6/30/2015 - Don’t tell your boss, but the best time to post on Facebook is during the workday

6/30/2015 - How Phil Knight turned the Nike brand into a global powerhouse

6/30/2015 - Beats 1 has gone down on day one of the Apple Music launch

6/30/2015 - Greece has joined Somalia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe in defaulting on the IMF

6/30/2015 - Chris Ofili’s controversial, dung-decorated Virgin Mary painting sold for $4.6 million

6/30/2015 - Oklahoma’s supreme court says the state capitol’s Ten Commandments monument must go

6/30/2015 - Nike founder Phil Knight is stepping down as chairman

6/30/2015 - China is trying to “open up” its stock markets and control them at the same time

6/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Greece’s last-ditch plea, Obama-Rouhani face-off, California vaccine law, smartphone tipping points

6/30/2015 - The latest round in Uber’s battle for New York City, explained

6/30/2015 - Infographic: How gamification does wonders for work-life balance

6/30/2015 - Yes, Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees are high—but only compared with other women

6/30/2015 - Facebook is already popular in Africa but now it needs to build a mobile ad market here

6/30/2015 - Researchers have discovered the secret of sounding human on virtual conference calls

6/30/2015 - The beer-drinkers’ worst-nightmare vacation cities, charted

6/30/2015 - Did Iran’s president just admit that it has been pursuing nuclear weapons?

6/30/2015 - Greeks have been misled into believing they can live beyond their means

6/30/2015 - California’s governor signs a law that makes parents vaccinate their kids—regardless of their personal beliefs

6/30/2015 - The US leads the world in soda-related deaths, but poor countries suffer the most

6/30/2015 - Why are credit card companies overwhelming Americans with offers this year?

6/30/2015 - Misty Copeland becomes the first black principal ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre

6/30/2015 - Greece makes a final, desperate—and probably doomed—plea for cash

6/30/2015 - Wall Street traders are killing it—again

6/30/2015 - A passenger set himself on fire on a Japanese bullet train, causing two deaths and more than 20 injuries

6/30/2015 - Female serial killers tend to be serial monogamists

6/30/2015 - Google wants to turn your entire body into a keyboard

6/30/2015 - You’ll never guess which hardline euro zone country has had its debts repeatedly forgiven

6/30/2015 - Macy’s is the latest to dump Donald Trump over his comments on Mexican immigrants

6/30/2015 - The obstacles to an Iran-nuke deal will matter little if Obama and Kerry want it badly enough

6/30/2015 - We’re not even close to discovering all the dinosaur types that ever existed

6/30/2015 - How does a Grexit happen?

6/30/2015 - Greece and Germany are on opposite sides of more than debt negotiations

6/30/2015 - London will soon have its first all-electric double-decker bus

6/30/2015 - The internet is shaking the Mary Kay makeup empire

6/30/2015 - Photos: The gorgeous simplicity of life as a Siberian nomad

6/30/2015 - Venus and Jupiter will appear to collide this week in a spectacular nighttime show

6/30/2015 - More than 100 people are feared dead after an Indonesian air force plane crash

6/30/2015 - Confederate flag supporters brawl with protesters at the South Carolina statehouse

6/30/2015 - A majority of the world’s mobile users will be on smartphones by 2019

6/30/2015 - Will computers be our next famous writers and DJs?

6/30/2015 - Watch: A crew of Swedish men prove it’s impossible to synchronized-swim while drunk

6/30/2015 - McDonald’s latest plan to save itself: A slightly bigger Quarter Pounder

6/30/2015 - You could buy your own personal jetpack by 2017

6/30/2015 - Barnes & Noble makes lots of money ripping off college students. Invest now!

6/30/2015 - John Oliver nails this moment for transgender Americans: “Let’s not get too complacent about how far we’ve come”

6/30/2015 - Americans should care much more about women’s soccer than men’s. Here’s why we don’t.

6/30/2015 - The complete guide to choosing a career

6/30/2015 - In Egypt, a new miniseries reframes the country’s Jewish ties

6/30/2015 - By 2050, the US could have more Spanish speakers than any other country

6/30/2015 - I hate iTunes. And I think Apple does, too

6/30/2015 - China’s flagging property market might mean fewer “divorces” this year

6/30/2015 - Adult breast milk drinkers aren’t just wasting their money—they’re endangering their health

6/30/2015 - College must become more accessible and affordable–so here’s a start

6/30/2015 - America is no longer a nation of nuclear families

6/30/2015 - ‘Craft beer’ isn’t what you probably think it is

6/30/2015 - 11 things ultra-productive people do differently

6/30/2015 - Kurt Cobain, king of grunge, continues to inspire as a high-fashion muse

6/30/2015 - Surrounding your child with brilliant peers can backfire

6/30/2015 - The biggest risk in going to college isn’t the debt

6/30/2015 - Here’s why it’s easier to raise money to fight disease than to fight racism

6/30/2015 - “We needed something beautiful.” The fabulous story behind the rainbow flag

6/30/2015 - Burger King might take its Indian vegetarian menu global

6/30/2015 - Millennials’ retirement savings aren’t as good as they appear

6/30/2015 - An opera has opened in Germany with a robot as its star

6/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greece default due, China stocks rebound, legalizing polygamy, leap seconds

6/30/2015 - Worried about Greece? Now you can bail it out yourself

6/30/2015 - Americans, want a free college education? Move to Germany

6/30/2015 - The last time Apple launched a music app, it transformed the music industry and Apple itself

6/30/2015 - Studies show that “inception” is possible—at least in sleeping mice

6/30/2015 - Nigeria’s Buhari hasn’t been able to curtail Boko Haram’s deadly impact–yet

6/30/2015 - Meet the fast disappearing community of Indians and Pakistanis of African origin

6/30/2015 - Study: Breast milk helps babies develop immunity-boosting gut bacteria

6/30/2015 - Google’s India head is also the country’s most prolific angel investor

6/30/2015 - A Dutch city is giving money away to test the “basic income” theory

6/30/2015 - The complete history of the Greek debt drama in charts

6/30/2015 - This is when your time zone gets an extra second

6/30/2015 - Foldable screens are coming to revolutionise TVs, smartphones—and your clothes

6/30/2015 - India’s cocaine addiction is worsening—and South American drug cartels are lining up

6/30/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greece on the rocks, biotech megabucks, leap seconds, Walmart’s ISIL cake

6/30/2015 - China’s anti-corruption drive might be great for Uber and other ridesharing apps

6/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Greece on the rocks, stock markets plummet, obsolete leap seconds, and Wal-Mart’s ISIL cake

6/29/2015 - Greece shouldn’t be having a referendum at all

6/29/2015 - A transgender woman of color on the hypocrisy of the gay rights movement

6/29/2015 - Greece’s ancient mythology says we are all responsible for the fate of modern Europe

6/29/2015 - The fault in SpaceX’s star rocket is jeopardizing a $7 billion business

6/29/2015 - Dilma goes to Google: The Brazilian president’s plans for her US visit

6/29/2015 - NBC and Carlos Slim to Donald Trump: “You’re fired”

6/29/2015 - Two ways the next moves by Greece and Europe will affect you—and the global economy

6/29/2015 - Arizona’s voters are victorious in the fight against gerrymandering

6/29/2015 - This progress maker is helping make global enterprises more sustainable

6/29/2015 - The US Supreme Court backs a controversial lethal injection drug

6/29/2015 - I blamed China’s air pollution for my asthma, and I was wrong

6/29/2015 - Do capital controls ever work? Asking for a (Greek) friend

6/29/2015 - The app that wants to make Egypt’s streets safer for women

6/29/2015 - Dilma Rousseff needs to be on her best behavior for this US visit

6/29/2015 - It’s not enough to keep saying Silicon Valley has a diversity problem—we have to get specific

6/29/2015 - Junya Watanabe’s Africa-themed fashion show was missing a key element: black models

6/29/2015 - The other government debt crisis exploding right now: Puerto Rico’s

6/29/2015 - The origin of leap seconds, and why they should be abolished

6/29/2015 - An Uber passenger in Florida is shot during a fight with his driver

6/29/2015 - Shooting down drones in the US will cost you, rules court

6/29/2015 - An Indian minister says drinking liquor is a “fundamental right”

6/29/2015 - Photos: Istanbul’s Pride parade was brutally dispersed with water cannons

6/29/2015 - Julian Castro: We must make sure every child in America can chase their dreams

6/29/2015 - Your rice cakes are full of arsenic, says the German government

6/29/2015 - Respect your company’s sales force–they pay your salary

6/29/2015 - Burundi is going to the polls amid rising tensions and the African Union is out of options to help

6/29/2015 - Discovery just bought all of the European television rights for the Olympics

6/29/2015 - Advice from a millionaire who runs 10 businesses while sailing the world with his family

6/29/2015 - This season of “The Bachelorette” reveals America’s hypocrisy about sex

6/29/2015 - The minority leader of South Carolina’s legislature will represent Confederate flag activist Bree Newsome in court

6/29/2015 - The Supreme Court’s rulings on Obamacare and marriage are great for the GOP

6/29/2015 - After two big triumphs for Obama, the Supreme Court declines to give him a trifecta on climate change

6/29/2015 - Video: John Oliver teases CNN for its cringeworthy ISIS dildo flag snafu

6/29/2015 - A slave to the grid no longer: A laptop powered by fuel cells is in development

6/29/2015 - Are we headed for a mobile datapocalypse?

6/29/2015 - The mobile industry’s plan for preventing data gridlock

6/29/2015 - In just 17 days, Chinese stocks have lost the value of Spain’s entire stock market

6/29/2015 - The other big US Supreme Court decision we should be celebrating is one no one’s talking about

6/29/2015 - Is it time to finally get rid of the password?

6/29/2015 - For VC deals in India: Half of 2015 = All of 2014

6/29/2015 - The lack of affordable US homes is turning high-earning Americans into renters, too

6/29/2015 - Blacks and hispanics drink more bottled water. Economists now know why

6/29/2015 - Humans are terrible judges of their own speed of thought

6/29/2015 - Uber is offering free rides to a protest against a proposed crackdown on New York City car services

6/29/2015 - A solar-powered plane is now crossing the Pacific, and there’s nowhere to land for days

6/29/2015 - German companies have bought up the most Greek businesses

6/29/2015 - The secret driver behind one of the fastest-growing online lending startups

6/29/2015 - Female teachers should be evaluated more generously to compensate for sexism

6/29/2015 - It’s official: China’s stocks are now in a bear market

6/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—All eyes on Greece, China’s bear market, Puerto Rico’s debt, rat dreams

6/29/2015 - Bollywood films are all about upper-caste Hindu heroes

6/29/2015 - How do you bring electricity to 620 million people?

6/29/2015 - Coloring books are suddenly catching on with adults

6/29/2015 - Tourists are flocking to Greece’s collapsing economy

6/29/2015 - Photos: Remember the Greek drachma? It might be coming back.

6/29/2015 - Amazon may be the world’s favourite bookstore—followed by Flipkart

6/29/2015 - Quartz Africa Weekly Brief: Fast Nigerians, Mandela’s favorite, Burundi’s SoundCloud journalists

6/29/2015 - How a US chipmaker unwittingly became an incubator for Indian entrepreneurs

6/29/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greek banks close, China cuts rates, SpaceX rocket explodes, rat dreams

6/28/2015 - Everything you need to know about this unfolding Greek tragedy

6/28/2015 - Making sure kids read during the summer helps keep them from falling behind

6/28/2015 - These are the Latin American authors you should be reading this summer

6/28/2015 - Photos: Gay pride celebrations around the world

6/28/2015 - A SpaceX rocket exploded on a mission to the International Space Station

6/28/2015 - Of course American Apparel brought in a female CEO to clean up Dov Charney’s mess

6/28/2015 - The 9-to-5 office workday is dying in America

6/28/2015 - The complete guide to getting the most out of your summer vegetables

6/28/2015 - Last summer, this Paris neighborhood had more Airbnb guests than actual residents

6/28/2015 - Eight powerful ways to mold your children into leaders

6/28/2015 - We have to help Syria’s child refugees, or else lose this generation

6/27/2015 - ISIL’s call for a Ramadan surge is un-Islamic—and highly effective

6/27/2015 - The last thing Greece needs: a run on its banks

6/27/2015 - Photos: Women are dyeing their hair in El Salvador to avoid gang violence

6/27/2015 - The science is clear: Children raised by same-sex parents are at no disadvantage

6/27/2015 - SpaceX has two important missions to perform during Elon Musk’s birthday weekend rocket launch

6/27/2015 - Watch this crazy video of an engineer riding a human-sized drone

6/27/2015 - Scientists have created 3D holograms that you can touch

6/27/2015 - How to understand the Marikana tragedy with South Africa’s history of structural violence

6/27/2015 - Marriage equality in the US is about to create a $2.6 billion wedding boom

6/27/2015 - Has Mandela’s chosen one scaled the last hurdle to be South Africa’s next president?

6/27/2015 - Good news: Some corals may already be adapting to warming oceans

6/27/2015 - The design of Helsinki’s controversial Guggenheim branch, unveiled

6/27/2015 - The stunning 50-year transformation of Soviet photography

6/27/2015 - Charted: Who are the Americans accused of joining ISIL?

6/26/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Social justice, gentrification’s secret sauce, negotiating with ISIL, translating “Seinfeld”

6/26/2015 - Is Apple prepping to nix the iPhone’s home button?

6/26/2015 - Watch US marriage equality pass the tipping point

6/26/2015 - Watch President Obama sing “Amazing Grace” during a moving eulogy for a Charleston shooting victim

6/26/2015 - One of the escaped New York fugitives is killed in a shootout with police

6/26/2015 - The Pakistani Taliban is blaming an electric company for more than a thousand heat wave deaths

6/26/2015 - That time marriage equality became law in the US and the internet was engulfed in rainbows

6/26/2015 - “The supreme court is not the supreme being” and other predictable rants about SCOTUS from US Republican presidential candidates

6/26/2015 - How the Supreme Court’s conservatives explained their votes against gay marriage

6/26/2015 - A small problem for all the gay marriage opponents who say they’re fed up and moving to Canada

6/26/2015 - This is how the White House celebrated the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision on Facebook

6/26/2015 - Photos: Heartwarming images of Instagrammers across the world celebrating gay marriage today

6/26/2015 - Inflation, growth, and feelings: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

6/26/2015 - The Rwandan general arrested in London is out on bail but has to report to local police twice a day

6/26/2015 - Three ways the world’s power mix is about to change

6/26/2015 - Countries where gay marriage is legal nationwide

6/26/2015 - Six global market trends to know, six risks to hedge

6/26/2015 - As if right on cue, two self-driving cars nearly crashed into each other in California

6/26/2015 - Read the best part of the Supreme Court ruling for gay marriage

6/26/2015 - Three far-flung terrorist attacks kill dozens, after an ISIL call for Ramadan jihad

6/26/2015 - The US Supreme Court has made gay marriage legal in all 50 states

6/26/2015 - Complaining on Twitter can result in good customer service—if you do it right

6/26/2015 - The Chinese stock market continues to get smoked

6/26/2015 - An Uber ad offered free rides to “white” guests

6/26/2015 - Watch: Margaret Cho addresses Hollywood sexism and imagines an industry run by women

6/26/2015 - I went to a kidnapping survival camp for business executives

6/26/2015 - The reason it’s so darn hard to solve those “viral” math problems for 10-year-olds

6/26/2015 - To predict what Earth will look like after the next mass extinction, look to the past

6/26/2015 - Despite what you might have heard, millennials like me are buying homes

6/26/2015 - Cambodia has identified 3,000 unlicensed doctors—after one gave hundreds of patients HIV

6/26/2015 - A man was beheaded in a suspected Islamist terror attack in southern France

6/26/2015 - I lost 60 pounds and realized two important things about eating with Google Docs

6/26/2015 - What Muslims around the world eat to break their fast during Ramadan

6/26/2015 - What it would look like if other countries had to cope with Greece’s shocking brain drain

6/26/2015 - Swimsuit shopping this summer need not be hell

6/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Supreme Court watch, China stocks tank, Europe’s migrant spat, Norway’s bee highway

6/26/2015 - How an 18-year-old from a Kolkata slum cracked the IIT exam this year

6/26/2015 - Study: Why appetizers seem to taste better than the main course

6/26/2015 - HSBC will no longer provide one of the best gauges of China’s economy

6/26/2015 - The world’s workforce will stop growing by 2050

6/26/2015 - Why are India’s lingerie websites obsessed with foreign models?

6/26/2015 - China has issued a scathing report on human rights abuses in the United States

6/26/2015 - This is the speech Matteo Renzi should give about Europe’s migrant crisis

6/26/2015 - Should Indians really be proud of Bobby Jindal?

6/26/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Obamacare upheld, Nike’s big leap, Clinton’s emails, alligator water dance

6/26/2015 - A new wave of US internet companies is succeeding in China—by giving the government what it wants

6/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Obamacare upheld, Nike’s big leap, France’s enraged cabbies, alligator water dances

6/25/2015 - Lululemon is recalling 300,000 workout tops that may attack your face

6/25/2015 - California is about to make parents vaccinate their kids—regardless of their personal beliefs

6/25/2015 - Keeping the lights on could increase GDP by 2% in sub-Saharan Africa

6/25/2015 - Iran is about to become the biggest free-for-all since the Soviet collapse

6/25/2015 - Google’s self-driving cars are now on the streets of California

6/25/2015 - What people really mean when they tell me I’m hot “for a mom”

6/25/2015 - Brazil’s economy: It’s ugly

6/25/2015 - Facebook’s workforce diversity update shows how far tech has to go

6/25/2015 - Deathtrap doorless elevators are back by popular demand in Germany

6/25/2015 - Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ is heading to Apple Music

6/25/2015 - Angered by Trump’s comments about Mexicans, Univision won’t broadcast the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants

6/25/2015 - Is Google getting ready to sell its smart contact lens?

6/25/2015 - LEGO says its plastic pieces will be made with sustainable material by 2030

6/25/2015 - Even the pope admitted it: Sometimes, separation is inevitable

6/25/2015 - A male model displayed a “Kill Angela Merkel” sign on a Paris catwalk

6/25/2015 - American paychecks are getting fatter and spending’s rising, too

6/25/2015 - How Rwanda’s clinics have gone off-grid and on to renewable energy

6/25/2015 - McDonald’s reports progress on its health commitments—and also strong sales of chocolate milk

6/25/2015 - “Micro-learning” and education in the mobile age

6/25/2015 - Read: A former Baltimore police sergeant tweets the awful things he witnessed while on the force

6/25/2015 - Want to be an artist? Watch ‘Groundhog Day’

6/25/2015 - Citigroup is shaking up its management to create “the bank of the future”

6/25/2015 - Alaska is entering new era of wildfires

6/25/2015 - Nigeria’s Andela has closed a large funding round led by an early Twitter investor

6/25/2015 - Burundi’s vice-president has fled and is calling for the president to step down

6/25/2015 - Obamacare’s Supreme Court victory is also a win for a distinctly American legal ideal

6/25/2015 - How the power of habits and technology revolutionize education

6/25/2015 - Obama boots an activist heckler from his LGBT event: “You’re in my house”

6/25/2015 - Next up on physics curriculums: “Interstellar”

6/25/2015 - French taxi drivers rampage against Uber—burning tires, flipping cars, and inconveniencing Courtney Love

6/25/2015 - Obamacare will stay. And it should, because it’s working

6/25/2015 - Doing these things for your own health will also help save the planet

6/25/2015 - Swipe right to invest: Tinder is going public

6/25/2015 - How I made the leap from being Korean to being Jewish

6/25/2015 - Flying the Confederate flag on public property may violate America’s 14th Amendment

6/25/2015 - The US Supreme Court rules that Americans can keep their subsidized health insurance

6/25/2015 - US opponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership don’t understand how it works

6/25/2015 - Non-Muslim extremists have killed twice as many Americans in the US as jihadists have since 9/11

6/25/2015 - Turns out, you don’t have to be rich to own a Tesla

6/25/2015 - Photos: Awe-inspiring images of the skies will make you see the weather differently

6/25/2015 - The world needs new tools in the fight against the next recession

6/25/2015 - I run a bank founded by Alexander Hamilton, and this is no way to treat his legacy

6/25/2015 - H&M is counting the cost of its far-flung supply chain

6/25/2015 - 2015: The year online activism tipped the scales for social justice

6/25/2015 - Charts: Renewable energy just had its best year ever

6/25/2015 - The first small step on Mars won’t be made by humans, but by robots

6/25/2015 - How two very different architects refined India’s public spaces

6/25/2015 - How to perfect the art of haggling on Airbnb

6/25/2015 - A new book weighs the feminism of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy

6/25/2015 - This Dutch kid is about to launch a system to let the oceans clean themselves

6/25/2015 - Soon, we’ll be able to control robot limbs with our minds, like Luke Skywalker

6/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greek talks resume, McDonald’s’ Taiwan exit, satellite internet race, heckling Obama

6/25/2015 - Japanese women are speaking out against “maternity harassment”

6/25/2015 - Will banishing the Confederate flag actually increase its power?

6/25/2015 - Burundi’s journalists are using SoundCloud to get around a government shutdown of independent radio

6/25/2015 - The world’s biggest hydropower project may be causing giant landslides in China

6/25/2015 - Entrepreneurship in India is a complete pain in the ass

6/25/2015 - Why India’s solar sector has turned into a $100 billion investment magnet

6/25/2015 - Alibaba’s customers can now get a loan based on their online shopping history

6/25/2015 - The clever, renewable energy that can power America into the future

6/25/2015 - The new alchemy of waste

6/25/2015 - How kitchen sinks in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia are generating energy

6/25/2015 - The reason all books by South Asian women have similar covers

6/25/2015 - In the Philippines, mourners honor the dead by placing bets

6/25/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greek talks resume, WeWork’s mega valuation, satellite internet race, goldfish takeovers

6/25/2015 - The massive waste happening in mosquito-borne disease research

6/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—China’s lending caps, Greek talks resume, US-Euro supermarket merger, eye-burning swimming pools

6/24/2015 - Now you don’t need Facebook to use Facebook Messenger

6/24/2015 - Teaching meditation to kids in Chicago swiftly reduced crime and dropout rates

6/24/2015 - What the US learned from spying on France

6/24/2015 - Inside the race to create the next generation of satellite internet

6/24/2015 - There are more obese Americans than there are overweight Americans

6/24/2015 - Scientists have found beautiful fluorescent corals deep in the Red Sea

6/24/2015 - Dzhokhar Tsarnaev speaks: “I am sorry for the lives I have taken.”

6/24/2015 - Abandoning the Confederate flag signals a new strategy for US Republicans

6/24/2015 - This creature is so weird that scientists call it Hallucigenia

6/24/2015 - The great MBA exodus to tech is overstated

6/24/2015 - New Yorkers complaining about Whole Foods prices were actually getting ripped off, the city says

6/24/2015 - Stunning auroras, photographed from the earth and space

6/24/2015 - Americans favor the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but not as much as everyone else

6/24/2015 - Watch: Lexus just got one step closer to Marty McFly’s hoverboard

6/24/2015 - Your swimming pool red-eye isn’t from chlorine—it’s from urine

6/24/2015 - Now there’s a cockroach-inspired robot that can squeeze into small spaces

6/24/2015 - The value of Slack users is off the charts

6/24/2015 - Alabama quietly takes down the Confederate flag from the state capitol

6/24/2015 - Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov accuses the West of violating horse rights

6/24/2015 - China is gearing up to let its banks borrow as much as they want

6/24/2015 - Singapore’s forced housing integration fueled its economic success

6/24/2015 - As California gives more room to chickens, egg production drops 16%

6/24/2015 - A Netherlands court orders its government to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions

6/24/2015 - Eight actors who should have been cast as the new Spider-Man

6/24/2015 - See? America’s first quarter GDP numbers weren’t as bad as they seemed

6/24/2015 - Coloring in this picture helped me erase $26,000 in debt

6/24/2015 - White Americans like protests in America way more when protestors aren’t black

6/24/2015 - Raul Castro paved the way for a reformed Cuba

6/24/2015 - There’s been a huge spike in the percentage of MBAs with job offers for $125,000 or more

6/24/2015 - If you buy medical marijuana edibles, you are probably getting ripped off

6/24/2015 - “Graceland” is a hold out in Florida’s crumbling TV industry

6/24/2015 - My black hair: a tangled story of race and politics in America

6/24/2015 - Those annoying fees charged by America’s airlines hit their highest levels on record

6/24/2015 - Hungary breaks ranks with the EU, effectively closing the country to asylum seekers

6/24/2015 - The world’s first “abortion drone” will deliver pills to Poland this weekend

6/24/2015 - Some unsolicited parenting advice from an economist: give yourself a break

6/24/2015 - New research finds that most extreme weather is linked to climate change

6/24/2015 - A sea of Chinese tourists is about to flood Cuba

6/24/2015 - More women need to become engineers, and that means letting girls know it’s possible

6/24/2015 - As the deadline for an Iran nuclear deal nears, it’s psy-war time in Tehran

6/24/2015 - Now that they’re being paid, indie labels have signed up to Apple Music

6/24/2015 - A smog emergency forced Chile’s capital to shut down—but a soccer tournament goes on

6/24/2015 - Russia’s importance to China is overblown

6/24/2015 - What the world’s largest democracy thinks of the world’s oldest democracy

6/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—More American spying, D-Day for Greece, Yahoo’s Alibaba update, rock star investors

6/24/2015 - The food-themed World Expo in Milan is a delicious joke, but try it anyway

6/24/2015 - Timeline: Foxconn is back in India with a $5 billion big bang investment

6/24/2015 - I am a Hindu—and a proud Pakistani

6/24/2015 - How the luxury group Kering treats sustainability as a serious business strategy

6/24/2015 - A whiskey-loving Sikh—Europe’s oldest man—dies at 111

6/24/2015 - China arrests smugglers trying to sell frozen meat from the 1970s

6/24/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—More American spying, Yahoo’s Alibaba update, Russia’s oil boost, airline snack rage

6/24/2015 - These are the world’s top 10 universities in emerging markets

6/23/2015 - Facebook’s algorithm can identify you even when you’re hiding your face

6/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Yahoo’s Alibaba update, Confederate flag ban, Obama’s trade win, airplane snack rage

6/23/2015 - For $40 a month, Americans can now stream a lot of TV that isn’t terrible

6/23/2015 - Planet Fitness’s IPO shows the incredible rise of budget fitness

6/23/2015 - For LGBT millennials, online dating apps are a blessing and a curse

6/23/2015 - Ebay and Amazon ban Confederate flag merchandise in the wake of the Charleston massacre

6/23/2015 - A French ferry strike spirals into an international transit disaster and illegal migration free-for-all

6/23/2015 - Electric bicycles are sweeping Europe and the rich are taking notice

6/23/2015 - If you want to understand people and be understood in life, speak from your heart

6/23/2015 - Studies confirm earthquakes in the midwestern US are caused by the fracking boom

6/23/2015 - An unruly United passenger demanding nuts and crackers forces 260 travelers to sleep on an airport floor

6/23/2015 - Columbia becomes the first US university to divest from private prison companies

6/23/2015 - It’s time for a hybrid newsroom, where journalists and experts live in storytelling harmony

6/23/2015 - Chart: Americans are quickly turning on the Confederate flag

6/23/2015 - The myth of racial identity, according to a black Jew

6/23/2015 - In a Ramadan crackdown, ISIL bans backgammon and dominoes

6/23/2015 - Become one with nature in these strangely cool floating hotel rooms

6/23/2015 - African vultures are nearing extinction due to elephant ivory poachers

6/23/2015 - The events at Tahrir Square radically changed how Egyptians talk today

6/23/2015 - Why some people can get away with so little sleep

6/23/2015 - An Iranian graphic novelist updates a classic WWII guide for migrants

6/23/2015 - Another reason to loathe skinny jeans

6/23/2015 - The simple habits of mentally tough people

6/23/2015 - Dear Europe, don’t screw this up

6/23/2015 - An Australian fishing crew did the right thing after accidentally killing a giant shark

6/23/2015 - Seeing the flags of racist African states on a killer‘s jacket is a wakeup call for America

6/23/2015 - Iranian women aren’t even allowed to watch volleyball, now

6/23/2015 - A US professor crowdsourced this powerful syllabus after the Charleston shootings

6/23/2015 - Study: Moms who eat fiber-rich diets are less likely to have kids with asthma

6/23/2015 - An Australian cattle dynasty is selling the largest land property on Earth for $325 million

6/23/2015 - Video: The US Army is being equipped with these futuristic hoverbikes

6/23/2015 - Pixar’s “Inside Out” is a surprisingly accurate representation of how memory actually works

6/23/2015 - Recruiters read a tiny part of your resume, if they read it at all

6/23/2015 - James Horner, the composer who made you weep during “Titantic” and “Braveheart,” has died in a plane crash

6/23/2015 - Is the crisis over? Spaniards are finally having more babies

6/23/2015 - The unbelievably silent flight of owls inspired scientists to create a new noise-reducing material

6/23/2015 - Atlas, the new home for charts and data

6/23/2015 - Alibaba’s next plan is to get more of China’s businesses delivering on-demand

6/23/2015 - The 21 management tricks I learned at Imgur

6/23/2015 - A generation from now, most of the world’s GDP will come from Asia

6/23/2015 - Even Google Maps knows how dysfunctional India-Pakistan relations are

6/23/2015 - A teen whose YouTube video tested Singapore’s censorship limits has been remanded at a mental health institute

6/23/2015 - Small foreign-owned retailers in South Africa are more competitive than local rivals

6/23/2015 - The US needs to follow Europe’s lead and create a “grey area” class of workers

6/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US and China talk, Greek bailout progress, Confederate flags, Napoleonic chicken

6/23/2015 - The life-saving “undo send” feature is now an official part of Gmail

6/23/2015 - Study: If you always use a specific number when you negotiate, you’re doing it wrong

6/23/2015 - Fitbit is finally bringing its fitness wearables to India

6/23/2015 - Working moms have more successful daughters and more caring sons, Harvard Business School study says

6/23/2015 - Amazon reviewers have a lot to say about the company’s Confederate flag merchandise

6/23/2015 - I travelled to 41 countries using borrowed air miles and credit card points

6/23/2015 - A former Infosys CFO-turned-politician is making a million dollar bet on Indian startups

6/23/2015 - Walmart, Sears, and Kmart are no longer selling the Confederate flag

6/23/2015 - Alibaba is selling US e-commerce site 11 Main just a year after it opened

6/23/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—US-China talks, Greek progress, Rwanda’s spy chief arrested, flying cats

6/22/2015 - Here’s one glaring problem with China’s epic stock rally

6/22/2015 - Respecting culture could fix Ghana schools’ problems

6/22/2015 - Photos: The ghostly white world of Egypt’s stone cutters

6/22/2015 - Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos to Donald Trump: Try running your business without Mexicans for a day

6/22/2015 - South Carolina governor Nikki Haley: “It’s time to move the flag from the Capitol grounds”

6/22/2015 - The venture capital firms that are best at spotting unicorns

6/22/2015 - Parents of superstars say make your kids’ passions—not your own dreams—your guide

6/22/2015 - This viral video shows Japan’s bullet trains being cleaned in seven minutes flat

6/22/2015 - The lovely lies we tell ourselves about the women hired to raise us

6/22/2015 - The best way to gauge how things are going with Greece’s bailout negotiations

6/22/2015 - Apple’s cunning plan to sell gold iPhones in China is working

6/22/2015 - Robots in Japan now have emotions

6/22/2015 - American miners and farmers lost billions of dollars in pay in the first quarter

6/22/2015 - Sports that may soon be Olympic events include bowling, climbing, karate, and surfing

6/22/2015 - Obama used the N-word in a podcast interview to nail a complicated truth about racism

6/22/2015 - Don’t overpay for an epic investing “FAIL”

6/22/2015 - Pope Francis takes aim at the arms industry again

6/22/2015 - General Mills is taking artificial flavors and colors out of its cereals

6/22/2015 - Videos: “True Detective” shows why we’re in a Golden Age of TV opening credits

6/22/2015 - Facebook is now worth more than Walmart

6/22/2015 - Samsung’s ‘see-through’ truck could make it less terrifying to drive next to big rigs

6/22/2015 - Martha Stewart’s crumbling empire just got devoured

6/22/2015 - Why I chose a life without breasts after cancer

6/22/2015 - John Oliver to South Carolina: Here’s what you can do with your Confederate flag

6/22/2015 - Shigeru Ban, architect of sublime cardboard buildings, creates a permanent legacy

6/22/2015 - This is not a typo: Only 3% of Americans are legally allowed to invest in start-ups

6/22/2015 - A brief guide to the fantastic, wondrous creatures of tech industry jargon

6/22/2015 - London’s Tube will soon run all night, fixing a longstanding, ludicrous problem

6/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greek summit redux, Afghan parliament attacked, Apple’s Swift retreat, QR codes gone wild

6/22/2015 - The story of the invention that could revolutionize batteries—and maybe American manufacturing as well

6/22/2015 - Indonesian lawmakers want to fight AIDS by restricting access to condoms

6/22/2015 - India has trained dozens of German Shepherds to protect its tigers

6/22/2015 - Western companies are being forced to figure China out all over again

6/22/2015 - Why do poor Indians continue to drink deadly moonshine?

6/22/2015 - China says it’s building islands and airstrips in the South China Sea for better weather forecasts

6/22/2015 - Indian army veterans are going hungry to protest Modi’s broken promises

6/22/2015 - I lived in a tiny Spanish village for eight months, and it changed me forever

6/22/2015 - Xiaomi is turning to an old-fashioned tactic to sell phones in India—newspaper ads

6/22/2015 - India stretched its soft power on International Yoga Day, but the real work begins now

6/22/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greece teeters, Cigna rejects Anthem, Taylor Swift slams Apple, QR codes gone wild

6/21/2015 - Top US CEOs still make 300 times more than their workers

6/21/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Greece teeters, Cigna blows off Anthem, Taylor Swift dumps Apple, QR codes gone wild

6/21/2015 - Quiz: Do you know Africa as well as you think you do?

6/21/2015 - US airlines are rejecting the international push for smaller carry-on bags

6/21/2015 - Taylor Swift has successfully shamed Apple Music into paying artists all the time

6/21/2015 - Quartz Africa Weekly Brief: Kiswahili proverbs, Nigeria’s well-dressed senators, Mugabe’s term limit

6/21/2015 - Three different Nigerians hold the 100m sprint records for Africa, Asia and Europe

6/21/2015 - Amid chants of Om, Narendra Modi stretches and squats at the first International Yoga Day

6/21/2015 - Developers have figured out the secret sauce for gentrifying neighborhoods

6/21/2015 - In 39 years, US physics doctorates went to 66 black women—and 22,000 white men

6/21/2015 - In honor of Father’s Day, I’m donating my body to science

6/21/2015 - On International Yoga Day, yoga is just politics by other means

6/20/2015 - Watch: The US destroyed a literal ton of illegal ivory in Times Square

6/20/2015 - Watch: Norway’s national soccer team deftly and hilariously dismantles sexist stereotypes

6/20/2015 - Over 97% of homicides in America aren’t committed in self-defense

6/20/2015 - 20 misused English words that make smart people look silly

6/20/2015 - Roaming 100 km a day, a young man survives by selling yoga to middle-class India

6/20/2015 - Learning to be a man when you’re raised by two moms

6/20/2015 - How successful people beat stress

6/20/2015 - So many animals are dying, scientists believe Earth has entered a sixth mass extinction

6/20/2015 - A new DNA test traces illegal ivory back to African herds from which it came

6/20/2015 - The $43 million package Nigerian lawmakers get won’t be just for their wardrobe

6/20/2015 - Where Europe’s asylum seekers come from, and who is allowed to stay

6/20/2015 - On the 40th anniversary of Jaws, pity the American horror film

6/20/2015 - Hey American Apparel fangirls, this is how the brand sees you

6/20/2015 - Children should advance in school according to skill, not age

6/20/2015 - Venezuelans are praying to dead criminals for protection

6/20/2015 - The ‘benevolent sexism’ behind Dylann Roof’s racism

6/20/2015 - If we really want more women in the C-suite, some good men will need to be tossed aside

6/20/2015 - Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, still keen to talk about race, went to Charleston to offer support to local staff

6/20/2015 - Why Indian Muslims are using the Arabic word “Ramadan” instead of the traditional “Ramzan”

6/19/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—The Hamilton sacrifice, Hong Kong’s meltdown, cheat-sleeping, android dreams

6/19/2015 - China’s stock market fell hard this week—really hard

6/19/2015 - The transgender revolution will take more than a week

6/19/2015 - Google is giving revenge porn victims the right to be forgotten

6/19/2015 - Map: Poland sure has a lot of Catholic churches

6/19/2015 - Photos: Tokyo travelers get comfortable in the tiniest of spaces

6/19/2015 - For the first time, a Major League Baseball player has been punished for using social media during a game

6/19/2015 - Google wants to be Muslims’ go-to source for all things Ramadan

6/19/2015 - African term limits—is Mugabe right?

6/19/2015 - US fashion companies are starting to look beyond China for sourcing apparel

6/19/2015 - NASA now has a humanoid robot working aboard the International Space Station

6/19/2015 - Shopping and shipping: the eight most important economic charts of the week

6/19/2015 - The “dreams” of Google’s AI are equal parts amazing and disturbing

6/19/2015 - Here’s why your brown eggs have more blood spots than white ones

6/19/2015 - Just in time for Father’s Day, Getty’s new stock photos challenge masculinity stereotypes

6/19/2015 - Scientists want to treat aging like a disease—and they already have drugs for it

6/19/2015 - For believers, fear of atheists is fueled by fear of death

6/19/2015 - Kenya’s No.1 mobile network is battling one of the country’s top banks for mobile money’s future

6/19/2015 - People don’t like it when economists tell them to have more sex, economists find

6/19/2015 - There’s a giant, toxic algae bloom stretching from Southern California to Alaska

6/19/2015 - This will probably be the last Father’s Day my dad remembers me

6/19/2015 - Video: Jon Stewart had no jokes last night, because Charleston

6/19/2015 - Give dads a gift they can really use this Father’s Day: paternity leave

6/19/2015 - Ten lessons from Snoop Dogg on being a better CEO

6/19/2015 - India’s financial capital is once again submerged by the annual, entirely predictable monsoon rains

6/19/2015 - The Chinese stock market’s terrible week, charted

6/19/2015 - We can overcome our biases, racial and otherwise, by first becoming aware of them

6/19/2015 - You’re investing your 401(k) all wrong

6/19/2015 - Science confirms what professional women already know: high heels make us both stronger and weaker

6/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Greece on the brink, Chinese stocks plunge, polyphasic sleep, stress-relieving pickles

6/19/2015 - The world is quickly running out of water, new NASA study says

6/19/2015 - Why India’s national football team is so terrible

6/19/2015 - Where yoga is still about spirituality—not detox smoothies and perfect bodies

6/19/2015 - The UK is scrapping one of its most successful renewable energy subsidies

6/19/2015 - 10 charts that capture how Nepal is struggling to survive after the earthquake

6/19/2015 - An NRA director has blamed the Charleston church shooting deaths on the pastor

6/19/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Church shooting suspect arrested, MERS in Thailand, Fitbit’s big leap, stress-relieving pickles

6/18/2015 - Photos: America is mourning the victims of the Charleston shooting

6/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Church shooting suspect arrested, MERS in Thailand, Fitbit’s big leap, stress-relieving pickles

6/18/2015 - I’m sorry, Alexander Hamilton: A feminist finance geek’s mixed emotions about putting a woman on the $10 bill

6/18/2015 - The next piece of software you use should probably have an opinion

6/18/2015 - Fitbit investors have spoken—and they’re not afraid of the Apple Watch

6/18/2015 - McDonald’s looks set to shrink its store count in the US this year

6/18/2015 - Amazon could have its drones in US skies next year

6/18/2015 - Reddit’s ex-CEO supports banning online harassment that harms people in real life

6/18/2015 - How Modernism is making a comeback at Art Basel

6/18/2015 - Harsh words from Pope Francis: Earth looks “like an immense pile of filth.”

6/18/2015 - Tesla has nabbed a preeminent battery researcher, and shareholders love it

6/18/2015 - Photos: What the sky should look like without light pollution

6/18/2015 - Watching cat videos really is good for your mental health

6/18/2015 - Gas pump stimulus is over in the US

6/18/2015 - Dylann Storm Roof and the conversation white America should actually be having about race

6/18/2015 - Poem: What Is The News?

6/18/2015 - The next design trend is one that eliminates all choices

6/18/2015 - Startup growing like crazy? Congrats, now restructure

6/18/2015 - Goldman Sachs has a new intern rule: Go home at midnight

6/18/2015 - How to move through the four stages of life

6/18/2015 - Disturbing details emerge about the South Carolina shooter, including a fondness for apartheid-era flags

6/18/2015 - Porsche now makes more money for Volkswagen than the VW brand itself

6/18/2015 - Countries are supposed to spy on each other—that’s why the US won’t blame China for hacking federal files

6/18/2015 - Women remain in the shadows because 80% of key global gender data is missing

6/18/2015 - Thailand confirms its first case of MERS as the virus spreads beyond the Middle East

6/18/2015 - Watch this CEO chase sailing records at the helm of one of the world’s fastest boats

6/18/2015 - Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplanche is making nice with big banks

6/18/2015 - NBC will keep disgraced “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams, but in a different role

6/18/2015 - Photos: Stunning winners from the 2015 iPhone Photography Awards

6/18/2015 - These third graders spend 75% of their day on iPads, and their teacher doesn’t mind a bit

6/18/2015 - Pulled pork is the new bacon

6/18/2015 - Prepare yourself for a world of constant surveillance by insurance companies

6/18/2015 - If there is life on Mars, it is probably underground—where our rovers can’t see it

6/18/2015 - How Ford CEO Alan Mullaly turned a broken company into the industry’s comeback kid

6/18/2015 - A permanent cloud of moon dust could cause trouble for space travel

6/18/2015 - Qatar Airlines is named the world’s best airline, putting pitiful US carriers to shame

6/18/2015 - I once tried to cheat sleep, and for a year I succeeded

6/18/2015 - Are the “discounts” at luxury outlets a form of consumer fraud?

6/18/2015 - How toy trains inspired Charles Correa to become India’s greatest contemporary architect

6/18/2015 - Watch: Charleston pastor Clementa C. Pinckney on what Mother Emanuel means to America

6/18/2015 - Where in the world you’re most likely to be working too much—or napping

6/18/2015 - Why office space in Lagos is more expensive than New York

6/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Charleston shooting, Danish elections, Ramadan begins, visa temples

6/18/2015 - Two more reasons the robots might take our jobs: Alibaba and Foxconn

6/18/2015 - On the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, remember the dark side of history

6/18/2015 - One of China’s original internet giants is spending $9 billion to get off the NYSE—and head back to China

6/18/2015 - I sacrificed my health and teenage years to study at the IITs—but was it worth it?

6/18/2015 - Greece’s government leaders are behaving like the cynics of antiquity

6/18/2015 - The periodic table of the world’s most valuable private companies

6/18/2015 - Hong Kong’s “fake democracy” vote ends with a defeat for Beijing

6/18/2015 - Women were witnesses, politicians, and soldiers during the Battle of Waterloo

6/18/2015 - Can Bata weather India’s e-commerce storm?

6/18/2015 - Meet the young men who make Pakistani flags in India’s Kashmir

6/18/2015 - Police are searching for a white man who killed nine at a black church in Charleston

6/18/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Denmark elections, Ramadan begins, Fitbit IPO, witches of Etsy

6/17/2015 - It’s actually happening. The US will put a woman on the $10 bill in 2020

6/17/2015 - Mark Zuckerberg has donated $5 million to a scholarship fund for undocumented US immigrants

6/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Denmark elections, China’s new millionaires, Fitbit IPO, witches of Etsy

6/17/2015 - What Nestlé forgot to mention when giving its reasons for scaling down in Africa

6/17/2015 - Google wants a bigger role in your home with Nest refresh

6/17/2015 - Ramadan in America is the hardest and that’s what makes it the best

6/17/2015 - What African universities can do to attract academics back from the diaspora

6/17/2015 - Google is using articles from the Daily Mail to teach its computers to read

6/17/2015 - AT&T is fined a record $100 million for putting sneaky limits on “unlimited” data plans

6/17/2015 - The juiciest, and nastiest, insults in Greece’s war of words (so far this week)

6/17/2015 - Muslims in Reykjavik will fast for 21 hours during Ramadan this year

6/17/2015 - The rise and fall of Nokia, in one chart

6/17/2015 - Etsy infuriates the witch community with its ban on selling spells

6/17/2015 - Americans are getting back into baby-making

6/17/2015 - Astronomers discovered a superbright galaxy and named it after soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo

6/17/2015 - Sentiment in the UK oil industry has totally collapsed

6/17/2015 - ZOMG, why aren’t millennials buying new houses?

6/17/2015 - The absurd trial of a Russian farmer who invented his own inflation-proof currency

6/17/2015 - The Statue of Liberty, 130 years old today, was an early example of crowd-funding

6/17/2015 - Maker culture has infiltrated Hollywood—but where are the girls?

6/17/2015 - ATM fees were a $438 million business for America’s biggest banks last quarter

6/17/2015 - A legal victory for an Uber driver in California could challenge its business model

6/17/2015 - The world’s poorest people need help, not bickering, from wealthy democracies

6/17/2015 - Women writers: Start promoting your work like men do

6/17/2015 - No, you don’t have to boycott Nutella for the environment, says Greenpeace

6/17/2015 - A Chinese city’s dog meat festival is drawing its annual allotment of outrage

6/17/2015 - Why don’t Americans trust their teachers?

6/17/2015 - Video: This tiny octopus is so cute, scientists want to name it “adorabilis”

6/17/2015 - An escaped tiger killed a man in Tbilisi, and another is reportedly on the loose

6/17/2015 - There is a literal cord cutter on the loose in California, and the FBI is investigating

6/17/2015 - Asia-Pacific private wealth has overtaken Europe’s—and North America is next

6/17/2015 - Millennials can’t afford to buy houses, even though the US really needs them to

6/17/2015 - Robots are like immigrants: The more you know them, the better you like them

6/17/2015 - Computer scientists developed an algorithm that can show you how to be fashionable

6/17/2015 - American Apparel is in a hole, so it’s good that its new CEO is not at all like Dov Charney

6/17/2015 - Once a middle-class paradise, Disney parks are smart to woo the wealthy

6/17/2015 - China finally got to see “Star Wars” on the big screen, 40 years after its release

6/17/2015 - Airline bookings to South Korea have plummeted since the MERS outbreak

6/17/2015 - Denmark’s first female prime minister has overseen a rising political gender gap

6/17/2015 - Gluten-free is not a fad diet for us

6/17/2015 - Passwords aren’t the problem. We are.

6/17/2015 - Photos: Inside Martin Scorsese’s movie-poster collection

6/17/2015 - Watch Uniqlo sneak up on Gap as the world’s go-to source for everyday basics

6/17/2015 - The original Super Mario game was designed on graph paper

6/17/2015 - 22 issues Hong Kong’s lawmakers have to address before they vote on democracy

6/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China’s free trade deal, Starbucks closures, North Korean drought, Pop-Tart calorie counts

6/17/2015 - These are the first full-color HD videos of earth from the International Space Station

6/17/2015 - In pictures: Official 3D renderings of London Tube stations

6/17/2015 - Watch: Hong Kong football fans boo the Chinese national anthem to stand up to Beijing

6/17/2015 - Why Russia’s Rosneft—the world’s fifth largest oil company—may be coming to India

6/17/2015 - The Chinese propaganda machine’s complicated love affair with Facebook and Twitter

6/17/2015 - Maggi’s troubles in India may have wiped $200 million off its brand value

6/17/2015 - Charted: The constipated state of India

6/17/2015 - India’s first chain of backpacker hostels is attracting some serious money

6/17/2015 - Why is a Chinese tycoon building a $50 billion canal in Nicaragua that no one wants?

6/17/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Hong Kong democracy, China’s free-trade deal, Adobe’s earnings, Pop-Tart calorie conundrum

6/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Fed update, trans fat ban, baseball computer hacking, Pop-Tart calorie conundrum

6/16/2015 - A UK billionaire is funding an insane multi-story skateboarding complex

6/16/2015 - Tools and tips for inflight productivity

6/16/2015 - The taco emoji is finally here

6/16/2015 - Trickle down economics is wrong, says IMF

6/16/2015 - Those “text-walking lanes” in Antwerp were a marketing stunt that broke Belgian law

6/16/2015 - Most of the wild bees pollinating crops in North America and Europe are not actually threatened

6/16/2015 - Nigeria’s legislators will get $43 million of taxpayers’ money for a wardrobe allowance

6/16/2015 - Crowdfunding on Etsy? Buyer beware.

6/16/2015 - The two charts explaining exactly where we are in the Greek crisis

6/16/2015 - Scenic Bay Area office space for $2 a square foot exists—and it’s gorgeous

6/16/2015 - Why we’re building an investment fund to back solar energy in Africa

6/16/2015 - The growing biotech bubble in one chart

6/16/2015 - This might be what the new Google Glass looks like

6/16/2015 - Study: Legalizing medical marijuana hasn’t made US teens smoke more weed

6/16/2015 - Why Whole Foods is going cheaper, smaller with new line of stores

6/16/2015 - Pope Francis wants to stop global warming, so why is he bashing one of the most popular solutions?

6/16/2015 - One of the best teams in baseball allegedly hacked one of the worst

6/16/2015 - iOS 9 includes three huge upgrades for messaging apps

6/16/2015 - Here’s a sign that US housing is about to really take off

6/16/2015 - What happens when a dinosaur expert reviews “Jurassic World”

6/16/2015 - Alaskans rescued hundreds of sled dogs from a raging wildfire

6/16/2015 - An investment firm is trying to award its “Emerging Voices” prize to already-famous writers

6/16/2015 - These machines can capture a new source of clean energy—evaporating water

6/16/2015 - The US will ban the biggest source of trans fat in 2018

6/16/2015 - Video: “I identify as black,” says former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal

6/16/2015 - Half of the world’s new power capacity came from renewables last year, with China leading the way

6/16/2015 - Brazilian retail sales haven’t been this bad in more than a decade

6/16/2015 - Photos: Holiday-makers are unfazed by migrants straggling onto their beaches

6/16/2015 - Minecraft for Hololens could show what the future of casual gaming looks like

6/16/2015 - There’s a new frontrunner to be the next James Bond, according to the bookies

6/16/2015 - There is less women’s sports coverage on TV news today than there was in 1989

6/16/2015 - All American tech “unicorns” put together barely make one Facebook

6/16/2015 - The vast majority of people still get their news from TV

6/16/2015 - Be skeptical of Jeb Bush’s ability to create 4% growth in the US

6/16/2015 - AirAsia is scrambling to reassure investors after its accounting practices were questioned

6/16/2015 - “Jurassic World’s” prehistoric obsession with preserving traditional motherhood

6/16/2015 - How Apple is trying to up its game in India

6/16/2015 - Scientists helped smokers quit by giving them doses of a drug found in magic mushrooms

6/16/2015 - If there is intelligent life out there, why haven’t they called us yet?

6/16/2015 - We gave our Greek crisis correspondent some time off after getting this dispatch

6/16/2015 - In France, kids of African descent are forbidden from practicing a cultural code at school

6/16/2015 - Apple executive Phil Schiller, in his own words, on why the new MacBook only has one port

6/16/2015 - New Yorkers, your salad greens could soon be grown underground

6/16/2015 - These statistics illustrate the persistent class divide at Britain’s elite firms

6/16/2015 - Mapped: Where Sephardic Jews live after they were kicked out of Spain 500 years ago

6/16/2015 - Pope Francis—Digital media is making us stupid, selfish, and isolated

6/16/2015 - America: Your spicy curry is threatened by a fruit fly and a trade ban

6/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—ECB gets the A-OK, Morsi’s final verdict, Buffett in Asia, Lego professor

6/16/2015 - A robot is going to 3D print a bridge in Amsterdam

6/16/2015 - Pope Francis—Climate change is man-made, and the Church must listen to scientists

6/16/2015 - Either way Hong Kong votes this week, democracy loses

6/16/2015 - Can India’s IT services companies weather the perfect storm?

6/16/2015 - Apple Inc. is hiring journalists who want to work 40 hours a week

6/16/2015 - Is there something wrong with Narendra Modi becoming the first among unequals?

6/16/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—A Vatican leak, Jeb Bush runs, Buffett in Asia, LEGO professor

6/15/2015 - Gap will close 175 US stores and fire 250 corporate employees

6/15/2015 - How executives are navigating the healthcare supply chain

6/15/2015 - These charts explain why BYOD security is critical

6/15/2015 - Instagram could be a $2 billion business next year

6/15/2015 - Stanford graduates get schooled on how to solve Silicon Valley’s sexism and racism problem

6/15/2015 - Jeb Bush is officially running to be the next US president

6/15/2015 - A conversation with Terry Virts, commander of the International Space Station

6/15/2015 - Proof that leadership is valuable in outer space, too

6/15/2015 - Green spaces are linked to improved memory and focus in children

6/15/2015 - Orange is the New Black’s drug kingpin inspiration is fighting extradition from Nigeria to the US

6/15/2015 - The autonomous car market will be geared around passenger attention

6/15/2015 - Tanzania’s president Kikwete struggles to convince activists over press laws

6/15/2015 - Charting corporate America’s formidable, but largely inaccessible, cash pile

6/15/2015 - Consumers are willing to pay more to have less control over their driving experience

6/15/2015 - In the Mediterranean, fewer people are following the Mediterranean diet

6/15/2015 - A small Pacific island caught foreign fishing boats trespassing—so it burned them at sea

6/15/2015 - In defense of sugar—it’s not to blame for everything

6/15/2015 - Cambridge is hiring a Lego professor “of Play in Education, Development, and Learning”

6/15/2015 - Elon Musk has launched a competition to build pods for his futuristic Hyperloop

6/15/2015 - Why unfrosted Pop-Tarts have more calories than the frosted kind

6/15/2015 - South African court rules for al-Bashir’s arrrest–but he’s already left the country

6/15/2015 - Video: John Oliver blames Jack Bauer for Americans’ blasé attitudes on torture

6/15/2015 - Can a Goldman guy save Twitter from Google?

6/15/2015 - Russia’s economy may have seen its worst, but it and other emerging markets are still in a lot of trouble

6/15/2015 - For the first time on “Game of Thrones,” book readers and show watchers are at the same point in the story

6/15/2015 - Signed 800 years ago, the Magna Carta is at the heart of democracy today

6/15/2015 - A tidal wave of Chinese money is causing chaos in Hong Kong’s stock market

6/15/2015 - The Asia-Pacific region is on a plane-buying spree

6/15/2015 - The state of the healthcare supply chain in three charts

6/15/2015 - Belgium is taking Facebook to court

6/15/2015 - The electric car-sharing service that swept through Paris is coming to London

6/15/2015 - Hospitals can reduce deaths by reducing medication

6/15/2015 - Rachel Dolezal’s choice to identify as black was an act of empathy

6/15/2015 - Facebook is worth twice as much as all of Europe’s tech “unicorns” put together

6/15/2015 - All the laws Australia is breaking if it pays human smugglers to keep migrants away

6/15/2015 - The April earthquake wrecked a third of Nepal’s already miserable healthcare facilities

6/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Alibaba’s streaming service, “Jurassic World” stomps record, Saudi stocks on sale, lost luggage

6/15/2015 - China’s top ride-hailing startup wants $1.5 billion to take on Uber

6/15/2015 - India’s auto industry could be in trouble—unless it rains a lot

6/15/2015 - Having trouble falling asleep? You don’t have to depend on drugs

6/15/2015 - Now the ‘chicken war’ is done, South Africa is going to be a lucrative market for US poultry

6/15/2015 - Alibaba is launching TBO, a movie streaming business for China

6/15/2015 - What happened to the women who graduated from IITs in the 90s?

6/15/2015 - Indian startups want their employees to be evangelists, ninjas, warriors and rats

6/15/2015 - Rachel Dolezal resigns from the NAACP in unsatisfying Facebook statement

6/15/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Alibaba’s streaming service, “Jurassic World” record, E3 convention opens, lost luggage

6/14/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Yemen peace talks, EU data privacy, Alibaba’s streaming service, the fate of lost luggage

6/14/2015 - A South African court is trying to keep Sudan’s president in the country to face war crimes charges

6/14/2015 - Jurassic World is the biggest movie opening in history, dooming the world to an eternity of sequels

6/14/2015 - Best of our week from Quartz Africa

6/14/2015 - Jeb Bush’s enthusiastic new logo is getting some mixed reviews

6/14/2015 - African countries have a STEM education problem, but are private partnerships the answer?

6/14/2015 - Greece’s terrible, no-good week: now its soccer team has lost to one of Europe’s worst. Again.

6/14/2015 - Tigers, lions, wolves, and hyenas have escaped from Tbilisi zoo and are running around the city

6/14/2015 - Forget apps, the best way to learn a new language is still by talking with another human

6/14/2015 - Your lost airline luggage probably ended up at this store

6/14/2015 - Philae the comet lander has woken up

6/14/2015 - Humans aren’t the only species that drinks, but we’re the only one with a drinking problem

6/14/2015 - Escaping from prison is always a mistake

6/14/2015 - How the rise of digital banking might set back a US civil-rights law

6/14/2015 - Read these beautiful Kiswahili proverbs, illustrated for the 21st century

6/14/2015 - Booze and tobacco companies in India are set for a rough hangover

6/13/2015 - No, we shouldn’t make X-Men supervillain Magneto black

6/13/2015 - Barcelona’s lefty activist Ada Colau ran on an anti-eviction platform, and she just became mayor

6/13/2015 - See what you’ll look like after plastic surgery with a 3D-printed bust of your head

6/13/2015 - We now have a spacecraft that is propelled by sunlight alone

6/13/2015 - Blackness isn’t something that can be acquired with a little bronzer

6/13/2015 - Why Boxed CEO Chieh Huang has offered to pay full college fees for all of his employees’ kids

6/13/2015 - The US government wants software that can detect and interpret your tattoos

6/13/2015 - We have got to stop second-guessing parents

6/13/2015 - Climate change is wreaking havoc in the world’s largest tea-growing area

6/13/2015 - That “flawed” statistic that 20% of women in college are sexually assaulted? It’s true

6/13/2015 - How to deal with rebellious teenagers and troublesome countries

6/13/2015 - Tourists: Stop taking your clothes off at other nations’ sacred places

6/13/2015 - Here’s what we’ll need to create a real Jurassic world (in addition to dinosaurs)

6/13/2015 - Tiger sharks’ refined palates may be sending them on a 7,500-km migration

6/12/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Europe’s problem child, China’s imperial ambitions, kidneynomics, metaphor design

6/12/2015 - “Best practices” for ETF trading: Seven rules of the road

6/12/2015 - The yen flexed its muscles on the greenback this week

6/12/2015 - Facebook will now take your silent lurking into account for news feed rankings

6/12/2015 - Americans ruin their jokes with two simple letters. Miserable twits. (JK!)

6/12/2015 - A commercial pilot has been suspended for taking a selfie while flying a plane

6/12/2015 - Obama’s allies are on the verge of blowing up his dreams of a Pacific trade deal

6/12/2015 - America’s law school applications just keep falling

6/12/2015 - Photos: Contemporary art you can jump on, climb through and slide down

6/12/2015 - To Rachel Dolezal: A white NAACP president could have been a powerful thing

6/12/2015 - Video: The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner flies straight up in a stomach-dropping takeoff

6/12/2015 - Photos: The 5,000 dresses that remind Kosovo of its wartime rape

6/12/2015 - The US coal industry is determined to make its demise long, slow, and painful

6/12/2015 - The 10 most important economic charts of the week from the Americas, Asia, and Europe

6/12/2015 - Women scientists fight sexism with #distractinglysexy pictures on Twitter

6/12/2015 - Japan is building huge solar power plants that float on water

6/12/2015 - Scientific proof that your dog is on your side

6/12/2015 - The sporty, sexy, minimalist swimwear of the 90s is back and better than ever

6/12/2015 - FIFA’s top PR man made a joke about the corruption scandal and got fired

6/12/2015 - The fortysomething parents are not alright

6/12/2015 - I was a quadrillionaire in Zimbabwe, but could barely afford to buy bread

6/12/2015 - “Spy” demolishes “Entourage” at the box office because bro-centric films are so 2010

6/12/2015 - US egg prices took their highest monthly jump ever in May

6/12/2015 - Orange is the New Black is highlighting a group few talk about: Moms in prison

6/12/2015 - American Apparel’s new CEO is taking the company back to (management) basics

6/12/2015 - Dominique Strauss-Kahn is acquitted of “aggravated pimping” charges

6/12/2015 - Things I wish I could say to people who comment on my interracial family

6/12/2015 - A branding expert’s visual breakdown of the year’s most popular logo trends

6/12/2015 - The California drought might actually make your fruit sweeter

6/12/2015 - The four rules of being a good Chinese “netizen”

6/12/2015 - Europe’s other north-south divide: Where city dwellers are happier than rural residents

6/12/2015 - Introducing “Actuality,” Quartz’s new podcast with Marketplace

6/12/2015 - China is soul searching (again) after four “left-behind” children die from poisoning

6/12/2015 - LinkedIn may be the bane of your inbox, but it could help add $2.7 trillion to global GDP

6/12/2015 - This is one Brazilian team’s simple solution to ending soccer violence

6/12/2015 - You’re probably using your treadmill desk wrong

6/12/2015 - The recipient of the world’s first successful penis transplant is going to be a father

6/12/2015 - Mukesh Ambani’s big telecom launch is coming this December

6/12/2015 - DIY drones are coming: assemble in 30 minutes, use it for almost anything you can imagine

6/12/2015 - This part-hammock, part-bed geodesic dome will elevate your summer lounging

6/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Camel buys Newport, Uber’s China expansion, measuring creativity, elevator toilets

6/12/2015 - To end elephant slaughter, the US should eliminate its own ivory market

6/12/2015 - Scientists have made enough animal robots to fill a terrifying zoo

6/12/2015 - What Indian lesbians have to say about an advertisement depicting Indian lesbians

6/12/2015 - India’s diesel-guzzling railways are testing coaches with solar panels

6/12/2015 - China’s ex-security czar faces life in prison because of his qigong teacher

6/12/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Twitter’s CEO resigns, US data hack deepens, Oculus Rift’s headset, elevator toilets

6/12/2015 - The horrifying sights and sounds from the labour room of an Indian public hospital

6/12/2015 - Uber is logging 1 million daily rides in China—as many as the rest of the world, combined

6/11/2015 - Jack Dorsey’s tweets on a chart

6/11/2015 - Chinese consumers will soon be able to buy beer brewed with synthetic rhino horn

6/11/2015 - Algeria is shutting down the country’s Internet up to 12 hours–for upgrades

6/11/2015 - Canadians can now eat, not just smoke, their medical marijuana

6/11/2015 - I quit a great job because happiness is more important than commitment

6/11/2015 - Nike’s new deal with the NBA wasn’t just big—it was inevitable

6/11/2015 - Lebron vs. Curry is a contrast in styles making these NBA finals a riveting spectacle

6/11/2015 - Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is leaving, and co-founder Jack Dorsey is coming back

6/11/2015 - Oculus finally unveils its consumer virtual reality headset

6/11/2015 - The details behind SpaceX’s ambitious satellite internet experiment

6/11/2015 - Apple is setting itself up for a giant iPad

6/11/2015 - Foxconn may start making iPhones in India as Chinese labor gets more expensive

6/11/2015 - Nigeria needs a #BringBackOurBoys campaign, too

6/11/2015 - Michelle Obama’s message to high school grads: You don’t have to be privileged to get ahead—you just have to act like it

6/11/2015 - Picasso = Genius: This algorithm can judge “creativity” in art as well as the experts

6/11/2015 - 5,000 dresses in a soccer stadium help Kosovo talk about wartime rape

6/11/2015 - Remember Crystal Pepsi? Nineties nostalgia is likely bringing it back

6/11/2015 - Did Glaxo’s scientists miss a blockbuster Alzheimer’s drug?

6/11/2015 - Porn stars could be the first humans to have sex in space

6/11/2015 - Teaching women to fight today could stop rapes tomorrow

6/11/2015 - The world’s most expensive housing markets have one thing in common: Chinese buyers

6/11/2015 - Violent mudslides killed dozens in Nepal last night

6/11/2015 - Terrifying “vampire fish” are raining down on Alaskans

6/11/2015 - Microsoft is using drones to predict disease outbreaks

6/11/2015 - Rupert Murdoch is reportedly stepping down as CEO and handing the reins to his son, James

6/11/2015 - Six factors that impact women’s financial health

6/11/2015 - The American consumer is roaring back to life

6/11/2015 - Christopher Lee, every nerd’s favorite villain, has died

6/11/2015 - We’re young, we’re urban, we’re creative—but don’t call us “yuccies”

6/11/2015 - Instagram is full of copyright loopholes—it made my career, but it could break yours

6/11/2015 - For Asian Americans, standardized testing is its own costly, hyper-competitive culture

6/11/2015 - Photos: The secret lives of the Serengeti’s most elusive wild animals

6/11/2015 - Even after doubling its investments, Britain can’t get the trains to run on time

6/11/2015 - Africa’s best-known tech funder is taking a break from investing in startups

6/11/2015 - This animated map shows how Sanskrit may have come to India

6/11/2015 - Let kids learn by hacking their toys

6/11/2015 - Nuts aren’t just delicious—they help you live longer

6/11/2015 - I’m getting married in two weeks and I don’t know what my name will be          

6/11/2015 - We need to stop talking about how mobile phones will save Africa and think bigger

6/11/2015 - Greece’s credit negotiations are a bridge to nowhere

6/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Facebook’s unhappy investors, Greek positivity, Google tackles cities, electricity in Africa

6/11/2015 - A father-son feud might split a 100-year-old Indian business empire worth $1.5 billion

6/11/2015 - The hidden economic rules behind Tinder, marriage, kidneys, and college admissions

6/11/2015 - Apple is allowing ad blockers on iPhones—but they will block a lot more than ads

6/11/2015 - Uber supports the public’s right to protest. Except in China.

6/11/2015 - In South Africa and Nigeria, banks want to be phone companies–in Kenya, the phone company is already the bank

6/11/2015 - Photos: Inside China’s capsized cruise ship

6/11/2015 - Photos: This Tanzanian engineer built a customized water filter using nanotechnology

6/11/2015 - The cheapest way to use your iPhone when you’re traveling abroad

6/11/2015 - One of Silicon Valley’s most powerful India-born female executives is on the move

6/11/2015 - Beijing is enjoying rare phenomena: blue skies and rainbows

6/11/2015 - Game of Thrones and Bollywood have finally collided

6/11/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Facebook’s unhappy investors, Jawbone’s accusations, falling interest rates, altruistic children

6/11/2015 - Modern housing can cut malaria infections nearly in half

6/10/2015 - Vending machines could bring China and Japan together

6/10/2015 - In a big shakeup, J.Crew fires its head women’s designer and trims its staff

6/10/2015 - Here’s what Apple’s new streaming service is competing against

6/10/2015 - Pizza Hut is going to offer its US customers a pizza with hot dogs in the crust

6/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Facebook’s unhappy investors, FIFA’s World Cup halt, US trade pullback, Dimon mansplains Warren

6/10/2015 - Sorry Ronaldo—despite tax woes, Messi is still the MVP

6/10/2015 - Richard Branson just gave the paternity leave cause a major boost

6/10/2015 - Jamie Dimon offers to mansplain banking to Elizabeth Warren

6/10/2015 - I’m an African Muslim who grew up loving American culture. Now that I’m here, I love America, too

6/10/2015 - What to expect from Apple’s new music streaming thing

6/10/2015 - Aid and investment don’t matter when money secretly bleeds from poor countries

6/10/2015 - Google wants to help with fitness goals by finding routes that will burn the most calories

6/10/2015 - Hillary’s inaugural Instagram post: a close read

6/10/2015 - Women in everything from hijabs to miniskirts showed up to Tunisia’s first “slutwalk”

6/10/2015 - Watch how one progress maker is helping accelerate change in fintech

6/10/2015 - To the black girls in America: survival can be an unspeakable burden

6/10/2015 - The US’s new diplomatic relations with Cuba are trickling into fashion

6/10/2015 - It’s Texas versus New York. And Texas is winning

6/10/2015 - Russia has more than 5,000 streets named for Lenin, and one named for Putin

6/10/2015 - The US produces more oil now than Saudi Arabia, and other tectonic shifts in the energy sector

6/10/2015 - The US is pulling back on its attempt to export insane drug prices to the world

6/10/2015 - New study shows that a toxin to humans may also be killing bees

6/10/2015 - Tony Blair: Access to electricity is the single most vital precondition for success in African nations

6/10/2015 - Engineers have built a computer of water droplets to better manipulate matter

6/10/2015 - Video: John Oliver scolds ex-FIFA official Jack Warner on Trinidad television

6/10/2015 - A scandal-ridden FIFA suspends bidding for the 2026 World Cup

6/10/2015 - The US hospitals with the highest price markups are heavily concentrated in Florida

6/10/2015 - Self-driving trucks are going to hit the US economy like a human-driven truck

6/10/2015 - Fiscal fundamentalists: Britain now wants to outlaw budget deficits

6/10/2015 - The pope is finally getting rid of bishops who covered up sexual abuse

6/10/2015 - The tripartite free trade area agreement in Africa is bound to disappoint

6/10/2015 - Your dog could hold the key to cancer treatments of the future

6/10/2015 - Study: Children from poorer families are more altruistic than wealthier kids

6/10/2015 - Our poor sleeping habits are filling our brains with neurotoxins

6/10/2015 - If you haven’t tried wild swimming, here’s what you’re missing

6/10/2015 - The US Library of Congress has named the first Latino poet laureate

6/10/2015 - The subtle new iOS feature that could speed up your in-app web browsing

6/10/2015 - Starting with failure is good for creativity, as long as you get started

6/10/2015 - Say hello to Flags, the world’s emoji keyboard for iPhones

6/10/2015 - Surprise! The app market is quietly being dominated by China

6/10/2015 - Exxon’s gamble: 25 years of rejecting shareholder concerns on climate change

6/10/2015 - Nobel laureate says shockingly sexist things about “girl” scientists, kind of apologizes

6/10/2015 - Calling an opponent gay is now a red-card offense in Norwegian soccer

6/10/2015 - It’s official: Hillary Clinton’s logo is actually perfect

6/10/2015 - Relations between Israel and the Saudis might be thawing

6/10/2015 - How an Indian wildlife reserve lost 20 tigers in three years

6/10/2015 - Apple will soon be able to track how often you have sex

6/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Bilderberg meets, Microsoft’s huge tablet, Apple’s privacy obsession, minting Napoleon’s defeat

6/10/2015 - Indian films that spend millions on special effects just don’t make good business sense

6/10/2015 - To revolutionize biology, Charles Darwin got inspiration from the science of rocks

6/10/2015 - Scientists have found dinosaur blood in a 75 million-year-old fossil

6/10/2015 - The addictive, hilarious, and endearingly sincere fashion guides of wikiHow

6/10/2015 - Archaeologists from North and South Korea are working together to excavate an ancient city

6/10/2015 - Radio is a massive $20 billion industry, and Apple wants in

6/10/2015 - The Chinese are eating yellow-breasted buntings into extinction

6/10/2015 - Hong Kong’s fight for democracy is entering its last round

6/10/2015 - How a small town teacher rose to become India’s first transgender college principal

6/10/2015 - Startups in India’s Silicon Valley have another nightmare: monsoon rains

6/10/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—TTIP delayed, European banks downgraded, Apple’s privacy obsession, controversial currency

6/9/2015 - The airline industry wants your carry-on to be 40% smaller

6/9/2015 - Infographic: India’s wind economy

6/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—GM spurns Fiat, EU rebuffs Greece, Apple’s privacy obsession, angry mountain spirits

6/9/2015 - No, LeBron James has not brought $500 million to Cleveland

6/9/2015 - Is Jack Ma running for US president?

6/9/2015 - South Africans think their mobile Internet is too expensive–but new competition could change that

6/9/2015 - Organic farming can actually be more profitable than using fertilizers and pesticides

6/9/2015 - East Africa’s biggest supermarket chain withdraws Nestle’s Maggi from its shelves

6/9/2015 - This new Google-backed app will identify a bird just from a photo

6/9/2015 - Netflix is now bigger than Yahoo

6/9/2015 - Feminists are now fighting each other over what defines a real woman

6/9/2015 - Why aren’t more wealthy Africans backing the continent’s start-ups?

6/9/2015 - Africa wasn’t always about poverty–so why do so many believe that’s the case?

6/9/2015 - MasterCard makes the case that it’s safer and faster than Bitcoin

6/9/2015 - Zappos only lost 7% of its managers in its recent employee exodus

6/9/2015 - Lebron James and Stephen Curry are pulling in the viewers in an enthralling NBA finals

6/9/2015 - Climate change is forcing Bangladeshi girls into child marriage

6/9/2015 - Obama’s a Shia? Yes… unless he’s a Sunni

6/9/2015 - France’s whining won’t stop Belgium from minting coins commemorating the Battle of Waterloo

6/9/2015 - Coming soon to America: paychecks that feel as good as small businesses do

6/9/2015 - Russia is getting its own “right to be forgotten”

6/9/2015 - These spectacular lab photos showcase the beauty of the humble bee

6/9/2015 - Malaysia blames naked tourists for a deadly earthquake, and arrests them

6/9/2015 - Obama’s former press secretary is going to work for McDonald’s

6/9/2015 - Face it: America’s experiment with for-profit colleges has failed

6/9/2015 - “Joke” viral photo highlights just how serious the MERS scare is in South Korea

6/9/2015 - An official at the center of FIFA’s bribery scandal allegedly stole Haiti earthquake funds

6/9/2015 - The TSA failed to spot 73 aviation workers on the US government’s terrorism watchlist

6/9/2015 - Attention, nerds: “Game of Thrones” is releasing an official coloring book

6/9/2015 - Facebook is bringing back the old-fashioned silent film

6/9/2015 - King Edward was apparently pro-Nazi, wanted England bombed

6/9/2015 - The glaringly obvious reason Germany isn’t giving the ECB a hard time any more

6/9/2015 - You want full-time work with benefits? What are you, 100 years old?

6/9/2015 - Americans are gambling away their money because they can’t protect it

6/9/2015 - A cheap new test can reveal every virus that invaded you—and help stop infections

6/9/2015 - Fake drivers and passengers are boosting Uber’s growth in China

6/9/2015 - Big British banks are competing to see who can cut the most jobs

6/9/2015 - Americans are happiest in cities with the highest job turnover

6/9/2015 - What would Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy look like?

6/9/2015 - Before doing business in big data, consider the shifting ethical landscape

6/9/2015 - Why Apple is suddenly so obsessed with your privacy

6/9/2015 - The capsized Yangtze cruise ship’s outer cabin doors were reportedly sealed shut

6/9/2015 - Watch: A bizarre green slime-beast slithers around flicking its toxic tongue-like appendage

6/9/2015 - Apple is getting smarter with search and keeping its users away from Google

6/9/2015 - Study: Show this to anyone who still thinks abortion should be illegal

6/9/2015 - China is building the most extensive global commercial-military empire in history

6/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—HSBC’s job cuts, more MERS cases, China’s cotton, gallons of lube

6/9/2015 - Tea lovers beware, climate change is threatening your favorite beverage

6/9/2015 - Vladimir Putin has no regrets, says God wanted his life to be perfect

6/9/2015 - Scientists have figured out how to engineer jet fuel from sugarcane

6/9/2015 - Apple Music could beat Spotify’s subscriber base in less than a year

6/9/2015 - Only two big airlines in India made a profit in the last year

6/9/2015 - Goodbye, roaming charges. The borderless SIM is finally here

6/9/2015 - Soon, there will be a perfume strong enough to counter stinky loos in India and Africa

6/9/2015 - Why a legendary investor is interested in a tiny Indian startup that cleans motorcycles

6/9/2015 - Mosquitos are horrible little monsters and now they’re spreading a miserable new disease

6/9/2015 - The ridiculous shenanigans of Europe’s most accident-prone royal family

6/9/2015 - Six sorry charts on Deutsche Bank’s broken promises

6/9/2015 - Indians are spending millions on air purifiers—but do they really work?

6/9/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—HSBC’s headquarters, Apple’s music, confident Aussies, space tortillas

6/8/2015 - I speak English with three accents, and I’m not alone

6/8/2015 - John Paulson’s single gift to Harvard nearly equals the whole endowment of America’s richest black school

6/8/2015 - Charted: How electricity problems are limiting growth in many African countries

6/8/2015 - A conversation about racism in America has to address mental health, too

6/8/2015 - Apple will be making you switch to a six-digit password soon

6/8/2015 - Americans born in Jerusalem cannot list Israel as their birthplace in their US passports

6/8/2015 - Defaulting on your student loans is not the right answer

6/8/2015 - Apple will finally help you track your period on the iPhone

6/8/2015 - Proof that things haven’t changed much for women in tech, in three photos

6/8/2015 - Facebook and Google are out of the space race

6/8/2015 - What you’ve been told about picking a college major is probably wrong

6/8/2015 - Watch John Oliver explain why the US bail system is terrible

6/8/2015 - Apple Pay is coming to London’s Tube

6/8/2015 - It’s a fantastic time to graduate in the US as an engineer or computer scientist

6/8/2015 - The US blames China for clothing the world in polyester

6/8/2015 - We’re live blogging Apple’s big WWDC keynote

6/8/2015 - Mobile is eating the world: chat apps are now platforms in their own right

6/8/2015 - Got a bad case of the Mondays? These brilliant inventions should help

6/8/2015 - The disturbing signals behind China’s steep drop-off in borrowing from foreign banks

6/8/2015 - The five things that make a scientific discovery go viral

6/8/2015 - No wonder McDonald’s is about to stop sharing its terrible monthly sales numbers

6/8/2015 - The world forgot about Japan. But it’s back

6/8/2015 - FIFA’s propaganda film “United Passions” bombed spectacularly in the US last weekend

6/8/2015 - London and Bangkok are the most popular tourist destinations on the planet

6/8/2015 - Help the poor and strengthen the economy by changing the way the US collects tax

6/8/2015 - Pizza Hut has made the pizza box movie projector we’ve always dreamed of

6/8/2015 - All the women on stage at Apple keynotes, charted

6/8/2015 - Harvard researchers have mapped the five child-rearing techniques you need to raise kind kids

6/8/2015 - The terrible design mistakes you’re likely making on your resume

6/8/2015 - Beijing and Shanghai are keeping New York and Los Angeles tourism flush with cash

6/8/2015 - Video: A police officer is suspended over allegations of police brutality in McKinney, Texas

6/8/2015 - Ghana was supposed to get $600m to fix flood-prone Accra–instead, disaster struck

6/8/2015 - Less than 2% of the US population is Jewish. So why is 41% of the country’s packaged food kosher?

6/8/2015 - These are India’s top 20 residential neighbourhoods

6/8/2015 - China is doing a “tremendous” job protecting human rights, says China

6/8/2015 - Bill Ford isn’t counting on a super battery breakthrough coming soon

6/8/2015 - It’s OK not to start your y-axis at zero

6/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Apple’s big event, Deutsche Bank chiefs resign, another MERS death, sword-fighting robots

6/8/2015 - South Korea’s MERS outbreak is straining an already weak economy

6/8/2015 - World’s first biolimb: Scientists are growing rat arms in Petri dishes

6/8/2015 - What to expect from today’s Apple WWDC event

6/8/2015 - We need an international law of cyberspace

6/8/2015 - Helsinki’s free, city-wide Wi-Fi network is faster than your home internet

6/8/2015 - The rich get richer: Venture capitalists are pouring money into India’s elite startups

6/8/2015 - China’s newest corporate giant is selling cheap high-speed rail to the rest of the world

6/8/2015 - London police officers will soon wear body cameras

6/8/2015 - The India-born banker who transformed Deutsche Bank is on his way out

6/8/2015 - To understand India’s economic growth numbers, you need to know this Russian joke

6/8/2015 - How to watch today’s Apple WWDC event live

6/8/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Apple’s big event, Deutsche Bank chiefs resign, Turkish elections, mini-frogs

6/7/2015 - How Beijing’s four million smokers are (barely) coping with a new smoking ban

6/7/2015 - Do African countries need instant noodles to build their middle class?

6/7/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Apple’s big event, Deutsche Bank resignations, Turkish elections, mini-frogs

6/7/2015 - The future of iOS: apps you can enjoy without ever opening them

6/7/2015 - Photos: Zanele Muholi documents love, loss and identity in South Africa’s LGBT community

6/7/2015 - Here’s proof that money does bring happiness—but so does old age

6/7/2015 - Media executives keep blowing Apple’s secrets

6/7/2015 - Hermann Zapf, the font designer behind Palatino and Zapf Dingbats, has died at 96

6/7/2015 - Here’s the one, absolute worst thing you could do before getting married

6/7/2015 - Newly discovered miniature frogs are the size of M&M’s

6/7/2015 - When mom has a mental illness

6/7/2015 - The books that shaped the rise and fall of the British empire

6/7/2015 - How much longer will we force parents to choose between work and their kids?

6/7/2015 - An obstetrician questions whether hospitals are the safest place for healthy women to have babies

6/7/2015 - NASA is investing in eco-friendly supersonic airplane travel

6/7/2015 - In defense of IHOP’s new, clownish logo

6/7/2015 - There’s now an official video games hall of fame. Here are its first six members

6/7/2015 - One month with the Apple Watch: We’re joined at the wrist

6/6/2015 - Remember Occupy Wall Street? Probably not.

6/6/2015 - American Pharoah won’t win the Triple Crown–except, update, he did!

6/6/2015 - “Joe 2.0”– Read Obama’s heartbreaking and hopeful eulogy for Beau Biden

6/6/2015 - “We’re in a global feminist moment”: Mona Eltahawy on why men hate us, and how they love us

6/6/2015 - Seal Team 6 are now invisible warriors in a global manhunt machine

6/6/2015 - Dear Europe: No, you can’t have ‘your’ football back, signed Africa

6/6/2015 - Study: A common cat parasite could be making humans mentally ill

6/6/2015 - Meet the political party that could change Turkey’s future in this weekend’s election

6/6/2015 - Four myths about allergies you thought were true

6/6/2015 - Say goodbye to voicemail—and don’t be surprised if it comes back

6/6/2015 - Universities are the new multinational corporations

6/6/2015 - All hail triceratops, king of the vegetarian dinosaurs

6/6/2015 - John Paulson’s $400 million Harvard donation just reinforces inequality

6/6/2015 - Sneakerheads don’t rule the sneaker market, moms do

6/6/2015 - Your wearable’s step goal isn’t based on science—it’s based on Japanese tradition and marketing

6/6/2015 - Watch: Acclaimed writers reminisce about their “first time”

6/5/2015 - Quartz Weekend Brief—Arriverderci voicemail, hello polyester, adios Icelandic, farewell fraud

6/5/2015 - Chinese stocks pulled a pump fake this week and kept climbing

6/5/2015 - Indian farmers are marrying extra wives to literally carry their water for them

6/5/2015 - Scientists have busted a major myth about global warming

6/5/2015 - Bill Nye: Millennials should aim to be the greatest generation of climate change

6/5/2015 - J.Crew blames its sales slump on a missing cardigan

6/5/2015 - Women business leaders are knocking on the doors of Africa’s boardrooms

6/5/2015 - Charted: Ethiopia used to be the origin of most African refugees, now it’s their biggest host

6/5/2015 - Greece needs better role models

6/5/2015 - The 11 most important economic charts of the week for the USD, EUR, Etc.

6/5/2015 - Dreams of entrepreneurial success are luring students away from college

6/5/2015 - Oil traders love a war, especially the one against US shale

6/5/2015 - Let’s stop being such boobs about nipples

6/5/2015 - America should be more like Alaska when it comes to sharing the public wealth

6/5/2015 - Americans claim to love craft beer, but they actually buy Bud Light

6/5/2015 - Two years after Snowden, internet privacy is still a diplomatic thorn

6/5/2015 - The data that’s collected from you when you’re routed to a call center

6/5/2015 - Watch: Popular YouTuber explains why she “sold out”

6/5/2015 - Iceland’s tech imports are killing the Icelandic language

6/5/2015 - We’re live-charting the very solid US jobs report for May

6/5/2015 - Charted: How Maggi rules India’s noodle market

6/5/2015 - A network known for childish humor may have created the most feminist sitcom ever

6/5/2015 - The best bosses know that layoffs are no solution to a crisis

6/5/2015 - Most Americans could be sustained on local foods alone—except in NY and LA

6/5/2015 - Awww: Read this scientist’s surprise marriage proposal, hidden in a research paper about a new dinosaur

6/5/2015 - Google is betting its app store will be a ticket back into China

6/5/2015 - Buhari’s loyalty to his Nigerian military roots is being tested as Boko Haram re-emerges

6/5/2015 - Tesco, the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, says it’s giving away its unsold food to the hungry

6/5/2015 - When people ask to borrow money, the words they use can foretell whether they’ll pay it back

6/5/2015 - What can tourists do to help—not hinder—Nepal’s quake recovery?

6/5/2015 - If your clothes aren’t already made out of plastic, they will be

6/5/2015 - Foreign investment in Latin America is falling, but changing for the better

6/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US jobs, Greek bailout showdown, Indian noodle recall, angry Canadian mermaids

6/5/2015 - Confirmed by health officials: Standing at work can save your life

6/5/2015 - Africa’s leaders have an age problem

6/5/2015 - Nestle’s top global executive has been dispatched to save Maggi in India

6/5/2015 - This weekend, nine million Chinese teens will take the most important test of their lives

6/5/2015 - With over 440 expected dead, the Yangtze river cruise sinking is China’s worst boating disaster

6/5/2015 - A New Zealand startup is making sexy underwear for incontinence sufferers

6/5/2015 - About that New York Times story on Delhi’s unbreathable air…

6/5/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Greece’s missed deadline, Vodafone deal talks, Yangtze ship righted, Canadian mermaid ban

6/5/2015 - The personal data of four million US government workers may now be in the hands of Chinese hackers

6/4/2015 - A survey of China’s luxury watch buyers shows why Apple and Switzerland are on a collision course

6/4/2015 - India is battling Japan to become the world’s third largest oil consumer

6/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Female sex pill approved, Greek deadline missed, NBA sneaker showdown, Canadian mermaid ban

6/4/2015 - A selfie slip-up let the US air force target and destroy an ISIL command post

6/4/2015 - The little pink pill: US women finally get their own sex drive treatment

6/4/2015 - Charted: the precise moment when Americans started liking George W. Bush more than Barack Obama

6/4/2015 - Google Street View has an underwater version that lets you explore the world’s seabeds

6/4/2015 - The NBA finals will be played on an increasingly global stage

6/4/2015 - 26 years after Tiananmen, Chinese millennials are forgetting to fear their government

6/4/2015 - The NBA finals are as much about the sneaker wars as they are about basketball

6/4/2015 - In just 5 years, submarine cables have brought a 20-fold increase in bandwidth in Africa

6/4/2015 - These are the robots competing to one day save your life

6/4/2015 - Barnard is the latest all-women’s college to accept transgender women

6/4/2015 - This 22-pound “Made in Russia” laptop is actually pretty useful

6/4/2015 - Russian trolls are bombarding Angela Merkel’s new Instagram account

6/4/2015 - Subway is pulling artificial ingredients from its menu

6/4/2015 - This year’s Fortune 500 shows the strength of the US health care industry

6/4/2015 - FIFA’s dark joke on soccer turned out to be on FIFA

6/4/2015 - Coca-Cola presents its first PET plastic bottle made entirely from plants

6/4/2015 - This US presidential candidate wants to make peace with ISIL and adopt the metric system

6/4/2015 - Fantasy movie leagues are a huge hit with nerds

6/4/2015 - Photos: Tiananmen Square then and now

6/4/2015 - Dear Instagram, I promise I’ll shop if you give me an ad-free photo feed

6/4/2015 - A $15 fitness tracker made by Xiaomi is the world’s second most popular wearable

6/4/2015 - A gas station explosion in Ghana’s capital has killed more than 90 people

6/4/2015 - Nearly a quarter of Chinese peer-to-peer lenders have already failed

6/4/2015 - The Arab world has a media censorship problem, but so does the West

6/4/2015 - Grave hunters are out to prove that Russian soldiers are fighting (and dying) in Ukraine

6/4/2015 - Schools are being shut down as a MERS outbreak raises an alarm in South Korea

6/4/2015 - Popular cafés across the UK are specializing in edible food sourced from supermarket waste

6/4/2015 - Engaged? This is how much you’d make by skipping your wedding and investing instead

6/4/2015 - American women, your last payday this year is effectively October 12

6/4/2015 - Muslim women show what the world is really like living behind a veil

6/4/2015 - The simple attitude adjustment that earns you $3,000 more a year

6/4/2015 - The Times Group’s ideal college girl must be “smoking hot, with a killer bod”

6/4/2015 - It’s really not worth spending more money on “natural” pet food

6/4/2015 - Alibaba’s latest deal could ultimately challenge the Bloomberg terminal

6/4/2015 - Hong Kong’s pro-democracy students have abandoned the Tiananmen anniversary vigil to start their own

6/4/2015 - Bees are being duped by mites that smell like other bees

6/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—T-Mobile US goes shopping, FBI’s FIFA probe, MERS virus spreads, superwolves

6/4/2015 - At a Delhi tea shop, an evening of slurping—and debating—Maggi

6/4/2015 - Obese children do worse at school—but it may not be their fault

6/4/2015 - There’s still plenty of money in dumb phones

6/4/2015 - Nigeria has some of the world’s highest paid lawmakers and this start-up wants to slash their pay

6/4/2015 - Africa has lessons to learn—and teach—about reintegrating militants

6/4/2015 - H&M is finally opening its first store in India

6/4/2015 - If India Inc. wants to hire more women, it must do these three things first

6/4/2015 - No tie, no suit, and Facebook in office: How Infosys is becoming cool

6/4/2015 - Hearses and truckloads of coffins await victims of the Yangtze river cruise

6/4/2015 - Obama says China might want in on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

6/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—T-Mobile US’s Dish deal, FBI’s World Cup probe, Bank of England meets, superwolves

6/4/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—T-Mobile US’s Dish deal, FBI’s World Cup probe, Bank of England meets, superwolves

6/3/2015 - Kengo Kuma is reclaiming Japanese architecture

6/3/2015 - “Made in China” really doesn’t mean what it used to

6/3/2015 - The US defence secretary’s visit to India is about one thing—technology

6/3/2015 - A former FIFA official admitted to accepting bribes for the France and South Africa World Cup host bids

6/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—World Cup probe, airplane emissions, online ads ascendant, Walmart’s dress code

6/3/2015 - In 70 Argentine cities right now, protesters are saying “no more” to killers of women

6/3/2015 - A new census reveals the poaching crisis in Africa is worse than we thought

6/3/2015 - Taco Bell wants to serve you booze with your chalupas

6/3/2015 - The US bird flu’s latest victim: breakfast sandwiches

6/3/2015 - Sheryl Sandberg’s public mourning is a powerful testament to female resilience

6/3/2015 - After today, Russia can forget about Europe lifting sanctions any time soon

6/3/2015 - The future of refrigeration in India

6/3/2015 - Finally, China’s fragile housing market is recovering. But that won’t save GDP

6/3/2015 - The two words missing from this epic, 8,500-word essay on the future of Twitter

6/3/2015 - John Paulson’s $400 million gift to Harvard shows exactly what’s wrong with big university endowments

6/3/2015 - Wal-Mart relaxes its employee dress code to include jeans—but not just any jeans

6/3/2015 - The power behind our connected planet

6/3/2015 - This robot bat drone is the stuff of nightmares

6/3/2015 - These are the tools you should be using to book travel

6/3/2015 - Young Chinese want to talk about Tiananmen Square, and that terrifies Beijing

6/3/2015 - The long-awaited moment when online advertising eclipses TV is near

6/3/2015 - The NFL’s first-ever internet broadcast will be on Yahoo (and it’s one of the worst games of the season)

6/3/2015 - US airplane emissions are about to be regulated as a danger to your health

6/3/2015 - Turns out, Ebola treatments are likely in our pharmacies—so why aren’t we using them?

6/3/2015 - Showtime will launch its streaming competitor to HBO Now in July for $11 a month

6/3/2015 - Female representation in fund management is appallingly low, even by Wall Street standards

6/3/2015 - Google wants to count the calories in your food photos

6/3/2015 - With its bizarre numerical WeChat ban, the Chinese government has reached peak Tiananmen paranoia

6/3/2015 - Video: Watch the surprisingly powerful, minute-long preview for Caitlyn Jenner’s new TV show

6/3/2015 - South Korea has quarantined more than 1,000 people as the MERS virus spreads

6/3/2015 - Awesome laser makes your mouse obsolete by projecting a trackpad on your desk

6/3/2015 - The secret to Disney’s awe-inspiring financial strength: Toys

6/3/2015 - Sony could soon lose its most valuable asset: 007

6/3/2015 - China wants vulgarities like “your mom” erased from the internet

6/3/2015 - How to ace the 50 most common interview questions

6/3/2015 - The potholes in Panama City are tweeting their own repair requests

6/3/2015 - The ECB says its monetary magic is working on Europe’s struggling economy—and it’s right

6/3/2015 - This picture was banned by UK regulators for being “irresponsible”

6/3/2015 - Interpol is looking for six people connected to FIFA’s corruption scandal

6/3/2015 - “Tomorrowland” tackles Hollywood’s biggest cliché—how do you actually save the future?

6/3/2015 - Let’s call bosses who make factories into death traps what they are: murderers

6/3/2015 - The unique challenges of a first-generation college student

6/3/2015 - More than half of people in the UK have a positive view of the EU

6/3/2015 - Forgetting is key to your brain’s capacity to remember

6/3/2015 - By asking Google to remove Modi from the #Top10Criminals results, you’re making things worse

6/3/2015 - Superwolves, new butterflies, and all the hybrid species evolving before our eyes

6/3/2015 - Is Egypt finally stable?

6/3/2015 - There’s a gender gap in prize-winning literature—not between the authors, but the characters

6/3/2015 - Forget kale—CSAs across America are delivering crates of locally-made art

6/3/2015 - Being an Uber driver is tough all over—but in China, you can get attacked

6/3/2015 - IBM has been awarded an average of 21 patents per day so far in 2015

6/3/2015 - The Yangtze cruise captain may have ignored weather warnings before the ship capsized

6/3/2015 - Greenpeace crashed the seal-product market, and Inuit livelihood along with it

6/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Interpol targets FIFA, NASA’s flying saucers, Softbank’s expansion, sewer fish

6/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Interpol targets FIFA, NASA’s flying saucers, Softbank’s expansion, sewer fish

6/3/2015 - Zara’s owner has passed Warren Buffett to become the world’s second-richest man

6/3/2015 - A report card for India’s youngest state: Fix your agriculture, Telangana

6/3/2015 - Bill Gates: Keep up the momentum against child mortality

6/3/2015 - The inside story of the Pakistani pigeon spy arrested in India

6/3/2015 - For South Africa, the World Economic Forum is a chance to change the narrative

6/3/2015 - China is censoring news and discussion about the Yangtze cruise disaster

6/3/2015 - Why India’s met department could be wrong about its monsoon forecast

6/3/2015 - Why India has never seen a military dictatorship

6/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Sepp Blatter resigns, US surveillance curtailed, al-Sisi in Berlin, NASA’s flying saucer

6/3/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Sepp Blatter resigns, US surveillance curtailed, al-Sisi in Berlin, NASA’s flying saucer

6/2/2015 - It turns out Congrats Twitter is actually the most heartwarming form of social media

6/2/2015 - Voodoo Doughnut hopes to woo Asia with hipster pastries like the “Old Dirty Bastard”

6/2/2015 - United says hackers didn’t cause its systemwide shutdown today

6/2/2015 - Drones are the newest weapon in the fight against Chinese exam cheaters

6/2/2015 - Pinterest has a better chance building a big commerce business than Facebook and Twitter do

6/2/2015 - The US Senate just restored a little bit of freedom from NSA surveillance

6/2/2015 - Four people working for Doctors Without Borders in Nepal have died in a helicopter crash

6/2/2015 - We’re only five years away from deploying 5G, but most of the world is still on Edge

6/2/2015 - Bankers are just as excited to give up voicemail as you are

6/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Sepp Blatter resigns, US surveillance curtailed, Greece’s brinkmanship, NASA’s flying saucer

6/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Sepp Blatter resigns, US surveillance curtailed, Greece’s brinkmanship, NASA’s flying saucer

6/2/2015 - Google wants to log you in if you’re standing in the right spot

6/2/2015 - Why Steve Jobs’s influence is reverberating through American government

6/2/2015 - What Blatter got right at FIFA: Understanding the global nature of the game

6/2/2015 - Rand Paul’s Patriot Act stand hurts Republicans more than it does the NSA

6/2/2015 - The lesser known story of India’s role in Ethiopian land deals

6/2/2015 - News flash: Sometimes Britain is hotter than the Mediterranean

6/2/2015 - FIFA president Sepp Blatter shocks just about everyone by announcing his resignation

6/2/2015 - Self-righteous internet goons are calling one of America’s top female scientists sexist

6/2/2015 - Caitlyn Jenner just topped Barack Obama’s world record on Twitter

6/2/2015 - Americans watch five hours of TV each day—but these countries are even worse

6/2/2015 - Chipotle wants to offer you chorizo for your burrito

6/2/2015 - Photos: An emerging Joburg neighborhood challenges Cape Town’s fickle hipster culture

6/2/2015 - US cable companies have somehow managed to mangle their reputations even further

6/2/2015 - Office space is so scarce in San Francisco that startups are fighting to work at the mall

6/2/2015 - Photos: the haunting, high-priced paintings of Zhang Xiaogang

6/2/2015 - Brazil’s economy is really going through a rough patch

6/2/2015 - Photos: The workers picking your summer strawberries earn as little as $1 per hour

6/2/2015 - Every United Airlines flight was grounded this morning in the US

6/2/2015 - How to protect your company—and yourself—from activist investors

6/2/2015 - How Joe Biden learned to work with Jesse Helms, who should’ve been his nemesis

6/2/2015 - Measuring millions of steps could add up to a $3 billion valuation for Fitbit as it readies an IPO

6/2/2015 - Video: Watch the rise of 1 World Trade Center in two compelling minutes

6/2/2015 - Scientists say the world will run on renewables in ten years—if we spend like we did to put a man on the moon

6/2/2015 - America’s TSA head loses his job after screeners miss an incredible 95% of weapons in an undercover test

6/2/2015 - Infographic: The messaging app ecosystem

6/2/2015 - American Apparel gets a restraining order against its controversial ex-CEO, Dov Charney

6/2/2015 - Netflix’s Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are being paid unfairly—and want everyone to know it

6/2/2015 - Exhausted moms and dads are the heaviest consumers of energy drinks

6/2/2015 - A state-by-state visualization of America’s future energy source

6/2/2015 - One of the fastest-growing American jobs comes with an astonishing view

6/2/2015 - A visualization of the rapidly expanding messaging app ecosystem

6/2/2015 - In New Hampshire, Martin O’Malley kicks off an unremarkable bid at the US presidency

6/2/2015 - The three problems plaguing Japan-South Korea relations

6/2/2015 - When it comes to my teens’ online activity, safety trumps privacy every time

6/2/2015 - Soccer will always be a corrupt sport—that’s part of the show

6/2/2015 - African markets are primed for explosive growth in mobile tech

6/2/2015 - The Chinese watch a lot more porn on office devices than anyone else

6/2/2015 - Carmakers need to fear for their lives—and it’s not just about getting electric cars right

6/2/2015 - Fear of a deadly virus has forced a Chinese hospital to assign nurses by lottery

6/2/2015 - Thanks to Vladimir Putin, Amur tigers are roaring back in Russia’s Far East

6/2/2015 - For luxury retailers, Africa today is like China in the 1980s

6/2/2015 - Venezuela’s new university admissions criteria favor government supporters

6/2/2015 - Cutting my work hours in half made me more productive

6/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—China ferry sinking, ISIL’s “suicide tank,” Nigerian mobiles, golden toilets

6/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China ferry sinking, ISIL’s “suicide tank,” Nigerian mobiles, golden toilets

6/2/2015 - Millennials are losing their religion—and social media might explain why

6/2/2015 - Raghuram Rajan looks beyond India’s puzzling GDP numbers—and cuts key interest rates

6/2/2015 - Thirteen days for $160—China’s fast-growing cruise industry targets seniors with low rates

6/2/2015 - No Khan here: A female star is leading Bollywood’s first Rs100 crore film this year

6/2/2015 - Charting Europe’s demographic time bomb

6/2/2015 - A Chinese cruise ship carrying hundreds of elderly tourists has sunk in the Yangtze River

6/2/2015 - Why India’s biggest startups recruit engineers from Silicon Valley

6/2/2015 - How Pakistan tried to teach its children Mandarin—and failed

6/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—China ferry disaster, Abercrombie discrimination, US surveillance, anti-fish disco bubbles

6/2/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China ferry disaster, Abercrombie discrimination, US surveillance, anti-fish disco bubbles

6/2/2015 - It’s time to treat commodity-backed loans to African countries the same way we treat equity

6/1/2015 - Are you suffering from “text neck”?

6/1/2015 - This diagnostic tool measures your business’s critical priorities

6/1/2015 - Ellen Pao plans to appeal the result of her gender-discrimination suit against Kleiner Perkins

6/1/2015 - South Africa’s start-ups get the biggest fund rounds but Nigeria gets more investments

6/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Abercrombie’s discrimination defeat, US reconsiders surveillance, Netflix tests advertising, anti-fish disco bubbles

6/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Abercrombie’s discrimination defeat, US reconsiders surveillance, Netflix tests advertising, anti-fish disco bubbles

6/1/2015 - Horrible advice on sexual harassment from an accomplished female scientist

6/1/2015 - The list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants is out—and so are its critics

6/1/2015 - Here’s how to properly plan for travel in 2015

6/1/2015 - People are freaking out about ads coming to Netflix

6/1/2015 - This Indian coffee chain is beating Starbucks at its own game

6/1/2015 - Caitlyn Jenner makes her stunning debut on the cover of Vanity Fair

6/1/2015 - Amazon tests out robots that might one day replace warehouse workers

6/1/2015 - This rare bourbon that’s spreading across the US isn’t as tasty as it sounds

6/1/2015 - What the oceans will look like in 2050

6/1/2015 - Nigeria’s ban on female genital mutilation is a big win for women’s rights

6/1/2015 - The world is finally trying to save the bees

6/1/2015 - Google could fix the business side of digital journalism by building a CMS

6/1/2015 - The US Supreme Court rules that Abercrombie discriminated against a hijab-wearing Muslim woman

6/1/2015 - To sell a car in 2015, talk up the sound system

6/1/2015 - This is the chart your landlord doesn’t want you to see

6/1/2015 - Google’s moronic portrayal of designers is no laughing matter

6/1/2015 - Video: John Oliver hands FIFA the thorough beatdown it deserves

6/1/2015 - This $1.8 million “floating seahorse” house features a glass-walled underwater bedroom

6/1/2015 - Americans still aren’t spending their gas savings

6/1/2015 - Interactive: Explore the intricacies of economic development in Africa

6/1/2015 - There’s a big difference in how men and women write tech resumes

6/1/2015 - How new cars will adapt to our tech-immersed lives

6/1/2015 - I was sentenced to die in Egypt alongside Mohamed Morsi—and I need the US to take it seriously

6/1/2015 - Behind the Chinese government’s brazen bid to pump up its stock market

6/1/2015 - Chemistry has a PR problem—mainly with chemists

6/1/2015 - We now spend more than eight hours a day consuming media

6/1/2015 - Homeownership is no longer the linchpin of the American dream

6/1/2015 - How I made 41k as an Airbnb host

6/1/2015 - You can now protect your Facebook messages from snooping eyes

6/1/2015 - The silly reason men work (or pretend to work) extremely long hours

6/1/2015 - Another Uber driver in India has been accused of sexual assault

6/1/2015 - A comic book project fights to save the world—with the United Nations as its trusty sidekick

6/1/2015 - A tech entrepreneur is trying to make scooters cool in car-obsessed China

6/1/2015 - Three easy ways to make the excruciating plank exercise even worse

6/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—US spying lapses, Russia’s blacklist, leaving FIFA, illegal smokes

6/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—US spying lapses, Russia’s blacklist, leaving FIFA, illegal smokes

6/1/2015 - Why is India flipping over Ultimate Frisbee?

6/1/2015 - Iraqis say ISIL’s impact on Baghdad food prices is even worse than its car bombs

6/1/2015 - We need to rework American higher education, so Americans can get back to work

6/1/2015 - The US government can no longer spy on every US citizen at once

6/1/2015 - Here’s what happens to your body in a heat wave

6/1/2015 - Photos: How Nigerians celebrated their new president Buhari

6/1/2015 - China’s internet police are coming out of the shadows to purify the web

6/1/2015 - Despite 100,000 traffic deaths a year, Narendra Modi isn’t interested in improving India’s road safety

6/1/2015 - Indian tech startups are attracting a whole new set of investors

6/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China’s weak exports, Russian blacklist, leaving FIFA, illegal smokes

6/1/2015 - Quartz Daily Brief—China’s weak exports, Russian blacklist, leaving FIFA, illegal smokes