10/31/2017 - Four frightening facts Facebook disclosed at the Congressional hearing today

10/31/2017 - New York terror attack kills eight, bitcoin futures market, city mouse genetics

10/31/2017 - What we know about the deadly “act of terror” near the World Trade Center site in New York

10/31/2017 - Food waste, tech testimony, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/31/2017 - The world is globalizing whether Donald Trump likes it or not—and we must learn to navigate it

10/31/2017 - Bats

10/31/2017 - Eating spicy foods can make your low-salt food taste saltier

10/31/2017 - Anthony Bourdain says this Italian classic is today’s must-watch horror movie

10/31/2017 - On Halloween, the White House released a new look for Donald Trump

10/31/2017 - The iPhone X reviews are in and people seem happy despite the price tag

10/31/2017 - A nine-step plan for conquering social anxiety that won’t overwhelm you

10/31/2017 - The judge presiding over Paul Manafort’s case also ruled on Clinton’s role in Benghazi

10/31/2017 - The mobile internet is the internet

10/31/2017 - What Facebook and Twitter will say in Congress today and tomorrow

10/31/2017 - Samsung makes a clean sweep of its leadership

10/31/2017 - The EU-Turkey deal returned just 4% of migrants who undertook the dangerous journey to Greece

10/31/2017 - Trump’s chief of staff said a “lack of ability to compromise” caused the Civil War. That’s extremely incorrect

10/31/2017 - A philosopher ponders the death of the American dream

10/31/2017 - The worst Halloween candy can also put you in the hospital if you eat too much

10/31/2017 - Kenya’s opposition is advocating peaceful resistance but that isn’t easing fears or frustration

10/31/2017 - How to watch Facebook, Google, and Twitter testify in the Senate

10/31/2017 - Humans are psychologically hardwired to see ghosts

10/31/2017 - A simple math lesson for Donald Trump Jr.

10/31/2017 - Still without power, some Puerto Ricans are making DIY washing machines

10/31/2017 - Economics can help you maximize your trick-or-treat strategy

10/31/2017 - Under Armour is “incredibly disappointed” with its own sales performance

10/31/2017 - What to watch for when America’s tech giants testify on Russian hacking today

10/31/2017 - A “Spooky Sounds” playlist direct from outer space, compiled by NASA for Halloween

10/31/2017 - Student debt is so terrifying, it’s now the subject of a John Grisham thriller

10/31/2017 - A horror maestro says Rotten Tomatoes is the best thing to happen to the movie business

10/31/2017 - Women dress as “sluts” on Halloween because it’s the one night of shame escapism

10/31/2017 - Donald Trump’s big mouth keeps killing his own directives

10/31/2017 - This simple, five-minute exercise will help you build a better presentation

10/31/2017 - The key to managing millenials is to let them fail

10/31/2017 - Who is Jerome Powell, the likely next chairman of the Fed?

10/31/2017 - What does Paul Manafort’s indictment mean for US tax reform?

10/31/2017 - A top business school takes students to the zoo to teach them what it means to be human

10/31/2017 - A business trip to a haunted hotel showed me the power of the paranormal

10/31/2017 - A researcher found a bug that let him access Google’s database of bugs

10/31/2017 - The mistake of seeing only some jobs as creative

10/31/2017 - Getty Images and Instagram gave these photographers $10,000 each for documenting underrepresented communities

10/31/2017 - The Dutch government funds three YouTubers to get high and record their drug trips

10/31/2017 - A judge called out Trump’s tweets in an order blocking his transgender soldier ban

10/31/2017 - Kenya’s largest supermarket has gone bankrupt and rivals are set to snap up its empty stores

10/31/2017 - The first known visitor from outside our solar system has been spotted

10/31/2017 - The Fed meets, Russia’s Facebook reach, AI horror stories

10/31/2017 - These Chinese grannies have become viral sensations for their real talk on how to be modern women

10/31/2017 - No creature who encounters pizza remains unchanged—including mice

10/31/2017 - The uncomfortable parallels between ICOs and the “penny stock” underworld

10/31/2017 - African countries are having a risky affair with eurobond debt and it could end very badly

10/31/2017 - An idiom uttered by Xi Jinping perfectly describes Mark Zuckerberg’s frustrating China courtship

10/31/2017 - The anti-corruption fight of Nigeria’s president Buhari has hit close to home

10/31/2017 - Four charts and a table: more proof of India’s job crisis

10/31/2017 - Seven reasons why Chinese-made Hindu gods rule Indian markets

10/31/2017 - Euro-zone GDP, Samsung soars, AI horror stories

10/31/2017 - Euro-zone GDP, Samsung soars, AI horror stories

10/31/2017 - For a Chinese company building Central Africa’s first auto plant it’s been a bumpy road

10/31/2017 - India’s $150 billion IT industry is looking for its lost mojo in startups

10/31/2017 - The pioneers of Indian angel investing are now getting into the venture capital game

10/31/2017 - Amid China’s growing clout, Indian and US interests in the Asia Pacific are out of sync

10/30/2017 - The head of AIG sent employees a memo urging them to oppose the Congressional 401(k) cap

10/30/2017 - The mysterious professor who tried to connect Trump to the Kremlin is probably Joseph Mifsud

10/30/2017 - Trump advisors charged, tech giants testify, AI horror stories

10/30/2017 - Mueller investigation, newest gilded age, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/30/2017 - Your iPhone’s AI is tracking all your pictures that it thinks are bras

10/30/2017 - Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere spiked in 2016, setting a new, 800,000-year record

10/30/2017 - Vending machines

10/30/2017 - The era of easily faked, AI-generated photos is quickly emerging

10/30/2017 - Japan’s overwork culture is famous, but the US version may be just as bad

10/30/2017 - Interactive quiz: How well do you know the South Bay?

10/30/2017 - Interactive quiz: How well do you really know Fresno county?

10/30/2017 - Mental health and wellness aren’t the same

10/30/2017 - Paul Manafort’s day, in one photo

10/30/2017 - Facebook is facing a class-action lawsuit for trying to avoid paying its workers overtime

10/30/2017 - Elon Musk’s first photo of the tunnel he’s building to banish Los Angeles’ “soul-destroying” traffic

10/30/2017 - Paul Manafort was renting his New York apartment (probably illegally) on Airbnb

10/30/2017 - 2017: the year that horror saved Hollywood

10/30/2017 - If you want a review of the iPhone X right now, be prepared to watch a lot of random videos

10/30/2017 - MIT researchers trained AI to write horror stories based on 140,000 Reddit posts

10/30/2017 - The indictment against Paul Manafort lists all of the properties he may have to give up

10/30/2017 - Art fairs may be nearing peak globally but in Africa they’re just getting started

10/30/2017 - A Trump campaign aide who thought he was meeting Putin’s niece admits lying to the FBI

10/30/2017 - The name “Trump” never appears in the FBI’s indictment of Manafort and Gates

10/30/2017 - Apple reportedly fired an engineer because his daughter posted an iPhone X video from its secretive campus

10/30/2017 - Would the world be more peaceful if there were more women leaders?

10/30/2017 - Watch SpaceX launch a satellite and outfly the world’s rocket-makers

10/30/2017 - Vinyl is the new Netflix (but the old DVDs-on-demand Netflix)

10/30/2017 - Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein made the same mistake in their public “apologies”

10/30/2017 - This film is made entirely with surveillance footage

10/30/2017 - The alt-right is creating its own dialect. Here’s the dictionary

10/30/2017 - The 12 charges against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates

10/30/2017 - A new study shows how managers can double employee satisfaction and trust

10/30/2017 - Read the federal indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates

10/30/2017 - Just five tech companies account for a quarter of the US stock market’s blockbuster year

10/30/2017 - Samsung’s leadership drama hasn’t stopped it from having a dream earnings run this year

10/30/2017 - Without net neutrality in Portugal, mobile internet is bundled like a cable package

10/30/2017 - Kevin Spacey: Your apology for an alleged sexual assault is not the time to come out

10/30/2017 - Who are Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, the Trump associates charged in the FBI’s Russia investigation?

10/30/2017 - Kenya’s president has been re-elected with more than 98% of the vote—but a political stand-off persists

10/30/2017 - The networking faux pas almost everyone makes

10/30/2017 - The case for prescribing Adderall to kids who don’t have ADD

10/30/2017 - All relationship problems stem from one persistent myth about romance

10/30/2017 - Our crowded, lengthy commutes are making us more lonely than ever

10/30/2017 - Chinese universities are falling over themselves to teach “Xi Jinping Thought”

10/30/2017 - China’s air pollution is hindering its ability to produce solar power

10/30/2017 - FBI Russia probe charges, Kevin Spacey apologizes, interstellar comet

10/30/2017 - A London home that “rivals Buckingham Palace” is on sale for $131 million

10/30/2017 - Brexit help wanted: Europe’s biggest exchanges seek new CEOs

10/30/2017 - China’s planning a 1,000km tunnel to divert water away from one of India’s largest rivers

10/30/2017 - China is blocking the world’s hottest video game because it lacks “core socialist values”

10/30/2017 - India’s ambitious IT literacy plan is stumbling over poor infrastructure and faulty processes

10/30/2017 - TPP talks resume, US election-probe arrests, interstellar comet

10/30/2017 - TPP talks resume, US election-probe arrests, interstellar comet

10/30/2017 - Murder of a president: How India and the UN mucked up completely in Afghanistan

10/30/2017 - With less flab and more cheese, Domino’s gets back to shape in India

10/30/2017 - Memo to Infosys: Stop squabbling with Murthy and get back to work ASAP

10/29/2017 - Halloween is a $1 billion celebration of cuteness and grossness in Japan

10/29/2017 - Watch: Trump’s top intelligence officials confirm Russia meddled in the US election

10/29/2017 - TPP talks resume, FBI Russian arrests, Iceland’s leftists

10/29/2017 - The 79-year history of Silicon Valley’s first tech startup was destroyed in the Santa Rosa fires

10/29/2017 - The Gambia is now free and democratic so Europe is pushing its migrants to go home

10/29/2017 - What it feels like to battle a sex addiction

10/29/2017 - Martin Luther’s defining act that sparked the Protestant Reformation probably never happened

10/29/2017 - US GDP grew faster in 2013 and 2014 than it is now

10/29/2017 - In pictures: Asia’s biggest LGBT pride parade

10/29/2017 - The best diamonds in the world are buried at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

10/29/2017 - The data on how many new mothers die in the US are in shambles

10/29/2017 - What’s killing America’s new mothers?

10/29/2017 - “Daylight Savings” is grammatically incorrect

10/29/2017 - If scheduling causes you conflict, maybe you’re on “event time”

10/29/2017 - Kenya should look to its election crisis as a moment of political growth

10/29/2017 - Zimbabwe’s bitcoin, South Africa’s black graduates, Ethiopia’s boom

10/28/2017 - Daylight saving time is incredibly disruptive—here’s how to reset

10/28/2017 - Barack Obama’s got jury duty

10/28/2017 - What makes Catalonia so different from Spain? A lot.

10/28/2017 - Nearly half of all internet traffic in Zimbabwe goes to WhatsApp

10/28/2017 - Why did Best Buy add $100 to the price of the iPhone X?

10/28/2017 - Documenting life after a Category-5 hurricane flattens your island

10/28/2017 - The invitation for today’s white supremacist gatherings in Tennessee is anti-Trump

10/28/2017 - Retailers are missing opportunities to win against Amazon

10/28/2017 - Puerto Ricans, washing in contaminated water, face the spread of disease

10/28/2017 - Ugandan lawmakers are being “bribed” to extend president Museveni’s rule

10/28/2017 - There’s precedent for Amazon competing with so many companies. It doesn’t end well.

10/28/2017 - The American civic duty of facing weaponized social media

10/28/2017 - With more superstorms predicted, there’s a dream project to keep New York above water

10/28/2017 - Cut your phone dependence with an app that plants trees as a reward

10/28/2017 - A small town in Iceland created a “levitating” crosswalk to slow traffic

10/28/2017 - One historic meeting determined the size and shape of every passport in the world today

10/28/2017 - The grown-ups steal the show in the new season of “Stranger Things”

10/28/2017 - A 1980 letter—shorter than this post—helped fuel the US opioid crisis

10/28/2017 - Weekend edition—Princess Moana, free-range humans, nuclear weapons

10/28/2017 - The US cities with the highest concentrations of working artists

10/28/2017 - Halloween costume ideas for the new global economy, 2017

10/28/2017 - Weekend edition—Princess Moana, free-range humans, nuclear weapons

10/28/2017 - The Double Ninth festival is a great reminder of the importance of disaster preparedness

10/28/2017 - Weekend edition—Princess Moana, free-range humans, nuclear weapons

10/27/2017 - What’s being said about Robert Mueller’s indictments in the Trump-Russia probe

10/27/2017 - Weekend edition—Princess Moana, free-range humans, nuclear weapons

10/27/2017 - Uber is done playing fast-and-loose with the law

10/27/2017 - Catalonia’s independence, Putin’s revenge, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/27/2017 - The unpopular case for capping the 401(k) contribution

10/27/2017 - Ford built a robot butt to test the seats in its cars

10/27/2017 - America’s biggest tech companies grew the size of two Goldmans in four hours

10/27/2017 - White supremacists are rallying in Tennessee this weekend. Here’s what to expect

10/27/2017 - The JFK files

10/27/2017 - France has sentenced the playboy son of Africa’s longest serving president to three years in jail

10/27/2017 - Tolerance is for cowards

10/27/2017 - The modern workplace doesn’t work for introverts, and that’s an expensive problem

10/27/2017 - Nerds rejoice: Google just released its internal tool to collaborate on AI

10/27/2017 - Ex-Yankees manager Joe Girardi and the case for giving all leaders term limits

10/27/2017 - If you type 1+2+3 into your iPhone’s calculator on iOS 11, you probably won’t get 6

10/27/2017 - Amazon just explained how Whole Foods fits into its plan for world domination

10/27/2017 - Washington Post editor Marty Baron on life with Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos

10/27/2017 - Other things I could have spent that $1,000 on while waiting to order an iPhone X at 3am

10/27/2017 - All the reasons Puerto Rico’s $300-million contract with Whitefish Energy is under investigation

10/27/2017 - Can humans ever feel truly intimate with robots?

10/27/2017 - Ditching daylight savings, the most powerful passport, London’s “toxicity charge”

10/27/2017 - As Amazon considers getting into drugs, CVS looks for cover in health insurance

10/27/2017 - A paralyzed man can stand again after an experimental epidural treatment

10/27/2017 - Quartzy: the strange things edition

10/27/2017 - Quartzy: the strange things edition

10/27/2017 - Catalonia formally declared independence from Spain and immediately lost all autonomy

10/27/2017 - Rotten Tomatoes, the bane of Hollywood, is coming to Facebook

10/27/2017 - Nivea’s fair skin products are only capitalizing on an age-old African insecurity

10/27/2017 - Cuba says cicadas are behind the “sonic attacks” that injured US diplomats in Havana

10/27/2017 - Black Brits are more than seven times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people

10/27/2017 - Wall Street’s research jobs are the most likely to be upended by artificial intelligence

10/27/2017 - Germany’s automotive giants top the charts for autonomous-driving patents

10/27/2017 - Norway’s $1-trillion sovereign wealth fund is on an 11-month winning streak

10/27/2017 - The first JFK files ignited conspiracy theories around the world in 1964

10/27/2017 - Watch: The opening scene of “Stranger Things” owes everything to “E.T.”

10/27/2017 - An Oxford philosopher explains what it feels like to take a “true” smart drug

10/27/2017 - After a mass shooting, Las Vegas can find resilience in its shady past

10/27/2017 - Russia’s latest attempt to arrest Bill Browder shows how autocracies abuse Interpol

10/27/2017 - The physics of time travel isn’t just the stuff of science fiction

10/27/2017 - I’m part of the Trump Resistance… unless it interferes with my tennis game.

10/27/2017 - Boys aren’t learning how to handle rejection, with dangerous consequences

10/27/2017 - A culturally insensitive nursing textbook illustrates the pickle medicine is in

10/27/2017 - Only a third of Kenyans voted in the repeat presidential election

10/27/2017 - To see more women in science, deal with test-taking anxiety in girls

10/27/2017 - What to expect when Twitter, Facebook, and Google testify in Congress on Nov. 1

10/27/2017 - iPhone X pre-orders, Australia’s shakeup, genius daydreamers

10/27/2017 - The JFK files reveal the US government considered paying Cubans two cents to assassinate Castro

10/27/2017 - RBS is making money again. It won’t last.

10/27/2017 - Photos: Marawi City in the Philippines is basically destroyed after months of fighting

10/27/2017 - Time is on the side of these three Chinese Communist Party leaders who could succeed Xi

10/27/2017 - A new type of leader is emerging in Silicon Valley

10/27/2017 - Australia’s wild dual-citizenship scandal is on the verge of bringing down its government

10/27/2017 - A teenager in Japan is suing her school for forcing her to dye her natural brown hair black

10/27/2017 - India’s conservative culture is making it tough to raise awareness about breast cancer

10/27/2017 - Half-a-rupee to wash a shirt: How over 37 million Indian home-based workers survive

10/27/2017 - This earnings season is testimony that Indian IT is all battered and bruised

10/27/2017 - Catalan crisis, Australian shakeup, robotic aquabees

10/27/2017 - Catalan crisis, Australian shakeup, robotic aquabees

10/27/2017 - An Indian theatre company is out to prove that plus-sized actors aren’t a joke or a problem

10/27/2017 - A celebration of Indian design, from the humble lota to the iconic Ambassador

10/26/2017 - Congress wants an investigation of an $8,000 party for a White House nominee

10/26/2017 - China has a ‘silent killer’ on its hands and no plans to stop it

10/26/2017 - Managed by Q’s “good jobs strategy” is paying off for workers—and the company

10/26/2017 - This is what happens when Amazon beats earnings

10/26/2017 - CVS-Aetna buyout talks, Alphabet & Amazon earnings, robotic aquabees

10/26/2017 - Mark Halperin will be tried in public because his accusers can’t take him to court

10/26/2017 - Yet again Alphabet proved being a one-trick pony can be a very lucrative business

10/26/2017 - Another superstorm could hit New York on the five-year anniversary of Sandy

10/26/2017 - Satya Nadella just hit one of Microsoft’s most ambitious goals a year early

10/26/2017 - The secret superpowers of jellyfish

10/26/2017 - Twitter says it’s banning Russian ads that Russia says it solicited

10/26/2017 - Quantum computing

10/26/2017 - Opiate announcement, secret Botox formula, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/26/2017 - Facebook’s Workplace is gaining ground as it prepares to pounce on Slack

10/26/2017 - You can be fired for using marijuana even when it’s legal

10/26/2017 - Do these five things to become a better mentee

10/26/2017 - Please don’t tell your kids they can’t dress as Moana this Halloween

10/26/2017 - All you need to know about the new restrictions on traveling to the US

10/26/2017 - Scientists made robotic bees to one day study the ocean

10/26/2017 - Harvey Weinstein’s only 2018 Oscar contender is scrubbing his name from its existence

10/26/2017 - Nike’s plan to shave a month off its shoe delivery times

10/26/2017 - The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is donating money to the towns that Facebook helped gentrify

10/26/2017 - The grand new tradition of football players who are also Homecoming Queens

10/26/2017 - Daydreaming may, in fact, be a sign of greater intelligence

10/26/2017 - Kenya has postponed elections in parts of the country after clashes and mass boycott

10/26/2017 - The latest ransomware presents itself as an Adobe Flash Player download

10/26/2017 - Renewable energy is creating US jobs twice as fast as any other industry

10/26/2017 - There’s a lot to not hate about the Google Pixelbook—except its price

10/26/2017 - Students will pay an astronomical amount for university in the US in 2018

10/26/2017 - Twitter may finally have a profitable quarter, and its stock is soaring

10/26/2017 - A rare look at how China elects its most powerful men confirms voting is just a formality

10/26/2017 - Trump has done 18 of his 23 mainstream TV interviews with Fox News

10/26/2017 - Japan’s main chat app shows how to turn a flat user base into soaring revenues

10/26/2017 - Here’s a glimpse, from 2010, of SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son’s vision of the future in 300 years

10/26/2017 - Why remote meetings are still so painful

10/26/2017 - Big tech firms like Amazon are eager to eat the banking industry’s lunch

10/26/2017 - The case for giving grunt work to your organization’s biggest stars

10/26/2017 - Non-GMO food labels are incredibly misleading—and could be harming you and the environment

10/26/2017 - There are now more billionaires in Asia than the US, but Americans own more billions

10/26/2017 - Microsoft and Harman Kardon built a smart speaker that’s more speaker than smart

10/26/2017 - The US government is willing to defend hate speech—but not boycotts of Israel

10/26/2017 - Trump says he wants to end the opioid crisis but everything’s he’s done undermines the cause

10/26/2017 - Lessons from a poor multi-ethnic school can heal a divided nation

10/26/2017 - It took a record 225 days for the Dutch to get a government

10/26/2017 - Front-facing cameras were never intended for selfies

10/26/2017 - Clinical trials are under fire, but as doctor with a rare cancer, I’m glad they exist

10/26/2017 - The reason why every cool guy wants to be a butcher or a bartender now

10/26/2017 - Your creativity may be helped by self-doubt, but it depends on what kind of doubt

10/26/2017 - Tighter US flight security, Thai king cremation, connected cows

10/26/2017 - Boycotts, weariness, and fear mark the start of Kenya’s repeat presidential election

10/26/2017 - Abandoned land in Japan will be the size of Austria by 2040

10/26/2017 - The story of Ethiopia’s incredible economic rise

10/26/2017 - Today’s front pages in China are all the same

10/26/2017 - 70 years after the crisis broke out, why is Kashmir still simmering?

10/26/2017 - The CEO of Lloyd’s of London says coming out made her a better boss and helped the industry

10/26/2017 - In a restive corner of Pakistan, a Kenyan startup will teach thousands of young people to code

10/26/2017 - Thai king cremation, New Zealand’s new era, noodle harassment

10/26/2017 - Thai king cremation, New Zealand’s new era, noodle harassment

10/26/2017 - As sugary soft drinks lose their fizz in India, PepsiCo is uncorking the healthy stuff

10/26/2017 - Behold, Thailand’s elaborate and historic royal funeral has begun

10/26/2017 - A German photographer’s heroic effort to give voice to the angst of sad office plants

10/26/2017 - An Indian designer is turning humble handwoven textiles into museum-worthy works of art

10/25/2017 - An HSBC manager tweaked titles and voice systems—transforming LGBT+ lives globally

10/25/2017 - Gigi Chao sparked a gay rights revolution in Chinese culture after her billionaire father’s marriage bounty

10/25/2017 - The island Bangladesh is thinking of putting refugees on is hardly an island at all

10/25/2017 - Where is Thengar Char?

10/25/2017 - Is cryptocurrency really the future of money?

10/25/2017 - Amazon Key, surging water rates, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/25/2017 - Kenyan election, Kaspersky code, Fats Domino

10/25/2017 - The frustrating incidents that led the NAACP to declare American Airlines unsafe for black travelers

10/25/2017 - Gravedigging

10/25/2017 - IBM is now giving new moms 20 weeks off (but is still rolling back telecommuting)

10/25/2017 - The US Senate is preventing companies like Equifax being held accountable for major screw-ups

10/25/2017 - This simple diagram will help you avoid giving terrible presentations

10/25/2017 - You only need to do three things to make a great presentation

10/25/2017 - Facebook thinks so little of us

10/25/2017 - Gucci has a “shadow committee” of millennial advisors

10/25/2017 - Amazon can now deliver straight into your living room

10/25/2017 - This map shows how depressingly far from recovery Puerto Rico still is

10/25/2017 - The mp3s for Trump’s weekly addresses say artist=Barack Obama

10/25/2017 - The awful truth of donating a dead body to “science”

10/25/2017 - Kit Harington’s nauseatingly gory “Gunpowder” series makes “Game of Thrones” look tame

10/25/2017 - Even Wall Street’s “dean of valuations” can’t value bitcoin

10/25/2017 - A new American revolution is starting in New England—against Daylight Saving Time

10/25/2017 - A hit Netflix show, like “Stranger Things,” might be as big as “Game of Thrones”

10/25/2017 - How the Republican budget plan paves the way for US tax reform

10/25/2017 - This new gene-editing tool allows geneticists to make incredibly precise changes to our DNA

10/25/2017 - Despite tests, Facebook is adamant it won’t charge publishers to stay in News Feed

10/25/2017 - For black South African students, the odds of graduating were better during apartheid

10/25/2017 - The best way to clean your apples, according to science

10/25/2017 - The invention that turned our phones into cameras was originally developed by NASA for space travel

10/25/2017 - All the buzzwords Xi Jinping added to the Chinese Communist Party’s constitution

10/25/2017 - DeepMind wants to find the next miracle material—experts just don’t know how they’ll pull it off

10/25/2017 - Spotify is not just streaming. It’s becoming the entire music industry.

10/25/2017 - The world’s most powerful passport is no longer European

10/25/2017 - Americans still love ordering from Grubhub

10/25/2017 - Namibia wants to regulate hotel disruptor Airbnb

10/25/2017 - Every future we think of follows one of four narratives

10/25/2017 - This new Twitter account hunts for bots that push political opinions

10/25/2017 - How boxing made me a better doctor

10/25/2017 - Japanese master craftsmen are making mini modernist furniture for cats

10/25/2017 - A drone video of a lonely mailman reveals California’s post-wildfire dystopia

10/25/2017 - Seven US states were too small to even apply for Amazon’s HQ2. (Two others tried anyway.)

10/25/2017 - Triclosan sticks to toothbrushes, exposing users even after they switch toothpaste

10/25/2017 - Stop kidding yourselves. The only thing that matters about Alphabet is Google’s ad business

10/25/2017 - A high-profile ICO is touting its latest invention: a dividend

10/25/2017 - How much emotion is too much emotion at work?

10/25/2017 - Kenya’s redo presidential election is mired in confusion and voter weariness

10/25/2017 - The true cost of the iPhone X, based on what you actually earn

10/25/2017 - Astronomers are using AI to find light bent by black holes in space

10/25/2017 - The UK has the world’s fourth-largest contingent of returning ISIL fighters

10/25/2017 - Millennials love classic brands because they’re desperate for security

10/25/2017 - Corporate America’s insistence on four-year degrees is a costly mistake

10/25/2017 - North Korea isn’t going to like the new stealth fighters about to be deployed in Japan

10/25/2017 - After firing workers in the US, Tesla is recruiting in China

10/25/2017 - German businesses have never been more confident than they are now

10/25/2017 - This British-Jamaican-Nigerian poet’s verses capture all the painful mundanity surrounding sexual assault

10/25/2017 - “Of course it’s a bubble”: Ethereum cofounder Joe Lubin isn’t worried about a crash

10/25/2017 - Equifax reports, Senate axes financial protections, Einstein’s happiness theory

10/25/2017 - Japanese ramen-maker Nissin wants to end “noodle harassment” with a slurp-canceling fork

10/25/2017 - A Nairobi photographer captures the “beauty in the mayhem” of Kenya’s rainy season

10/25/2017 - What you need to know to catch up on Catalonia’s convoluted bid for independence

10/25/2017 - And then there was one: A lone female sits among the top of China’s Communist Party

10/25/2017 - The upstart alcohol brand that wants to become India’s Jack Daniel’s

10/25/2017 - India’s big push for 5G is great on paper but too ambitious in practice

10/25/2017 - The Modi government wants to build over 83,000 km of roads—enough to go around the Earth twice

10/25/2017 - Putin’s favorite German, no Xi successor, Sony robot pup

10/25/2017 - Putin’s favorite German, no Xi successor, Sony robot pup

10/25/2017 - China’s Communist Party is all in on the power of technology

10/25/2017 - The 19th party congress leadership: A guide to China’s new Men in Black

10/25/2017 - India’s $32 billion bank rescue plan looks great—but the fine print is missing

10/25/2017 - What will it take to satisfy Infosys’s Narayana Murthy?

10/24/2017 - Facebook’s new Explore feed is a cesspool of the worst content on the internet

10/24/2017 - Xi’s successor? GM’s massive loss, Sony robot pup

10/24/2017 - Body brokers, presidential non-truths, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/24/2017 - The California power utility suspected in North Bay fires opposed safety measures over expense

10/24/2017 - Cassini

10/24/2017 - The democrats shouldn’t make Niger their Benghazi

10/24/2017 - How I’ve managed to grow my career without managing people

10/24/2017 - The Apple-Amazon standoff that makes it so annoying to buy ebooks on your iPhone

10/24/2017 - Small acts of self-expression can help you bring your whole self to work

10/24/2017 - The cruel “economic exile” that men like Harvey Weinstein can banish actresses to

10/24/2017 - Old dolphins with signs of Alzheimer’s show the danger of living beyond our reproductive years

10/24/2017 - Netflix and Amazon are spending billions on originals, but people prefer the old stuff

10/24/2017 - Saudi Arabia’s vision for future cities includes women jogging in sports bras and working side-by-side with men

10/24/2017 - Why Lord & Taylor is turning stores into WeWork spaces, according to its CEO

10/24/2017 - PayPal is now worth more than American Express

10/24/2017 - The mysterious case of the Afghan government Photoshopping pictures of Rex Tillerson’s visit

10/24/2017 - South Africa’s notoriously high crime rate is down, but it doesn’t feel that way

10/24/2017 - Sony thinks the path to success is robot dogs

10/24/2017 - North Korea could be secretly mining cryptocurrency on your computer

10/24/2017 - The cold war between the music world and YouTube is getting hotter

10/24/2017 - The best horror movies on streaming, according to Rotten Tomatoes

10/24/2017 - Read Albert Einstein’s handwritten advice from 1922 on living a happy life

10/24/2017 - The Niger ambush highlights the precarious nature of US military engagement in Africa

10/24/2017 - Two years later, the last of the vanished Hong Kong booksellers has been “freed” in China

10/24/2017 - A Chinese exhibit comparing Africans to animals shows the problematic racial attitudes in China

10/24/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg has inspired more humane policies for grieving workers at Facebook and beyond

10/24/2017 - Stop making charts when a table is better

10/24/2017 - The cure to hundreds of neurological diseases could be crawling outside your home

10/24/2017 - A pregnant, undocumented teen symbolizes the Trump administration’s attacks on human rights

10/24/2017 - The natural habitat for self-driving cars is the city. Here are all the ones piloting them.

10/24/2017 - How Hollywood manipulates you by using your childhood memories

10/24/2017 - Nearly a third of US white-collar workers have a disability, a new study finds

10/24/2017 - A humble blue ballet flat is challenging the reign of the 👠 emoji

10/24/2017 - The German finance ministry bid farewell to its boss with a big, black zero

10/24/2017 - There’s a third, newly-identified type of diabetes

10/24/2017 - The easiest ways to get the iPhone X on launch day

10/24/2017 - Airbnb is betting big on China, but its leadership there is in flux

10/24/2017 - US refugee rules, Xi’s Mao moment, worst queso scenario

10/24/2017 - The common bonus structures that can lead to corporate corruption scandals

10/24/2017 - Eastern Europe’s major economies are having an underappreciated “Goldilocks moment”

10/24/2017 - India’s biggest tax reform is choking the country’s big fat wedding industry

10/24/2017 - Cape Town’s drought and water shortage has officially escalated to disaster levels

10/24/2017 - China’s Xi Jinping just put himself on par with Mao

10/24/2017 - US refugee rules, Hong Kong activists, sweating blood

10/24/2017 - US refugee rules, Hong Kong activists, sweating blood

10/24/2017 - The Modi government’s “good and simple tax” has become a confusing mess

10/24/2017 - Singapore’s new car cap will keep over 1,500 cars from hitting its roads in a year

10/24/2017 - How India’s surrogacy ban is fuelling the baby trade in other countries

10/24/2017 - On Twitter, Indian entrepreneurs are basically online complaint boxes

10/23/2017 - Dr. Martens, the counterculture boot, is finding a new following in Asia

10/23/2017 - Nicaragua just signed the Paris climate accord, leaving only the US and Syria on the outside

10/23/2017 - Historians and JFK conspiracy theorists agree: Secret files will not tell all

10/23/2017 - Chinese scientists stuck a mouse gene into pigs to make 12 low-fat piglets

10/23/2017 - Tillerson’s secret trip, Snapchat’s hardware fail, Balenciaga sock-shoes

10/23/2017 - The EPA blocked its own scientists from presenting their climate research

10/23/2017 - Empire of painkillers, nuclear-armed bombers, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/23/2017 - An e-sports gambling site raised $31 million through an ICO and everything about it is remarkable

10/23/2017 - The dangerous way the Trump administration talks about black women

10/23/2017 - Israel arrested a Palestinian after Facebook translated “Good morning” as “Attack them”

10/23/2017 - Voting machines

10/23/2017 - Raccoons prove they understand cause-and-effect by passing the Aesop’s Fable test

10/23/2017 - Britain’s Channel 4 tried to prove racism exists in the most racist way possible

10/23/2017 - Trump rated his Puerto Rico hurricane response a 10. These photos tell a different story.

10/23/2017 - MBAs learn this simple framework for winning negotiations

10/23/2017 - Want to fix US corporations? Put regular workers on company boards

10/23/2017 - If the US government can’t explain AI’s decisions it shouldn’t use it

10/23/2017 - Megyn Kelly’s email to top brass at Fox News shows how women who speak up are often treated

10/23/2017 - Megyn Kelly found a new focus for her NBC morning show: calling out Fox News

10/23/2017 - Bitcoin is breaking all kinds of price records in cash-strapped Zimbabwe

10/23/2017 - Germany has set up a website to debunk the lies traffickers tell refugees

10/23/2017 - The Google Pixel 2 XL is a great phone if you have nothing else to rely on

10/23/2017 - Anyone can track you with $1,000 of online ads

10/23/2017 - Harvey Weinstein allegedly used “Project Runway” to meet models

10/23/2017 - You can now take a virtual walk on Mars in your browser, thanks to Google

10/23/2017 - The massive food-safety recall that hit Walmart and Trader Joe’s is actually good news

10/23/2017 - An actual email auto-reply from a vacationing venture capitalist

10/23/2017 - It seems Snap wildly overestimated how popular Spectacles were

10/23/2017 - For £36 a night, book-lovers can run a seaside bookshop in Scotland

10/23/2017 - Apple’s retail chief has rallied the troops: Do not upsell the iPhone X

10/23/2017 - One of Africa’s least connected countries is giving foreign travelers free Wi-Fi

10/23/2017 - The sneaky YouTube hack that made “rockstar” a number-one hit song

10/23/2017 - Donald Trump’s tax cuts benefit foreign investors more than the US middle class

10/23/2017 - What’s “demogorgon” in French? How Netflix translated “Stranger Things”

10/23/2017 - How a $700 sock with a sole became the hottest sneaker in fashion

10/23/2017 - Trump’s bureaucracy is nearly as white, male, and unequal as his cabinet

10/23/2017 - The psychology behind the way Netflix raises prices

10/23/2017 - The three stocks to watch for a cryptocurrency earnings boost this quarter

10/23/2017 - You don’t have to be a captain of industry to get a call from the CEO of Goldman Sachs

10/23/2017 - Why it feels good to be a jerk

10/23/2017 - Rock ‘n roll in the library? When music gods go old and grey

10/23/2017 - Three Star Trek technologies about to become reality will help us leapfrog our biggest limitations

10/23/2017 - Where the iPhone X is cheapest and most expensive—in dollars, pounds, and yuan

10/23/2017 - Twitter has a serious bot problem, and Wikipedia might have the solution

10/23/2017 - London’s toxicity charge, Tesla’s first China plant, fembot fashion

10/23/2017 - Tesla might soon have “made-in-China” cars, but they’ll still get taxed there like imports

10/23/2017 - “We are no different”: An awareness campaign in Zimbabwe sheds light on life with albinism

10/23/2017 - A Sunday in the life of a 90-year-old Indian auction house

10/23/2017 - From Goa to Greece, Airbnb wants the travel-mad Indian millennial to ditch the hotel room

10/23/2017 - Toxicity charge for London, China deal for Tesla, fembot fashion

10/23/2017 - Toxicity charge for London, China deal for Tesla, fembot fashion

10/23/2017 - Typhoon Lan lashed Tokyo on the weekend, but didn’t put a dent in election turnout

10/23/2017 - After analysing 4,000 films, researchers confirm that Bollywood movies are still crazy sexist

10/22/2017 - From roadside jugaad to unicorn-run chains, mobile repair is now serious business in India

10/22/2017 - Researchers have found an unexpected axis of North Korea’s cyber activity: India

10/22/2017 - Thai architects are eager to see the most important design of their lives go up in flames

10/22/2017 - Typhoon Lan’s landfall, Bergdahl gets sentenced, the panda boyfriend cure

10/22/2017 - In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, a 14-year-old catchphrase is quietly halted

10/22/2017 - Read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s short story on Instagram about Melania Trump

10/22/2017 - Pablo Neruda officially died of cancer, but a panel of forensic scientists disagrees

10/22/2017 - To get more out of aid and investment, developing countries need to focus on data collection

10/22/2017 - Shinzo Abe just moved closer to becoming Japan’s longest-serving leader

10/22/2017 - Robot women in Asia now have human stylists

10/22/2017 - Jimmy Carter would like Donald Trump to delegate the North Korea problem—to him

10/22/2017 - Shinzo Abe just got one step closer to realizing his mandate for Japan. Here’s what it looks like

10/22/2017 - North Korea wants the UN to protect it from “the boss of the international gangsters”

10/22/2017 - Canada is responding to women’s oppression by oppressing them differently

10/22/2017 - A MacArthur “genius” unearthed the secret images that AI uses to make sense of us

10/22/2017 - The entire global financial system depends on GPS, and it’s shockingly vulnerable to attack

10/22/2017 - There’s a fine line between what people want robots to do and not do for them

10/22/2017 - Nostalgia’s unexpected etymology explains why it can feel so painful

10/22/2017 - Ladies and gentlemen, the winners and losers of the electric car race (so far)

10/22/2017 - Your memories are idealized versions of a past that never existed

10/22/2017 - Google is teaching its AI how humans hug, cook, and fight

10/22/2017 - I wish I was the person my Pocket reading list says I am

10/22/2017 - Tanzania’s squeeze on mining firms seems to be working as it gets $300 million in back taxes

10/22/2017 - It’s not so surprising WHO’s new director tried to make Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador

10/22/2017 - Kenya’s election redo, Mozambique’s East Germans, Africa’s western literature

10/21/2017 - The maker of Tasers ignored US government demands because of a spam filter

10/21/2017 - Super Typhoon Lan is headed for Japan

10/21/2017 - Trump isn’t going to block the release of the final JFK files and wants everyone to know

10/21/2017 - South Africa’s media is still held back by a lack of diversity and undue political influence

10/21/2017 - North Korea wrote an open letter to the West, and it’s a doozy

10/21/2017 - Costco has officially raised the alarm on US tariffs

10/21/2017 - Why more bosses aren’t talking about sexual harassment

10/21/2017 - Amazon’s Whole Foods deal isn’t disrupting grocery prices

10/21/2017 - The negotiating advice Sheryl Sandberg hates giving women—but needs to

10/21/2017 - The “mean man” advantage

10/21/2017 - Yes, Puerto Rico pays federal taxes. Here’s how much

10/21/2017 - Male silence after #MeToo is teaching algorithms what being a man means

10/21/2017 - The Middle-Eastern American writer behind Marvel’s Iceman, the most visible gay superhero yet

10/21/2017 - Forget the “tech backlash”—Americans still like Facebook, Google, and Amazon

10/21/2017 - Weekend edition—Cloaking devices, Twitter’s apathy, going to the mattresses

10/21/2017 - The quirky San Quentin crossword puzzle features prison slang and Solange

10/21/2017 - Behavioral science is influencing policymaking—and helping parents teach their kids to read

10/21/2017 - An emotional photo makes a timely point about leadership in the face of disaster

10/21/2017 - Inspired by #MeToo, I talked to a sexist I actually love

10/21/2017 - Weekend edition—Cloaking devices, Twitter’s apathy, going to the mattresses

10/21/2017 - Finally, Japan’s push for female empowerment is being lead by a woman

10/21/2017 - Weekend edition—Cloaking devices, Twitter’s apathy, going to the mattresses

10/20/2017 - Weekend edition—Cloaking devices, Twitter’s apathy, going to the mattresses

10/20/2017 - Pollution’s price tag, police body cams, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/20/2017 - Pigs of New York

10/20/2017 - Jean-Claude Van Damme is bringing absurdity back to the action genre

10/20/2017 - Facebook is teaming up with governments to protect elections from fake news

10/20/2017 - Puerto Rico is becoming a textbook example of how waterborne disease outbreaks spread

10/20/2017 - A few choice words from United’s CEO has investors calling for his resignation

10/20/2017 - Managers could learn a lot from Larry David—seriously

10/20/2017 - Bitcoin’s latest record high makes Satoshi Nakamoto the 247th richest person in the world

10/20/2017 - Top figures in Trump’s White House are making war with North Korea sound inevitable

10/20/2017 - Stitch Fix is going public, anticipating a future too busy for shopping

10/20/2017 - This video shows how valuable your personal data really are

10/20/2017 - The White House held a fancy party for its new DHS nominee, then sent the agency the bill

10/20/2017 - The plague has already killed nearly 100 people in Madagascar

10/20/2017 - While Elon Musk is firing his US workers, he’s giving the Germans a huge pay rise

10/20/2017 - LaCroix’s CEO went on a rant in a bizarre, ALL-CAPS press release

10/20/2017 - Amber Tamblyn’s support of Charlyne Yi over husband David Cross is a lesson in sisterhood

10/20/2017 - Silicon Valley’s march to reshape American culture just got clearer with a near-invisible store in Chicago

10/20/2017 - Quartzy: the new look edition

10/20/2017 - Quartzy: the new look edition

10/20/2017 - Everything you need to know about Kenya’s 2017 election crisis to date

10/20/2017 - Facebook buys TBH, Da Vinci’s last masterpiece, the demise of gasoline

10/20/2017 - Jeff Bezos built a huge rocket engine and now Elon Musk has real competition

10/20/2017 - Fragments of Halley’s Comet will fly across the sky this weekend as shooting stars

10/20/2017 - Ads can ruin your kids’ expectations about sex and relationships earlier than you think

10/20/2017 - Adam Grant’s simple matrix to get employees (or kids) more engaged and creative

10/20/2017 - “Burnout” is not only a personal problem, it’s a workplace problem

10/20/2017 - David Fincher, the first filmmaker to defect to Netflix, perfectly sums up modern cinema

10/20/2017 - The psychological case for forcing yourself to watch scary movies

10/20/2017 - The world is abandoning coal-fired electricity at an astonishing pace

10/20/2017 - Want to learn how to get what you want? Read one man’s letter to SNL

10/20/2017 - Big tech companies won’t change until they are regulated like banks

10/20/2017 - Driving for Uber can feel a lot like playing the slot machines

10/20/2017 - The fake-news hack that nearly started a war this summer was designed for one man: Donald Trump

10/20/2017 - Having a baby sharpened my business skills

10/20/2017 - Twitter doesn’t need more policies, it needs diverse moderators

10/20/2017 - Facebook treats its ethical failures like software bugs, and that’s why they keep happening

10/20/2017 - A top Clinton advisor is helping tech companies push against regulations on political ads

10/20/2017 - We’re running out of big ideas

10/20/2017 - A judge is poised to decide whether graffiti can be protected by law

10/20/2017 - The “Czech Trump,” Japan votes, hedge fund hazelnuts

10/20/2017 - The search for MH370 is on again thanks to a “no find, no fee” offer

10/20/2017 - The Diwali tradition of playing cards is turning into a high-stakes affair online

10/20/2017 - Millions of South Africans have had their most private information exposed

10/20/2017 - A day after Diwali, Indian cities woke up to some insane pollution levels

10/20/2017 - Pollution kills more people in India than anywhere else in the world

10/20/2017 - Czech election, PayPal soars, cave on the moon

10/20/2017 - Czech election, PayPal soars, cave on the moon

10/20/2017 - Duty and danger: For Delhi’s firefighters, Diwali has a dark side

10/19/2017 - China’s skewed sex ratio makes president Xi’s job a lot harder

10/19/2017 - Everything you should know about Japan’s oddly drama-filled elections

10/19/2017 - Czech election, Lyft’s new investor, and a moon cave

10/19/2017 - Construction is as far from a Silicon Valley darling as you can get—and that’s why it’s ready for automation

10/19/2017 - Insects in danger, Puerto Rico’s decline, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/19/2017 - A 1-minute clip from a Dustin Hoffman interview sums up the life’s work of a Nobel-winning economist

10/19/2017 - Finding life in the deep sea is helping science understand our planet

10/19/2017 - Maple syrup

10/19/2017 - Looks like Facebook’s latest feature may only make your “filter bubble” worse

10/19/2017 - Flying empty jets across the country is only the latest way GE wastes money on executives

10/19/2017 - British bird feeders may have changed the way birds’ beaks are shaped

10/19/2017 - Scientists found a moon cave that’s big enough to be an astronaut base

10/19/2017 - The US government keeps spectacularly underestimating solar energy installation

10/19/2017 - China’s Baidu is the one to beat in the race to driverless cars

10/19/2017 - Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s first 20 tweets: the wisdom, the dad jokes, the sick burns

10/19/2017 - The twelve world leaders in their thirties—charted

10/19/2017 - A cryptocurrency raised $400 million to avoid bitcoin’s “civil war” and now has its own

10/19/2017 - Here’s the poem Elon Musk says inspired his second Boring machine

10/19/2017 - After submarines and baby strollers, Aston Martin is branching out into luxury condos

10/19/2017 - Nivea wants Africans to “visibly lighten” their skin in another of its racially controversial ads

10/19/2017 - Statistics are a terrible way of grasping the true magnitude of the world’s sex-crime problem

10/19/2017 - A new global solution to money laundering will mainly just help rich countries

10/19/2017 - Five methods for turning invisible, ranked by the inventor of a real-life invisibility cloak

10/19/2017 - To manage effectively, think of delegation as a goal, not a means

10/19/2017 - Men paralyzed by #MeToo: Here’s why you need to speak up—and how

10/19/2017 - Uber drivers thought leasing cars would boost their credit scores. Wrong.

10/19/2017 - Hollywood won’t solve its sexual abuse problem until it has more women bosses

10/19/2017 - The miracle of compound interest can also apply to your career

10/19/2017 - The story behind a devastating photo of human greed

10/19/2017 - Leonardo DiCaprio is getting into the vegan meat business

10/19/2017 - Why every electric carmaker is scrambling for access to this element

10/19/2017 - I just coded my first AI algorithm, and oh boy, it felt good

10/19/2017 - Psychedelics may make people less likely to commit violent crimes

10/19/2017 - The next generation of Wall Street titans thinks learning Python is more important than Mandarin

10/19/2017 - Silicon Valley employers can’t ask your salary history, thanks to a new state law

10/19/2017 - The crazy economics of childcare costs in America

10/19/2017 - The best thing to do when giving bad news is to get straight to the point

10/19/2017 - Millennials’ search for experiences over luxury is driving Airbnb’s growth in Africa

10/19/2017 - Catalonia’s D-Day, New Zealand’s new prime minister, Air Berlin goes Top Gun

10/19/2017 - Spain is set to impose direct rule over Catalonia, risking violent clashes and market turmoil

10/19/2017 - How Somalia’s deadliest attack ever tore open the heart of a nation

10/19/2017 - A new French law will fine men on-the-spot for harassing women in public

10/19/2017 - What China’s “new era” looks like, in Xi Jinping’s own words

10/19/2017 - China’s “rogue aid” to Africa isn’t as much or as controversial as we thought

10/19/2017 - The “Black Monday” market crash 30 years ago today was so bad hospital admissions spiked

10/19/2017 - In bashing Asia Argento after her accusation against Weinstein, Italy is showing its deep misogynistic nature

10/19/2017 - American kids’ daily mobile screen time is almost 10 times higher than it was in 2011

10/19/2017 - Chariots, statues, dancers: A preview of Thailand’s lavish $90 million royal funeral next week

10/19/2017 - Catalonia’s deadline, EU talks Turkey, wasteful eye drops

10/19/2017 - Catalonia’s deadline, EU talks Turkey, wasteful eye drops

10/19/2017 - Stop replaying your worst family dynamics at work

10/18/2017 - How the fall of Causeway Bay Books helped resurrect a long-lost Chinese erotic literature classic

10/18/2017 - The FDA just approved a revolutionary gene-modification treatment

10/18/2017 - Sea World, fallen on hard times since “Blackfish,” will lay off 350 employees

10/18/2017 - Catalonia’s deadline, Diwali, and a lap of honor

10/18/2017 - Congress finally has a bill to regulate Facebook. Here’s what it says.

10/18/2017 - Newest internet nightmare, surveillance states, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/18/2017 - People aren’t using smart speakers to do anything particularly smart

10/18/2017 - Giant robots fought and it was an incredible waste of time and effort

10/18/2017 - Pyrex

10/18/2017 - The #MeToo movement was actually launched over 10 years ago, by a black activist

10/18/2017 - The tired old conference panel is getting a makeover with the “fishbowl” format

10/18/2017 - Data analytics have made the NBA unrecognizable

10/18/2017 - DeepMind has a bigger plan for its newest Go-playing AI

10/18/2017 - Trump’s tweets have sunk his own travel ban—again

10/18/2017 - Tech meant to keep kids safe is actually making them more vulnerable

10/18/2017 - Black US students borrow a lot more to go to college—and almost half default on their loans

10/18/2017 - It happened to mayo and burgers, now sushi is getting the Whole Foods vegan treatment

10/18/2017 - “Solo: A Star Wars Story” isn’t a movie. It’s a branding exercise

10/18/2017 - Lego is finally celebrating the women of NASA with their very own set

10/18/2017 - What happened when I made my college students lock up their phones in class

10/18/2017 - A fraudster posing as Britain’s defense minister tried to con Richard Branson out of $5 million

10/18/2017 - This country has more Netflix ultra binge-watchers than anywhere else in the world

10/18/2017 - Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney shared her own #MeToo assault story

10/18/2017 - A new iPhone app finds and protects all the sexy photos on your device

10/18/2017 - Iraq has seized Kurdistan’s oil, but Kurdistan controls Iraq’s internet

10/18/2017 - The US should treat its citizens like Amazon treats its customers

10/18/2017 - LeBron James’s torn jersey was a terrible look for Nike

10/18/2017 - Trump didn’t remember the name of slain US soldier in call to widow, congresswoman says

10/18/2017 - Successful startup founders share one essential leadership style

10/18/2017 - A visual tour of the price Raqqa paid for its freedom from ISIL

10/18/2017 - Is it better to live on the moon or on Mars? A scientific investigation

10/18/2017 - Rare photos of life inside an ancient kingdom capture Nigeria’s transition to independence

10/18/2017 - Nearly 80% of same-sex divorces in England and Wales were between women

10/18/2017 - Your five-minute summary of Xi Jinping’s three-hour Communist Party congress speech

10/18/2017 - 2 million Americans are drinking high levels of arsenic in their well water

10/18/2017 - Now that ISIL is being defeated, never forget how horrific its rule actually was

10/18/2017 - When potential matters more than past experience

10/18/2017 - A “drama researcher” explains how to avoid drama at work

10/18/2017 - The best and worst cities for reproductive care in the US

10/18/2017 - Ending fake news means changing how Wall Street values Facebook and Twitter

10/18/2017 - Before you ask for a raise, take time to hone this skill

10/18/2017 - Can Rent the Runway ever become the Spotify of fashion?

10/18/2017 - The bottom line of US tax reform, in two charts

10/18/2017 - The simple formula Jeff Bezos used to turn Amazon into a $480 billion company

10/18/2017 - What happens to your email after you die?

10/18/2017 - Tillerson’s India vision, Xi’s marathon speech, $55 coffees

10/18/2017 - Mozambique’s forgotten “East Germans” are still fighting for their communist payday

10/18/2017 - Germany heads for “Jamaica” as three-way coalition talks begin

10/18/2017 - Xi Jinping just showed his power by making China’s elite sit through a tortuously long speech

10/18/2017 - Photos: In China, there’s nothing like a dry three-hour Xi Jinping speech to get the party going

10/18/2017 - A senior member of Kenya’s electoral commission has resigned and fled to the US

10/18/2017 - Xi Jinping to China: “Any harm we inflict on nature will eventually return to haunt us”

10/18/2017 - India’s putting economic growth above all else—and thousands of women are dying as a result

10/18/2017 - Does Diwali even feel like Diwali this year?

10/18/2017 - China’s congress, Tillerson’s take on India, hidden Rodin

10/18/2017 - China’s congress, Tillerson’s take on India, hidden Rodin

10/18/2017 - The job crisis in Zimbabwe means dozens of people are keen to take a long-vacant hangman job

10/18/2017 - After a series of economic crackers, Indians are in no mood to splurge this Diwali

10/18/2017 - A remote $43 million island facility could be a game changer for India’s solar sector

10/18/2017 - A big employer is finally addressing a major pain point for job applicants

10/17/2017 - Fighting corruption, maintaining harmony, and Davos: A resume for China’s president Xi Jinping

10/17/2017 - China’s congress, Trump ban blocked, hidden Rodin

10/17/2017 - A novel about Abraham Lincoln’s dead son has won the UK’s most prestigious literary prize

10/17/2017 - Donald Trump has a longstanding love-hate relationship with Forbes’ rich lists

10/17/2017 - The North American Free Trade Agreement is at an impasse because the US is tired of free trade

10/17/2017 - #MeToo, killer smartphones, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/17/2017 - The unexpected, paradigm-shifting power of #MeToo

10/17/2017 - Facebook’s best female communicator besides Sheryl Sandberg is leaving the company

10/17/2017 - If you’re willing to trade ease-of-use for security, Google has a new feature for you

10/17/2017 - A hepatitis A outbreak is killing California’s homeless population

10/17/2017 - Spreadsheets

10/17/2017 - Amazon is now literally building its way into people’s lives

10/17/2017 - Netflix will release more movies in 2018 than most major film studios combined

10/17/2017 - Eating too much sugar may increase your risk of cancer

10/17/2017 - The problem with judging books from other cultures, according to a Man Booker juror

10/17/2017 - Spurs coach Gregg Popovich demonstrates the difference between leading and managing

10/17/2017 - What it looks like when a tropical storm hits Ireland, Wales and Scotland

10/17/2017 - Austria’s march to the right got a boost from fake Facebook content

10/17/2017 - Dear White House: No one wants to burn more coal. Even us. Thanks, Texas

10/17/2017 - No, Lyft and Uber probably won’t solve urban road congestion

10/17/2017 - South Africans and Nigerians are baffled by a giant bronze statue of Jacob Zuma in Nigeria

10/17/2017 - Hackers stole information on Windows vulnerabilities from Microsoft in 2013

10/17/2017 - Elite UK girls’ schools banned a standardized test for wrecking kids’ mental health

10/17/2017 - Selena was a “beacon of hope” for bicultural people—including the Googler behind her doodle homage

10/17/2017 - A study shows how ancient Egypt struggled with drastic changes in the climate

10/17/2017 - The world has its first millennial leader. And, of course, he is an anti-immigrant conservative.

10/17/2017 - Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the source of our self-obsession

10/17/2017 - In the battle between Netflix and everyone else, investors are betting heavily on Netflix

10/17/2017 - Jewish Americans are shunning the term “Judeo-Christian” thanks to Donald Trump

10/17/2017 - Russia’s troll factory also paid for 100 activists in the US

10/17/2017 - Cheaper visas are more important than lower tariffs for boosting Nigeria-China trade

10/17/2017 - Anthony Bourdain wants you to waste less food

10/17/2017 - You are what you read

10/17/2017 - Google Pixel 2 Review: A half-inch away from greatness

10/17/2017 - One US city is calling BS on Amazon’s new headquarters search

10/17/2017 - How to stay positive with negative people

10/17/2017 - Colonial borders still influence how academics write about Africa

10/17/2017 - Harvard economist Iris Bohnet on how to design a hiring process that’s fair for everyone

10/17/2017 - I planned a stress-free bachelorette party using a key principle of web design

10/17/2017 - AI is the future of hiring, but it’s far from immune to bias

10/17/2017 - The growing list of countries vowing to ban the sale of gas-powered cars

10/17/2017 - Everybody wants to make better decisions, but nobody is asking the right questions

10/17/2017 - The University of Florida is allowing Richard Spencer to speak because it has to

10/17/2017 - In the future, drones will charge your electric car while you’re driving

10/17/2017 - Tracking down a kilonova: The story of how thousands of scientists decoded the year’s biggest discovery

10/17/2017 - Tsipras meets Trump, Airbus takes sides, palladium outshines gold

10/17/2017 - Peer pressure forced whales and dolphins to evolve big brains, like humans

10/17/2017 - Uber’s culture problems stem from “worship at the altar of hyper growth”

10/17/2017 - The Communist App Store: China’s endless apps for tracking, organizing, and motivating party members

10/17/2017 - Photos: The secret Swiss mountain bunker where millionaires stash their bitcoins

10/17/2017 - Apple’s first big break came because of the spreadsheet

10/17/2017 - In the world’s largest democracy, 55% of people feel autocracy is good for governance

10/17/2017 - Abused for years, India’s nearly 5 million domestic workers may finally get legal protection

10/17/2017 - Facebook’s latest acquisition, Netflix’s strong showing, robot duels

10/17/2017 - Facebook’s latest acquisition, Netflix’s strong showing, robot duels

10/17/2017 - China’s “Orwellian” version of Slack is tracking workers as they arrive at and leave the office

10/17/2017 - India spends a measly 4.4% of its GDP on health and education but believes it is splurging

10/16/2017 - Google is hoping a Chinese-American rapper can help it break back into China

10/16/2017 - A pioneer that introduced digital payments to the world now wants to ride India’s boom

10/16/2017 - Big Tobacco went up against the US and lost. Now it’s India’s turn to fight back

10/16/2017 - Facebook bought tbh, an anonymous polling app US teens are obsessed with

10/16/2017 - The real horror in Netflix’s “Mindhunter” is how bureaucracy can murder innovation

10/16/2017 - Netflix’s numbers, Hurricane Ophelia, robot duels

10/16/2017 - Drug dealer doctors, North Korean cyberpower, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/16/2017 - Oral sex has helped HPV spread to 1 in 9 American men

10/16/2017 - Ophelia was the 10th hurricane to form in the Atlantic in the last 10 weeks

10/16/2017 - For the first time, “listen” to the sound of two stars colliding in space

10/16/2017 - Kilonova

10/16/2017 - Could a power company be responsible for the California wine country fires?

10/16/2017 - A Japanese food startup is giving high school kids meat-growing machines

10/16/2017 - The trade-ravaged areas that voted for Trump have the most to lose from Trump’s anti-trade agenda

10/16/2017 - What you need to know about the newly-discovered wifi bug that lets hackers snoop on your devices

10/16/2017 - A rare hurricane near Europe turned the sun red

10/16/2017 - Donald Trump’s tax plan isn’t going to be a $4,000 windfall for American households

10/16/2017 - Curbing car emissions has made palladium the most precious of metals

10/16/2017 - Microsoft offers a look inside the new tree house work spaces at its headquarters

10/16/2017 - Horrifying photos of the blast that killed more than 300 in Mogadishu

10/16/2017 - The most-watched horror movies on Amazon in 2017

10/16/2017 - Thanks to the biggest discovery of the year we finally know where all the elements of the periodic table get made

10/16/2017 - Before changing jobs to avoid a toxic coworker, try changing desks

10/16/2017 - Google celebrates the life of former slave turned abolitionist Olaudah Equiano

10/16/2017 - Want to be happier and more fulfilled in life? Learn to be open to change

10/16/2017 - The benefits that top employers now offer to working moms

10/16/2017 - The Japanese stock market’s 20-year high is still only half of its 1980s peak

10/16/2017 - Barclays’ former CEO is long bitcoin and says big banks need to start over

10/16/2017 - Americans appreciate what technology has done for them more than equality and civil rights

10/16/2017 - What research says about how your boss impacts your personal life

10/16/2017 - My company and twins are both less than a year old—here’s what I’ve learned

10/16/2017 - A new sulfur-based battery takes on the problem of energy storage “at the terawatt scale”

10/16/2017 - Why the Russia fake news scandal hasn’t touched Snapchat

10/16/2017 - One of the FBI’s most-wanted terrorists has just been killed in the Philippines

10/16/2017 - Walmart—yes, Walmart—is making changes that could help solve America’s wealth inequality problem

10/16/2017 - Netflix reports earnings, Austria’s right turn, Amazon-proof retailers

10/16/2017 - Catalonia is trying a classic negotiation tactic to keep Spain from killing its independence bid

10/16/2017 - The typical political party only lasts 43 years

10/16/2017 - How technology helped save lives right after Somalia’s deadliest attack ever

10/16/2017 - #MeToo: Women are sharing their experiences of sexual assault, showing how common sex crimes are

10/16/2017 - There’s more to homegrown African literature than what Western publishers favor

10/16/2017 - India’s Silicon Valley is drowning under the worst rains of the century

10/16/2017 - The forgotten 18th century observatory that marked the rise of modern astronomy in India

10/16/2017 - Spain’s deadline, Austria’s right turn, Amazon-proof retailers

10/16/2017 - Working parents in Bengaluru can thank this startup for delivering nutritious meals to their kids

10/16/2017 - Spain’s deadline, Austria’s right turn, Amazon-proof retailers

10/16/2017 - “The elixir of life”: Hollywood has discovered the Indian gooseberry and celebs can’t get enough

10/15/2017 - Your simple guide to the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th congress

10/15/2017 - Deadline in Spain, dying languages, 141 hours of cable news

10/15/2017 - Apple’s VP of diversity and inclusion is backtracking on her controversial comments about white men

10/15/2017 - A legendary female German spy was actually a victim of French propaganda

10/15/2017 - Austrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz is about to become Europe’s youngest leader

10/15/2017 - Larry Flynt is offering $10 million in cash to help impeach Donald Trump

10/15/2017 - These are the businesses still immune to Amazon

10/15/2017 - Tropical forests caused the biggest atmospheric CO2 increase in 2,000 years

10/15/2017 - Even Africa’s poorest countries are too expensive to be the world’s next manufacturing hub

10/15/2017 - It’s been 30 years since Africa’s last great revolutionary leader was killed

10/15/2017 - The myth of the “good” man

10/15/2017 - Ten things to know about how everyone plans to buy their iPhone X

10/15/2017 - Africa’s reverse missionaries, Bitcoin’s ponzi-driven rise, agribusiness not agriculture

10/15/2017 - The secret to making better decisions in the future is tracking the ones you make today

10/15/2017 - Americans can “take a knee” during the national anthem thanks to the Jehovah’s Witnesses

10/15/2017 - Nearly every country on earth is named after one of four things

10/15/2017 - It’s high time that India bans landmines

10/15/2017 - What is sleep, even?

10/15/2017 - An Oxford philosopher’s moral crisis can help us learn to question our instincts

10/14/2017 - Harvey Weinstein is ousted from the Motion Picture Academy after only three hours of deliberation

10/14/2017 - Looking to escape the madness? You can now travel to one of the world’s most remote islands

10/14/2017 - Scientists find that tripping on mushrooms is a promising way to treat depression

10/14/2017 - Obama picks genius hip-hop portraitist Kehinde Wiley to paint his official presidential portrait

10/14/2017 - The fall of Harvey Weinstein is a blueprint for how to address sexual-misconduct charges in 2017

10/14/2017 - Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein and how abuse allegations echo across decades

10/14/2017 - California wildfires destroy the family home of “Peanuts” creator Charles M. Schulz

10/14/2017 - Analysis of 141 hours of cable news reveals how mass killers are really portrayed

10/14/2017 - Gas cars are like horses—one day we’ll just own them for fun (like Elon Musk)

10/14/2017 - We can’t let boards turn a blind eye to brutish behavior

10/14/2017 - It’s time to stop worshipping powerful men

10/14/2017 - Seven places in the world where global trade could be stopped cold

10/14/2017 - The Trump administration isn’t just curtailing women’s rights; it’s systematically eroding trust in women

10/14/2017 - The unlikely role of true crime podcasts in criminal justice reform

10/14/2017 - Puerto Rico is still a disaster zone, three weeks after Hurricane Maria

10/14/2017 - Weekend edition—The Rock Clock, reverse missionaries, weaponized Russian TV shows

10/14/2017 - Legal weed is an amazing business opportunity for women

10/14/2017 - Zimbabwe has a new “minister of WhatsApp” whose first job seems to be to stop WhatsApp

10/14/2017 - Weekend edition—The Rock Clock, reverse missionaries, weaponized Russian TV shows

10/14/2017 - Weekend edition—The Rock Clock, reverse missionaries, weaponized Russian TV shows

10/13/2017 - “Hundreds” are fired from a Tesla factory as the company races to launch its Model 3

10/13/2017 - Weekend edition—The Rock Clock, reverse missionaries, weaponized Russian TV shows

10/13/2017 - Facebook’s democracy, chicken resistance, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/13/2017 - Kaleidoscopes

10/13/2017 - The US is approving more generic drugs than ever

10/13/2017 - A new survey reveals that most men don’t think sexism in tech is a big deal

10/13/2017 - US government agencies are buying ads on Facebook—in Russian

10/13/2017 - A new scientific study challenges the use of skin color as a classifier for race

10/13/2017 - The decline of US diplomacy could threaten the dollar’s global-reserve status

10/13/2017 - Facebook is swallowing up America’s food delivery businesses

10/13/2017 - IBM is using Bollywood movies to identify and neutralize gender bias

10/13/2017 - The timing is right for Yellowstone supervolcano hysteria—don’t be duped

10/13/2017 - Scientists designed a robotic skin that can camouflage itself like an octopus

10/13/2017 - If Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos still wants philanthropy ideas, Roy Price just handed him one

10/13/2017 - Forget the World Cup. There’s a more exciting international team sport than soccer to watch next summer

10/13/2017 - The Netflix algorithm’s perfect movie is an arthouse comedy starring Adam Sandler

10/13/2017 - The devastating force of Vietnam’s floodwaters, in photos

10/13/2017 - Quartzy: the crushing it edition

10/13/2017 - Quartzy: the crushing it edition

10/13/2017 - Which countries do people most trust with their data? “None of the above.”

10/13/2017 - How powerful was Harvey Weinstein? Almost no one has been thanked at the Oscars more

10/13/2017 - Smartphone addiction, the space junk orbiting Earth, Germany’s robot revolution

10/13/2017 - Psychologists say there are three kinds of burnout. Here’s how to beat it

10/13/2017 - A museum in China put on an exhibit called “This is Africa” that compares Africans to animals

10/13/2017 - Parents around the world all speak “motherese” to their babies

10/13/2017 - The management secrets of classic rock bands

10/13/2017 - Bitcoin’s rise in African markets is driven by an old Russian ponzi scheme

10/13/2017 - Donald Trump’s attack on Obamacare is inspiring quick and fierce criticism

10/13/2017 - Syrian refugee women are finding shelter—and a salary—in IKEA’s supply chain

10/13/2017 - Now Samsung actually does have a leadership vacuum

10/13/2017 - Norway is planning to pull the plug on its wildly successful electric-car incentives

10/13/2017 - Watch Sheryl Sandberg’s technique for shielding Facebook from hard questions

10/13/2017 - Timeless management advice from a book left in a coffee shop

10/13/2017 - Trump needs a reminder that the stock market isn’t the economy

10/13/2017 - A Nobel prize winner says tech companies are misusing creativity in their quest to change the world

10/13/2017 - Let’s call millennial side hustles what they are—part time jobs we need to survive

10/13/2017 - There’s only one thing you need to have a sane relationship with your phone

10/13/2017 - Teslas and organic avocados followed the same classic route to the mainstream

10/13/2017 - Behavioral economics has a plan to fight poverty—and it’s all about redesigning the “cockpit”

10/13/2017 - Facebook says it will add an African-American member to its board of directors. Who is on it now?

10/13/2017 - There are 11 times as many obese children in the world as there were in 1975

10/13/2017 - Bitcoin keeps hitting record highs, and Jamie Dimon doesn’t want to talk about it

10/13/2017 - Your next head of lettuce, grown by a robot

10/13/2017 - Trump’s Iran rebuke, bitcoin goes bananas, “death cleaning”

10/13/2017 - Alibaba’s $15 billion global R&D push is named after a legendary Indian monk from centuries ago

10/13/2017 - This summer, hundreds of China’s young gay people took their parents on a sea voyage of reconciliation

10/13/2017 - A former soccer star is leading the first round of voting in Africa’s oldest republic

10/13/2017 - China’s surging imports, Hurricane Ophelia, “death cleaning”

10/13/2017 - China’s surging imports, Hurricane Ophelia, “death cleaning”

10/13/2017 - The Indian government is not doing enough to tackle sale of unapproved antibiotics

10/13/2017 - The best and most bizarre advice for British women heading to colonial India

10/13/2017 - Bollywood fans from Brazil are turning their love for Hindi films into a card game

10/13/2017 - India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies, is hungrier than even North Korea

10/13/2017 - Nykaa: A former investment banker’s online startup is giving a premium shade to Indian beauty care

10/12/2017 - Facebook is hiring more people to moderate content than Twitter has at its entire company

10/12/2017 - Palestinian reconciliation, UNESCO withdrawals, and “death cleaning”

10/12/2017 - Richard Branson is serious about making the hyperloop a reality

10/12/2017 - Hollywood’s problem, Trump’s one-man effort, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/12/2017 - Puerto Ricans desperate for water are drinking from Superfund sites

10/12/2017 - A better understanding of dolphins could help humans communicate with thousands of species

10/12/2017 - Want to engage your employees? Stop sending emails

10/12/2017 - In the relationship era of business, networked structure rules

10/12/2017 - Supreme

10/12/2017 - Here’s what a Chinese takeout menu would look like if the meat was grown in labs

10/12/2017 - Tim Cook doesn’t seem to understand that good programmers have to learn English

10/12/2017 - If Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook’s CEO, why is Sheryl Sandberg the executive meeting with Congress?

10/12/2017 - A mysterious hole larger than the Netherlands has opened in the middle of Antarctic ice

10/12/2017 - Watch the asteroid that flew very, very close to the Earth today

10/12/2017 - Our obsession with mindfulness is based on limited scientific evidence

10/12/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook is less of a filter bubble than traditional news outlets

10/12/2017 - Bank branches, not mobile phones, are the reason JPMorgan Chase dominates in deposits

10/12/2017 - The US withdrew from UNESCO because it’s “anti-Israel.” Now Israel is leaving, too

10/12/2017 - A psychologist’s theory of “rational compassion” can help fight burnout from nonstop bad news

10/12/2017 - Gloria Steinem explains why she’s (cautiously) optimistic about Trump’s America

10/12/2017 - The rot in US soccer goes much deeper than its failure to qualify for the World Cup

10/12/2017 - The world’s first “negative emissions” plant has begun operation—turning carbon dioxide into stone

10/12/2017 - TV’s new longest-running fantasy show unites Democrats and Republicans—and Russians

10/12/2017 - This is why Nazi speakers should be allowed to come to college campuses

10/12/2017 - A terrorist group in Pakistan released a family held captive for five years

10/12/2017 - Lufthansa tightens its grip on German skies after buying the bulk of its rival Air Berlin

10/12/2017 - When your cluelessness about African geography becomes a viral marketing campaign

10/12/2017 - Taking control of risk: the path to investing success

10/12/2017 - Trump’s threats to tear up Nafta are starting to look less like a bluff to others at the negotiation table

10/12/2017 - Finding the sweet spot on the investment seesaw

10/12/2017 - Africa’s political elites have built the same wealth plundering structures as the colonialists

10/12/2017 - If iOS 11 is killing your iPhone’s battery, try this

10/12/2017 - Even teachers now say that academics are not the key to kids’ success

10/12/2017 - Uber’s new CEO is ready to clean up the company’s messes—if Travis Kalanick will let him

10/12/2017 - There’s a right way to dwell on failure

10/12/2017 - The to-do list is a tyrant that will keep your life and your goals small

10/12/2017 - Office Halloween parties are a minefield. These costume ideas will help you survive

10/12/2017 - The awful math that makes fighting wildfires more expensive every year

10/12/2017 - African startup founders can finally start looking for big-ticket funding nearer home

10/12/2017 - Violence in the US isn’t just tragic—it’s a public health crisis

10/12/2017 - When it comes to making good decisions, bad options can help

10/12/2017 - Fitbit’s hope for the future might not lie on your wrist

10/12/2017 - Artificial intelligence can say yes to the dress

10/12/2017 - “There are more Harvey Weinsteins in this world than you think, and they’re getting away with it”

10/12/2017 - The biggest problem with US economic statistics

10/12/2017 - Americans distrust driverless cars, and Silicon Valley is on a mission to win them over

10/12/2017 - I’m a CEO: Here’s how I taught my daughter, from a young age, to thrive as a professional

10/12/2017 - Justin Trudeau’s half-female cabinet is now confronting a need for a maternity leave policy

10/12/2017 - Learn the seven signature moves of TED Talk hands

10/12/2017 - Stella McCartney is pioneering synthetic spider silk in high fashion

10/12/2017 - To avoid inbreeding, our ancestors may have had their own ancient dating networks

10/12/2017 - One bitcoin is now worth more than $5,100, a record high

10/12/2017 - Facebook’s damage control, big bank earnings, sewer gold

10/12/2017 - It won’t be long before coffee becomes a luxury. Make the most of it.

10/12/2017 - Smart cities are making the places we live more vulnerable to attacks

10/12/2017 - Tokyo is the safest city to live in the world

10/12/2017 - A natural history of the wedding dress

10/12/2017 - The UK’s Conservative government has put Britain’s racial inequality on display

10/12/2017 - The Modi government is dreaming of a recovery, but India Inc won’t spend big for two more years

10/12/2017 - Facebook faces lawmakers, big bank earnings, sewage gold

10/12/2017 - Facebook faces lawmakers, big bank earnings, sewage gold

10/12/2017 - Like solar, wind power is now cheaper than coal-based electricity in India

10/12/2017 - On Myanmar, the World Bank should follow its own policies on keeping hatred out of projects it funds

10/12/2017 - The Tatas’ best aviation bet would be a buyback of the airline they founded: Air India

10/12/2017 - Cheer up! The economic turnaround is coming, says one of India’s top consumer goods firms

10/11/2017 - If Uttar Pradesh were a country

10/11/2017 - Singapore will be the first stop in Jack Ma’s $15 billion global tech research expansion

10/11/2017 - A small Pacific island will now let you pay for citizenship with bitcoin

10/11/2017 - The woman keeping order in Trump’s White House has been nominated to keep the US safe

10/11/2017 - Spain warns Catalonia, big bank earnings, and Facebook’s $199 VR

10/11/2017 - Teenage anxiety, Russian hacking software, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/11/2017 - There’s now an Oculus VR headset that doesn’t need to be tethered to an expensive computer

10/11/2017 - The gory research that helped an academic anthropologist get a “genius” grant

10/11/2017 - LaCroix

10/11/2017 - No, China is not about to become the world’s largest aid donor

10/11/2017 - Weinstein’s downfall came when it did because his power was already fading

10/11/2017 - Three blue-chip US companies are on the verge of breaking apart, prodded by short-term investors

10/11/2017 - The incredible story of how the last known work of Leonardo da Vinci was almost lost forever

10/11/2017 - The decline of the large US family, in charts

10/11/2017 - Harvey Weinstein and the Trump children show why the US shouldn’t have elected prosecutors

10/11/2017 - Drones let scientists get inside humpback whale blowholes

10/11/2017 - When AI learns to sumo wrestle, it starts to act like a human

10/11/2017 - California wants to let companies test driverless cars without a human behind the wheel

10/11/2017 - As Netflix raises prices, Hulu drops them—and acquires all its old favorites

10/11/2017 - Tim Cook says it’s better to learn to code than learn English as a second language

10/11/2017 - Actually, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s massacre was highly predictable

10/11/2017 - Engineers have a better chance than ever of making partner at Goldman Sachs

10/11/2017 - “I’d choose friends by the flavor of their names”: The rare trait that lets people taste sounds

10/11/2017 - Kenya has passed a controversial election bill which is deepening its political uncertainty

10/11/2017 - A psychologist’s guide to speaking up against your industry’s Harvey Weinstein

10/11/2017 - Gen X was as entitled and unmanageable as millennials are, based on commentary of the ’90s

10/11/2017 - Radio survived the tape, CD, and iPod. In the age of Spotify, it’s more popular than ever.

10/11/2017 - The creators of Netflix and Amazon’s TV shows get very different kinds of feedback

10/11/2017 - We say we want data privacy—then researchers put free pizza in front of us

10/11/2017 - Radioactive wild boars in Sweden are eating nuclear mushrooms

10/11/2017 - The humble fingerprint—which revolutionized crime-fighting—is getting a molecular upgrade

10/11/2017 - To fix income inequality, we need more than UBI—we need Universal Basic Assets

10/11/2017 - These simple design tricks can help diminish hate speech online

10/11/2017 - Trump meets Trudeau, Alibaba’s expansion, rogue Indian McDonald’s

10/11/2017 - Africa’s “reverse missionaries” are bringing Christianity back to the United Kingdom

10/11/2017 - It’s highly unlikely that Catalonia will become fully independent in the near future

10/11/2017 - Africa’s richest man has a built-in advantage with Nigeria’s government

10/11/2017 - India’s supreme court has finally ruled that having sex with an underage wife counts as rape

10/11/2017 - Alibaba is plowing $15 billion into R&D with seven new research labs worldwide

10/11/2017 - For refugees in India, the safety net is shrinking and government help is nowhere in sight

10/11/2017 - There’s a strong chance a third of all people on earth will be African by 2100

10/11/2017 - All the moves Amazon has made in the last month to crush the competition in India

10/11/2017 - It’s official: Ola has bagged $1 billion in funding and is eyeing yet another billion

10/11/2017 - Catalonia pauses secession, US sends bombers over Korea, rogue Indian McDonald’s

10/11/2017 - Catalonia pauses secession, US sends bombers over Korea, rogue Indian McDonald’s

10/11/2017 - The theories of Nobel prize-winning economist Richard Thaler could help stop the next Harvey Weinstein

10/11/2017 - Signs your office is hurting your productivity and mental well-being

10/11/2017 - You need four types of apps to achieve Inbox Zero

10/11/2017 - In four minutes, Eminem freestyled everything that he hates about Donald Trump

10/11/2017 - The cult of productivity has a counterproductive flaw

10/11/2017 - LOTO (Let’s Order Take Out) and PUMP (Pick Up Milk Please): Texting acronyms for grown-ups

10/11/2017 - Introducing Manage It: A new community for managers in any field

10/11/2017 - Should I go back to work? How to decide whether to pause a career to raise a family

10/11/2017 - Nearly half of men think it’s sufficient when 1 in 10 senior leaders at their company is a woman

10/11/2017 - Planning ahead is good, but planning backward is better

10/11/2017 - How one of America’s original mission-driven businesses rediscovered its purpose

10/11/2017 - 22 Twitter accounts to follow to become a better manager

10/11/2017 - I borrowed a sailing tradition to organize my thoughts as a CEO, and it shaped my company’s culture

10/11/2017 - What those catchy new airline safety videos can teach you about getting people’s attention

10/11/2017 - The Stanford professor who popularized the “no asshole rule” has tips for handling office bullies

10/11/2017 - Out of corporate America’s diversity failures, a new industry is emerging

10/11/2017 - Managers are missing out on the most important part of personality tests

10/11/2017 - Your news about China depends on intrepid journalists whose names you’ll probably never know

10/11/2017 - I let Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson run my life for a week

10/11/2017 - Time is a strong but rarely recognized power construct in the workplace

10/11/2017 - Robots are here to take up mundane banking jobs in India, so shape up or ship out

10/11/2017 - How to structure your day better

10/11/2017 - How to manage email

10/11/2017 - How to keep bias out of the hiring process

10/11/2017 - To find a job you love, ask yourself these questions

10/11/2017 - How to manage remote employees

10/11/2017 - We used to kowtow to corporations. Now they’re starting to kneel down to us

10/11/2017 - A guide for people who work from home

10/11/2017 - To give better feedback, you must fully understand the agony of receiving it

10/11/2017 - How to read more effectively

10/11/2017 - Welcome to Quartz at Work, a new edition from Quartz

10/10/2017 - The “patriot” hockey players Trump welcomed to the White House are mostly foreigners

10/10/2017 - Only 5% of young workers in Britain are in jobs that are safe from robot replacement

10/10/2017 - Snapchat is getting closer and closer to being a truly useful app

10/10/2017 - Catalonia pauses secession, Walmart’s big day, rogue Indian McDonalds

10/10/2017 - Destructive wildfires, Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/10/2017 - The real victims of the California wildfires are not the customers of the Napa wine industry

10/10/2017 - Democratic candidates won’t build digital campaigns. Silicon Valley is just going to do it for them.

10/10/2017 - What it’s like to watch a raging wildfire descend on your neighborhood

10/10/2017 - The last person we heard talking like Harvey Weinstein is now the US president

10/10/2017 - How Uber gamified work

10/10/2017 - Popular culture in 2017 is starting to look a lot like it did in the early 2000s

10/10/2017 - Graph paper

10/10/2017 - The Equifax breach happened because today’s executives know they’ve got nothing to fear

10/10/2017 - The US’s environmental regulator just repealed a climate law that would have saved up to $34 billion in health costs every year

10/10/2017 - A French artist is trolling Trump with installations that straddle the US-Mexico border

10/10/2017 - More than one-third of Equifax’s UK records may have been exposed

10/10/2017 - Catalonia puts independence on hold but highlights Spain’s “radical” refusal to negotiate

10/10/2017 - Creeping wildfire smoke is a threat to California wines that people can actually taste

10/10/2017 - New audio reveals Harvey Weinstein propositioning a model as she desperately tries to leave

10/10/2017 - President Trump’s long, lonely, Columbus Day weekend

10/10/2017 - The future of AI surveillance is hidden in a virtual airport fish tank

10/10/2017 - Scientists found bee-killing neonicotinoids in 75% of honey sampled from around the world

10/10/2017 - Interactive: The making of a microchip

10/10/2017 - How microchips come to live in our phones

10/10/2017 - Connected devices could bring 15% more bananas to store shelves

10/10/2017 - Borderline personality disorder fails as a diagnostic term—let’s retire it

10/10/2017 - Today’s Google doodle celebrates the free movement of refugees around the world

10/10/2017 - In the relationship era of business, networked structure rules

10/10/2017 - The future of farming in Africa is not agriculture but agribusiness

10/10/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg toured a disaster-stricken Puerto Rico as a virtual reality cartoon 

10/10/2017 - US cigarette warning labels do a poor job of explaining risk—and fewer smokers are quitting as a result

10/10/2017 - Want to engage your employees? Stop sending emails

10/10/2017 - Donna Karan betrayed working women with her defense of Harvey Weinstein

10/10/2017 - Silicon Valley’s fasting craze is proof that self-denial is the new indulgence for elites

10/10/2017 - There’s a simple way to predict who wins a MacArthur “genius” award

10/10/2017 - Kenya’s opposition candidate has withdrawn from the election rerun

10/10/2017 - California wildfires are ripping through Napa Valley—home to a $50-billion wine industry

10/10/2017 - The UK and US aren’t keeping pace with the global economic upswing

10/10/2017 - Wind farms in the middle of the sea could provide us with “civilization-scale” power

10/10/2017 - The black model in the “racist Dove ad” is defending the campaign

10/10/2017 - Q&A: Douglas Hofstadter on why AI is far from intelligent

10/10/2017 - The US government is finally acknowledging the flame retardants in your furniture and baby products are not just ineffective, but also dangerous

10/10/2017 - Hacking is inevitable, so it’s time to assume our data will be stolen

10/10/2017 - Why does durian smell? A new genetics theory explains why

10/10/2017 - Big EPA day, Tujia hunts Airbnb, Martian lakes

10/10/2017 - A guide to the key players in Catalonia’s independence dispute with Spain

10/10/2017 - Germany has way more industrial robots than the US, but they haven’t caused job losses

10/10/2017 - A key debate from a millennia-old Indian epic: When is violence necessary?

10/10/2017 - As long as it’s just a bunch of men building toilets, India’s sanitation mission will fail

10/10/2017 - Catalonia’s independence, California wildfires, Martian lake

10/10/2017 - Catalonia’s independence, California wildfires, Martian lake

10/10/2017 - Ola is stocking up its war chest in India while Uber struggles with its worst nightmare

10/10/2017 - Delhi’s rising pollution is caused by a dirty fuel that most countries have banned

10/10/2017 - Technology will continue to kill IT jobs—but there’s still hope for Indian engineers

10/10/2017 - South Korea’s Busan film festival is emerging from under a dark political cloud

10/9/2017 - If you’re a Star Wars fan, don’t watch the new “Last Jedi” trailer

10/9/2017 - Japan’s leader is telling voters his bromance with Trump can help protect them from North Korea

10/9/2017 - The California wildfires aren’t just bad news for wine—weed is in danger, too

10/9/2017 - The weather phenomenon behind the destructive wildfires in California’s wine country

10/9/2017 - Northern California firestorm, DACA demands, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/9/2017 - Catalonia’s independence, wine country wildfires, Martian lake

10/9/2017 - Photos: The real rituals of Native Americans make a beautiful protest of a phony US holiday

10/9/2017 - Jellyfish

10/9/2017 - Donald Trump won because people like Ivanka, her mother says in a new book

10/9/2017 - Wildfires in Napa and Sonoma threaten California’s renowned wine country

10/9/2017 - John Oliver shows late-night how to make fun of someone as unfunny as Harvey Weinstein

10/9/2017 - The flaws a Nobel Prize-winning economist wants you to know about yourself

10/9/2017 - After Dove pulled a tone-deaf ad, people are still baffled and calling for a boycott

10/9/2017 - Angela Merkel’s cap on refugees pleases her party but could hurt coalition talks

10/9/2017 - Meryl Streep says she’s “appalled” by news of Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior

10/9/2017 - Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis isn’t about language, but economic deprivation

10/9/2017 - High school students are missing out on $2 billion in free financial aid

10/9/2017 - Before winning the Nobel Prize, Richard Thaler cameoed in an Oscar-winning film—with Selena Gomez

10/9/2017 - Happy Columbus Day, America! Let’s call it 84 years and give it a rest

10/9/2017 - Sudan has no museum for its genocide victims, but is building one centered around US sanctions

10/9/2017 - The Nobel Prize committee explains why women win so few prizes

10/9/2017 - Donald Trump’s passion for cruelty is symbolic of a greater American illness

10/9/2017 - Facebook thinks the most useful digital assistant is the one that can read minds

10/9/2017 - The largest US pharmacy chain is using design to help patients manage multiple prescriptions

10/9/2017 - The Nobel Prize in economics goes to Richard Thaler for highlighting humanity’s flaws

10/9/2017 - Economics Nobel, Weinstein gets fired, sauce revolt

10/9/2017 - I fixed my poor credit score by being a more loyal Alibaba consumer

10/9/2017 - Theresa May’s expected cabinet reshuffle is another way of saying she may demote Boris Johnson

10/9/2017 - Brexit uncertainty is making Britain’s job nightmare come true

10/9/2017 - Apple’s first ever VP of diversity and inclusion says she focuses on everyone, not just minorities

10/9/2017 - This year’s Oscar contenders from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are the perfect lens into the places they’re from

10/9/2017 - Weekly Indian shopping list: Husband likes ladyfingers, wife baby corn. Both choose bitter gourd

10/9/2017 - The New York Times’s sexual harassment exposé just got Harvey Weinstein booted from his own company

10/9/2017 - Jobs, tax, and politics: three ways electric vehicles will change our world

10/9/2017 - Nobel for economics, Catalonia independence, sauce rebellion

10/9/2017 - Nobel for economics, Catalonia independence, sauce rebellion

10/9/2017 - The bad news: India’s cities are likely to worsen. The good news: There is none

10/9/2017 - Facing a financial crisis at home, Toys”R”Us is joining hands with Lulu to woo Indian kids

10/9/2017 - IIT grads? No, it’s the school dropouts who are hot property in Indian IT now

10/8/2017 - Nobel for economics, Columbus’ linguistic legacy, smarter Octopuses

10/8/2017 - Pete Davidson’s brave SNL skit shows mental illness and success aren’t mutually exclusive

10/8/2017 - All the countries named for or by Christopher Columbus

10/8/2017 - How five great leaders dealt with crisis, and what we can learn from them

10/8/2017 - It’s official: Data science proves Mondays are the worst

10/8/2017 - Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian explains his essential “don’ts” for starting a company

10/8/2017 - Researchers discovered which careers have the smiliest workers

10/8/2017 - Humans had to evolve to acknowledge octopus consciousness

10/8/2017 - The simple step parents can take to teach their kids persistence and grit

10/8/2017 - “Blade Runner 2049” is the rare sequel that justifies its right to exist

10/8/2017 - Apple’s iPhone SE has reached the same, exalted evolutionary pinnacle as the cockroach

10/8/2017 - The fashion in 1982’s “Blade Runner” still looks futuristic in 2017. Its sequel looks cliché

10/8/2017 - A deadly fireball explosion in Ghana has started a debate over regulation of gas stations

10/8/2017 - Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson was only surprised by one thing when he was sued by police officers—their anonymity

10/8/2017 - As satellites get smaller and cheaper, space programs in developing countries are getting bigger

10/8/2017 - How South Africans now learn French as an “African” language

10/8/2017 - Liberia decides, Nairobi’s shiny empty offices, Africa’s fast food problem

10/7/2017 - An obscure Dr. Seuss book offers a playful rebuke to gender stereotypes

10/7/2017 - How New Orleans is preparing for Hurricane Nate

10/7/2017 - The five steps a society needs to take to banish sexual harassment for good

10/7/2017 - How hip hop became the force behind Gabon’s political activism

10/7/2017 - Donald Trump is bringing Sudan in from the cold

10/7/2017 - Introverts make great leaders—but lack confidence in their capabilities

10/7/2017 - A Norway massacre survivor explains how we need to pay more attention to the radicalization of white men

10/7/2017 - See the year’s best microscopic video in awe-inspiring detail

10/7/2017 - Tweeting about politics doesn’t just feel good—it can actually make you smarter 

10/7/2017 - Facebook’s latest solution to its fake news problem—sign on a right-wing fact-checker

10/7/2017 - The sociological explanation for why men in America turn to gun violence

10/7/2017 - In defense of the Nobel Prize

10/7/2017 - Can you be masculine and beautiful at the same time?

10/7/2017 - Weekend edition—In the Nobel’s defense, disaster seen through Snapchat, replicant outerwear

10/7/2017 - A definitive list of the musicians who influenced our lives most

10/7/2017 - Nobel prizes are great, but college football is why American universities dominate the globe

10/7/2017 - How realistic is the incredible futuristic technology in “Blade Runner 2049”?

10/7/2017 - Weekend edition—In the Nobel’s defense, disaster seen through Snapchat, replicant outerwear

10/7/2017 - Weekend edition—In the Nobel’s defense, disaster seen through Snapchat, replicant outerwear

10/6/2017 - Weekend edition—In the Nobel’s defense, disaster seen through Snapchat, replicant outerwear

10/6/2017 - White nationalism, Trump administration’s new rule, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/6/2017 - A complete guide to keeping it “legit” or “groovy” or whatever in the multi-generational workplace

10/6/2017 - A complete guide to handshakes, memeing, and how to bridge the generation gap at work

10/6/2017 - The fate of the economy could rest in Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials getting along

10/6/2017 - The clash of the generations is a crippling mythology

10/6/2017 - Octopi and cuttlefish are the ocean’s most talented masters of disguise

10/6/2017 - The peace symbol

10/6/2017 - The US government can’t repeal Obamacare, so it is taking away women’s right to birth control instead

10/6/2017 - The busiest Atlantic hurricane month on record, visualized in one stunning GIF

10/6/2017 - What it looks like when a Category 5 hurricane flattens your island overnight

10/6/2017 - Elon Musk and Puerto Rico’s governor want to rebuild the island’s grid the Tesla way

10/6/2017 - You can soon buy and store bitcoin directly with this British “neobank”

10/6/2017 - Quartzy: the worn edition

10/6/2017 - Quartzy: the worn edition

10/6/2017 - Billy Elliot’s director explains the true meaning behind the film’s most memorable scene

10/6/2017 - AOL Instant Messenger is dead

10/6/2017 - The rollout of the first genetically modified food animal is being bungled

10/6/2017 - Three percent of the population own half of the civilian guns in the US

10/6/2017 - US employment just fell for the first time in seven years after a brutal set of hurricanes

10/6/2017 - Ryan Gosling’s amazing shearling coat in “Blade Runner 2049” is a replicant, too

10/6/2017 - Tesla production hits snags, Ghana’s fast food boom, North Korean art market

10/6/2017 - In a world where lying has become normalized, what is the future of honesty?

10/6/2017 - How Uber secretly lobbied for women to drive in Saudi Arabia

10/6/2017 - Millions of Americans are using Duolingo to learn…English

10/6/2017 - Making a dent in Africa’s pay TV market is an uphill battle against the continent’s biggest company

10/6/2017 - The next financial crisis is probably around the corner—we just don’t know from where

10/6/2017 - The UK’s productivity problem is almost twice as bad as the rest of the G7

10/6/2017 - The congressional committees that write US laws, ranked in order of white-maleness

10/6/2017 - Every hurricane and tropical storm that has hit the Atlantic this year, from A to O

10/6/2017 - Most Americans think self-driving cars are inevitable but fewer than half would ride in one

10/6/2017 - The future of robots could be tiny origami bots that fold into different shapes

10/6/2017 - The Trump administration is systematically dismantling the rights of 10 million LGBT Americans

10/6/2017 - Boys need us to help free them from the tyranny of gender norms, too

10/6/2017 - The city likely to win Amazon’s HQ2 is already a winner—and that’s a problem for America

10/6/2017 - The Chinese dream, the British dream, and the American dream, compared

10/6/2017 - US jobs report, ICAN’s Peace Prize, edible robots

10/6/2017 - The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner is the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

10/6/2017 - Goldman Sachs is one step closer to making Frankfurt its new European home post-Brexit

10/6/2017 - Mongolia has a macho new prime minister who’s apparently an admirer of Putin

10/6/2017 - Shinzo Abe’s electoral rival Yuriko Koike is vowing to take down one of Japan’s greatest evils—hay fever

10/6/2017 - Nigeria already has so many children but fixing infertility is a fast-growing business

10/6/2017 - The mantra to fix India’s jobs crisis: collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

10/6/2017 - As India revs up its grand electric vehicles plan, Tata and Mahindra are in the driver’s seat

10/6/2017 - The desire for pregnant Japanese women to stay thin has far-reaching effects on their babies’ kidneys

10/6/2017 - Oil is well, and non-resident Indians are back to sending home lots of $$$

10/6/2017 - Catalonia crisis, “Yurinomics,” Saudi entourage

10/6/2017 - Catalonia crisis, “Yurinomics,” Saudi entourage

10/6/2017 - India’s biggest tax reform is weaving a disaster for the famed Banarasi sari industry

10/5/2017 - The firm behind Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl” will pay a $5 million settlement for salary discrimination against women

10/5/2017 - Tropical storm Nate, Iran nuclear deal, soldier selfies

10/5/2017 - This is how much Google is spending on cutting edge AI research

10/5/2017 - Going after the opioid industry, the political divide, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/5/2017 - MIT scientists are changing the future of furniture with self-inflating objects

10/5/2017 - The secret to Kazuo Ishiguro’s success? Ditching housework, thanks to his wife

10/5/2017 - Even the NRA is calling on the US government to reconsider controversial “bump stocks”

10/5/2017 - Cobalt

10/5/2017 - NRA signals support for regulations on devices that make guns more deadly

10/5/2017 - The Soviets taught the Americans how to use science for propaganda

10/5/2017 - The surprising ways to cash in on the electric-car boom

10/5/2017 - You can soon automatically use your spare change to buy bitcoin

10/5/2017 - Why Kazuo Ishiguro won the Nobel prize for literature

10/5/2017 - Tropical Storm Nate could hit New Orleans as a hurricane this weekend

10/5/2017 - There’s now a robot you can eat

10/5/2017 - A 2017 Nobel laureate says he left science because he ran out of money and was fed up with academia

10/5/2017 - Harvard’s admissions practices are under US government investigation

10/5/2017 - It’s about to get cheaper for over 500 million Africans to roam on their phone networks

10/5/2017 - Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nobel Prize is a victory for literary weirdness

10/5/2017 - Giant pandas in China are fleeing their habitats because of horses and cows

10/5/2017 - “Stranger Things” taps even deeper into 80s nostalgia with the release of a retro mobile game

10/5/2017 - Hugh Hefner’s vision with Playboy not only degraded women, it also dehumanized men

10/5/2017 - Our addiction to links is making good journalism harder to read

10/5/2017 - North Korea is losing its friends in Africa

10/5/2017 - The classic crisis de-escalation techniques Tillerson, Puerto Rico, and Mexico are using with Trump

10/5/2017 - The absurd dark comedies helping us survive 2017

10/5/2017 - LEGO’s new museum is a giant fantasy LEGO building, of course

10/5/2017 - McKinsey used machine learning to discover the best way to teach science

10/5/2017 - A big money manager just changed its mind on the future of robot advice

10/5/2017 - The 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature goes to British novelist Kazuo Ishiguro

10/5/2017 - Big asset managers think global politics are making things worse for investing

10/5/2017 - US tax reformers should get rid of the charitable deduction

10/5/2017 - The best underdog story in sport is happening now as Syria tries it make to the World Cup

10/5/2017 - A definition of “love” from the US Food and Drug Administration

10/5/2017 - Should the next Fed chairperson have street smarts or book smarts?

10/5/2017 - We are one step closer to having fully unmanned trains

10/5/2017 - Literature’s Super Thursday, Nate gathers force, Santa’s tomb

10/5/2017 - Hippos are being pushed towards extinction by an insatiable demand for their teeth

10/5/2017 - Global banks could trigger Brexit contingency plans the day after Christmas

10/5/2017 - How ‘Germany’s Hugh Hefner’ created an entirely different sort of sex empire

10/5/2017 - A leopard has temporarily halted production at one of India’s largest car factories

10/5/2017 - Bob Geldof is “sick” of the world—blame Donald Trump, Aung San Suu Kyi, and “old culture”

10/5/2017 - The new chief of India’s largest bank spent 37 years rising to the top

10/5/2017 - Saudi king’s Russia visit, Google’s gadget armada, Santa’s tomb

10/5/2017 - Saudi king’s Russia visit, Google’s gadget armada, Santa’s tomb

10/5/2017 - It’s time the BRICS nations realised that they’re running a “limited purpose partnership”

10/5/2017 - Venture capital has hit an all-time high in India—and a quarter of it came from one investor

10/5/2017 - RBI is demolishing the walls that divide India’s e-wallet companies

10/4/2017 - North Korea is testing not just bombs but the entire global nuclear monitoring system

10/4/2017 - As bleak as life is for most North Koreans, it’s often far worse for those who flee

10/4/2017 - Saudi king’s Russia visit, Google’s gadget armada, Santa’s tomb

10/4/2017 - Massive cyberhacks, name-calling Trump, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/4/2017 - California just got sued for letting its humpback whales die off

10/4/2017 - The IRS is paying Equifax millions for a login system that has been hacked—twice

10/4/2017 - Under US law, convicted domestic abusers cannot buy guns

10/4/2017 - The story behind the “Monopoly man” who photobombed Equifax’s Senate testimony

10/4/2017 - There’s no way to report many of the fastest-spreading Las Vegas conspiracy theories on Facebook

10/4/2017 - Tote bags

10/4/2017 - Google has built earbuds that translate 40 languages in real time

10/4/2017 - US Senate bill tells humans to take a back seat: Self-driving cars don’t need steering wheels

10/4/2017 - Google just put AI everywhere with an armada of new gadgets

10/4/2017 - Another hurricane could be heading for Florida

10/4/2017 - Hollywood special effects are helping surgeons practice brain surgery

10/4/2017 - Stephen Paddock shared a trait with other mass killers: He abused women

10/4/2017 - Each frame of the visually astonishing “Blade Runner 2049” belongs in an art gallery

10/4/2017 - Bad news, cats. Your jobs have been automated

10/4/2017 - What you should do about your Yahoo account

10/4/2017 - What is a bump stock, the device Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had in his arsenal?

10/4/2017 - How Europe is going after big tech when no one else is

10/4/2017 - In honor of National Taco Day, a history of the humble Mexican street food (with a bonus recipe)

10/4/2017 - DeepMind now has two ethics groups, but one of them is still secret

10/4/2017 - Impeachment was designed to protect the US from presidents like Trump. What went wrong?

10/4/2017 - Amazon Echo has a huge lead on Google Home—and it’s growing

10/4/2017 - Adidas can now make specialized shoes for runners in different cities, thanks to robots

10/4/2017 - In a blistering move, the EU tells Monsanto it isn’t above democracy

10/4/2017 - Snapchat has become the perfect tool for understanding tragedy

10/4/2017 - Why is there no Nobel Prize in technology?

10/4/2017 - How to watch today’s Google event

10/4/2017 - Concepts in psychology that even the experts get wrong

10/4/2017 - Fast food is fueling an obesity epidemic in Africa

10/4/2017 - In 60 years since Sputnik, we’ve created 10 baby elephants worth of space trash with every launch

10/4/2017 - Americans want big government help when robots and artificial intelligence take their jobs

10/4/2017 - Scientists have built a new soft robot that can heal itself

10/4/2017 - How to keep track of the billions in penalties the EU is slapping on global companies

10/4/2017 - The philosophical case for staying hopeful in dark times

10/4/2017 - The work that won the Nobel Prize in chemistry—in terms everyone can understand

10/4/2017 - A vote on a US law that would make guns quieter keeps getting delayed by mass shootings

10/4/2017 - The armor female superheroes wear would get them killed in real life

10/4/2017 - In a world without TV sets, what do we call TV?

10/4/2017 - Here are just a few of the things the US regulates more than guns

10/4/2017 - Puerto Rico won’t recover from Maria unless the US stops treating it like a colony

10/4/2017 - Capitalism in America has been on a suicide mission for 40 years

10/4/2017 - China’s putting the brakes on coal for heating millions of homes this winter

10/4/2017 - One of the Nobel Prize winners for chemistry lists “no longer scared of the dark” on his amusing résumé

10/4/2017 - Trump goes to Vegas, Uber-SoftBank deal, kawaii cocktails

10/4/2017 - To close the gender gap in jobs, women need new laws and men need new attitudes

10/4/2017 - Mothers of young children, take heart: This chart shows things will get better

10/4/2017 - Survey: Facebook is the big tech company that people trust least

10/4/2017 - Catalonia has “deepened the cracks” of the disunity created by the existence of the euro

10/4/2017 - Norway wants to literally bury other countries’ carbon emissions—in its own backyard

10/4/2017 - The bitter truth is that a sugar tax alone won’t stop Asia’s obesity epidemic

10/4/2017 - Your Mid-Autumn Festival guide to eating mooncakes

10/4/2017 - Uber is one step closer to a massive investment from SoftBank, and that’s bad for Travis Kalanick

10/4/2017 - Once a month, I am my barber’s muse and also his work of art

10/4/2017 - A Japanese airline wants to make crying babies on planes a thing of the past

10/4/2017 - An exhibition in London explores the rich history of India’s contributions to science

10/4/2017 - As Asia drives ahead on innovation highway, India sputters

10/4/2017 - Trump goes to Vegas, Uber-SoftBank deal, kawaii cocktails

10/4/2017 - Trump goes to Vegas, Uber-SoftBank deal, kawaii cocktails

10/4/2017 - A decade later, most Indian internet companies are as far from an IPO as when they started off

10/3/2017 - What is gerrymandering? A guide to understanding the case before the Supreme Court

10/3/2017 - Pictures of Donald Trump throwing paper towel rolls at Puerto Ricans

10/3/2017 - What’s at stake in the most important Supreme Court case of the year

10/3/2017 - Trump blames Puerto Rico, Google’s new phone, Warren Buffett truck stops

10/3/2017 - Yahoo and Equifax just proved that you can never trust the first number announced in a data breach

10/3/2017 - Samsung is diving into mixed reality with its new Odyssey headset

10/3/2017 - testing parallax

10/3/2017 - Snapchat is partnering with artists to place augmented reality sculptures around the world

10/3/2017 - A Brown professor explains how Americans’ faith in civilized debate is fueling white supremacy

10/3/2017 - Warren Buffett is betting against a future of self-driving cars and trucks

10/3/2017 - Politicizing politics, Trump in Puerto Rico, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/3/2017 - Ketchup

10/3/2017 - Trump in Puerto Rico tells hurricane victims: You’ve thrown our budget “out of whack”

10/3/2017 - In the future, owning a car could cost twice as much as taking driverless taxis everywhere

10/3/2017 - The cost of US gun violence has finally been calculated—at $2.8 billion a year

10/3/2017 - Arm your employees with wearables to keep them safe at work

10/3/2017 - Tailor made to reduce risk: wearable technology in the workplace

10/3/2017 - Parents can help children avoid developing peanut allergies from the moment they start breastfeeding

10/3/2017 - For a long, successful career, LinkedIn says nothing beats a liberal arts major

10/3/2017 - Walmart is taking its battle with Amazon to the streets of New York

10/3/2017 - Asia’s found a way to reset the immigration debate: let migrants pay into social security

10/3/2017 - The Equifax hack means it’s time to stop pretending Social Security numbers are secure IDs

10/3/2017 - Asia’s immigration story: Big challenges, bigger opportunities

10/3/2017 - There are cognitive benefits to being a bilingual kid that pay off in adulthood

10/3/2017 - Oscar Pistorius’ family is suing a US cable TV channel over its “Blade Runner Killer” film

10/3/2017 - This year’s Nobel Prize winners are changing everything we know about medicine and biology

10/3/2017 - What to expect from Google’s Oct. 4 Pixel event

10/3/2017 - It doesn’t look like Goldman Sachs will be trading bitcoin any time soon

10/3/2017 - Turkey has opened a military base in Somalia as it steps up its Africa engagement

10/3/2017 - The photographer of the Las Vegas shooting thought it was a false alarm until he saw his pictures

10/3/2017 - The work that won this year’s Nobel Prize in physics—in terms everyone can understand

10/3/2017 - Tesla Model 3 production falls short of expectations after hitting production snags

10/3/2017 - Silicon Valley isn’t just disrupting democracy—it’s replacing it

10/3/2017 - Watch Ryan Gosling act out every graphic designer’s real angst about Papyrus font

10/3/2017 - Adults’ obsession with weird, squishy stuffed animals reveals a heartbreaking need in our psyche

10/3/2017 - An investor wants Starbucks to explain why baristas get less parental leave than office staff

10/3/2017 - Nigeria’s central bank is printing money to keep the government afloat and alarms are ringing

10/3/2017 - An agoraphobic photographer traveled the world using only Google Street View

10/3/2017 - Washington failed to regulate Big Tech—and now it’s about to discover that it can’t

10/3/2017 - The stock market has remembered that big banks have allies in Washington

10/3/2017 - This week, half of China’s population is on the move

10/3/2017 - Catalonia on strike, RIP Tom Petty, Merlot is back

10/3/2017 - The bill to ban abortion at 20 weeks is based on fake science

10/3/2017 - Catalonia is calling the EU for help after its “traumatic” independence referendum

10/3/2017 - Denmark’s biggest energy company is completely abandoning fossil fuels

10/3/2017 - Indian companies are very worried about dated IT infrastructure holding them back

10/3/2017 - The nation wants to know: How an anchor is winning Indian TV news without yelling

10/3/2017 - Las Vegas shooting victims: a recent high school grad, an off-duty police officer, a nurse

10/3/2017 - Barça on strike, RIP Tom Petty, more Merlot

10/3/2017 - Barça on strike, RIP Tom Petty, more Merlot

10/3/2017 - In photos: Impressions of India from the dawn of photography to the 21st century

10/3/2017 - Tom Petty was one of the few guys Trump fans, Bernie bros, and Hillary supporters all loved

10/3/2017 - How a US arms lobby group played both India and Pakistan on the F-16 aircraft

10/3/2017 - “Tom Petty changed my life”: The social-media tributes to a rock icon

10/3/2017 - With an assembly line approach, an Indian hospital chain performs 250,000 eye surgeries a year

10/2/2017 - How a young Sikh became head of a major political party in Canada

10/2/2017 - In the Las Vegas concert shooting, survivors were also the first responders

10/2/2017 - A brief history of the word “Rohingya” at the heart of a humanitarian crisis

10/2/2017 - One in three unicorns is now being born in China  

10/2/2017 - Despite the hype, nobody is beating Nvidia in AI

10/2/2017 - America’s deadliest mass shooting, new tweetstorm, and eight other stories you might have missed

10/2/2017 - Did Iraq’s Kurds lose their big bet on independence?

10/2/2017 - “Lone wolf” vs “terrorist”: the vocabulary of mass shootings

10/2/2017 - Here’s what we know about Stephen Paddock’s arsenal

10/2/2017 - Into the great wide open: Tom Petty’s greatest songs

10/2/2017 - Ads with Photoshopped models are being treated as a public health problem in France

10/2/2017 - Do we have a moral duty to watch the painful videos from a mass shooting?

10/2/2017 - Sleep deprivation

10/2/2017 - Ford is taking on Tesla with a new group called Edison

10/2/2017 - The Nobel prize was created to make people forget its inventor’s past

10/2/2017 - This is the 338th mass shooting in 2017. More are on the way

10/2/2017 - Where to find opportunities in an aging bull market

10/2/2017 - Strategies for navigating through today’s market conditions

10/2/2017 - The SEC is cracking down on small-time “initial coin offerings,” but the mega ICOs are here to stay

10/2/2017 - The scariest part of Facebook’s safety check in a mass shooting

10/2/2017 - In Nevada, more people die from gun violence than car accidents

10/2/2017 - For the next Fed chair, Trump seems keen on anybody but Yellen

10/2/2017 - Trump’s remarks on the deadliest mass shooting in US history don’t mention gun control

10/2/2017 - A new book teaches kids of the internet age all the “lost words” from nature and outdoor play

10/2/2017 - The history of US mass shootings begins with a gunman in a tower in Texas in 1966

10/2/2017 - Posting videos of a breaking crime online can have dangerous consequences

10/2/2017 - An on-demand sex health startup is anonymously helping Nigerians have more safe sex

10/2/2017 - In the event of a mass shooting or attack, you should run and hide. But should you fight?

10/2/2017 - Beyond thoughts and prayers: People line up at blood banks to help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting

10/2/2017 - High-resolution, MRI-like imagery without the metal coffin and the crushing claustrophobia

10/2/2017 - Gunmakers’ share prices are soaring after the Las Vegas shooting

10/2/2017 - Cameroon’s “Anglophone” crisis has reached a boiling point as security forces kill 17 protesters

10/2/2017 - Nevada has some of the laxest laws on guns and ammunition in the United States

10/2/2017 - What we know so far about the Las Vegas shooter

10/2/2017 - Photos: The Las Vegas shooting from the perspective of survivors and first responders

10/2/2017 - Zuckerberg’s apology for “dividing people” won’t stop the regulators from moving in

10/2/2017 - If you want to make smarter life decisions, avoid these five mental biases

10/2/2017 - Ahead of a ban, China’s illegal ivory market has moved to Laos

10/2/2017 - Technology is destroying the most important asset in your life

10/2/2017 - Trump sends his “warmest condolences” to victims after America’s deadliest mass shooting

10/2/2017 - Nairobi built shiny new business districts but not enough tenants have shown up

10/2/2017 - IKEA’s new high-end design collaboration makes flatpack furniture feel collectible

10/2/2017 - The simple reason we’re getting all these long-delayed movie sequels now

10/2/2017 - The inventor of microfinance has an idea for fixing capitalism

10/2/2017 - The Nobel Prize in medicine goes to three Americans who deconstruct biological clocks

10/2/2017 - A budget British airline has gone bust and stranded over 100,000 passengers

10/2/2017 - Nobel news, Las Vegas shooting, LA’s palm problem

10/2/2017 - Timeline of how the Las Vegas shooting unfolded: Gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured more than 515

10/2/2017 - The 2017 Nobel Prize winners in medicine, physics, chemistry, peace, economics, and literature

10/2/2017 - US citizens lose half a decade in lifespan versus people born in rich European and Asian countries

10/2/2017 - Nobel news, Catalonia clashes, eagles vs. drones

10/2/2017 - Nobel news, Catalonia clashes, eagles vs. drones

10/1/2017 - We eat mooncakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival because of a folk tale about undying love and betrayal

10/1/2017 - Britain risks creating a $22.7-billion trade hole with its flawed “hard Brexit” plan

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