8/31/2016 - Justin Trudeau is following Barack Obama into the pages of a Marvel comic

8/31/2016 - Stolen Dropbox passwords are circulating online. Here’s how to check if your account’s compromised

8/31/2016 - Venezuela’s protest, Brazil’s ousted president, Sharia vs. Fifa

8/31/2016 - Italy begs women to have more babies for the sake of the nation, totally embarrasses the nation

8/31/2016 - Donald Trump forgot to ask Mexico to pay for his wall

8/31/2016 - A glimpse into Facebook’s notoriously opaque—and potentially vulnerable—Trending algorithm

8/31/2016 - Russian spy novels and secret meetings: How Oliver Stone made the “Snowden” film

8/31/2016 - Look to Detroit for the future of how US cities can revitalize their economies

8/31/2016 - What was Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto thinking with his Trump invitation?

8/31/2016 - Zuckerberg’s visit is a validation for betting big on Nigeria’s tech industry

8/31/2016 - Otto, the self-driving trucking startup bought by Uber, is being sued for trademark infringement

8/31/2016 - The next iPhone won’t have a headphone jack, new leaked photos indicate

8/31/2016 - Conservationists have finally found a way to beat Japanese whalers: outrun them

8/31/2016 - Oscar season begins: The 12 most promising movies coming out this fall, one for every niche

8/31/2016 - This hand-drawn map got a postcard delivered to a remote farm in Iceland

8/31/2016 - Ali Bongo has won re-election as president of Gabon, extending his family’s 50-year rule

8/31/2016 - The Goldman Sachs back-to-school reading list is better than you’d expect

8/31/2016 - Zuckerberg says Facebook will never be a media company—despite controlling the world’s media

8/31/2016 - Dilma Rousseff’s demise in five charts

8/31/2016 - Here’s how a billionaire really uses political money to make social change

8/31/2016 - The Britney Spears comeback narrative is all about saddling women with impossible expectations

8/31/2016 - It took a 13-year-old girl with an Afro to make South Africans notice their racist school dress codes

8/31/2016 - “Worst decision of the day”: Mexicans are outraged by their president’s decision to invite Trump over

8/31/2016 - A US state wants to scrap traditional voting in favor of a less polarizing election system

8/31/2016 - Watch: Spike Jonze made a majestically bizarre perfume ad

8/31/2016 - The future of staff training is getting employees to train themselves

8/31/2016 - Watch: This “hair tattoo” is one cure for baldness

8/31/2016 - An Indian wrestler says he will give up his Olympic silver medal out of respect for his late Russian opponent

8/31/2016 - Keeping your money too close to home could cost you

8/31/2016 - Donald Trump’s obsession with Mexico just got him a meeting with its president

8/31/2016 - This is what the hospital of the future sounds like

8/31/2016 - Benin will no longer require visas from other Africans

8/31/2016 - France’s burkini ban exposes how women are still violently oppressed in the name of nationalism

8/31/2016 - Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, has slipped into recession for the first time in decades

8/31/2016 - What communicating only in emoji taught me about language in the digital age

8/31/2016 - Jailed kids are the forgotten victims of America’s mass incarceration crisis

8/31/2016 - Only half of America thinks the point of schooling is academics

8/31/2016 - The big Brexit brainstorm, Trump visits Mexico, gravy wrestling

8/31/2016 - Struggling Chad Republic wants to fix its “negative image” by sponsoring a soccer club

8/31/2016 - John Kerry is having a horrible time with India’s weather gods

8/31/2016 - 19 children had to die before the government could even find this remote village in India

8/31/2016 - For more proof that men, not skirts, are the reason women are raped, look to Hong Kong

8/31/2016 - ISIL’s latest blow, Google rides over Uber, the other Vladimir Putin

8/30/2016 - Boys and bodies: What women sing about in Hindi movies

8/30/2016 - From Tata to Infosys, India Inc begins to feel the Brexit heat

8/30/2016 - Singapore now has 82 locally transmitted Zika cases, nearly twice the number of the United States

8/30/2016 - Chinese people want renewable energy more than anyone, but nobody’s selling it to them

8/30/2016 - Apple’s Irish tax blow, used SpaceX rockets, the other Vladimir Putin

8/30/2016 - Google is going head-to-head with Uber on ride-hailing

8/30/2016 - Private prison companies in the US lost more than $2 billion in value—and counting

8/30/2016 - The EU is all but inviting the US to claw back a share of Apple’s tax debt

8/30/2016 - Google is teaming up with a London hospital to inject AI into cancer treatment

8/30/2016 - More than half the lawmakers impeaching Brazil’s president have been either convicted or investigated themselves

8/30/2016 - Today’s two biggest role models for young readers are total wusses

8/30/2016 - One movie genre is quietly thriving outside the mainstream Hollywood system

8/30/2016 - A treasure hunter went missing in the Rocky Mountains, and a computer algorithm found him months later

8/30/2016 - The ultimate symbol of the Uber-for-X bubble is out of business

8/30/2016 - Researchers have developed sensors that can detect which senior citizens are at risk of falling

8/30/2016 - There’s no way Trump’s doctor knows who the healthiest president is

8/30/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg is on a surprise visit to Nigeria, Facebook’s largest African market

8/30/2016 - “I got scammed”: A tech worker’s awful story shows the gap between idealism and reality in Silicon Valley

8/30/2016 - West Africans are ditching Dutch wax prints for Chinese ‘real-fakes’

8/30/2016 - SpaceX has found the first client for its reused—ahem, flight-proven—rockets

8/30/2016 - Sorry China, the future of next-generation manufacturing is in the US

8/30/2016 - Tasmanian devils are adapting rapidly to their horrible face cancer, just in time to save the species

8/30/2016 - Why John McCain endorsed Donald Trump, the man who mocked his military service

8/30/2016 - Apple is shocked—shocked!—at a massive tax penalty that everybody saw coming

8/30/2016 - What could Apple’s €13 billion in back taxes buy in Ireland?

8/30/2016 - An Indian TV star uses her bra to shame the country’s censor prudes

8/30/2016 - How can cities with 18th century infrastructure support 21st century life?

8/30/2016 - Is your city as smart as its residents?

8/30/2016 - How can cities with 18th century infrastructure support 21st century life?

8/30/2016 - Is your city as smart as its residents?

8/30/2016 - How bitcoin was brought down by its own potential—and the banks

8/30/2016 - Psychology debunks the idea that we’d be happier if we lived somewhere else

8/30/2016 - Not even a million migrants will reverse Germany’s looming demographic decline

8/30/2016 - The absurd escalation of the music streaming war, in one failed Katy Perry song

8/30/2016 - Elon Musk made Tesla a sexy car company—but can he make it a viable one?

8/30/2016 - “Equity” is a feminist Wall Street film that finally nails what it’s like for women in power

8/30/2016 - Apple owes Ireland $14.5 billion, plus interest, in taxes that Ireland didn’t ask for

8/30/2016 - China’s government wants to make it illegal for celebrities to misbehave

8/30/2016 - A soccer club canceled a player’s four-day old contract for testing HIV positive

8/30/2016 - A photographer’s brilliant crusade to challenge the boundaries between science and art

8/30/2016 - EU-Apple showdown, Mondelez kisses Hershey goodbye, mealworm margarine

8/30/2016 - We’ve been wrong about the origins of life for 90 years

8/30/2016 - Iran is giving its citizens fast internet, but cutting them off from the rest of the online world

8/30/2016 - Scientists say dogs can understand the tone of your voice and the meaning of your words

8/30/2016 - Flying business class internationally is (almost) affordable now

8/30/2016 - Women travellers are determined to explore India, skirts or not

8/30/2016 - “Our technology is better than any local competitor,” says Uber India president. Is Ola listening?

8/30/2016 - EU vs. Apple, Japan typhoon, mealworm margarine

8/30/2016 - The Modi effect: US FDI into India has jumped 500% in the last two years

8/30/2016 - A Chinese opera version of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” has become a viral hit

8/30/2016 - How to host a successful international event, from the G20 to the Olympics, just like Beijing

8/30/2016 - Indian shopaholics in search of global brands are better off flying to Jakarta or Ho Chi Minh City

8/30/2016 - Why the “Abby Normal” scene from “Young Frankenstein” is my favorite Gene Wilder moment

8/30/2016 - Urbanization is inspiring retailers to rethink their approach to commerce

8/30/2016 - Urbanites are changing the way retailers do business

8/29/2016 - Here’s why Obama just paid tribute to a singer most Americans have never heard of

8/29/2016 - The permit test for flying a drone is a lot more difficult than the average US driving test

8/29/2016 - Trudeau in China, cheaper EpiPens, mealworm margarine

8/29/2016 - A relative of Colonel Sanders unwittingly revealed—and possibly confirmed—KFC’s secret recipe

8/29/2016 - Dilma Rousseff says her impeachment trial inflamed Brazil’s economic crisis

8/29/2016 - iPads are as good as sedatives at calming kids down before operations

8/29/2016 - Facebook is about to realize why news is hard

8/29/2016 - Vermont dairies are replacing undocumented workers with robots

8/29/2016 - Shooting scares at JFK and LAX have exposed a gaping hole in airport security

8/29/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg built a voice-controlled thermostat that doesn’t listen to his wife’s voice

8/29/2016 - Photos: Lightning struck more than 300 wild reindeer in Norway

8/29/2016 - Apple’s next big products will be unveiled Sept. 7

8/29/2016 - HBO’s new “Westworld” trailer shows what happens when the androids wake up

8/29/2016 - Nearly 9,000 unaccompanied refugee children have gone missing in Germany

8/29/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s top personal aide is finally separating from her scandal-ridden husband

8/29/2016 - A half-Chinese diplomat could be the next president of Gabon

8/29/2016 - Amazon, known for its soul-crushing work culture, is testing a 30-hour workweek

8/29/2016 - After replacing human editors with an algorithm, Facebook ended up with a fake Trending news story

8/29/2016 - Lucy, one of the most ancient human ancestors, probably died because she fell out of a tree

8/29/2016 - Photos: The unknown designers who made Beyoncé’s and Rihanna’s showstopping looks at the VMAs

8/29/2016 - Another Ethiopian runner has turned a marathon win into an anti-government protest

8/29/2016 - A South African high school has banned girls from Afros and natural hairstyles because they are “untidy”

8/29/2016 - The maker of the wildly expensive EpiPen came up with a cheaper version over the weekend

8/29/2016 - Social media is emboldening young Zimbabweans to finally stand up to Mugabe

8/29/2016 - Yes, it is possible to both be Mormon and a feminist

8/29/2016 - Nigeria’s ethnic conflicts are a result of the failures of a weak state

8/29/2016 - How to win at college, according to economics

8/29/2016 - China’s richest man, Wanda Group CEO Wang Jianlin, has declared war on Disneyland

8/29/2016 - Colin Kaepernick is the latest proof that American football is suddenly getting more political

8/29/2016 - When computers learn human languages, they also learn human prejudices

8/29/2016 - Dilma Rousseff testifies, Zika hits Singapore hard, underpaid munchkins

8/29/2016 - India’s tourism minister has some advice for female visitors: avoid skirts

8/29/2016 - The most educated city in Europe is London. This is why it has no global equal

8/29/2016 - Colombian women made sure gender equality was at the center of a groundbreaking peace deal with the FARC

8/29/2016 - Kenyans got the better loan terms they wanted, but banks still aren’t ready to lend

8/29/2016 - The first rule of shopping for kids: If it doesn’t stretch, they’re probably not going to wear it

8/29/2016 - Baba Ramdev’s new babies: a university, incense sticks, and your infant’s food

8/29/2016 - The racist reality of house-hunting in Singapore: “Sorry, your wife is Indian”

8/29/2016 - Turkey in Syria, Mumbai transit strike, munchkin pay

8/29/2016 - What gloom? Indian startups are still throwing ridiculous amounts of money to woo talent

8/29/2016 - India can stem the rising scourge of racism against Africans

8/29/2016 - Indian startups lack the scale and depth to make another Silicon Valley

8/28/2016 - Mumbai transit strike, Turkey in Syria, understanding birds

8/28/2016 - If you work in development in Africa, you need to get on board with Black Lives Matter

8/28/2016 - Silicon Valley may finally get special approval for foreign founders to enter the US

8/28/2016 - A NASA-funded, year-long experiment in Hawaii to mimic life on Mars has come to an end

8/28/2016 - Spend your Sunday making music with this gorgeous visual synthesizer

8/28/2016 - Here’s what dads can do at home to help their daughters grow into successful leaders

8/28/2016 - The Olympics may be over, but you can spend the next two days watching the world’s best young Scrabble players compete

8/28/2016 - Africa’s Olympics, Gabon’s birthers, Kenya’s capped rates

8/28/2016 - The controversial TTIP trade deal between the EU and the US is failing

8/28/2016 - Overworked America’s obsession with Burning Man is a cry for help

8/28/2016 - One of the most famous living philosophers says much of philosophy today is “self-indulgent”

8/28/2016 - There’s a productive way to approach wasting time online

8/28/2016 - Years of genomics research is riddled with errors thanks to a bunch of botched Excel spreadsheets

8/28/2016 - Daydreaming can become so maladaptive, it looks like a psychiatric disorder

8/28/2016 - Inside the airline gift bags of first and business class flights around the world

8/28/2016 - Robert Mugabe will not allow an Arab Spring in Zimbabwe as police crush another anti-government protest

8/28/2016 - This animated map shows why animals can’t survive climate change without our help

8/28/2016 - How a 19th century Russian novelist predicted Donald Trump’s America

8/28/2016 - Ancient Egyptians’ 4,000-year-old strategy for dealing with an “argumentative superior”

8/27/2016 - This is what the next generation of high-speed rail in America looks like

8/27/2016 - The entrepreneurial elite are preparing for a “Davos meets Burning Man” conference on a giant ship

8/27/2016 - The GOP’s web addresses can be hacked

8/27/2016 - This is what Burning Man 2016 looks like from space

8/27/2016 - Apple is imaginging a future where iPhones can track and identify their thieves

8/27/2016 - Weekend edition—The burkini patriarchy, 23andMe’s race problem, the “Millennial Whoop”

8/27/2016 - Yet another thing driving species to extinction: bureaucracy

8/27/2016 - SpaceX’s biggest rival is developing “space trucks” to ferry cargo in an orbital economy

8/27/2016 - Google already knows the fashion trends that’ll be popular this fall

8/27/2016 - “The Millennial Whoop”: The same annoying whooping sound is showing up in every popular song

8/27/2016 - This is what it looks like to crash a brand new $1,300 plane-like drone

8/27/2016 - Guys who are rude to women they sleep with aren’t jerks. They’re sexist

8/27/2016 - Behind the birther movement challenging Gabon’s 50 year-old political dynasty

8/27/2016 - Weekend edition—The burkini patriarchy, 23andMe’s race problem, the “Millennial Whoop”

8/27/2016 - France’s burkini ban wasn’t just about Islam, but about men policing women’s bodies, yet again

8/26/2016 - Tim Cook just unlocked $135 million in bonus pay from Apple

8/26/2016 - Weekend edition—The burkini patriarchy, 23andMe’s race problem, the “Millennial Whoop”

8/26/2016 - Facebook is trying to get rid of bias in Trending news by getting rid of humans

8/26/2016 - How to watch the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

8/26/2016 - A history of how the burqa and bikini became the burkini

8/26/2016 - North Korea threw a massive dance party to celebrate a successful missile launch

8/26/2016 - The evidence to support the rumor that Beyoncé is planning a surprise performance at the MTV Video Music Awards

8/26/2016 - An imam posted a photo of nuns frolicking on the beach. Then his Facebook account was disabled.

8/26/2016 - Netflix changed its Twitter bio to mock its North Korean knockoff Manbang

8/26/2016 - Watch: Steven Seagal eating carrots with the dictator president of Belarus

8/26/2016 - Ryan Lochte picked the absolute worst time to be an oafish dumb jock

8/26/2016 - A Chinese buying spree is jacking up the price of British bacon—and it’s all thanks to Brexit

8/26/2016 - In unretouched ads, “Girls” stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke show what women look like in their undies

8/26/2016 - The US government seriously wants to weaponize artificial intelligence

8/26/2016 - Fed up with steep fees for pitiful performance, investors are pulling billions from hedge funds

8/26/2016 - France’s highest court ruled that the burkini ban is “clearly illegal”

8/26/2016 - A Star Wars fan implanted a chip with Jedi powers in her hand

8/26/2016 - Bitcoin 2.0, drone pizza delivery, social media blackout in Africa

8/26/2016 - The highest paid workers in Silicon Valley are not software engineers

8/26/2016 - The University of Chicago’s trigger warnings ban is a reminder that intellectual freedom on campus is a myth

8/26/2016 - Quartzy: the control edition

8/26/2016 - If a monkey snaps a selfie, does he own the rights to his own photograph?

8/26/2016 - Burkini wearers are following a long French tradition of breaking the rules of women’s fashion

8/26/2016 - Four tips to improve your online dating profile from the CEO of eHarmony

8/26/2016 - Why you should give your kids unlimited screen time

8/26/2016 - When your childhood hero becomes your collaborator—Tom DeSavia on co-writing a book on LA punk with X’s John Doe

8/26/2016 - Facebook is scrambling to catch up to Google in open-sourcing AI code

8/26/2016 - Facebook’s newest app makes it shockingly easy to stalk high schoolers

8/26/2016 - 23andMe has a problem when it comes to ancestry reports for people of color

8/26/2016 - Human nature is way too complex to be pinned down by personality tests

8/26/2016 - This is why Hillary Clinton doesn’t do press conferences

8/26/2016 - The heinous “magical negro” trope returns in this preposterous, tone-deaf movie trailer

8/26/2016 - Starting now, it will be easier than ever for Americans to get to Cuba and Mexico

8/26/2016 - Yellen finally speaks, burkini ban in court, floating US ZIP codes

8/26/2016 - What makes Italy so frighteningly vulnerable to earthquakes

8/26/2016 - Taiwan’s new digital minister is a transgender software programmer who wants to make government more open

8/26/2016 - Indians on Twitter are out to boycott Myntra for an ad it didn’t even make

8/26/2016 - Aston Villa’s Chinese owner is looking to Mao Zedong for management tips

8/26/2016 - Long live the burkini! Indian women have embraced similar swimwear for years

8/26/2016 - Pepsi is testing a natural sweetener that could spark a new low-cal cola war in India

8/26/2016 - The US government still insists that Apple and giant US companies are unfairly targeted by EU tax probes

8/26/2016 - Russia-Japan talks, Apple security, smashing printers

8/26/2016 - The world fell in love with Kenya’s hauntingly beautiful national anthem at the Rio Olympics

8/26/2016 - The battle between two generals reveals a deep rot in the Indian army

8/26/2016 - Of course India’s women need long maternity leaves. But what about its dads?

8/26/2016 - Investors are buying emerging-market assets like they’re going out of style. Are they nuts?

8/25/2016 - Apple is under fire for “excessive overtime” and illegal working conditions in another Chinese factory

8/25/2016 - “Jason Bourne” is the latest example of how China’s 3D movie craze has gone too far

8/25/2016 - Japan-Russia talks, Volkswagen settlement, smashing printers

8/25/2016 - How Trump will ‘change the words he is saying’ about building a border wall and making Mexico pay for it

8/25/2016 - Why are these creeptastic dolls making girls want to have their own real live babies?

8/25/2016 - Checked baggage fees have a hidden benefit for passengers—fewer flight delays

8/25/2016 - For once, Amazon is taking a page from Walmart’s playbook

8/25/2016 - Hundreds of Airbnb hosts are offering free shelter to people affected by disasters in Italy, Louisiana, and California

8/25/2016 - Why Welspun might have sold fake Egyptian cotton sheets to Target and other US retailers

8/25/2016 - Our brains are wired to prefer the taste of humanely raised meat

8/25/2016 - You should really update your iPhone right now to prevent hackers from hijacking it

8/25/2016 - Trump will say anything to get elected: Now the “illegals” he promised to deport are also “terrific”

8/25/2016 - Sega’s video-game artists had to draw pixels by hand on crazy, custom machines in the 1980s and 90s

8/25/2016 - Climate change will double hay fever allergies in Europe over the next 50 years

8/25/2016 - Good news: Domino’s wants to deliver pizza with a drone right to your face

8/25/2016 - Watch world leaders battle-rap—and just plain battle—in DJ Shadow’s timely new music video

8/25/2016 - New health guidelines: no cake, ice cream, or added sugar for your toddler—period

8/25/2016 - “Leslie Jones is beautiful”: The internet embraces the “Ghostbusters” actress after a hateful troll hack

8/25/2016 - The world got together to try to save the monarch butterfly, and then climate change ruined the plan

8/25/2016 - More Nigerians are starting to use mobile money services

8/25/2016 - A step-by-step guide to stop Facebook from using your WhatsApp data to target ads

8/25/2016 - Brazil has a word for believing that a wildly ambitious project like the Olympics would be a good idea

8/25/2016 - Singapore’s obsession with control is why it’s now the first country with self-driving taxis

8/25/2016 - There’s now a tool you can use to scour satellite images for criminal activity and environmental devastation

8/25/2016 - Sonia Rykiel, the Parisian style icon who made liberating clothes for the “woman who fights,” has died

8/25/2016 - Want to view tech differently? See it with the eyes of product designers

8/25/2016 - The future of technology explained by drone and robot designers

8/25/2016 - As a homeless black veteran, I was paid $10 to stand in a police lineup

8/25/2016 - “Mine’s the red one”: Baggage carousel mayhem as hundreds of identical Olympic bags arrive at Heathrow

8/25/2016 - Solar lights are transforming the night in rural Myanmar, Uganda and India

8/25/2016 - TED’s new talks let speakers leak family and corporate secrets, anonymously

8/25/2016 - The future of soft robotics: a 3D-printed, farting, gummy octopus

8/25/2016 - “You have a fantastic opportunity here”: Nigel Farage champions Donald Trump at a Mississippi rally

8/25/2016 - A US university is telling freshmen they will get neither “safe spaces” nor “trigger warnings”

8/25/2016 - Oculus’ awesome new Barack Obama video highlights the biggest roadblock for VR going mainstream

8/25/2016 - Universal basic income wouldn’t make people lazy–it would change the nature of work

8/25/2016 - Moving to an exotic new country won’t solve your problems–but you should do it anyway

8/25/2016 - Indians are no longer the biggest immigrant group in Britain

8/25/2016 - Central banks have hatched a get-rich-quick scheme for companies in an attempt to avoid a slowdown

8/25/2016 - “Nobody is ever just a refugee”: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s powerful speech on the global migrant crisis

8/25/2016 - A new balance for new markets

8/25/2016 - How to plan your investment mix for the current scenario

8/25/2016 - Brexit, and “more hedonistic and opinionated men,” are proving prosperous for Jimmy Choo

8/25/2016 - Awe-inspiring photos of the US national parks, from 100 years ago to today

8/25/2016 - The extreme things parents do to help their kids discover “passion”—and write a killer college essay

8/25/2016 - The woman behind the burkini says 40% of sales are to non-Muslims

8/25/2016 - These are the subtle tweaks used by travel websites to make you spend more

8/25/2016 - Let’s reinvent and diversify Africa’s universities to make them centers of innovation

8/25/2016 - We compared the new words in the Australian and Oxford dictionaries, and now we don’t know if we’re Arthur or Martha

8/25/2016 - The Fed meets its critics, Trump victory “like Brexit,” don’t work from home

8/25/2016 - For a second year, Narendra Modi is among the most viewed Indian CEOs on LinkedIn

8/25/2016 - Happy birthday Krishna, the sensual, free-willed god

8/25/2016 - Four Loko is back—but this time in China, where it is called “lose virginity liquor”

8/25/2016 - Photos: Animals at the London Zoo hop on the scales for their annual weigh-in

8/25/2016 - Some Catholics are deeply disturbed that the Vatican is cozying up to China’s repressive regime

8/25/2016 - Nigerian banks are being barred from forex trading as a dollar crunch worsens

8/25/2016 - This dark romance about infidelity is the best movie of the 21st century, female critics say

8/25/2016 - South Asia trade talks, Brazil impeachment trial, tattoo hair

8/25/2016 - A crowd-sourced project is bringing the magic of Indian train journeys to Instagram

8/25/2016 - Despite challenges, African teams marked a historic medal haul at the Rio Olympics

8/25/2016 - Move over, Starbucks. The hipster coffee revolution has finally come to India

8/25/2016 - Thanks to climate change, this 13-deck cruise ship is attempting to sail the Northwest Passage

8/24/2016 - Finch-ling Mozart: This finch’s song is helping its unborn children

8/24/2016 - The world’s largest aircraft just crashed in a painfully slow nosedive

8/24/2016 - Uber would rather give drivers lots of small benefits than make them real employees

8/24/2016 - South Asia trade talks, Kabul university attack, tattoo hair

8/24/2016 - Photographic proof that women just cannot get a break, even on the beach

8/24/2016 - Karachi’s new mayor might be working remotely — from prison

8/24/2016 - The newest Hillary Clinton e-mails show the banality of favor seekers seeking favors

8/24/2016 - The first five years of Tim Cook’s reign as CEO of Apple, in charts

8/24/2016 - Scientists just discovered humanity’s best shot at seeing life outside our solar system

8/24/2016 - Trump took $55,000 of donations to his campaign to buy copies of his own book

8/24/2016 - Climate change is making oysters and other shellfish dangerous to eat

8/24/2016 - Here’s what we know about the terror attack at the American University of Afghanistan

8/24/2016 - J.C. Penney, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Walmart start investigating Indian firm after Target cuts ties

8/24/2016 - WHO is stepping in to ease a food and health crisis in Nigeria’s camps for Boko Haram victims

8/24/2016 - Human-made climate change started twice as long ago as we thought

8/24/2016 - The big winner of the Rio Olympics: Coca-Cola

8/24/2016 - Bill Nye explains that the flooding in Louisiana is the result of climate change

8/24/2016 - The US government is buying 11 million pounds of idle cheese

8/24/2016 - Exorbitant prices are just one reason to loathe the company that makes the EpiPen

8/24/2016 - “The SpongeBob”: The internet is roasting Adidas’s reported signature sneaker for NBA star James Harden

8/24/2016 - I was at JFK during the shooting scare, and I can’t believe how easily we terrorized ourselves

8/24/2016 - A rumor South Africa’s finance minister is wanted by police again is tanking the rand

8/24/2016 - A Filipino fisherman kept a 75-pound pearl under his bed for 10 years

8/24/2016 - Kenya’s president has approved a “popular but unwise” cap on bank lending rates

8/24/2016 - Millennials, stop working from home all the time

8/24/2016 - Qatar’s oil boom created the world’s most extravagant art scene—and also led to its demise

8/24/2016 - Photos show French police making a woman take off her blouse on a beach where burkinis are banned

8/24/2016 - Author Frederick Forsyth on how life imitates art

8/24/2016 - Author Frederick Forsyth on how life imitates art

8/24/2016 - Author Frederick Forsyth on how art imitates life

8/24/2016 - Please stop suggesting these inventions to Ford

8/24/2016 - Terror and floods have cost Paris a million visitors this year—though Americans are the least deterred

8/24/2016 - In the 21st century, comedy is our greatest tool for progressive change

8/24/2016 - Researchers have uncovered an ancient Mexican text that had been hidden for 500 years

8/24/2016 - Video: There’s now a solar umbrella to keep Hajj pilgrims cool and connected

8/24/2016 - “Stranger Things” is spot-on about the importance of male friendships

8/24/2016 - How bigotry crushed the dreams of an all-black Little League team

8/24/2016 - A US county insists: Rap, rock, and electronic music are not culture

8/24/2016 - Support your local marijuana farm: Why the weed industry should resemble the wine business

8/24/2016 - The Internet of (poorly working) Things

8/24/2016 - We’ll talk to our phones in the future because our fingers are puny and slow

8/24/2016 - The Ethiopian Olympic runner who defied his government has not returned home with the rest of his team

8/24/2016 - To stop them becoming terrorists, Italy is giving teens €500 to spend on high culture

8/24/2016 - Edible batteries could make ingestible medical devices and targeted drug delivery safer

8/24/2016 - Orangutans will be wiped out by 2026, thanks largely to fast food and face wash

8/24/2016 - Deadly earthquake in Italy, Biden in Turkey, getting rid of homework

8/24/2016 - Germany is urging its people to stockpile food, water, and cash in case of a national emergency

8/24/2016 - A strong earthquake has hit central Italy, and at least 120 died

8/24/2016 - A Chinese news outlet used an incredibly efficient “robot reporter” to cover the Olympics

8/24/2016 - How Nigeria’s Central Bank disrupted the disruptors trying to cut remittance fees

8/24/2016 - How censored is China’s first Tibetan-language search engine? It omits the Dalai Lama’s website

8/24/2016 - Everyone wants to sell the “cheapest” smartphone in India

8/24/2016 - Kenya’s best Olympics ever may have also been its most embarrassing

8/24/2016 - Earthquake in Italy, Kerry on Yemen, no more homework

8/24/2016 - South Africa’s ANC has lost control of Johannesburg for the first time to a novice politician

8/24/2016 - The journey of India’s GDP from 1000 A.D. to 2020

8/24/2016 - Kenya backpedals on decision to close world’s biggest refugee camp yet again

8/24/2016 - “Night Czar” is probably the most interesting job being advertised in the whole of London right now

8/24/2016 - Hundreds of thousands of migrants owe their lives to one number saved on speed dial

8/24/2016 - A proposed ban on swimming with dolphins is a reminder of how tourism affects wildlife

8/23/2016 - A petition calls for canceling tribute concerts to “mass murderer” Mao Zedong in Sydney and Melbourne

8/23/2016 - Tesla has maxed out what its current batteries can do

8/23/2016 - South China Sea chats, more Clinton emails, no more homework

8/23/2016 - Samsung’s latest smartphone is tailor-made for India’s booming market

8/23/2016 - From Armstrong to Winehouse: the evolution of jazz in the US and the UK

8/23/2016 - American Airlines is sending 20 MD-80 jets to an airplane graveyard

8/23/2016 - Over 20,000 pages of top-secret data about India’s mega submarine project leaked, says The Australian

8/23/2016 - China’s new “it” city charms travelers year-round

8/23/2016 - How one Chinese city embraced frigid temperatures as a tourism boon

8/23/2016 - How America’s mass incarceration disaster became a bipartisan rallying cry

8/23/2016 - Mylan’s monopoly on EpiPens is costing low-income allergy patients thousands of dollars

8/23/2016 - Charted: How Facebook dominates the app economy

8/23/2016 - The best way to sink Kobe Bryant’s new $100 million fund would be to invest in sports

8/23/2016 - The best 100 films of the 21st century, according to 177 film critics around the world

8/23/2016 - Trump says he’ll make inner cities safer for minorities by putting “tougher” cops in charge

8/23/2016 - The world’s newest billionaires are two Indian brothers who founded a tech company in their teens

8/23/2016 - Better-educated women pay a steeper price for motherhood

8/23/2016 - Air pollution isn’t just making China sick, it’s making the country’s cities unbearably hot

8/23/2016 - Does the world need the Clinton Foundation?

8/23/2016 - Silicon Valley to US: Asking for foreign travelers’ social media accounts creates a “chilling effect”

8/23/2016 - The right criticism of Obama’s vacation habits is that he should take more, not less

8/23/2016 - Scottish football fans have raised £100,000 for Palestinian charities after their pro-Palestine protest

8/23/2016 - The woman who won Japan’s “handsome monk” contest

8/23/2016 - The Baton Rouge flooding proves just how little coastal elites care about the rest of America

8/23/2016 - Big data and hidden cameras are emerging as dangerous weapons in the gentrification wars

8/23/2016 - This teacher banned homework so kids could learn from life instead

8/23/2016 - A watchdog group says the Kardashians are being illegally paid for Instagram posts

8/23/2016 - Want your children to grow into more empathetic adults? Travel with them

8/23/2016 - Amazon is reportedly making a half-priced Spotify—but there’s a big catch

8/23/2016 - Shoppers are splurging on fancy Swiss watches in post-Brexit Britain

8/23/2016 - The photos that remind us of why we love sports

8/23/2016 - Nigeria’s army says it has killed Boko Haram’s leader—again

8/23/2016 - The 2020 Tokyo Olympic medals could be made of discarded electronics

8/23/2016 - The pills that may have killed Prince appear to have been copies of a drug discontinued in 2013

8/23/2016 - One of the poorest countries in the EU could be its next tech-startup hub

8/23/2016 - Google is using AI to compress photos, just like on HBO’s Silicon Valley

8/23/2016 - Millennials are only saving more because employers are giving them less

8/23/2016 - Gawker had its problems, but its death is worrying for all watchdog journalists

8/23/2016 - The weird things farmers are doing to save the environment from flatulent cows

8/23/2016 - As casual gamers move to mobile, Facebook eyes the hardcore crowd

8/23/2016 - What does social science say about how Hillary Clinton might lead?

8/23/2016 - Man-made “wind trees” will finally make it possible to power homes using turbines

8/23/2016 - Britain’s world-beating cycling team owes its success to a World War Two management technique that helped rebuild Japan

8/23/2016 - The maker of a high-priced Hepatitis C cure used shell companies to avoid billions in taxes

8/23/2016 - The system for catching dangerous pathogens in America’s food supply is finally working

8/23/2016 - How Britain (pop: 65 million) won more golds in Rio than China (pop: 1.3 billion)

8/23/2016 - Scientists now know the brain chemistry behind Pavlov’s famous dog experiment

8/23/2016 - Obama visits Baton Rouge, falling Swiss watch exports, Nikola Tesla’s antique drones

8/23/2016 - Waze can now warn you about high-crime neighborhoods in cities. But is that a good idea?

8/23/2016 - In the land of roadside barbers, a startup wants men to spend big on a good shave

8/23/2016 - Paralysed for nearly 50 days, Kashmir is living its worst nightmare in decades

8/23/2016 - The show is over at India’s only public circus academy—and nobody seems to care

8/23/2016 - Merkel’s post-Brexit tour, Typhoon Mindulle, empathetic Danes

8/23/2016 - At least 50 Indian startups have the potential to cross a billion dollars in valuation

8/22/2016 - No drugs, swearing, or talk of Hong Kong independence in schools, says the city’s leader

8/22/2016 - It is time to rename the South China Sea

8/22/2016 - The Los Angeles Lakers’ newest power forward is Chinese Olympian Yi Jianlian

8/22/2016 - Japanese fintech, slavery remembrance, empathetic Danes

8/22/2016 - Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe granted voting rights to 13,000 ex-felons—again

8/22/2016 - Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment trial is snapping Brazil back to post-Olympics reality

8/22/2016 - Target has dumped one of India’s biggest textile companies because of fake bed sheets

8/22/2016 - What happens to Olympic venues when the games are over?

8/22/2016 - Ramen noodles have become a crucial currency in prisons

8/22/2016 - Two Irish women have live-tweeted their journey to seek abortions in England

8/22/2016 - Militants have finally declared a ceasefire in Nigeria’s oil-rich delta region

8/22/2016 - Ryan Lochte’s Rio mugging story has already cost him all his major endorsements

8/22/2016 - Denmark has figured out how to teach kids empathy and make them happier adults

8/22/2016 - The last country to abolish slavery is jailing its anti-slavery activists

8/22/2016 - H&M reportedly used garment factories that worked teens for 12-hour shifts

8/22/2016 - The Clinton campaign is already assuming victory in two key battleground states

8/22/2016 - Researchers built a power saw with sharks’ teeth for blades, for science

8/22/2016 - Tyra Banks is only the latest celebrity professor

8/22/2016 - China’s Hugo award-winning sci-fi story is eerily real for some Beijingers

8/22/2016 - Watch: John Oliver explains how Donald Trump could fix our broken political system

8/22/2016 - The real infectious disease problem in Brazil isn’t actually Zika, it’s syphilis

8/22/2016 - The secret to repairing a broken conversation

8/22/2016 - Apple wants its devices to help tell your medical history, not just count steps

8/22/2016 - Donald Trump’s campaign is spending money on all the wrong things

8/22/2016 - Harvey Mudd College took on gender bias and now more than half its computer-science majors are women

8/22/2016 - Angela Merkel’s post-Brexit European tour, mapped

8/22/2016 - Destroying history is now being charged as a war crime

8/22/2016 - The case for raising a child to be an Olympic athlete

8/22/2016 - China is totally over getting Olympic gold medals, says China

8/22/2016 - We’re all distracted by how terrible we look on video calls. Here’s how to fix it

8/22/2016 - “I think my wife knows I’m gay. I’ve told her a million times.”

8/22/2016 - With the Olympics done, it’s time for the Paralympics—which are looking like a disaster

8/22/2016 - EU leaders discuss Brexit, Abe turns Super Mario, North Korean Netflix and chill

8/22/2016 - Can virtual reality help close the gender pay gap?

8/22/2016 - Friday premiere: Bollywood’s Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty come together to sell Manchurian masala

8/22/2016 - Politics aside, the Indian president’s estate is buzzing with something else: dengue mosquitos

8/22/2016 - A Japanese plastic surgeon gave Nigeria’s Olympics soccer team $390,000 for coming third

8/22/2016 - The new Indian millionaire is young, generous, and free from daddy’s influence

8/22/2016 - Brexit summit, Turkey bombing, quantum satellite

8/22/2016 - This Ethiopian runner’s protest gesture at the Rio marathon could put his life at risk

8/22/2016 - For Indian e-commerce, the choice is between discount and bleed or profit and die

8/22/2016 - An Indian acid attack survivor is taking her inspiring story to New York Fashion Week

8/22/2016 - Counterfeit pills, potentially from China, killed Prince, investigators now believe

8/21/2016 - The best part of the Rio Olympics closing ceremony was the 2020 Tokyo teaser

8/21/2016 - Eight years ago, China’s hero volleyball coach was a “traitor” who coached the US to victory

8/21/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Turkey bombing, a quantum satellite, cookie politics

8/21/2016 - Is there anything really funny about a naked Donald Trump statue?

8/21/2016 - A Snapchat gimmick has become a powerful tool for sexual assault survivors in India

8/21/2016 - Lou Pearlman, the boy-band mogul known for launching the Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync, has died in jail

8/21/2016 - The blatantly sexist cookie bake-off that has haunted Hillary Clinton for two decades is back

8/21/2016 - Buying a Prius isn’t always an ethical choice

8/21/2016 - Why business leaders should teach their employees to think like Olympic marathoners

8/21/2016 - Giving up alcohol opened my eyes to the infuriating truth about why women drink

8/21/2016 - What is Trump’s game? A few leading theories

8/21/2016 - US citizens: How to register to vote in November, wherever you are in the country or the world

8/21/2016 - Wayde’s world, Nigeria’s e-payments, Chinese Kiswahili poems

8/21/2016 - Cubans are using simple hacks to get around limited and expensive internet

8/21/2016 - Ethicists unpack the argument for why doping should be kept out of sports

8/21/2016 - There’s one group of minority immigrants in the US that is surprisingly pro-Trump

8/21/2016 - The Olympics’ best ‘controversy’ is Jamaicans arguing about Bob Marley vs. Usain Bolt

8/20/2016 - As Ryan Lochte’s potentially fake mugging grips Rio, a real robbery has an Australian in hot water

8/20/2016 - Caster Semenya is set to break records in Rio, but all anyone wants to talk about is her gender

8/20/2016 - Now anyone can access NASA-funded research

8/20/2016 - The first same-sex couple to compete in the Olympics have won gold

8/20/2016 - An Oxford neuroethicist on how drugs can make us more moral

8/20/2016 - Surreal scenes from the first time the London Tube ran all night

8/20/2016 - Scientific American slams Donald Trump’s anti-science rhetoric in a rare op-ed

8/20/2016 - Urjit Patel is going to be India’s new central banker

8/20/2016 - Freudian psychoanalysis is so popular in Argentina, even prisoners go once a week

8/20/2016 - Poor data hurts African countries’ ability to make good policy decisions

8/20/2016 - Twitter has yet another band-aid solution to combat trolls

8/20/2016 - The reasons why Olympians have developed extreme body types

8/20/2016 - Mercedes’ next vehicle is a 20-foot luxury electric Maybach that you’ll “want to drive yourself”

8/20/2016 - How to use coding apps like a pro to work magic with text

8/20/2016 - Weekend edition—The perils of apology, Olympic medal-counting, Japanese ruin-hunting

8/20/2016 - China’s new quantum satellite will try to teleport data outside the bounds of space and time

8/20/2016 - For a host nation, Brazil isn’t doing too well in winning medals. (But at least it’s no Canada)

8/20/2016 - The long and bizarre history of the Olympic marathon

8/20/2016 - A mythical Olympics for women shows the ancient roots of inequality at the games

8/20/2016 - “It’s like a baptismal”: Prison tattoo removal gives ex-offenders a chance at a new life

8/20/2016 - Keeping the peace was Rio’s top Olympics priority—what happens after the games?

8/20/2016 - Weekend edition—The perils of apology, Olympic medal-counting, Japanese ruin-hunting

8/19/2016 - Weekend edition—The perils of apology, Olympic medal-counting, Japanese ruin-hunting

8/19/2016 - The best way to predict poverty is by combining satellite images with machine learning

8/19/2016 - Trump’s campaign donation website used open-source code sloppily, risking ridicule and worse

8/19/2016 - Who’s the real winner of the Viacom squabble? Hint: It’s not Sumner Redstone

8/19/2016 - After shuffling staff, Trump appears to tone down his message—but is it too late?

8/19/2016 - Kanye West’s pop up shop is buy-but-don’t-touch—and fans can’t get enough

8/19/2016 - An Iranian woman won an Olympic medal for the first time in history

8/19/2016 - Private prison companies are still running US immigration detention centers

8/19/2016 - Russia appears to be behind a hacker group that says it stole the NSA’s “cyber weapons” to auction them online

8/19/2016 - Men suffer when they make more money than their wives

8/19/2016 - “Says who?”: The anatomy of a perfect political meme

8/19/2016 - Rio Olympics 2016: When Indian women bared their sporting claws

8/19/2016 - After Brazilian police said he lied about a robbery, Ryan Lochte has apologized for not being “careful and candid”

8/19/2016 - “War Dogs” is a war film that totally ignores the realities of war. In other words, it’s like America

8/19/2016 - PV Sindhu is the first Indian woman to win an Olympic silver medal after a heartbreakingly close badminton final

8/19/2016 - The UN finally concedes that it had a role in Haiti’s devastating 2010 cholera outbreak

8/19/2016 - The Olympics’ antiquated rules prevent us from seeing who the world’s best really are

8/19/2016 - London housing prices cooling, SpaceX lands again, the sport of the future

8/19/2016 - Donald Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin underscores an unsettling truth about the two leaders

8/19/2016 - Cold War-era strategies that everyone uses to win Olympic gold

8/19/2016 - Doping wasn’t always considered cheating

8/19/2016 - Olympic grit: The Rio athletes who fell and picked themselves up again

8/19/2016 - Watch astronauts installing an open-source airlock on the International Space Station

8/19/2016 - The best way to fix child poverty in the US is to give poor kids free money

8/19/2016 - Quartzy: the re-entry edition

8/19/2016 - I have regrets, too, Donald

8/19/2016 - Bitcoin is still an inaccessible, obscure experiment—but Bitcoin 2.0 could change our lives

8/19/2016 - If your country has never won an Olympic medal, the odds are it never will

8/19/2016 - Australia needs its own Black Lives Matter movement to solve its huge Indigenous incarceration problem

8/19/2016 - The invention of the aquarium transformed the way humans think about the ocean

8/19/2016 - Pregnant women with Zika have no way of knowing for sure if their baby will be healthy

8/19/2016 - Three charts that show Brexit may not be so bad after all

8/19/2016 - Nigeria’s Olympics kits have just landed in Rio, but no one needs them anymore

8/19/2016 - The US government’s fix for airlines’ tech problems is to do nothing

8/19/2016 - Why Japan has more old-fashioned music stores than anywhere else in the world

8/19/2016 - This vegan milk is a guilt-free replica of cow’s milk

8/19/2016 - A quadruple amputee who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro is the star of Nike’s newest ad

8/19/2016 - This powerful alternative flag—based on a life jacket—has been created to represent refugees

8/19/2016 - Shards of Quartz: Ten of our best stories from the 2016 Rio Olympics

8/19/2016 - The Olympics leave Rio, Uber’s settlement overturned, billion-dollar Bigfoot business

8/19/2016 - 25 years ago, a failed coup in Moscow killed a superpower. Now it’s back

8/19/2016 - Tencent—thanks to WeChat— is surpassing Alibaba as Asia’s most valuable tech company

8/19/2016 - Nigerian startups can’t raise money through crowdfunding because of antiquated laws

8/19/2016 - The pros and cons of running a subway all night long

8/19/2016 - Mali is the latest African country to impose a social media blackout

8/19/2016 - China’s Olympics gymnastics team was a complete disaster this year

8/19/2016 - Coral reefs suffer when deprived of a vital, life-giving ingredient: fish pee

8/19/2016 - The sci-fi movie “Arrival” has Hong Kongers paranoid about an invasion—but not one by aliens

8/19/2016 - A ghost town in Italy is about to come back to life for a hide-and-seek “world championship”

8/19/2016 - India’s most profitable retail chain is run by the country’s armed forces

8/19/2016 - Once upon a time, a corner of India was home to the most mesmerising doors

8/19/2016 - The Olympics end, US Iran payment, tanks for sale

8/19/2016 - India’s sportswomen and their male coaches have fought Olympic-level patriarchy back home

8/18/2016 - A US judge rejected Uber’s $100 million settlement with drivers in California and Massachusetts

8/18/2016 - The Olympics end, Lochte caught lying, tanks for sale

8/18/2016 - Every month this year has been, on average, hotter than any other in recorded history

8/18/2016 - Asia is nurturing the next generation of drone pilots

8/18/2016 - A cartoonist captures the deadly choice that Syrian children face

8/18/2016 - Who will the police back in the US election?

8/18/2016 - Michael Phelps wore Nike instead of Under Armour on the latest Sports Illustrated cover

8/18/2016 - A cautionary tale via Ryan Lochte: Don’t tell your mom you were robbed when you were really just partying

8/18/2016 - Exercise addiction is real, and so is denial

8/18/2016 - The biggest hedge funds are dumping Apple and Netflix shares

8/18/2016 - Private prison executives were right not to worry about the outcome of the US presidential election

8/18/2016 - Prison company stocks are tanking after the US government abruptly revised its policy on privately run facilities

8/18/2016 - Researchers believe certain lanes in the Olympic pool may have given some swimmers an advantage

8/18/2016 - Nigeria is spending $28 million to fight the return of polio

8/18/2016 - The US government says it will end the use of private federal prisons

8/18/2016 - Finally, a Hollywood sci-fi alien movie with a linguist as the hero

8/18/2016 - You can now be friends with the Federal Reserve on Facebook

8/18/2016 - India’s famous crocodile-hunting female tiger, Machli, has died

8/18/2016 - Take that, Ford: Uber will have self-driving cars on the road this month

8/18/2016 - PV Sindhu smashes her way into the badminton finals, guarantees India a silver medal

8/18/2016 - Only voice memos can save us from the scourge of email

8/18/2016 - What we know so far: The bizarre story behind Olympian Ryan Lochte’s claim he was mugged at gunpoint in Rio

8/18/2016 - A heartbreaking photo puts a face to Aleppo’s escalating disaster

8/18/2016 - A historic bromance: Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse, in photos

8/18/2016 - Someone please explain to Kim Kardashian that she’s a feminist—and that’s OK

8/18/2016 - Mexico’s only Olympic medalist so far had to panhandle to get to Rio

8/18/2016 - Walmart is putting Jet.com’s founder in charge of its battle against Amazon in the US

8/18/2016 - Forgiving all US student loan debt sounds amazing. Here’s why it’s a terrible idea

8/18/2016 - US Olympic champions will come home to endorsements and parades—and a hefty tax bill

8/18/2016 - Send this bot an emoji, and it sends back a related image from the New York Public Library archives

8/18/2016 - In 44 days the US will no longer oversee the internet’s naming system

8/18/2016 - Trump’s plan is to tell black voters he knows what’s good for them

8/18/2016 - Imagine getting all the way to your Olympic race and realizing you don’t have a hair tie

8/18/2016 - Denmark’s futuristic “citizen space” has been named the world’s best public library

8/18/2016 - Low interest rates aren’t helping any more. It’s time to try something else

8/18/2016 - “It is the beach version of the burqa”: More French towns have banned the burkini on beaches

8/18/2016 - Brazil detains US swimmers, Samsung shares keep soaring, “hedgehog officer” job ads

8/18/2016 - The world’s biggest investor is assuming the worst for UK property prices after the Brexit vote

8/18/2016 - We’re about to get prosthetics that can not only move for you but feel for you

8/18/2016 - Uber claims London’s English exam for drivers is “harder than the test for British citizenship”

8/18/2016 - For the sake of the environment, swap that sinful steak for some dal or rajma

8/18/2016 - Egypt’s state broadcaster has suspended eight female TV presenters until they “lose weight”

8/18/2016 - Infosys has lost $1.5 billion in market value in just four trading sessions

8/18/2016 - Morocco is being accused of reviving a quarter-century old dormant war

8/18/2016 - For the first time, Chinese poetry is being translated into Kiswahili

8/18/2016 - India’s Olympians deserve a medal just for putting up with their country’s officials

8/18/2016 - World’s largest aircraft takes off, China property prices, touchpad skin

8/18/2016 - Uganda is trying to close a for-profit school chain backed by Zuckerburg, Gates and the World Bank

8/18/2016 - An Indian guru’s gala has ruined a river but what rankles more is his arrogant denial

8/18/2016 - India’s Sakshi Malik proves that wrestling is definitely a sport for girls, too

8/17/2016 - China’s latest red-hot IPO is a state-owned film distributor

8/17/2016 - Major Chinese cities can’t seem to figure out basic drainage and flood prevention

8/17/2016 - Disney just filed a patent that could make lightsabers look and feel real

8/17/2016 - China property prices, Cisco cuts, touchpad skin

8/17/2016 - The world’s most popular pesticide probably killed England’s wild bees

8/17/2016 - A London startup says it will create driverless cars by 2019, beating Ford and BMW by two years

8/17/2016 - Despite new study showing links to ADHD, doctors say it’s still safe for pregnant women to take acetaminophen

8/17/2016 - Pinterest is late in launching video ads, but will offer something a little bit different

8/17/2016 - Donald Trump is totally going to launch his own TV network when he loses

8/17/2016 - Aetna tried to use Obamacare as a hostage in its merger negotiations with the US government

8/17/2016 - South Africans turned an athlete’s record-breaking Olympic victory into a debate about racial politics

8/17/2016 - Scientists are one step closer to developing a painkiller without the addictive side effects of morphine

8/17/2016 - The US is throwing more and more women into jail because it doesn’t know what else to do with them

8/17/2016 - All the ways Simone Biles won our hearts at the Rio Olympics

8/17/2016 - A meal-kit start up wants to take the terror out of throwing a dinner party—but that’s half the fun

8/17/2016 - The US Navy is naming a ship after slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk

8/17/2016 - Every member of Britain’s 14-strong Olympic track cycling team has won at least one medal in Rio

8/17/2016 - Mexico’s president has compared Donald Trump to Hitler, but is open to meeting with him anyway

8/17/2016 - Donald Trump has accidentally created an immigration plan to keep America safe from extreme conservatives

8/17/2016 - Algeria is still building Africa’s largest mosque but a budget crisis is holding it up

8/17/2016 - “We have to finish this”: Images of fallen runners helping each other perfectly capture the Olympic spirit

8/17/2016 - Lin-Manuel Miranda is Disney’s new songwriter-in-chief

8/17/2016 - Our modern obsession with pregnancy is just another attempt to control women’s bodies

8/17/2016 - NASA just released 1,000 weirdly beautiful photos of the incredible landscapes on Mars

8/17/2016 - What the US is reading in nervous preparation for the first day of school

8/17/2016 - Donald Trump’s merger with the Republican party has failed

8/17/2016 - After dominating kids’ lives all summer, Pokémon Go is becoming part of the classroom

8/17/2016 - The IOC got mad at this artisanal salami maker for using “Olympic” in their name

8/17/2016 - Funding to fintech startups took a big hit last quarter

8/17/2016 - Germany’s vice chancellor has a simple but effective message for neo-Nazi hecklers: his middle finger

8/17/2016 - Your Tesla is watching you—whether or not you’re watching the road

8/17/2016 - Want to be happier at work? Don’t quit your job–get a creative side hustle

8/17/2016 - The Brazilian breakfast preferred by Olympic athletes is one you can make at home

8/17/2016 - This adorable cartoon-like creature was just seen off the California Coast

8/17/2016 - The Netherlands is considering a ban on selling gas-powered cars in the next 10 years

8/17/2016 - Chinese ping-pong players now represent Congo, Ukraine, and Luxembourg

8/17/2016 - MIT shows off a smart tattoo that can turn your skin into a touchpad

8/17/2016 - Is internet freedom a tool for democracy or authoritarianism?

8/17/2016 - Why Brazilians can’t help booing anything and everyone at the Olympics

8/17/2016 - The next US president will have to pick up the fight for universal health-care coverage

8/17/2016 - Women’s Olympic golf returns, Univision buys Gawker, Keanu Reeves’s bespoke bikes

8/17/2016 - India’s solar dreams, too, are made in China

8/17/2016 - India’s taxi wars claim another casualty as Ola shuts down TaxiForSure

8/17/2016 - Zen Buddhism makes India’s most privileged startup founder cool about being a billionaire’s son

8/17/2016 - Myanmar meets China, Univision buys Gawker, bikes by Keanu

8/17/2016 - The number of tech hubs across Africa has more than doubled in less than a year

8/17/2016 - India’s PV Sindhu beats China’s top player to enter the semi-finals at the Rio Olympics

8/17/2016 - India’s “other” startups that no one really cares about

8/16/2016 - Why Silicon Valley CEOs are mugging for the cameras in China

8/16/2016 - Myanmar meets China, ‘burqini’ bans, bikes by Keanu

8/16/2016 - Am I still a millennial?

8/16/2016 - Coming in 2021: A self-driving Ford car with no steering wheels or pedals

8/16/2016 - Google Duo is just a creepier FaceTime

8/16/2016 - The creator of “True Detective” is writing a Perry Mason series for HBO

8/16/2016 - Bahrain’s gold-medal Olympic track team is almost entirely made up of Africans

8/16/2016 - The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the best giant phone on the market

8/16/2016 - Delta is building suites for business class, and it could make in-flight luxury cheaper on all airlines

8/16/2016 - Rudy Giuliani, who was mayor of New York on 9/11, conveniently forgot the terrorist attacks

8/16/2016 - Why do Olympic runners race in the 1,500 meters instead of the mile?

8/16/2016 - Photos: The camp that most of the refugee team calls home has been holding a massive daily screening of the Olympic games

8/16/2016 - Hints of an exotic new particle has physicists geeking out about a mysterious fifth force in the universe

8/16/2016 - Nigeria’s tech startups are in a race to fix a multibillion-dollar payments problem

8/16/2016 - Your political Facebook posts aren’t changing how your friends think

8/16/2016 - MIT wants humans’ input on who self-driving cars should kill

8/16/2016 - Scientists prove how magic tricks hijack your mind

8/16/2016 - Ode to the great heroism of Rio’s dad-bod, last-place Olympians

8/16/2016 - To avoid another Brexit let’s stop treating citizenship as a birthright

8/16/2016 - London house prices are gradually becoming less insane

8/16/2016 - This is a totally fair way to win an Olympic gold medal in track

8/16/2016 - Once the best show on television, “Mr. Robot” has hit its sophomore slump

8/16/2016 - Swimming should be America’s favorite sport

8/16/2016 - There’s an evolutionary explanation for why Olympic runners are so fast

8/16/2016 - Rio’s poor fear the Olympic legacy will be “repression, militarization, and war”

8/16/2016 - America’s sexualization of breasts is so pervasive even other women think public breastfeeding is gross

8/16/2016 - “I just get on the loudspeaker and announce that I have my period”: Amy Schumer’s new book on how to be a boss

8/16/2016 - How Donald Trump’s campaign chief became enmeshed with pro-Russian oligarchs

8/16/2016 - The master chef who taught America to play with food and relaunched his career at age 50

8/16/2016 - The ‘Yellowstone of the Atlantic Ocean’ could become the first underwater national monument on the East Coast

8/16/2016 - You can tell a lot about a company by how clear its motto is

8/16/2016 - Bloated web: One article shouldn’t need 55 pages of code to show up on your phone

8/16/2016 - The Brexit vote has already made stuff measurably more expensive

8/16/2016 - I tried to revitalize my depressed hometown’s artistic community and all I got was this lousy house

8/16/2016 - Balochistan and Kashmir: Modi has reminded Pakistan that it lives in a glass house

8/16/2016 - Airbnb is making it harder for hotels to price gouge customers

8/16/2016 - How to stop hating the place where you live

8/16/2016 - What Laurie Hernandez’s silver medal on the balance beam is worth, in terms of sponsorship deals

8/16/2016 - The terrible manners of employers who ghost on job candidates

8/16/2016 - Tim Cook is back in China, this time for wedding dresses and fitness classes

8/16/2016 - The science behind why winning a bronze medal feels better than a silver

8/16/2016 - Gawker bankruptcy auction, Unilever buys Blueair, elephant-repelling condoms

8/16/2016 - Joseph Stiglitz on Brexit, Europe’s long cycle of crisis, and why German economics is different

8/16/2016 - Why India is terrified of the prostitute and the “presstitute”

8/16/2016 - South Africa just leapt over Nigeria to become Africa’s largest economy again

8/16/2016 - Xiaomi’s once-admired strategy for winning China’s smartphone market has backfired

8/16/2016 - What’s the best way to go to the toilet—squatting or sitting?

8/16/2016 - In photos: Life on Assam’s shifting islands

8/16/2016 - UK consumer prices, Google chat app, elephant-repelling condoms

8/16/2016 - A dark and seductive poker obsession has possessed urban India—and the stakes are high

8/16/2016 - China’s toad-like 90-year-old former president has become an unlikely idol for the country’s millennials

8/15/2016 - China’s internet users are increasingly jumping the Great Firewall—to launch epic trolling campaigns

8/15/2016 - Snapchat is getting into search

8/15/2016 - UK consumer prices, Trump’s terrorism plan, chili powder-filled condoms

8/15/2016 - Twitter believes stickers are the latest answer to its woes

8/15/2016 - How is one baby food company fueling a generation of young minds?

8/15/2016 - How can a baby food company change the world?

8/15/2016 - How is one baby food company fueling a generation of young minds?

8/15/2016 - How can a baby food company change the world?

8/15/2016 - The only American male weightlifter to compete at the Rio Olympics is vegan

8/15/2016 - A pilot’s personal camera is to blame for an airplane’s 4,400 foot plummet

8/15/2016 - If you’ve given up on NBC’s televised Olympic coverage, here are some other options

8/15/2016 - Paraplegics are learning to walk again with virtual reality

8/15/2016 - The moving Michael Phelps ad that has been gold for Under Armour at the 2016 Rio Olympics

8/15/2016 - Google is working on a new operating system that is mystifying the internet

8/15/2016 - Watch: John Oliver gleefully celebrates the “imploding star” of Donald Trump’s campaign

8/15/2016 - The Wall Street Journal issues an ultimatum to Donald Trump: shape up or drop out

8/15/2016 - China’s mobile payment giants are chasing their customers all the way to Europe

8/15/2016 - An ex-Premier League soccer player is the latest casualty of taser use in the UK, where police rarely carry guns

8/15/2016 - “The subprime mortgage crisis, but with cars”: John Oliver explains why poor people pay 19% on auto loans

8/15/2016 - China’s latest internet celebrity: a baby foodie

8/15/2016 - Who Apple CEO Tim Cook turns to for advice

8/15/2016 - A century of data shows that Donald Trump is wrong about the jobs impact of immigration

8/15/2016 - When you know you’re the absolute greatest, in one photo

8/15/2016 - How one Maserati designer is navigating the transition from sports car to SUV

8/15/2016 - Form and function unite in Maserati’s first SUV

8/15/2016 - How does a company known for sports cars design an SUV?

8/15/2016 - Rwanda is banning cars from its capital for one day a month

8/15/2016 - Jobs at these 10 companies will literally pay you for life

8/15/2016 - Zambia’s incumbent president has won reelection, but only just

8/15/2016 - Meet the Saudi Arabian women fighting sexism through secret running clubs

8/15/2016 - Nigeria’s army is going after the journalist who got the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls’ video

8/15/2016 - Postmates has failed to make Uber-for-anything cheap, and is quietly misleading customers about it

8/15/2016 - Scientists say there’s a better way to predict air turbulence than pilots’ observations

8/15/2016 - At this point, the MacBook is a really overpriced iPad that doesn’t have a touchscreen

8/15/2016 - “Donald Trump is a danger to our country”: An ex-Bush advisor on why she’s voting for Hillary Clinton

8/15/2016 - The economic case for joining an expensive gym

8/15/2016 - Why running is the world’s most egalitarian sport

8/15/2016 - Usain Bolt made history, hedge-fund honcho hints, who advises Tim Cook?

8/15/2016 - The markets are soaring, so why are investors so worried?

8/15/2016 - Wayde Van Niekerk, one of the fastest men on earth, is coached by a great grandmother

8/15/2016 - Technology will drive scientific progress in Africa not the other way round

8/15/2016 - China’s Olympic darling taught her country swimming on your period is safe—and there’s no shame in it

8/15/2016 - Boko Haram captives, more US gun violence, waterproof iPhones

8/15/2016 - The student leaders of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Occupy protests avoided jail sentences

8/14/2016 - Men killed their own women and children during Partition, but freedom overshadowed that horror

8/14/2016 - Reports of a possible shooting sent travelers scrambling at New York’s JFK airport

8/14/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Phelps reigns supreme, Facebook arbitrates police violence, waterproof iPhones

8/14/2016 - Boko Haram’s new video claims some kidnapped girls have been killed by Nigerian airstrikes

8/14/2016 - Rio Olympics 2016: Dipa Karmakar doesn’t get a medal but wins a billion hearts

8/14/2016 - US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was mugged at gunpoint in Rio

8/14/2016 - Michael Phelps got his Olympic haircut at a black barbershop—and the internet rejoiced

8/14/2016 - Rumor has it Apple’s next iPhone may be waterproof

8/14/2016 - Racially charged Britain can learn from Mo Farah’s fall before claiming his third gold medal

8/14/2016 - There’s a strong new influence on the outcome of violent police encounters: Facebook

8/14/2016 - SpaceX blasts off, and lands its fifth reusable booster rocket this year

8/14/2016 - If millennials truly want to start a political revolution, they’ll need to vote

8/14/2016 - The “racist” Chinese washing powder ad and the truth about Afrophobia in China

8/14/2016 - Virtual “athletes” make way more money than the average Olympian

8/14/2016 - A vacation re-entry survival guide: Return to your regular life filled with new energy, not dread

8/14/2016 - Kenya’s dopes, Ethiopia’s alliance, Buhari’s youth problem

8/14/2016 - Wholesale illicit drug sales on the dark web are likely fueling offline markets

8/14/2016 - The looming public health crises threatening to take down China’s health care system

8/14/2016 - Hope Solo is comfortable playing the anti-hero, and that’s rare for female athletes

8/14/2016 - How the Ethiopia protests were stifled by a coordinated internet shutdown

8/13/2016 - The simple reason why swimmers keep tying for Olympic medals

8/13/2016 - We live in a world where female Olympic athletes can win gold but still face body image issues

8/13/2016 - “I should have done it for nothing“: Kenny Baker, the actor who portrayed R2-D2, has died

8/13/2016 - Athletes who wear “lucky socks” aren’t wrong: Psychologists say superstitions yield real advantages

8/13/2016 - The biggest loser of the Olympics so far is NBC

8/13/2016 - Muslim women ask Trump: #CanYouHearUsNow?

8/13/2016 - It isn’t Olympians who have evolved. It’s sports.

8/13/2016 - What is the point of the Olympics? A philosophical answer

8/13/2016 - The best and worst Olympic logo designs through the ages, according to the man who created I ❤ NY

8/13/2016 - Weekend edition—Earth’s odds, apathetic eggs, Arab Spring’s fall

8/13/2016 - Using Airbnb in Rio’s impoverished favelas harms Brazilians

8/13/2016 - You can count the number of historians who publicly support Donald Trump on one hand

8/13/2016 - Five books Barack Obama thinks you should read

8/13/2016 - An outdated law is preventing same-sex couples in New Jersey from getting fertility treatment

8/13/2016 - The history of the tango is actually kind of gay

8/13/2016 - The Berlin Wall was built 55 years ago today, and it should remind us that walls don’t work

8/13/2016 - Weekend edition—Earth’s odds, apathetic eggs, Arab Spring’s fall

8/12/2016 - Brendan Dassey of “Making A Murderer” may get another day in court

8/12/2016 - Weekend edition—Earth’s odds, apathetic eggs, Arab Spring’s fall

8/12/2016 - A centuries-old shark discovered near Greenland is the world’s longest-living vertebrate species

8/12/2016 - Photos: Syrian civilians celebrate with hugs, kisses, and lifted veils after their city’s liberation from ISIL

8/12/2016 - The World Economic Forum’s bullish blockchain report is, naturally, quiet on bitcoin

8/12/2016 - Some countries are paying athletes a lot of money for gold medals at the Rio Olympics

8/12/2016 - Kids compete at keyboard shortcuts and swift clicks at the nerd Olympics

8/12/2016 - The DEA’s sop to pot advocates won’t boost marijuana research very much at all

8/12/2016 - Google’s venture finance arm has been pulling back from the earliest investment rounds

8/12/2016 - Is this really Michael Phelps’s last Olympics?

8/12/2016 - Amazon is weaving one-click product placements into its Prime video shows

8/12/2016 - Olympic race walkers can walk a mile faster than you can run it

8/12/2016 - Laurie Hernandez doesn’t have the medals of Simone Biles, but she’s marketing gold

8/12/2016 - Photos: The spectacular Perseid meteor showers that most of us missed last night

8/12/2016 - Since ancient Greece, smart people have been annoyed by puns

8/12/2016 - Polio’s return to Nigeria was likely driven by terrorism

8/12/2016 - The new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” trailer is gorgeous and menacing

8/12/2016 - The most impressive gymnast in Rio is not Simone Biles

8/12/2016 - Watch Ethiopian runner Almaz Ayana win Africa’s first gold medal and smash a world record

8/12/2016 - US swimmer Simone Manuel used her gold medal-winning moment to speak out about police brutality and race

8/12/2016 - I’m one of those women who didn’t negotiate her salary

8/12/2016 - Photos: When the shortest Olympians meet the tallest, magic happens

8/12/2016 - This Cards Against Humanity-like game for jaded aid workers is as cynical about the world as they are

8/12/2016 - Tiny spaceships, Coach is back, bitcoin’s “civil war”

8/12/2016 - The 4.3 million Americans whose race could change when they die

8/12/2016 - Suicide Squad showcases all of Hollywood’s dangerous ideas about mental illness

8/12/2016 - Quartzy: the endless summer edition

8/12/2016 - Gudetama the lazy egg is the Hello Kitty of Japan’s millennial generation

8/12/2016 - A tiny island of just 900,000 people has won its first ever Olympic medal—and it’s a gold!

8/12/2016 - Citing terrorism, the French mayor of Cannes has banned Muslim women from wearing “burkini” swimwear

8/12/2016 - The Rio Olympics refugee team finally has its own flag, and an anthem

8/12/2016 - US fans are proudly booing drug cheats in Rio. So what will they do when Justin Gatlin runs?

8/12/2016 - Simple ways to stretch out your summer vacation, according to cognitive psychology

8/12/2016 - The sport of the future

8/12/2016 - I won $68,000 on daytime TV and learned three things about controlling high-stress situations

8/12/2016 - Italy’s economy is barely bigger than it was way back in 2000

8/12/2016 - Michael Phelps’s last stand, Thailand explosions, Obama’s sexy summer playlist

8/12/2016 - Young Nigerians helped president Buhari into office. His failings may cause us to skip the next election

8/12/2016 - A year after the Tianjin blast, public mourning and discussion about it are still censored in China

8/12/2016 - India’s rural internet users love Facebook, WhatsApp and free music downloads

8/12/2016 - More regulation could actually improve financial inclusion in Africa

8/12/2016 - An Indian state may be on the brink of recession because of the Gulf oil crisis

8/12/2016 - A Chinese swimmer has tested positive for doping at the Olympics

8/12/2016 - Kenyan athletics has a doping problem in Rio, but it’s not with its athletes

8/12/2016 - Explosions in Thailand, Germany’s GDP, Obama’s summer playlist

8/12/2016 - Top Indian hospitals are buying kidneys from poor villagers to sell to rich patients

8/12/2016 - There’s a growing pressure on African mobile operators to become innovators

8/12/2016 - By 2030, five Indian cities would have economies as big as middle-income countries today

8/11/2016 - Simone Manuel is the first African-American woman to win an Olympic individual swimming medal

8/11/2016 - China’s new “car-eating,” traffic-straddling bus is a safety disaster in the making

8/11/2016 - After three-plus years of bureaucratic wrangling, IKEA has broken ground on its first store in India

8/11/2016 - Photos: Michael Phelps at his earliest Olympics, and today

8/11/2016 - Apple, signaling a new direction, filed a patent application for a new kind of heart-monitoring wearable

8/11/2016 - How is the Refugee Team doing in the Olympics?

8/11/2016 - Alibaba branches out, Russia-Ukraine tension, Obama’s summer playlist

8/11/2016 - This woman reinvented the “engagement photo” for 2016

8/11/2016 - Photos: The beautiful satellite images of algae blooms that are helping to save our water

8/11/2016 - With Simone Biles’ triumph, black women have won back-to-back all-around golds in Olympic gymnastics

8/11/2016 - “The smartest man in TV” took his network from the least diverse to the most with one simple mandate

8/11/2016 - Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are settling one of the longest-running rivalries in the Olympics tonight

8/11/2016 - Badly, crazy, weak! The data behind the battle over Donald Trump’s incendiary tweets

8/11/2016 - A college rapist avoided a prison sentence because of his “impressive acceptance of responsibility”

8/11/2016 - The curious case of the incredible shrinking Olympic gymnast

8/11/2016 - Snapchat’s “anime-inspired” filter is what happens when your team is too white

8/11/2016 - Now is a really good time to buy a helicopter

8/11/2016 - Here are all the tunes that president Obama is chilling to this summer

8/11/2016 - The true financial burden of becoming an Olympic gold medalist

8/11/2016 - China dominates table tennis like no country in any other Olympic sport

8/11/2016 - What all those whiz kids getting into elite colleges at the age of 12 have in common

8/11/2016 - Italy is considering jailing parents who make their kids go vegan

8/11/2016 - Why do some Olympic swimmers wear two caps?

8/11/2016 - Uber has destroyed the Western myth that companies can grow huge in China without being Chinese

8/11/2016 - The habit that gets in the way of success, and how Olympic athletes avoid it

8/11/2016 - Zambia’s national election is a test for one of Africa’s most stable democracies

8/11/2016 - Young Brits are turning their backs on the nation’s beloved cup of tea

8/11/2016 - It’s going to get a lot harder to find new Apple apps you actually want to use

8/11/2016 - More African athletes will shine in Rio, but they won’t all be doing so for African countries

8/11/2016 - Never pee on a jellyfish sting: A venom expert busts our biggest myths about toxic creatures

8/11/2016 - Alphabet’s top “Other Bets” executives don’t like the odds and are leaving the company

8/11/2016 - Before you vote in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” election, read this very serious analysis of the four candidates

8/11/2016 - Southern charm is just a cover for American traditionalists’ toxic fear of change

8/11/2016 - A Pulitzer Prize finalist says to ignore a common piece of writing advice

8/11/2016 - The US government will now require some federal tech projects to be open source

8/11/2016 - Employers are using workplace wearables to find out how happy and productive we are

8/11/2016 - How to watch the greatest fireworks show of your life: the Perseid meteor shower

8/11/2016 - One of the most reliable sources of economic growth—college-educated workers—may be tapped out

8/11/2016 - DEA reconsiders marijuana, the physics of Simone Biles, Kafka’s Kafkaesque instructions

8/11/2016 - NASA taps six private companies to make habitats that could house astronauts on Mars

8/11/2016 - China’s athlete of the moment burped and ate cupcakes during a live stream with 10 million fans

8/11/2016 - Those who wrote off Indian malls didn’t see the foreign brands and 24X7 shopping coming in

8/11/2016 - India’s forests are worth $1.7 trillion, more than the GDP of Russia or Canada

8/11/2016 - A Chinese Olympic boxer’s gaffe has turned him into an underdog hero for China’s patriots

8/11/2016 - Indian hospitals and corporates are duping new mothers by feeding babies formula, not breastmilk

8/11/2016 - Alibaba earnings, Putin’s blame game, Kafka’s Kafkaesque instructions

8/10/2016 - Note to employees: Stop sending me flowers and meeting me at airports, says Air India chief

8/10/2016 - Simone Biles’ Snapchat during a fire alarm reveals what she’d save in the case of a real fire

8/10/2016 - Who is Leven Thumps?

8/10/2016 - A Belgian won the bronze medal for judo, went out to celebrate, and got punched in the face

8/10/2016 - A man is scaling New York’s Trump Tower aided by suction cups, and police are on the scene

8/10/2016 - Syria ceasefire, Putin’s blame game, Mark Twain hate mail

8/10/2016 - Uh-oh, looks like we jinxed the Olympic water polo pool

8/10/2016 - Apple exec: Uber “would not exist without our platform”

8/10/2016 - A year after Google transformed into Alphabet, the only thing clear is how much its bets are losing

8/10/2016 - The US Secret Service has spoken to the Trump campaign about his apparent threat against Clinton

8/10/2016 - US travelers may be fed up with Delta and its cancellations. But what choice do they have?

8/10/2016 - The science behind why an Olympic diving pool in Rio suddenly turned a swampy green

8/10/2016 - These monkeys smile like us and it could say a lot about the origin of laughing

8/10/2016 - There’s no Team Brazil jerseys for the women’s Olympic team, so fans are making their own

8/10/2016 - UN chief Ban Ki-moon has an “American mom” in California—and still visits her every chance he gets

8/10/2016 - Adidas is building a “Speedfactory” in Atlanta to bring “unprecedented” sneaker customization to Americans

8/10/2016 - “She’s not even that fat!”—but I am

8/10/2016 - New research links reading books with longer life

8/10/2016 - Lawyers can now be fined for calling women “honey” or “sweetheart” in US courts

8/10/2016 - Apple is making the market for hacking its systems more efficient—and lucrative

8/10/2016 - In a historic first, a new Nike ad features the first transgender athlete on the US national team

8/10/2016 - To do better in school, log out of Facebook and play videogames

8/10/2016 - Is hosting the Olympics ever worth the cost?

8/10/2016 - Is Simone Biles really unbeatable? Breaking down the physics behind her gymnastics

8/10/2016 - When is a sport a sport? Only when the Olympics say so

8/10/2016 - A reddit bot is spreading vicious rumors about Donald Trump, in a very Trump-like manner

8/10/2016 - “There is still so much we don’t know:” What it’s like to be a doctor treating women with Zika

8/10/2016 - Tanzanian journalists are dealing with the reality of stifling free speech laws

8/10/2016 - Facebook can’t kill clickbait because listicles and annoying headlines are all its fault

8/10/2016 - GoPro has made an excellent pro-level 360-degree camera rig, but that doesn’t solve its real problems

8/10/2016 - How a solar storm almost turned the Cold War hot

8/10/2016 - Kafkaesque instructions on what to do with Franz Kafka’s manuscripts produce a Kafkaesque legal battle

8/10/2016 - “I’m talking about the greatest tool ever”: The story behind the first Mac, and the social web Steve Jobs predicted years before it existed

8/10/2016 - The full 40-title reading list compiled by the world’s best designers for the US Supreme Court

8/10/2016 - A Chinese driver says he crashed his Tesla on autopilot because of a bad translation

8/10/2016 - Corporate executives, in their own words, on the Rio Olympics’ impact on business

8/10/2016 - The complete guide to making sure your vote for president counts

8/10/2016 - If we legalize doping, there’s no point in having elite athletes at all

8/10/2016 - How Olympic swimmers can keep eating such insane quantities of food

8/10/2016 - Baltimore police report, Peppa Pig’s big offer, Berlin drags Germany down

8/10/2016 - Nestlé’s effort to rebuild public trust in its food starts with pizza smoothies

8/10/2016 - This Ugandan village’s satirical videos of Silicon Valley raise a more complex issue

8/10/2016 - Central banks are printing money as though the global economy is in freefall

8/10/2016 - The co-founder of Nigerian startup Andela is leaving to start a payments company

8/10/2016 - The 30-year friendship of two top Indian businessmen has created the country’s most valuable insurer

8/10/2016 - India has superpower ambitions, but its schools don’t have power, computers or librarians

8/10/2016 - Trump’s incitement, Intel’s AI investment, Soylent-coffee breakfast

8/10/2016 - Berlin is the only capital city in Europe that is a drag on its country’s economy

8/10/2016 - The world needs to stop being scared of women who run too fast

8/9/2016 - The Global Times, China’s feisty state tabloid, relies on “foreign experts” to sell China to the world

8/9/2016 - Soylent laced its latest drink with caffeine and an anxiety-reducing supplement

8/9/2016 - Putin-Erdogan bromance, Trump’s incitement, Soylent-coffee breakfast

8/9/2016 - Rio 2016 doctors will have access to real-time health data in the cloud on every single Olympian

8/9/2016 - GE’s digital industrial technology will benefit Rio’s healthcare system for years to come

8/9/2016 - Donald Trump says “Second Amendment people” may need to stop Hillary Clinton

8/9/2016 - Google wants to have drones buzzing around offices, projecting our faces at meetings

8/9/2016 - Facebook has come up with a Plan B for bringing the internet to India

8/9/2016 - Italy will now fine those obnoxious tourists who save spots on the beach with their towels

8/9/2016 - Coach: From discount staple to status symbol, in one chart

8/9/2016 - HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is getting a North America concert tour

8/9/2016 - Bored with the Olympics? Now you can watch drone racing on TV

8/9/2016 - Ivory Coast is applying for protected status of its national dish, attiéké

8/9/2016 - “I wanted to show people that love wins”: an on-field Olympics marriage proposal delights fans

8/9/2016 - How the media’s reliance on social media made us all angrier—and dumber

8/9/2016 - Watch: This invisible phone screen can only be seen by someone wearing special glasses

8/9/2016 - Italian police cooked pasta for a lonely elderly couple whose neighbors called about their sobbing

8/9/2016 - No, Hillary Clinton’s emails didn’t lead to the death of a US spy

8/9/2016 - Yet another Republican lawmaker promises no vote for Trump

8/9/2016 - City officials in India’s Silicon Valley threaten to dump garbage at Intel’s premises

8/9/2016 - Justin Bieber’s songs are neuroscientifically engineered to get into your head and stay there

8/9/2016 - Leslie Jones’ hilarious live-tweeting of the Olympics got her a ticket to Rio as an NBC commentator

8/9/2016 - The King of Pop has lost his chart-topping hits record to Kanye West

8/9/2016 - The Olympics bring North and South Korea together—at least in one iconic selfie

8/9/2016 - Zambia goes to the polls with democracy hovering on the precipice

8/9/2016 - A new world record transfer fee for a soccer player has just been set

8/9/2016 - The $65 million Bitfinex hack shows that it is impossible to tell a good bitcoin company from a bad one

8/9/2016 - Psychology shows why we shouldn’t elect “authentic” candidates like Donald Trump

8/9/2016 - What I said when my white friend asked for my black opinion on white privilege

8/9/2016 - The letter 111 top designers wrote the Supreme Court in Apple’s defense

8/9/2016 - Inside North Korea’s propaganda summer camp for international kids

8/9/2016 - Science says you should choose hot drinks to cool down in warm weather

8/9/2016 - Apple’s iPad identity crisis

8/9/2016 - Science suggests bilingualism helps keep our brains smart, agile and young

8/9/2016 - The rise of ISIL is getting the HBO treatment in a miniseries from a “Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire” director

8/9/2016 - What sports psychologists do for Olympic athletes that coaches can’t

8/9/2016 - When everyone realizes index funds are the way to invest, the market will suffer

8/9/2016 - Music festivals are glorious hotbeds of disease

8/9/2016 - Simone Biles and the US Olympic gymnastics team are forcing us to take teenage girls seriously

8/9/2016 - Photos: Athletes in Rio are sporting a favorite tattoo at the Olympic games

8/9/2016 - Rousseff’s impeachment trial, Simone Biles twirls, Pogba’s world record fee

8/9/2016 - 环时主编胡锡进谈中美关系、中国的新闻自由,与他亲历的春夏之交

8/9/2016 - If you want to know why India will miss Raghuram Rajan, just compare his first and last monetary policies

8/9/2016 - 《環球時報》主編胡錫進談中美關係、中國的新聞自由,與他親歷的六四

8/9/2016 - Ethiopia’s previously divided ethnic groups are unifying to protest against the government

8/9/2016 - The utter obnoxiousness of Salman Khan in just one day

8/9/2016 - In India, collapsing homes are deadlier than floods

8/9/2016 - Erdogan-Putin sit-down, Chevron’s win, Olympic hickeys

8/9/2016 - Global Times editor Hu Xijin on US-China relations, press freedom in China, and the June 4 protests

8/9/2016 - Inside the Global Times, China’s hawkish, belligerent state tabloid

8/9/2016 - What the Didi-Uber deal in China means for India’s Ola

8/8/2016 - The Newspaper Association of America is mad at John Oliver for telling the truth about journalism

8/8/2016 - As of today, we have used up all the Earth’s resources for 2016

8/8/2016 - Erdogan-Putin sit-down, Trumponomics reboot, Olympic hickeys

8/8/2016 - Pokémon Go had a first month like no other

8/8/2016 - Donald Trump’s plan to subsidize child care is less than meets the eye

8/8/2016 - How much is good design worth? The US Supreme Court will decide in a case that pits Apple against Samsung

8/8/2016 - UNESCO wants to protect sites deep in the ocean that don’t belong to any country

8/8/2016 - Portraits of famous meals from fiction

8/8/2016 - This Olympics image shows women athletes playing just as hard in a hijab as in a bikini

8/8/2016 - Dancing robots have broken a Guinness World Record

8/8/2016 - Cupping is the the latest unproven therapy Olympians have turned to in the hope of winning gold

8/8/2016 - Spotify’s incredibly addictive playlists are based on simple behavioral psychology

8/8/2016 - Scientists just discovered a new type of eco-friendly fire

8/8/2016 - Disney’s “Moana” could complete Lin-Manuel Miranda’s conquest of all the major awards

8/8/2016 - Watch: John Oliver’s “Spotlight” spoof offers a “depressingly accurate” vision of journalism’s decline

8/8/2016 - This stunning image sums up the experience of the Rio 2016 Olympics for those living in favelas

8/8/2016 - There are good reasons not to give up on flossing, despite what you’ve read in the news

8/8/2016 - Watch the incredible transformation of Rio’s Olympic stadiums, in time lapse

8/8/2016 - You can now get around Rio with three-word phrases instead of addresses

8/8/2016 - Jet.com’s $3.3 billion sale to Walmart is a big, well-timed win for its investors

8/8/2016 - The new African Union passport comes with two requirements: be rich and powerful

8/8/2016 - Evan McMullin is the new anti-Trump independent candidate—but he missed the ballot deadline in 26 states

8/8/2016 - Saudi Arabia lets women compete in the Olympics, but bans them from playing sports back home

8/8/2016 - The best productivity system for procrastinators is to work with your natural tendencies

8/8/2016 - Donald Trump’s speech today is playing to wealthy donors, not Detroit workers

8/8/2016 - Western Europe’s biggest mosque complex will be redesigned to counter anti-Muslim stereotypes

8/8/2016 - Delta flights worldwide were grounded because of a computer outage

8/8/2016 - Alien hunters are fixated on a mysterious star, which refuses to reveal its secrets

8/8/2016 - The newest workplace benefit for millennials: Paying down their student loans

8/8/2016 - The Olympics of sport are also the Olympics of sex

8/8/2016 - The US government is finding few buyers for its paywalled immigration data

8/8/2016 - Why the world’s most tech-obsessed nation is resisting virtual doctor’s visits

8/8/2016 - Trumponomics, Russia banned from Paralympics, Phelps’s 19th gold medal

8/8/2016 - Australia is the biggest hurter of China’s feelings of the moment

8/8/2016 - Venezuela’s zoo animals are dying, and if the government continues its policies, people could be next

8/8/2016 - Narendra Modi’s brotherly words for Dalits make his silence on Muslims ring louder

8/8/2016 - The first Indian gymnast to qualify for the Olympics vault final began her training on a discarded scooter

8/8/2016 - The complete guide to China’s propaganda videos blaming the West for almost everything

8/8/2016 - What Europe’s banks earned, how they spun it, and what they said about Brexit

8/8/2016 - Forget cheap nachos, Taco Bell is going hipster in India

8/8/2016 - Japan’s emperor speaks, Trumponomics, million-robot dance

8/8/2016 - Rio Olympics 2016: Michael Phelps claims his 19th gold medal

8/8/2016 - The new Indian fetish: posting videos of one’s own barbarity on Facebook and WhatsApp

8/8/2016 - The less-noticed deterrent to North Korea attacking South Korea: Chinese tourists

8/7/2016 - Hong Kong’s independence movement is also a rebellion against the “old seafood” generation

8/7/2016 - Apple is losing ground in the world’s third-largest smartphone market

8/7/2016 - Japan’s Emperor speaks, Trumponomics, Michael Phelps is back in the pool

8/7/2016 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Japan’s Emperor speaks, Trumponomics, Michael Phelps is back in the pool

8/7/2016 - How obesity became the new face of disability in America

8/7/2016 - Rio 2016: The psychology behind Michael Phelps’ Olympic comeback

8/7/2016 - After years of silence, Iran executes a scientist who spilled nuclear secrets to the US

8/7/2016 - Your week in shirtless Justin Trudeau pics

8/7/2016 - Human athletes are using training technology from the future to become more like robots

8/7/2016 - The surprisingly simple economic case for giving refugees cash, not stuff

8/7/2016 - Is Barack Obama cooler than JFK?

8/7/2016 - Software can predict when employees are about to do something really bad

8/7/2016 - Sprinkled among Trump’s outrageous comments are some ideas a Democrat could love

8/7/2016 - “I check her emails and messages almost every day”

8/7/2016 - The science behind why office lighting feels like it can make or break your day

8/7/2016 - Blue-ribbon marijuana plants will be on display at the upcoming Oregon State Fair

8/7/2016 - If Zika spreads in the US, blame the politicians, not the mosquitoes

8/7/2016 - A graphic painting of South Africa’s president has people fired up, but for all the wrong reasons

8/7/2016 - ANC’s losses, Zimbabwe’s new parliament, Uganda’s anti-smut machine

8/6/2016 - NBC’s reason for not showing the Olympic ceremonies live is “women”

8/6/2016 - Refugee swimmer Yusra Mardini just won her heat at the Olympics

8/6/2016 - Uganda’s annual LGBT pride parade has been canceled after the government “threatened to mobilize a mob”

8/6/2016 - The first gold medalist at the Rio Olympics is an American

8/6/2016 - The Rio Olympics opening ceremonies, in spectacular photos

8/6/2016 - Rio Olympics 2016: How to watch the full first day of men’s gymnastics qualifications on any device

8/6/2016 - In under three minutes, this video shows 40 years of sexist questions posed to Hillary Clinton

8/6/2016 - South Africa’s latest elections show Mandela’s legacy can’t protect the ANC from its own incompetence anymore

8/6/2016 - Weekend edition—Olympic cynicism, shorting Uber, Saudi youth dating

8/6/2016 - All the myths about the history of the original Olympic Games, debunked

8/6/2016 - An industrial robot arm can perform intricate tattoos on human bodies

8/6/2016 - LGBT history will be made at the Rio Olympics, starting with the first same-sex married couple to compete in the games

8/6/2016 - There’s really no reason not to be drinking organic wine

8/6/2016 - The billionaire CEO wife of the Singaporean prime minister visited the Obamas carrying an $11 purse

8/6/2016 - The next big thing in space business is tiny rockets

8/6/2016 - Here’s the message announcing the World Wide Web 25 years ago

8/6/2016 - Britain’s overseas hacking powers are being challenged in a European court, and Brexit won’t make a difference

8/6/2016 - Weekend edition—Olympic cynicism, shorting Uber, Saudi youth dating

8/6/2016 - The inspiring reason Olympic marathoner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima lit the Olympic cauldron

8/5/2016 - Rio’s Olympic opening ceremony was as diverse and divided as Brazil is right now

8/5/2016 - The Rio Olympics finally represents the whole world, including millions with no country

8/5/2016 - Photos: Experience Rio’s Olympic opening ceremony through the eyes of the athletes

8/5/2016 - Weekend edition—Olympic cynicism, shorting Uber, Saudi youth dating

8/5/2016 - How to decode the Olympic opening ceremonies

8/5/2016 - Putin is jeopardizing his relationship with the West by allegedly trying to influence US elections

8/5/2016 - Zika vaccines are on a fast-track, but it won’t be fast enough to handle the current outbreak

8/5/2016 - These are all the events that the refugee athletes will be competing in at the Olympics

8/5/2016 - The only foods worth buying at Whole Foods

8/5/2016 - Quartzy: the get lost (in translation) edition

8/5/2016 - Boo, hiss: The Olympic committee has a rule banning GIFs of the Rio games

8/5/2016 - Who decides who gets to carry the torch and light the cauldron at the Olympic opening ceremony?

8/5/2016 - Why don’t politicians just write their own campaign songs?

8/5/2016 - Athletes aren’t the only ones who’ve waited years to compete in the 2016 Olympics

8/5/2016 - Thanks to Brexit, London is no longer the most expensive city in the world for startups

8/5/2016 - Street artist JR honors a Sudanese athlete who’s missing the Olympics with a towering mural in Rio

8/5/2016 - The only woman Donald Trump seems to think is competent is his daughter

8/5/2016 - A former head of the CIA endorsed Clinton, calling Trump a “threat to our national security”

8/5/2016 - Time to show off your burkini: A waterpark in France is hosting a Muslim women only day

8/5/2016 - The latest US jobs report is good news for the economy and bad news for Republicans

8/5/2016 - Companies headed by introverts performed better in a study of thousands of CEOs

8/5/2016 - Donald Trump and his followers could destroy America even if he loses

8/5/2016 - Drone racing, Bitcoin hack, London housing slowdown

8/5/2016 - Nigeria’s Central Bank wants to keep remittances expensive

8/5/2016 - A global view: The best Instagram feeds from non-Western athletes at the Olympics

8/5/2016 - Psychology has identified three mindsets shared by people who actually follow through on their goals

8/5/2016 - Interactive video: Get behind the wheel of a Formula E car

8/5/2016 - This is the order countries will march in during the Olympic opening ceremonies

8/5/2016 - The US job market was scorching hot in July

8/5/2016 - Kim Dotcom says he has the answer to bitcoin’s ‘civil war’ and will soon give it to the world

8/5/2016 - Millennials are totally cool with selling out

8/5/2016 - There’s a simple way to have meetings that result in something meaningful

8/5/2016 - There’s a scientific excuse for why summer makes you so lazy

8/5/2016 - Why it takes so long to develop a vaccine against a new epidemic

8/5/2016 - The Apple Watch is the most anxiety-inducing device I’ve ever owned

8/5/2016 - The responsibility to fall out of love is on you

8/5/2016 - It’s been a breakout summer for mom jeans

8/5/2016 - SeaWorld says its big problem now isn’t orcas. It’s Florida

8/5/2016 - ISIL demands many things of its top commanders, but good Arabic isn’t always one of them

8/5/2016 - A huge flood 4,000 years ago could bolster China’s claims to a mythical dynasty

8/5/2016 - Watch: Real-life Pokémon hit humans with giant Pokéballs, see how they like it

8/5/2016 - Investors have placed a one-way bet on Uber—which made us want to find a way to short it

8/5/2016 - This weekend the US will find out if drone racing has become a real spectator sport

8/5/2016 - The exploitation of rape victims by Indian journalists

8/5/2016 - A brief history of countries that shunned the Olympics and did their own thing instead

8/5/2016 - Startups may be losing their value faster than anytime in the last five years

8/5/2016 - Olympics opening ceremony, Clinton’s lead over Trump, Obama’s feminist advice

8/5/2016 - Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress has conceded its most important stronghold

8/5/2016 - China never banned Uber because ride-hailing is great for the government’s agenda

8/5/2016 - What Indians think about their penises, in charts

8/5/2016 - From Gandhis to Abdullahs: Why Indian democracy is a fertile ground for modern-day dynasties

8/5/2016 - When my middle-class, educated mom added a little bit of Baba Ramdev to my soap and detergent

8/5/2016 - Olympics opening ceremonies, Apple sells power, $180 peanut butter

8/4/2016 - The demise of Dongbei Special Steel shows how China’s rating agencies fail investors

8/4/2016 - A food tech darling is tainted for reportedly buying loads of its own vegan mayo

8/4/2016 - How to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics on TV and every other device

8/4/2016 - BoE rate cut, Apple sells power, $180 peanut butter

8/4/2016 - Facebook is taking aim at clickbait

8/4/2016 - Most Americans think technology being developed to hack our bodies will just benefit the 1%

8/4/2016 - What it’s like in the Miami neighborhood that has suddenly become ground zero for Zika in America

8/4/2016 - Want to cancel your trip because of Zika? Good luck

8/4/2016 - For the first time, an African-American woman is directing a $100 million film

8/4/2016 - The first “hand-drive” created 750 inexpensive prosthetics for children in the Middle East

8/4/2016 - “It is absolutely men’s responsibility to fight sexism too”: President Obama’s poignant, feminist advice to dads

8/4/2016 - Nike confirms that millennials DGAF about golf

8/4/2016 - Delivering balloons to funeral homes made me care about humanity more than my millennial side hustle

8/4/2016 - ISIL isn’t merely tolerant of people who speak languages besides Arabic; it needs them

8/4/2016 - How gymnastics champion Shawn Johnson beat the beauty standards that cripple girls’ self-esteem

8/4/2016 - Photos: The Olympic torch’s incredible three-month journey across Brazil

8/4/2016 - NBC is airing the Rio Olympics opening ceremony on a tape delay, but there’s still a way for Americans to watch it live

8/4/2016 - Americans are quietly assembling the powerhouse soccer league Europe fears

8/4/2016 - Interactive quiz: Do you really know what an ETF is?

8/4/2016 - Clint Eastwood gets Trump: “When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist”

8/4/2016 - Jet.com has been trying to beat Amazon at entirely the wrong game

8/4/2016 - Nude photos of Melania Trump suggest that she may have been working illegally in the United States

8/4/2016 - Nobody wants to host the Olympic Games anymore. Can you blame them?

8/4/2016 - It’s time for Uber to show it’s more than just a glorified taxi company

8/4/2016 - What Brexit will do to Britain, according to the Bank of England

8/4/2016 - Muji is offering its seaside model house for some lucky person to live in, rent-free

8/4/2016 - China is building Zimbabwe a new parliament

8/4/2016 - The 16 ads you’re likely to love the most during the Rio 2016 Games

8/4/2016 - “I’m an American before I’m a Republican”: Another Republican congressman says he won’t vote for Trump

8/4/2016 - Profanity is pretty f**king good for us, actually

8/4/2016 - How drinkable yogurt crossed continent and cultures to bring the Middle East into middle America

8/4/2016 - The latest new game for Olympic athletes to compete at in Rio: Pokemon Go

8/4/2016 - The Bank of England just cut interest rates after seven years of preparing for a hike

8/4/2016 - MIT researchers have developed a technology that makes videos interactive

8/4/2016 - Humpback whales are battling killer whales to rescue other mammals

8/4/2016 - People wasted no time in using the new Tinder Social function to plan orgies

8/4/2016 - Letting ADHD go untreated can lead to high levels of reckless sex and drug abuse

8/4/2016 - Nigeria’s Olympic soccer team got stranded in Atlanta and is due in Rio only hours before its first match

8/4/2016 - The economics of electric garbage trucks are awesome

8/4/2016 - The Olympic torch’s road to Rio was paved with parallels to Brazil

8/4/2016 - The gringo economist Brazilians love to hate predicts the Olympics will be disastrous for Rio

8/4/2016 - Bitcoin exchanges can’t stop getting hacked, no matter what security system they use

8/4/2016 - Subscribe to our Olympics calendar to stay up-to-date on the events in Rio

8/4/2016 - Being vegan isn’t as good for humanity as you think

8/4/2016 - The greatest Olympic opening ceremonies of all time, ranked

8/4/2016 - Scientists have designed a robotic onesie that uses tracking sensors to help struggling babies crawl

8/4/2016 - Post-Brexit interest rates, London knife attack, topless Trudeau

8/4/2016 - Why is this progressive pope such an outspoken transphobe?

8/4/2016 - Treating honour-based violence as terrorism will only harm more women and girls

8/4/2016 - “Just quit and go”: Protestors have a message for Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe

8/4/2016 - Inside Romania’s 1941 failed coup, with the world’s first female war correspondent

8/4/2016 - The GST will let investors take their minds off tax laws, but is India Inc ready for the new regime?

8/4/2016 - GST: India’s 21st century startups think they finally have a 21st century tax system

8/4/2016 - Chinese money is pouring into Sheffield, England. But from where, exactly?

8/4/2016 - BoE decision, Tesla’s big loss, airplane corpse cupboards

8/4/2016 - The incredible life of India’s iconic swimming elephant

8/3/2016 - A knife attack in London has left one woman dead and five people injured

8/3/2016 - A terrifying aerial photo of thrill-seekers testing China’s newest cliffside glass walkway

8/3/2016 - Tesla lost more money than expected during the second quarter, but did get more cars rolling off the assembly line

8/3/2016 - The Tokyo Olympics will include surfing, skateboarding, climbing, karate, baseball, and softball

8/3/2016 - Jack Dorsey’s other company had a surprisingly good quarter

8/3/2016 - Tesla’s big loss, India’s tax reform, shirtless Trudeau

8/3/2016 - The Trump Taj Mahal casino will close next month. Sad!

8/3/2016 - UC Berkeley built a $9,000 escape door for its chancellor to flee students

8/3/2016 - Kim Kardashian’s out-of-production BlackBerry sold out on eBay and she doesn’t know what to do

8/3/2016 - Brazil built too many hotel rooms (again)

8/3/2016 - Obama just commuted 214 sentences in one go—more than any president in 100 years

8/3/2016 - Investors Bill Gross and Jeffrey Gundlach say to sell stocks, bonds, and almost everything else except gold

8/3/2016 - This insane campaign ad shows Missouri’s GOP gubernatorial candidate casually firing a massive machine gun

8/3/2016 - Why Nintendo games have always cost about $50

8/3/2016 - Three of the top five New York Times bestsellers this week are about the awfulness of Hillary Clinton

8/3/2016 - What skills will human workers need when robots take over? A new algorithm would let the machines decide

8/3/2016 - Glorious photos of world leaders eating badly in public

8/3/2016 - Walmart is reportedly looking to acquire scrappy Amazon competitor Jet.com

8/3/2016 - The US Olympic basketball teams are staying on a luxury cruise ship in Rio

8/3/2016 - Uganda’s morals police are investing $88,000 in a “porn-detection machine”

8/3/2016 - “We’re in a crystal arms race”: Why the US Olympic gymnasts’ leotards boast nearly 5,000 Swarovski crystals

8/3/2016 - Massachusetts employers won’t be allowed to ask about your salary history

8/3/2016 - Kenyan rail workers are protesting against their Chinese employer for a raise—to $5 a day

8/3/2016 - A body language expert explains that Donald Trump really, really loves Mike Pence

8/3/2016 - India has passed its biggest tax reform in 70 years—time for Narendra Modi to deliver

8/3/2016 - Trump insists the US presidential election is rigged: “I just hear things, and I just feel it”

8/3/2016 - All the nuclear weapons president Donald Trump would have at his disposal

8/3/2016 - A comic book artist put out radically simple instructions for drawing realistic women characters

8/3/2016 - Amazon Music is proud of how mainstream you are

8/3/2016 - After Trump’s week of gaffes and fumbles, Newt Gingrich calls the nominee “very self-destructive”

8/3/2016 - Giving Trump control of America’s nuclear arsenal is more terrifying than most people even realize

8/3/2016 - Researchers say slow-motion videos can make us think alleged criminals are guilty

8/3/2016 - A new forecast says the UK faces a 50% chance of a recession and thousands of job losses in a year

8/3/2016 - The US has announced who will carry its flag at the Olympic opening ceremony

8/3/2016 - Nearly 1 out of every 100 people in the world are now displaced from their homes

8/3/2016 - Jill Stein and Donald Trump are both linked to a dangerous anti-vaccine myth that just won’t die

8/3/2016 - Kanye West says he really, really wants to design Ikea’s flatpack furniture. Ikea shrugs

8/3/2016 - Twitter is the strange new kingmaker of the 21st century

8/3/2016 - Why rigging a US election is a lot more difficult than Trump might think

8/3/2016 - A new study has uncovered the self-promotion trick that men use to get ahead in academia

8/3/2016 - The ECB is so desperate to goose the economy that it’s buying billions in bonds guaranteed to lose money

8/3/2016 - There is a reliable, historical antidote to a populist bully like Donald Trump

8/3/2016 - The US government has approved the first private landing on the moon

8/3/2016 - GOP leaders who criticize Trump but still endorse him are the worst kind of hypocrites

8/3/2016 - Google Maps is adding often-invisible favelas to their cartography of Rio ahead of the Olympics

8/3/2016 - Not where you thought you’d be in your 30s? That’s the key to happiness

8/3/2016 - Your newfound love of Korean food is a government conspiracy

8/3/2016 - The original virtual reality pioneers were 19th-century filmmakers

8/3/2016 - How bad is the water in Rio? Bad. Like, don’t-swallow-any-poop bad

8/3/2016 - Pokémon玩轉全城終極指南

8/3/2016 - Tesla’s entire future depends on the Gigafactory’s success, and Elon Musk is doubling down

8/3/2016 - “I can’t afford tickets for the Olympics”: Ordinary Brazilians on the 2016 Rio games in their backyard

8/3/2016 - Being killed by stray bullets is a real hazard in Rio, and it’s getting worse

8/3/2016 - Hong Kong’s latest strong-arm tactics are fueling a growing independence movement

8/3/2016 - For $8,000, a clinical trial will inject you with young blood to see if it makes you younger

8/3/2016 - Beware the “corpse cupboard”: What happens when you die on an airplane

8/3/2016 - ISIL is using the language barriers within its ranks to evolve jihad beyond Arabic

8/3/2016 - Days after buying Uber’s China business, Didi is backing Uber’s fiercest rival in Southeast Asia

8/3/2016 - Tesla results, Olympic soccer kicks off, the great flossing fraud

8/3/2016 - Millennials aren’t having sex

8/3/2016 - Photos: Facebook built a massive moonshot lab like Google X

8/3/2016 - How the Taliban helped the Islamic State’s rise in Afghanistan

8/3/2016 - The UK countryside’s opposition to Amazon’s drone tests is just so quintessentially British

8/3/2016 - Smartphone use has doubled in Africa in two years

8/3/2016 - Pokemon hunters, you are the hunted, warns a Sikh priest

8/3/2016 - Fintech isn’t disrupting Africa’s financial industry—it’s building it

8/3/2016 - India’s 16-year wait for the mother of all tax reforms: the Goods and Services Tax

8/3/2016 - Pyongyang’s missiles, HSBC’s sinking profits, alcohol-detecting tattoos

8/3/2016 - From Hindu gods to Catholic saints, Indians worship the fair and lovely

8/3/2016 - Meg Whitman is breaking ranks with the Republican party to support Hillary Clinton

8/2/2016 - One of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges lost $65 million in a hack

8/2/2016 - Anyone can now pick up a Microsoft HoloLens if they have the cash to spare

8/2/2016 - All you really need to know about Donald Trump in one soundbite

8/2/2016 - Auto sales deflate, Syria chlorine attack, alcohol-detecting tattoo

8/2/2016 - Snapchat found a way to bring its ads to the real world

8/2/2016 - Flossing doesn’t do what you think it does

8/2/2016 - The CDC issued a narrow travel advisory for Zika in Florida, but its effects could be widespread

8/2/2016 - An electronic temporary tattoo will warn people if they’ve had too much to drink

8/2/2016 - Instagram just blatantly ripped off one of Snapchat’s most popular features

8/2/2016 - “Why are you still endorsing him?”: Obama calls on Trump’s Republican critics to abandon him

8/2/2016 - Four things dying people agree are as bad as or worse than death

8/2/2016 - For the first time since Calvin himself, Calvin Klein is giving complete creative control to one person

8/2/2016 - New York police commissioner Bill Bratton is resigning

8/2/2016 - Google is seeking thick Scottish accents

8/2/2016 - “Regular guy” Donald Trump eats KFC with a knife and fork on his private jet

8/2/2016 - Sleeping with your light on could mess with your body clock and accelerate aging

8/2/2016 - The FAA said that over half a million drones have been registered in just 8 months

8/2/2016 - Apple Music’s new Frank Ocean exclusive makes Apple stores the new vinyl shops

8/2/2016 - Comcast is being sued by a state attorney general for selling “near-worthless” service plans

8/2/2016 - Warren Buffett asks Donald Trump: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

8/2/2016 - Samsung just launched a new everything

8/2/2016 - Parasites can change zebrafish behavior, and that could be a problem for medical researchers

8/2/2016 - Photos: Cricket has found a new home in the hills of Rwanda

8/2/2016 - Scientists are searching for Antarctic seals using satellite imagery—and you can help

8/2/2016 - Oil prices just slipped into the third bear market in two years

8/2/2016 - Easy questions that computers are terrible at answering

8/2/2016 - We have a responsibility to explain Trump to our kids without sounding like Trump

8/2/2016 - Drivers in Kenya are protesting against being “Uber slaves”

8/2/2016 - Can you hate Woody Allen but love his movies?

8/2/2016 - Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo is a marriage of incompatible cultures. And it won’t end well.

8/2/2016 - Photos: A 21-year-old Instagrammer gets incredibly close to wild animals around the world

8/2/2016 - Fast fashion has made some of the richest men on Earth

8/2/2016 - “We really believe social media will drive change in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe”

8/2/2016 - Univision’s new prep tool for the US citizenship exam tests your civics skills

8/2/2016 - An eye-opening weekend at Lollapalooza made me finally glad to be in my 30s

8/2/2016 - After 20 years of Harry Potter, the boy who lived needs to die already

8/2/2016 - Millennials are smart to distrust their employers and their schools

8/2/2016 - For a sport, becoming part of the Olympics is a Herculean task

8/2/2016 - Tune in to Russia’s International Army Games—it’s like the Olympics, but with more tanks

8/2/2016 - Netflix’s newest show for binge-watching is a real-time knitting marathon

8/2/2016 - Hackers in Vegas, Hillary is “the devil,” Juncker’s malevolent black book

8/2/2016 - Uber’s deal with Didi is very bad news for Lyft

8/2/2016 - In a threat to China, Malaysia vows to sink illegal fishing boats in the South China Sea

8/2/2016 - Pokemon Go could teach the Indian elite how the country’s poor actually live

8/2/2016 - Scientists in South Africa have discovered a compound that could end malaria

8/2/2016 - Keep calm and swim on: The hellhole that is the Indian monsoon is here to stay

8/2/2016 - A quirky English folding bike has achieved cult status with a specific appeal to urban cyclists

8/2/2016 - After the Brexit vote, the UK economy is soaring. (Just kidding—it looks terrible)

8/2/2016 - Even the deaf can now listen to Pakistan’s wildly popular Coke Studio

8/2/2016 - Nida hits Hong Kong, hackers in Las Vegas, squirt-gun emoji

8/2/2016 - Our universities must be centers of open debate for Africa to make political progress

8/2/2016 - Joe Biden officiated his first marriage—a same-sex union at his house

8/2/2016 - Who wants to marry an Indian entrepreneur?

8/2/2016 - Uber’s defeat in China is bad news for Chinese drivers and riders

8/1/2016 - China is using Hong Kong’s media to broadcast its smear campaigns

8/1/2016 - Musk empire building, Miami Zika warning, squirt-gun emoji

8/1/2016 - Apple is taking away iPhone owners’ right to bear (emoji) arms

8/1/2016 - How can your company avoid being hung up by its heritage?

8/1/2016 - Is your organization living in the past?

8/1/2016 - How can your company avoid being hung up by its heritage?

8/1/2016 - Australia shows why raising the minimum wage doesn’t always fix poverty

8/1/2016 - The Koch Brothers’ summer reading list for their super secret conservative millionaire consortium

8/1/2016 - Should investors care about BRICS in 2016?

8/1/2016 - Are investors taking the BRICS for granted?

8/1/2016 - Amazon could make noise-cancelling headphones that know when to let sounds in

8/1/2016 - Pope Francis calls our love of money a “basic terrorism against all of humanity”

8/1/2016 - Rio’s most dangerous levels of deadly air pollution are at the Olympic Stadium

8/1/2016 - This exceedingly creepy robot moves on its own and will haunt your dreams

8/1/2016 - Scientists have invented a new way to stop skin damage and aging caused by the sun

8/1/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s superstar roster of US designers is making campaign swag great again

8/1/2016 - An industrial designer is throwing high-end dinner parties in dumpsters with wasted food

8/1/2016 - New cases of Zika virus in Florida have prompted the CDC to issue a travel advisory for a section of Miami

8/1/2016 - Is your organization living in the past?

8/1/2016 - How the Democrats’ near-perfect convention put the Republicans to shame

8/1/2016 - Marijuana grows are the new “meth houses,” says the DEA

8/1/2016 - Tesla has agreed to buy SolarCity for $2.6 billion in an all-stock deal

8/1/2016 - A Florida brewery is saving the ocean, one biodegradable six-pack ring at a time

8/1/2016 - Watch the prophetic music video that launched MTV, 35 years ago today

8/1/2016 - Uber’s merger with Didi shows just how hard it is for a foreign company to compete in China

8/1/2016 - In intricate drawings, an illustrator recreates the “sensory enchantment” experienced by blind travelers

8/1/2016 - John Oliver praises Khizr Khan for using the US Constitution as a “middle finger” to Trump

8/1/2016 - HBO is letting “Game of Thrones” quit while it’s ahead, with a few more shortened seasons

8/1/2016 - “Thank you for immigrating to America”: John McCain praised the Khan family while slamming Trump

8/1/2016 - “Not now, I am on Twitter”: The Simpsons imagine a crisis under president Donald Trump

8/1/2016 - “Black Mirror” is taking its deliciously dark vision of tech to Netflix with a new season

8/1/2016 - This pen uses a silver-based ink to draw electronic circuits

8/1/2016 - These are the people attempting to solve the global tech gap

8/1/2016 - The art of saying nothing at all: Learn how to communicate like the Chinese government

8/1/2016 - The price of admission into Summit Series, Silicon Valley’s elite tribe for young entrepreneurs

8/1/2016 - How simple small-scale solutions can combat the global tech gap

8/1/2016 - The complete guide to business drinking in China

8/1/2016 - The power of giving: how to master the evolving art of diplomatic gifts

8/1/2016 - Britain’s biggest rogue trader is fighting deportation to Ghana

8/1/2016 - The death of a Somali immigrant at the hands of police has brought Black Lives Matter to Canada

8/1/2016 - Pharma and tech giants are teaming up to design devices that can hack your body’s electrical signals

8/1/2016 - The Olympics allow democracies to behave like dictatorships—if only for a short time

8/1/2016 - There is a way democracies can create better-informed voters—but you’re probably not going to like it

8/1/2016 - Tokyo’s new female governor will run the biggest city-economy in the world

8/1/2016 - An obscure history book is now sold out because Elon Musk is reading it

8/1/2016 - Apple is now an investor in the world’s biggest ride-sharing companies

8/1/2016 - Uber gives up in China, Russia’s military games, the Olympics lack Pokémon

8/1/2016 - China’s answer to Spotify shows the path to actually making money in streaming music

8/1/2016 - Seven decades after Independence, India’s Dalits ask: What has changed?

8/1/2016 - All the things that went wrong for Uber in China

8/1/2016 - China’s Uber rival now owns a stake in every major ride-hailing company on Earth

8/1/2016 - Modi government scrambles to help 10,000 stranded and hungry Indians in Saudi Arabia

8/1/2016 - What businesses can learn from British Cycling’s 70% rise in female coaches

8/1/2016 - The EU is spending $1.8 million to make espresso machines that reduce Europe’s energy bill

8/1/2016 - India’s fashion industry finally gets real about how Indians look

8/1/2016 - Uber China deal, Goldman Sachs subpoenaed, luxury prison cell

8/1/2016 - The battle between Uber and its fiercest competitor is over—and Uber lost

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