isn’t. Companies are creative about doing it anyway

10/17/2018 - EU summit, Brexit impasse, eerie Antarctica

10/17/2018 - Why all work meetings should be video meetings, even the in-person ones

10/17/2018 - A cult beauty brand is the latest to face accusations of fake reviews

10/17/2018 - An ice shelf in Antartica is making eerie noises

10/17/2018 - The Sears catalog

10/17/2018 - A columnist’s advice on “unusual” names ignores the power of cultural identity

10/17/2018 - The pivot to video was based on a lie, lawsuit alleges

10/17/2018 - 2,000-year-old graffiti just rewrote the history on Pompeii

10/17/2018 - An SNL skit nails the worst habits of earnest young people seeking career advice

10/17/2018 - Good news, landlords! The Sears bankruptcy could free up 100 million sq ft of space

10/17/2018 - Chinese search giant Baidu says it cares about what AI does to society

10/17/2018 - Lady Gaga’s perfect menswear-inspired suit was a statement about Hollywood sexism

10/17/2018 - The flawed debate around Africa’s China debt and the overlooked agency of African leaders

10/17/2018 - Algorithms can’t fix societal problems—and often amplify them

10/17/2018 - Instead of testing workers for pot use, employers should test for “impairment”

10/17/2018 - “22 July” confronts the chilling ideology of right-wing extremism

10/17/2018 - The strange, sad tale of Julian Assange’s cat

10/17/2018 - All the places in the world you can (legally) smoke weed

10/17/2018 - Trump wants to upend yet another international treaty in the name of a “fair deal”

10/17/2018 - Kanye West’s trip to Uganda is tone deaf and out of sync

10/17/2018 - Nighttime satellite images of Florida show the power of Hurricane Michael

10/17/2018 - The home of 2030 will take care of everything so you can maximize relaxation

10/17/2018 - Trump’s complaints about Fed rate hikes make them more likely

10/17/2018 - By 2040, Spain will be home to the world’s longest-living people

10/17/2018 - Saudi Arabia’s next US ambassador could be the royal family’s “face of women’s rights”

10/17/2018 - The US prison system is running out of room

10/17/2018 - Bubble tea

10/17/2018 - Bubble tea

10/17/2018 - How luggage got so hip

10/17/2018 - YouPorn launched a search by emoji feature, because sometimes you just need some 🍆

10/17/2018 - If you’re worried about online privacy, you no longer have an excuse

10/17/2018 - We’re living in a golden age of pet architecture

10/17/2018 - The reason Shonda Rhimes wants everyone to know how much she makes

10/17/2018 - Indian minister MJ Akbar resigns in the wake of #MeToo

10/17/2018 - We’ll soon co-live in apartments in much the same way we co-work

10/17/2018 - In the future, moving houses will be just a matter of uploading and downloading furniture

10/17/2018 - The smart home is a 21st-century response to the abject failures of 20th-century living

10/17/2018 - Social robots will become family members in the homes of the future

10/17/2018 - All steel everything, and other predictions from the past about the home of the future

10/17/2018 - You might find your next home on Amazon

10/17/2018 - A bunch of “perfectly educated” women are sending photos of their big families to Emmanuel Macron

10/17/2018 - Apple made the iPhone it should’ve made last year

10/17/2018 - Pimp, narcissist, pioneer: The legacy of Dennis Hof

10/17/2018 - Younger women tend to marry older men in the US. That’s finally changing

10/17/2018 - Canada sparks one up, Saudi saga update, Assange’s cat memo

10/17/2018 - As Beto goes on the attack, Cruz laments “loss of civility” in US Senate debate

10/17/2018 - Bubble tea

10/17/2018 - India’s central bank has finally removed the biggest roadblock for e-wallets

10/17/2018 - A scientist explains why you should be eating insects to help fight global hunger

10/17/2018 - Once a darling of investors, an Indian supermarket chain is getting hammered on the stock market

10/17/2018 - How are Lego emotions changing? Help us find out.

10/17/2018 - My wife faces MJ Akbar and his 97 lawyers. She will not be silenced or intimidated

10/17/2018 - Voice of America has fired 15 employees in a Nigeria bribery scandal

10/17/2018 - India’s got 4G everywhere. So why’s video streaming rubbish?

10/17/2018 - India’s #MeToo movement piles pressure on minister MJ Akbar

10/17/2018 - Canadian weed day, Pompeo talks Khashoggi, Uber’s uber valuation

10/17/2018 - Canadian weed day, Pompeo talks Khashoggi, Uber’s uber valuation

10/16/2018 - India’s giant market is powering its competitiveness

10/16/2018 - Flipkart’s impact on Walmart’s bottom line is worse than initially thought

10/16/2018 - The crypto token that wants to save journalism is offering refunds

10/16/2018 - Are we ready for the next global pandemic?

10/16/2018 - The judge on Stormy Daniels’ defamation case says hyperbole is essential to American discourse

10/16/2018 - What will happen when the next global pandemic hits

10/16/2018 - Netflix soars, Canadian weed day, flood-proof livestock

10/16/2018 - An experimental novel about 1970s Northern Ireland has won the 2018 Man Booker Prize

10/16/2018 - The US government is wasting millions guarding Confederate graves

10/16/2018 - Netflix just showed it’s still unstoppable

10/16/2018 - What’s so special about Beto?

10/16/2018 - What we know about the mysterious polio-like illness spreading across the US

10/16/2018 - Parents are driving their kids crazy by posting about them on social media

10/16/2018 - Bubble tea

10/16/2018 - One of the few men convicted over the Sept. 11 attacks is free

10/16/2018 - Paul Allen made space investment worth doing

10/16/2018 - At what point does researching your interviewer before a job interview go too far?

10/16/2018 - Teslaquila is actually a pretty good idea

10/16/2018 - Ethiopia’s new 50% women cabinet isn’t just bold—it’s smart

10/16/2018 - Lyft is racing to go public before Uber

10/16/2018 - George R.R. Martin confirms that Trump is a total Joffrey

10/16/2018 - Digital ads have gotten too aggressive and intrusive for some people

10/16/2018 - Gold is good. Gold is strong. Populist governments in Eastern Europe are stockpiling it

10/16/2018 - Apple’s new bagel emoji is a testament to the power of the carbohydrate lovers’ lobby

10/16/2018 - A viral Twitter thread revealed Sears’s history as disruptor of Jim Crow-era racism

10/16/2018 - A Saudi prince helped save Trump from bankruptcy—twice

10/16/2018 - Feather scales, pollen grains, and a single teardrop: what photos of the microscopic world reveal

10/16/2018 - The spiritual successor to the iPod Shuffle: a Mighty Spotify player

10/16/2018 - Stephen Hawking’s last book gives just two options for a positive future for humanity

10/16/2018 - Big banks’ bumper profits are powering a “late cycle” stock recovery

10/16/2018 - Social media has killed the thrill of fashion, says the legendary recluse Martin Margiela

10/16/2018 - See street artist Shepard Fairey’s latest show from home

10/16/2018 - Volkswagen’s CEO says the German car industry could end up like Detroit

10/16/2018 - The 10 industries most exposed to climate change related natural disasters

10/16/2018 - The industries most at risk from the often overlooked physical impact of climate change

10/16/2018 - Belgium’s first black mayor doesn’t want his win celebrated as historic

10/16/2018 - The US apparel industry is bracing for a decades-long trade war with China

10/16/2018 - Sell-by dates

10/16/2018 - Sell-by dates

10/16/2018 - How much cryptocurrency should you own?

10/16/2018 - How to invest in your creativity

10/16/2018 - Reports that an Icelandic volcano is “ready to blow” are fake news at its most dangerous

10/16/2018 - A hip online magazine hired a CGI “it girl” as its contributing arts editor

10/16/2018 - Your favorite Twitter bots are about die, thanks to upcoming rule changes

10/16/2018 - The Internet has chosen a bizarre orange mascot named Gritty to lead the Antifa resistance

10/16/2018 - IKEA investigates why so many of us don’t feel at home in our own homes

10/16/2018 - Is turning off your notifications the ultimate productivity hack?

10/16/2018 - A reward is out for information on the whereabouts of Africa’s youngest billionaire

10/16/2018 - Humanity is obliterating millions of years of animal evolution and entire food webs

10/16/2018 - The customer-service email that made me appreciate the art of time tracking

10/16/2018 - These real-life cyborgs are changing their brains by enhancing their bodies

10/16/2018 - Trump campaign veterans were paid $5.4 million by Saudi Arabia for doing virtually nothing

10/16/2018 - Trump’s new NAFTA supports tech monopolies like Facebook and Google

10/16/2018 - Here’s what the stark gender disparity among top orchestra musicians looks like

10/16/2018 - Moral hazards, Tether’s tremors, Korean exchanges emigrate

10/16/2018 - “OMG you’re amazing!”: How people respond (or not) to compliments on social media

10/16/2018 - Sexism isn’t just bad for women—it’s bad for democracy

10/16/2018 - You probably can’t tell when someone’s lying

10/16/2018 - Your complete guide to buying and smoking weed in Canada

10/16/2018 - Netflix earnings, RIP Paul Allen, humongous fungus

10/16/2018 - Sell-by dates

10/16/2018 - The coldblooded murder of a young Red Cross nurse by Boko Haram is a reminder of its menace

10/16/2018 - The UK is sending postal workers door to door to combat loneliness

10/16/2018 - The future of birth control in India could be the needle

10/16/2018 - Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum explores what our revulsions say about us

10/16/2018 - Dear Flipkart and Amazon, sales are measured in rupees—not Burj Khalifas

10/16/2018 - India’s data localisation plans could hurt its own startups the most

10/16/2018 - When Paul Allen threw a Bollywood-themed yacht party

10/16/2018 - Inside India’s ambitious mission to put its astronauts in space

10/16/2018 - Khashoggi “interrogation,” RIP Paul Allen, bagel emoji

10/16/2018 - Khashoggi “interrogation,” RIP Paul Allen, bagel emoji

10/15/2018 - Cancer was Paul Allen’s wake-up call to leave Microsoft

10/15/2018 - A Google Trends map shows #MeToo has spread to every corner of India

10/15/2018 - Archeologists have found a 66-foot Viking ship buried beneath a cemetery in Norway

10/15/2018 - Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died of cancer, aged 65

10/15/2018 - Free from Facebook, Instagram’s co-founder is talking about what’s wrong with social media

10/15/2018 - Saudi blame game, US deficit rises, royal baby taxes

10/15/2018 - Maybe Piers Morgan should watch gorilla dads in action

10/15/2018 - When it makes sense to abandon a vision, according to Jeff Bezos

10/15/2018 - A Marvel writer says he was fired to appease trolls. It wouldn’t be the first time

10/15/2018 - Jeff Bezos says space isn’t a race. We’re not so sure

10/15/2018 - How to watch Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz spar in US Senate debate

10/15/2018 - Here’s a map of all the Sears and Kmart stores closing in the US

10/15/2018 - Sell-by dates

10/15/2018 - The next frontier of the US-China trade war could be currency manipulation

10/15/2018 - Donald Trump put a $110-billion price on Jamal Khashoggi’s life

10/15/2018 - Amazon will open a pop-up clothing boutique in London, with a different theme each day

10/15/2018 - MIT is building a billion-dollar college dedicated to AI

10/15/2018 - Jony Ive (sort of) opens up about why Apple is so secretive

10/15/2018 - The 2018 economics Nobel shows we can’t discuss economics without considering climate change

10/15/2018 - Strategies for coping at work when your manager has ADHD

10/15/2018 - Bill Gates supports a first-of-a-kind carbon fee in his home state

10/15/2018 - A new ad from Uber and Girlboss pointedly illustrates the power of gender perceptions

10/15/2018 - Google Maps’ motorcycle navigation mode has come to Africa

10/15/2018 - The best countries to move for work and make more money

10/15/2018 - The Palm brand is back, as a phone for your phone

10/15/2018 - Sears files for bankruptcy, the last gasp of its incredible fall

10/15/2018 - Zimbabwe economic troubles in 2018 are starting to look like 2008’s hyperinflation crisis

10/15/2018 - How hypebeasts are taking Kanye West’s Trumpism

10/15/2018 - Here are the countries whose beer supply is most threatened by climate change

10/15/2018 - Coca-Cola accidentally greeted New Zealanders with a cheery “Hello, death”

10/15/2018 - Why I requested my son be placed in a class with other children of working moms

10/15/2018 - Meet the kererū, New Zealand’s “gluttonous and glamorous” bird of the year and your new lifestyle icon

10/15/2018 - Elizabeth Warren says Trump owes $1 million to her favorite charity

10/15/2018 - Europe is ready to spend billions on batteries to catch up with China

10/15/2018 - Hollywood’s feminized movie reboots are not particularly feminist

10/15/2018 - Psychologists who studied shame around the world say it’s an essential part of being human

10/15/2018 - Would you let your boss into your email inbox?

10/15/2018 - “We can be the medicine that each other need”: The 19th US surgeon general on ending loneliness

10/15/2018 - A leading Nigerian fintech startup has raised $20 million but is losing its high-profile CEO

10/15/2018 - The newest British royal baby may have to pay US taxes for the rest of their life

10/15/2018 - LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says the biggest skills gap in the US is not coding

10/15/2018 - The physics of why we don’t have solar-powered cars

10/15/2018 - Kanye West has built a studio in a Ugandan safari lodge to finish his album

10/15/2018 - Cutting air pollution could save Europe up to $775 billion by 2025

10/15/2018 - The UK just announced a long-term strategy to tackle loneliness

10/15/2018 - Trump’s visa agency is being sued for the H-1B programme’s “arbitrary rules”

10/15/2018 - India gets its first cryptocurrency ATM amidst the central bank’s crackdown

10/15/2018 - A new dashboard tracks real-time extremist hate online

10/15/2018 - Donald Trump is the most prolific Facebook advertiser this midterm season

10/15/2018 - Harvard on trial, Saudi Arabia threat, Amy Winehouse hologram

10/15/2018 - Bavarian voters punish Merkel’s allies by splintering to the left and right

10/15/2018 - IKEA has a plan to get Indians to actually buy its furniture

10/15/2018 - The Philippines’ former island paradise is banning beach parties

10/15/2018 - How long before we see Santa in July? Consult Quartz’s Christmas Creep Calculator™

10/15/2018 - In rural India, birth control and family planning are the mother-in-law’s purview

10/15/2018 - Kenya must face up to rising claims of racial discrimination by Chinese against locals

10/15/2018 - Why India’s economic growth hasn’t deterred religious rioting

10/15/2018 - Saudi threats, Hawking’s final warning, Indian-Chinese food

10/15/2018 - Here’s the hard truth about e-commerce sales in India

10/15/2018 - Saudi threats, Hawking’s final warning, Indian-Chinese food

10/14/2018 - Saudi threats, Italy’s budget, hamster commissioner

10/14/2018 - Saudi Arabia’s threat to hit the US economy would have been a lot scarier 15 years ago

10/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking left us bold predictions on AI, superhumans, and aliens

10/14/2018 - Here are the apps you use every day that are backed by Saudi money

10/14/2018 - Sothebys just sold the five most expensive bottles of wine ever

10/14/2018 - The NYPD didn’t arrest members of a right-wing gang who beat a man in Manhattan

10/14/2018 - Pope Francis names two controversial saints: Archbishop Oscar Romero and Pope Paul VI

10/14/2018 - A new $60 billion agency is the clearest sign the US is worried about China’s Africa influence

10/14/2018 - The future of how we watch sports is in limbo—until 2021

10/14/2018 - There’s a problem at the heart of #MeToo — here’s how to solve it

10/14/2018 - A 28-year-old MacArthur winner still doesn’t think he’s good enough

10/14/2018 - Ballet shows what’s wrong with Instagram

10/14/2018 - Uber’s secret weapon is its team of economists

10/14/2018 - West Africa’s pidgins deserve full recognition as official languages

10/14/2018 - A hoax that targeted feminist scholarship accidentally revealed a bigger problem with academia

10/14/2018 - A false-alarm terrorist attack in London shows how emotion is conquering reality

10/14/2018 - A love letter to the most underrated punctuation mark: the period

10/14/2018 - Nigeria’s expensive ports, Ghana’s Chinese fisheries, Somalia’s cashless economy

10/13/2018 - Princess Eugenie wanted her wedding dress to show her scoliosis scar

10/13/2018 - The 90 best stories from Quartz at Work’s first year

10/13/2018 - The epic Facebook hack could affect you well beyond Facebook

10/13/2018 - After a seven-year hiatus, fracking is back in the UK

10/13/2018 - The UK is reducing incentives to buy eco-friendly cars

10/13/2018 - We were promised flying cars. It looks like we’re finally getting them. 

10/13/2018 - The plausible, wild theory of how Jamal Khashoggi could have recorded his own death

10/13/2018 - The 10 best Quartz at Work stories about identity and inclusion

10/13/2018 - Walking

10/13/2018 - Walking

10/13/2018 - Two billionaires discuss homelessness, a dramatic timeline

10/13/2018 - Why sustainable investing won’t be mainstream for a very long time

10/13/2018 - The 10 best Quartz at Work stories on the purpose of companies

10/13/2018 - For the good of all humankind, make your city more walkable

10/13/2018 - Supreme Court justices love to quote Dickens to oppose solitary confinement

10/13/2018 - The 10 best Quartz at Work stories about productivity and creativity

10/13/2018 - The battle royale of battle royales: Call of Duty vs. Fortnite

10/13/2018 - Saudi Arabia’s other critics are still at risk

10/13/2018 - It’s been 10 years since behavioral economics hit the mainstream

10/13/2018 - Climate change is becoming so real that it’s gaining converts for a carbon price

10/13/2018 - A philosopher invented a word for the psychic pain of climate change

10/13/2018 - “First Man” stars one of the world’s weirdest musical instruments

10/13/2018 - Weekend edition—Carbon-tax converts, lucky astronauts, iPhone fraud

10/13/2018 - Quit calling Kanye West crazy

10/13/2018 - Our reliance on cellphones began 35 years ago today

10/13/2018 - Are avocados vegan? A philosophical debate

10/13/2018 - Fall’s greatest movies show that even when we’re lonely, we’re never truly alone

10/13/2018 - Tokophobia: When normal anxiety around pregnancy becomes a crippling fear

10/13/2018 - South Africa’s chicken wars have given us some very fun and creative advertising

10/13/2018 - Walking

10/13/2018 - Malawi is the latest African country where a Gandhi statue isn’t welcome

10/13/2018 - Weekend edition—Carbon-tax converts, lucky astronauts, iPhone fraud

10/13/2018 - Weekend edition—Carbon-tax converts, lucky astronauts, iPhone fraud

10/12/2018 - Is it time to sell before we hit bottom?

10/12/2018 - There’s a thriving black market for selfies with passports

10/12/2018 - The ridiculous amount of money baby-boomer rockers still make on tour

10/12/2018 - The countries in the UN Human Rights Council are terrible at human rights

10/12/2018 - Weekend edition—Carbon-tax converts, lucky astronauts, iPhone fraud

10/12/2018 - Interactive: Follow a day in the life of a CEO who needs her tech to go where she does

10/12/2018 - What has changed—and what hasn’t—in the 20 years it has taken to bury Matthew Shepard

10/12/2018 - Three predictions for the future of business from the CEOs of TaskRabbit, Stripe, and LinkedIn

10/12/2018 - Walking

10/12/2018 - A DNA database with 2% of the population can be used to find almost anyone

10/12/2018 - Tanzania has been quietly tightening its visa policy for some Africans

10/12/2018 - Fifty years of hurricanes as strong as Michael in the North Atlantic

10/12/2018 - How to find out if yours was one of the unlucky hacked Facebook accounts

10/12/2018 - CEOs need IT that can keep up with their workloads—and do it securely. This interactive shows how to choose the right tech

10/12/2018 - The rise of the silent meeting

10/12/2018 - More than 60% of Donald Trump’s Twitter followers look suspiciously fake

10/12/2018 - How we can turn the tide for women in science

10/12/2018 - Recordings may prove Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside Saudi consulate

10/12/2018 - Inside the first tuna auction at Toyosu market, Tokyo’s Tsukiji successor

10/12/2018 - Usain Bolt is slowly but surely becoming a soccer player

10/12/2018 - For remote workers, virtual body language really matters

10/12/2018 - Maryse Condé, whose novels explore slavery and exploitation, has won an “alternative Nobel”

10/12/2018 - The 10 highest-paid CEOs at US public companies

10/12/2018 - Quartzy: the forlorn film edition

10/12/2018 - Quartzy: the forlorn film edition

10/12/2018 - Early voting for the US midterms: Where, when, and how

10/12/2018 - Baseball’s Roberto Clemente was a hero in life and in death

10/12/2018 - “Feeling a little fuzzy”: Reviews pour in for the world’s longest flight

10/12/2018 - Fleece vests

10/12/2018 - Fleece vests

10/12/2018 - Trump’s tariffs on China are doing the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to

10/12/2018 - Yes, it’s weird that Princess Eugenie quoted “The Great Gatsby” at the royal wedding

10/12/2018 - The market under Trump has still risen more than under every modern president—except Obama

10/12/2018 - The 10 best Quartz at Work stories about the lives of working parents

10/12/2018 - The top 10 Quartz at Work stories about life at the office

10/12/2018 - Is your coworker an assclown or an asshat? Linguists explain the difference

10/12/2018 - A surefire way to stand out in the phone market is to add more cameras

10/12/2018 - You’re never too old to be a genius

10/12/2018 - A Supreme Court ruling on truckers could trigger an inflation crisis. Maybe.

10/12/2018 - A diet guru explains why you should eat dinner at 2pm

10/12/2018 - Bitcoin woes, Civil unrest, SpankChain regrets

10/12/2018 - This artist is bottling the scents of the people she loves

10/12/2018 - Should your CEO be an activist?

10/12/2018 - The newest billion-dollar brand makes ultra-comfortable wool sneakers

10/12/2018 - Brazil’s elections are getting violent

10/12/2018 - Susan Sontag’s 54-year-old essay on “camp” is essential reading

10/12/2018 - Florida’s catastrophic damage from Hurricane Michael, as seen from above

10/12/2018 - Trump is causing China’s tech giants a world of pain—and so is Beijing

10/12/2018 - UN membership vote, stocks bounce back, scared bees

10/12/2018 - Nigeria is set to stay the world’s poverty capital for at least a generation

10/12/2018 - Fleece vests

10/12/2018 - How Chinese cuisine became India’s comfort food

10/12/2018 - An Italian street artist is transforming fascist graffiti into food

10/12/2018 - Indians love Bryan Adams because ‘Summer of 69’ is almost a Hindi song now

10/12/2018 - Malaysia is surprising the world with its progressive policies

10/12/2018 - Another global consumer giant has set its eyes on Indian startups

10/12/2018 - Mobile money transactions in Somalia are overtaking Kenya, but there are significant risks

10/12/2018 - A scrappy group of Swedish book lovers catapulted their “alternative” Nobel literary prize into worldwide fame

10/12/2018 - Sidelined small e-tailers enter India’s festive sales through the backdoor

10/12/2018 - Here’s another cruel reminder of how bad Indian women have it at work

10/12/2018 - UN membership vote, royal wedding, scared bees

10/12/2018 - UN membership vote, royal wedding, scared bees

10/12/2018 - India’s online festive sales are a happy hunting ground for cybercriminals

10/11/2018 - Meet the philosopher behind “The Good Place”

10/11/2018 - Not every stock is falling. Here are some big winners

10/11/2018 - Balancing security and innovation in Formula 1: The IT business decisions of Aston Martin Red Bull racing

10/11/2018 - JPMorgan’s earnings, UN membership vote, moonmoons

10/11/2018 - As the Dow tanks, gold shines on

10/11/2018 - How astronauts survived the Soyuz’s near-disaster

10/11/2018 - The DJIA would need to fall nearly 7,000 points to return to pre-Trump levels

10/11/2018 - Repeating Kanye West’s phone password is not a federal crime

10/11/2018 - As climate change worsens, mental health probably will too

10/11/2018 - Kanye West pitched Trump a stolen plane design to be made by Apple

10/11/2018 - Does the stock market dive mean a US recession is coming?

10/11/2018 - Fleece vests

10/11/2018 - Donald Trump shouldn’t blame the Fed if rising interest rates hurt his real estate business

10/11/2018 - Boston Dynamics’ robot went from a drunk baby to a nimble ninja in a matter of years

10/11/2018 - Chinese investors are using “opaque” deals to control Ghana’s fishing industry

10/11/2018 - Fur in fashion is dying. But what’s replacing it isn’t great

10/11/2018 - Every remaining state’s deadline to register to vote in the US midterms

10/11/2018 - A small tweak to Herbal Essences shampoo bottles is a big win for inclusive design

10/11/2018 - The 10 best Quartz at Work stories about managing your career

10/11/2018 - Gender inequality in tech starts with teenagers on their cellphones

10/11/2018 - Earth’s fragile coral reefs, seen from space

10/11/2018 - Kanye out-Trumped Trump at the White House with a rant on China, jobs, and MAGA

10/11/2018 - Mandating boardroom diversity can narrow the opportunity gap for women

10/11/2018 - Dyson is proving tech companies can profit by marketing to women

10/11/2018 - Investigators are focusing on Jamal Khashoggi’s Apple Watch

10/11/2018 - The internet wants Bradley Cooper’s dog to win an Oscar

10/11/2018 - Thomas & Friends have a new, Kenyan gal pal. Meet the woman who helped create her

10/11/2018 - The aftermath of Hurricane Michael, one of the strongest to ever hit the US

10/11/2018 - Stephen Hawking’s final scientific paper illuminates the black hole information paradox

10/11/2018 - Technology and sport: how Aston Martin Red Bull racing is outpacing the competition

10/11/2018 - An international crew just survived the emergency landing of a Russian spacecraft

10/11/2018 - The US has no ambassadors in Turkey or Saudi Arabia to handle a journalist’s disappearance

10/11/2018 - China is playing the long game when it comes to football domination

10/11/2018 - Melania Trump says she’s one of the “most bullied people in the world”

10/11/2018 - Artists aren’t worried about being replaced by robots—but should they be?

10/11/2018 - The simple, troubling math of Georgia’s voter registration freeze

10/11/2018 - This is definitely the worst way to die

10/11/2018 - Stephen King is the king of Hollywood right now

10/11/2018 - The 10 best Quartz at Work stories on leaders and leadership

10/11/2018 - This startup sees India’s EV revolution in public transportation first, not cars

10/11/2018 - The key to winning people over at work is learning to “flex”

10/11/2018 - As UN ambassador, Nikki Haley hugged refugees, then turned her back

10/11/2018 - Instant coffee

10/11/2018 - Instant coffee

10/11/2018 - Stocks have been hit hard, but crypto has been hit even harder

10/11/2018 - In her Netflix show, Samin Nosrat teaches you how to make your own food—but better

10/11/2018 - Which US state is most corruption-prone? Look away, North Dakota

10/11/2018 - Tencent has lost more than $250 billion in market value this year

10/11/2018 - Two governors, a Republican and a Democrat, have a fix for broken politics

10/11/2018 - A new crisis hotline lets you text a counselor when you’re anxious at work

10/11/2018 - AI and humans collaborated to produce this hauntingly catchy pop music

10/11/2018 - The top 10 stories from Quartz at Work’s contributors

10/11/2018 - The UK wants to make all big companies reveal their racial pay gaps

10/11/2018 - China’s “nuclear option” in the US trade war would be economic suicide

10/11/2018 - The 10 best Quartz at Work stories about managing people

10/11/2018 - North Korea’s “Mass Games” are back – with a striking twist

10/11/2018 - Is tourism really the world’s largest industry?

10/11/2018 - Seoul decides to give out free sanitary pads to help fix “period poverty”

10/11/2018 - How bees reacted to the 2017 solar eclipse

10/11/2018 - G20 talks trade, global markets plummet, RIP American cheese

10/11/2018 - Snapdeal 2.0 faces a new world order in Indian e-commerce

10/11/2018 - All those buzzy luxury sneakers are “irrelevant” to the market, says Adidas’s CEO

10/11/2018 - Instant coffee

10/11/2018 - Meet the women powering India’s #MeToo movement

10/11/2018 - Tesla’s biggest outside shareholder has invested in a Chinese Tesla rival

10/11/2018 - Invited to speak at a Chinese university? A spy could be trying to recruit you

10/11/2018 - African music is going global and Spotify—like everyone else—wants in

10/11/2018 - Bengaluru is a window into the water wars of the future

10/11/2018 - Life in southern Africa is going to become untenable as temperatures keep rising

10/11/2018 - Ancient rock carvings in India hint at a 12,000-year-old lost civilisation

10/11/2018 - Satellite images show Delhi’s in for another smoggy winter

10/11/2018 - Marco Rubio wants a Nobel Peace Prize for the most famous Uyghur imprisoned by China

10/11/2018 - Hurricane Michael, SIN-EWR commences, moonmoons

10/11/2018 - Hurricane Michael, SIN-EWR commences, moonmoons

10/11/2018 - What are Indians buying this week? Over $1 billion worth of smartphones

10/10/2018 - Satellite images show coal power plants are likely to be bad business for China

10/10/2018 - The story behind the most expensive cake order in UK history

10/10/2018 - Tech stocks have their worst day since 2011. Is there more to come?

10/10/2018 - The US Air Force is spending $500 million on Jeff Bezos’s New Glenn rocket

10/10/2018 - Hurricane Michael, longest flight, trick-or-treat age limit

10/10/2018 - Jack Dorsey runs two multibillion-dollar companies without using a computer

10/10/2018 - The earliest photos of Hurricane Michael show its brutal intensity

10/10/2018 - Waymo’s driverless cars have logged 10 million miles on public roads

10/10/2018 - Guess what scientists call the moons of moons

10/10/2018 - Paul Pogba is bringing one of America’s tackiest sporting traditions to soccer

10/10/2018 - Hurricane Michael threatens the world’s supply of pecans

10/10/2018 - Instant coffee

10/10/2018 - Snapchat thinks being more like TV will save it

10/10/2018 - A Category 4 storm animation shows Hurricane Michael’s “catastrophic” potential

10/10/2018 - Read: Donald Trump’s USA Today op-ed, annotated

10/10/2018 - Netflix just nabbed Hollywood’s go-to action star—the Rock

10/10/2018 - The founder of Craigslist is funding a competition to make computer science more ethical

10/10/2018 - Uniqlo replaced 90% of staff at its newly automated warehouse with robots

10/10/2018 - Brett Kavanaugh brought an all-female team of clerks to the Supreme Court

10/10/2018 - The deadliest thing about Hurricane Michael may be a 14-foot storm surge

10/10/2018 - It’s getting harder for Big Cola to not take responsibility for its plastic pollution

10/10/2018 - How did Trump and Abe end up discussing a major GOP donor’s next casino?

10/10/2018 - Pompeii is still astounding us with secrets, 2,000 years after it was destroyed

10/10/2018 - The definition of personal information is shifting. This is what it could mean for you

10/10/2018 - Towns across the US make it illegal for teenagers to trick-or-treat

10/10/2018 - Can good design erase the stigma around going to therapy?

10/10/2018 - One of Africa’s poorest countries has pulled the plug on a $400 million China-funded airport

10/10/2018 - There’s only been one AI breakthrough

10/10/2018 - Experts say there are six ways to tackle the world’s “monumental” mental health crisis

10/10/2018 - Hurricane Michael could bring massive power outages. Here’s how to survive them

10/10/2018 - World Mental Health Day launched in 1992. Here’s what’s changed since then

10/10/2018 - Ethiopia is opening up its borders to African visitors with a visa-on-arrival push

10/10/2018 - The 25 acclaimed novels, poetry, and nonfiction on the US National Book Award shortlist

10/10/2018 - On World Mental Health Day, five simple lifestyle changes to improve your mood

10/10/2018 - US scientists have laid out a plan to search for life in the universe

10/10/2018 - Write your own obituary before planning your next career move

10/10/2018 - China rewrote a law to force Xinjiang Muslims into “psychological correction” camps

10/10/2018 - Watch how much damage a small drone can cause an airplane’s wing

10/10/2018 - Tomorrow’s home works harder for you than an assistant and knows you better than your family

10/10/2018 - “First Man” shows the moon landing in a whole new light

10/10/2018 - Everyone’s in the self-driving car game now

10/10/2018 - Luxury labels are going direct-to-consumer

10/10/2018 - Listening to music at work

10/10/2018 - Listening to music at work

10/10/2018 - What Netflix, Nike and Spotify have in common with these five African startups

10/10/2018 - Amazon’s “holy grail” recruiting tool was actually just biased against women

10/10/2018 - It’s time for companies to start talking about mental health

10/10/2018 - Hard-to-read fonts can help boost your memory

10/10/2018 - A wealthy Indian family still wields influence over South Africa’s troubled finance ministry

10/10/2018 - The former CEO of Zenefits is taking another crack at HR tech

10/10/2018 - This simple tweak to a standard request will make you a more effective leader

10/10/2018 - The US can survive automation if it reimagines meritocracy

10/10/2018 - Automation will force us to realize that we are not defined by what we do

10/10/2018 - Companies should help you retrain when you’re automated out of a job

10/10/2018 - Automation may take our jobs, but personal data will save our paychecks

10/10/2018 - Six bold predictions from the past about how we’d work in the future

10/10/2018 - Here’s how Facebook plans to take over the workplace

10/10/2018 - What is a snack? Not even nutritionists can agree

10/10/2018 - US elections are held on a Tuesday thanks to 19th century farmers

10/10/2018 - Michael makes landfall, SoftBank eyes WeWork, butt-dialing geckos

10/10/2018 - Senegal will host the youth Olympics in 2022 and show off its infrastructure binge

10/10/2018 - Listening to music at work

10/10/2018 - After strangling bitcoin, India may launch its own cryptocurrency

10/10/2018 - It costs more to ship goods to Nigeria from the US than any other destination

10/10/2018 - Stunning photos of 19th century India are being auctioned

10/10/2018 - India’s version of “Crazy Rich Asians” blurred out a dead fish

10/10/2018 - IKEA’s first two months in India have been all about small buys and long stays

10/10/2018 - Will India’s new sex offender registry stop crimes against women?

10/10/2018 - Hurricane Michael, Taiwan’s anti-China speech, BBC burns Bowie

10/10/2018 - Hurricane Michael, Taiwan’s anti-China speech, BBC burns Bowie

10/10/2018 - Snapdeal nearly died—here’s how it didn’t

10/10/2018 - Five charts show India’s e-commerce festive sales this year are bigger than ever before

10/9/2018 - “Boof” is in the OED, and it does not mean what you think it does

10/9/2018 - The OED welcomes idiocracy, alt-right, and an assload of crude language to its official lexicon

10/9/2018 - No one knows who paid £160 million for the UK’s most expensive home

10/9/2018 - Attention Walmart (Canada) shoppers: marijuana products may soon be available in aisle four

10/9/2018 - Trump has gifts for Iowa farmers—including millionaire senator Chuck Grassley

10/9/2018 - Nikki Haley resigns, Taiwan’s anti-China speech, BBC burns Bowie

10/9/2018 - Listening to music at work

10/9/2018 - Was Nikki Haley “as good as it gets” for the UN under Trump?

10/9/2018 - The “Call Me By Your Name” sequel can’t find a name. The internet has some ideas

10/9/2018 - The IMF says global growth has “plateaued,” so it’s all downhill from here

10/9/2018 - Nikki Haley can thank Hillary Clinton for her career as a “key player” in US politics

10/9/2018 - Wearable tech helps an MIT scientist remember his whole life

10/9/2018 - Antarctica’s Pine Island glacier is about to lose another enormous piece

10/9/2018 - Did Taylor Swift really cause a voter registration spike?

10/9/2018 - Hurricane Michael could turn Florida’s “red tide.” But how?

10/9/2018 - On the world’s longest flight, expect flat beds, guided stretches, and lobster thermidor

10/9/2018 - Everything Google announced at its Pixel 3 event today

10/9/2018 - The most noticeable feature in Google’s new device is what it’s missing

10/9/2018 - Diesel is dealt another blow after a court orders Berlin to impose a driving ban

10/9/2018 - The accidental #HimToo poster boy is why parents shouldn’t be on Twitter

10/9/2018 - Men have trouble speaking up at work, too

10/9/2018 - Amazon may be the biggest threat to Google since Facebook

10/9/2018 - The future of work is people-centric and secure

10/9/2018 - Why SpaceX’s rocket looked like a nebula over Los Angeles

10/9/2018 - Innovation pays off better if you’re a man

10/9/2018 - What Hurricane Michael looks like from space as it takes aim at Florida

10/9/2018 - The next time you want to explain something complicated, write a haiku instead

10/9/2018 - Obama’s last EPA director is still optimistic despite everything Trump says

10/9/2018 - Eighteen US states have voter registration deadlines today. Don’t miss them.

10/9/2018 - Nikki Haley is resigning as US ambassador to the United Nations

10/9/2018 - The real retirement crisis is the high cost of low risk

10/9/2018 - The virtues of hands-off leadership

10/9/2018 - Banksy’s shredding stunt wasn’t anti-capitalist—it was an emotional ode to the art market

10/9/2018 - More employers are extending a key workplace benefit for parents of premature babies

10/9/2018 - Help us monitor voting problems in the US midterm elections with a simple text message

10/9/2018 - What’s with Lisa Murkowski’s voting “present” on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation?

10/9/2018 - Cameroon has a tense, long wait for election results as social media claims unverified winners

10/9/2018 - Giving poor people cash is a good idea. Giving entrepreneurs cash might be a great one

10/9/2018 - Why don’t more Americans leave their butter out?

10/9/2018 - Bitcoin from beyond, Ripple’s CEO speaks, volatility falls

10/9/2018 - Is holacracy the future of work or a management cult?

10/9/2018 - “Utterly messed up my life”: What Chinese people really think of the trade war

10/9/2018 - Google’s new gadgets, IMF warning, “fishial recognition”

10/9/2018 - Adopt the daily routines of these 15 successful people, and you’ll #CrushIt

10/9/2018 - The strange disorder that makes people smell smells that aren’t there

10/9/2018 - The reason American presidents keep visiting the same few African countries

10/9/2018 - #MeToo has hit the Modi government

10/9/2018 - South Korea dreams of a shared dictionary with the North

10/9/2018 - Loneliness is bad for our health. Now governments around the world are finally tackling it

10/9/2018 - YouTube scouts for more Indian content creators as local languages trend

10/9/2018 - The nearly five decades of Nobel Prize-winning work on the economics of climate change is just the beginning

10/9/2018 - Tech fatigue is nudging Indian millennials towards a 2,500-year-old practice

10/9/2018 - How the hottest sound in pop exploded thanks to social media and a fast-growing African diaspora

10/9/2018 - Zika virus resurfaces in India for the third time in two years

10/9/2018 - Liberia now says its missing $104 million cash isn’t missing—but Liberians aren’t so sure

10/9/2018 - A clinic in India’s Silicon Valley is treating its first case of Netflix addiction

10/9/2018 - A behind-the-scenes look at India’s online shopping war

10/9/2018 - Saudi journalist fallout, the Taylor Swift spike, compassion collapse

10/9/2018 - Saudi journalist fallout, the Taylor Swift spike, compassion collapse

10/8/2018 - Inside an upscale US mall’s shopping event for rich Chinese students only

10/8/2018 - The Hubble telescope may need a reboot after a tough weekend

10/8/2018 - US-China disagreements, empathy for Indonesia, fake gluten-free dishes

10/8/2018 - Meet the educators and gamers mourning the death of Google+

10/8/2018 - Tropical Storm Michael is now Hurricane Michael, and Florida isn’t ready

10/8/2018 - The death of Google+ is imminent, says Google

10/8/2018 - This year’s Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to a Python convert

10/8/2018 - Taylor Swift is done keeping her politics to herself

10/8/2018 - Why the newest Nobel laureate is optimistic about beating climate change

10/8/2018 - Facebook wants to be inside your house with Portal, its first physical device

10/8/2018 - San Francisco doesn’t just need more women in its public art—it needs more female artists

10/8/2018 - A policy u-turn by the Ghanaian government is helping entrench homophobia

10/8/2018 - Instead of falling, global emissions are set to rise in 2018

10/8/2018 - The media makes excuses for men who kill women. Here’s how to stop it

10/8/2018 - San Francisco is mandating a female-representation quota in public art

10/8/2018 - “A Star is Born” is a throwback to the golden age of movie soundtracks

10/8/2018 - “Anything is better than Bolsonaro”: Watch John Oliver beg Brazil to pick the lesser of two evils

10/8/2018 - India’s #MeToo wave is already forcing powerful men out of their jobs

10/8/2018 - How to start drawing

10/8/2018 - Romania’s referendum and the problem with asking people what they want

10/8/2018 - Taxify now operates in more African cities than Uber

10/8/2018 - The women’s rights movement is the reason dual citizenship exists

10/8/2018 - The Nobel prize in economics goes to Nordhaus and Romer for explaining our amazing capacity to create and destroy growth

10/8/2018 - The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi highlights a horrible month for press freedom

10/8/2018 - The only interesting thing about Melania Trump’s Africa visit really was her pith helmet

10/8/2018 - A crypto investor will harness the computing power of developing countries’ devices for a new cloud service

10/8/2018 - Economics Nobel, climate wake-up call, meteorite doorstops

10/8/2018 - A knife emoji, then silence: The strange story of how China detained the head of Interpol

10/8/2018 - The long-ignored army of women fighting India’s nutrition crisis

10/8/2018 - A canine virus may be killing the last of India’s Asiatic lions

10/8/2018 - “Treated like royalty”: What it’s like to be a white expat in India

10/8/2018 - Global warming will make deadly heatwaves an annual threat in India and Pakistan

10/8/2018 - After two years in stealth mode, the former head of HR at Google reveals his new startup

10/8/2018 - An inside view of Jet Airways’ turbulent past and present

10/8/2018 - The ultimate guide to negative-emission technologies

10/8/2018 - Young Indians are using dating apps for so much more than just dating

10/8/2018 - Interpol president detained, Saudi journalist murdered, Snoop Dogg wellness

10/8/2018 - Interpol president detained, Saudi journalist murdered, Snoop Dogg wellness

10/8/2018 - Brazilian voters didn’t give their “Trump” an outright victory

10/7/2018 - Everything you need to know about the new 1.5°C climate-change report

10/7/2018 - Interpol president detained, crucial climate report, self-destructing Banksy

10/7/2018 - Brazil’s radical presidential frontrunner is questioning its voting machines—especially if he loses

10/7/2018 - Don’t count on ever seeing a female James Bond, says producer Barbara Broccoli

10/7/2018 - From São Paulo to the Amazon, about 150 million Brazilians are voting today

10/7/2018 - President Buhari’s main challenger in Nigeria’s election next year is a familiar rival

10/7/2018 - The UK is practicing cyberattacks that could black out Moscow

10/7/2018 - A Swiss startup will turn carbon dioxide into stone—for a price

10/7/2018 - SpaceX is launching an Argentine satellite today

10/7/2018 - China is investigating the missing head of Interpol for unspecified crimes

10/7/2018 - Target is doubling down on stuff you can’t buy anywhere else

10/7/2018 - Susan Collins says she believes Blasey Ford was assaulted—but not by Kavanaugh

10/7/2018 - These columns allegedly spurred Saudi Arabia to kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi

10/7/2018 - “Woooo!” Watch the Republican locker-room celebration of Kavanaugh’s confirmation on “Saturday Night Live”

10/7/2018 - Europe’s most successful tech startup launched 10 years ago

10/7/2018 - 400 years ago, an Italian artist risked everything to publicly accuse her rapist

10/7/2018 - Our obsession with health-tracking technology is great evidence for cops

10/7/2018 - There’s never been a better time to switch from a Mac to Windows

10/7/2018 - Snoop Dogg is the lifestyle guru we need right now

10/7/2018 - It took a year, but #MeToo is finally roiling Bollywood and Indian media

10/7/2018 - The best foods to eat for a good night’s sleep

10/7/2018 - Afrobeats’ rise, Cameroon votes, FOCAC vs UNGA

10/7/2018 - A prestigious university just awarded a literary prize to one of its janitors

10/6/2018 - Brett Kavanaugh is the 114th US Supreme Court justice

10/6/2018 - “A great political gift”: McConnell says rage over Kavanaugh played into GOP’s hands

10/6/2018 - In TV reboots, it is truly the season of the witch

10/6/2018 - After Kavanaugh, a “mob” of women plans to unseat Republicans in November

10/6/2018 - Mattress Firm never understood how much Americans hate mattress shopping

10/6/2018 - Nasty Gal’s founder thinks Silicon Valley needs more Nissans and fewer Porsches

10/6/2018 - One simple thing you can do for better mental health: turn off your push notifications

10/6/2018 - Zimbabwe is hiking mobile money taxes to plug its fiscal deficit but it could backfire

10/6/2018 - Researching my rage has helped me see its power

10/6/2018 - Astrology

10/6/2018 - Astrology

10/6/2018 - Everything you need to know about today’s final Senate vote on Brett Kavanaugh

10/6/2018 - Cameroon’s contentious elections come at a precarious time in the country’s history

10/6/2018 - Facebook wants you to friend the random people you follow on Instagram

10/6/2018 - Amazon is gunning for HBO’s cult fantasy crown

10/6/2018 - A Banksy painting sold for $1.4 million at Sotheby’s. Then it self destructed

10/6/2018 - Tech non-profits are spreading like tech startups

10/6/2018 - Silicon Valley’s congressman introduced a bold—if still unimaginable—internet bill of rights

10/6/2018 - Polls show Brazilians are leaning toward a Trump of their own

10/6/2018 - Apple’s new bagel emoji tells a sad story of automation gone wrong

10/6/2018 - Weekend edition—Priscilla Chan, decolonized philosophy, fat bears

10/6/2018 - Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga find new voices in the dazzling “A Star Is Born”

10/6/2018 - Astrology

10/6/2018 - Weekend edition—Priscilla Chan, decolonized philosophy, fat bears

10/6/2018 - What Christine Blasey Ford’s witness has to say after being left out of the FBI probe

10/6/2018 - The legacy of India’s quest to sterilise millions of men

10/6/2018 - Weekend edition—Priscilla Chan, decolonized philosophy, fat bears

10/5/2018 - Nintendo is looking back and ahead with new spins on Game Boy and Switch

10/5/2018 - Why Susan Collins is voting for Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

10/5/2018 - The great partisan divide in the US is now deciding who Americans marry

10/5/2018 - Susan Collins says Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh won’t end abortion rights in the US

10/5/2018 - Even if LaCroix does contain insecticide ingredients, that doesn’t mean its bad for you

10/5/2018 - Melania Trump’s colonial fashion statement should surprise absolutely no one

10/5/2018 - Astrology

10/5/2018 - MacArthur “genius” Sarah Stewart and the birth of a new Moon theory

10/5/2018 - Photos: Six decades of eating in outer space

10/5/2018 - Watch live: Susan Collins reveals her pivotal vote on Kavanaugh at 3:05 pm EDT

10/5/2018 - Gucci’s smart decision to keep store employees in the loop on its outlook

10/5/2018 - Believe it or not, Twitter is one of the best places to make friends

10/5/2018 - If US wages are stagnant, why are Americans’ incomes rising?

10/5/2018 - Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke has been found guilty of second-degree murder

10/5/2018 - Why it’s so hard to study the impact of minimum wage increases

10/5/2018 - A Brett Kavanaugh superfan raised $600,000 for the Supreme Court nominee. There’s a catch.

10/5/2018 - The slow decline of the once-venerable hedge fund

10/5/2018 - In California, it’s going to be illegal to make routers with weak passwords

10/5/2018 - Is it time for the US to fear inflation again?

10/5/2018 - A gun-toting politician who quit to treat his depression shows the changing face of masculinity

10/5/2018 - A viral video of a grandma reading “Wonky Donkey” has made the book a bestseller

10/5/2018 - Tesla’s first accident report claims it’s four times safer than the US average. Maybe.

10/5/2018 - The US unemployment rate is at a 48-year low—so why are so many Americans still out of work?

10/5/2018 - Brett Kavanaugh is one tiny step away from becoming a Supreme Court judge for life

10/5/2018 - Quartzy: the rage edition

10/5/2018 - Copy – Quartzy: the rage edition

10/5/2018 - What makes a good Supreme Court Justice?

10/5/2018 - What a brief jog can do for your brain

10/5/2018 - The US economy is doing so great that the markets are worried

10/5/2018 - MacArthur “genius” Kristina Olson created the first long-term study of transgender children

10/5/2018 - Lasers

10/5/2018 - Lasers

10/5/2018 - “Kylie Skin” is a smart business idea from one of the savviest minds in beauty

10/5/2018 - American democracy is fracturing. Libraries say they know how to help

10/5/2018 - Old school meets new as Yale invests in cryptocurrencies

10/5/2018 - The eight most common causes of death by selfie

10/5/2018 - Watch live: The Senate vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation

10/5/2018 - Thailand is emerging as Asia’s capital of health and wellness

10/5/2018 - MedMen, one of the biggest names in cannabis dispensaries, is launching its own product line

10/5/2018 - One year after #MeToo, has anything actually changed at work?

10/5/2018 - White supremacists are taking their design seriously—and we should, too

10/5/2018 - Twice as many African presidents made it to China’s Africa summit than to the UN general assembly

10/5/2018 - The Indian rupee has hit another historic low after a surprise from the central bank

10/5/2018 - This university is preparing its students for a career in… eSports?

10/5/2018 - The putrid petro, the $8 billion unicorn, and Gemini’s hot wallet insurance

10/5/2018 - Fat Bear Week is the life-or-death showdown to find Alaska’s heaviest bear

10/5/2018 - China’s visa revenge tactics against journalists have come to Hong Kong

10/5/2018 - Secret Amazon brands are quietly taking over Amazon.com

10/5/2018 - Photos: Take one last stroll through Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market before it closes

10/5/2018 - How the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winners have worked to end sexual violence as a weapon of war

10/5/2018 - The MeToo movement inspired Cristiano Ronaldo’s accuser to break her NDA

10/5/2018 - Kavanaugh decision, Nobel Peace Prize, ban office snacks

10/5/2018 - Teaching Kiswahili will be a boon for South Africa’s schools and society

10/5/2018 - The last two digits of SAT scores have an odd influence on whether students retake it

10/5/2018 - Language buffs are trying to track down the Chinese proverb Mike Pence quoted

10/5/2018 - DR Congo’s Denis Mukwege received the Nobel Peace Prize for teaching us about sexual violence

10/5/2018 - Lasers

10/5/2018 - Pence’s aggressive speech just took China-US relations to a whole new level of bad

10/5/2018 - India’s top bankers would want 2018 to end. Now

10/5/2018 - South Africa’s Afrikaners shouldn’t let their voices be drowned out by the alt-right Afriforum

10/5/2018 - Elon Musk had a radical, revolutionary idea for finance in 1999 — it’s finally being realized

10/5/2018 - After contaminated vaccine sparks polio fears in India, WHO calms nerves

10/5/2018 - A rare flower that blooms every 12 years is sweeping the hills in southern India

10/5/2018 - Indian politicians are now flocking to an unlikely “no English” social network

10/5/2018 - Nobel Peace Prize, Tsukiji packs up, ban office snacks

10/5/2018 - Nobel Peace Prize, Tsukiji packs up, ban office snacks

10/5/2018 - Timeline: The scam that undid one of India’s most celebrated female bankers

10/4/2018 - Aung San Suu Kyi still has the moral authority to right Myanmar’s wrongs against the Rohingya

10/4/2018 - The internet is casting for the movie version of the Kavanaugh hearings

10/4/2018 - China’s US tech infiltration, Kavanaugh vote, tipsy birds

10/4/2018 - A shark expert’s very serious take on “Baby Shark”

10/4/2018 - Why investing in your employees is the future of work

10/4/2018 - Mike Pence’s tirade against China went way beyond trade

10/4/2018 - Lasers

10/4/2018 - In California divorces, pets will be treated more like children

10/4/2018 - Consumer Reports ranks Cadillac over Tesla in autonomous driving for safety

10/4/2018 - The future of work is now — and it starts with education

10/4/2018 - Hand over your phone password to New Zealand customs—or risk a $3,250 fine

10/4/2018 - America just won’t quit fast food

10/4/2018 - Uber is offering free rides to the polls for the 2018 US midterm elections

10/4/2018 - Are Democrats fighting hard enough to get Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers heard?

10/4/2018 - EBay has accused Amazon of a shady, global campaign to poach its sellers

10/4/2018 - The US witch population has seen an astronomical rise

10/4/2018 - Inside the hotel that created a design movement

10/4/2018 - Tsunami-hit Indonesia is now also battling fake disaster news

10/4/2018 - The new NAFTA gets rid of controversial corporate legal rights—for now

10/4/2018 - Amazon and Apple were reportedly infiltrated by the Chinese military

10/4/2018 - A Japanese space probe captured a shadow selfie on the surface of an asteroid

10/4/2018 - In a new podcast, the US poet laureate will read you poetry for five minutes a day

10/4/2018 - Trump accidentally sabotaged his own anti-immigration plan again

10/4/2018 - All you need to know about the American Music Awards 2018

10/4/2018 - The global rise of Nigeria’s Afrobeats music could help fix the local industry’s problems

10/4/2018 - 6.5 million pounds of contaminated beef is being yanked from the US market to stop a salmonella outbreak

10/4/2018 - What happens if you book a flight from the UK to Europe for the day after Brexit?

10/4/2018 - What is cloture and why is the Senate using it more often?

10/4/2018 - Perhaps the robot revolution isn’t as imminent as expected

10/4/2018 - Cartographers are not pleased by a new law regulating maps of Scotland

10/4/2018 - A compelling argument for why we shouldn’t be ashamed of feeling lonely

10/4/2018 - The success of your business depends on the relationship between IT and Finance

10/4/2018 - All of the victims named in the latest Russian hacking scandal

10/4/2018 - Farm robots

10/4/2018 - Farm robots

10/4/2018 - Many women still shape their lives around the idea of “wifehood”

10/4/2018 - 50 years ago, the Boeing 747 created air travel as we know it

10/4/2018 - The future of hiring is not recruiting—it’s matching

10/4/2018 - The UK’s GDP is short by more than £1 trillion in unpaid housework

10/4/2018 - It may actually be harder for powerful people to understand sexual assault victims

10/4/2018 - Why didn’t the IRS tax the Trump family’s millions?

10/4/2018 - All the places plastic bags are banned around the world

10/4/2018 - The world’s first lions conceived by artificial insemination have been born

10/4/2018 - A surprising number of Americans say they have their dream job

10/4/2018 - The push to create AI-friendly ethics codes is stripping all nuance from morality

10/4/2018 - Will Smith said his “creative fruit was dying” until he found YouTube

10/4/2018 - Mitch McConnell is rushing to get Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to appease Trump voters

10/4/2018 - As promised, Mitch McConnell is “plowing” ahead with Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court vote

10/4/2018 - Will Priyanka Chopra set India’s online-dating scene on fire?

10/4/2018 - The most scandal-plagued US visa program lives on because Congress is too busy to fix it

10/4/2018 - Scientists are creating a perfect tomato that Europe likely won’t touch

10/4/2018 - Americans now spend more on pets than cable TV

10/4/2018 - Chanda Kochhar has quit ICICI Bank

10/4/2018 - Pence’s China warning, Kavanaugh “cloture,” acne advantage

10/4/2018 - China’s ambassador to the US says altitude—not restrictions—is keeping journalists out of Tibet

10/4/2018 - What tourist attractions look like with 700 million Chinese on the move

10/4/2018 - Here’s Thailand’s plan to transform into Asia’s next big medical hub

10/4/2018 - The world’s toughest tech regulator might soon be out of a job

10/4/2018 - The pros and cons of living in a French cottage made entirely of chocolate

10/4/2018 - A Harvard professor’s suggestions for fixing the broken H-1B visa system

10/4/2018 - Farm robots

10/4/2018 - How a viral Indian web series went from YouTube to Netflix

10/4/2018 - There’s only one thing Indian online shoppers are loyal to: discounts

10/4/2018 - The threats to media freedom are getting more sophisticated in Africa’s digital age

10/4/2018 - Here’s why the Indian rupee may fall below 75 per dollar soon

10/4/2018 - Paris motor show, Kavanaugh “cloture,” acne advantage

10/4/2018 - Paris motor show, Kavanaugh “cloture,” acne advantage

10/4/2018 - Google chronicles the people and places behind Indian Railways’ 165-year journey

10/4/2018 - The WTO director talks to basically every major world leader—except Trump

10/3/2018 - A German startup bank is looking to disrupt Britain’s financial order

10/3/2018 - Sexism at Wikipedia feeds off the sexism in the media

10/3/2018 - Barnes & Noble is entertaining the possibility of selling itself

10/3/2018 - The US government doesn’t seem to know why some people didn’t get its presidential alert

10/3/2018 - 1MDB drama, GM-Honda deal, acne advantage

10/3/2018 - How to be gay and Republican in the Trump era

10/3/2018 - Dieselgate has Mercedes-Benz in hot water in Europe but not in the US

10/3/2018 - Pinterest is raising the bar with its benefits for new parents

10/3/2018 - If you sometimes feel left out at work, you’re doing it right

10/3/2018 - The American mall is evolving from a place to buy things to a place to do things

10/3/2018 - Farm robots

10/3/2018 - Facebook is launching fact-checking tools in Africa—but WhatsApp is its real problem

10/3/2018 - Microsoft is Apple now

10/3/2018 - Mark Judge’s high school memoir “Wasted” is selling for $1,899 on Amazon

10/3/2018 - How to invest like a sixth-generation billionaire

10/3/2018 - An incredible daily cascade of drawings flood the internet for “Inktober”

10/3/2018 - A volcano is erupting on the same island recovering from an earthquake and a tsunami

10/3/2018 - Yes, the tax man can pursue the hundreds of millions in taxes the Trumps allegedly dodged

10/3/2018 - Here’s why your phone just got a message from the US president

10/3/2018 - A California law now means chatbots have to disclose they’re not human

10/3/2018 - JCPenney wants made-for-Instagram clothing to save it

10/3/2018 - #MeToo is more than a grassroots movement, and Time’s Up has a CEO to prove it

10/3/2018 - Pepsi expects its LaCroix competitor to make $100 million in less than a year

10/3/2018 - The European Union has decided that ebooks are really books, after all

10/3/2018 - The story behind the Medusa statue that has become the perfect avatar for women’s rage

10/3/2018 - The new NAFTA didn’t avert a crisis. It just delayed it.

10/3/2018 - Watch: Christian Bale transforms into Dick Cheney in upcoming film “Vice”

10/3/2018 - Amazon finds high-wage religion and now wants to convert everyone else

10/3/2018 - The cubicle

10/3/2018 - The cubicle

10/3/2018 - France will collect €1.2 billion in speeding fines as it keeps squeezing drivers

10/3/2018 - Four-day workweeks make employees happier—but not always more productive

10/3/2018 - Crime in South Africa may be falling, but fear is rising

10/3/2018 - The dollar’s dominance is slipping as resistance to Trump threatens its supremacy

10/3/2018 - Late for a job in the gig economy? Handy will dock your pay

10/3/2018 - The symbolic meaning of Theresa May’s awkward dancing to ABBA

10/3/2018 - GM and Honda will team up to build an autonomous car

10/3/2018 - The winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in chemistry are harnessing the power of evolution

10/3/2018 - QZ&A: Iceland’s president on how to build a country for both men and women

10/3/2018 - The future of food is farming cells, not cattle

10/3/2018 - If farms are to survive, we need to think about them as tech companies

10/3/2018 - Soil is the unsung hero in the fight against world hunger

10/3/2018 - Seven weird food predictions from the past, including Churchill’s lab-grown chicken wings

10/3/2018 - The biggest hurdle genetically engineered food faces isn’t science—it’s us

10/3/2018 - Bitcoin has fizzled, but digital transactions are thriving on pre-internet networks

10/3/2018 - Amazon is raising wages just in time for the holiday rush

10/3/2018 - Four important lessons from a sea otter

10/3/2018 - Cow, cow dung, and caste: Why India’s farmers are fuming at Modi

10/3/2018 - Britain now has two rival Brexit plans—and they’re both kind of terrible

10/3/2018 - The French gangster who escaped from jail on a hijacked helicopter has finally been captured

10/3/2018 - A new Chinese game show is promoting the Communist Party’s agenda

10/3/2018 - Kavanaugh probe ends, Nobel chemistry prize, danger of Kim Kardashian

10/3/2018 - “There’s no Fan Bingbing without the Party”: China’s biggest actress has resurfaced with an abject apology over unpaid taxes

10/3/2018 - The last woman to win the physics Nobel had to work for free most of her career

10/3/2018 - The cubicle

10/3/2018 - The real reason Trump mocked Christine Blasey Ford at a campaign rally

10/3/2018 - Appointing a new board was easy—but fixing IL&FS won’t be

10/3/2018 - All the African countries a US president has never visited

10/3/2018 - The inside story of how India shuts down the internet in Kashmir

10/3/2018 - India’s real fake-news problem is visual. A startup is betting on AI to solve it

10/3/2018 - Vietnam is the most globalized populous country in modern history

10/3/2018 - How Ethiopia’s history of ethnic rivalry is destabilizing its reform gains

10/3/2018 - Kavanaugh probe ends, Nobel chemistry prize, danger of Kim Kardashian

10/3/2018 - Kavanaugh probe ends, Nobel chemistry prize, danger of Kim Kardashian

10/3/2018 - A shocking proportion of Indians have got morning-after pills all wrong

10/3/2018 - A 40-year-old Indian music label may soon end PewDiePie’s YouTube reign

10/2/2018 - More Nobels, Tesla targets, giraffe spots

10/2/2018 - Mangoes, mooncakes, and mosquitoes are just some of Apple’s 70 new emojis

10/2/2018 - The Trumps dodged half a billion dollars in taxes, the New York Times reports

10/2/2018 - Russian trolls instigated some of the uproar against “The Last Jedi,” study suggests

10/2/2018 - Is the future of air travel Boston to New York in 36 minutes?

10/2/2018 - Walmart buys Eloquii to dive deeper into the lucrative plus-size fashion market

10/2/2018 - Waymo’s self-driving car crashed because its human driver fell asleep at the wheel

10/2/2018 - Lady Gaga fans attacking “Venom” is 2018’s weirdest social media crusade

10/2/2018 - Cushy office perks are a trap

10/2/2018 - California’s animal-testing ban deserves air quotes

10/2/2018 - Canadians are not feeling good about the US

10/2/2018 - The new NAFTA boosts Big Pharma while hurting sick Canadians and American workers

10/2/2018 - Jeff Bezos will still make the annual salary of his lowest-paid employees every 11.5 seconds

10/2/2018 - A Chinese game will use facial recognition to stop kids from playing too long

10/2/2018 - Emperor Akihito of Japan is a published expert on tiny fish

10/2/2018 - The cubicle

10/2/2018 - The impact of Chinese students in the US, charted and mapped

10/2/2018 - Decades of Trump’s inheritance fail to explain how he’s funding mysterious cash purchases

10/2/2018 - Wikipedia rejected an entry on a Nobel Prize winner because she wasn’t famous enough

10/2/2018 - Italy’s budget rebellion against the EU is scaring the markets

10/2/2018 - The obvious reason why Amazon increased its minimum wage

10/2/2018 - The secret behind the Ivy League’s high endowment returns

10/2/2018 - Women were gagged, bound, exposed, and ignored on Paris runways last week

10/2/2018 - A century of powerful protests, in photos

10/2/2018 - A man in London was killed by a falling window from a luxury penthouse

10/2/2018 - Robert Mapplethorpe’s work still has the power to cause a censorship scandal

10/2/2018 - Facebook, Google, and Amazon are big winners in the new NAFTA deal

10/2/2018 - A giant fashion trade group wants the US to label several Amazon marketplaces as hubs for fakes

10/2/2018 - The US kicks off LGBTQ history month by ending diplomats’ same-sex partner visas

10/2/2018 - What the literature Nobel’s ugly descent will cost publishers, authors, and readers

10/2/2018 - Russian trolls and bots are flooding Twitter with Ford-Kavanaugh disinformation

10/2/2018 - Cameroon armed forces and separatists have the Anglophone region on lockdown ahead of elections

10/2/2018 - Kyrie Irving apologizes to US teachers for spreading flat-earth conspiracy theories

10/2/2018 - The six college experiences that determine whether you thrive as an adult

10/2/2018 - Tesla races to turn a profit amid questions about its ability to deliver cars

10/2/2018 - You can now stream video games through Chrome like music

10/2/2018 - Rwanda’s new penal code bans cartoons that ‘humiliate’ public officials

10/2/2018 - Musk’s SEC fine cost even less than a slap on the wrist

10/2/2018 - Was Brett Kavanaugh ranked number one at Yale?

10/2/2018 - Cigarette Filters

10/2/2018 - Cigarette Filters

10/2/2018 - Are we at a tipping point on sexual misconduct?

10/2/2018 - A new Supreme Court case aims to close the huge loophole in US “double jeopardy” law

10/2/2018 - Nike’s shop for female sneakerheads will be curated by a fashion retail superstar

10/2/2018 - The only “sustainable competitive advantage” in business is self-awareness

10/2/2018 - In a great year for documentaries, “Free Solo” set a record

10/2/2018 - Investors have never cared less whether an IPO makes money

10/2/2018 - This “real time” virtual star may be the future of pop music

10/2/2018 - Where human meets machine: a new season of ‘Machines with Brains’

10/2/2018 - Lil Wayne and the increasing meaninglessness of new rap

10/2/2018 - How the “Most Human Human” passed the Turing Test

10/2/2018 - Humans can’t control anything—except our own happiness

10/2/2018 - The winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics found ways to use lasers to hold atoms and look inside them

10/2/2018 - Amazon raises its minimum wage for all US employees in the face of criticism

10/2/2018 - Young people are more likely to feel lonely than any other age group

10/2/2018 - Now we know where giraffe spots come from

10/2/2018 - Nonprofits are sidelining banks to take advantage of the latest finance trend

10/2/2018 - Startup raises $70 million to sell microbes and drastically cut greenhouse-gas emissions from farming

10/2/2018 - India’s crypto exchange collapse, XRP Xplodes, and bitcoin investment allocations

10/2/2018 - California’s 2018 legislative blitzkrieg delivered its most ambitious climate policies ever

10/2/2018 - It’s not normal for men to commit sexual violence. It is normal for women to experience it.

10/2/2018 - Culturally sensitive ways to learn names that are unfamiliar to you

10/2/2018 - A five-point plan to get your personal finances in order

10/2/2018 - MTN is getting cold feet on its promised plans for an IPO in Nigeria

10/2/2018 - China is celebrating a state media reporter who slapped a volunteer at a UK conference

10/2/2018 - Nobel physics prize, Mazda loves USMCA, Gmail-ese

10/2/2018 - One scientist’s baffling attempt to prove that physics isn’t sexist

10/2/2018 - Cigarette Filters

10/2/2018 - The rise of Python, as seen through a decade of Stack Overflow

10/2/2018 - We’ll only stop young African scientists from leaving if we help them fix these key problems at home

10/2/2018 - To increase immigration, allow dual citizenship

10/2/2018 - I’ve worked with entrepreneurs for 24 years. Here’s what helps them succeed.

10/2/2018 - Entrepreneurs: Before you build your business, build your network

10/2/2018 - One of India’s most controversial judges has retired

10/2/2018 - How Gandhi gave India a sense of dignity and national purpose

10/2/2018 - A strain of hepatitis found only in rats infected a Hong Kong man

10/2/2018 - The world’s biggest hotel chains are in a billion-dollar race to win Africa’s hospitality market

10/2/2018 - India-born Gita Gopinath will be IMF’s first woman chief economist

10/2/2018 - Melania Trump will face a hurdle in Africa no other first lady has—her husband

10/2/2018 - Nobel physics prize, CERN sexism, Gmail-ese

10/2/2018 - Nobel physics prize, CERN sexism, Gmail-ese

10/2/2018 - Why Hong Kong, a concrete jungle, is a trail runner’s dream

10/1/2018 - Yves Saint Laurent’s China fantasies gave the fashion world its most daring designs

10/1/2018 - Donald Trump’s new NAFTA is the blueprint for his trade war with China

10/1/2018 - GE fires CEO, NAFTA successor, AI hamburgers

10/1/2018 - See how the Palu earthquake shifted the landscape then washed away the shore

10/1/2018 - Moral Code: The Ethics of AI

10/1/2018 - The “female blackout” is what happens when Facebook activism doesn’t work

10/1/2018 - Amazon is now a mattress company

10/1/2018 - Ripple’s XRP has doubled in the run-up to its Swell conference

10/1/2018 - What’s with the new NAFTA name?

10/1/2018 - A moving essay on a friend’s death exposes the limits of Uber’s new empathy

10/1/2018 - HP made a laptop out of real leather

10/1/2018 - Will Google’s “smart compose” create inboxes full of Gmail-speak?

10/1/2018 - The Trump trade doctrine: Threaten, backtrack, declare victory, repeat

10/1/2018 - Cigarette Filters

10/1/2018 - The latest ugly thing Balenciaga is making cool: Comic Sans

10/1/2018 - The real meaning of judicial temperament

10/1/2018 - Ads on YouTube are about to get more practical

10/1/2018 - The aftermath of Indonesia’s devastating tsunami, which has killed more than 800 people

10/1/2018 - US carmakers can’t win Trump’s trade war

10/1/2018 - Read: James Comey wants a public hearing “given that he no longer has a security clearance”

10/1/2018 - Canada sacrificed its dairy farmers to shield itself from Trump’s trade war whims

10/1/2018 - In just two years, AI has managed to make a slightly more appetizing cheeseburger

10/1/2018 - Researchers have created a paint that promises to cut air-conditioning costs

10/1/2018 - Humans have bred fruits to be so sweet, a zoo had to stop feeding them to some animals

10/1/2018 - Trump credits tariffs for his USMCA free trade deal

10/1/2018 - California is the first US state to require a woman on company boards

10/1/2018 - Low-cost airline Primera Air is filing for bankruptcy, and ticketholders have limited options

10/1/2018 - Wasp-sized mosquitoes that bite through clothing are swarming North Carolina after Florence

10/1/2018 - MBA applications in the US have fallen for the fourth year in a row

10/1/2018 - Don’t expect your kids to come to you with all their problems—find them a “trusted adult”

10/1/2018 - Life in the fast lane: running a Formula 1 team

10/1/2018 - Here’s what you need to know about the forces shaping the future of enterprise IT

10/1/2018 - Watch Serena Williams sing the Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself” for breast cancer awareness

10/1/2018 - The EU could slap Facebook with a fine as high as $1.63 billion after its hack

10/1/2018 - The word “influencer” appears 79 times in Revolve’s IPO filing

10/1/2018 - The most important clause in the new NAFTA deal

10/1/2018 - This is what free trade looks like under Trump

10/1/2018 - Netflix will soon let you choose your own “Black Mirror” adventure

10/1/2018 - GE’s CEO is out after only a year, and Wall Street is thrilled

10/1/2018 - Charles Aznavour, the Frank Sinatra of France, showed the French a new way to love

10/1/2018 - “Crazy Rich Asians” is the top-grossing romantic comedy in 10 years

10/1/2018 - An Ethiopian shoe worn all over the world shows how you do sustainable manufacturing in Africa

10/1/2018 - The first two questions to ask when your team is struggling

10/1/2018 - The future of sports streaming may mean never having to watch a full game again

10/1/2018 - Why US airlines are charging more for checked bags but still don’t weigh carry-ons

10/1/2018 - How to set boundaries when your boss is a workaholic

10/1/2018 - The simple thing parents can do to protect kids from obesity and mental-health problems

10/1/2018 - How to talk to your boss about mental health

10/1/2018 - Goldman says its Marcus UK savings accounts are succeeding because everyone wants better rates

10/1/2018 - The winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in medicine found ways to tweak our immune system to fight cancer

10/1/2018 - GeoCities Japan is finally shutting down

10/1/2018 - That sign telling you how fast you’re driving may be spying on you

10/1/2018 - Nobel prizes, new NAFTA deal, productive ants

10/1/2018 - Exclusive: Mark and Priscilla say the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is about investing in what the world needs—not what’s popular

10/1/2018 - The amazing ascent of Priscilla Chan

10/1/2018 - The 2018 Nobel Prize winners in medicine, physics, chemistry, peace, and economics

10/1/2018 - Indian car makers have upped the safety game but buyers are penny-pinching

10/1/2018 - India’s struggling airlines have just received another crude blow

10/1/2018 - Starbucks is forcing an Indian coffee chain to change its “deceptively similar” name

10/1/2018 - Climeworks has opened a third plant capturing carbon dioxide from the air

10/1/2018 - In India and Pakistan, religion makes one country’s hero the other’s villain

10/1/2018 - Aadhaar verdict brings India’s banks back to square one

10/1/2018 - Nobels begin, new NAFTA deal, drinking birds’ tears

10/1/2018 - Nobels begin, new NAFTA deal, drinking birds’ tears

10/1/2018 - Why India’s supreme court allowed linking Aadhaar with PAN