9/30/2016 - “I’d be happy to slaughter them”: Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte likens himself to Hitler

9/30/2016 - Weekend edition—Shimon Peres, the bushmeat risk, child cobalt miners

9/30/2016 - A third of Colombian voters would rather stay at war than accept a peace deal that doesn’t send the FARC straight to jail

9/30/2016 - People are digging through their trash and reusing Target’s well-designed prescription pill bottles

9/30/2016 - “Stop the bombing now so I can go to school now”: A 7-year-old Aleppo girl is tweeting the horrors of war

9/30/2016 - The cast and crew of Star Trek slams Donald Trump and an “illogical” third-party vote

9/30/2016 - Mary J. Blige’s singing interview of Hillary Clinton on Apple Music is oddly inspiring

9/30/2016 - An outdoor clothing brand mockingly fixed GQ’s sexist fall photoshoot

9/30/2016 - The term “black moon” is basically meaningless

9/30/2016 - HP is now letting consumers remove software that blocks third-party ink cartridges in its printers

9/30/2016 - The chess world is astir after women were told they must wear hijabs to play in the world championships

9/30/2016 - China’s most extreme tourist attraction yet: a glass bathroom

9/30/2016 - To reduce recidivism rates, give prisoners more books

9/30/2016 - Why I’m buying an exploding smartphone

9/30/2016 - The world is investing huge amounts into dams for clean energy, but they may backfire in one major way

9/30/2016 - This is the worst use yet for the Apple Watch

9/30/2016 - Quartzy: the slow burn edition

9/30/2016 - One chart shows why London mayor Sadiq Khan is putting foreign property ownership under the microscope

9/30/2016 - The US Army is learning how to fight small robots

9/30/2016 - Pink Floyd fans will appreciate the irony of Apple’s new London headquarters

9/30/2016 - How a British journalist, branded an American spy, brought fair elections to one Russian village

9/30/2016 - Atheist millennials are finding spirituality on the therapist’s couch instead of the church pew

9/30/2016 - Rigged? There is (almost) nothing new about this election’s conspiracy theories

9/30/2016 - Trump’s antidote to insomnia seems to be misogynistic Twitter rants

9/30/2016 - The end of an era in air travel, Elon Musk’s interplanetary commute, Meet India’s Unocoin

9/30/2016 - Hillary Clinton, who has suffered fools all her life, is bulletproof against Donald Trump’s low blows

9/30/2016 - Photos: What it’s like to be a spacecraft crash-landing into a comet

9/30/2016 - How unsanitary is double dipping anyway?

9/30/2016 - Samsung didn’t send exploding phones to China, but it still ended up apologizing to Chinese customers

9/30/2016 - Dear Mr. Trump: You should hire Chinese architects to build your Mexican wall

9/30/2016 - Use your college years to focus on life outside of campus—not on it

9/30/2016 - The most genius thing about the Snap Spectacles is their $130 price tag

9/30/2016 - Take a 360° look around one of the most densely populated places on Earth

9/30/2016 - The “Blood Diamond” magnate who is at the center of Och-Ziff’s bribery scandal in Africa

9/30/2016 - A plan to save London from Brexit: special London-only work permits for Europeans

9/30/2016 - Europeans don’t have true citizenship. They have a second-class status dating back to Ancient Rome

9/30/2016 - The biggest real estate bubble isn’t in London, San Francisco, or New York

9/30/2016 - I am Rosetta, property of the European Space Agency, and today I die

9/30/2016 - The biggest job in media is at the phone company

9/30/2016 - Photos of millennials’ bedrooms around the world are a peek into global youth culture

9/30/2016 - China plans to teach developing countries and the UN about protecting human rights

9/30/2016 - Hungary’s anti-refugee vote, Rosetta’s last voyage, murderous meerkats

9/30/2016 - The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency celebrates 50 years of independence in Botswana

9/30/2016 - Indonesian authorities are threatening to hit Google with a $400 million tax bill

9/30/2016 - Pokémon Go’s traffic crushed even Google’s infrastructure as it surged 50 times higher than expected

9/30/2016 - South Africa’s universities are taking a lead on incubating on-campus entrepreneurs

9/30/2016 - Dear Indian entrepreneurs, a national security situation is not what you put on your brochure

9/30/2016 - A South African teenager is fighting drought with orange peel

9/30/2016 - Uber is introducing new safety features in South Africa after reports of rape and robberies

9/30/2016 - India’s largest-ever auction of telecom airwaves will begin this weekend

9/30/2016 - Donald Trump’s former prep school is desperately trying to attract Chinese students at $52,000 a year

9/30/2016 - What if the Danes’ secret to happiness is largely about bad weather?

9/30/2016 - The hero of the Kwaito pop sound that defied South Africa’s elitist cultural norms

9/30/2016 - To lure companies after Brexit, France will hold its nose and allow some official business to be done in English

9/30/2016 - Meet India’s new Bitcoin superstar: Unocoin

9/30/2016 - Climate change is increasing the risk of war in Africa

9/30/2016 - Vijay Mallya says the Indian government is plotting to make him a poster boy of financial crime

9/30/2016 - China believes it has nothing to do with the Philippines’ drug problem, no matter what Duterte says

9/30/2016 - What will Indian e-commerce companies do to win this festive season?

9/30/2016 - Hungary’s anti-refugee vote, UK nuclear deal, China’s fake clinical trials

9/29/2016 - India’s “surgical strikes” aren’t a brave new idea, and they won’t stop Pakistan from backing terrorism

9/29/2016 - A prominent Thai artist says his country is becoming “a hybrid of Singapore and North Korea”

9/29/2016 - A new generation of exiled Tibetan artists is producing radical art beyond the control of China’s censors

9/29/2016 - An air purifier the size of a building is sucking up China’s smog and turning it into jewelry

9/29/2016 - Alphabet is killing off the Google name in a bunch of its products and divisions

9/29/2016 - Amazon, Snapdeal and others are under fire in India for importing refurbished phones

9/29/2016 - Abenomics check-in, Kashmir violence, China’s fake clinical trials

9/29/2016 - Famed visual artist and filmmaker, Sam Taylor-Johnson, shares her creative process

9/29/2016 - Famed visual artist and filmmaker, Sam Taylor-Johnson, shares her creative process

9/29/2016 - An American court has set a huge precedent for Black Lives Matter activists

9/29/2016 - Forbes just reappraised the value of Donald Trump’s assets

9/29/2016 - An architect’s vision for a “binational city” on the US-Mexico border is the perfect response to Donald Trump’s border wall

9/29/2016 - Photos: Reykjavik turned off its street lamps so people could watch the Northern Lights

9/29/2016 - All of the questions on the survey Donald Trump just sent out to crowdsource advice for the second debate

9/29/2016 - The UN wants to buy a spaceship to launch poor countries’ experiments into orbit

9/29/2016 - Photo: This woman eating a pork bun in a typhoon is all of us

9/29/2016 - New footage filmed by drone shows the horrific toll of war in Syria’s Aleppo

9/29/2016 - Fearing “indoctrination,” parents in one US state are succeeding in removing Islam from a school curriculum

9/29/2016 - A primer on how China’s currency works, for Donald Trump

9/29/2016 - The makers of the video game “No Man’s Sky” are under investigation for false advertising

9/29/2016 - As record labels become irrelevant in music, YouTube has hired one of their best CEOs

9/29/2016 - Eritrean workers are suing a Canadian mining company for using them as forced labor

9/29/2016 - Photos: Antiquated photography techniques allow imperfections to shine through in a new exhibition

9/29/2016 - Stagnant wages in the US may be because we’re getting old

9/29/2016 - Would watching trees slowly drown make you acknowledge climate change?

9/29/2016 - A male venture capitalist mansplains how women can fix sexism in tech

9/29/2016 - Wells Fargo’s CEO was back in front of Congress and it didn’t go any better for him

9/29/2016 - Researchers have isolated the age that we all learn to stand up to power

9/29/2016 - Dear Disney: You can remake Mulan, Dumbo, and Pinocchio. But stay away from my Lion King

9/29/2016 - Dinosaurs evolved fancy head gear to woo mates, but it had an unintended consequence

9/29/2016 - “The Wikipedia of conspiracies” is a portal to the world’s paranoia

9/29/2016 - These subtle cues at the polls can reduce voter suspicion that an election is rigged

9/29/2016 - Women chefs are battling one of America’s worst pay gaps. Here’s one easy fix

9/29/2016 - Researchers studied 1,000 animal species and found the one most likely to murder one of its own

9/29/2016 - The great global avocado trade flow chart

9/29/2016 - The Hillary Clinton Shimmy Song is the election anthem fans have been waiting for

9/29/2016 - Teenagers take dumb risks because of a flaw in their brain chemistry, suggests a new study

9/29/2016 - Cord-never? Loyal cable subscriber? Either way, content creators want your attention

9/29/2016 - Switzerland has been named the world’s most competitive economy for the eighth year in a row

9/29/2016 - Millennials actually have it better in the job market than Generation X—with one big exception

9/29/2016 - Gary Johnson had another “Aleppo moment” when he couldn’t name a single foreign leader

9/29/2016 - What happens if we do (or do not) believe in free will?

9/29/2016 - The Dutch national museum is actually rewarding artists and designers who copy its masterpieces

9/29/2016 - “Marie Antoinette at the gym”: Rihanna’s new Puma collection is non-athletic athleisure at its finest

9/29/2016 - How to pitch Y Combinator: CEO Michael Seibel’s advice to Nigerian start-up founders

9/29/2016 - Self-driving chairs (not cars) are here

9/29/2016 - It looks like Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops will be out very soon

9/29/2016 - In the fight against sexism, Hillary Clinton may soon find out that breaking the glass ceiling is only the beginning

9/29/2016 - Voting for a third party candidate in this election is the worst thing you can do for American democracy

9/29/2016 - The war of geology is over–but only sort of

9/29/2016 - A fence meant to deter refugees is threatening one of Europe’s rarest mammals

9/29/2016 - “Stop and frisk” is Trump’s way of saying he favors racial profiling of Americans

9/29/2016 - Universities are quietly doing away with a key pillar of intellectual freedom

9/29/2016 - Apple and Deloitte are sending 5,000 trainers out to teach businesses how to use their iPhones and iPads

9/29/2016 - Avocados are now too popular for their own good

9/29/2016 - The Wells Fargo fake account scandal proves “there’s no such thing as a good big bank”

9/29/2016 - The happiness of the Danes can easily be explained by 10 cultural rules

9/29/2016 - A new innovation in 3D-printed materials lets objects be both hard and soft

9/29/2016 - A new device approved by the FDA could radically change the lives of diabetics

9/29/2016 - With Alipay, China’s most popular payments app, you can now ask total strangers to do anything for a fee

9/29/2016 - American police shot dead an unarmed Ugandan who had fled his own country and was said to be mentally ill

9/29/2016 - I wrote that I despised Hillary Clinton. Today, I want to publicly take it all back

9/29/2016 - I went to Guantanamo Bay to watch the Khalid Sheikh Mohammad hearing, and what I saw shocked me

9/29/2016 - Brexit could do more than kill Europe’s economy—it might kill even more bees, too

9/29/2016 - “Words matter when you run for president”: America’s anti-Muslim hate crimes are at their highest level since 9/11

9/29/2016 - Silicon Valley wants to save the world by investing in nonprofits as if they were startups

9/29/2016 - New research shows there’s one big change when cops wear cameras

9/29/2016 - Oil traders, ask your doctor about treatments for whiplash

9/29/2016 - BlackRock’s Larry Fink has a grand unified theory for fixing everything

9/29/2016 - UberEATS expands, Spotify eyes up SoundCloud, swearing around children

9/29/2016 - Money-losing startup SoundCloud may have found an exit—sell itself to another money-losing music startup

9/29/2016 - This CEO of a European bank doesn’t think you should invest in European banks

9/29/2016 - Sudan has been accused of using chemical weapons on its own people

9/29/2016 - A post-Olympics probe into Team Kenya is confirming fears of corruption

9/29/2016 - The illegal trade in wild-animal meat could cause the next global pandemic

9/29/2016 - Tensions rise in South Asia as India launches “surgical strikes” on Pakistani terror camps

9/29/2016 - Finally, the Indian government is getting rid of stressed state-run companies

9/29/2016 - The languages that get you paid the most in the UK

9/29/2016 - Apple and Flipkart are helping each other help themselves

9/29/2016 - A poignant short film about Chinese in Africa and Africans in China takes on prejudice

9/29/2016 - UberEats expands, artificial pancreas approved, cursing around kids

9/29/2016 - India’s stray dogs are getting the “Humans of New York” treatment

9/29/2016 - After warring with peers, Mukesh Ambani’s Jio is now taking on India’s telecom lobby group

9/29/2016 - Patanjali urgently needs some yoga moves to clear its choked supply chain

9/28/2016 - Dear India, Pakistani actors don’t need Bollywood to become stars

9/28/2016 - A suspected serial killer is slowly poisoning hospital patients in Japan via intravenous drip

9/28/2016 - Now Samsung washing machines are blowing up, too

9/28/2016 - International trade in the pangolin, the world’s most trafficked mammal, has finally been banned

9/28/2016 - Bangladesh thinks the best place to build a coal power plant is next to the world’s largest mangrove forest

9/28/2016 - Ban Ki-moon is the favorite to be South Korea’s next president, whether he likes it or not

9/28/2016 - Quartz has tested Google’s new AI-powered translator, and it needs to learn more Chinese

9/28/2016 - The charts that show why Blackberry had to get out of the hardware business

9/28/2016 - UberEats expands, India snubs Pakistan, cursing around kids

9/28/2016 - For the first time since 2008, OPEC has agreed to slash oil production

9/28/2016 - The worst airline passengers are usually sober

9/28/2016 - Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft created a partnership to make AI seem less terrifying

9/28/2016 - Ranking the most absurd Hillary Clinton conspiracy books of the 2016 election

9/28/2016 - Dog DNA could help explain why some people aren’t as good at picking up social cues

9/28/2016 - US victims of terror attacks will be able to sue foreign governments, after Congress overrides Obama

9/28/2016 - Tinder will soon let you pay your way to the top

9/28/2016 - Photos: Birds’ flight patterns captured as beautiful pieces of abstract art

9/28/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg released photos of Facebook’s highly advanced and rather dystopian-looking data center

9/28/2016 - Elon Musk is continuing a long tradition of tycoons attempting to save us from ourselves

9/28/2016 - What happens to marijuana use when states legalize it

9/28/2016 - Mexicans have 300 different ways of referring to corruption

9/28/2016 - Cats colonized most of the planet by boat

9/28/2016 - 486 reasons to vote, visualized by American graphic designers

9/28/2016 - These promo shots of the “iPhone of vaporizers” say it all about the next generation of stoners

9/28/2016 - One internet provider’s case for data caps, as told through Oreos, pickup trucks, and “House of Cards”

9/28/2016 - Nike signals that investors don’t get how its business works, and it has a point

9/28/2016 - Should Facebook fix this security bug if it means losing a little functionality and a lot of influence?

9/28/2016 - My iPhone battery lasted all weekend

9/28/2016 - Our dangerously low expectations for Donald Trump could help him ride to victory in November

9/28/2016 - New images from SpaceX show what Elon Musk thinks our interplanetary commute will look like

9/28/2016 - Police are investigating a bizarre wave of reports of creepy clowns scaring people around the US

9/28/2016 - A Yale study charts the impact of racism in preschools

9/28/2016 - The digital age has destroyed the concept of ownership, and companies are taking advantage of it

9/28/2016 - Who won the debate depends on which network you watched

9/28/2016 - Every country has terrible air pollution, but these are the world’s worst

9/28/2016 - The targeting of rescue workers nominated for the Nobel Prize is a reminder of the brutality of Syria’s civil war

9/28/2016 - Meet the Republicans who are totally fine with the US taking in more low-skill immigrants

9/28/2016 - The simple mistake everyone makes that’s ruining books and movies

9/28/2016 - Investigators implicate Russia in the Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine, but the Kremlin says someone else did it

9/28/2016 - Slack is secretly an acronym

9/28/2016 - Can’t lose weight? You might be able to blame it on your parents—and their gut bacteria

9/28/2016 - The CIA is trying to protect the privacy rights of someone who doesn’t exist

9/28/2016 - Amazon’s Alexa is sporting a British accent for her debut in the UK

9/28/2016 - Trying to make other people happy is counter-productive

9/28/2016 - To resolve any argument quickly, get objective

9/28/2016 - Stanford will pay for your MBA—provided you then go work in this “underserved region”

9/28/2016 - Whatever you do, don’t drill a hole into your new iPhone 7

9/28/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s public-speaking style has a lot in common with Abraham Lincoln’s

9/28/2016 - How do we know when we’ve fallen in love? My informal survey reveals three big patterns

9/28/2016 - This week’s most outrageous political flip-flop by someone not named Trump

9/28/2016 - Ethics isn’t just for philosophers—designers need to take responsibility, too

9/28/2016 - Our synthetic clothes are quietly polluting the oceans

9/28/2016 - UNICEF is paying for girls in Malawi to learn tactics to defend themselves from sexual assault

9/28/2016 - Wells Fargo is forcing its CEO to give up $40 million—a quarter of his pay over the past decade

9/28/2016 - The share of female CEOs in Europe has doubled over the past seven years—to 4%

9/28/2016 - Researchers tracking African elephants say they have figured out how to outsmart poachers

9/28/2016 - No one knows what the words ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ mean in food—including the US government

9/28/2016 - Scientists found the gene that controls body awareness, a sort of human ‘sixth sense’

9/28/2016 - Elon Musk explains why he doesn’t hire much foreign talent at SpaceX

9/28/2016 - The rise of yoga pants has brought on an existential crisis for old-fashioned blue jeans

9/28/2016 - Half of all Africans don’t trust their national electoral commissions

9/28/2016 - Charts: The extraordinary decoupling between economic growth and carbon pollution is happening

9/28/2016 - What could wreck Elon Musk’s plan to colonize Mars isn’t science, technology, or money—it’s ethics

9/28/2016 - Blackberry’s future, Musk’s mission to Mars, fashion bloggers have killed style

9/28/2016 - MTN is in trouble again after allegations it illegally moved billions of dollars out of Nigeria

9/28/2016 - Spending time alone is the best way to get real rest—even for extroverts

9/28/2016 - Google is hosting Kenya’s most notorious anti-LGBT official at a conference in California

9/28/2016 - Walmart is reportedly in talks to invest up to $1 billion in India’s Flipkart

9/28/2016 - Ghana won’t quit bushmeat, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing

9/28/2016 - With the SAARC boycott, India takes the strongest diplomatic action against Pakistan after Uri

9/28/2016 - As if the “virtual merger” with big bro Mukesh wasn’t enough, Anil Ambani is also banking on his son’s “good luck”

9/28/2016 - Stress makes your heart look like a fast food junkie’s, no matter how healthily you eat

9/28/2016 - Big beer decisions, SpaceX Mars plan, AI translators

9/28/2016 - Stunning photos of one of the most dangerous roads in the Indian Himalayas

9/28/2016 - The present, not the future, belongs to the young: What Barack Obama learned from Shimon Peres

9/28/2016 - India has made the biggest leap in the global competitiveness index

9/28/2016 - How the BJP turned a small band of non-resident Indians into a global PR machine

9/27/2016 - The real-life, 300-year-old story behind “Silence,” Martin Scorsese’s upcoming passion project set in Japan

9/27/2016 - Housing is so scarce in China’s Silicon Valley that even illegal “pigeon cage” apartments are going fast

9/27/2016 - On the second anniversary of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, a look back at its most iconic moments

9/27/2016 - Russia wants nothing to do with Microsoft’s technology

9/27/2016 - Elon Musk detailed his ambitious plan to put humans on Mars for under $200,000 per ticket

9/27/2016 - Big beer decisions, a baby with three parents, AI translators

9/27/2016 - Will body cameras reduce police violence? The US Justice Department is about to spend $20 million to find out

9/27/2016 - Congressman to FCC: Mobile alerts are so “90s” and should be more like Snapchat

9/27/2016 - Who else won the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

9/27/2016 - Mexico is not just “taking jobs” from the US. It’s also adding them

9/27/2016 - A boring Trump could have won the debate. Unfortunately, he didn’t show up.

9/27/2016 - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on artificial intelligence, algorithmic accountability, and what he learned from Tay

9/27/2016 - All of our astrological signs are wrong, according to NASA

9/27/2016 - Why purpose-driven companies succeed

9/27/2016 - Nod more, and other absurd yet useful meeting tips from a former Google manager

9/27/2016 - Watch Elon Musk reveal SpaceX’s plans to bring humanity to Mars

9/27/2016 - You live on your phone, but chances are you still rely on fixed broadband

9/27/2016 - #IAmMyOwnGuardian: Thousands of Saudi women petition for the right to make decisions without a man’s permission

9/27/2016 - How mission and margin work together

9/27/2016 - Facebook and Twitter are exposing users to phishing attacks by opening links in new windows

9/27/2016 - Swipe right for a sperm donor

9/27/2016 - Here’s new ammunition from McKinsey for women fighting for equality in the workplace

9/27/2016 - Google says its new AI-powered translation tool scores nearly identically to human translators

9/27/2016 - To conceive the world’s first three-parent baby using a controversial new technique, scientists went to Mexico where “there are no rules”

9/27/2016 - Two Georgian politicians just got into a fist fight on live television

9/27/2016 - Famous art masterpieces updated to reflect today’s burning love affair with smartphones

9/27/2016 - Donald Trump’s defining business philosophy at the presidential debate was naked greed

9/27/2016 - On a historic night for women, Hillary Clinton reached out to working-class men

9/27/2016 - An Islamist fighter accused of allowing mass rape was given nine years in prison for destroying shrines

9/27/2016 - Neiman Marcus and Vogue blame fashion’s woes on bloggers: “You are heralding the death of style”

9/27/2016 - Photos: From activist to octogenarian, Winnie Mandela is as divisive as ever

9/27/2016 - There’s no such thing as a protest vote

9/27/2016 - A company is giving away free land to new recruits

9/27/2016 - DJI took a huge step forward in creating a powerful drone that’s truly portable

9/27/2016 - Here’s the word you’ve been looking for to describe Donald Trump

9/27/2016 - World trade will grow at the slowest pace since the financial crisis this year

9/27/2016 - Tourists are heading to Somalia to see the ruins of a two-decade civil war

9/27/2016 - Can gender bias be coded out of the algorithms that power software like Siri?

9/27/2016 - The US Congress finally found something it could agree on: craft beer

9/27/2016 - A linguist’s love letter to profanity explains why it’s fine to curse around kids

9/27/2016 - Uber made early passengers of its self-driving cars sign an insane liability waiver

9/27/2016 - Famed visual artist and filmmaker, Sam Taylor-Johnson, shares her creative process

9/27/2016 - Did Hillary Clinton psych Donald Trump out of wearing his “red power tie”?

9/27/2016 - “Modern Family” will feature a transgender child actor in an upcoming episode

9/27/2016 - Men have been telling Hillary to smile for years. Here’s what happened when she finally did

9/27/2016 - Determined evolutionary biologists are working to bring extinct animals back to life

9/27/2016 - The price of US eggs has fallen by 52%

9/27/2016 - An invasive jellyfish has barged in on Italy’s delicious anchovies

9/27/2016 - Hillary Clinton just reminded an exhausted America why this election matters so much

9/27/2016 - If nothing else, last night’s US presidential debate gave us this amazing Vine

9/27/2016 - These DIY electronic kits will build a new generation of makers

9/27/2016 - Donald Trump would like to be congratulated for all the times he wasn’t racist or sexist

9/27/2016 - Some of the best post-debate commentary last night came from a cruise line commercial

9/27/2016 - Apple is working on a sleep tracker for the Apple Watch—even though that seems completely impractical

9/27/2016 - Everything you need to know about last night’s presidential debate, in one photo

9/27/2016 - All the questions Trump and Clinton faced at the first presidential debate of 2016

9/27/2016 - iTunes may be bad—but years and years of it are what’s making Apple Music so good

9/27/2016 - A writer has self-published a homoerotic romance about two jihadist fighters to humanize ISIL

9/27/2016 - China has built an elevator that can lift ships over the Three Gorges Dam

9/27/2016 - In 1906, one magazine warned of the loneliness of “wireless telegraphy”

9/27/2016 - The SpaceX of China aims to commercialize a mysterious rocket on the world stage

9/27/2016 - The crazy price of college textbooks is pushing more US universities to adopt an “open-source” solution

9/27/2016 - A brief history of the term “glass ceiling”

9/27/2016 - Norway has enough tourists crowding its mountaintops to belt out “Frozen” songs in the summer, thank you

9/27/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s shoulder shimmy deserves a spot in the debate highlights reel

9/27/2016 - We’ve seen the Trump/Clinton presidential debate before—on “Parks and Recreation”

9/27/2016 - A “special adviser on traffic lights” neatly captures the mad world of political appointments in Nigeria

9/27/2016 - This robot can climb fences — and open doors

9/27/2016 - South Africa’s outdated patent laws are standing in the way of affordable, lifesaving drugs

9/27/2016 - Facebook’s “not a media company,” but it decides whether Palestinian editors can publish or not

9/27/2016 - Hackers created a $30 DIY version of the EpiPen

9/27/2016 - How, exactly, will Google make money on self-driving cars?

9/27/2016 - The US presidential debates need British moderators

9/27/2016 - Wall Street’s backwards rewards system gives executives a direct incentive to commit crimes

9/27/2016 - Donald Trump’s great, tremendous, unbelievable penchant for hyperbole at the first presidential debate

9/27/2016 - The Nigerian super-highway project that threatens a million people’s homes

9/27/2016 - Kenya Airways, once the “pride of Africa,” is selling off yet another piece of itself

9/27/2016 - Google is taking several baby steps in India to get its next one billion users online

9/27/2016 - Key global markets are enjoying a “relief rally” after the US presidential debate

9/27/2016 - The Mexican peso says Hillary Clinton won the first US presidential debate

9/27/2016 - Thanks to stem cells, some totally paralyzed patients can now move their arms again

9/27/2016 - Meet Mojo, the monster Stanford and Harvard are using to teach your kids “growth mindset” and empathy

9/27/2016 - Scotland, which bans fracking, just received its first shipment of fracked US gas

9/27/2016 - Markets react to presidential debate, Nike’s earnings, an iPhone’s real cost

9/27/2016 - Trump wants to upend a 56-year-old defense treaty with Japan, based on a lie about money

9/27/2016 - This ride-sharing startup is succeeding in South Korea where Uber failed, by making the taxi union happy

9/27/2016 - The man behind the chart that helped give free trade a bad name says his research was misinterpreted

9/27/2016 - A “granny” versus a “bastard”: How China viewed the US presidential debate

9/27/2016 - Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican rhetoric created a fantastic opportunity for a Mexican beer company

9/27/2016 - India must use everything from cutting-edge tech to plain old fencing to seal its border with Pakistan

9/27/2016 - Women in India Inc are lonely at the top but they are better off than those in South Korea and Japan

9/27/2016 - Amazon and Alibaba are battling it out for India’s $300-billion B2B e-commerce market

9/27/2016 - Clinton-Trump debate, Disney eyes Twitter, roller coasters for health

9/27/2016 - Clinton’s shining moment: calling Trump on insulting beauty queen Alicia Machado as “Miss Piggy”

9/27/2016 - Some of Donald Trump’s biggest whoppers during the US presidential debate were about China

9/27/2016 - IIT researchers are using nanotechnology to make better and healthier sanitary pads

9/27/2016 - This may be the first time US presidential candidates were asked if they will honor the outcome of the election

9/27/2016 - While Clinton stays hopeful, Trump’s strategy for minority outreach is more doom and gloom

9/27/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s debate performance was a master class in how to use a well-timed smile to say a thousand words

9/26/2016 - Lester Holt irritated both sides in tonight’s presidential debate, so he must have done a good job

9/26/2016 - Hillary Clinton didn’t wear a “power suit” to the presidential debate. She was powerful and wore a suit

9/26/2016 - Donald Trump had more clarity on America’s trade deals than Hillary Clinton

9/26/2016 - Comparing what Donald Trump said at the first presidential debate vs. what he’s said previously

9/26/2016 - The first US presidential debate will be shown in gender studies classes for years to come

9/26/2016 - Trump says US cyber attacks could have been committed by a 400-pound person “sitting on a bed”

9/26/2016 - “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate”: The moment Hillary Clinton beat Trump

9/26/2016 - Donald Trump bragged at the debate about not paying taxes and taking advantage of bankruptcy laws

9/26/2016 - Donald Trump’s claim that “stop and frisk” works doesn’t add up

9/26/2016 - Donald Trump just made a great case against electing a businessman as president

9/26/2016 - Secretive Silicon Valley firm Palantir is being sued for discriminating against Asians

9/26/2016 - What can the oil and gas industry teach us about the Industrial Internet of Things?

9/26/2016 - Are we making the most of the age of the Industrial Internet of Things?

9/26/2016 - What can the oil and gas industry teach us about the Industrial Internet of Things?

9/26/2016 - Are we making the most of the age of the Industrial Internet of Things?

9/26/2016 - Razak in Germany, Disney eyes Twitter, kidney stone-fighting roller coasters

9/26/2016 - NASA’s Hubble telescope found even more evidence for water on Europa

9/26/2016 - Overseas investors are watching the US presidential debate to see whether they should sell stocks

9/26/2016 - How to fact-check tonight’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in real time

9/26/2016 - People who can’t afford Teslas are using car-sharing networks to pay for them

9/26/2016 - Putting a veggie burger on In-N-Out’s menu is un-American, carnivores say

9/26/2016 - Disney is reportedly weighing a bid for Twitter

9/26/2016 - Mexico is no longer turning a blind eye to local customs that bar indigenous women from voting

9/26/2016 - Forensic scientists are burning pigs and flying laser planes to find Mexico’s 43 missing students

9/26/2016 - Mapped: Everywhere the A380 flies

9/26/2016 - Amazon’s strategy to lure Prime subscribers in India: Bollywood on demand

9/26/2016 - The US Congress now has a caucus dedicated to bitcoin and blockchain

9/26/2016 - If you live in the US, it’s a great time to look for a new job

9/26/2016 - If the election were held today, FiveThirtyEight says Trump would likely beat Clinton

9/26/2016 - Presidential debate: How to protect children from “election stress disorder”

9/26/2016 - California has passed a useless new law to prevent sites like IMDb from listing actors’ ages

9/26/2016 - Don’t believe the hype that debates decide elections

9/26/2016 - The one thing you will never see candidates do in a presidential debate

9/26/2016 - Quartz’s debate drinking game—updated in real time so you know exactly when to drink

9/26/2016 - It costs Apple about a third as much to make an iPhone 7 as it charges you

9/26/2016 - A guide to writing recommendation letters that aren’t sexist

9/26/2016 - “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams has endorsed Donald Trump in the most “Dilbert” way possible

9/26/2016 - Instagrammers from India, Uruguay and Ethiopia won this year’s Getty photo contest

9/26/2016 - NASA’s gold record for aliens is a fascinating insight into the worldview of 1970s America

9/26/2016 - Watch: TV networks are teasing the first US presidential debate like it’s the “Fight of the Century”

9/26/2016 - Uber wants to fly customers around in massive autonomous drones

9/26/2016 - Video game developers are boycotting Oculus VR because its founder bankrolled pro-Trump trolls

9/26/2016 - Photos: Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s zany hats are taking NFL fashion to new heights

9/26/2016 - “You should be outraged”: John Oliver shows why Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s scandals are not equal

9/26/2016 - Germany’s James Bond has been hauled into court for not paying his taxes

9/26/2016 - Netflix’s biggest advantage over TV networks: It doesn’t need every show to be a “home run”

9/26/2016 - Soon you’ll be able to order pizza by chatbot

9/26/2016 - West Elm is launching a hotel chain and—surprise!—wants you to buy everything in it

9/26/2016 - Texas bans 15,000 books from state prisons, including Dante’s “Inferno” and “The Color Purple”

9/26/2016 - OPEC will cut production this week–if key members stop seeking exemptions

9/26/2016 - “Just a thought”: Hillary Clinton should coo like a pigeon every time Donald Trump lies at the debate

9/26/2016 - Researchers have restored the first computer-generated music—made by Alan Turing in 1951

9/26/2016 - A genius design trick to protect products from shipping damage

9/26/2016 - Rhode Island governor: How a small state made a big breakthrough in high tech job growth

9/26/2016 - Ethiopia is creating 100,000 jobs to tackle its refugee problem

9/26/2016 - Presidential debate rules: The crucial do’s and don’ts of tonight’s debate

9/26/2016 - Here’s the truth about that viral mass selfie at a Hillary Clinton rally

9/26/2016 - To save their sinking city, Venetians are dressing like pirates and chasing cruise ships

9/26/2016 - How to make a to-do list that actually helps you get everything done

9/26/2016 - Elon Musk unveils the engine that he hopes will take SpaceX to Mars

9/26/2016 - Team Clinton should think counterinsurgency when trying to neutralize Trump

9/26/2016 - How to raise a sympathetic child, according to psychology

9/26/2016 - Elon Musk’s dream of going to Mars is SpaceX’s biggest strength, and its biggest distraction

9/26/2016 - Lessons from zombie warfare can help us beat hackers at their own game

9/26/2016 - A pioneering female ex-president thinks the progress in women leadership is under threat

9/26/2016 - There’s a larger purpose for holding the US presidential debates

9/26/2016 - The challenge for Hillary Clinton is simply to be herself on the debate stage

9/26/2016 - How to win a debate, according to Harvard’s world-champion debate team

9/26/2016 - The company that gobbled up Uber in China is now investing in bike-sharing

9/26/2016 - Even if you don’t use Yahoo, you’re probably still at risk from its hack

9/26/2016 - Traveling while African and trying to appease the visa gods

9/26/2016 - You may be owed hundreds of dollars in compensation for flight delays—here’s how I got my money from American Airlines

9/26/2016 - Does Donald Trump have a plan to close the gender pay gap?

9/26/2016 - Spoiler alert: Nobody will win the presidential debate

9/26/2016 - Islamic State fighters are offering guns and bombs as dowries for brides in Libya

9/26/2016 - 如何在墙内收看美国总统大选辩论

9/26/2016 - The Swiss have voted to let their government spy on them more

9/26/2016 - The odd origins of Iceland’s primal, heart-stopping Viking war chant

9/26/2016 - There is a psychological term for that thing mean girls do to each other

9/26/2016 - Three-quarters of UK CEOs are thinking about moving business out of Britain because of Brexit

9/26/2016 - Why city planners want to kill off cars before cars kill you

9/26/2016 - The Super Bowl of presidential debates, RIP Arnold Palmer, AI’s first pop song

9/26/2016 - Yahoo wasn’t lying when it told Verizon it didn’t know about the biggest hack in history

9/26/2016 - 30 words and phrases that will soon disappear from American English

9/26/2016 - Lots of banks destroy value—but few do it with as much panache as Deutsche Bank

9/26/2016 - Tanzanian children are the world’s fittest while American kids are among the least

9/26/2016 - China’s big new telescope will mint money whether it finds aliens or not

9/26/2016 - Narendra Modi in Kerala, Sushma Swaraj at the UN: India unleashes diplomatic offensive against Pakistan

9/26/2016 - How to watch the first US presidential debate from inside mainland China

9/26/2016 - ISRO pulls off an unusual challenge—launches 8 satellites into different orbits

9/26/2016 - Despite making around 2,000 movies a year, India’s film industry just doesn’t rake in enough money

9/26/2016 - EU defense meeting, Wang vs. Disney, fish songs

9/26/2016 - Putting wild animals in shopping malls is an economic necessity, Chinese government officials say

9/26/2016 - Indian home-buyers’ nightmare: I lost Rs5 lakh and 5 years as the builder didn’t hand me my new home

9/26/2016 - China’s risk-loving mom and pop investors have abandoned local stock markets for bitcoin

9/25/2016 - Arnold Palmer: the man who brought golf to Communist China

9/25/2016 - India simply cannot afford to scrap the Indus Water Treaty with Pakistan

9/25/2016 - Changing migration patterns are hurting the countries that care for America’s sick and elderly

9/25/2016 - Oil arm-wrestling, Wang vs. Disney, four-day work weeks throughout the year

9/25/2016 - Baseball ace Jose Fernandez tried and failed three times to defect from Cuba before he made it to Florida

9/25/2016 - People are eating up this voyeuristic video of Emirates’ over-the-top first-class service

9/25/2016 - Bruce Springsteen’s new book is already a bestseller ahead of its release

9/25/2016 - Hillary Clinton has been playing into Trump’s hands, and here’s how she can reverse that

9/25/2016 - A powerful image of Michelle Obama and George W. Bush for the ages

9/25/2016 - No surprise, there’s a huge gender gap on the big screen

9/25/2016 - 29 books to read your kids if you want them to be kind and brave

9/25/2016 - Growing up poor taught me that good opportunities aren’t enough to guarantee a better life

9/25/2016 - A fashion photographer on the “unexpected, in-between” moments where great pictures happen

9/25/2016 - The true story of the African-American women at NASA who helped the US win the space race

9/25/2016 - What kind of hair loss is totally normal, and when you should be worried

9/25/2016 - A fashion designer created a circumcision toolkit that honors African culture and saves lives

9/25/2016 - SA hackers vs malaria, hobbling leapfrogs, East Africa is flying

9/24/2016 - The Charlotte police bow to public pressure to release footage of Keith Lamont Scott’s shooting

9/24/2016 - Thousands of people took to the streets Saturday to protest Ireland’s strict abortion laws

9/24/2016 - The New York Times wants you to vote for Clinton because she’s worthy, not because you hate Trump

9/24/2016 - The first pop song ever written by artificial intelligence is pretty good, actually

9/24/2016 - Watch: Bill Maher slams Apple for pointless iPhone upgrade and consumers for falling for it

9/24/2016 - Australia isn’t where you think it is

9/24/2016 - How to beat a bully in a debate (Hillary Clinton, take note)

9/24/2016 - Snapchat’s new $130 video-recording sunglasses are a bold move into the wearables market

9/24/2016 - Electing Donald Trump is exactly the stupid decision the rest of the world expects from the United States

9/24/2016 - How to watch the first US presidential debate on TV and online

9/24/2016 - Scientists have been caught manipulating data too many times. They must mend their ways before they lose public trust

9/24/2016 - Weekend edition—The crisis of science, Nevada brothels, schizophrenia and shamans

9/24/2016 - A new book will show you the beauty and hopes of everyday Africa

9/24/2016 - A new Smithsonian museum highlights the enormous influence African American culture has had on all of us

9/24/2016 - America’s Declaration of Independence is basically the opposite of Trump

9/24/2016 - These 100-year-old photos reveal the birth of the modern mugshot

9/24/2016 - Buddhist priests are so desperate for survival that they’re doing e-delivery

9/24/2016 - Photos: The jewelry and sculptures about racism and sexism that earned Joyce J. Scott a MacArthur “genius” award

9/24/2016 - Monday’s US presidential debate will draw as many viewers as the Super Bowl, analysts predict

9/24/2016 - What I wear to work: how a celebrity stylist power-dresses through pregnancy

9/24/2016 - Weekend edition—The crisis of science, Nevada brothels, schizophrenia and shamans

9/23/2016 - Gabon’s highest court says Ali Bongo won its controversial presidential elections

9/23/2016 - Weekend edition—The crisis of science, Nevada brothels, schizophrenia and shamans

9/23/2016 - Interactive: How 5G will impact the industry, economy, and you

9/23/2016 - Interactive: Understanding the global impact of 5G

9/23/2016 - Ted Cruz reverses, says he’ll vote for Donald Trump in November

9/23/2016 - Mobile technology is powering creativity in VR content

9/23/2016 - How mobile technology can solve VR’s ‘imagination gap’

9/23/2016 - China is sending grape vines into outer space

9/23/2016 - China’s leading smartphone-maker Huawei is setting up shop in India

9/23/2016 - In a gut-wrenching new ad, Trump’s critiques of women’s bodies play as girls look in the mirror

9/23/2016 - Elon Musk’s OpenAI has a new tool that could keep hackers from wrecking a self-driving car

9/23/2016 - UPS is starting to test drone deliveries in the US

9/23/2016 - Indians are the fastest-growing illegal immigrant population in the US

9/23/2016 - A massive attack that may have hijacked online cameras will soon be “the new normal”

9/23/2016 - From the sex lives of rats to Volkswagen’s emissions “innovation,” here’s what it takes to win science’s most improbable award

9/23/2016 - In Japan, hundreds of thousands of young people are refusing to leave their homes

9/23/2016 - The progressive case against a universal basic income

9/23/2016 - By focusing on worker training, LinkedIn is now finally useful

9/23/2016 - Apple is getting ready to take on Google and Amazon in a battle for the living room

9/23/2016 - What it’s like to belong to a secretive network of ultra-rich young executives

9/23/2016 - The faintest whiff of a Twitter acquisition is enough to send its shares soaring

9/23/2016 - The Africa rising story isn’t over yet

9/23/2016 - Quartzy: the silence and sound edition

9/23/2016 - Dear America: What does justice look like for black people in a land that never loved us?

9/23/2016 - Alice Little: The shortest legal escort in Nevada is a bed and breakfast owner

9/23/2016 - Christina Parreira worked in Nevada’s legal brothels in order to pursue her PhD

9/23/2016 - Harley Lane: The 20-year-old sex worker who dreams of running a big game ranch in Texas

9/23/2016 - The women of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel answer your questions about working as legal prostitutes

9/23/2016 - Inside Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch: Come for the sex. Stay for the negotiation skills.

9/23/2016 - Neuroscience and psychology have rendered it basically unnecessary to have a soul

9/23/2016 - The post-racial “Magnificent Seven” is a lesson in how not to inject diversity into modern reboots

9/23/2016 - Western elitism has given rise to a dangerous assumption about developing nations and climate change

9/23/2016 - China’s virtual reality arcades, Facebook’s play for India, the Fed is making Millennials poorer

9/23/2016 - Academics want “racist” Gandhi’s statue removed from Ghana’s oldest university

9/23/2016 - The devastating aftermath of the nameless Louisiana floods proves that naming storms increases awareness, speeds recovery, and saves lives

9/23/2016 - A brief look back at 50 years of FARC on the eve of a promised peace

9/23/2016 - Even Elizabeth Warren’s fury can’t shame America’s CEOs

9/23/2016 - Women’s political donations are rising fast, but men are still way out-donating them

9/23/2016 - How to watch movies and read books more intelligently, according to New York’s most powerful critics

9/23/2016 - 85 days of Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte: the insults, the firings, the killings

9/23/2016 - Hungary’s prime minister says refugees in Europe should be “rounded up and shipped out”

9/23/2016 - Trump is the ultimate postmodern presidential candidate—and he’s been a long time coming

9/23/2016 - Facebook and YouTube are rewarding users for policing online hate speech

9/23/2016 - We may finally make our homes smart by listening to the flow of their electricity

9/23/2016 - It will soon be legal to hack your Tesla (and every other car) in the US

9/23/2016 - Airline passengers may soon have to leave their therapy pigs and turkeys at home

9/23/2016 - Bernie Sanders’s brother is running for election in Britain

9/23/2016 - Study at Oxford in Helsinki? Brexit could spur the globalization of some star universities

9/23/2016 - France bans plastic cups, plates, and cutlery in a bid to save the planet

9/23/2016 - Now that shopping has become an entertainment, fashion brands need to act like media companies

9/23/2016 - Black history museum opens, failed Syrian talks, Dalai Lama’s Trump impression

9/23/2016 - The UK is about to have the most vibrant autumn it has seen in eight years

9/23/2016 - After 15 years of waiting, India’s air force is finally getting a new set of fighter aircraft

9/23/2016 - A global corporate conspiracy helped catalyze a food crisis and drove 44 million into poverty

9/23/2016 - Single men in Japan are taking parenting classes to make themselves more attractive to women

9/23/2016 - Democracy is thriving in Somalia, even with less than 1% of people voting in the upcoming election

9/23/2016 - Vodafone India dials in some serious $$$ to take on Mukesh Ambani’s Jio

9/23/2016 - Construction workers are refusing to tear down a brutalist architecture landmark in Australia

9/23/2016 - One of India’s newest billionaires is an ayurveda expert who made it with Baba Ramdev’s blessings

9/23/2016 - The founder of Oculus is funding a group that “shitposts” anti-Hillary Clinton memes

9/23/2016 - A historian on India’s darkest years as an independent nation

9/23/2016 - Wounded by Pakistan, Indians are preparing for battle—on WhatsApp and Facebook

9/22/2016 - Even the Dalai Lama is mocking Donald Trump’s hair

9/22/2016 - Japan and China’s maritime tensions in the South China Sea are resurfacing World War II-era wounds

9/22/2016 - Facebook and Intel built killer AIs that dominated a “Doom” video game competition

9/22/2016 - Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby was charged with manslaughter for shooting Terence Crutcher

9/22/2016 - Yahoo’s massive data breach, the antibiotic crisis, space wine

9/22/2016 - After 13 years, China has decided US beef is good again

9/22/2016 - Airbnb just got even richer

9/22/2016 - Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is tied with Trump in an armed forces poll

9/22/2016 - Half a billion Yahoo accounts were compromised in a 2014 hack

9/22/2016 - Neuroscientists figured out what happens in your brain when you finish someone else’s sentence

9/22/2016 - The inventor of the origami microscope is a MacArthur genius

9/22/2016 - Politicians who debate Hillary Clinton have a history of falling into an obvious trap

9/22/2016 - The famous actors out to “solve democracy” in Joss Whedon’s get-out-the-vote campaign, ranked by fame

9/22/2016 - The UN just categorized antibiotics in the food system as a crisis on par with AIDS and Ebola

9/22/2016 - The iPhone 7 is the best iPhone since the iPhone 6S

9/22/2016 - Interactive: Beauty through creation

9/22/2016 - Harvard divinity school graduates are turning Harry Potter into a religion

9/22/2016 - The New York Public Library’s book train will make your nerdiest dreams come true

9/22/2016 - Trump’s plans would increase America’s debt by trillions of dollars

9/22/2016 - 100 years ago, New York City declared war against polio and killed 72,000 cats (and 8,000 dogs)

9/22/2016 - One tweet perfectly sums up America’s hypocritical attitude toward the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick

9/22/2016 - Joe Biden wanted to run for US president but he was too sad after the death of his son Beau

9/22/2016 - Every ride-hailing company suddenly needs to prove it has plans for self-driving cars

9/22/2016 - This little drone can zip through a window on its own

9/22/2016 - Turn off your iPhone notifications, and more ways to beat Apple and get your life back

9/22/2016 - The United States Congress is taking aim at bots that help ticket scalpers profit

9/22/2016 - Governments are saving loads of money from low interest rates. Why aren’t they spending it?

9/22/2016 - Hillary Clinton on “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis was the best interview of the 2016 election

9/22/2016 - Greenland’s ice sheet is melting much faster than scientists thought

9/22/2016 - One photo dramatically captures the tension between police and protestors in Charlotte

9/22/2016 - I got a momentary glimpse of what it’s like to be a celebrity female journalist in India, and it was terrifying

9/22/2016 - The best American university is now only the second best in the world

9/22/2016 - How to get over a fear of flying: Let technology tell you how crazy your fear is

9/22/2016 - An ethnographer has a new explanation for Donald Trump’s support in small-town America

9/22/2016 - The average American woman is now “plus size,” but stores still don’t stock clothes for her

9/22/2016 - Xia Lin, a human rights lawyer who defended Ai Weiwei, was sentenced to 12 years in jail

9/22/2016 - Missouri’s new gun law is part of a terrifying trend that will put black Americans in even more danger

9/22/2016 - Netflix has figured out how to addict you to its new shows even earlier

9/22/2016 - What exactly is a microaggression? Let these examples from Hollywood movies explain

9/22/2016 - “To have strong innovation, you need a strong state”: How Silicon Valley gets the future wrong

9/22/2016 - One of the biggest trends at London Fashion Week was also one of the biggest trends of the 16th century

9/22/2016 - Nigeria wants to help solve its cash crunch with new taxes on mobile internet, calls and pay TV

9/22/2016 - After a series of attacks, South Koreans want to make it harder for Chinese tourists to visit Jeju Island

9/22/2016 - Africa’s regulators are smothering its innovators

9/22/2016 - Pakistan’s misguided decision to impose an arbitrary national language would further divide the country

9/22/2016 - The more fun and engaging technology gets, the closer we come to the end of humanity

9/22/2016 - It turns out designing a Facebook for farmers makes growing food cheaper

9/22/2016 - Cameroon’s group weddings for refugees offer an unexpected benefit for women

9/22/2016 - Twitter data shows a world on high alert after a series of terror attacks

9/22/2016 - Stealing an AI algorithm and its underlying data is a “high-school level exercise”

9/22/2016 - Archeologists are virtually unraveling ancient hidden texts that could rewrite biblical history

9/22/2016 - Charlotte’s state of emergency, US-Saudi arms sale, Brangelina’s “other woman” problem

9/22/2016 - One of most beautiful wild stretches of the Great Wall was paved over, and China’s netizens are seething

9/22/2016 - India has won just 28 Olympic medals over a century. It now aims to win 50 in just 8 years

9/22/2016 - China’s censors scrubbed a Hong Kong popstar’s music from the internet because she supports democracy

9/22/2016 - India has just one self-made woman billionaire

9/22/2016 - A tale of two Africas as air travel to the continent’s east grows but declines in the north

9/22/2016 - Carney on climate change, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, North Korean websites

9/22/2016 - Nigerian children in former Boko Haram strongholds are finally headed back to school

9/22/2016 - The man who stoked India’s voracious appetite for pizzas

9/22/2016 - How to access all the crazy new features in Messages on the iPhone

9/22/2016 - The world’s saddest polar bear is just one of thousands of “wild” animals living in malls in China

9/21/2016 - India is angry that Pakistan’s prime minister called a terrorist it killed a “young leader”

9/21/2016 - Charted: Divorce rates go up and down with home prices in China’s big cities

9/21/2016 - ICICI Prudential: India’s biggest IPO in six years shows that its insurance industry is poised for a take-off

9/21/2016 - Amazon’s new photo service is casually destroying Shutterfly

9/21/2016 - Carney on climate change, Lenovo’s smartphone, North Korean websites

9/21/2016 - Chipotle just made its most desperate move yet to turn the company around

9/21/2016 - Google’s Allo messaging app isn’t making good on its privacy promises

9/21/2016 - At the current rate, American women won’t get wage equality until 2152

9/21/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg thinks he can disrupt how we cure disease with $3 billion

9/21/2016 - Scientists figured out how water bears can survive a radioactive apocalypse

9/21/2016 - The Fed is about to make Millennials poorer

9/21/2016 - The newest pharma villain Novum is charging $9,561 for a tube of skin cream

9/21/2016 - Three of six potential host cities have now pulled out of the chance to host the 2024 Olympics

9/21/2016 - The most cited scientist on Google Scholar isn’t a person

9/21/2016 - A revered Mexican singer came out of retirement to perform a new song supporting Hillary Clinton

9/21/2016 - Netflix’s spooky 12-minute film noir only makes sense to engineers and developers

9/21/2016 - Interactive: Why go global with your bonds

9/21/2016 - The neuroscience behind why people keep believing Trump’s most egregious lies

9/21/2016 - “Shout out to all the Ahmads”: A poem beautifully reveals how it feels to be Muslim after the New York bombing

9/21/2016 - Why airlines are now in the business of hospitality

9/21/2016 - In the air, details are everything

9/21/2016 - Apple is reportedly in talks to buy British luxury carmaker and Formula One team McLaren

9/21/2016 - MIT scientists built a device that uses radio waves to detect your true emotions—even when you’re not showing any

9/21/2016 - America’s rivers and streams are overflowing with microplastic pollution

9/21/2016 - Save the refugees, become a banker

9/21/2016 - Have we given artificial intelligence too much power too soon?

9/21/2016 - Helping small scale farms thrive is the key to feeding our booming world

9/21/2016 - The US is failing to invest enough in one of the most critical periods in children’s education

9/21/2016 - Five Chinese cities worth leaving the beaten path for

9/21/2016 - Uber’s terrifying “ghost drivers” are freaking out passengers in China

9/21/2016 - Prejudice against ethnic-sounding names forces people to choose between their identities and success

9/21/2016 - Psychology suggests the best way to change your life is through a series of small experiments

9/21/2016 - Everyone in Europe is getting free roaming—except Brits

9/21/2016 - The UK got France to build a big wall to keep migrants in

9/21/2016 - On the anniversary of the Westgate attack, Kenya is at risk of forgetting it ever happened

9/21/2016 - Developing nations would be $3.7 trillion richer if more people could handle their finances from their mobile phones

9/21/2016 - Places often change their names for good, sensible reasons. Is the alphabet one of them?

9/21/2016 - Scientists have invented a fabric that powers mobile devices with your movements

9/21/2016 - The world is a far cry from Obama’s pledge to rid it of nuclear weapons

9/21/2016 - When debating Trump, the worst thing Clinton can do is get down in the mud with him

9/21/2016 - Electric cars are greener in France than in China

9/21/2016 - Your taste in music can now really screw up the chances of a date

9/21/2016 - Your wearable device won’t do the thing you desperately want it to do

9/21/2016 - A Serbian leader’s public reconciliation with Srebrenica offered a raw moment in a week of political platitudes

9/21/2016 - Fed decision day, Tesla gets hacked, regulating California’s gassy cows

9/21/2016 - Wednesday’s CGI highlights, plus reconciliation in the Balkans and Afghani rappers

9/21/2016 - After nearly a century, India junks its annual railway budget

9/21/2016 - At $7.4 billion, the Postal Savings Bank of China will be the largest IPO this year

9/21/2016 - The banned 400-year-old Shakespearean speech being used for refugee rights today

9/21/2016 - Charted: Chinese property developers are suddenly dominating in Hong Kong

9/21/2016 - Airtel’s Sunil Bharti Mittal wants you to know he’s unruffled by the launch of Reliance Jio

9/21/2016 - In just seven days, this Indian biotech firm can tell cancer patients the ideal course for their treatment

9/21/2016 - “I am tired”: Young South Sudanese are using art to protest the endless cycle of violence and death

9/21/2016 - Fed decision day, Tesla hack, sewage as fuel

9/21/2016 - India Inc. is actually quite considerate towards new dads

9/20/2016 - Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have agreed to block ads for pre-birth gender tests in India

9/20/2016 - Alain de Botton on making the humanities useful, studying ads, and the need for a “wisdom industry”

9/20/2016 - Photos: China’s booming virtual reality arcades are bringing the niche technology to the masses

9/20/2016 - Elizabeth Warren to Wells Fargo CEO: “You should resign”

9/20/2016 - Refugee camp fire, self-driving car regulations, sewage as fuel

9/20/2016 - What a car company had to teach a non-profit about rebuilding faster after natural disasters

9/20/2016 - The photographer of Donald Trump Jr.’s bowl of Skittles was reportedly a refugee himself

9/20/2016 - Amazon’s algorithms are misleading customers and causing them to spend way more than they should

9/20/2016 - The maker of Skittles delivered a pitch-perfect response to the Trump campaign’s refugee commentary

9/20/2016 - Want your startup to be funded? Add .AI

9/20/2016 - Six companies are about to merge into the biggest farm-business oligopoly in history

9/20/2016 - Here’s what’s changing in macOS Sierra

9/20/2016 - The mayors of London, Paris, and New York City affirm their commitment to welcoming refugees

9/20/2016 - Blind people can rewire the visual parts of their brain when they do math

9/20/2016 - The pastor who made homophobic comments about the Orlando shooting just got deported from Botswana

9/20/2016 - DR Congo is once again spiraling into violence ahead of an election

9/20/2016 - “He’s a racist and a liar”: Seth Meyers thoroughly dismantles Donald Trump and the “birther” conspiracy

9/20/2016 - United Nations ambassadors are attending Broadway shows to learn empathy

9/20/2016 - The Goldman Sachs economist who coined the term BRIC is helping tackle the antimicrobial resistance crisis

9/20/2016 - In a rare show of regret, Angela Merkel admits she lost control of Germany’s refugee crisis

9/20/2016 - Photos: Faces of Muslim pilgrims from around the world at this year’s Hajj

9/20/2016 - A hashtag protest over high data costs in South Africa has gone from Twitter to parliament

9/20/2016 - Scientists in Amsterdam will test self-driving boats in the city’s canals

9/20/2016 - Here’s why Brangelina’s marriage—or yours—shouldn’t have to last forever

9/20/2016 - Activists are fighting India’s child pornography problem with an online “hotline”

9/20/2016 - “We have to get it right”: As the US lays out new rules for self-driving cars, Obama explains why

9/20/2016 - The utterly unimpressive Chelsea bomber proves America is winning the war against extremism

9/20/2016 - Guess what field nine out of the 10 highest-paying college majors are in?

9/20/2016 - George Soros is investing $500 million to help refugees in ways governments can’t

9/20/2016 - “I wish we had more recess”: Kindergarteners today get little time to play, and it’s stunting their development

9/20/2016 - How Jewish moms make sure their kids grow up to be mensches

9/20/2016 - The danger of sales commission plans that work too well

9/20/2016 - The New York bombing aimed to incite fear. Instead, it gave rise to everyday heroism

9/20/2016 - The history of American slavery is also a history of capitalism’s dark side

9/20/2016 - Only seven people in the world speak this Kenyan language—and now they are trying to save it

9/20/2016 - Google figured out a way to take the stress out of vacation planning

9/20/2016 - A new literary genre critiques the scariest, most unbelievable part of life in China—reality

9/20/2016 - A Kennedy says even George H.W. Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton

9/20/2016 - How to win friends and influence people… using robots

9/20/2016 - Tech companies fetishize simple design—and it’s making us dumb

9/20/2016 - Trump really is a fascist, for one simple reason: his rejection of transcendence

9/20/2016 - Toyota is using sewage sludge to power its new electric car

9/20/2016 - New York Times editor on Trump: “We will call out lies”

9/20/2016 - To be a good auditor, the SEC suggests not sleeping or vacationing with your clients

9/20/2016 - As if being 12-years-old wasn’t hard enough, a new study confirms many schools make it even harder

9/20/2016 - How Florida became the most important US state in the race to legalize self-driving cars

9/20/2016 - The year’s best astronomy photos prove you don’t need the Hubble to capture gorgeous scenes from space

9/20/2016 - Online degrees are “unacceptable” in Nigeria even though they could plug an education gap

9/20/2016 - UN talks sustainability, self-driving car rules, a Bush votes for Clinton

9/20/2016 - Tuesday’s CGI highlights, plus restoring growth and a “Marshall Plan” for North Africa

9/20/2016 - The man who made scientists question themselves has just exposed huge flaws in evidence used to give drug prescriptions

9/20/2016 - Immigrants are getting more out of America’s recovery than native-born households are

9/20/2016 - “Not a Skittle”: The internet responds to Donald Trump Jr.’s dehumanizing comparison of Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles candy

9/20/2016 - The tables have turned: India’s internet trolls are now mocking Narendra Modi

9/20/2016 - World leaders met at the UN to discuss refugees, but they mostly talked about keeping them out

9/20/2016 - The war between India’s top telecom firm and Reliance Jio is turning into juvenile mudslinging

9/20/2016 - EU-Canada deal, Oklahoma shooting, binge-watching benefits

9/20/2016 - Indians are willing to pay upto 80% more for healthier food

9/20/2016 - There are some scary similarities between Tesla’s deadly crashes linked to Autopilot

9/20/2016 - The rich entrepreneur tag is immaterial, I want Paytm to be India’s first $100-billion firm: Vijay Shekhar Sharma

9/20/2016 - The Chevy Bolt will cost more and is uglier than a Tesla Model 3, but you’ll actually be able to get one

9/19/2016 - Police fatally shot an unarmed black man in Oklahoma after his SUV stalled on the way home from class

9/19/2016 - Uber’s response to the Chelsea bombing says a lot about Uber

9/19/2016 - Visiting the Clinton Foundation, London’s first Muslim mayor invited Donald Trump to meet his family

9/19/2016 - The BOJ’s big meeting, GoPro’s drone, delicate tourist sites

9/19/2016 - Facebook looks like it’s making another play for India’s next billion internet users with key hire

9/19/2016 - Boeing is betting that projections of clouds and stars on cabin ceilings will make flying more pleasant

9/19/2016 - California wants to stop county jails from banning visitors

9/19/2016 - Kenya and Somalia are facing off in court over an oil-rich triangle of the Indian Ocean

9/19/2016 - How an emergency alert about a man wanted in the Chelsea bombing arrived on New Yorkers’ phones

9/19/2016 - US surgeons are largely ignoring advice to cut back on painkiller prescriptions

9/19/2016 - Thousands of life jackets have been laid outside the British Parliament to commemorate refugee deaths

9/19/2016 - GoPro launches its great hopes for the future—a drone and new cameras

9/19/2016 - Putin probably doesn’t love Trump as much as you might think

9/19/2016 - People looking for free stuff found the second Chelsea bomb—and may have unwittingly disarmed it

9/19/2016 - One fashion designer dominated the Emmys by making women of all ages and shapes look beautiful

9/19/2016 - Obama arrived in New York and offered a simple message about America’s response to terrorism

9/19/2016 - Yale’s new application questions give away the key things elite colleges want to see from students

9/19/2016 - Trying to preserve the world’s most delicate sites often leads to more tourists who come and destroy them

9/19/2016 - Chelsea bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami has been arrested after a shootout with police

9/19/2016 - Those adorable “Stranger Things” kids won the Emmys without actually winning any Emmys

9/19/2016 - Researchers have found that the best human traders can out-earn robots by using their gut instincts

9/19/2016 - How the world’s largest tropical theme park ended up on a former Nazi airfield

9/19/2016 - Apple owes bloggers a big thank you for their boring iPhone 7 predictions

9/19/2016 - How America’s obsession with TV cop shows like “Law and Order SVU” enables police brutality in real life

9/19/2016 - Lyft co-founder: Self-driving cars will make transportation the “ultimate subscription service”

9/19/2016 - This happiness hack from a wildly popular Stanford class can help you create a life you love

9/19/2016 - “No struggles, but also no joys:” What it’s like growing up gay in China

9/19/2016 - At least one bank strategist thinks a Trump presidency would kickstart the US economy

9/19/2016 - Two years on, India is still a big fan of Narendra Modi

9/19/2016 - Everything we know about the man New York police are seeking for questioning about the Chelsea bombing

9/19/2016 - Explosions in China show Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 safety problem may be worse than we thought

9/19/2016 - Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus is set to bring augmented reality into the mainstream

9/19/2016 - A Huawei phone saved a South African man’s life, proof that not all “made in China” goods are flimsy

9/19/2016 - The best American cities for refugees share these key qualities

9/19/2016 - Open-plan offices might be making us less social and productive, not more

9/19/2016 - This is what electric cars are doing to the lithium market

9/19/2016 - Monday’s CGI highlights, plus more explosive devices found and gridlock hits Manhattan

9/19/2016 - NY bomb investigation, “Game of Thrones” wins big, many CEOs are psychopaths

9/19/2016 - Charted: As Japan celebrates “Respect for the Aged Day,” it has more seniors to honor than ever before

9/19/2016 - India’s falling exports killed 70,000 jobs in just one quarter

9/19/2016 - TB-tracking headbands, mapping cancer and a malaria hackathon: How data is fighting disease in Africa

9/19/2016 - Hangzhou, China’s G20 host city, sold over $1 billion worth of homes on Sunday

9/19/2016 - Priyanka Chopra is proof that actors of colour can make it to Hollywood’s “Promised Land”

9/19/2016 - Caste is the ugliness Indians wear on their sleeves and call culture

9/19/2016 - Emmy Awards, longer tweets, choking goldfish

9/18/2016 - The hardest-working actress on TV just won an Emmy after playing eight roles this season

9/18/2016 - China’s banking system is riskier than it has ever been, the latest global data shows

9/18/2016 - Uri attack: Narendra Modi’s aggressive stand on Pakistan might make India more vulnerable to terror

9/18/2016 - Accepting his Emmy for “Transparent,” Jeffrey Tambor urges Hollywood to “give transgender talent a chance”

9/18/2016 - UN meeting, Samsung’s sales, choking goldfish

9/18/2016 - New York City’s explosion investigation spotlights the blurry line between violence and terrorism

9/18/2016 - Trump’s maternity leave plan is a joke on parents of all genders

9/18/2016 - A US mistake in Syria is threatening the first peace the country’s seen in years

9/18/2016 - Just how scratch-prone is the jet black iPhone? A video scratch test shows bleak results

9/18/2016 - There’s a brewing debate over who owns Rai music in North Africa

9/18/2016 - Companies are hiring playwrights and poets to create meaningful AI

9/18/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg is one reason there aren’t enough houses to buy in Palo Alto

9/18/2016 - Photos: For Senegal’s jailed minors and street kids, fencing is more than just a sport

9/18/2016 - Child marriage is allowed in more than 100 countries—including the United States

9/18/2016 - Unopened data, Nollywood does Toronto, mVisa vs M-Pesa

9/18/2016 - Someone created a tech job board for people over 30

9/18/2016 - Emmys 2016: How to watch and what to expect

9/18/2016 - Reality only means what you think it means

9/18/2016 - Millennials are fawning over a new credit card with a $450 annual fee

9/18/2016 - Hillary Clinton and our long, sexist tradition of using women’s bodies to disqualify them from power

9/18/2016 - “I started throwing up so often, and so violently, that the scar on my hand had no time to heal”

9/17/2016 - An “intentional” explosion shook New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, injuring 29

9/17/2016 - In Norway, you can browse everyone’s tax returns, but there’s a good reason you might not want to

9/17/2016 - An 8-year-old skateboarder became the youngest girl to compete against adults at Vans’ pro-competition

9/17/2016 - Google Street View blurred the face of a cow to protect its privacy

9/17/2016 - Na-nana-naa-nah! (What Trump will say to Hillary now that their medical letters have been released)

9/17/2016 - A high-tech watch strap can turn your fingers into a phone

9/17/2016 - Scientists have created a drug that replicates the health benefits of exercise

9/17/2016 - There is nothing more tedious than reading a restaurant review in the United States

9/17/2016 - The last of the Kung Fu masters

9/17/2016 - This is the week self-driving cars became real

9/17/2016 - Weekend edition—A suddenly relevant UN, empowered programmers, drama by Netflix

9/17/2016 - Nigeria’s president will punish staff for plagiarizing an Obama speech from 2008

9/17/2016 - For more proof algorithms can be biased, look no further than cute puppies

9/17/2016 - An elderly Chinese immigrant melted Canada’s heart by cooking for her sick neighbor

9/17/2016 - America’s trust in the media has sunk to a new low—and Donald Trump is proudly taking credit

9/17/2016 - The rainbow dreadlocks on Marc Jacobs’ runway have reopened the Pandora’s Box of cultural appropriation

9/17/2016 - Leonardo DiCaprio and Google launched a free tool to crowd-spy on illegal fishing from space

9/17/2016 - Jeff Bezos’ space company is a lot like Amazon was in 1994

9/17/2016 - Teaching children grit could risk turning them into amoral jerks

9/17/2016 - The rise, fall, then grudging acceptance of khat, East Africa’s controversial stimulant

9/17/2016 - A life of discrimination and fear led an Ethiopian marathoner to protest on the world stage

9/17/2016 - Weekend edition—A suddenly relevant UN, empowered programmers, drama by Netflix

9/16/2016 - George W. Bush is releasing a book of his paintings. A look back at his career as an artist

9/16/2016 - Weekend edition—A suddenly relevant UN, empowered programmers, drama by Netflix

9/16/2016 - The US government is forcing Big Pharma to make public their big failures

9/16/2016 - After nearly a decade, Apple has finally figured out how to efficiently sell iPhones on launch day

9/16/2016 - Leadership lessons for charities often come from stories about failure

9/16/2016 - Market clones are trouncing professional stockpickers—and it’s only getting worse

9/16/2016 - New York Fashion Week embraced the hijab, and it was stunning

9/16/2016 - The robot that attempted to escape its human captors was recently arrested at a political rally

9/16/2016 - MTN is giving up on mobile money in South Africa

9/16/2016 - China just launched the world’s most accurate clock into space

9/16/2016 - Why every baby around the world’s first word starts with the letter M

9/16/2016 - Watch: A movie trailer about Donald Trump’s campaign, done in the style of “The Social Network”

9/16/2016 - Quartzy: the pink push-up edition

9/16/2016 - Blockchain is so important the Bank of England is future-proofing its payments system

9/16/2016 - “Get on with it”: Nigel Farage’s successor at UKIP pushes for a quick Brexit

9/16/2016 - You can rent an entire home on Airbnb for the price of a hotel room in the US

9/16/2016 - These films could smash the Oscars patriarchy this season

9/16/2016 - Nigeria’s growing crop of superheroes will be on show at the Lagos Comic Con

9/16/2016 - Your 401(k) fund could be helping to destroy the world’s precious rainforests

9/16/2016 - Donald Trump made a vow to dismantle America’s food safety net—and then deleted it

9/16/2016 - A toy for fidgety office workers has outraised its goal by millions of dollars on Kickstarter

9/16/2016 - You are almost definitely not living in reality because your brain doesn’t want you to

9/16/2016 - China home-buying boom, airlines abandon A380s, Apple’s slogan botch

9/16/2016 - Enough with the excuses. It’s time to pay women what they’re worth with titles to match

9/16/2016 - When a guy comes in ninth and still wins an Olympic medal, you know the drug problem in sport is bad

9/16/2016 - Uber investors aren’t paying for innovation anymore

9/16/2016 - “Just relax and let it happen”: More scientific evidence to annoy stressed out women who want to get pregnant

9/16/2016 - Deutsche Bank says it won’t pay the $14 billion fine proposed by the US Justice Department

9/16/2016 - Research shows the less you care about getting rich, the better you do in school

9/16/2016 - If dolphins do have language, it’d probably be just as alien to us as, well, aliens

9/16/2016 - She’s not the only one: Hillary Clinton didn’t take sick leave because nobody in America takes sick leave

9/16/2016 - Apple is punching down

9/16/2016 - EU (minus the UK) meets, Deutsche Bank’s $14 billion fine, weed sommeliers

9/16/2016 - The most radical thing about Hillary Clinton’s family leave plan is how she proposes to pay for it

9/16/2016 - We asked economists if devaluing the rupee is a good idea and the answer is a resounding “no”

9/16/2016 - How a duck painting contest launched in 1949 gained a cult following in America today

9/16/2016 - The year’s best photos of the world’s rarest weather phenomena

9/16/2016 - India’s GDP has shot up by 64% since 2008 but its citizens remain among the worst paid in the world

9/16/2016 - Swiss companies are taking toxic diesel they can’t legally sell in Europe and pawning it off on African cities

9/16/2016 - Deutsche Bank fine, EU summit, weed sommeliers

9/16/2016 - Bollywood and India Inc. are both awful at feminism

9/16/2016 - Chinese citizens are being arrested for sharing news about the Wukan village rebellion online

9/16/2016 - Balochistan is now officially an arrow in India’s quiver against Pakistan

9/15/2016 - Donald Trump now believes Barack Obama was born in the United States, his campaign says

9/15/2016 - Dozens of giant cargo ships, and hundreds of crew, are bracing for typhoons after Hanjin Shipping’s collapse

9/15/2016 - Trump’s Dr. Oz appearance is a masterstroke–just ask Berlusconi

9/15/2016 - Samsung’s recall, China’s space lab, weed sommeliers

9/15/2016 - Barack Obama just cemented his position as one of the great conservation presidents of all time

9/15/2016 - Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7 in the US as it’s a “serious burn hazard”

9/15/2016 - Why a Korean baby born on Dec. 31 turns two years old the next day

9/15/2016 - A Cuban man built the world’s tallest bike, but can’t afford to ride it

9/15/2016 - This year’s National Book Award nominees share a major theme: The racist history of the United States

9/15/2016 - Want to become a weed sommelier? There’s a school for that

9/15/2016 - Elizabeth Warren wants the FBI to treat big bank CEOs the way they treat Hillary Clinton

9/15/2016 - Tanzania is threatening more citizens with jail for insulting the president on social media

9/15/2016 - Sandra Bland’s family will get a $1.9 million settlement after her death in police custody, but no one will be punished

9/15/2016 - Criminals in South Africa are using Uber to rob and rape passengers

9/15/2016 - The history of ugliness shows that there is no such thing

9/15/2016 - If you’re struggling to open your iPhone with iOS 10, try this setting

9/15/2016 - A pastor politely shut down Trump’s politicking. Then he lied about it and called her a “nervous mess”

9/15/2016 - Hillary Clinton is finally beating Donald Trump at his own branding game

9/15/2016 - Charts: Eight years after Lehman’s collapse, this is what has happened to the global economy

9/15/2016 - Africa’s large companies are growing faster and making more money than their global peers

9/15/2016 - If you’re afraid of flying, the worst thing you can do is avoid it

9/15/2016 - Clinton’s illness reveals the paradox of the vulnerable leader

9/15/2016 - Sorry, Kanye: Apple doesn’t want to buy Tidal

9/15/2016 - The US has one of the worst gender pay gaps among the world’s wealthy countries

9/15/2016 - Warby Parker is getting better results by reducing managers’ control over workers

9/15/2016 - Airlines are abandoning the world’s biggest passenger plane

9/15/2016 - Automakers may be beating Silicon Valley with robot cars, violating the laws of disruption

9/15/2016 - Fewer of the world’s entrepreneurs say they need Silicon Valley anymore. That’s a problem

9/15/2016 - Donald Trump’s new paid leave and childcare proposals fall far short of Hillary Clinton’s

9/15/2016 - A new take on the “elephant” chart shows globalization still leaves poor people in rich countries behind

9/15/2016 - Stumped about what to make of Obama’s TPP trade deal? You’re not alone

9/15/2016 - The important reason self-driving cars should talk to each other on the road

9/15/2016 - Even Britain’s new female prime minister can’t escape manspreading

9/15/2016 - This brand built its empire on good taste in sneakers

9/15/2016 - These crows could shed light on the evolution of tool use in the animal kingdom

9/15/2016 - Japan wants more women to work—but what do women get in return?

9/15/2016 - Local US police departments are creating their own DNA databases of unsuspecting (and innocent) citizens

9/15/2016 - Amazon has cornered the future of book publishing

9/15/2016 - This 15-year-old Muslim girl created a hijab emoji. Now she’s campaigning to make it official

9/15/2016 - Japan’s opposition party just elected a woman as its leader for the first time

9/15/2016 - Clinton and Trump’s health, UK nuclear go-ahead, autonomous shopping carts

9/15/2016 - Witness: Hit jobs ordered by Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte included feeding a body to a croc

9/15/2016 - A $31 million scandal with Nigeria’s ex-first lady shows the scale of Buhari’s anti-corruption battle

9/15/2016 - In a swipe at China, Macau’s residents want to name the city’s newborn panda twins “corruption”

9/15/2016 - How Nollywood got ready for its close-up on the global film festival stage

9/15/2016 - Gabon has been imposing a 12-hour-a-day internet curfew as its political crisis grows

9/15/2016 - Who’s that in my bed? A friendly neighbourhood IIT monkey

9/15/2016 - Obama meets Suu Kyi, Lula faces charges, handyman crows

9/15/2016 - Chinese authorities are offering a $3,000 bounty to Wukan villagers who turn in foreign journalists

9/15/2016 - How the “headquarters of malnourishment” is turning into a smart village in India

9/15/2016 - The case for doing away with arbitrary national languages in Pakistan and India

9/15/2016 - Zika may have been infecting Asians for decades—and many may already be immune to the disease

9/15/2016 - Photos: Typhoon Meranti leaves a trail of destruction in Taiwan and makes landfall on mainland China

9/14/2016 - The fruitcake of the East: Hong Kong will throw out a million mooncakes this mid-Autumn festival

9/14/2016 - India to Silicon Valley: Embed our tracking in your tech or risk losing the next billion device users

9/14/2016 - Almost half of America is done with smartphone apps, but some people can’t get enough

9/14/2016 - China’s space moves, Bayer’s Monsanto deal, handy crows

9/14/2016 - Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson: “Put a third podium on the debate stage”

9/14/2016 - Interactive: Explore five of China’s most far-flung cities

9/14/2016 - Self-driving shopping carts could be coming to Walmart

9/14/2016 - New science is driving the country with the world’s best math students to rethink high-stakes tests

9/14/2016 - First Brexit, now this? Blame the British government for the Great British Bake Off sale

9/14/2016 - Donald Trump showed Dr. Oz his medical records, and they’re not great

9/14/2016 - Here’s how to read the most detailed map of the universe ever made

9/14/2016 - A banned chemical in anti-bacterial soap is still lurking in practically everything else Americans buy

9/14/2016 - What ‘super agers’ are teaching us about staying mentally sharp as we age

9/14/2016 - Climate change means we should be having fewer children, for their sake and ours

9/14/2016 - The worst types of workplace sexists—and how to fight them

9/14/2016 - “Armed queers don’t get bashed:” Meet America’s loud, proud, and pro-gun LGBT movement

9/14/2016 - More African governments are enacting open data policies but still aren’t willing to share information

9/14/2016 - Most American adults don’t really need a primary-care doctor

9/14/2016 - Scientists have identified why binge-watching “Game of Thrones” together brings couples closer

9/14/2016 - There’s a reason the media is being much tougher on Clinton than Trump

9/14/2016 - This high-tech suit lets you feel things in virtual reality

9/14/2016 - Ambani after Ambani: After Mukesh launches Jio, Anil’s R-Com merges mobile business with Aircel

9/14/2016 - Uber’s self-driving cars have come to Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t mean the driverless era is here

9/14/2016 - This digital brush paints with the memories of 275,000 landscapes

9/14/2016 - In overvaluing confidence, we’ve forgotten the power of humility

9/14/2016 - China is in the middle of a new home buying boom

9/14/2016 - Twitter’s Jack Dorsey represents the next step in the evolution of Silicon Valley style

9/14/2016 - Who would want to build a tech startup in occupied territory? Meet the optimists of Palestine

9/14/2016 - Visa is taking on the world’s largest mobile money platform on its home turf

9/14/2016 - A classroom video has sparked a debate about language and identity in Algeria

9/14/2016 - Women at the White House have started using a simple, clever trick to get heard

9/14/2016 - Here’s a convincing theory that the iPhone 8 will be made of ceramic

9/14/2016 - This is what it’s like to ride in a self-driving Uber

9/14/2016 - The wearable that lets amputees swipe and scroll using their muscles

9/14/2016 - Alibaba believes the future of mobile payments lies in the veins of our eyeballs

9/14/2016 - A gap year could be the answer to the student mental health crisis

9/14/2016 - New UEFA boss, state of the European Union, don’t teach cursive handwriting

9/14/2016 - The horseshoe crab has survived the last five mass extinctions, but now it’s mysteriously dying

9/14/2016 - This week Trump supporters punched an elderly woman, slapped a protestor, and hung Hillary in effigy

9/14/2016 - Indians are slowly taking more risks with their savings to earn higher returns

9/14/2016 - Chinese censors are blocking all information about a bloody crackdown in a fishing village in Guangdong

9/14/2016 - There is a frightening health crisis unfolding in India’s capital

9/14/2016 - The Chinese owner of Grindr is paying his wife $1.1 billion in a divorce settlement

9/14/2016 - India’s athletes are quietly killing it at the Rio Paralympics

9/14/2016 - State of the European Union, Russia hacks Olympians, Tibetan bitcoin mines

9/14/2016 - Hindutva’s foot soldiers have thrown a fistful of radioactive mud into my Onam feast

9/13/2016 - A Chinese internet entrepreneur was sentenced to three years in prison for running a porn site

9/13/2016 - Defiant marathoner Feyisa Lilesa has taken Ethiopia’s protests to the United States

9/13/2016 - State of the European Union, Russia hacks Olympians, flying-saucer homes

9/13/2016 - South Africa has barred a US pastor for his homophobic Orlando shooting comments

9/13/2016 - The US military made cheesy spy posters of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange for some reason

9/13/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s website now has an explainer about a frog that recently became a Nazi

9/13/2016 - The verdict is in: iPhone 7 reviewers say ditching the headphone jack was a good move

9/13/2016 - Yelp isn’t responsible for businesses burned by users’ bad reviews, a US court rules

9/13/2016 - Don’t fall for phony forex sales pitches

9/13/2016 - Test your knowledge of the forex frontier

9/13/2016 - The last bastion of comfort on TV, “The Great British Bake Off,” is being commercialized

9/13/2016 - The UN lambasts Philippines president for “striking lack of understanding” of human rights

9/13/2016 - There’s a word for our compulsion to go to work when we’re sick

9/13/2016 - Apple’s iOS 10 update seems to be tanking people’s phones

9/13/2016 - Zambia’s president has finally won re-election, and now he just needs to save the economy from disaster

9/13/2016 - Mexico has its own version of Donald Trump’s border wall and it’s just as controversial

9/13/2016 - Hollywood is remaking literally all of your favorite sci-fi films from the 1980s

9/13/2016 - The middle-class American family saw the largest income boost on record last year

9/13/2016 - Nigeria’s largest airline has shut down operations as a dollar crunch bites

9/13/2016 - The entire history of humanity and climate change, in one cartoon chart

9/13/2016 - Trump’s childcare and maternity leave policy is unlike his actual treatment of and statements about women

9/13/2016 - Where you live in the US can impact how long you live

9/13/2016 - Love, not work, is driving women to freeze their eggs

9/13/2016 - We’re getting into space faster, cheaper, and more often than ever before

9/13/2016 - Google says it has finally figured out how to deter wannabe ISIL members online

9/13/2016 - Roald Dahl had a dark mind, but in the end, he believed goodness would win

9/13/2016 - Parents in Russia are blaming the internet for a spate of child suicides

9/13/2016 - Google killed its Lego-like modular phone, but the man behind it is bringing the idea to a new project

9/13/2016 - Psychologists say the secret to dealing with conflict at work is to think like Dirty Harry

9/13/2016 - Apple should be worried—the future of tech is in software, not hardware

9/13/2016 - The iPhone should let us swear, damn it

9/13/2016 - Four visually-disabled Paralympians ran the 1,500m race faster than the Olympic gold medalist

9/13/2016 - The true story of a scientist who discovered the equation for altruism—and gave himself away

9/13/2016 - Once your kids can read easy books, start reading them hard ones

9/13/2016 - Brexit’s most reluctant architect has walked away from the mess

9/13/2016 - Elon Musk wants a different Tesla than the one he’s built. What could go wrong?

9/13/2016 - Facebook’s Vietnam war photo debacle shows it’s a media company now, like it or not

9/13/2016 - Goldman Sachs wants to put foreign exchange trades on the blockchain

9/13/2016 - The UN talks superbugs, Germany’s ISIL arrests, the world’s oldest winery

9/13/2016 - An ingenious method for getting foreigners the jobs in Germany that Germans don’t want

9/13/2016 - Will you visit your bank branch less often in the future?

9/13/2016 - Who will win in the age of open banking?

9/13/2016 - Will you visit your bank branch less often in the future?

9/13/2016 - Who will win in the age of open banking?

9/13/2016 - China’s private companies are not investing in future growth, leaving Beijing to pick up the slack

9/13/2016 - Here’s why it’s so tough for African startups to raise funding internationally

9/13/2016 - Meet the “king” of a forgotten piece of land between India and Pakistan

9/13/2016 - A school in Denmark claims it’s boosting diversity by segregating migrant students

9/13/2016 - Tesla thinks it can prevent the next car crash by seeing the world with radar instead of cameras

9/13/2016 - Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets on protesters in southern China’s rebel village of Wukan

9/13/2016 - Why China loves crocodile meat

9/13/2016 - India is going to use godmen to spread the use of solar energy

9/13/2016 - Horrifying images of starving children reveal the ongoing toll of Yemen’s forgotten war

9/13/2016 - In South Africa you can be fined for making racist remarks

9/13/2016 - The UN General Assembly meets, new plastic banknotes, black metal politicians

9/13/2016 - A river sets fire to India’s Silicon Valley

9/13/2016 - We’ll soon be able to reach space for under $50 million

9/12/2016 - Coming very soon to Twitter: longer tweets

9/12/2016 - China’s latest internet craze is getting drunk on Four Loko and live-streaming the results

9/12/2016 - The great sugar plot, new plastic banknotes, wearable drones

9/12/2016 - Instagram’s approach to fighting abuse: let users handle it

9/12/2016 - Melania Trump bid $20,000 on a six foot painting of Donald Trump—and the Donald J. Trump Foundation paid the bill

9/12/2016 - Jeff Bezos has a plan to build an enormous new rocket and head for the moon

9/12/2016 - A Chinese professor is using facial recognition to gauge how bored his students are

9/12/2016 - A celebrity-packed show at New York Fashion Week delivered a love letter to diversity and democracy

9/12/2016 - In the future, everyone will be a software engineer and barely any will know how to code

9/12/2016 - Nothing pixelated will stay safe on the internet

9/12/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” is real. Almost half of Donald Trump’s supporters hold racist views of African Americans

9/12/2016 - South Africa’s president finally paid back $540,000 the state used to renovate his private home

9/12/2016 - The “Breaking Bad” creator is making an HBO series about the Jonestown massacre

9/12/2016 - South Sudan’s leaders have been making millions of dollars from a conflict which has killed thousands

9/12/2016 - “The Catcher in the Rye” is being distributed with an “anti-white” notice in Washington, DC

9/12/2016 - Scientists have found a way to predict whether babies will develop asthma or allergies

9/12/2016 - This photo is the ultimate representation of working mothers

9/12/2016 - How to see all 12 dots in this mind-boggling optical illusion

9/12/2016 - J.Crew cast normal people as its models at New York Fashion Week, and it was a triumph

9/12/2016 - Behind the sugar industry’s 50-year mission to axe its link to heart disease

9/12/2016 - An anti-racism advocate explains why Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment was accurate

9/12/2016 - Scrumdiddlyumptious to Oompa Loompa: Six of Roald Dahl’s splendiferous words have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary

9/12/2016 - Insanely cheap music streaming has arrived

9/12/2016 - What it feels like to fight your own brain

9/12/2016 - Deutsche Bank has studied the last 35 years and says the next 35 don’t look so good

9/12/2016 - Trump got an illegal campaign donation from a “proud Muslim” in Canada

9/12/2016 - Donald Trump finds another powerful woman to attack

9/12/2016 - Robert Mugabe thinks this new statue of him is ‘wonderful’, but Twitter thinks it’s hilarious

9/12/2016 - How the 20 Jews left in Kolkata are using food to keep their culture alive

9/12/2016 - Trump supporters worry more about money than other Americans, no matter how rich they are

9/12/2016 - Half a century and 55,000 artists later: Fabindia’s journey from rural crafts to high-end stores

9/12/2016 - Facebook has the disturbing power to rewrite our collective history

9/12/2016 - How mission and margin work together

9/12/2016 - Europe’s top court has made merely linking to stolen material on the web a crime

9/12/2016 - Samsung has lost $26 billion in value since it recalled the Galaxy Note 7

9/12/2016 - Here’s how often the second season of Netflix’s “Narcos” was pirated online

9/12/2016 - Dozens of Nigerian students are suing Alabama State University for ripping them off

9/12/2016 - Yet another Syria ceasefire, Hillary Clinton’s illness, Silicon Valley’s Ayahuasca obsession

9/12/2016 - A brief history of the Ancient Britonians exposes our colonialist attitudes

9/12/2016 - On the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, three veiled women tried to bomb a Kenyan police station

9/12/2016 - Snapdeal has a new logo but it needs more than just cosmetic surgery

9/12/2016 - An early internet pioneer says the construction of the web is crippling our thinking

9/12/2016 - North Korea’s nuclear test was a sales pitch to other rogue states

9/12/2016 - Brazil’s largest aircraft maker reportedly paid bribes to make surveillance jets for India

9/12/2016 - 2,500 sailors and one performance artist are stranded at sea after a Korean shipping giant’s collapse

9/12/2016 - A guide to private equity exits in India

9/12/2016 - (Another) Syria ceasefire, Hillary’s pneumonia, ayahuasca trips

9/12/2016 - India may not admit it but its new deal with the US can change the balance of power in Asia

9/11/2016 - The “strategic triangle” that would allow Beijing to control the South China Sea

9/11/2016 - (Another) Syria ceasefire, North Korea’s nukes, summer camp in China

9/11/2016 - There’s a great tradition of fainting in US politics

9/11/2016 - The man who ran Yum! Brands for 14 years has a simple way to judge a company

9/11/2016 - IBM is gearing up to become the world’s largest and most sophisticated design company

9/11/2016 - This French drone company innovates by knowing when to ignore what consumers want

9/11/2016 - Ford is solving problems by getting all its employees to think like inventors

9/11/2016 - To reach millennial customers, this Kenyan telecom giant tried shopping like them

9/11/2016 - This e-commerce company doesn’t have customer service reps, it hires problem solvers

9/11/2016 - Intel’s fixing its diversity problem by doing more than just hiring

9/11/2016 - This pioneering tech company figured how to make work-from-home work

9/11/2016 - How Under Armour bounced back after America blamed it for losing the 2014 Olympics

9/11/2016 - Barack Obama delivers his last 9/11 speech

9/11/2016 - New York Fashion Week has a genius solution for your office’s sexist, frigid, merciless air conditioning

9/11/2016 - What 9/11 means to me as an Iraqi-American who fled the war

9/11/2016 - After “basket of deplorables” comment, Hillary Clinton apologizes for saying what we’ve all been thinking

9/11/2016 - ISIL’s human traffickers are using Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram to sell slaves

9/11/2016 - Fifteen years later, how do we “get to 9/11?”

9/11/2016 - “Happy marriages often follow from humble beginnings”: In praise of short engagements and cheap weddings

9/11/2016 - A philosopher’s 350-year-old trick to get people to change their minds is now backed up by psychologists

9/11/2016 - This gorgeous interactive world map visualizes real-time weather data

9/11/2016 - A four-hour Filipino revenge drama wins best picture at the world’s oldest film festival

9/11/2016 - Look: NASA reveals the closest images we’ve ever seen of Jupiter

9/11/2016 - Flashbulb memories—why do we remember learning about traumatic events so vividly?

9/11/2016 - This bizarre road trip gone wrong may be a rare case of the shared psychosis called “folie à deux” in action

9/11/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s charisma deficit is a common problem for female leaders

9/11/2016 - American football’s next big fanbase is China  

9/11/2016 - The Americas’ oldest armed conflict just ended—what now?

9/11/2016 - There’s a $500 billion remittance market, and Bitcoin startups want in on it

9/11/2016 - Brits are eating venison faster than Scotland can produce it

9/11/2016 - We’re surrounded by smiling, successful, talented people who are depressed

9/11/2016 - An earthquake in Tanzania has killed 13 people

9/11/2016 - South Africa’s asteroid phobia, Niger’s dead donkeys, Kenya’s Gotham

9/11/2016 - Civil rights icon Angela Davis wants young activists to challenge their heroes

9/10/2016 - Miss America’s first openly gay contestant represents an important milestone for the beauty pageant

9/10/2016 - MUJI goes to great lengths to prove that generic is actually better

9/10/2016 - Photos: These beautiful, desolate Greenland fjords are being polluted by an abandoned US army base

9/10/2016 - A wine philosopher on why “not every wine is worth our attention”

9/10/2016 - Apple may be quitting the race for self-driving cars

9/10/2016 - The many overlooked benefits of ecstasy

9/10/2016 - The Standing Rock Sioux just scored a huge (albeit temporary) victory against the Dakota Access pipeline

9/10/2016 - How to insure something that blows up once every twenty times you use it

9/10/2016 - What New York’s World Trade Center looked like before 9/11

9/10/2016 - An airline ban of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be a nightmare to enforce

9/10/2016 - The three things that FX Networks looks for to create an award-winning TV show

9/10/2016 - Weekend edition—Stale Apple, a teacher’s biggest mistake, authoritarian design

9/10/2016 - How to get to your 30s without having regrets

9/10/2016 - Photos: Somali goats and sheep join the pilgrimage to Mecca

9/10/2016 - Weekend edition—Stale Apple, a teacher’s biggest mistake, authoritarian design

9/9/2016 - Weekend edition—Stale Apple, a teacher’s biggest mistake, authoritarian design

9/9/2016 - It took a prime minister to get Facebook to see the difference between child pornography and history

9/9/2016 - It’s getting tougher to tell if you’re on the phone with a machine or human

9/9/2016 - It’ll cost you $40 to listen to music and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time

9/9/2016 - How shipping hubris and the Korean government broke Hanjin shipping

9/9/2016 - Mayors from 70 global cities are gathering to try to solve the world’s problems

9/9/2016 - Jeffrey Gundlach says bond investors are suffering from mass psychosis and it’s time to move your money into cash

9/9/2016 - Quartzy: the first day of school edition

9/9/2016 - Even Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have to work hard at “being natural,” Hillary Clinton says

9/9/2016 - Photos: An Indian acid attack survivor triumphantly walked the runway at New York Fashion Week

9/9/2016 - US aviation investigators say they’re unfairly villainized in Clint Eastwood’s film “Sully”

9/9/2016 - Trump bashes US foreign policy with Larry King, on a TV network financed by the Kremlin

9/9/2016 - It’s actually OK to be gay in China online—just don’t ask for equal rights IRL

9/9/2016 - Kenya is planting a forest the size of Costa Rica

9/9/2016 - Facebook’s cofounder is donating $20 million to fight Donald Trump

9/9/2016 - Rising airfares, smartphone app addiction, SpaceX’s lost rocket

9/9/2016 - Marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek explains why we shouldn’t pity or romanticize refugees

9/9/2016 - Police like me are taught to fear Americans instead of protect them. And people will die because of it.

9/9/2016 - Nigerians think a new government PR campaign blames them for the country’s woes

9/9/2016 - How writing 750 words a day could change your life

9/9/2016 - Want a better body image? Try nature

9/9/2016 - Thousands of Zimbabweans are about to go from working for Mugabe to protesting against him

9/9/2016 - Norway is furious with Facebook and its algorithms for “censoring” an iconic war photo

9/9/2016 - The maker of Botox is now targeting all your bodily flaws

9/9/2016 - Fresh from killing Gawker, Peter Thiel turns his wrath on Washington, DC’s terrible metro

9/9/2016 - The South China Morning Post has suddenly shut down its Chinese-language website

9/9/2016 - The Ethiopian marathoner who protested against his government during the Olympics is now in the US

9/9/2016 - US prisoners are going on strike to protest a massive forced labor system

9/9/2016 - Photos: Ghana’s Chale Wote festival lifts spirits, frees souls

9/9/2016 - North Korea’s nuclear test, Galaxy Note flight bans, why you shouldn’t keep pets

9/9/2016 - London property is finally more affordable—for ultra-rich foreign buyers

9/9/2016 - Born without a country, this 8-year old girl is the face of a citizenship dispute between Cuba and South Africa

9/9/2016 - India’s Silicon Valley shuts down over water politics

9/9/2016 - The Indian government’s Twitter accounts are posting some surprisingly vile and jingoistic messages

9/9/2016 - A big bank upgraded its forecast for the UK economy in the gloomiest way possible

9/9/2016 - All of a sudden, nobody wants one of Hungary’s highest national honors

9/9/2016 - The slogan for Apple’s new iPhone 7 translates into “This is penis” in Hong Kong

9/9/2016 - A British headmaster’s back-to-school letter to teachers is also brilliant parenting advice

9/9/2016 - NASA’s latest mission will show if asteroid mining will be a real threat to the global platinum industry

9/9/2016 - North Korea nuclear test, EU visits Ankara, garbage-dwelling hermit crabs

9/9/2016 - The dreaded destination: why foreign flight attendants dislike travelling to and from India

9/9/2016 - Even super slow internet couldn’t prevent the enormous disruption in Indian television—and now we have Reliance Jio

9/8/2016 - North Korea confirmed it has exploded a nuclear warhead, to protest sanctions for earlier weapons tests

9/8/2016 - FAA on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Don’t turn it on, don’t charge it, don’t pack it in your luggage

9/8/2016 - Wells Fargo just became the poster child for when external and internal values don’t match

9/8/2016 - NASA launch, Ryan Lochte ban, the original James Bond

9/8/2016 - Ola plans to take on Uber in India by flooding the streets with cars

9/8/2016 - Donald Trump’s affection for Putin would not please the Gipper, says Hillary Clinton

9/8/2016 - The complete guide to using the iPhone Upgrade Program

9/8/2016 - Donald Trump’s plan to cut taxes and dump money on the military has been tried before

9/8/2016 - Soon you’ll Venmo stores to buy things

9/8/2016 - The human tongue has a sixth sense, and it loves carbs

9/8/2016 - Hillary Clinton is on “Humans of New York” explaining why she comes across as aloof

9/8/2016 - Good news for Facebook, bad news for the world

9/8/2016 - Hundreds of mosques are going green in Morocco in a renewable energy push

9/8/2016 - Scientists proved they can identify criminals using hair left at the scene of a crime

9/8/2016 - Priceline has killed its “name-your-price” feature

9/8/2016 - Photos: Rio Paralympics ceremony kicked off spectacularly, with dancers, fireworks, and wheelchair stunts

9/8/2016 - A collaboration with New York City’s garbage collectors was the surprise hit of Fashion Week’s first day

9/8/2016 - A US state’s school system is so bad, a judge has declared the whole thing unconstitutional

9/8/2016 - NASA is launching a mission to visit an asteroid and maybe save the world

9/8/2016 - “Fashion’s Donald Trump”: Kanye West’s New York Fashion Week show was a total disaster

9/8/2016 - Why purpose-driven companies succeed

9/8/2016 - For years, scientists thought there was one species of giraffe, but genetics just proved there are four

9/8/2016 - Airbnb’s big promise to fix racism: If guests are discriminated against, it’ll find them somewhere else to stay

9/8/2016 - These are the best business books of the year

9/8/2016 - How a single deal with a decidedly unhip tech company built the Vice media behemoth

9/8/2016 - The author of “Eat, Pray, Love” chose an unplanned love over the happy ending that sold 10 million books

9/8/2016 - Matt Lauer’s NBC presidential forum was a spectacular display of the worst habits in American journalism

9/8/2016 - Climate change could be to blame for an unusual avalanche in Tibet that can be seen from space

9/8/2016 - Denmark becomes the first nation to pay for the leaked data in the Panama Papers

9/8/2016 - A data-driven approach to journaling shows you how to track and analyze emotions with pen and paper

9/8/2016 - Gender-segregated social life is hurting today’s college students

9/8/2016 - Kim Jong-un, catching on that not all praise is genuine, is trying to curb sarcasm

9/8/2016 - Thanks to Brexit, the iPhone 7 is getting even more expensive

9/8/2016 - “What is Aleppo?” asks US presidential candidate Gary Johnson

9/8/2016 - Apple is late, not early, to ditching the headphone jack

9/8/2016 - London commuters are literally wasting days of their lives in traffic

9/8/2016 - A comprehensive list of devices I charge before leaving the house

9/8/2016 - Chipotle’s Twitter account perfectly captures its desperation for customers

9/8/2016 - Ditching the office to work in paradise as a “digital nomad” has a hidden dark side

9/8/2016 - Contemporary freight-train drifters have found the unlikely antidote to America’s problems

9/8/2016 - By scrapping your antiquated headphones, Apple is doing something extraordinary for music

9/8/2016 - Colin Powell advised Hillary Clinton on how to skirt email security as US secretary of state

9/8/2016 - The ECB’s next move, Formula 1 sold, ultrasonic teenager repellant

9/8/2016 - The remarkable story of the Google engineer who died on Everest in pursuit of the Silicon Valley ideal

9/8/2016 - Men caused most of our environmental problems, and now we need to coddle them to save ourselves

9/8/2016 - Here are all the technologies Star Trek accurately predicted

9/8/2016 - What’s on India’s richest man’s mind? Five takeaways from rare, long interviews with Mukesh Ambani

9/8/2016 - From instant weight loss to magic sex potions, Indian celebrities are making some dubious promises on television

9/8/2016 - Asylum seekers in Germany received nearly $5.9 billion in benefits—almost three times the amount in 2014

9/8/2016 - This Gotham City-style web video thriller is set in Kenya and scripted by viewers

9/8/2016 - An Indian shop made a giant sweet that weighs about 600,000 Mars bars and costs over $75,000

9/8/2016 - Black Sea intercept, Apple’s AirPods, Loch Ness skeleton

9/8/2016 - 90% of the country’s startups are nonsense, says one of India’s largest retailers

9/8/2016 - Hong Kong’s election is proof that “One Country, Two Systems” isn’t dead yet

9/7/2016 - This is how an airplane ended up at the wrong airport

9/7/2016 - The Philippines’ foul-mouthed president is frightening away foreign investors

9/7/2016 - Apple confirms what designers knew all along: Not all blacks are equal

9/7/2016 - Dropping your iPhone just became more affordable

9/7/2016 - You’ll need a new case for the iPhone 7—especially if you get it in jet black

9/7/2016 - South China Sea hotline, Apple’s AirPods, red Russian river

9/7/2016 - Apple is still boring

9/7/2016 - This speech by the King of Norway perfectly encapsulates the beauty of inclusion, and tolerance

9/7/2016 - Apple’s female keynote speakers aren’t helping its diversity problem

9/7/2016 - Apple’s new wireless earbuds are the most Apple product ever

9/7/2016 - The gold Apple Watch is dead

9/7/2016 - At 17 million subscribers, Apple Music is still playing a rocky game of catch-up

9/7/2016 - Everything Apple just launched at today’s massive event

9/7/2016 - Apple and Nike are teaming up on a watch for runners

9/7/2016 - It’s not just you: A new survey confirms meetings are putting people to sleep

9/7/2016 - A 1,000-year-old sword was found in Iceland by hunters looking for geese

9/7/2016 - A swimmer who lost a leg to a bombing in Syria will represent refugees at the Rio Paralympics

9/7/2016 - Elizabeth Gilbert just wrote the most romantic love letter about her best friend

9/7/2016 - The iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack, and audio engineers are actually happy about it

9/7/2016 - Nintendo’s stock is soaring after it announces Super Mario for the iPhone

9/7/2016 - One in every five fish we eat is a fraud

9/7/2016 - If you want to start a revolution in Cuba, don’t do it via text

9/7/2016 - Putin is playing spoiler in the US presidential election. He’s also playing Trump.

9/7/2016 - Mercedes is making special vans for “free-floating robot fleets” of delivery bots

9/7/2016 - Air China warns travelers to watch out for “Indians, Pakistanis and black people” in London

9/7/2016 - A Russian state news organization has suddenly become obsessed with UFOs

9/7/2016 - The psychology of Star Trek’s relentless optimism about the future

9/7/2016 - LinkedIn’s search algorithm apparently favored men until this week

9/7/2016 - Customers want their headphone jack. Apple doesn’t care

9/7/2016 - More white millennials Americans are getting on board with #BlackLivesMatter, but overall support is still tepid

9/7/2016 - We’re getting yet another music-themed TV show, this time about a boy band

9/7/2016 - It’s becoming clear that we never needed another Seamless

9/7/2016 - Las Vegas slot machines are luring millennials with the same tricks that got them addicted to Candy Crush

9/7/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s new Spanish-language ad stars a member of George W. Bush’s cabinet

9/7/2016 - Facebook has a massive gender divide in India

9/7/2016 - A major music label is fighting falling sales by targeting under-served feline listeners

9/7/2016 - US and Russian astronauts make a picture-perfect landing in Kazakhstan

9/7/2016 - We’re liveblogging Apple’s big iPhone event today

9/7/2016 - Tech investors bet they’ll make more money mining garbage than burning it

9/7/2016 - Deep sea explorers just discovered a lost World War II era aircraft carrier off the California coast

9/7/2016 - Fruit vendors and high-end designers share the floor at Jordan’s first Design Week

9/7/2016 - The lasting impact of white teachers who mispronounce minority student names

9/7/2016 - Paris is opening its first official refugee camp

9/7/2016 - My soul-crushing year in true crime TV taught me that we aren’t defined by our first jobs

9/7/2016 - Perfectly timed photos of wild animals offer a lesson in coexistence

9/7/2016 - Your new iPhone 7 headphones will break all the time because of Apple’s obsession with minimalism

9/7/2016 - A VC firm’s simple investment thesis: Follow the women

9/7/2016 - A record half-million cases are waiting to be heard by US immigration courts

9/7/2016 - You might want to re-read that contract you signed for the iPhone Upgrade Program

9/7/2016 - The world’s poor will get universal access to basic education 100 years after the rich

9/7/2016 - Mink, Lagerfeld, and $325,000 dog houses: Behind the scenes at a luxury branding conference

9/7/2016 - How a pro-choice movement in Ireland is changing the way women campaign for their reproductive rights

9/7/2016 - How to watch Apple’s iPhone event live today

9/7/2016 - Parents’ judginess of other parents is making their kids less able to deal with life

9/7/2016 - How non-English speakers are taught this crazy English grammar rule you know but have never heard of

9/7/2016 - The iPhone 7 arrives, Rio Paralympics begin, explaining Harambe memes

9/7/2016 - Niger is the latest African country to ban donkey exports to China

9/7/2016 - Your smartphone performs better in one hand than the other

9/7/2016 - Edward Snowden got out of Hong Kong by hiding in the one place the government would never think to look

9/7/2016 - This may be the hardest job interview in the world

9/7/2016 - Nelson Mandela’s ANC may have brought freedom to South Africa, but it sowed the seeds for corruption

9/7/2016 - Narendra Modi’s renewed push in the Indian Ocean may upset China’s Silk Road ambitions

9/7/2016 - The most refugee-friendly country in Europe is growing weary

9/7/2016 - A comparison of India’s economy when Raghuram Rajan took charge at the RBI and now as Urjit Patel steps in

9/7/2016 - Nearly half of the millennial women worldwide still aren’t sure about female political leaders

9/7/2016 - Apple’s big day, Zika tears, the perfect meme

9/7/2016 - Thanks to sanctions and Kim Jong-un’s brutality, more people are defecting from North Korea

9/7/2016 - Mozambique’s new central bank chief is an IMF veteran who’ll take on its IMF debt problem

9/7/2016 - China’s military aggression means the US-Philippines relationship will survive even Duterte’s slurs

9/7/2016 - After being stripped and beaten, Dalits are abandoning the Hindutva fountainhead RSS

9/7/2016 - Flipkart and Snapdeal are a decade away from making it big because Indians aren’t rich enough yet

9/6/2016 - A Chinese college student mapped sexual assaults on his campus, to warn female classmates

9/6/2016 - Colin Kaepernick’s jersey just became the best seller on the NFL shop

9/6/2016 - Facebook can thank haters for the success of its news feed

9/6/2016 - Apple’s big day, the perfect meme, AI beauty contests

9/6/2016 - Gabriel García Márquez is honored on new Colombian money

9/6/2016 - This letter from an executive shows one simple way to ensure diversity

9/6/2016 - Two of this season’s most anticipated TV shows premiere tonight, and neither have white leads

9/6/2016 - The physiology of thrill-seekers

9/6/2016 - Happy belated Labor Day America: You’re earning a slightly bigger slice of the economic pie

9/6/2016 - It’s official: giant pandas are no longer endangered

9/6/2016 - Twitter is reportedly considering selling itself

9/6/2016 - A Native American fight to stop an oil pipeline is a “morally embarrassing reminder” of America’s founding

9/6/2016 - Hackers just leaked a new batch of 100 million email addresses and passwords

9/6/2016 - When artificial intelligence judges a beauty contest, white people win

9/6/2016 - America’s top colleges for LGBT students are also the priciest

9/6/2016 - Gretchen Carlson did what no one thought possible: She got Fox to apologize

9/6/2016 - Phyllis Schlafly, arch-enemy of American feminists, died at 92

9/6/2016 - New research shows women do ask for raises as often as men—they just don’t get them

9/6/2016 - Ethiopia’s political protests are escalating with a fire at a major prison

9/6/2016 - What to expect from the “new” Apple Music

9/6/2016 - Scientists have made a major discovery about the most important dwarf planet you’ve never heard of

9/6/2016 - British Airways computer glitch delays thousands of passengers

9/6/2016 - One Swedish town is conducting a giant social experiment to make its workers happier

9/6/2016 - What is a Trump rally like without Trump? Very different.

9/6/2016 - An MIT astrophysicist explains what we’d see on a trip to Earth-like planet Proxima b

9/6/2016 - Lego is spending and hiring like crazy to become the world’s largest toymaker

9/6/2016 - Googling our medical symptoms is making us sicker

9/6/2016 - Wildly effective marketing has led Americans to eat way more protein than they actually need

9/6/2016 - Angola has fired its finance minister after talks with the IMF stalled

9/6/2016 - Stress in the classroom can be as contagious as the flu

9/6/2016 - The story of Philae, the little robot that flew across the solar system to land on a comet

9/6/2016 - The world’s largest living primate is now one step away from extinction

9/6/2016 - Leaders gather in Laos, Duterte’s apology, why bees buzz

9/6/2016 - The first humans in Australia may have encountered eight-foot-tall kangaroos

9/6/2016 - Despite a bloody nose, India’s largest telecom operator will survive the Reliance Jio punch

9/6/2016 - How India’s rich, middle class, and poor perceive its richest man Mukesh Ambani

9/6/2016 - A former Olympian’s advice for raising athletic kids without ruining their lives—or yours

9/6/2016 - Leaders gather in Laos, Duterte’s apology, selling lab-grown “meat”

9/6/2016 - Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte picked the wrong week to call Barack Obama a “son of a bitch”

9/6/2016 - Advise but obey: RBI governors were always expected to play the part of a “wife in a Hindu joint family”

9/6/2016 - Hong Kong’s historic 2016 Legislative Council election, in five charts

9/6/2016 - Yoga guru Ramdev believes he is the knight who will rescue Indians from foreign MNCs’ slavery

9/5/2016 - Leaders gather in Laos, oil goes for a ride, selling lab-grown “meat”

9/5/2016 - Brazil’s economy is still tanking. Could gambling save it?

9/5/2016 - One of the main things that got Britons to vote for Brexit isn’t going to happen after all

9/5/2016 - Meet the 22-year-old hot shot who ousted two-time champion Rafael Nadal from the US Open

9/5/2016 - Burning Man brings a severe case of the Mondays

9/5/2016 - Just three countries produce half the world’s refugees

9/5/2016 - Watch a rare double solar eclipse as seen from space

9/5/2016 - Lagos is imposing new taxi rules to clamp down on services like Uber

9/5/2016 - Every book lover will want to visit these unusual libraries from around the world

9/5/2016 - On your next vacation, stay at a castle built in the 1200s instead of a crappy motel

9/5/2016 - Why Harvard raising a record-breaking $7 billion is bad news for US education

9/5/2016 - To lure people put off by the freakiness of lab-made meat, this is what the industry wants to call it

9/5/2016 - If reducing clutter makes you feel better, why does throwing things away feel so awful?

9/5/2016 - Scientists are digging through the biggest collection of human waste in the US to figure out why we’re so unhealthy

9/5/2016 - Hong Kong’s elections, Merkel’s home-state defeat, Braconids

9/5/2016 - Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, environmentalist and animal rights activist, is the surprise winner in Hong Kong’s election

9/5/2016 - Meet Hollywood’s rattlesnake wrangler

9/5/2016 - The surprising but simple reason four-day workweeks are bad for your health

9/5/2016 - One change in US education could dramatically improve America’s relationship with the world

9/5/2016 - The complete guide to Trump’s many immigration policy mistakes

9/5/2016 - A year after Aylan Kurdi’s death, many countries are still failing in their promises to help refugees

9/5/2016 - An uneasy calm has settled over Gabon after days of post-election violence

9/5/2016 - A Kurdish refugee is using border fencing to turn memories of war into works of art

9/5/2016 - Obama’s latest CNN interview—and criticism of Beijing in the South China Sea—was banned in China

9/5/2016 - Two years after the Occupy protests, Hong Kong’s youth made big gains in a record-breaking election

9/5/2016 - The economist with a silver tongue: Raghuram Rajan’s most memorable quotes

9/5/2016 - What election? Information about Hong Kong’s historic vote is blocked or censored in China

9/5/2016 - Hong Kong’s elections, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, rethinking avocado toast

9/5/2016 - As India celebrates the festival of Ganesh, spare a thought for the 15,000 Asian elephants still in captivity

9/4/2016 - A record number of voters turned out for Hong Kong’s most important election since the Occupy protests

9/4/2016 - The ambitious plan to make India the new center of the experimental physics world

9/4/2016 - G20 summit, Brexit again, a new saint

9/4/2016 - One in four Americans didn’t open a book last year

9/4/2016 - Finally, a politician is talking about one of the biggest taboos of being a woman

9/4/2016 - Japan has warned that its car companies and banks could leave the UK because of Brexit

9/4/2016 - The UK is weirdly terrified of immigration from one specific country

9/4/2016 - Today, Mother Teresa becomes a saint

9/4/2016 - An African fable on how humans learned to walk could be the most translated short story ever

9/4/2016 - Your avocado toast may be killing the Monarch butterfly

9/4/2016 - “I was sixteen when he raped me.”

9/4/2016 - Technology is taking jobs away from men—and reviving a pre-industrial version of masculinity

9/4/2016 - Clenched fists, crossed arms and shaved heads: Africa’s evolving symbols of protest

9/4/2016 - Gabon’s shutdown, Nigeria’s slip, South Africa’s Afro

9/4/2016 - Mother Teresa’s sainthood means little today to the city she called home

9/4/2016 - Chinese parents sleep in “tents of love” outside their college kids’ dorms to make the goodbyes easier

9/3/2016 - We have been lying to ourselves about failure

9/3/2016 - When it comes to a crisis, Apple will fight back hard—unless people question its products

9/3/2016 - You’re not a jerk if you can’t remember faces: Facial blindness is a spectrum, neuroscientists say

9/3/2016 - Photos: This is the damage that tiny space debris traveling at incredible speeds can do

9/3/2016 - Michelle Obama stands up for the practical value of unpaid summer internships

9/3/2016 - AMC Theatres’ Chinese boss, Wang Jianlin, has a delusional plan to infiltrate American culture

9/3/2016 - Map: Which US states are the most well read?

9/3/2016 - Weekend edition—The joy of Brexit, hospital soundscapes, algorithmic bias

9/3/2016 - Another species threatened by climate change: your morning cup of coffee

9/3/2016 - Three charts that show how utterly addicted Americans still are to their smartphone apps

9/3/2016 - Weekend edition—The joy of Brexit, hospital soundscapes, algorithmic bias

9/3/2016 - Life in the UK after Brexit is going to be absolutely splendid

9/2/2016 - Weekend edition—The joy of Brexit, hospital soundscapes, algorithmic bias

9/2/2016 - Hillary Clinton is the Kim Kardashian of politics

9/2/2016 - Why it took nearly a week to confirm the president of Uzbekistan’s death

9/2/2016 - With a new ban on antibacterial soap, the US government is finally acknowledging that it’s not just ineffective, it’s also dangerous

9/2/2016 - Video replays have been used for the first time ever in an international soccer match

9/2/2016 - Cash-strapped startups are turning to a funding tactic used by oil and gas companies in the 1900s

9/2/2016 - An innovative new fabric made from plastic can keep you cooler than cotton

9/2/2016 - More Americans are using pot for fun, and everything is totally fine

9/2/2016 - Millions of stolen Last.fm passwords have been decrypted. These are the top 50

9/2/2016 - Trump, who boasts of buying politicians, just hired the man who put them up for sale

9/2/2016 - Infographic: How the US and the UK fueled the evolution of jazz

9/2/2016 - Against its nature, Apple may be warming up to the idea of opening up

9/2/2016 - One of the world’s most brutal tyrants has finally died

9/2/2016 - Quartzy: the burn it down edition

9/2/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg is back in Nigeria—this time, to meet the president

9/2/2016 - Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft are creating the Justice League for AI

9/2/2016 - Italy has forcibly deported Darfur migrants back to Sudan

9/2/2016 - The Flint effect: More worried people are drinking bottled water. They should stick to tap

9/2/2016 - SpaceX’s lost rocket could upset a global merger and delay America’s human spaceflight plans

9/2/2016 - Are you accurately balancing risk and return in your investments?

9/2/2016 - Are investors looking in the right places for higher returns?

9/2/2016 - Colin Kaepernick’s protest highlights America’s racist, hypocritical attitude toward patriotism

9/2/2016 - It’s not just you. Time really does seem to fly by faster as we age

9/2/2016 - Take Labor Day off: The US job market is doing kinda sorta okay

9/2/2016 - A year after Aylan Kurdi’s tragic death, the world is still numb to the Syrian refugee crisis

9/2/2016 - A former stop on the northern Silk Road is now home to China’s largest community of Muslims

9/2/2016 - Indian shopaholics, SpaceX explosion, affordable business class

9/2/2016 - In China’s northwest, find a city of relics at the desert’s door

9/2/2016 - It turns out that Roger Ailes may like to spy on the people who oppose him, too

9/2/2016 - Winona Ryder shows why we need more angry, rebellious women in pop culture

9/2/2016 - It’s time to get serious about Apple’s corrupted business model

9/2/2016 - The sneaky genius of America’s lenient return policies

9/2/2016 - What to expect at Apple’s iPhone 7 event

9/2/2016 - Baby lobsters “surf” jellyfish while they eat them

9/2/2016 - Promoting local languages will get more Africans connected online

9/2/2016 - Studies show people think caring about the environment is “feminine”

9/2/2016 - Samsung’s recall of its exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones is coming at a very bad time for the company

9/2/2016 - US jobs report, Melania sues the Mail, guilt-based vacation policies

9/2/2016 - Gabon is the latest African country to shut down its internet as election protests grow

9/2/2016 - Facebook’s influential Nigerian ‘brain trust’ is the reason Zuckerberg came to Lagos first

9/2/2016 - Video: The devastating deforestation of Papua for the palm oil industry, from above

9/2/2016 - China opened a school on a contested South China Sea island, and the first class was on sovereignty

9/2/2016 - Walmart is eliminating white-collar positions, and that means every job is under threat

9/2/2016 - 180 million workers have gone on strike in India

9/2/2016 - When Lacoste India trolled Amazon India on stage (perhaps unwittingly)

9/2/2016 - What works in Bollywood? Nobody has a goddamn clue

9/2/2016 - South Africa’s biggest state companies are getting caught up in politics—and it’s starting to hurt them

9/2/2016 - Melania sues the Mail, India goes on strike, a cucumber-sorting AI

9/2/2016 - India’s flawed federalism leaves the central government paralysed during communal violence

9/1/2016 - Vanuatu National Travel and Israel’s state airline El Al will vote in Hong Kong’s rigged election

9/1/2016 - Apple’s tax rate in China also appears to be remarkably low

9/1/2016 - Not even brightest minds in artificial intelligence can tell you how it’s going to change our lives

9/1/2016 - Watch Nelson Mandela’s first television interview, released to the world for the first time

9/1/2016 - SpaceX explodes, India goes on strike, a cucumber-sorting AI

9/1/2016 - The Philippines doesn’t know what to do with its homeless people during Miss Universe

9/1/2016 - Apple’s new rule will force Google, Amazon, and others to shorten their app names

9/1/2016 - Refugee Olympic team receives hero’s welcome at Kenya refugee camp

9/1/2016 - While Twitter chases ISIL accounts away, homegrown extremists are thriving on the platform

9/1/2016 - John Turturro’s moving closing argument from “The Night Of” joins the pantheon of great courtroom scenes

9/1/2016 - The line-up of music acts supporting the “Blurred Lines” plagiarism appeal would make for a great concert

9/1/2016 - Islam has become America’s favorite metaphor for “really bad”

9/1/2016 - The only startup founders who can embrace failure are the ones privileged enough to survive it

9/1/2016 - One of the world’s largest cemeteries is expanding faster than ever

9/1/2016 - Get over it, America: Pumpkin spice lattes are simply delicious

9/1/2016 - The first satellite in Facebook’s plan for global internet access just exploded

9/1/2016 - You can’t buy advertising like Kanye West’s poem about McDonald’s french fries

9/1/2016 - The ultimate promise of artificial intelligence lies in sorting cucumbers

9/1/2016 - A century-old Parisian shoe company is entrusting its legacy to a designer known for fancy sweats

9/1/2016 - Donald Trump finally explained his immigration plan, and it’s all about protecting white power

9/1/2016 - Why do we still use the term “sub-Saharan Africa”?

9/1/2016 - Georgetown University will offer an admissions advantage to descendants of slaves

9/1/2016 - The Supreme Court won’t let North Carolina use its racist voting law

9/1/2016 - Zoo monkeys are losing an important part of their biology in captivity

9/1/2016 - Bill Nye is getting his own Netflix show, nearly 20 years after “the Science Guy” ended

9/1/2016 - Scientists think anti-inflammatory drugs could offer a new way to treat depression

9/1/2016 - A group of Hindu Republicans is enlisting Bollywood stars to get Indian-Americans to vote for Trump

9/1/2016 - The future of Spanish-speaking America is under threat

9/1/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg has made a surprise visit to Nairobi to learn about mobile money

9/1/2016 - A SpaceX rocket has exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral

9/1/2016 - If you want to avoid baby-naming regret, think like a posh Brit

9/1/2016 - By next century the UK might be hosting every other Olympics, because of climate change

9/1/2016 - Nigeria’s Central Bank is backtracking on plans to ban operators disrupting remittances

9/1/2016 - A day after Nigeria entered an official recession, its oldest working airline is closing shop

9/1/2016 - Millennials are deluding themselves about eating less meat

9/1/2016 - Australia’s sadist solution to asylum seekers isn’t a wall—it’s a moat

9/1/2016 - A crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $100,000 to rescue two climbers in Pakistan

9/1/2016 - Watch a “ring of fire” solar eclipse as it darkens Africa’s skies

9/1/2016 - In the last 30 years, Silicon Valley homeowners earned enough to buy a Rolls Royce, while in the rest of the country they earned a Hyundai

9/1/2016 - Venezuelans protest, Samsung’s burning problem, ISIL vs. FIFA

9/1/2016 - Reliance Jio bombshell: The good, the bad, and the ugly

9/1/2016 - Scientists have finally decided we are in the “age of humans”

9/1/2016 - India’s richest man unleashes a long-awaited disruption in the country’s $50 billion telecom sector

9/1/2016 - To encourage others, the US has paid more than $100 million to just over 30 corporate whistleblowers

9/1/2016 - Mexico’s president reminded Donald Trump how outdated his border rhetoric really is

9/1/2016 - The 3.7 billion-year-old fossils discovered in Greenland might be proof that there’s life on other planets

9/1/2016 - Violence breaks out in Gabon after controversial presidential election results

9/1/2016 - Sydney and Melbourne have canceled concerts celebrating Chairman Mao

9/1/2016 - With 13 Indians affected in Singapore, the deadly Zika virus now looms over 1.3 billion

9/1/2016 - The complete guide to cycling to work

9/1/2016 - If India wants to become a superpower, it has to stop trying to become the next China

9/1/2016 - Two years after the Occupy protests, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy parties are their own worst enemy

9/1/2016 - The billionaire retailer who wants to rule every kitchen in India

9/1/2016 - Venezuela’s protest, Trump vs. Peña Nieto, Sharia vs. FIFA

9/1/2016 - As Hong Kong goes to the polls, why isn’t the Communist Party on the ballot?